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Let more art students see what art students, art majors, and art examinations are. 1 Major analysis of art is a broad concept. In 2011, the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council and the Ministry of Education promulgated the new “Discipline Catalog for Degree Awarding and Talent Training”, which is the first time for art. Separate from the literature category, it becomes the new thirteenth subject category, namely the art category. Among them, fine arts is one of the five first-level disciplines under the category of arts. But when most people think of art, the first thing they think of is not a theoretical discipline like art, but painting in general. “Fine Art” is usually called plastic art. The English vocabulary corresponding to what we call “Fine Art” is “Fine Art”, which is a broad concept that includes painting, sculpture and other disciplines. It focuses on the attention to reality and sincere expression of one’s own feelings. Painting is the most important art form in plastic art. It uses artistic languages ​​such as lines and colors to shape images in a two-dimensional space through artistic methods such as modeling and composition to express the creator’s aesthetic feelings. Therefore, the concept of “painting” that people usually understand is only a part of “painting” and “art”. The professional direction in “Fine Arts”, for example, at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, there are currently 20 undergraduate majors, and the “Fine Arts” we are talking about refers especially to Chinese painting, calligraphy, painting, sculpture, experimental art, and art. theory. The School of Plastic Arts, the School of Experimental Art, and the School of Chinese Painting cover almost all professional disciplines in the fine arts category. The School of Plastic Arts is divided into two majors: painting and sculpture, which specifically involve oil painting, printmaking, mural painting and sculpture, etc.; the School of Chinese Painting has two majors: Chinese painting and calligraphy. Chinese painting includes ink figure painting, meticulous figure painting, landscape painting, and flower and bird painting. Four specific directions. In the classification of the new edition of the “Undergraduate Professional Catalogue of General Colleges and Universities” (2012), the fine arts category includes: fine arts, painting, sculpture, photography, calligraphy, Chinese painting and many other majors. Schools have different curriculum settings according to the majors they offer. For details, you can inquire about the professional settings of each school. Take the Central Academy of Fine Arts as an example. In terms of painting, the undergraduate level first is the basic teaching stage, basic modeling training, and cultivating the basic abilities of aesthetics and expression. There are usually basic modeling courses, color basic courses, technical courses, materials crafts, and art history. , Social Practice and Art Investigation and other courses. Then there are parallel courses in various professional directions, including oil painting, printmaking, sculpture, mural painting and so on. At this stage, through the cross-learning of comprehensive courses and professional courses, to find the expression language of personal creation. Cultivate systematic artistic theory and professional knowledge, and use a variety of materials for artistic creation. In addition, sketching from life in the countryside is a very important course in the teaching of plastic arts. In this course, students have an in-depth understanding of traditional culture and customs. The rural sketching course is not only an investigative life experience but also a source of materials for students’ artistic creation. Basic Qualities that Art Major Students need to have a good foundation in painting is necessary, which will help to achieve artistic expression; but more importantly, they need to have their own understanding and pursuit of beauty and art. Such understanding and pursuit They all come from their own experience of life and their sensitivity to things around them. 2 Professional and Employment Studying fine art does not necessarily have to be a painter. Many people have such a misunderstanding that learning fine art is to be a painter. There is no good way out of being a painter, and the employment scope of fine art is relatively narrow. In fact, the employment scope of fine arts graduates is not narrow. Xiao Wang, who graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2005, became a middle school art teacher after passing the teacher qualification examination. Xiao Li, who is also an art major in art colleges, opened an art studio with friends in Beijing after graduation, specializing in tutoring children in painting. Similar to Xiao Wang and Xiao Feng, many students majoring in fine arts have chosen the profession of teacher. This is only part of the employment of fine arts graduates. In fact, fine arts graduates can find employment in schools, media, press and publication agencies, advertising companies, museums, exhibition halls, painting and calligraphy institutes, auction houses, and publicity departments of various enterprises and institutions. Specific positions include art teachers, Art editor, art director, art design, illustrator, culture and art management, etc. The employment situation varies from school to school. According to the employment situation of undergraduate majors announced by the Ministry of Education, the average employment rate of college graduates in fine arts in 2017 was between 85% and 90%, and the employment rate in 2016 was between 80% and 85%. between. In fact, due to the particularity of fine arts majors and multi-disciplinary intersections, the employment rate of each school is different, and the development space of different majors is also different. For example, fine arts, art theory, and other majors that emphasize theoretical research, the employment direction is mostly scientific research units or choose to continue to study, while various painting, design, modeling and other majors that emphasize practice, the employment direction is based on student abilities and professional qualities But different, its development space is also very different. Among the colleges that recruit students majoring in fine arts, there are art colleges, art colleges of normal colleges, and comprehensive universities and independent colleges. The employment rate of each school is also different. Taking Gome as an example, the employment rate of 2019 undergraduate graduates is 90.29%, the employment rate of graduate students is 99.41%, and the overall employment rate of the college is 91.87%. Among the industries that undergraduate graduates are engaged in, they are mainly concentrated in culture and art, design, Internet, architectural planning, cultural communication institutions, and education and training institutions. When it comes to the employment of art majors, the 19-year graduate employment report released by Gome clearly informs the graduates of the school’s job hunting advantages. The top ones include theoretical foundation and professional skills (16.96%), and innovation ability (14.51%). , Ability to learn and comprehend (12.17%), ability to work independently (9.16%), the above points can be consciously cultivated when you are studying in university. I believe that you can get a lot of points when you apply for a job later. 