On July 1st, according to foreign media reports, Google Play will undergo subversive changes in August this year. The App format of the Google App Store will be changed from “APK” to “Android App Bundles” (AAB).
Google now announced that starting from August this year, all new applications submitted to the Google Play Store must use the AAB format.

In addition, Google announced a few days ago that for apps that provide the WearOS version, the Google Play developer’s revenue rate will be reduced from 30% to 15%.

Thanks to so many people for coming up, I never expected it. First of all, I personally don’t dislike Hongmeng, even if it is a shell, the announcement is a mess. But I can’t tell the truth, aab has existed for a long time, and it has nothing to do with Hongmeng. Some people commented that Huawei’s application market also supports aab. I am not very clear about this, but I believe it is not that difficult to synchronize the Google application market. After all, foreign application markets are forcibly associated with Google’s blacklist library. I love the country and the truth, so I don’t understand the hype around the porcelain. I even suspect that someone deliberately disgusts our group of little pinks. The following original answer, thank you again, everyone who liked it. aab is the upload format, not the download format. Seeing some high praises and strong answers to nonsense, I almost laughed. According to different CPUs, the so of C language used in the application will have a corresponding version. Different versions of so correspond to different versions of apk. For a better user experience, Google Store integrates uploaded packaged files into aab, which not only uploads a file, automatically downloads different versions of apk according to the phone. This makes it easier for developers to upload categories and optimizes the user experience for users. Domestic application stores have been pushing 64-bit applications recently. In fact, in order to save trouble, developers only use the old so format, so that all models can be handled in one package. This results in poor app performance. In order to optimize the user experience, in the domestic Android app market such as the Xiaomi store, 64-bit app uploads are madly pushed, which means that 2 apks must be uploaded every time an app is uploaded. For Hongmeng, it doesn’t really matter. It doesn’t even matter to the domestic application market. Those who can’t understand the question answer the master, you can really do it. You don’t even bother to check Baidu, so you are forced to talk a lot, but I am so funny. Really non-professional depends on your real professional, professional depends on how you are really awesome. Recently, a bunch of popular science authors who looked at Wei Guangzheng were all money collectors with crooked buttocks. That’s true!


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

This AAB is not a disruptive technology at all, but a function that Android Studio has already had a long time ago. If I remember correctly, it should have been introduced in 2018, and it has been three years since then. What is the equivalent of this requirement? It is equivalent to “I notified you that there is a new format three years ago. You switch as soon as possible and gave you three years. From August this year, you are not allowed to use the old one.” Does it have any impact on the development of Hongmeng? ——The answer is that there is no impact. Because Hongmeng’s development environment is Android Studio for skinning, and Android Studio has long supported AAB format packaging, which means that the Hongmeng development environment developed based on Android Studio must also directly support AAB format packaging. At the same time, Hongmeng The system itself should have built-in support for the AAB format, after all, the Android system has already supported this format. If the app store uploads aab and the Android device is also running aab, then this means that aosp itself must support aab, so Hongmeng from aosp must have already obtained native support, which obviously will not have any impact on Hongmeng. If the app store uploads aab and the Android device installs the apk, it means that the app store has the function of converting aab to apk. In this case, the Android device only needs to support the apk to run. This format is available on the Android device The level of can be regarded as non-existent. (Supplement: Huawei App Store currently supports the aab format) Then it will not affect Hongmeng in the end. Therefore, under the assumption that the development environment of Harmony is Android Studio’s skin replacement, Harmony will not be affected by this measure. As for, if you firmly believe that the development environment of Harmony is not Android Studio, I want to say that you are right. If you want to ask at that time: Why can Harmony and Huawei app stores automatically support the AAB format? I can only say that I don’t know, but it is (magical) support.

6 months ago

Google to suppress the AAB launched by Huawei Hongmeng? Nonsense! Google launched the AAB format in 2018, so don’t talk nonsense about “patriotic” traffic. What is the AAB format? The developer uploads the packaged files and integrates them into the aab format, and downloads the corresponding installation package according to different processors/resolutions, etc., to reduce redundancy, so the installation package will be reduced. You can see the picture below, which is concise. Is the AAB format only for Google Play? The AAB format is a format for developers to package and upload. The rules of each app store are different, and Google can only manage Google Play. Can Huawei install Google Play? No formal way! Does the Huawei App Store support the AAB format? stand by! This is not a new feature. Does the AAB format affect Huawei? No effect, at least not for the time being.

6 months ago

The .aab format file is still an .apk in essence, but it is smaller when downloading, which is more conducive to user experience. Android Studio has added the compilation function of .aab in 2018, and Huawei’s Hongmeng Android compatibility layer is developed based on AOSP , It should also support .aab, and the final download from Google Play is still .apk. No impact on Hongmeng Google’s policy is limited to Google Play and does not require all applications to use it, nor does it require that Android Studio can only export .aab files

6 months ago

aab was launched by Google in May 18 and is only used in the Google paly format. What the user downloads here is actually an apk. This format is used to solve the problem that the size of the apk is too large because of the fragmentation of Android, different versions and different models require different codes. When the user downloads, Google play will optimize and generate the corresponding apk according to the user’s model and system.

