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“1921”, a gift for the centenary of the founding of the party! The era needs such a film and television monument. And we are at the right time. I haven’t been to a movie in the theater for many years. This time I brought my children, especially in this century-old July 1st, to chase this movie! This movie has been discussed a lot on the Internet in the early stage. From the selection of traffic actors to the commercial film model, everyone has their own opinions and some opinions. Therefore, I was looking forward to it and decided to go to the cinema to experience it myself. The distribution of this film, from the director, photography, art, etc., are all selected. Especially when it comes to actors, it has concentrated a lot of domestic first-line young traffic stars! When it comes to the scene, the “big one” is almost moved over the original site! It’s so big that the buildings are restored one to one, thousands of lights! As small as a cup, a pair of shoes… all strive to “reproduce”! Many lines have been verified and have provenances! It was originally a familiar story. The modern history and revolutionary history that I have learned since childhood are all covered. As long as they are educated in the mainland, they are basically well known. After watching this movie, in this familiar background, I actually “dig” a lot of “unfamiliar”! Because the crew conducted more research and added some new historical facts. Including going abroad specially, from the perspective of the Communist International, confirming “one big”. This movie really allows us to revisit the hot era, and follow the martyrs to repeat the revolutionary course! These “predecessors” and “martyrs” who appeared on the scene are all legends, and everyone is a thick book. Why are so many young actors selected? It is to “recover” as much as possible. At that time, the average of a major representative was 28 years old! The youngest is only 19 years old! This is not in the history textbook I studied back then! Generally, when we were 19, we were still in school, ignorant, and our worldview had not yet been established. And those ancestors of the same age a hundred years ago actually began to “open the world” and “spread their heads and blood” to create our great party, and 28 years later, a great new China was created! Since it was the first show of the day, I arrived at the theater early in the morning and the ticket vending machine had just turned on. The movie is indeed magnificent and epic! The first is the beginning. The weak and poor motherland has been bullied and suffered everywhere. The imperialist aggression, the unequal treaty of losing power and humiliating the country. The student movement to fight hard, the labor movement. The second is the end, a single spark can start a prairie fire, and then create a new China with red flags everywhere! It is simply that after the birth of the Communist Party of China, a history of China’s war of resistance and the founding of the country was presented within a few tens of seconds. The raging flames of war, revolutionaries who succeeded one after another. The movie first appeared with the “eyes” of the pioneer Chen Duxiu, then Li Dazhao, and then Mao Zedong. Then, Li Da! The soul that runs through the whole story! I was particularly impressed by the fact that it was almost at the end, a few seconds before the workers’ strike was triumphant. I once felt that it was “stuck”… it accurately reflected the arduous and stalemate struggle and the coming of this victory. It’s not easy! This gave me a great shock! When I watched it, there was another regret. I didn’t pay much attention at the time. It’s about a little girl: Li Da and his wife first saw a beautiful and well-behaved little girl in the window, and then appeared once in the evening and early in the morning. Finally, a hundred years later, the new China appeared again…I think it symbolizes the birth of a beautiful new China and the yearning for beauty! Until the last shot, the solemn expression and standing in the opposite direction should be a nostalgia for the martyrs! There is another one that I didn’t understand too well, that is, He Shuheng introduced why he was revolutionary, saying that it was to make scholars stand up. I think this is a bit awkward from the perspective of the whole article. We are to save the people in distress and build a new China. In the end of the battle, He Shuheng also resolutely jumped off the cliff to take justice. I hope everyone will walk into the theater and experience it for themselves. It can be regarded as a party history education, patriotism education. Please criticize and correct!


