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Did not lose money and made a cry! Improved visibility and lowered the record! But Juventus’s poor record cannot conceal the huge commercial value of Ronaldo! Because of Ronaldo’s arrival, tens of thousands of fans have moved with them, and the number of Juventus fans has soared by tens of millions. The attention of Juventus matches has also increased by several levels, becoming the darling of broadcasters! Ronaldo’s joining, portrait rights, jersey sales skyrocketed, ticket prices increased, more fans entered, and tournament revenue increased! Because of Ronaldo’s influence, the sponsor’s sponsorship fee has increased by tens of millions, which can almost offset Ronaldo’s high annual salary! The above series of good news has boosted Juventus’s share price, and the club has made a lot of money in the capital market! Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the top football superstars in football. He joined Juventus and brought so much popularity, traffic and money to Juventus! The only regret is that Juventus did not bring a heavy Champions League trophy! Juventus originally introduced Cristiano Ronaldo for the purpose of the Big Ears Gold Cup, but things have backfired. Juventus has gradually moved away from the Champions League champions in the past two years. For Juventus, the introduction of Ronaldo without winning the Champions League is a failure! The sudden epidemic caused Juventus’s income to drop sharply, and the financial pressure was huge. It was difficult to afford Ronaldo’s huge annual salary. As Ronaldo slowly ages, it is time for the two sides to part ways! Although the record is not very satisfactory, Cristiano Ronaldo has also left a strong mark on Juventus’s historical puzzle! No matter which club he is in, Ronaldo’s legendary career continues…


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

In fact, it was OK, mainly due to the impact of the epidemic. Juventus’ revenue fell by 60 million euros, which magnified Juventus’s financial pressure. But then again, Juventus caught up with Italy’s tax cuts. A considerable part of Ronaldo’s salary was also due to the special funds added to the club by the sponsors at that time. Juventus’ revenue and expenditure problems are no worse than two or three years ago. Where to go. Now the clubs are short of money, even Real Madrid and Barcelona have no money. The player trading market is even lower than the previous two or three years. This is actually good for Juventus, which likes to exchange players and visa-free second-tier giants. Juventus’ weak signings have little to do with money. At the competitive level, any team that has changed three head coaches in three years can hardly produce results. Especially Sarri and Pirlo were generally not favored by fans before taking office. A-囧 originally hoped to sell Dybala and rushed around Ronaldo to build a team, but he failed. Sarri did not like Manzhu and recovered Higuain, but Higuain’s physical condition was too bad; Pirlo introduced Morata, which performed well at first, but was infected with CMV halfway through and never recovered. As a result, Juventus has not actually had a reliable center forward. Reliability here is not to say that the level is reliable, it’s just that when you are playing, you are in good health…A bunch of engineers in the midfield, in fact, multiple Pogba can make a move. Isn’t that impossible? It’s hard to transition from the backcourt to the ball. The frontcourt is not at the level that a giant should have…The backcourt is not very good now. De Fat has performed well. Others have declined very seriously. Of course, it remains to be observed. After all, Pirlo’s hands are except for Ronaldo and Mora. Tower, Chiesa, the others will not play… Juventus has some problems with the team building, but the problem of money is secondary. The level can be lower, and the physical and technical types need to be used anyway. Come on. Those who bought these years can’t play games, what a thing…

