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Will Harden cry when his old teammate Paul reaches the finals? First of all, congratulations to the Suns for returning to the Finals after 28 years! On the big day of our 100th anniversary today, Paul used 41 points to take away the game, 1 point to pay tribute to the Chinese fans, and the remaining 58 points to keep their energy and energy! Needless to say, the content of the game is full of respect for both sides, and also retaliated against the defamation that Paul had encountered in his previous career! However, I saw the Weibo of the Great God Jing Yimo mentioned that if the Suns win the championship this year, Harden will encounter a whole offseason meeting. After looking at the public opinion, someone would say that Paul made the finals and Harden was about to cry? All I can say is that meetings are okay. People who say that Brother Deng will cry, that is really small. I have full respect for these two players, and even in 18 years, I more and more appreciate their dominance on the court. However, in the summer of 19, the conflict between the two broke out and finally parted ways, which still made me very embarrassed. And who was right and who was wrong at the time? It’s not me and Xi Mu, it’s really not clear. The two players have a common feature, that is, they have the ability to control the rhythm. You know, for a team, the more players that have the ability to score, the better, but there are really not too many people who control the rhythm, especially in the two core levels of the backcourt. Once there are differences in rhythm, the contradiction is inevitable. Because of the strong scoring ability, it is nothing more than assigning the proportion of each shot. As long as there is a clear number, it is not easy to disagree. But the thing about rhythm changes rapidly, and different times and different environments may make people have different ideas. Both Bulbs have strong scoring ability, but the desire to control the rhythm is more than the desire to score. Although Harden had a rare average of 36 points per game in 19 years, it was because of the team’s extensive injuries. His positioning of himself has always been the core of teammates with the ball. In that year, the contradiction between the two people originated from a teammate’s injury. The team’s record fell to 14th in the West. Harden finally relied on a down-tempo and used his own stubborn offense to drive the team back to the top. Fourth, since this rhythm has saved the team, we should stick to it. But Paul believes that this style of play is actually a strategy that players have to do with injuries. Although effective, the upper limit is not high. The lineup of players behind is neat. Even after foreign players such as Faried and Shumpert joined, they A more advanced style of play should be used. When the rhythm should be slow, it can be slow, but when it should be fast, it must be fast. To be fair, Paul’s attendance rate that season was not high, but in the middle and late seasons, when Harden had a few rotations, Paul also used his own ideas to bring out good results. In this way, the conflict between the two will become greater and greater, because each other feels that their ideas have been proven to win, and no one can convince anyone. Harden’s mentality of leading the team at that time was still a rule of inaction. I don’t talk about others, and others don’t talk about me. I use my own personal ability to dismantle the defense, you just need to grasp the opportunity I created. But Paul belongs to another way of leading the team. He must teach by precept and by example, and he must personally guide and supervise his teammates. This way and style collided with Harden. The last straw that really overwhelmed the camels was Game 5 of the Western Conference semifinals. After Durant was injured in the third quarter, the Rockets, which were weakly leading at the time, had a good chance to win the game, but Paul’s improved rhythm play was lost. The Warriors repeatedly fought back, and ultimately failed to win Tianwang Mountain. Many people say that Paul ruined the game, but to be honest, Harden