No flash charge, no curved screen, no 5G, no fingerprints under the screen, no high-swipe, no quad camera, the signal is still poor, battery life is not good, charging is slow (continuing the four generations of 18W, you have to buy your own charging head, otherwise It is 5W1A, which is always criticized by others), which lasts for three generations of bangs, low-resolution screens, and is expensive.

The flagship phones of Android manufacturers (Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, oppo, vivo, OnePlus, etc.), whether they are functional or playable or black technology crushes Apple, their performance is comparable to that of Apple, and now Android is no longer stuck. . And these manufacturers have different series corresponding to different groups of people. New phones are launched every few months, and Apple goes from iPhone 2G to 3G to 3GS and then 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 5c, 6(plus) , 6s(plus), SE, 7(plus), 8(plus), X, Xs(Max), XR, 11(Pro/Pro Max), SE2, there are new machines every other year (this year and 2016) Exceptions), and regardless of series, do not engage in machine-sea tactics.

The price is high and the price is low, and the premium is serious (such a mobile phone should not sell more than 10,000). Android phones not only have many black technologies, they are also cheap.

Apple has fallen behind the times in technology, this is what we can all feel, and it has the most infamy behind it, and it will be boycotted by others on almost all social platforms. Many people are still threatening on the Internet that they are Chinese and cannot give it to them for a lifetime. Opportunities for foreign companies to make money.

But in contrast to the sales of Tmall, Taobao, or offline physical stores, iPhone 11 is actually the number one. Although Huawei’s global shipments are number one in the world, Apple is still number one in terms of single-model shipments and online purchases. Why is that


By zhiwo

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9 months ago

I started using Android phones. At that time, I used both Oppo and Huawei P series. It seemed to me that there was no problem at the beginning. Slowly there were a lot of advertisements, which was a bit stuck, and then I saw my friends using the new generation of the same brand. I found out that the old phone in my hand suddenly didn’t fragrant, and I couldn’t use it after the update, so I planned to save money to buy a new generation of impulse, which led to a pile of mobile phones at home time and time again. Later I started with Apple’s 6p. Wow, it’s not vanity that made me buy it. The reason for buying it is because my uncle is using it. It often goes out and occasionally goes abroad. I told me to try Apple. I bought it and found it. It’s so convenient, just slip and quit, it’s very sharp. The test of time, this machine has been blown and sunburned, I am constantly beating, distressed, looking at its scars, it still serves me very efficiently. After the follow-up 7p and 8p come out, I feel the 6P in my hand. Nothing, everyone is changing phones, I’m still using 6P, do you feel a bit out of keeping up with the times? I want to change this phone, but it seems that apart from a little vanity, there is no reason for me to change it. It still doesn’t freeze, it’s easy to use, the phone, chat, the game is still Ness’s, I’m so distressed, some At that time, I still had a fool’s idea: Why is this phone not broken? Hurry up, I want to change my phone. After a few years, I switched to 11 and the next 12. This time, it should be a period of time when Android took off. I prefer digital products. It is inevitable that I will be brainwashed by many Android advertisements. I have read a lot of evaluations, and I also interacted with a lot of them. People compare the parameters and configuration, wow, a lot of black technology functions, such a high resolution? I think it’s great, is it true that Apple is not working? So I bought the flagship model of a certain Android brand for my parents, because my mom is also relatively trendy, it is definitely not happy to give an entry-level mobile phone, and the fact is that I have no money to buy a mobile phone! ! ! Why, because I found that the Android devices sent to them, including the children’s ones, will soon be replaced by new phones with better functions!

9 months ago

Every time my friends want to change their phones, they will come to consult me about what kind of phone is the best for a certain budget. I have been talking there for a long time, and most of them chose Apple in the end. The reason is simple: there is no choice phobia, the cost of learning will not be too high, and it is easy to use it. It is not too concerned about the configuration and parameters like the Android machine. It will not be too bad for taking pictures. The iPhone’s taking pictures is not so fancy. Three years back to Apple’s embrace, three years ago iPhone 7p, now using iPhone12.

