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Fifteen years is too long. If Loew left after winning the World Cup in 2014, what would his outlook be? If Loew dismissed get out of class after failing in the 18th World Cup, would he now suffer less criticism? It will take a long time to become famous, it is inevitable to love the stack, now there are not so many ifs. Of course, Loew is a great hero of German football. In the fairy tale of that summer of 2006, Klinsmann is of course beautiful, but no one doubts Loew’s tactical contribution as an assistant coach, bold changes, and newcomers. When his husband was criticized by countless fans for being too conservative, do we still remember that he was famous for his transformation and innovation in football? Second place in the European Cup in 2008 and third place in the World Cup in 10 years. After the butterfly flew over the sea again and again, with Bayern Munich’s strong revival, Loew finally built a strong German team. In 14 years, he led the Germans to play. Brazil, shattered the dream of crowning the football king, in that summer, he was the new legend of German football. However, Loew, who was overly superstitious in transmission and control, was once lost in the tactical labyrinth. He seems to have not been able to learn from his 18-year fiasco. Didn’t he wake him up before the big defeat to Spain before the European Cup? Perhaps he also understands what kind of football Germany needs to play, but simple and straightforward German football requires Klose and Gomez, and now he only has Werner. It’s time to say goodbye. As a German fan for many years, when we say goodbye, I can only thank Loew. No amount of defeat can conceal the splendor of success. He has been on the top of the world, so that is enough.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

The coach of Love needs to be treated dialectically, and he cannot be deified. When he was an assistant coach, he used innovative tactics. In 2006, he did not lose the limelight to Klinsmann. He also transformed the traditional German team into a new type of team with skills and pass control. In 14 years, it will also bring Germany, which is controlled by transmission, to the top of the world. However, he ignored the contradiction between the traditional German football concept and the transmission and control brought by Spain. He did not realize the limitations of the transmission and control and the trend of historical development, as well as other coaches’ research on the restriction of the transmission and control play, which forced Ballack. , The wrong use of Özil caused the German team to be eliminated in 16 years and failed to enter the top 16 in 18 years, and the European Union was downgraded. Although Kimmich, Rüdiger, Werner and others were promoted, and the 250 and Humei were reactivated, the combat level of the German team has not developed much. I predicted the 18th group stage. When I played a penalty kick against Italy, I also watched the live broadcast in front of the computer. After that, the conflict in personnel was decided by watching him film the case. In general, Loew has done seven or three points. He was indeed a true champion coach at the beginning, but he became confused and forgot to reform later. —— A veteran German team and Bayern double fan