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Combining with the content of some of my opinions in the previous thoughts, I will sort out my views on this work. In my eyes, this work is more “breakthrough and innovation” than Sanjian-no matter the good or the bad, this The perspective and ideas of the work are much richer than the logic of the Enlightenment under the new citizen logic of 11 years, but it appears in the balance of historical science, the choice of young people’s personal destiny and the growth of personality and the inevitable return of the grand narrative. Ripped apart. Let’s disassemble it according to the plot line. ① Enter the stage with the mad part built in version 11, and cut to the first scene after the title appeared after Mr. Chen Duxiu was released from prison. It is here that Marin, the representative of the Communist International, was detained in Vienna. Beginning the development of this work on the Communist International line, in this work, the author feels that the two semi-international communist narratives are not satisfactory: satisfaction is that the representatives of the Communist International are no longer just participants, and the branch of the travel to France is no longer just to let The two leaders are not absent and arrange the part (especially the part of the China Travel Law Branch which contributed only two excellent montages), and this work will start almost at the same time, and the relationship between China and Japan is like brothers. The early part of the Kangmi organization of the two countries was written in the year of the node of 1921. The seizure scene at the beginning of these lines really made me smile. Austria’s fear of “radicals” originated from the recent German November revolution, the Hungarian revolution, and the whole of Europe at that time. The burning of Kang Mi, the struggle of the community. And when Marin said when he was detained, “If you want to detain me, I will consider provoking here” (to the effect). Although it is a bit scornful, it is indeed full of chaotic European forms at this time. The self-confidence of the members of the Chinese Communist International. Then, the Communist International line of this work began to fall into the popcorn movie spy movie + the target under the construction of the local party + the continuous connection with the Shiliyangchang (I really can’t understand that Shanghai in the 1920s can also engage in drag racing. Well?). This all of a sudden made this line approximately except for the part that shaped independence and autonomy, the only effective part of the Communist International line was that section of Lenin’s speech. The line is over. For the Japanese Communist Party, I think the only thing that this work does well is that the origin of this line is that the super high class intercepted the leader of the agricultural labor faction who was mailed to the Japanese branch. The main founder of the Japanese Communist Party in the second year-Shanchuan This is an understatement, but it is a very steady demonstration of the organization and ideological relationship between the two brothers of the Eastern Bureau, at least in the initial stage of close support and mutual guidance. Then, the Japanese Communist Party line became the control group of the Communist International Line popcorn spy movie (extra high lesson ver) and to shape the identity of the local party. However, this statement is actually very inconsistent with the situation of the early Japanese Communist Party (although 45 years The later Japanese Communist Party was indeed frustrated for a long time because of the external influence on the internal factions) After all, I still don’t understand the significance of the extra-high class spy in order to induce the Japanese Communist Party. This work does indeed show a breakthrough in the early days of China. The Kangmi movement and the international communist movement, and the national liberation of East Asia, but on the one hand stuck to the template, on the other hand reduced to the protagonist of the outdated popcorn part, but it downplayed their relationship with the node, only Will make the audience think “Why do we have this part?” ②Youth film? Spy movie? Is it a new way to escape the inherent narrative of “opening up the world”? As a work that focuses on node moments, and the core narrative rests on the individual, this work is really not very good at reflecting the grand narrative greatness of node moments. After all, I think they really just want to say something “kind” from the microcosm of the 13 representatives. But whether this kind of choice can be bought by the audience, whether this operation can be matched with the last part of the mad part to improve the intention, I have already played the drums after reading it (not to mention the fragmentary but only occasional expressive montage, almost A botched breakthrough that destroys the viewing experience of the general audience) The youth drama part has many interesting clips: Mr. Mao’s inner long gown and the awkwardness of the outer suit; Chen Gongbo and Zhou Fohai meet at the door of the luxury store; Liu Renjing’s group of student party members are very concerned about Shili The bizarre curiosity and radicalism of the foreign field and the montage of my favorite section of Paris, the French Concession, are combined with the montage of Mr. Mao’s running and his childhood struggles in one go. However, the movie is not about cutting mad, nor is it a youth drama of this work, which is enough for burning music with good clips. On the one hand, the narrative of group portrait drama is a bit to dissolve the grand narrative, and on the other hand, it is on the two lines of struggle with the international line. And I originally looked like a Chinese police inspector in the French Concession with the image of the Hong Kong and British police in “Ip Man II”. As a result, the part of the change in his personal mood was not recovered at all. It was so fragmented that people could not be stretched. The spy war drama is even more weird. I think the part of the spy war drama should not be aimed at shaping the danger and tension of the environment at that time? In the end, I didn’t think I was nervous enough, it was just popcorn. In fact, I really hope that this work can really stabilize the part of the youth drama, instead of cutting up all kinds of weird elements and mixing them up. ③My point of view: I hope that the director and editor will relearn film theory, and that future gift films will be able to deal with multiple elements, but there are still many interesting things or introductions in this work.

6 months ago

If I give the TV series “Awakening Age” 8 points according to the requirements of the film, I would give 5.5 points for today’s “Revolutionary”, and this “1921” I would give 2.5 points. My evaluation is: I watched it completely without leaving halfway. It is to respect today, a small part of the movie, and my ticket price, but this is a great deal to me for more than two hours. Respect. I’m afraid that this movie is likely to be the same as the director’s two films in 2009 and 11, so I dare not open Douban for scoring.