did not really cooperate when Paul improved his rhythm. In the fourth quarter, the two of them seemed to be competing. One insisted on playing fast, and the other insisted not to follow you. Running is like two quarrelsome kids, no one is willing to compromise. As a result, Paul, who wants to play fast, can only play 4 to 5, and Harden, who wants to play slow, can’t catch the ball. The game is naturally taken over by the powerful warriors. Went back. So, even if one of the two made a compromise that day, such as Harden running into the offense, such as Paul slowing down to Harden singles, what will happen? I am afraid that no one will ever know the unsolved mystery of this world. And now the two of them are more like gentlemen breaking off their friendship, without making any evil words. Although regretful, there is still respect for each other’s psychology. In the 2020 All-Star Game, Harden had a chance to be a hero with a large open at the last moment. Instead of shooting, he would rather go to the basket and create an open three-pointer for Paul. After the game, he said that he thought this might be the last time for Paul. It’s an All-Star opportunity, so give him the opportunity of the key ball. The Rockets eliminated the Thunder in the playoffs. When the two sides embraced and saluted, the two were unwilling to take the initiative to interact. For a long time, Paul, who was more mature, took the initiative to pat Harden. Although it can’t be said that the dissatisfaction is completely relieved, at least it can be regarded as cleared. After coming to the Nets, Harden has actually changed his style. Although he doesn’t say anything, he already agrees with Paul. He is learning to use Paul’s way to mobilize his teammates. He must guide his teammates in every detail. Knowing that relying on his own performance and only letting his teammates shoot me on the spot can not win, so he also began to ask his teammates to keep running, and began to try to get his teammates into it. Compared to Paul, Harden’s current backcourt partner, Irving, plays more of the role of an attacker, and controlling rhythm is a type that can be done but not necessarily done, so the two get along better. And Paul, after redeeming himself in the Thunder’s season, choosing the Suns is definitely a wise move. During the offseason last year, Paul had a lot of opportunities to become a strong team, but the Suns’ lineup is indeed the most suitable for Paul. They have a younger core lineup and more points, but they are the only ones who do not control the rhythm of the game. . It is often said that it is a pity that Paul and Kobe failed to join hands due to basketball reasons. In fact, without considering the strength and only considering the age and qualifications, Booker is more suitable for Paul, who is a partner who is convincing to Paul but can charge and score high points. This year, various teams in the NBA have suffered extensive injuries. The relatively healthy Sun is the one that looks the luckiest. However, throughout Paul’s career, almost every year there are weird events that make him unlucky. The two words for luck are rounds. It’s also Paul’s turn. And the two career-high 41 points in the playoffs were the tiebreakers of reaching the Western Conference Finals and reaching the finals, which proved that those who said that the old guns lost the chain at critical moments were all grandstanding. We are extremely looking forward to the performance of the finals. And Harden, who has already identified with Paul, will not cry when he sees Paul’s results this year, but will be more determined in the next season, stick to this approach, drive teammates, let teammates participate in the offense, and enhance the enthusiasm of teammates. Paul’s 18 years of hamstring injury, and now Harden feels the same, and Paul’s Nirvana rebirth is bound to give Harden confidence. I believe that after the two have won championships in their careers, they will have a drink together, talk about the past, and laugh at a certain point in time and on a certain occasion. The brothers are here to cross the whole robbery, and meet each other with a smile and a grudge!