6 months ago

This answer is mainly clever. I declare in advance that I am a clear-cut Hellerf, but I am not against Tony Ross. The following content has many elements and breaks through the dimension wall, I guess no one can fully understand it. On February 3, 2022, less than a year after resigning, the former German national team coach Loew accepted an interview with senior media person Nancy Richie. The following is a record of the interview. Difficult to stand up: Mr. Love, thank you for accepting my interview for your help. I wish you a happy birthday first. Love: Forgot, completely forgot, I’m so confused, I’m two out of sixty. Thank you. Difficult to compete: You are the ninth head coach of the German team after the war. How do you evaluate your coaching experience? Loew: I joined the national team in 2004 under the recommendation of Comrade Klinsmann. He served as the head coach in 2006 until he retired last year and worked for 17 years. I have mainly done three things during my tenure. The first is to establish the German national team’s transmission and control football system, the second is to formally establish the position of team leader as a system, and the third is to achieve a soft landing for the German football competition. Very CK, so I did a little WX work. Difficult to compete: You stepped down from the German Football Association last year. Love: Who eliminated who, that word is a bit cruel. Difficult to stand for competition: Is that true? Love: It may also be a fact. Difficult to compete: The most familiar impression of fans from you is the 2014 World Cup champion in Brazil, and there is no second one I remember. Love: Although it is also true, I want to emphasize that the three German coaches before me were not honorable. I ended the 18-year record of no championship that was tied for the first place in the history of the national team after the war. In addition to the World Cup champion, I also achieved a historic breakthrough in the Confederations Cup. Difficult to compete: Can the Confederations Cup be considered a core honor in the resume of the head coach of the German team? Love: Knowing that I sinned, it’s only spring and autumn. Difficult to compete: In 12 years, the German team was eliminated by Italy 1-2. At that time, you took the initiative to admit that your tactical arrangement had made a mistake. Is it a contradiction with the players who attribute the team’s poor record to you now? Love: There is no contradiction, this is an experience, I have also grown a lot. Almost there is this question, let’s be the next one. Difficult to compete: Is he an obstacle in your heart now. Love: It’s been many years, and I think it doesn’t make much sense to talk about a ten years ago. Difficult to compete: The level of skill and tactics is something you have always cared about, right? Love: I have always cared very much. Difficult to compete: For example, if you have no technical and tactical level or are not high in technical and tactical level, would it be an unfair judgment? Some people say that before you joined the national team, when you coached Stuttgart and built the Stuttgart Troika, your skills and tactics were better than it is now. Have you ever heard of this. Love: The issue of skills and tactics is very complicated. Simply speaking, I personally oppose the rise of retroism. We have centers, but we always keep the number of centers to a minimum. At the same time, we announce that we will never use centers in the starting lineup. Difficult to compete: In my opinion, the German team’s repeated failures in recent years are due to the ineffective execution of the midfielders. You have repeatedly stressed that the pass and control tear the line of defense, but Gnabry, Muller, Sane and others have gone further Two steps back, flinching, and Cross is sitting in the midfield, and there is nothing they can do about it. This Tony teacher is known as a blessed general, but it is synonymous with mediocrity. Love: Ms. Nan Lijing, you can’t just talk about an outstanding midfielder like this. I can no longer blame them blindly. Difficult to compete: What do you want to say to the successor Frick. Love: I think the most important thing at this point is that I want the coach to have a long-term perspective. In 2006, when I met Frick for the first time, I said a Chinese verse: “If you want to be a thousand miles away, go to the next level”, this is to climb high and see far. When I stepped down a few months ago, I also told him a poem by Wang Anshi, the prime minister of the Song Dynasty in China, “Do not be afraid of floating clouds to cover your eyes, and you are at the highest level.”

6 months ago

The coach of the World Cup champion, outstanding meritorious service. But after winning the World Cup, he began to stick to the rules, and this is the beginning of self-inflicted humiliation. After winning the championship, he was extremely superstitious in passing control and lacked other tactical thinking. This should be the beginning of the decline of Love’s coaching career. Not a German fan. But I also feel that if Loew is still in his place, it is normal for German fans to spray him when his record is poor. Now that Loew has left, he should still be given enough respect for his achievements.

6 months ago

Early this morning, Germany lost to England in the first round of the European Cup knockout round, which was also the last game coached by coach Loew. Loew took office after the 2006 World Cup. In the past fifteen years, he has also done meritorious service. Success: 2008 European Cup runner-up, 10 World Cup third place, 12 European Cup semi-finals, 14 World Cup champion, 16 European Cup semi-finals. Failure: The 18th World Cup was out of the group stage, the first UEFA Europa League was downgraded (according to the original rules, it was later changed), and this year’s European Cup knockout round was out of the first round. Others, such as grievances with Barack, publicly announced that they would not recruit Mueller and the other three into the national team, so I won’t mention them. In general, Loew definitely has a certain ability, at least I think it is better than Klinsmann, otherwise no one can make it to the top four in five consecutive competitions. But it must also be noted that in the past ten years, thanks to the youth training policy, German football has produced a lot of talents, which is at least much better than when the youth did not pick up at the turn of the century. On the other hand, it may be that Loew’s achievements over the years have made Loew more complacent. To put it bluntly, he is too obsessed with his own pass-and-control tactics. Now the German players have good skills. But it still can’t be compared with Spain, which had three consecutive competitions that year. As other coaches in Europe have more in-depth research on the passing control system, this tactic is difficult to work when competing with strong teams. When they played Algeria in the first round of the 2014 World Cup knockout round, it was difficult for the German team to break through the opponent’s goal. Later, Loew changed his tactics, only to slaughter Brazil 7:1 and win the championship. As for Loew’s successor, Frick is a good choice. He has worked as Loew’s assistant before and has been the head coach of Bayern for two years. He is very familiar with the national team players. Of course, the performances of the German coaches in recent years have been good. Klopp, Frick, Tuchel, the head coaches of the Champions League champions in the past three years are all Germans. Before, I joked that it is better to ask these three people The husband is a think tank. After Frick takes office, it is estimated that he will abandon this pass control system and focus on the wing. Gnabry and Sane are both good wingers. Of course, the problem of the German striker’s weakness will still exist, and this can only depend on how Frick plans to solve it.