6 months ago

loss. Economy: Cristiano Ronaldo brings 20 million, and Juventus invests 90 million every year. Sports: Juventus wants the Champions League, Ronaldo only has Serie A and even the Coppa Italia. Strategy: Dybala should rise, but degenerate instead. Selling Ronaldo, there is only 25 million, and there is no market. On May 28, Italian media Il Messaggero reported that Ronaldo has notified his teammates that he wants to leave Juventus this summer. Although the news seemed very shocking, it was actually expected by the fans, so it did not trigger a large-scale discussion. Of course, if Ronaldo really leaves the team, it will be the headline in sports, unless Messi also leaves Barcelona at the same time. Cristiano Ronaldo is the Serie A Golden Boot this season, breaking a series of milestones. He published a long story after the Serie A finale and unilaterally announced that he had completed the challenge in Serie A, but did not mention his two most important tasks for joining Juve: Champions League and Golden Globe Awards. This dynamic has also been interpreted as a declaration of leaving the team. Combined with the reports of Italian media reports that Ronaldo has told his teammates to leave Juventus, it seems that this super giant, who has scored 101 goals for Juventus in 3 years, really wants to end his presence. Serie A career. Although Ronaldo claimed to have completed the challenge, Juventus was not successful. Ronaldo listed a series of glory: Serie A champion, Italian Cup champion, Italian Super Cup champion, Serie A Golden Boot and Serie A player of the season. These are not the background that Juventus has never had before, and even the old Higuain can complete it faster. “challenge”. Juventus originally invested more than 100 million euros in Ronaldo, the Ballon d’Or is another matter, after all, personal glory, what they desire most is the Champions League. But now, not only the Champions League finals and even the semi-finals are unable to enter, even the monopoly of Serie A titles are lost. Ronaldo cannot be blamed for losing the Serie A championship, but obviously Juventus can no longer afford the strategy of building a team around the 36-year-old Ronaldo. So instead of retaining Ronaldo, they are eager to sell him. This will not only recover 25 million euros, but also stop the loss of the 85 million euros invested in him every year. Although Ronaldo’s data is good-looking, it is undeniable that it has restricted Dybala’s development to a certain extent. So Juventus may re-invite Allegri, who has Dybala’s instructions, to be the head coach, and once again righteous Dybala. The famous transfer expert DiMazio pointed out that both Juventus and Allegri are planning a future without Ronaldo, and Dybala is the center of the project. On May 28, according to a number of Italian media reports, Allegri, who was abandoned by Juventus, has signed a contract with Juventus, and the contract will end in 2025. Allegri led Juventus to the Champions League final, only to lose to Barcelona and Real Madrid. He has 5 Serie A champions, 4 Italian Cup champions and 2 Italian Super Cup champions in China. These are Ronaldo’s customizations. Challenging task. It has been reported that Allegri does not want to use Ronaldo. He prefers Dybala. The well-known Italian journalist Schila pointed out on May 28 that Juventus may buy a striker this summer, and it is currently the former Inter Milan player Icardi of Greater Paris. If Juventus really want to buy Icardi, then it even more shows that they are preparing for Ronaldo to leave the team. It’s hard to say where Ronaldo will go next stop. Portuguese sports can’t afford Ronaldo, Manchester United has Cavani, a veteran at the same position, and Real Madrid has been announced by club president Florentino in his own name that he will not buy Ronaldo, and Paris wants Messi even more.

6 months ago

Let’s start with the conclusion: I think it’s because of the financial aspect that Ronaldo’s salary is close to that of the Atlanta team. As a result, Juventus does not have enough funds to solve the midfield problem. In terms of competition, because Juventus did not have enough configuration, Cristiano Ronaldo, who has super finishing ability, could not get effective support and was forced to retreat to take the ball (this is also the worst year for the compass belt to be hacked). In addition, Juventus is in Serie A The decline in dominance is obviously the cause of the club. How can there be a team that has always been the peak? But to be honest, Juve’s tactics based on Luo are not suitable for the team’s development. So, Cristiano Ronaldo’s transfer from Real Madrid to Juventus, I think it was a complete triple loss, but under the circumstances at the time, Ronaldo and Real Madrid were long incompatible. Let’s hit Ronaldo at the last bar. What’s the point? I’m Ronaldo dominating the team. The striker who wasted the most opportunities in the top five leagues — Lewand is the one who wasted the most chances in the Bundesliga. So the best striker is Lewandre? As for those who insist that Juventus is not bad in midfield, are they really blind to my Luo Lang shooting? You can compare the goal conversion rate of the five major league Golden Boots before talking; don’t black Xixi, the data is for reference only, see for yourself.