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6 months ago

In 2009, he was named by Billups for 33 points and began to practice strength to transform into a muscular sports car. In 11 years, the trade to the Lakers was rejected by the league for basketball reasons. You and Kobe are too strong to approve. In 12 years, he was swept by the Spurs, averaging 12 points per game and shooting 36%. In 14 years, he encountered the Oklahoma Princes and was blown to death by the referee. The owner of the team was racially discriminated against, and the Clippers changed hands. In 15 years, the 3:1 lead was overturned by the Rockets. In 16 years, his palm was fractured. In 17 years, Griffin was seriously injured and the Clippers took a cruise. In 18 years, facing the courage of the universe, leading the series, and then strained a hamstring, the bench tie-break witnessed the team’s 27 consecutive missed three-pointers. In 19, at the age of 34, he was traded to the Thunder. In 20 years, 35 years old was traded to the sun. 10 best team, 9 best defensive team. He has only played two conference finals in his career. He is 36 years old this year, his first career finals. He has always been the one with bad luck, so no one can say this year that he realized his dream because of good luck. I have been a fan of you for 12 years, no matter whether you won the O’Brien Cup or not, your toughness, length, dexterity, and overall outlook make me admire and admire you.

6 months ago

With a high probability, luck will finally be on Paul’s side, a man who has no great honor but is always discussed as the best point guard. To be honest, I said as soon as I eliminated the Lakers, the Suns have a champion appearance. The Lakers did not lose unjustly. The Suns will enter the Finals with a complete team to face the Eagles or Bucks who lack big names. I hope Chris Paul’s jersey can float above the Phoenix Sun Arena. No matter who wins the FMVP, everyone knows that this championship was brought by Chris Paul to this team that has been silent for decades. The wandering wanderer who has been wandering for a long time can really return to his roots this time.

6 months ago

In conclusion, it can be said that the Suns are in the entire West. This year, they are relatively likely to be the main star player and the strongest team with the least impact from injuries. After all, other teams, Leonard, Mitchell, Big Eyebrow, Murray, etc., are all or More or less there is a problem, but the sun may be relatively less affected by this aspect. However, as a team-type team, in terms of defense and offense, the overall performance of the Suns is very eye-catching. Then, judging from the performance of the entire game, without exception, Paul is indeed the most stable point guard on the planet. We cannot say how explosive Paul is, or how good his age is. Performance, he still can’t say that he can maintain this high intensity in every game. But the stability of his shooting and his mid-range, as well as the organization and transfer at critical moments, are still adequate, old and hard. At the same time, it is true that throughout the series, Booker may be affected by injuries and may be seen as deadly on outside shots, but he still uses breakthroughs and this kind of restraint to create more opportunities for his teammates. Ayton’s internal rebounding and support, and the end point play is also very good, Payne, Saric have played, and when the bench lineup is playing, try to two people and Johnson can do their own stable end. At the same time, Bridges and Crowder both flanks to defend the gates, can also maintain the level and continuity of the lineup defense, limit George’s restrictions, and at the same time, he can catch the ball and throw three-pointers, a very comprehensive system. In this game, Beverly was a little crazy at the end and couldn’t play it anymore. Indeed, it has not been easy for the Clippers to survive until now. The Suns did show a better teamwork and championship appearance this year, and the combination of Booker, Paul and Ayton is really not easy to crack. Passing and breakthrough, shooting, pick-and-roll, inside grab, this combination is very good. In place. So in terms of offense, if you can’t limit the Suns’ overall and linkage, including letting them shoot three-pointers like this, then there is no way to win, especially with Paul’s touch, which can be bitten at the critical moment, that’s nothing. Moreover, the biggest problem with the Clippers is that on George’s side, if there is only one person to break and assault, he cannot maintain good efficiency, physical fitness and concentration in every game, so when others can’t share the pressure , It’s hard to say. In fact, today as a substitute, Cousins ​​has already played a superpower, but still can’t solve the problem that the offense can’t make a breakthrough, or the outside line can’t be thrown or there is no space after scoring in. There are still a few players who can force it. Nader’s absence is troublesome. Congratulations to the sun, congratulations to Paul and Booker. It’s good to really enjoy the first finals. Now, if the Bucks don’t have an alphabet brother, they are all-round eagles. Although the eagles of this team do not have Treyang, they There are more points, so if the team with the better team will reach the finals, then it is possible that the combination of the two teams depends on who can get more accurate three-pointers and who can take advantage of sudden points. , The inside game is also very good-looking, of course, there is no way to conclude, maybe the Bucks will come back to life. Regardless, the Sun showed their experience, talent and youthful vitality, and sincerely blessed this wave of people. It is very likely that the Suns will have a neat lineup at this time, and it is true that Paul brings more experience than the Hawks and Bucks, especially the opponents who are in the process of injury. So the Sun’s comprehensiveness and defensive ability may be heavier than the Hawks and Bucks, especially better than the Hawks. Therefore, the Sun will do more in place to limit the outside line of the Eagles. So in this case, I think it is very likely that the Suns will have a championship.