3 When talking about art majors, I have to mention China’s “Eight Academy of Fine Arts”: Central Academy of Fine Arts, China Academy of Art, Hubei Academy of Fine Arts, Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts, Luxun Academy of Fine Arts, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts, Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts College. These colleges and universities are strong, each with their own characteristics, and the competition for examinations is also fierce. At present, there are still many colleges and universities offering fine arts-related majors in my country. According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 340 colleges and universities offering fine arts-related majors alone. Others offer fine arts-related majors such as painting, sculpture, and calligraphy. Just more. In addition to the top eight academies of fine arts mentioned above, there are many colleges for candidates to choose from. Candidates can choose carefully according to their hobbies, professional strength, etc. when applying for the exam. 1. Pay attention to the changes in the province’s policies. Since 2014, there have been some changes in art examinations in various provinces. In addition to increasing the proportion of cultural course scores in art examination admission scores, some provinces have also cancelled some college art admissions school examinations and replaced them with provinces. Unified test scores. In 2015, in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Education to “gradually improve the cultural performance of art majors and the delineation of admission scores for art colleges”, some provincial-level recruitment offices also successively issued relevant requirements, especially the implementation regulations for special admissions in 19 years. , It clearly stipulates the marking standards and execution time, and the points are truly implemented into the policy. Candidates must pay attention to the changes in the art test policy of the province where they apply for the test, and be aware of them. With the implementation of the new policy for art examinations, major colleges and universities have also paid more attention to the candidates’ achievements in cultural courses. For example, in the admissions of professional art colleges and universities such as Tsinghua Academy of Fine Arts, China Academy of Art, and Central Academy of Fine Arts in recent years, the admission scores for cultural courses It has also improved. 2. Candidates who understand the school brochures and school examination policies and apply for art majors, in addition to participating in the professional examinations organized by the provincial admissions examination institutions to obtain the provincial unified examination certificate, some admissions institutions will also organize school examinations. The requirements of the school entrance examination are generally stricter than those of the joint entrance examination, and their preferences for different majors are different. Therefore, candidates can carefully read the content of the examination. According to the preference of the school entrance examination institution, pay attention to which aspects should be worked hard to achieve targeted preparation for the examination. . Reading the brochure of the institution carefully will give you a lot of important information, such as the registration process, the examination time of the institution, the location of the examination, and the requirements for each major. In addition to the “Admissions Guide”, many schools will also have “Professional Examination Notes” on the examination. Candidates should also read carefully and master the understanding. 3. Master the admission rules of the colleges and universities applying for the examination. The admission policies of the art majors of each school are different. Generally, there are three situations: First, based on the candidates’ cultural examination scores online and professional examination scores, the professional examination scores are sorted from high to low. Admission based on the merits; second, based on the online cultural examination scores of the candidates and the professional examination results, the candidates are selected according to the order of the cultural examination scores from high to low; the third is based on the online cultural examination scores and the professional examination results, the The two grades are weighted proportionally, and then selected from high to low for admission. Some colleges and universities require candidates to meet the requirements for individual subject scores. Candidates must master the admission principles, understand whether the professional admission of the college they are applying for focuses on cultural or professional performance, and then according to their own circumstances, to maximize their strengths and avoid weaknesses, in order to “know the enemy and themselves.” For example, the fine arts majors of Tsinghua Academy of Fine Arts require that the relative scores of cultural subjects and the scores of Chinese and foreign languages ​​meet the minimum admission scores stipulated by the school, and the admissions are based on the scores of the majors in descending order. In Hubei Institute of North America, the college entrance examination for painting and design accounted for 40% of the cultural scores and 60% of the professional scores. Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts has a minimum control line of 350 points (Jiangsu 205, Shanghai 308) for the culture courses of fine arts and drama and film majors, and then select the best according to the professional scores and so on. For specific professional admission methods, please refer to the enrollment guidelines issued by each school that year.