6 months ago

Google, this time I was really hit, I originally wanted to ① reduce the package size to optimize user experience ② increase revenue ③ strengthen application management, and things started as early as 2018. Will it affect Huawei Hongmeng this time? Not at all, but it is beneficial to Huawei. The reasons are as follows: ①The software in the Huawei App Store does not come from the Google App Store, but individual developers and companies. After developing the software, they delivered a copy to Google and another to Huawei; ②Huawei App Store has already been Support the AAB format; ③The development process of AAB and apk is exactly the same, but the packaging method is different. The format of many channel versions of the software packaged by developers is normal, and it is a routine operation; many people will borrow this event with rhythm in order to attract attention to traffic, and some do not understand My friends speak out because they want our brand to be good. This will buy more time for Huawei, and Huawei is now focusing its mobile phone business on after-sales service and building an ecosystem. The cohesion of users will make Hongmeng more dynamic. As a digression, I, as a personal developer on the street, now that most app stores need to be softened, the Huawei app store can only need to sign a statement, so I am still very optimistic that it will bring it to individual developers. The convenience. But I have tried to put software on the Huawei App Store and want to contribute a little to the Hongmeng ecology. I will be rejected because of the simplicity of the software. It is very helpless. Not all software must contain multiple page levels and multiple functions. I got the feedback in time. The same reply, so I gave up. The good thing about the Google App Store is that as long as there is no harmful content, even a Demo can be put on the shelf. Finally, I still hope that the review rules of the Huawei App Store will be more flexible. I have a bunch of live wallpaper programs that I want to put on the shelves.

6 months ago

aab is essentially just a series of sub-apk
This policy change only affects developers
Developers only need to change the packaging mode to aab
What users get is still a series of sub-apk deployments, which has no impact on users
Don’t be afraid of low version users, Google Play will automatically merge aab into the required single apk and distribute it to low version users

6 months ago

Apple has done this too. Starting from iTunes 12.7, the app store is no longer supported, so there is no way to download the old app and reinstall it on the phone, so it is impossible to download the ipa file. Since iOS12, the complete ipa file is no longer provided. When downloading, the user will only download the configuration file and content that meets the current mobile phone. Even if the mobile phone is cracked and the app is re-captured, it cannot be installed on other mobile phones, because It is an incomplete program. It is said that Apple is to reduce data and mobile phone storage during network transmission, but the idea of anti-piracy is definitely there. Google estimates that it has already learned this from Apple, and the impact on Huawei Hongmeng is just a by-product. But the problem shouldn’t be big. Anyway, I’m going to say goodbye to Google sooner or later. With Android’s fragmented ecology, it will take a while to completely change it, and Hongmeng still has time.

6 months ago

What is the impact? The impact is very big and far-reaching. 1. Big enough to affect tens of millions of people. The mood of a certain period of time. It is preliminarily estimated that the number of people browsing this news on Weibo Zhihu Douyin B station will reach tens of millions. 2. The impact will be far-reaching and will make these tens of millions of people more than one hundred consecutive. Seconds of immersion in it, a total of billions of seconds of total social time was wasted. 3. Bringing a wave of traffic to other media and self-media, both serious and unscrupulous, and invigorating the social economy. As for Huawei and Google, according to the answers of the professional gods, there is no impact.

6 months ago

No influence, the four words must be big, I’m afraid you won’t see it. Harmony OS is Android 10. <del>This feature is not yet available</del>. According to the latest Huawei Developer documentation, the feature of AAB is support. However, it should be noted that Google has a special rule for AAB: Partially installed side-loaded applications (that is, applications that are not installed through the Google Play store and lack one or more applications that must split the APK) are on all Google-certified devices And devices equipped with Android 10 (API level 29) or higher will fail. When downloading your app from the Google Play Store, Google will ensure that all the necessary components of the app are installed. It may be impossible to fix Google Play in the future. However, Harmony OS is only aimed at the Chinese mainland market and does not have these problems. Many people in the comment area criticized me for not talking about the technical level, but ha, in the discussion of the impact, the technology of this stuff is not very important, just like whether Harmony OS is Android or not. GMS is not available in mainland China, so there is no impact! Supporters really have to use actions to support. Xiaomi and OnePlus can use GMS overseas, there is no problem, just follow it. However, Huawei locks Android 10, so Germans can’t use AutoNavi Maps to navigate in Japan and use WeChat to pay for checkout.

6 months ago

It doesn’t matter, the important thing is that there is Google and Huawei. A group of masters who know technology can once again promote his unique “shell” insights; they can start to scold Huawei for patriotic marketing again. Patriotism is the most basic moral code and a noble thing; it will not be kidnapped. As for why you can associate patriotism with kidnapping and invent the term “patriotic kidnapping marketing”, it is a question of your IQ. The patriotic feelings of our normal people will not be kidnapped, so you don’t have to worry about whether we have been kidnapped by patriotism for marketing.

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