On June 6, 1928, Chen Qiaonian was shot and killed by the Fenglin Bridge in Shanghai. He was only 26 years old. Before the execution, Chen Qiaonian left a sentence: “Let our children and grandchildren enjoy the happiness of their predecessors!” In this first public resume of Chen Qiaonian from the “Chinese Academy of History Collection of Overseas CCP Rare Documents”, We can clearly see that Chen Qiaonian was born on September 2, 1902 in Huaining, Anhui. His father was Chen Duxiu, the leader of the “New Culture Movement”.

It is comforting. We finally started to chase our heroes. I was puzzled a long time ago as to why our country has experienced so many cruel wars. Especially for more than a century, it has been magnificent and arduous at the same time, but there are hardly any good war-themed film and television works. Those excellent war-themed works, “Saving Private Ryan”, “Schindler’s List” and so on, all belong to the West. And our own heroes, Huang Jiguang, Dong Cunrui, and Qiu Shaoyun, are just facial masks posted in the corridors of the teaching building. For a few years, they were even used to tease them. Said that Dong Cunrui was deceived to bomb the bunker because the company commander was from Henan. It is also said that Qiu Shaoyun is the spokesperson for barbecue. This is the most disgusting joke I have ever heard, no one. Even Chen Duxiu has been labeled “surrender” for many years. Many people mentioned that he only knows about “surrender”, but does not know the road to the founding of the party. He blindly criticizes but does not know his contribution. In recent years, it has been played by young people. So when Chen Qiaonian’s resume was on the hot search, I finally felt the change in atmosphere and felt relieved. We finally started to face our own history and pursue our heroes. Our film and television works finally returned Chen Duxiu’s innocence, and the young people finally began to understand that this name should not be used for fun. Those incognito, for a hundred years, your deeds have finally begun to spread in the world, and your names have finally reappeared.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Chairman Mao said earnestly to the staff around him: “We are not afraid of fighting. It is also difficult for imperialism to’peacefully evolve’ for our generation; but the next generation and the next generation will not be easy to talk about. The Chinese say.’ The zeal of gentlemen will be cut for the fifth generation. The British say that the title is not passed on for three generations. What will the situation be like for our third and fourth generations? I don’t want to be one day in China. There will be people exploiting people on the ground again, capitalists, business owners, hired workers, prostitutes, and opium smoking will appear again; if that happens, the blood of many martyrs will be lost in vain…”