9 months ago

Open the software, the interface of advertisement will pop up. In order to prevent being called the Overlord Clause, a very small “skip” button is specially set in the interface; some software “skip” button is in the upper right corner, some is in the lower right corner, and some is even in the upper left corner. ; I have to fight with my wits; I bought a mobile phone for the elderly at home and clicked on Tencent Video. Not once did I not see any messy advertisements; just forget it, I have been forced to download the Kuaishou dozens of times. . It is usually too late to cancel, and sometimes even use the traffic. In fact, they are also very formal. They are all software from the Xiaomi App Store. When I woke up in the morning, I saw it was stuck, and when I clicked it, I found that the “Yuan Shen” was placed on the desktop. The Android phone was installed perseveringly for an hour. As for software sneaking, all software must be installed with directory permissions, and accurate pushes; as I get older, I am becoming more and more impatient with these things. Although Apple is domineering, I have never worried about what I should not order on my iPad. thing. If this has always been the case, the mobile phone industry will always account for most of the profits of the Apple family. Because Android phones treat everyone as a poor ghost, time and privacy are worthless anyway, so naturally they will not be able to reach the high end. Maybe it’s special for the Chinese market? Have these mobile phone manufacturers learnt overseas?

9 months ago

One day I got home from work and received a phone call from my old father. Father: Asshole, my phone is broken, and I’m fine at night. I can’t see the videos posted by your sister. Me: Okay, let’s go after dinner. When I went there, I found out what was broken, the memory was full, and I was always prompted to clean up. I am puzzled that there is no other app except WeChat. It is so easy to use up. If I don’t check it, I don’t know. I was surprised when I checked it. The installation package was 30g. Understandably, my father usually reads novels from the browser, and some websites automatically download the app even if he clicks on it. Even if he doesn’t install it, the software is not small now. After a long time, the memory will not be burdened-full. I cleaned him many times in more than a year and taught him to clean up the memory, but he couldn’t learn it. Later, I used an iPhone for him, and the problem was solved. It’s not that the iPhone is more powerful than B, but sometimes, it can save some trouble when using it. Just like the question said: there is no flash charge, for ordinary office workers and elderly people at home, there is no need for flash charging; without 5G, 5G is popularized at the county level and then the technology is mature, I don’t know how long it will take, 4G is enough, and now 12 is already There is 5G; there is no curved screen, this is a matter for the benevolent and the wise, and the understanding of the Samsung screen; there is no fingerprint under the screen, this is really embarrassing, especially in the face of the epidemic in 2020, the iPhone buddy has encountered the biggest so far The enemy, the mask does not have a high brush, it can still let users enjoy silky smooth without four cameras, its beauty function is weak, the color is not pleasing, but the video ability is strong, many up masters use it to take the signal and return. Poor, at least where I live, the single card does not have the problem of poor signal. The battery life is not good, and the battery life of the products after 11 is okay. It may be that the users I have come into contact with are moderate users. I won’t go into details about the previous products, if it’s black, it’s black, haha.

9 months ago

I remember I read a piece in 17 years, probably means you took a Samsung S8 to pretend to be forced, how many people do you know? If you take an iPhoneX out, others will think you are rich, even if an iPhone6, they think it is more expensive than the S8. Then there seemed to be more than a hundred likes underneath. In fact, it’s quite realistic, even in the eyes of most people. When you take an Apple, even a person who doesn’t understand mobile phones knows that it’s very expensive. It’s very expensive. Android unless you take a folding one, otherwise Many people subconsciously feel that there is no Apple’s domineering (8848 automatically excluded) because there are really very few people who can actually call out a model of an Android phone. Thank God for knowing what brand you are. And Apple’s identification degree.. and mainly because the number of mobile phones issued, coupled with the value of the hype in the past few years, caused the reason for that paragraph. By the way, I would like to add a little detail. I don’t usually pay much attention to this detail; you can hardly believe that this is a feature launched by Apple in 2015. Samsung didn’t have this feature until 19, when it hadn’t recorded the sound. It is possible to get in (it is the same as of One ui 1.0, I don’t know how it is now) Xiaomi should have it in 20 years, the specifics are not clear, but it is possible to add sound (this function is not available on Mix in 19) and Huawei, P30 It is a model of dynamic photos alone. I personally think that this method is not practical. What dynamic photos want is the kind of effect that can be taken when you pick them up. If you create a model alone, it takes the most basic meaning. It was changed. I don’t know if there is any adjustment now.