6 months ago

Real fans don’t hesitate to give them the highest respect; Chris Paul, who suffered another nose injury on the night of his career, is getting more and more accurate in the middle distance. DeAndre Booker, who can attack the basket in various ways. Ayton and Paul George who did his best; what moved me very much was the two and a half minutes left in the game (if I remember correctly, Paul then scored 38 points in a middle distance) for a long time on the bench. George, the corner of his mouth is actually a little curved, and he waved his hand at the camera because he noticed the camera. What’s in this wave of hands? I’m a little frustrated. I’m a little tired. Don’t shoot. Or maybe, I didn’t put this city team on my shoulders to overcome the difficulties. I didn’t do it. The disputes related to the uniform group may be groundless. In fact, the future of the Clippers this summer has considerable variables.)

6 months ago

In the series, Paul Ayton Booker has a C game, and he is only one game away from winning. Although the Suns are not that strong, they have been improving this year. Now they are playing against the Suns and it is very normal to be taken 3 games by the Suns. As long as you look all the way, you can feel the influence of Booker, Ayton, and Paul in the game. It just so happens that they are also their own C round series. Even if a team can drag to the tiebreaker, the seventh game is still the Suns’ home court. It can be said that the sun is invincible. In complete health, the Lakers Clippers and Nets can beat the Suns. The Nuggets, the Bucks are tough, and the 76ers will definitely not be able to beat them. The Suns themselves should be the second-tier team this year, but now there is no fully healthy team except for the Suns. The Suns’ opportunities should be infinite. Finally, I would like to call this G6 Super São Paulo.

6 months ago

Paul finally reached the highest venue. The Clippers did their best. Pickle peppers are obviously empty. After all, the player who played the longest in the playoffs this season has 100 minutes more than the second place Booker, and he also fought hard in the last game. The Bass knows it, and the rest of the Clippers know it. Maurice Reggie, Mad Dog and even Cousins ​​have all contributed. Mad Dog has also singled out Paul for a layup, which has not been seen before. This adjustment of the Suns is to make Ayton resolutely defend the basket, and other people also consciously shrink to protect the basket. The Clippers have to break through and it is not easy to use. The biggest point is that the Sun’s confidence is back. The three previous blacksmiths, Booker Crowder Paul, is really resolute and decisive today, and his hit rate is also high. Especially Paul, who scored 31 points in the second half and made various three-pointers. This 183 man not only touched the floor of the Western Conference Finals, but also touched the floor of the Finals. In other words, the young Booker Ayton probably didn’t expect that this round of Western Conference Finals had more moves above the neck than in the regular season throughout the year. Paul is also a variety of tricks, he is very happy to look at, really smart this man, he will not miss a little opportunity. . I don’t know how intense the finals will be, but this is the best opportunity for Lao Pao to realize his dream.

6 months ago

After all, Treyang and Antetokounmpo are likely to be injured. The Suns are very lucky this year. The first round of thick eyebrow injury retired, the second round of Murray injury retired, the third round of Leonard injury retired, watching the finals. The opponent also has no big brother. But it cannot be attributed entirely to luck that the Suns have a reputation as a doctor, and the management of the players themselves also plays a decisive role. This is a healthy body that the team and the players can work together. I hope the sun wins

6 months ago

The Clippers were still eliminated. In fact, when the team lacked Kazi brother, the prospects were not optimistic. Being able to win two games has already embodied the spirit of hard work. The principle of competitive sports is to make better teams go further, and the Suns are better teams. Some people may say that the sun is taking advantage of the opponent’s injury, and it is impossible to win. On the surface, it is true. The Lakers lacked James and thick eyebrows, the Nuggets injured Murray, and the Clippers lost Brother Cazi. The injuries of these people are fatal blows to the team. However, injuries are also part of the game. With the same intensive schedule and the same epidemic, why are some teams affected and others not? It is not entirely due to luck, the most important thing is that others will adjust. Unexpectedly, the old and pretty Paul could lead the team to the Finals at the age of 36. He entered the Finals for the first time in his career and entered the Western Conference Finals for the second time in his career. The last time the Suns reached the Finals was in 1993, and the star was Barkley. This year, the Suns are more likely to win the championship. On the eastern side, Antetokounmpo has been injured, and the overall strength of the Hawks is slightly weaker. If Paul finally wins this year, even if he does not win the fMVP, he will be the same as Nowitzki in 2011, surpassing Kidd, Nash and Stockton.