6 months ago

From this first public resume, we understand two and a half months to talk about commentator Yang Jiannan. Recently, the resume filled out by revolutionary martyr Chen Qiaonian was made public for the first time. This resume was exhibited in the “Hundred Years Banner of National Rejuvenation-Chinese Academy of History Collects Overseas CCP Rare Documents”, which aroused heated discussions among netizens. On this resume, Chen Qiaonian filled in his family composition, education level, and economic situation in detail. Through the yellowed pages, we see a more vivid Chen Qiaonian. We know that he was born on September 2, 1902; his former names are “Roge”, “He Ren” and “Qiu Shui”; his family He is a “bureaucrat and landlord”, his grandmother owns seven or eight hundred acres of fields and two shops; his father Chen Duxiu “has been a professor”, and his brother Chen Yannian’s career is revolutionary. He studied and worked in France since 1920, and passed through Germany in 1923. His French is not very good, but he can barely write; his Russian is very good, but he can’t write… From Chen Qiaonian’s resume, we understand two words-loyalty. On the one hand, with regard to his source of income and personal experience, Chen Qiao reported to the organization in his delicate and powerful handwriting, regardless of his age. Even if he traveled through Germany in 1923, even if it was the source of travel expenses to France at the age of 16, he wrote clearly on this resume. He also wrote down the reasons in detail for the situation he didn’t understand. On the other hand, the resume also shows that although he came from a family of bureaucrats and landlords, his ancestors had seven or eight hundred acres of fields and two shops, but he was separated from the family and relied on the little living expenses given by his father, friends, With the help of the organization and work by yourself, finish your studies and go on the road of revolution. Obviously, he has already ignored his personal gains and losses, and what supported him to make such a choice is undoubtedly his loyalty to the party and the power of faith. The spirit carried by these yellowed pages that have traveled through a century of history is still fresh. Between the lines, a young Communist Party member’s unreserved sincerity and resolute struggle footprints are on the paper. This is the power of faith. It can light up the long night in China, and it can also reach the hearts of hundreds of millions of netizens a hundred years later, and people are deeply moved by it. General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized, “Loyalty to the party is the primary political quality of communists. Our party has gone through countless hardships and tribulations along the way, but no difficulty has overwhelmed us, and no enemy has been able to overthrow us. It is the loyalty of thousands of party members.” Chen Qiaonian’s commitment and enthusiasm for the revolutionary cause cannot be separated from the firm belief of being loyal to the party and the people. This is also the primary political quality that countless Chinese Communists have adhered to in the past 100 years. The party constitution stipulates that party members must be “loyal and honest to the party, consistent with their words and deeds.” Xi Jinping pointed out: “Being honest means to be honest with the party, the people, and comrades, be honest, speak the truth, do honest things, be honest, and be fair and decent.” More than 90 years ago, when facing the need to fill in the family background Chen Qiaonian was open and upright with a resume on occupation, income, and social relations. He filled out the form clearly and plainly. At present, the truthfulness of the cadre’s personal matter report system also reflects whether the cadre is loyal to the party. This yellowed resume tells us silently: In the course of a hundred years of struggle, loyalty to the party is a political quality that will never fade. “Let our children and grandchildren enjoy the happiness of their predecessors!” This is what Chen Qiaonian said to his inmates before he was escorted to execution in 1928. It is also the motivation for countless revolutionary martyrs to go forward and succeed in the future. Today, in the hometown of Chen Qiaonian and Chen Yannian, Anhui, there is a small road called “Yanqiao Road” in Hefei, the provincial capital, and the end of the road is “Prosperous Avenue”. According to the public announcement of the fourth batch of roads in Hefei, this road is to commemorate these two young people. Yanqiao Road, which commemorates Chen Qiaonian and his elder brother, leads to the “prosperous avenue.” Today, China is walking on the prosperous avenue. Now, we are closer to the goal of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation than at any time in history, and we are more confident and capable of achieving this goal than at any time in history. What Chen Qiaonian once said to inmates is now being realized. His loyalty to the party and his insistence on party spirit will continue to be passed on and become the political bottom line that every Chinese Communist always remembers. Source: Ban Yue Tan New Media

6 months ago

He is just like us, at the best age in life, full of vigor, youthful vigor, ideals, and beliefs. But the situation he has undertaken to face is completely different from ours. We are enjoying nine years of compulsory education. He is going to work-study programs in France; we are enjoying the care of his parents. He is fighting side by side with his father for the country; we usher in a peaceful and peaceful morning every day. He not only has to worry about revolution every day, Security has not yet been guaranteed… The organization work day after day, the fire of revolution is getting more and more fierce, and the flower of faith is finally irrigated and opened with blood. “Let our children and grandchildren enjoy the happiness of their predecessors!” This is not only an encouragement for oneself to persevere in the struggle, but also a wonderful enjoyment for the future of China. This is the firm belief that we will be victorious, that future generations will be happy, that the light in this world will eventually come… Some people are alive, he is dead; some people are dead, but he is still alive. A person is inherently dead, either heavier than Mount Tai, or lighter than a feather. Chen Qiaonian is the first one. What about Chen Duxiu’s son, what can Chen Duxiu’s son do except revolution. It’s not the same as fighting for the faith of communism, for the advent of the new China, for hundreds of millions of Chinese people, and it’s not that we have to sacrifice heroically at a good age. Such young people are role models for our generation. The fact of a revolutionary who sacrificed heroically is worthy of the respect of all Chinese people. It has nothing to do with whether he is Chen Duxiu’s son or not. He is just Chen Qiaonian.

6 months ago

If I hadn’t watched “Awakening Age”, it would be impossible for me to know the two martyrs Chen Yannian and Chen Qiaonian. Thanks to the drama “The Age of Awakening”, I personally think this drama is the best TV drama of 2021. From Chen Qiaonian’s resume, you can see his absolute loyalty to the party and write everything out. During that period, various ideological trends entered China. During his stay in France, Chen Qiaonian gradually abandoned the anarchism he believed in, and accepted the revolutionary truth of the proletariat—Marxism. From then on he began to fight for the cause of communism. . For the sake of our motherland being prosperous and strong, for our motherland to no longer be oppressed by foreigners. Perhaps he will not see the day when the motherland can become prosperous and strong, but he certainly understands the revolution, how can there be no sacrifice without bloodshed. I can feel his firm ideals and convictions from his resume. Although I know the morality of the revolutionaries who have put his life out of the way, I am sighed and sighed when I see him sacrificed in his best years! Chen Qiaonian optimistically said to the distressed friends before the righteousness: “Let future generations enjoy the happiness that the predecessors have overcome through thorns and thorns!” Qiao Nian, have you seen the spirit of Zainian? This flourishing age is as you see! The red flag has been raised, but it hasn’t waited for you!