9 months ago

Brother, after reading your own description of the problem, haven’t you been convinced by yourself… What kind of curved screen, four-camera, high brush, these things are just needed… The effect of these things, can you really hold the Apple to play? ? To give a very simple example, some thousand yuan machines have larger running memory than Apple, but who can use it smoothly? Including the high-priced Android, the running memory data hangs Apple up to play, but in the actual experience, can the fluency be beaten? Is it meaningful than this data? The mobile phone is a comprehensive experience. It is not a cold data running score. When the experience of 100 points is the same as 1 point, what is the point of this point. And you said that the Android update is fast, this is obviously a disadvantage, you still consider it as an advantage… Faster, that is, it is eliminated quickly, that is, you change your phone frequently, don’t you think it is easy to buy an Apple for a long time? …

9 months ago

Those who feel that Apple has fallen behind Android and should be eliminated by the market should not have experienced the mobile phone market around 2010 (the year the iPhone 4 was launched). At that time, Android didn’t need any tall elements to beat the iPhone on paper. There is no black technology, and there is no element (such as fast charging) that “everyone laughs at the iPhone”. At that time, Android itself can automatically attract a group of people, thinking that the system itself is better than iOS, even if the configuration is almost sure to choose Android. The phrase “the only advantage of the iPhone is the system” that is widely recognized today would be spit out. At the time, the most active one was htc. Later, htc was almost equal to death. The current pixel can be said to be the living fossil of htc-you can check the current price of pixel on Taobao, and feel which one is more competitive with the iPhone. Today’s Android phones have produced so many features not because of (the whole machine is highly competitive), but because of (the software is weak). The system and ecology can’t beat iOS, so they are forced to reorganize to enhance their competitiveness. When did the iPhone secretly make up these functions? No, with a big fanfare, all the missing functions are filled in a way that everyone can realize with high intensity, which shows that Apple is in a crisis.

9 months ago

In May of this year, I bought an SE phone with the attitude of giving it a try. After half a year, I have some experience. The Apple company, from the product I use, they really pursue quality, such as hand feel, detailed workmanship, such as listening to music, and the design beauty of native software. These are all things that are easily overlooked, but these are the things that are easily overlooked. It really should be valued and persisted. They seem to have their own pursuit of their own products, they do not follow the trend, do not flatter the world, but follow their own philosophy. This kind of philosophical thinking makes them stand out in the consumer electronics neighborhood, so what is it? My feeling is that they seem to attach great importance to user experience. It is those experiences that are really needed, rather than those that are instilled, starting from the details and being meticulous. They seem to have some other pursuits, which are higher than the product itself, and are the pursuit and innovation of design, beauty, and lifestyle. Their pursuit and innovation transcend national boundaries, transcend ideology, and are based on every ordinary individual.

9 months ago

Apple is what you pay for! How much do you spend and how much do you do. If you don’t play evil, don’t play virtual, I feel that all the money you spend is in place. Second: Apple’s customer service attitude is very good! I once downloaded a small software in the Apple App Store, which conflicted with an Apple account. It can’t be used at all, and the software costs money. There is no good solution to check information on the Internet. I called Apple’s customer service. The one who answered the phone was a young lady with a sweet voice and super patience. The two of us communicated for more than ten minutes before solving the problem. I understand the work of customer service, and many customer services are particularly fond of dumping the pot! If they can’t solve it, they will say that it is a sir or a lady. We pay special attention to the problems you have reported, and have passed feedback from experts. I will call you back then. Perfunctory, throw the pot. I’m not saying that the customer service staff are all like this. Is it really perfunctory to the customer? It is still obvious. Apple’s customer service is really using all the processes and trying every means to solve it in one call. Will not push three blocks and four blocks! Third: That is a stable system! The little friends around me used to toss about Android. Later, they said that they were getting older and didn’t want to use Android anymore, so they would join the Apple camp. The stability of the Apple system is so stable that you lose your desire to toss your phone. Stable to last forever! I have used this Apple 11 for more than a year, and the system is as smooth as it was when I just bought it! It is unreasonable that such an excellent product is not welcomed by consumers.

9 months ago

Apple technology is behind the times? The technologies you are talking about are just fur. Apple wants to work out it in minutes. When will the core technologies of mobile phones become such dispensable things? It can be seen that the domestic manufacturers have been successful in their publicity, and they can use their fancy appearance to cover up the real core shortcomings. Apple PR is coming out and getting beaten. You said so much while evasive, never mentioning the core of the mobile phone-the chip and the system. How strong is the ability of the A14 chip? Don’t you see that Kirin 888 is still comparing with A13, Apple is clearly ahead of the times, right?

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