You like the shell chrome browser, ok I will give it to you. You are afraid of domestic family barrels, ok I don’t have any binding or advertising. If you can’t find the official website, it will be downloaded, ok I will bring it out of the box. You are afraid of being scammed by Baidu, ok I will default to Bing (Haoba actually defaults to Baidu, but you can switch to Bing directly in the settings) You said that domestic browsers can be dual-core, ok I can also switch the ie mode. You said that domestic browsers regard restricting website tracking and protecting privacy as a selling point, ok I… Forget it is a serious browser, these are all features that come out of the box. You guys… Forget it, what’s the comparison with the tumor of domestic browsers, it’s better than Google’s own chrome. Chrome has it, and edge has it. What Chrome doesn’t have, so does Edge. Edge’s pdf reading experience is better than chrome, although not as good as the old edge. (The new edge can’t watch epub. It is recommended to use the feedback center app to provide feedback. At present, the community is very loud. I heard from Microsoft employees that this channel will affect the internal priority. The feedback center cannot be used when the global proxy is opened.) The edge text rendering is better than chrome . Edge’s smooth scrolling is better than chrome. The above three points Microsoft is feeding back to Chromium by reverse merging the code. Edge can install all chrome plug-ins, and you can also install plug-ins from its own market without overturning the wall (similarly, the plug-ins of domestic browsers can be installed by downloading crx. If you can’t install them, delete the symbols in the name and try again. You can also try Can the install button of the plug-in market be triggered by the edge? Edge supports all PCs and all mobile platforms, and it does not need to be overwhelmed by the automatic synchronization with Microsoft account. Edge has a built-in clipping function to extract and record fragment information, and it can also be automatically synchronized. Edge has smart copy, which can automatically identify and copy content by marking a region. (If you can’t find it, please right-click the webpage to blank) Edge has its own webpage screenshots, in which the whole page capture is equivalent to the long screenshot on the mobile phone. Edge’s chromium kernel is faster than any domestic browsers, and the follow-up speed is no less than that of chrome. Edge has a new function to automatically preload in the background after booting, which greatly improves the cold start speed. I don’t know if Chrome has it. Edge…In short, edge perfectly combines Microsoft’s technical capabilities with Google’s technical capabilities, and wrote a standard textbook of 1+1>2. The video decoding/rendering of edge and firefox are better than chrome, chrome is really a hindrance-I often see netflix users complaining, edge can watch 4k, chrome can only watch 720p. Finally, I included a private item. Although I installed the edge canary (the most radical internal beta version updated daily, so please forgive me if there are features that cannot be found in the official version), but I still work on firefox


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Let me just say that, in fact, the low memory usage of the new Edge is not a survivor deviation, nor is it a psychological effect, but an objective fact. Because the new version of Edge uses the Windows NT 10 kernel to introduce new heap memory to implement Segment Heap (as opposed to the traditional NT Heap implementation since ancient times), except for Chromium Edge, only UWP and some system programs use Segment Heap , Other Win32 software still uses the original traditional NT Heap. Needless to say which memory utilization is better. I tested the same software here, switching from NT Heap to Segment Heap and running after recompiling, the memory usage can be saved at least 10%, and Microsoft’s Windows Developer Blogs mentioned that their test result is that Chromium Edge saves more than 27% Memory.

7 months ago

Because Chrome is originally the best browser to use, the only two disadvantages are the memory usage problem and the synchronization problem under my country’s national conditions. Now Edge has solved these problems under almost the same conditions as Chrome, and there are also some Microsoft Featured convenient functions. (According to the tips of friends in the comment area) I personally feel that the only thing that Edge is not as good as Chrome is the built-in web page translation. The speed and quality are not as good as Google. Although it is possible to call translation engines such as Google and Youdao through plugins or scripts, it is always the case. No natural comfort is not.

7 months ago

Although these domestic shelled browsers are well localized, they have two fatal flaws. One is that these shelled browsers generally streamline the kernel in order to reduce the size of the software, but this will cause problems when browsing the page or debugging. Unpredictable and difficult to judge bugs and errors appear. Second, compared to the native browser, the shelled browser needs to be modified on its kernel, which requires a lot of human resources and time cost, so its kernel version is often different from the kernel of the native browser by several versions. Like the QQ browser, it is still in version 70

7 months ago

Compared with chrome, his design is not so round, more square, and more in line with the style of win10. The extension interface in the upper right corner is not so dense compared to chrome. It will be a bit stuck when playing games with chrome, but the edge will not (my The machine is i5, the configuration is not good) Edge is compatible with chrome extensions, and the ladder can be downloaded in the edge store. It conforms to our country’s characteristic national conditions. Accounts can be synchronized. This is a small feature. The website is muted, and chrome will remove all of the same website. All pages are muted, edge is not, edge has many more user-friendly functions. Secondly, chrome has the advantage: a large number of extended ecology, edge is directly compatible. Fast loading. Edge uses the same kernel, no difference.