6 months ago

I saw this resume before I knew Qiao Nian. A few words particularly attracted me: “bureaucrat and landlord”, “Professor Zeng Chong”, “separate from the family”, and “barely can”. The first impression is that a child who looks so honest and cute, write everything up. After getting to know him more and more deeply, I realized how to be loyal to the revolution if it weren’t for such a sincere and innocent person, and how to carry the banner of revolution. I am ashamed, I am the two brothers Chen Yannian and Chen Qiaonian who only met after watching “The Age of Awakening”. When I first saw them in the play, I searched if I didn’t know them. When I saw Chen Duxiu’s son, I thought it was nothing more than his father’s light. After watching the whole play, I felt rigid and naive for my initial thoughts. Several young heroes portrayed in The Age of Awakening: Deng Zhongxia, Zhao Shiyan, Chen Yannian, Chen Qiaonian. Among them, Chen Qiaonian seemed to be the most inconspicuous, always shrouded in the halo of his brother Yannian. When Yannian and Zhongxia clashed in the university, Qiao Nian seemed to be well protected by his elder brothers when they raised their arms among the workers. It seemed that Yannian did something, and he followed suit. Compared with other young heroes, this also makes me more interested in the deeds of Qiao Nian’s later period. Because just like his older brothers, when they first appeared, Qiao Nian was just worried about the country and the people. On the contrary, Qiao Nian was able to show the whole process of the awakening and transformation of an old Chinese youth. It was at this stage that Qiao Nian was greatly influenced by his brothers. Coupled with the later overseas study experience, this has laid a solid foundation for him to truly become a fighter. There are several noticeable points in Chen Qiaonian’s later life. One is to criticize his father publicly at the meeting, and the other is to translate and sing the “Internationale”. The former reflects Chen Qiaonian’s unswerving loyalty to the revolutionary cause. Even if he is his father, he cannot tolerate the slightest personal affection in the face of justice. How many people can do it today. The latter broke my pre-existing impression of revolutionaries. I used to think that as long as the revolution is capable of playing guns, fighting wars and shouting slogans, it will do. But this is not the case with the revolution. The revolution is not only bloody, but also romantic. Bloody is a cruel reality, romance is a yearning for a better future life, the two are not contradictory. Comrade Yun Daiying once wrote in prison, “has already suppressed the common things of worry, and left his pride as a prisoner of Chu”. Before execution, Chen Qiaonian said, “Let future generations enjoy the happiness of their predecessors.” It is also a romance for revolutionary pioneers to have fun in their hardships. feelings. After watching “The Age of Awakening”, I have a strong desire. I want to pay my respects in front of their monument. I want to see the young people in that society. I want to see the pioneers of the revolution in that era, so I specifically go. A trip to Nanjing Yuhuatai and Shanghai Longhua. When I saw these words, I was very emotional. I saw their boldness and determination to die calmly before the execution, and I felt very uncomfortable when I thought of their Zenghua Zhengmao book business spirit. As Mr. Li Dazhao said, “Born in youth and dies in youth, born in youth and dies in youth”, they all did it, no regrets in youth, no regrets in society. When I walked to the monuments of Qiao Nian and the others, the flowers on the ground that came into view made my heart even more emotional. A good literary and artistic work brings not only a momentary viewing experience, but also a profound spiritual resonance. Thanks to “The Age of Awakening”, let these young people come into people’s hearts vividly once again. I took a closer look and found that there are many small details here. For example, in this photo of the Shenzhou spacecraft, there is a line of words attached to it: “May you see China today as the country is prosperous and the people are strong.” I went there on June 20th, when the Shenzhou spacecraft had just completed its launch a few days ago. There are also some small snacks, which say “The people’s life is better, and the food is better”, “Bring you the delicacies of your hometown Anqing” and so on. There is also a letter spanning a hundred years, full of affection and moving. I also saw people holding flowers walking to the monument and gently laying down the flowers, and I saw people walking and chatting walking to the monument and silently stopping and staring. I have seen a lot and felt a lot. This trip alone is very worthwhile. In that era a hundred years ago, the vast land could not accommodate a desk. I am very fortunate that I was born in a peaceful age. I am very grateful for the wonderful life today, and I will certainly not let down the precious happiness you have gained from overcoming obstacles.