6 months ago

Originally bought Cristiano Ronaldo to increase the team’s ceiling, that is, for the Champions League, at least it seems to be for the Champions League, and want to strive for a further step (championship) in the Champions League. As a result, Cristiano Ronaldo became the one who guaranteed the team’s lower limit. Without Cristiano Ronaldo this year, maybe even the Europa League will not be able to enter. The point is, since it is for the Champions League, Allegri has also run in for a year. It seems to have taken shape, but as a result, he has to change coach. It’s okay to change, it’s Sarissa smoker. Objectively speaking, Sarri has a level, but he may only be suitable for leading mid-upstream teams in the league (that is, in general, strong, powerful, but not the kind of giants). At Chelsea, when the average Kay goalkeeper refused to be replaced, it proved that Sarri has no authority in the locker room. After being substituted, he blatantly did not end, even Cristiano Ronaldo did not do this. After all, in the first year of Surrey, at least the league was saved and Pirlo was replaced. (Actually, the change to Sarri should be when An Pang was fired in Naples, no matter how he invited An Pang back. I have coached Juventus, and other giants have also coached many, and he is good at handling interpersonal relations, especially with big players Relationship, also good at cup games). Sleeping skin is a world-class player, but in the coaching industry, he is still a novice. You can’t expect everyone to become a replica of Zidane as soon as he coaches. The whole feeling is even messier.

6 months ago

Cancelo changed Danilo Pjanic for Artur to drive away Mandzukic. The defense has been deadlocking. Two veterans change coaches every year. These moves are not Juventus, a European second-tier giant that Ronaldo asked the club to do. The whole world knows that buying Ronaldo is for the Champions League. If other supporting decisions are clearly inconsistent with this goal, it should be questioned whether the management knows what they are doing instead of directing dirty water to the players.

6 months ago

Although I am a Juventus fan, I have to say that, apart from winning the Champions League in 1996, it was the pinnacle of Juventus in recent years, but since then I have always been a first-class giant, but not a super giant. After Ronaldo came, there was a big improvement in the brand and the attractiveness of the team. It has generated a lot of benefits in the team market and peripheral products; it may be impossible for the peripheral products to operate the team. How helpful, but the team has also proved one thing to other players from now on, that is, we will also buy some influential players, not just for tabloid publicity. As for the team performance, it is the overall problem, such as the coach and technical director, as well as the overall team running-in. Allegri is just about to start running-in, but he changed to Sarri. Everyone knows that this is suicide. The champion changed the head coach, but a rookie head coach came. The results are definitely not much better. Therefore, Juventus is currently poor. It cannot be unilaterally said that Ronaldo came and broke the original balance. There is no basis here. Zema, so there is a pot to carry!