7 months ago

Because it is so fragrant, there are several reasons that attract me as follows. 1. The new version of Edge uses the chromium kernel. He can use all the plug-ins that Chrome can use. You can use the built-in Microsoft store plug-ins and the Chrome store’s plug-ins. 2. The memory footprint is less than that of Chrome, and it is smoother. 3. The voice reading function experience is very good, the sound is good and the pause is smart, which liberates my eyes very well. 4. Chrome’s favorites, passwords, and settings can be imported with one click, and the replacement cost is extremely low. 5. There is no need to build a ladder for Microsoft Cloud Synchronization. 6. I am a heavy dependent on Mactype, so I have been using centbrowser that can close DW before. In the new version of Edge, I have found a solution: Textured fonts in oil monkey && page smooth scrolling script + stylus plugin + custom font Pingfang. The daily reading effect is already very good, but because it is a full replacement of web fonts, there are still shortcomings in comparison with the centbrowser under Mactype rendering.

7 months ago

I don’t think the new version of Edge will work because there is no history synchronization function. I pay special attention to this feature, because my phone and tablet all need the same browser to communicate. I have been using the new edge for a while. Later, I thought about it, the developer is Microsoft, hehe, it’s not the first day I met, I can’t wait for you to develop it slowly. One cannot always hope for a tortoise. I have used chrome for several years. Chrome is good for everything, that is, fq synchronization. Finally, since one or two years ago, I stopped tossing and switched to Firefox. Firefox is good at everything, but it doesn’t know how to simplify, and never knows what functions users need most. I just said that I still don’t understand the bookmark. How could I use such a confusing bookmark system? In addition, Firefox is also good at creating a bunch of useless “collective functions”, such as “My Footprint”. Therefore, if people want to keep their brains intact, they deserve to be hanged by a tree. Speaking of edge, even if it is a matryoshka product, the function settings are just a few blocks away from Firefox. At this point, Microsoft is indeed the home of old browsers. If one day (maybe one or two years later, what I said, people can’t always hope for a tortoise) the historical record is done, I will naturally eat this grass. But it depends on whether I remember it: I advise Edge not to expect me to remember it.

7 months ago

I have been using Google Chrome before, but the multiple terminals cannot be synchronized (force majeure). Then I switched to Firefox. I felt that Firefox’s UI was too artificial. Anyway, I couldn’t adapt to it. Many domestic shell browser advertisements are based on the system’s self. The old version of edge is used for the principle of just being able to use it. The interface color is dim and there is no vitality, the icons are too tough, there is no vitality, the operation is too rigid, and there is no vitality. As for IE, I was the first computer I bought in 18 years and I almost never used it. IE suddenly one day when I saw the news of the new version of edge on the Internet, I tried it, and chrome did not delete it. After all, the world is unpredictable. I didn’t expect it to be very easy to use. The icon interface is the same as chrome. It supports multi-computer synchronization and imported it. Chrome bookmarks, the most important thing is that the chrome kernel has no impact on our projects based on the chrome browser, and as a Microsoft product edge, the fit to the system is much greater than that of chrome. I have not used chrome for three months.

7 months ago

I would also like to boast: 1. In the past few months, I have been stuck on both Jingdong and Taobao with Chrome. I don’t know which version it was updated from. I also disabled all the plug-ins, but it didn’t improve after restarting. So every time I open Taobao or Jingdong, it is firefox. Now Edge opens and Taobao are no longer stuck. 2. Chrome is blocked by the wall, it is inconvenient to install plug-ins and synchronization, and I am too lazy to open vpn. 3. Edge can install chrome extensions, even extensions that Microsoft does not have, and the dev version will not always prompt the developer version, and will not let me disable unofficial plugins.

7 months ago

The new version of Edge can use all the extensions of Google, and there are many functions that Google does not have (such as viewing pdf). I spent more than an hour today to copy my own oil monkey listing script and Google extensions to the edge. And Edge and Google Chrome now share bookmarks and browsing history. Google with a small plane is the strongest browser, but in China, the browser that you can use without a small plane, I think the new version of Edge is the best

7 months ago

After reading a lot of answers, it seems that no one mentioned one of the most useful features of chrome, tab quick switch search, this feature relies on the browser’s collection and management of search engines. At present, Edge’s search on many websites cannot be automatically collected, and Chrome has never failed in this function (in terms of my own experience). Of course, this can be added manually, but the experience is N streets worse. I now open the management search engine set by chrome, the length of the list is terrifying, and I will not do this manually. If this problem is not solved, I will not consider edge, because it does not have any obvious advantages over chrome.

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