6 months ago

They wake up first and die first. Before the execution, Chen Qiaonian left a sentence: “Let our children and grandchildren enjoy the happiness of the predecessors!” In fact, I have seen similar expressions in many red books and video materials. At the beginning, I was numb. The shouts of “slogans” in such books, audio and video materials seem to be unable to bring me, so-called, what a shock. Until some time ago I finished watching “Awakening Age”. I began to think about what kind of group of people came out in the chaotic world of sorrow. “Most young people today can’t imagine that what they memorized in politics class by rote, those things they didn’t believe at all, were really used by a group of people as their lifelong ideals and beliefs to fight and sacrifice.” Chen Qiaonian, just Belong to this group of people. And we, we are living hard now, able to walk steadily on our path towards a happy life, overcoming obstacles along the way, and achieving today’s happiness. good luck.

6 months ago

Recently, I have been participating in the activities of studying party history, and I watched the movie “1921” on Friday. What made me sigh is: young people like Chen Qiaonian who live well are the people who shouldn’t be revolutionary. They can” “Sit back and enjoy the fruits”, and have fun in time, but in the end they choose the most difficult revolutionary road, either to endure torture, or to sacrifice heroically. In “1921”, Yang Kaihui said to Mao Zedong, “Life is so short, too short to see the light.” The instructor replied: “Fighting for ideals and dedicated to the truth. Even if you get nothing, it is worth it.” Yes, they Most of these people did not wait for the dawn: Chen Qiaonian was shot and killed by the Fenglin Bridge in Shanghai, and Yang Kaihui, who was only 26 years old and 29 years old, was shot to death. Suguang could not wait until the words came to light; 30-year-old Deng Enming was escorted. The execution grounds were generous to justice; 38-year-old Li Dazhao calmly accepted the hanging, with a smile on the corner of his mouth, as if he had seen a beautiful world in the future. It is such a group of young people who have been shining through the darkness in the stormy age. They sacrificed their lives for righteousness and were not afraid to sacrifice for the nation and the country. They are all well-deserved heroes. “Let our children and grandchildren enjoy the happiness of their predecessors!” Thank you!

6 months ago

In the awakening years of the TV series, when Yannian and Qiao Nian were justified, they once saw the director in an interview saying that they tried the pre-flash shooting format, as if we saw the future. Now Anhui, there is a road called Yanqiao Road. . The end of Yanqiao Road is the prosperous avenue. Represents future victory and prosperity. The smiles of Yannian and Qiao Nian before Yiyi turned their heads, as if they had seen the future, yearning and imagining a better life in the future. But these are only added from the perspective of latecomers. In fact, in real history, none of the people who sacrificed in that situation can really be relaxed and relieved, because in the real history At that time, no one could see what the final result would be, whether their sacrifice was worth it or not. The sacrifice in history is much heavier than in the TV series. In the TV series, Yannian and Qiao Nian reconciled with their father Chen Duxiu. In fact, before Yannian and Qiao Nian died, they had no relationship with Chen Duxiu. A big change. Not long before the sacrifice, Qiao Nian had a quarrel with Chen Duxiu because of different political views. The two finally broke up on February 16, 1928. Because of Tang Ruilin’s informant, Chen Qiaonian and Shanghai President Eleven cadres of the trade union were arrested. At the beginning, Qiao Nian was aliased to Wang. The Kuomintang authorities did not know his true identity. Tang Ruilin had not seen him either. He only knew that Chen Duxiu’s son was among them, but he did not know who was after Chen Qiaonian’s arrest. , The party organization and inmates are trying to rescue him out. Because Tang Ruilin didn’t know Zhou Zhichu, who was arrested at the same time, they decided to find Zhou Zhichu to replace Chen Qiaonian’s position and name, and then came out Chen Qiaonian. During the interrogation, Zhou Zhichu said he was Chen Qiaonian, and then he was sentenced to death on the spot. Unfortunately, Zhou Zhichu’s father was a wealthy overseas Chinese businessman. After learning that his son had been arrested, he returned to China to rescue him, and Zhou Zhichu’s identity was eventually exposed. Chen Qiaonian was very aware of his situation at the time. He held important positions in the party and was Chen Duxiu’s son. Since he came in, there was absolutely no possibility of surviving. He asked someone to tell the party organization and expressed his gratitude to the organization for trying its best to rescue him, and hoped that the organization would stop spending money for him. Chen Qiaonian suffered all the torture in prison, and said nothing. On June 6, 1928, he bravely died on the banks of the Fenglin Bridge in Longhua, Shanghai, at the age of 26. A short life, but left an eternal legend. In my heart, he will always be the 26-year-old boy. Ignorant of the sun, yet tough and brave. It will probably be as sweet as in a TV show. However, before the show was broadcast, most people only knew about Chen Duxiu, but not about Yannian and Qiao Nian. In history, there are very few people who can really make a name for themselves. Heroes can often be found in troubled times. What we can remember are some people who were already leaders or high-level people at the time, some unknown people, they Many of them have made no less effort and sacrifices than these famous people, but they have not been remembered by history and the world. Although part of the drama in the age of awakening is different from the actual history, I am very grateful for it and let me know Chen Yannian, Chen Qiaonian and Zhao Shiyan. In that era, there were not only the breeze and bright moon on the shoulders of young people, but also the family and the world.

