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American BMW x5, Audi q7, Mercedes-Benz gle, Porsche Cayenne, more than 400,000 500,000, displacement starting at 3.0, the United States does not have a special offer of 2.0, let alone the old model can also bargain with the dealer, China directly doubled, compared Prices between China and the United States are basically the same for Tesla and the United States, especially the pricing of luxury European models is too disgusting, and Cadillac is also very close to the price difference between China and the United States. Don’t talk about whether it is domestically produced or not. Everyone can see the pricing of domestically produced ABB, not to mention the domestically produced ABB special car cut corners, castrated horsepower, castrated engines, castrated displacement, and changed materials. Chinese-made Teslas are also exported to foreign markets. . Some people have been licked with leeks and still lick ABB Porsches. It is too funny. Anyway, I support domestic electric cars and Tesla, and knock down the disgusting premium of foreign brands, especially German car companies. You can see that the sales of Volkswagen ID4 in China have exploded, and ID6 has been directly set at a reasonable price. It was impossible to put it before. The ID4 is a compact car, and Volkswagen has the face to start with 200,000 yuan, and it is directly dead. Now ID6 is a medium and large SUV, and Volkswagen has set a value of 239,000. It is impossible to put the attitude of the previous Volkswagen fuel car era. I am optimistic about the future of Tesla and domestic electric vehicles, because ABB Porsche has no monopoly technology at all. It is the same starting line as Chinese electric vehicles, and foreign NIO has a lot of attention, whether it is oil pipe or Twitter.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

1 2 quarter external evaluation: the emergence of public opinion issues has a high probability of affecting the scheduled volume. Considering Tesla’s long-term domestic publicity strategy and product iteration issues, personal judgment will have little impact on the medium and long-term. 2 Internal evaluation in the second quarter: Model Y, 3 The domestic order and delivery time has been basically shortened to 1-3 weeks. It can be inferred that the Lingang factory The difference between the production capacity and the scheduled amount has not exceeded one month. Taking into account that the delivery time also includes transportation and logistics time, Tesla’s own inventory time has been very short. 3 3rd quarter forecast: It is said that it is the off-season of automobile practice, and Weilai Ideal Xiaopeng handed over the highest delivery data in history in June. It is speculated that Tesla will not sit back and watch its rivals grow while its orders are slow. 4 Speculative action: model3: 250,000 standard long battery life version is reduced to 210,000-220,000; 280,000 long battery life rear-drive version is launched; model Y 280,000 standard battery life rear-drive version is launched. 5 Annual forecast: guaranteed minimum 800,000, and may exceed 100 Million (the time for the Berlin plant to start production has been delayed)

6 months ago

u1s1, the price of TESLA in China is really outrageous. In China, the model3 standard battery life is almost the same as the Camry/Accord’s mid-to-high price; in contrast, in the United States, the Camry/Accord is in the early 2w market, and the model3 is approaching the 4w model 3 performance. Even more outrageous, the Bank of China version concentrates the advantages of the North American version of long battery life + high performance, and the price is less than 1/3 of the Porsche taycan; and the price of the two models in the United States has been flat. The domestic model3/Y is really Extreme price-performance ratio

6 months ago

For example, Apple’s media sprays battery spray signals every day, but as a consumer, I never forget to charge and I don’t go to remote mountainous areas. Why don’t I buy an Apple with a self-developed operating system and high-quality chips? For example, some people are used to computers all year round. If you don’t shut it down, the service life will be short. That is the responsibility of the computer or the user’s own responsibility. If you go back to the Tesla consumer to test drive, the brakes are okay, and the car owners around you have not encountered any problems. You can even say that except for that. A troubled eldest sister, most of the other Tesla brakes are okay. Isn’t she the one who “will not shut down all the year round”? There are also a large number of male car owners who have better driving habits and the habit of slowing down and braking in advance, even if the brakes are really not. It’s so amazing that people are enough to meet his needs. Therefore, as a consumer with independent thinking ability, he will make sensible analysis, obtain information and data independently, and experience it on the spot instead of listening to the media or listening to it. Very few users even blindly reject foreign companies