6 months ago

Let’s bring the timeline back to 2010. Gimme hope, Joachim, gimme hope, Joachim! Hope for Südafrika This is a song written by a German band to Loew. Actually South Africa in 2010, the German team showed the world its speed, strength, youth, and the future is like 14 years. In the Netherlands, England in 18 years, everyone knows that he was a challenger. That year Piggy Ram was getting better. That year Klose was one step away from the record. That was how Muller first showed off in football that year. No one will remember An. Celotti’s four major players in the final year of Real Madrid and Bayern’s two-year-old defeat will only remember the Milan Christmas tree, 9248, 10 crowns. No one will mention Mourinho’s loss of control at Real Madrid, Manchester United and Chelsea, only that year. A solid line of defense for the defense of the universe. Looking at the world’s famous marshals, few people can make a perfect curtain call in their careers. When we recall, we often spend 80% of the space praising his greatness, and 20% of the space regretting his ending as a slave. Looking at the people of Love in 2008, I just said to him, love and hatred, mixed joys and sorrows, and sometimes give me hope to give me happiness, and sometimes slap me fiercely. 08 is the future, and 12 is inexplicable. The 14 is successful, the 16 is unwilling, the 18 is refreshing the lower limit, and the 21 is falling short. It hurts a group of people who hold one of the best eras in German history. In the end, only one World Cup was won. I gave this score to 90, because how many countries, even a few groups of people, can’t get the World Cup. 10 points will be deducted from his various entangled and repeated failures. This is not like evaluating Love this year. I just want to say that as he fades out of the mainstream football platform, his evaluation will gradually recover from this year’s all-round criticism to that of 2014. 80-90% of the evaluation, because you all underestimate the value of a World Cup, don’t think that France and Germany seem to take the corpses of the teams that are stepping on Belgium, Netherlands, Croatia, Argentina and so on. This It’s likely that these people can’t get Loew and he has huge shortcomings. From today’s point of view, many people tout Frick’s role no matter what Loew is the head coach of the German national team last night, at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, Winning the Hercules Cup is enough for him to enter the ranks of legends. People will not remember the tactical mistakes in the face of Italy in 12 years. The mistakes in facing France in 16 seconds. The channel will not mention the shame of 0-2 Korea in 18 years. In the future, everyone will only repeat. Speaking of Shuangjiao’s 7-1 consecutive kills against Shuangjiao in the competition, this is how Klose’s 16 goals in the famous game retired, so bless him.