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9 months ago

At the beginning of August 2020, the Ministry of Education announced in the “Ordinary Colleges and Universities Undergraduate Majors Setting and Service Platform” the status of the new art undergraduate majors planned to be opened by universities this year. After the announcement, the Ministry of Education will generally announce the approval results in late February 2021. Yangmei, Tianmei, Lumei, Humei, Guangmei, and Chuanmei are all listed. If approved, enrollment will begin in 2021 or 2022. The Foshan campus of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts will continue to expand its enrollment in 2021, and the school will gradually expand to 2500 students. The number of art students has decreased, and the enrollment of art academies has expanded. Rounding up means that the admission rate of art students this year has increased compared with last year! Under the strong pressure of this year’s art examination reform, it is bound to increase the difficulty for art students to apply for the joint examination results. Therefore, I remind you of the 21st art students, it is better to seize this opportunity and actively challenge the Academy of Fine Arts and the school exam. Maybe you are the one who catches the olive branch of the Academy of Fine Arts. Welcome all art students who are aspiring to enter the Academy of Fine Arts to join us, to enter the Academy of Fine Arts together, and to enter the school exam!

9 months ago

Ask the studio teacher more questions, such as staying at the check-in machine. A few minutes can be very useful. In the face of a class with dozens of hundreds of people, it is very important to talk to the teacher face-to-face and ask your own questions. Choose a teacher with a style you like, and try your best to learn without being overly disturbed. (The macho shed tears because the student missed the meal because he was squatting over to watch the painting, but he was really happy to see that the student was eager to learn. That student is now in Tsinghua, I don’t know if he still squats as a teacher). A reasonable combination of paper resources and electronic resources. Electronic resources are abundant. Good books can help cultivate a “painting sense.” Both have their pros and cons. For example, when sketching from life, the mobile phone’s Meitu Xiuxiu individual filters can help integrate color blocks, enhance contrast, weaken brightness, and so on. PS color change can help you enhance the sense of color in colors. Multi-copying works of different styles, can improve learning stickiness and freshness, take sketches, for example, a copy of two weeks: in Xiaodong, Liu Xu, Chen Tao, Kim Jeong-based, etc., etc., you will find yourself slowly Good style. Take the best of everyone and break through the bottleneck. At each time point, chat with the seniors who were successful in the previous exams (of course, if the other party is not disgusted), they can understand your current psychological state better than your parents, and they can discuss the problems one-on-one in depth than the teacher, which is more important People should pay attention to their ability to filter information. Now the Internet is very developed, and information filtering is more important. There will be many high-quality resources on station B, Youtube, and Pinterest, but choosing a waste of time and energy may be mastered before. A lot of high-quality videos and up masters are added, so the efficiency will be much higher.