6 months ago

Juventus bought Luo, there is no doubt that it made a profit, because without Luo, the results will be worse. After Juventus bought Luo, it was constrained by finances and there was no money to buy others. Many people had such a misunderstanding. In fact, this is not the case. If Juventus has no money to buy people, why the high salary and long contract are exempted from signing Ramsey and Rabiot, Zhan? And the Europa League club will not be used as the main midfielder to do the accounting for 70 million Atul. Don’t say anything about visa-free and no transfer fee. The signing fee is not money? Does the salary of the long-term contract account for the financial share? After Juventus bought Luo, it was not that there was no money to do anything else, but a sorrowful operation, which resulted in no money to do anything else. These are two concepts, not the same thing: you have a budget of 200 million yuan, and you buy one person. You can barely say that the flowers are bubbling, not enough, but you have a budget of 300 million yuan, and you bought three people. You say the most expensive one is the original sin? Instead of focusing on the unreasonable aspects of fiscal distribution? Juventus has only two strikers and three midfielders left, and none of the four defenders are complete. The problem is that Luo spends too much alone, or is it the financial control and risk assessment, and the failure of the team’s planning? But as long as the players who can be traded, including the signing fee, in the contract, each person can get 2 million, and it is not that the team will not even be able to make it out. And the team can’t make up this matter, don’t blame the management, blame the players? Unreasonable, Luo is the best scorer for three consecutive seasons, mvp, and he can do enough. Luo is also a human being, close to God but not God. The turning point for Juventus from prosperity to decline was not improving the overall offensive and defensive capabilities of the back line after releasing Bonucci and Alves. At the same time, the midfielder’s addition of Costa and Beski did not meet expectations. That season, Juventus, relying on their awkward ability, stumbled past Tottenham, defeated Real Madrid in the away game, and fell under the referee’s whistle, which is already the limit. After Luo came, the team added a series of players, but the injuries of Gian, Cancello, Chiellini, Khedira and Quadrado left the team with no one to use. Can’t go up and play by yourself. The problem for Juventus is that it bought the hidden danger in the previous season. Paradic did not deal with Costa. Beski became negative equity. At the same time, the signing of Cancelo and Jan’s injuries did not perform as expected. Khedira was destined to let go of the team’s only substitute, Marchisio. Sandro, who had no substitute, suffered a foot pain and forced a broken kick. Even a model worker like Bonucci was injured. The guard line Forced to use four players who have not played that position… If you still think that it is Luo’s problem that caused the team to have no money, well, let’s take a look at the second and third seasons after Luo comes. During the season in Surrey, there are a lot of staff, but Sally’s style of play and ideas do not match the players. Are you Paradic buying someone and not discussing with Sarri? And see what you bought, Ramsey? Rabiot? In the season of Pirlo, not only were the staff not enough, there were even no players who could barely use them as variables. Quadrado could only play at the right back… Is it all to be blamed on Luo? If there is no Luo, he will die even more miserable if he performs these sorrows on Palladic! The problem for Juventus is Palladic. In the four years, Andre and Marotta have been raised, and Palladic became the head of the team. After Luo came, there was no financial support for Marotta. Under the supervision of Paradic, Paradic, who released himself, became Inter Milan’s Massimo Moratti. He directly used money to smash the players, and in the end he smashed his pockets, leaving behind a bunch of high-paid and low-energy old men. Weak and disabled. Luo Lai Juventus, is to stop the loss of Juventus, it is by no means the reason for the decline of Juventus. Paradic was all the blame, and it was just as unfair. With Marotta, at least it can wipe Palladic’s sorrowful ass, but it’s a pity that Palladic swelled and squeezed Marotta away, and Andre was wrong with Palladic. There is embarrassment, the team has at least the bottom line, but unfortunately, the board’s ball blind thinks that after spending so much money on the water, it is necessary to listen to the sound, but does not look at whether he is holding a rock or a piece of paper, squeezing the embarrassment away. . There are many people in charge. In addition to Paradic, there are those who are in charge of finances with Paradic, there are youth training and scouting system supervisors, Andre, who believes in the wrong person, and Nedvi, who is involved in internal friction. Germany, there are ball blinds from the board of directors, as well as many wild ball blinds from beautiful football… The arrival of Ronaldo has delayed the decline of Juventus. If you give Paradic the money, if you don’t buy Ronaldo, I’m afraid he will buy Azar ahead of Real Madrid. Well, it will be even worse then. The turning point for Juventus was when Paradic was responsible for the management of the first team, the year before Luolai.