6 months ago

I’m not a fan of Paul, and I’m not even a fan of the Suns, even I’m a fan of the Lakers defeated by the Suns, this team. I was actually defeated by Paul, by such a youth army. Lucky for the Suns is real, along the way, Anthony Davis was injured, Murray was reimbursed for the season, Leonard and Ibaka did not play a role, the sky seems to be favoring this team. As many people have said, Paul has lost most of his career. He is always plagued by injuries at critical moments, both himself and his teammates. Everyone knows Paul’s ability, but his performance is difficult to convince people who have not seen Paul. He only touched the floor of the conference finals twice, and it was not until this day that he touched the floor of the finals. Some people say that maybe Paul was able to join the Lakers and team up with Kobe to form the strongest guard combination imaginable at the time. His career could be much more brilliant. However, bad luck and long fate are also an elusive point in life, and the transaction is stopped. As far as I am concerned, the subsequent Durant joining the Super Warriors was even worse than this transaction, but it really happened. Paul’s unsolvable CIC was a killer move. Although Booker was more dazzling in the first round against the Lakers, what left me the impression was that when the Lakers raised the counter-attack horn, they were abruptly suppressed by Paul’s several CICs. Go down. That’s really lack of temper, just can’t help it, Paul, who is always strong, this year, fights, without reservation. The shots and the fight for the ball are Paul’s determination. The Clippers’ other Paul—of course, it’s Paul George. If he doesn’t have the determination to reach the finals, I think it’s unreasonable. He also tried his best, even though it was in the previous game, the touch in this game really did not reach the highest level. “Now the trophy is right in front of me. I have to consider whether this is the only opportunity in my life.” Yes, this is also a gift to Sao Paulo. It is unknown whether the opponent is the Bucks or the Eagles. But no matter who it is, if If you don’t pay 100%, regret will be accompanied for a long time, even a lifetime-for athletes, it should be a lifetime. Of course, I prefer Booker and Blow Yang. If the eagle hits the sun, I would prefer to watch it. Mo Sheng SybeFinn, AKA Syber, “but to hear and blow the Sheng to Mo Shang”, SybeFinn is adapted from the real name as a suffix to distinguish it. Being active in all fields, embracing every interesting soul, attacking the vulgarity in my eyes, including myself…

6 months ago

I really hope Chris Paul can get the championship ring this year. Paul’s peak season in the Western Conference is really fierce. Kobe’s Lakers, Duncan’s Spurs, Yao Ming’s Rockets, Nowitzki’s Mavericks, Nash’s Suns… this year is a good opportunity. In addition to the fact that the Suns are really strong, they are going all the way to the finals. If the letter Goth Lei Yang can’t return, the championship is basically stable. Because Paul never loses the chain at critical moments. The master of positional warfare matches the offensive god Harden, the Rockets around 18 years ago, and the strength of the Warriors with Durant Curry Thompson are on par. Unfortunately, Paul was injured and Harden was injured again in the second year, otherwise Paul would have succeeded long ago. Up. Even without a championship, Paul’s career is brilliant and perfect, and his life is destined to be without regrets. I watch football, basketball, volleyball and tennis, and I don’t particularly like anyone. I don’t want to ridicule professional players with an annual income of tens of millions as an ordinary person. For a neutral fan like me, Paul gives me a special feeling. Men, the more frustrated, the more courageous, never give up. There are many qualities in him that everyone can learn from.

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