9 months ago

Preparing for the Exam-Mental State The mental state is very important for the art exam. I have seen students who are trapped in a psychological whirlpool and unable to extricate themselves, give up in the last month, wasting their abilities. It is recommended that the children in the training camp can take leave of absence and go to the university where they want to take the exam regularly while ensuring safety. Now universities are open to the public, and they can even go directly to the Academy of Fine Arts. Those with strong social skills can even follow the real This is undoubtedly the strongest booster before the exam. On the premise of not affecting their own learning, make a good relationship with the repeaters. After one year of the test, the repeaters will be much better than the fresh students in terms of academic experience and their own abilities. Listening to their stories and experiences will give you a good understanding Learn more about this matter.

9 months ago

The teacher must try to sit next to the drawing board when doing a model painting. Reality and projection are completely different. It is important to observe the teacher’s technique closely, how to choose colors, how to choose, and how to scrape. . And it can make the teacher more deeply impressed by you. Don’t be reluctant to spend money. It’s true that the poor and rich roads are true. You can try new brushes or paints regularly. Maybe you can open the new world. Expensive brushes are really easy to use. The color paper is really cool without brushing. Some colors are just fine. Must be clean and must be pure, change immediately if it is dirty. The sketch has no layers, and the screen can’t be opened? Try using soft carbon for people, medium carbon for props, hard carbon for background? It separates automatically without too much force, perfect. In sketching, you can draw more of yourself and your classmates, make your own dynamics, make expressions, imagine the plot of the story, and be a director who designs sketches by yourself. Not only do you don’t need to edit the actions, but the super interesting colors can only be used with gouache or watercolor or acrylic? In fact, it is not. Try to use toner, markers, and oil pastels at the end of the picture to enrich the texture? To make the picture more vivid and more textured, you might as well try the untouchable sketch copy every day, sign your name seriously on the last picture in the daily plan, and recite in your heart a few times that I have been accepted by xx University, you will be more There is a chance to be admitted! This is not metaphysics. Belief is really important. Give yourself encouragement and the courage to face difficulties.

9 months ago

The eraser is always lost, the cherry blossoms have to cut triangles, the old man’s head needs to use the shape he is used to, don’t buy too much hard carbon, three can be used until the end of the school exam, you can analyze the light and shadow properly, squint to see the sketch and do not control the time, you can try to buy a timer Sitting next to a great god, you can quickly lift it up even if you cut it to a length that you can’t cut anymore, we can still add a pencil extension and continue to listen to the teacher’s demonstration. Many art students want to sleep as soon as the demonstration time comes. You can’t use it up. It is recommended to buy less. White and Naples yellow are never enough, but the most dirty and wasted art paintings. In fact, it has nothing to do with the final test. I usually don’t paint often. You can try to memorize

9 months ago

The first is to solve most of the problems in professional learning, and the second is to maintain a good attitude. I remember that not long after I enrolled in school, I had a chat with the head teacher. The head teacher mentioned that a large number of students will experience emotional breakdowns in the school around November because of the bottleneck period and the approaching exams. After school, you can see students crying while calling, others crying while painting, and roommates crying in groups. (The head teacher said in advance that this actually meant to be vaccinated, but I didn’t understand it at the time.) At the time, it sounded exaggerated, but I prepared several different styles of school exams at a later stage, but I often couldn’t change my thinking, and the pictures were messy. At that time, I held my roommate and wept bitterly, saying that I felt sorry for my family. For spending so much money, I was painted like this ghost soon after taking the exam. Fortunately, I have a group of laughing roommates to help me adjust my mentality, and they walked out in two or three days. Some students usually fall into emotions and can’t get out of it. When encountering a bottleneck, they will go to the examination room directly. The bottleneck period this thing is not sure when it will come. It is often early to get resuscitation. If it is late, it happens to be in time for the exam, and it really collapses. Thinking about it now, it was a waste of time for three days. Once again, I will ask my friends to go out for a good meal, cheer each other up, or chat with the teacher, maybe I can get back to my state in half a day (after all, I am an optimistic person hhh). Therefore, treat it as usual, try not to let yourself down (difficult to get up), find some (active) activities that can stimulate you to vent, and don’t give up until the last moment.