6 months ago

I like the German team, but I don’t like Loew. I like AC Milan, but I don’t like Allegri. To me, they are the same. They turned my favorite team into something I don’t like, even if their results are not bad, and I want to thank them for the honor they bring. However, my point of view is always: Any result obtained by abandoning excellent traditions is to quench thirst by drinking poison, and may not even have results. I like to be taller, faster and stronger, even if the German team was beaten by various teams at the beginning of the century, instead of falling back and forth and being blown up by counterattacks. I prefer the old and new heritage, elegant temperament AC Milan, rather than mercenaries asking for prices. But compared to Allegri, Love is somewhat helpless. Today’s problems in Germany include Love’s responsibility as well as the problem of blind obedience in the league. Looking at the personnel and rankings of the German team is definitely not the so-called low point. The problem is that it has abandoned the tradition: impact. The technological revolution in German football that began in the 21st century has already led to the excessively functional capabilities of German players and the excessive emphasis on technical and tactical fault tolerance, which has led to the “banality” of players on the offensive end. From 2006, Germany began to rise to the top of the 14th, and then to the 18th group to go home. The three World Cups are the process of the German team’s tradition of inheriting, carrying forward and having no one to succeed. The overall strength of the German team in 2006 was not much stronger than that in 2002. After the quarterfinals, there is no advantage in personnel strength against Argentina and Italy, and even some disadvantages. The first goal in Argentina was actually scored by Ayala, who was on average one head lower than the German team, with a header from a corner kick. After Argentina replaced Riquelme, Germany rushed in the midfield, divided the sides, made a cross, and finally failed. Loze counterattacked a header. Then there was Lyman’s small note, and then there was a group fight on the court. In the face of Argentina, whose overall control and small skills are better than its own, the German team has a tenacious consciousness and insists on pressing, playing very “German” throughout the game. The top four played significantly stronger Italy, and the German team performed very well in the 90 minutes. Germany was completely suppressed in the second half. After extra time, Ram shot a long shot and basically couldn’t make it through halftime. He was even eaten raw by Iaquinta’s long legs. Iaquinta was already at the same time in the second half of overtime. Suppressing Ram and the pigs, the left side was directly broken by Piero, and the great left back Grosso even hit a world wave on the right side in 118 minutes. The German team couldn’t do anything except Neuville’s half-time sprint, which was replaced in overtime. Odonko and Mr. Podo went straight to the penalty area, and finally Piero buzzed a goal in the Delta area. However, Germany almost scored a penalty when its overall strength was weaker than its opponents. The style of the game is still very “German”. Although the main midfielder Flinz was suspended for group fights, it was a glorious defeat. In the 08 European Cup and the 10 World Cup, Germany gradually strengthened around 90 players such as Özil, Khedira, Muller, Kroos, and Gomez. The German team as a whole has the championship strength. The games against Portugal and Turkey are respectively. Demonstrated strong overall strength and tenacious will to reverse the game. But bad luck, and encountered a more powerful and mature Spain in the same period. Both games are 0:1. As for the European Cup in 12 years, Germany has never beaten Italy in the 120-minute race, just as Bayern has never beaten Milan in the race. Some things just don’t make sense. The German team of 14 years can be said to have crushed other opponents except France in terms of personnel. But the German team also started to abandon the traditional road while the overall lineup is very strong. In the group Seref did not intend to use Klose, it was obviously a record. The first game of the group was 1:0. The United States was a surprise, and it seemed that there was nothing wrong with it. But in the second game against Ghana, the lead was quickly equalized and then overtaken. Germany was in trouble for a time and hit the foot in midfield. It was like playing South Korea for 18 years. Finally, Loew had to replace Klose, a little exaggerated. Said that the German team seemed to know how to attack in an instant. After that, the 36-year-old Klose became the main starting player. He was not replaced until the finals until overtime. Although Germany is the champion, it must be said that Argentina played more “Germany” in the final. However, after winning the championship in 14 years, Germany immediately leaked its shortcomings with Klose’s departure. In 2016, the European Cup relied on its overall strength to successfully pass the first round of the knockout round. The quarterfinals finally won Italy once (although it was a penalty). It can be said that that It was the weakest Italy since 2006, and that year’s Champions League Serie A was wiped out in the top sixteen. In the semi-finals, it was a complete defeat against France. Germany, without a strong center, could not make it into the French team’s penalty area. The handball was given in the first half, and in the second half, it was the importance of being directly guided by the center by Giroud. At this time, the German team’s problem is already very big, too much pursuit of the ball but lack of rhythm changes, that is, there is no speed and intensity, and even the frontcourt lacks height; and the single-defense ability of defenders like Boatenghummels It is not enough to effectively deal with the breakthroughs of superstar players, and the dependence on the formation is relatively large. Needless to say in 18 years, in 17 years I predicted that if Germany does not change the style of play and staffing, the team may not be able to get out of the line. This is still the case for 20 years. Loew’s German team has so far no shadow of a steel chariot, and it is more like a sewing machine, squeaking unchangingly. It’s not to say that no front is definitely not possible, but the dream three cannot be copied, even if it is the traditional Spain and Barcelona. This requires extremely high personnel, and the bald people have given up the dream three transformation in Manchester, not to mention Germany team.