6 months ago

I’m a history teacher, and I’m at a loss for watching such a long movie in front of me. Later, “Ode to the Red Flag” sounded, and my heart was gripped, and tears rolled in my eyes. Later, at the founding ceremony, I burst into tears. Is it the movie that really moved me? Not! It is Mr. Lu Qiming’s “Ode to the Red Flag” that reminds me of generations of revolutionary martyrs who shed blood and tears in exchange for my present China. Generations of people with lofty ideals and benevolent people have tossed in their sweat to live my life today! It was the founding ceremony that reminded me: The teachers live up to China in this life! The Chinese Communist Party lives up to China! Summary: You can earn money, but you can’t earn money for the patriotism of the country and the party!

6 months ago

A bad film, the whole film did not make it clear one of the most important and basic question: why the party should be founded. Broadly speaking, why do you want to overthrow the old society at the expense of your life to launch an armed revolution? In this respect, the period when the faculty appeared in the awakening era has been conceptually finished in 1921.

6 months ago

To be honest, I looked at it seriously at first. Seeing Chen Duxiu’s appearance, it was suddenly compared with Chen Duxiu’s opening chapter in the Age of Awakening. Seeing Mao Zedong’s warm smile, super sunshine. Seeing so many familiar faces, the cast is pretty good… However, in the second half of the film, the movie became a documentary. The storyline disappeared all of a sudden. Is it because the story was too grand back then? Although this movie is much longer than other stories. It’s a pity, it’s really a pity

6 months ago

Look at it, but the overwhelming previews on a certain sound before the broadcast, various clips, I have a premonition.
A certain sound has successfully verified this situation. A large number of edits and announcements were made before the broadcast of a film, and most of the hot content was topical stories outside the film, and the probability of bad films increased sharply.

6 months ago

Just after watching it, the whole movie was too watery, with a lot of material inserted, and the narrative rhythm was also very strange. The whole movie gave Marin a lot of shots, but few shots showed the struggle of the ancestors in the tense situation. The feelings of the characters are also superficial, only Teacher Zhang Songwen finally jumped off the cliff and made me sigh. The strangest thing is that when Wang Huiwu got married, his hair was straight, and he evacuated to Nanhu in Jiaxing, but he burned his curls…

6 months ago

After watching 1921, I am very grateful that I can live in 2021. At that time, we did not have a kind of fire, but now, a single spark can start a prairie fire! The movie “1921” vividly reproduces the magnificent and pioneering historical moments a hundred years ago-passionate young people from all over the world with an average age of only 28 years, breaking through the monitoring and tracking of various international forces, and successfully convening the First National Congress of the Communist Party of China in Shanghai. The tortuous and tenacious road that the Chinese Communist Party has taken. In order to win, how many soldiers cherished firm convictions and shed their heads and blood. The beginning of the film is a desperate struggle between the Communists and the working class. It is full of shouts and blood and blood, making the audience feel strongly that without revolutionary arms, there will be no revolutionaries to survive, and they must build their own army. Novartis’s China actually does not have its own kind of fire. From the first shot at the head of Nanchang to today’s advanced weapons and equipment, the Communist Party of China has gone through a road of overcoming obstacles and growing all the way. The five-star red flag was dyed with the blood of revolutionary martyrs. Under the strong leadership of the Communist Party of China, the party’s armed forces have gone from birth to success step by step, and it has been more than 90 years. The sacrifice of the ancestors is gone, but the spirit is not dead. Our generation was born in a heyday, and we also have a passion for it. The revolution has not yet succeeded, comrades still need to work hard. Remember the history, remember the heroes, we will be self-improvement! As a major revolutionary historical film, “1921” deeply portrays the personalities of historical figures such as Chen Duxiu, Mao Zedong, Li Da, He Shuheng, and shows the passionate years of young people with revolutionary ideals in the turbulent era and their passion for the country. The cruelty of war and the difficulty of peace. In the film, what impressed me the most was the unhurried and unhurried attitude of the Chinese Communists when they went to death at the end of the film. When faced with life and death, everyone, whether brothers or brothers, fathers or sons, are vying to stay. For the country, they are not afraid of death. “Fearlessness” allows their spirit to survive in the long river of history. They may have sacrificed on the battlefield, but they have gained eternal life in “fearlessness.” After the Sanheba War, Qian Dajun saw Cai Qingchuan whose body had been scorched and said, “The Huangpu people are buried thickly.” Watching the entire movie, I really want to look back at that time. Take a look at the revolutionary comrades who are not for fame or profit, but are full of enthusiasm for the country, and look at their fearless spirit of not being afraid of life and death. They used their own practical actions to become a model and standard for future party members. We live in a peaceful and prosperous country today. We don’t need to go to the battlefield to throw our heads and blood, but we still need to learn from the party members of that era and take on the responsibilities of party members at all times in our lives, not afraid of hardship or tiredness. , Do not be afraid of things, do practical things, actively serve the people and the country, keep the party’s original intention and mission in mind, and never forget it. In July 2021, we ushered in the important moment of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. In the past 100 years, the birth of the Communist Party of China has become the key to the change of fate for the Chinese nation. At this special node, the release of the movie “1921” has extremely important historical and practical significance. By reproducing the original moment of the birth of the party, the film refreshed the height of party history-themed film and television works to tell the story of the party with new artistic concepts and artistic methods, reflecting the original mission with youth narratives, and dedicating a heavy sincerity to the celebration of the centennial of the founding of the party. For. The gorgeous night view design can better highlight Shanghai’s reputation as “Oriental Paris”. Thousands of light bulbs light up the streets, and the characters in the play run through them, as if it symbolizes that under the guidance of the light, a bright future is not far away.

