On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, the three astronauts Nie Haisheng, Liu Boming and Tang Hongbo on the China Space Station sent their blessings: “Happy birthday to the great Communist Party of China!”

The speech of the General Secretary and the cheers of the people in Tiananmen Square are still echoing in our ears. The speech of the General Secretary is inspiring and makes us very proud. Looking back a hundred years, from Shikumen to Tiananmen, from Tiananmen to the world stage, the Communist Party of China has gone through a century of development and struggle. In June, I went to No. 106 Wangzhi Road in Shanghai and Nanhu Lake in Jiaxing to visit the birthplace of the party in 1921. The party set out from here to start a century of struggle. At the time when the Chinese nation and the Chinese people were in peril, the Communist Party of China illuminated the direction of the revolution and led the Chinese people to stand up. During the period of socialist construction, the Communist Party of China again pointed out the way for China’s economic development and made the Chinese people prosperous. At the intersection of two centuries of history, the Communist Party of China led the Chinese nation and the Chinese people to break through the blockade of US imperialism, occupying one after another highlands of science and technology, and highlands of public opinion, and historic solutions for thousands of years Absolute poverty. Today, the 100th birthday of the party, recalling these glorious journeys made my eyes boil with blood and tears. Historical results have proved that only the Communist Party of China is the only political party that represents the Chinese people, and the only political party that takes the interests and well-being of the Chinese people as the goal of its struggle. Other philosophies and political parties will not work. A comprehensive study of modern Chinese history will understand that the reason why the Chinese Communist Party was able to win the historical competition is because of the support of the Chinese people, and the Chinese Communist Party has not failed the Chinese people and has always been wholeheartedly seeking happiness for the people. From 7 o’clock in the morning to the end of the celebration just now, I watched the whole journey through the Internet. The Monument to the People’s Heroes stands solemnly, and the red carpet leads directly to the huge portrait of Chairman Mao that is directly opposite. People are lined up in an orderly manner. The singing of the people resounded across the square, and it also reached my heart through electromagnetic waves. When the “Volunteer March” and “Internationale” were played, I also stood up and sang with the people on the scene. The melody gave us the motivation to move forward and continue to move towards the second centenary goal. General Secretary Xi’s speech mentioned glorious history, the people, and his firm determination to face opposition from inside and outside. It was interrupted by the cheers of the people several times. I used the Internet to communicate with friends and colleagues who work together. The excitement was conveyed to each other. When the General Secretary shouted out the slogans of the great and glorious and correct Long live the Chinese Communist Party and the great and glorious heroes of the Chinese people, I couldn’t help but scream “Hurray” to my friends on my mobile phone! A colleague in the company said: “You said these people are not Communists, what screens do you use in your circle of friends?” I took off the headset and responded: “As a Chinese, whether you are a Communist or not, you must be excited and celebrated for this moment. Because only the Communist Party of China serves the people wholeheartedly.” He also said: “Just keep this respect in your heart, there is no need to say it.” I then responded: “This feeling must not only be said, but also aloud. It is precisely because each of us has spoken out that we have the current strong unity and have a strong right to speak in the international arena.” My response was strongly supported by another colleague in the office. This is the great change we have brought to us by sticking to the high ground of public opinion in recent years and telling the Chinese story well. In the past, many people would be labeled “crime of patriotism” by some comrades who were not firm in their will, but now we can shout “I love the motherland” and “I love the Communist Party of China”. This is not what we have done well in news propaganda in recent years. The result? Today and at any time we must shout: Long live the Communist Party of China! Long live the Chinese people! Unite closely around the leadership of the party, follow the party unswervingly, and dedicate one’s strength to the cause of socialism. A hundred years have been flourishing, and I believe that under the leadership of the party, we will surely achieve one victory after another. The mainstay of the world is this peak, let us offer one more sentence to the centennial of the party: Happy birthday! ! ! [The Communist Party of China is not a party of Chinese Communists, but a party of the Chinese nation and all Chinese people. Every Chinese son and daughter, Chinese at home and abroad, should celebrate today]


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

She is a hundred-year-old runner. She was destined to be a runner from the cry on the red boat a hundred years ago. She ran from the ideal in July. She ran from the bright red banner. She was watched by millions of people. She ran from immature to mature, from war to peace, from one high point to another high point, she ran the bumpy road into a smooth road, she ran the road of the future into the road under her feet, every step was windy When she was one hundred years old, she packed the glory along the way into the package and asked each to sign for it tomorrow; the hundred-year journey was magnificent, and the heart of the first hundred years became stronger and stronger. Glory is the history of the past. Success still depends on the present. The new era has arrived. To achieve the second centenary goal, we still need our unremitting efforts and create another miracle! Hundred years are just flourishing! I wish our leader a happy 100th anniversary, and hope that today we will be proud of the leader, and tomorrow the leader will be proud of us! After 100 years of vicissitudes, China has already changed its face! With you and me, tomorrow will be better! Do not forget the original intention, continue to move forward, carry forward the past and open the future, and strive hard! Thanks, salute!