6 months ago

His promotion of the German team was mainly concentrated in the period from 2006 to 2012. Although the German team did not win a major championship during this period (the best result was the European Cup runner-up in 2008), the German team during this period was visible to the naked eye with frequent newcomers, tactical improvements, and continuous strength. It can be said that during this period, the German team completely walked out of the darkness at the beginning of this century and re-emerged as an absolute strong football team, the favorite to win every competition. This is Loew’s greatest contribution. Since 14 years, Loew has actually made no progress, and has begun to become conservative and superstitious. Although he won the championship in 2014, anyone who has watched the ball remember that Loew was very superstitious in the early stage of passing and controlling. He always put Gotze in the forefront of the group stage, especially in the group stage playing Ghana and the 1\8 match. Fighting in Algeria is a very dangerous pass. After Loew changed his mind, re-ranked K God back to the starting line, and returned to the normal style of having a high center forward, and only then did he have the smoother and smoother behind. Which group of German players in 2014 were not at their peak, and many of them were world-class players? It can be said that this group of players, any coach, as long as they do not fall ill, the semi-finals are the bottom-line level. It is not that Loew was good at that year. On the contrary, his early illness made the German team go uneasy. After winning the championship, it may have given Loew more confidence. I think how right he is. He only brought one true center Gomez in the European Cup of 16. At that time, Maizi was at the end of his career and. In 18 years, he didn’t even take a genuine center. Don’t tell me that Germany does not have a center. Let’s find out about the Bundesliga. It doesn’t mean that Bayern and Dortmund do not have a German center, which means that there is no German center. Obviously, Loew at this time has no ability to find new players and continue to reform. Up. I only know that I am lying on the old almanac. Let alone this year’s European Cup. To be honest, it really depends on the strength of the book. Is the German team bad this year? The theme frame is the team of Bayern + Chelsea. This is a team composed of Champions League champions in the past two years. What has Loew brought into? Overall evaluation: mixed results. I’ve scolded it in 18 years, and now I can only say that it’s good to get together and good to go, and I look forward to Frick’s rebuilding of the mountains and rivers.

6 months ago

Although I started watching the World Cup in 1998, I was so small that I didn’t know anything at all, and my memory was so far away that I couldn’t remember how I watched or watched it at that time. To say that I started to “know the ball”, I have an understanding of all the strong teams and stars, I can talk nonsense about tactics and statistics, and I can see a little way. It started in 2006. From then on, Loew and Klinsmann stood on the sidelines of the German team. They stood together and couldn’t tell who was the real head coach. Ram, Piggy, and the Polish plane also showed their prominence from that time, and the German team also began to reform from that time. That year was as good as a moment of love in the beginning, “Germany, a summer fairy tale”. In 2008, Spain’s invincible fleet began a long voyage. Although the German team entered the finals, it was unable to resist Spain. Torres cruelly crushed the team for a short time… The 10-year World Cup, the golden generation turned out, and the youth storm swept South Africa. The 23 German team members are all from the Bundesliga, Neuer, Muller, Humei, Boateng, Kroos, Khedira, Bud, models, wheat, Turkish dog…Although the German team fell in Spain again In front of them, but everyone firmly believes that the German team will lose the game and win the future, and there will be a brighter future. In the 12 years of the European Cup, the gods and gods descended to the world, and the German team once again lost to the mortal enemy Italy. Liu Jiayuan “is like a butterfly flying through the sea, no one will be blamed”! Love likes to change things blindly, and his stubbornness begins to show up. We are the world champions for the 14th World Cup! ! ! We Are The Champions! I’m the king of the world! ! In the European Cup of 2016, Germany and Italy had a nine-round penalty shoot-out. Mueller, Piggy, and Turkish Dog all kicked off the TFB. Zaza took a small step before the penalty point. The German team finally passed Italy, and the semi-final Piggy sent a point. The German team lost to the French team. In the 17th Confederations Cup, the German “second team” took the championship lightly, and taught the big brothers a lesson. The German team is determined to win the World Cup in Russia. The 18th World Cup in Russia was defeated like a mountain. The most humiliating and painful force in the history of the German team, shame, damn shame. European Cup 20 years, the weakest German team in history (at least in the history of my watching), the group of death, the last journey of Loew, the return of Humei and Mueller, my goal is simple, the German team can qualify in the group, tens of thousands Unexpectedly, it is really over if you qualify. Goodbye, Love. There is a day when the flowers bloom again, and no one is young again. No players, neither do I.