6 months ago

This question is very simple, it should be said from two aspects. First of all, if you look at the domestically produced companies, they are not record-breaking. This is the general trend. Not to mention new energy vehicles, even Rolls-Royce has broken records this year. As for the specific reasons, I won’t discuss more. Simply put, you think on the Internet that everyone is poor, and they are depressed and out of breath. But in the real world, everyone is very diligent and hardworking. They are desperately making money, and they really make money. Secondly, this thing is just like Apple. A bunch of people on the Internet devalue Apple. The 12 series sold 100 million units in 7 months. Not to mention other flagships, the entire series, even if you add up all the models of the entire brand, no one sells it. As for why, everyone knows well. In short, the Internet is illusory. You have to look at most of the consultations on the Internet now. If you can’t tell, the best option is not to go online.

6 months ago

Tesla’s price-performance ratio in the United States seems to be inferior to that of China. Combined with the global situation, this Q2 data is indeed more powerful. If you continue to work hard, you can invest more resources to solve the current small problems of these models.
It’s hard to know that pushing some positive news to the owner of this little y car, pushing some brake failures every day, this push AI is afraid of more mentally retarded.

6 months ago

The data shows that car owners who really buy cars are still very optimistic about Tesla’s performance.
In the negative situation of Tesla’s brake problem, it can still achieve such good sales. Sure enough, the darker the better, the better the foundation should be a solution we haven’t seen before.
Tesla has recalled more than 200,000 cars with faulty brake systems, so many cars, let’s check one by one.

6 months ago

I was scolded by the old man and the old lady. To pick up the children, stop several hundred meters away, and not allow the way to the school gate. Penyou customers are also afraid that you will brake it. You say you have hundreds of thousands of people who are fine to buy it. Whether you admit it or not, the first attribute of the car is not about the fuel consumption of the power interior. SUV MPV family hatchback, sedan, ahem~ The first attribute of the car is to install the cup, yes, it is to install the cup, no I have used this attribute to ride a battery car long ago. There is no penalty for a battery car, and it is invincible in the world within ten kilometers. It is really fragrant. So it’s nothing to abandon the Tesla that has the attribute of holding the cup. Don’t wash it, it’s just a cup. There are thousands of cups after abandoning this cup. It looks the same as soon as the eyes are closed.

6 months ago

It can’t stop, I mean sales. When considering buying a car, q5l and edamame are currently entangled. Tesla
There is no need to wrestle with sales, the price is uniform across the country, it is transparent, and there are no financial service fees. As for performance and sense of technology, it feels like I met Apple 4 with Nokia in my hand in my senior year of high school. ——Can you believe that the rear charger of q5 is usb? The mobile phone is almost charging now.
But in my small county, Audi’s brand is better than Tesla. (I don’t deny that when I buy a car, I don’t deny it.) My mother is 55 years old and has been driving a car for more than ten years.

6 months ago

I just saw a diehard Tesla fan who seriously gave Tesla a few suggestions for improvement. He was immediately expelled from the fan and criticized it as a very black one. He laughed and said that Tesla is no longer a serious car factory. Becoming a traffic star like Xiao Zhan is the same as buying milk for ranking a few days ago. Buying a Tesla car now is for Tesla ranking and cutting sales data for Tesla. It can be dumped directly, and after the car is bought, it can be sold second-hand.

6 months ago

Haha, I still hope that some people have a little bit of brain when watching the media. The sales volume of tsl in China is not high this year. Before that, others did not explode the brake failure on a large scale. It happened that the brake failure occurred continuously in the past few months, and dozens of explosive occurrences occurred in probability. The talk has touched the interests of certain manufacturers. There are so many media invited, and there are a lot of people who want to squander money. Besides, it seems that I haven’t seen any big news about domestic cars. It turns out that I am already in the forefront of the world. Ah, come on

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