6 months ago

Fu Weihua Xia, ten thousand years without borders. Civilization is not there, a lot of soup. Weitian has Han, and emperor has Yanhuang. The beauty of clothing, the state of etiquette. Be virtuous and self-reliant. Zhuobiyunhan, Zhaohui Yutian. Several were in chaos and died in peril. Frost condensed the earth, blood fertile the Central Plains. To mourn for the sage, willing to die for the country. Sweeping my ancestors, we are not young. Zhanang Haotian, the sun and the moon return. Since God blessed, Jing Fu is long. Repair my Mingde and restore my glory. Fortunately, there is integrity and no stability. Although the road is long, the children and grandchildren swear.

6 months ago

The officers and soldiers of the southern theater, in their positions, bless the party’s centennial birthday!
The hundred-year journey has been magnificent.
All officers and soldiers in the southern theater blessed the party on the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, expressing their heartfelt wishes,
I wish the party’s cause will flourish and never go ahead,
Resolutely fight and strengthen the army under the banner of the party,
To live up to the ardent hopes of the party and the people,
Make greater contributions to the cause of strengthening the country and the military.

6 months ago

At the time of the centennial of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party, the astronauts sent birthday wishes to the space capsule built in our own country. I can’t help feeling full of emotions! A hundred years ago, our Chinese land was invaded by foreign powers, but one hundred years later, we will be self-reliant. Under the leadership of the party, a new China was established. Whether it is the issue of national territorial integrity, global economic development, international status, and technological independence. All have been raised to a whole new level. At this moment, my heart is full of respect for the party! Just want to say: Long live the People’s Republic of China! Long live the Communist Party of China!

6 months ago

One hundred years, positive youth, one hundred years, sailing! Lan Lu creates great cause, never forgetting the original intention, then set off! We will always follow the party! Bless the great party! Bless the great motherland! Everywhere you look is Huaxia, and the five-star shine is all faith. Born under the red flag and long in the spring breeze, happy centennial! There is faith in the heart, strength under the feet, after 100 years of suffering, unswervingly, striving for 100 years of wind and rain, still glorious, carrying 100 years of spirit, based on the world. July 1st Party Building Day, the 100th birthday of the Party, may the Party be glorious forever, and wish the motherland, the country, and the people strong!

6 months ago

China has five thousand years and one hundred years, but one fifty-fifth of it is as short as the two springs and autumns in the life of a centenarian, but we have gone through poverty and weakness in just one hundred years, through the wind and rain. Thousands of people can be deceived to become the most dazzling existence in the forest of the nations of the world. One hundred years old is the year of your and me, but it is the year of the standing of the Chinese nation. We will surely walk with dignity and pride one hundred years after another I am Yangyang Huaxia, the prosperous age of Yongchang!

6 months ago

I have been in the book, I heard that you have been humiliated, and I have seen you, piled up tall buildings in the desert. Nanhu Red Boat, you quack fell to the ground. At the top of Jinggang Mountain, you have grown up as a teenager. Once the dust is gone, it will shine through the mountains and rivers. Hundreds of years of blood and sweat aging, protect me from all over the world. You have experienced the ups and downs of a great country for a hundred years, and you have also experienced the vicissitudes of China in the first century. Plain paper and light ink, still can’t paint your beautiful landscape. Thousands of words, you can’t make you unparalleled. You are the dazzling galaxy, you are the vast ocean, you are the majestic and magnificent that I can’t write with a pen, and I am one 1.4 billionth of yours.

6 months ago

“China has always been well protected by the bravest of them.” This sentence began to spread during the epidemic last year. Some people say that this sentence is from the book “On China” by Kissinger, and then I read this book. Although it has a similar meaning, there is no original sentence. Why can a sentence made out of nothing spread? Because China has too many such realities. Where are the bravest people? Among the poverty alleviation cadres who are fighting for poverty alleviation; among the medical staff who fight the epidemic; among the heroic soldiers who guard the frontier… More, it is one of 95 millionths who dedicated themselves in various positions. . A hundred years of grace and vicissitudes, but she is still young. ——The Communist Party of China, happy birthday!

6 months ago

Communism has never failed people who fought side by side. It has never failed, and will not fail, and will not fail for thousands of years. I hope that one day in the future, people will not forget the Internaschonner, the one that wandered around Europe in 1847, established the Soviet in 1917, and lit it in 1921. The road was established in Berlin in 1945, and the arrogant ghost of the Republic was established in 1949. As long as we believe in and work hard for it, try to see the future of the world, it must be a world of red flags, long live the people! Happy birthday, Davarish.

6 months ago

In the vast sea without guidance, we have blazed a new path of socialism with Chinese characteristics. We have to sigh for the bravery and fearless spirit of the revolutionary ancestors, who created the legendary People’s Republic of China. China is the greatest country, and the Chinese nation is the greatest nation!

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