6 months ago

The “Leff icon era” of the German tanks is over. In fifteen years, Loew has led the German chariot through brilliance and tempering. No matter whether fans like the German team or not, they should not “spit down” this old man anymore, because he puts a coach on the best and best. The golden time has been dedicated to the chariot. From the smugness of the year to the vicissitudes of hunchback now, the story during this period has been engraved in the history of football. The German tank restarted from his hands, stepped into the summit from his hands, and fell into the abyss again from his hands. The real joys and sorrows were mixed, and his time was over. The German tank restarted, and blessed him. . A few years later, when we look back at the “Love Era” of the chariot, we might say: This old man is not bad!

6 months ago

I have always been a determined Lovehey, and it is inevitable to answer questions objectively. Early this morning, the German team lost to England, and Loew officially dismissed get out of class. In my opinion, the German team under Flick’s rule, not to mention the exhaustion, at least there is some hope. In my opinion, Loew does not have the strength of a top coach. As Klinsmann’s assistant coach before, he did not come up with an eye-catching tactical design. The 06 World Cup games did not reflect the tactical strength, but Klins Mann’s psychological mobilization is more effective. Afterwards, he won the World Cup with the help of Flick, but at that time, Germany was full of talents, and winning the World Cup was a talent victory. The matches against Algeria and Ghana were all dangerous, relying on Klose’s rescue and the inspiration of some players to win the game. The finals against Argentina showed hesitation and timidity. If not for Higuain’s daily finals, the champions Hard to say. It can be said that if there is a change of coach, the top coaches such as Daddy Hai, Frick, Bald Crane, and Klopp will be coaching alone, and we should be able to expect another major championship, at least so many tragedies will not occur. The level of coaching can determine the overall team. Why is Kunz able to lead the German youth team, which is not so dazzling, into the European Youth Championship for three times. These young players have a low rate of success in adulthood? For 15 years in the German team, has Loew come up with a set of effective tactics to maximize the characteristics of German football? Have you designed your own tactics suitable for existing players? None, some are just picking up people’s teeth and learning to walk in Handan. This is an achievement, and I am not optimistic about it. From the attitude towards Mueller and the others, it can be seen that this person is selfish, afraid to take responsibility, and has an extreme desire to control the situation. After the failure, he lip serviced but did not take actual action. The many unknowing corrections to his own tactics after the fiasco all showed extreme stubbornness. If there are so many psychological problems as a coach, it can be said that it is not enough to succeed. But he has been able to hold the position of the German commander for fifteen years, relying absolutely not on his ability and achievements, but on his superb political skills. The persistent rigid air within the German Football Association and the homogenization of youth training talents all require Loew to bear certain responsibilities. German football coaches have served in the post-war period. Except for Ribek’s lack of ability and Waller’s appointment, he has at least one major tournament trophy. Shaun was outstanding. His sixth place in the 1978 World Cup made him sadly dismissed from get out of class. His successor De Waal won the European Cup and the runner-up in the World Cup. The team out of the European Cup in 1984 also made him hand over the coach. Beckenbauer won the World Cup. Immediately after resigning, Vogts, although old and faint, won the quarter-finals of 98 after winning the European Cup by luck and let him immediately dismissed from get out of class. Only Loew did not resign after a fiasco, lost six goals to non-prosperous Spain, lost to North Macedonia, failed to qualify for the World Cup group stage, failed to qualify for the World Cup, relegated to the UEFA Europa League, and was defeated by Palestine in the European Cup. In the former head coach, not to mention the loss of face, at least some reflection. But he was still stubborn and hardly changed, even after the fiasco, he still couldn’t go away. So in my opinion, it should not be said that he has had mixed merits and demerits. He is the criminal with the greatest shame in German football in recent years. With his own actions, he practiced the curse of the dragon slayer turning into an evil dragon.

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