9 months ago

There are personal style habits in painting. Generally speaking, there is nothing simple and efficient. It is quite knowledge that many people don’t know. They are all taught by the teacher. There is no problem with understanding. You can work harder and work harder. I want to practice more. It’s almost the same. I can only say some questions that most people know, but whether they can do it depends on their own. First of all, I have seen most of the people who lose their horses in the final exam, except for those who don’t care during training, which can be seen in practice. The ones who will definitely fail the test are the students with poor mentality and the students with poor self-care ability. Students with poor mentality often draw not so hopelessly, but may have relatively good comprehension, but temporarily fail to keep up with the time on hand, set the target college for the exam, and the time is tight. The task is heavy, tired and frustrated, so I feel helpless and abandon myself, and finally end up with nothing to learn, which is very regrettable. For students with poor self-care ability, there are some who do not read the enrollment guide and even the studio organizes group registration. I can also miss it. The teacher in charge calls for the sea, and stays still. In the last life, I missed the registration. At this time, it is also very helpless. I hope all art students will encourage each other.

9 months ago

After studying in this course and graduate students, the editor realized that art is not equal to painting. No matter how good the painting is, it cannot be called art without what it wants to express and without theoretical support. Let me share with you a little knowledge of art history, whether it is to the technique or the understanding of art, it is helpful: the first is the importance of the entrance examination, the art history inspection can be said to be more important, regardless of In written or oral form, the scope of investigation is very deep and wide. Secondly, for the form of art history, art history surveys are often included in the first language test of the entrance exam, using art knowledge as the test questions, and at the same time examining everyone’s language ability. The third point is also the most important point that is easily overlooked. Learning is not for the result of one stage, but for the whole life. Maybe you missed the entrance exam today, but tomorrow will definitely wait for you in a more cruel way. Moreover, the reason why Italian academies and professors value art history so much is because they generally believe that creation does not come out of thin air, but stands on the shoulders of giants, especially for contemporary art.

9 months ago

I started to learn painting at a very young age, and finally entered the Central Academy of Fine Arts as I wish. Although it is not the Department of Modeling, I have tears in my eyes! (For those who don’t know about the popular science here, it can be understood as a pure painting department. In my opinion, it is the most difficult to test at Central America and the highest level of painting required). If I have time later, I will also write about the extreme but simple operations of my friends in the styling department! Here I divide my experience into two parts. The first part is the improvement of the previous drawing level, mainly for hobbies, and the other part is the examination of the Academy of Fine Arts. Now wait for the number in the hospital, write an outline, hahaha. When I go back, I look for those pictures to see if they are still there.

9 months ago

Draw the face you like! This article is very simple to explain. Everyone who has started to learn sketching (in China and abroad does not know it), everyone knows that basically after drawing plaster geometry and plaster head bust, I start to draw human heads. At this time, I will be drawing myself. After all day long young men and women young men middle-aged women middle-aged, go to draw pictures of your favorite idols! At that time, I liked Maxim’s looks very much, so I tried to draw a picture. Wow, I was shocked when I painted it. It was very similar and handsome. For the first time, I felt that I painted really well because I actually painted it. If you are a passerby model, you won’t have so many rulers that look different and feel nothing! But the familiar idols are different. After painting, they can be framed or given to friends. (Hey, no one wants to receive the portrait of a middle-aged male, but what about Justin Bieber? hhh) 2/ The combination of artistic anatomy and aesthetics! 3/ Master’s copy Turn your own bgm to master’s. It can also be the author you like~4/ Sketch and your favorite book (if you say the book, it seems to be okay!) OK, dig the hole, come back and fill it slowly.

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