6 months ago

Lost, three-lost transaction. At that time Juventus should not buy Ronaldo, the best choice is to buy Ibrahimovic for one or two years, and then spend the remaining money on the midfield and defense transformation. Ronaldo is a sharp knife, a core, an absolute superstar, a big-name player, but Ronaldo is not a god either. Ronaldo needs more support from others, not support for his teammates. Such a player may be flat in Serie A and may kill the Quartet. But in the Champions League, the teammates behind him cannot support him. Play the biggest role. Coupled with the extremely aging defensive line, Juve’s performance will obviously not be improved because of Ronaldo’s arrival, but will be a burden to Ronaldo’s personal performance. 448 million in 4 years, it is really worthless to spend on a player. If there are 448 million, under the current market conditions, you can buy a De Jong, a Casey, a Thiago, a Gnabry, plus a Lautaro. I’m not saying that these people can really be bought, but players of the same level. Even if it weren’t for buying so many people, it was enough to update a central axis and count their four-year salary. But it was spent on a Ronaldo and only two league titles were won, and the Champions League was nothing. It was really a blood loss. Cristiano Ronaldo originally wanted to climb the peak when he left Real Madrid, but now he has to rely on his competitors to lose in the final round to enter the Champions League. Real Madrid lost Cristiano Ronaldo, and the four major players were all empty…I knew this before, so why bother?

6 months ago

Of course, I made a lot of plum fans. The 36-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo, who is still Serie A MVP+Golden Boots, has spent 1 billion in Barcelona with Messi with 4-5 billion in signings, but the three-game losing streak in the Champions League is not to say. . In fact, looking back, Real Madrid is the worst loser compared to business, but it can also be regarded as helping Real Madrid complete the transition between the old and the new, so it can barely be regarded as a three-win. For Juventus, Ronaldo’s arrival has greatly increased the influence and commercial value of the team. After removing these, the net investment is actually relatively good. Over the same period of 90 million signings, whether it was Contrasting Grid, Kuniao, Dembele, and Hazard, Ronaldo performed the best. It can be said that the arrival of Ronaldo helped Juventus renew the Serie A championship for two more years and this year’s cup championship. As for this year’s league, it is normal to lose the championship. The longest in the history of the five major leagues is 9 consecutive championships. why? By this time it is basically a generation, and the team from the management to the old players actually does not have the original hard work and motivation. For Cristiano Ronaldo, it is really not easy to conquer a new league at the age of 34-36 after leading Real Madrid’s Champions League for three consecutive years at the age of 31-33. Age is always the natural enemy of athletes. Look at the 31-33-year-old Messi who led Barcelona’s three consecutive tragedies, pulling his hips year by year. Let’s take a look at Ronaldo’s Serie A league and cup championships, 100-goal discipline, league MVP, and golden boots over the years. He has directly passed Serie A. And even if he is too old and physically weak, he still puts the most important goal at the most critical moment, and has swept all Juventus Champions League goals for two consecutive years (the king of certain friendly matches, relying on weak teams to scan data and encounter strong teams scared The person who retires is completely different) In the end, why is it okay for Real Madrid? Similar to Juventus, a group of players have the Champions League five years and four titles, in fact, the aggressiveness and sense of honor are already insufficient. At this time, the exchange of Ronaldo’s 100 million yuan in signings is also a great joy for both sides. It is better than Messi’s ability on Barcelona’s side that his personal data drags down the team every day. In the end, it’s much better to ask to leave Barcelona and the old club for free for signing fees. The only regret is that Real Madrid bought Hazard with Ronaldo’s transfer fee.

6 months ago

Juventus famous player Lampura has long said: Ronaldo will make Juventus lose more honor. Still need fans to demonstrate? After Ronaldo leaves Juventus, there will only be more arguments about the failure of signing Ronaldo, and Juventus will have more affirmations. Now Luo is still a member of the team, and many celebrities don’t want to talk for fear of affecting the club’s image. The widespread denial of Luo joining Juventus is believed to be slowly seen in a few years. It’s impossible for players to play like a vampire like Luo without an extremely surplus lineup. Sacrificing the entire team is for Luo’s glamorous data. In addition to confusing outsiders to satisfy a fan’s obsession, it is a disaster-level signing for the team. Juventus blood loss is basically an ironclad fact. If it is possible to make money in Serie A, Capello is right, and Serie A has raised concerns. Juventus is just a Serie A charity ambassador. It can be regarded as an unconventional make up for the loss of Serie A by the phone door. Haha

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