6 months ago

The awakened are often victims. The earliest awakening means that you have to be taken care of by the darkness. You have to sacrifice not only your own life, but even your family and friends. The scary thing is that the madness of the enemy is only part of it. Sometimes you will be betrayed by your trusted leader, your comrades who fought side by side, and the people you want to save. But the awakened are never afraid of failure. In their hearts, even death is a trivial matter. They never fear anything, only the truth, the truth that serves the people. This is something that egoists can’t understand. They can’t believe that someone can serve others so thoroughly. They even want to use this to gain more benefits. More than one person believes in me privately: “Since you said I like to serve others, please give me a little money?” My annual charitable donation is more than 100,000 yuan, but I never donate even a dime to a person who can know the message. They are far from the most. Difficult people. These egoists not only like to take advantage, but also like to stigmatize the devotion of others. They like to say: “He is a certain class of people, so he will resist”, “He just wants to seek better treatment, so he participates in the revolution.” All in all, the motives of those devotees are simply attributed to “interests” and “begins”, as if everyone in the world is alive for this. In fact, revolutionaries never see themselves, they are essentially noble souls, from the beginning to the end, regardless of race, skin, or class. They even betray their class and nationality. Just like many people who use Avatar to be a “human traitor”, they don’t understand that “the brilliance of human nature transcends everything.” We should not forget those awakened who sacrificed early. The reason why human civilization can continue to progress and our lives continue to be better is because a group of people who are always willing to give rush to the forefront. It does not matter if there is no name, no matter if it is not recorded. , But we must bear this spirit in mind. It was so in the past, it is now, and it will be in the future.

6 months ago

For some people, life is like fireworks, short but gorgeous, fleeting but dazzling! The first time I met Yannian, Qiao Nian originated from “The Awakening Age”. When they first appeared on the stage, they lived a life of “eating cakes, drinking tap water, clothed in winter, but not covered in summer”, but even so , Their eyes were still shining, and their thoughts were never obliterated. And this resume has once again deepened my understanding of them. It can be said that a piece of yellow paper that has traveled through a hundred years carries their everlasting vitality and presents us with their loveliness and touch. , Pian Pian, a young man, ignited the hope of the nation with passion and faith. The young people were self-reliant, working part-time and part-study to study in France, using their own methods to find a way for China at that time, and using their own efforts to try to change the current situation at that time. Unfortunately! When I go to youth, return to the heroic soul! His brother Chen Yannian was killed at the age of 29. The younger brother Qiao died at the age of 26. Before the execution, he said: “Let our children and grandchildren enjoy the happiness that our predecessors have dealt with!” It can be said that they are the first group of people who awakened and the bravest group of people. The first group of people in that era who looked up at the sky in search of stars. It is precisely because of their heroic sacrifices that we are in good condition today and the years are healthy! It is precisely because of their burden to move forward that we have a peaceful life today! To borrow a word from a netizen: A unique show is not a unique show, and two sons are also dragons in the world!

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