6 months ago

Before I went to watch this movie, I actually didn’t like watching this kind of movies. One was because I was a science student and my history class was really bad. I only knew one thing about the history of that era. One is that you can know the ending before watching it. I prefer watching movies like spy wars, which is at least very exciting. But I don’t regret watching “1921”. Thank you very much for the opportunity given by the Zhihu Filming Group. I did watch a magnificent historical film and made me as a historical novice interested in it that I had never had before. I think this is very much for me. Significance. Before I went, I thought about a question. History is undoubtedly heavy. I think I have to be unsmiling and sit and watch the whole movie. How many people have the same idea as me. I don’t think everyone is because the party was founded a hundred years ago. Follow the heat to see how it can attract the same people as me. Later, I found the answer in the movie. The dialogue between Li Da and Chairman Mao was very funny. It showed me that they are different from the solemn image in my heart. Apart from the patriotic and salvation coat, it turns out that they are also ordinary people of flesh and blood. There is also a drag racing scene in the play. It is very enjoyable to see me. It is true that classic cars can also drift, and they can also be “speed and passion”! This is undoubtedly a plot that meets the public’s preferences! Then I want to praise Wang Renjun, who plays Chairman Mao, a treasure boy! ! ! I especially wanted to grab the microphone to praise, but it was too embarrassing and I gave up. Before I saw Mao Zedong played by him, I personally recognized Liu Ye. The thought of “Liu Ye played Chairman Mao” is deeply ingrained here, so when I saw Chairman Mao at the beginning, I mumbled in my heart, who is this? ? It looks familiar, but he is not Chairman Mao. I was brainwashed just by looking at the back, damn! There is light in this look, this look is firm, and I am born to change the light of China. It is surging in my heart. That is the light that should be in Chairman Mao’s eyes. I saw it in Wang Renjun’s eyes. After the movie ended, I checked the information and found out that Luo Lin, the god of water, originally played the role of Jin Mi’s father. I liked the actor very much at the time, but I didn’t chase stars, I just liked it in my heart, so there was no follow-up. The role of Mao Zedong made me really see and know this powerful actor! At the end of the film, it showed us the journey from the early days of the founding of the party to the founding of the nation. Our current good life is the result of the blood and blood of countless revolutionary ancestors, and once again let me face history squarely. I have remembered their names, and I will tell their stories in the future. The Communist Party of China, one hundred years, positive youth!

6 months ago

[Jianghu] The movie “1921” was screened ahead of time in Beijing. Director Zheng Dasheng talked about his experience in participating in the creation of “1921”:
“This is the first time I have participated in the creation of the theme of party building. I am honored…”
“Director Huang guides us-when shooting, don’t be constrained by the appeal of the main melody to unfold the film…”
“I hope everyone will have emotional identification because of the good-looking story…”
Complete and exciting, click to open the video to harvest!
[Jianghu Film Group] and many fans and audiences sincerely thank the movie “1921” for works like the movie “1921”, which have both historical depth and artistic beauty, and give young people a spiritual touch and guidance!
The rivers and lakes wish the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party of China, a hundred years of youth at the right time, the original heart is as strong as the rock, forge ahead! I wish the movie “1921” a high reputation at the box office!

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