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To put it simply: the more children a woman has, the more inheritance he can get. The Civil Code stipulates that when the specific order of death cannot be judged, if there are heirs, then the elders are presumed to die first; those of the same seniority are presumed to die at the same time. In addition, the spouse, children, and parents are the first in line heirs. If there are no special circumstances, they are equally distributed. Let’s assume that Xiaozhen who died has 120 shares of inheritance, so first we presume that she died, and the remaining 120 is divided equally among the three children, Lin Shengbin and Xiaozhen’s parents, each of whom can get 20 shares; after the three children die, Then all the 60 shares of the three children’s inheritance will be inherited by Lin Shengbin, so Lin Shengbin can get at least 80 shares of it, which is 2/3 of the inheritance. If in some cases the parents pass away, and only the husband can get 100% of the inheritance, he does not even need to pay a penny to her brothers and sisters. Only if the first pick is gone, the second pick brothers and sisters are eligible to inherit. Therefore, under this system, the more children a woman has, when they die by accident, the husband will be able to share more property. The uncle’s Weibo mentioned that “Lin Shengbin was unwilling to distribute compensation to Xiaozhen’s parents, and asked the two elders to find a lawyer to confront him.” In this case, it depends on the specific negotiations between Lin Shengbin and the property at the time. If the money is paid to Xiaozhen and the children, it will be used as an inheritance to participate in the legal distribution; if it is specifically for Lin Shengbin, the two elders have no inheritance rights. . Combined with Lin Shengbin’s move to set up a mourning hall in the community at the time, he refused to be buried for a month, and kept posting photos of his daughter’s body, it is likely that he left this money to himself. There is a line in the U.S. drama “The Crime Squad”, “It is always the husband.” It means that when a wife is missing or killed, three laws must be followed. First: It’s always the husband. Second: It’s always the husband. Third: It’s always the husband. They often get real huge profits because of the death of a woman.


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6 months ago

Yes… can survive. Even he would not be caught by the Navy, because Ace, who could say such a thing, would not try to catch Blackbeard because his reputation was damaged. Similarly, he will not be favored by White Beard for protecting his companions and become the captain of the Four Emperors. Pushing forward, he also won’t go out to sea, how good it would be to spend his life in the garbage mountain, that is the place he is most familiar with. If he wants to pray, he can pray when he is first entrusted to Karp. If he wants to have a safe life, he can easily be satisfied with Karp’s identity. He has the will to fight and the consciousness of going to death. He walked all the way with pride and died because of pride. He wouldn’t beg Karp because Ace would not

6 months ago

Ace went to help Luffy block himself. If it was a red dog killing Luffy, Ace was unable to save him at this time, and Ace said “Grandpa, save us”. I still believe that Karp will punch the red dog, and the Bai Tuan helpers don’t have to die when they arrive. Most people say that the Ace people collapsed. Most of them follow suit. The character design was originally based on the comics. Shanks thinks Ace behaves like Captain Roger. But at the same time also said. “Sometimes I hope the captain can learn to escape” shows that Shanks did not approve of Ace’s behavior at the beginning. Chasing sunspots, red dogs. Just not to damage the reputation of the old man. Please, these two times, after Baibeard gave orders, he violated Baibeard’s orders and did things to protect Baibeard’s reputation. It turned out to be the opposite, and it failed. Roger’s character is considered an advantage to him, but the same character is a disadvantage to Ace. Sauron said to Luffy at the beginning, “If you dare to force me to give up my dream, then I want you to cut your belly in front of me.” When I arrived at the ghost island, he exchanged his own life for Luffy’s, and took the initiative to give up his own. dream. Later, he knelt down and begged Eagle Eye to teach himself swordsmanship. Doesn’t this match Sauron’s character? Sauron’s collapse? In the Chambord Islands, when Luffy’s partners were photographed one by one, Luffy had been ordering the partners to run. If Ace understands why he himself said “Grandpa save me”, it can be regarded as a real growth.

6 months ago

This not only underestimated Ace, but also underestimated Karp: In the early days of the war, Marco seized a momentary gap and almost flew to the execution platform, but Karp took off with a punch and knocked Marco directly down. Karp has his own stance as a navy-of course, Karp is not cold-blooded. Facing Luffy, he couldn’t do his best and was defeated. After Ace’s death, he angrily wanted to kill the red dog. But in any case, Karp will not abandon his position as a navy and attack his companions who also bear the name of justice. As the green pheasant said to Zefa’s students: What is there to cry if a man sacrifices to pursue his dream?

6 months ago

If he said that Grandpa rescued me, Ace would probably run away without looking back when the red dog was chasing me. Ace did not say that Grandpa save me when he was on top, but he said the same weight, “Grandpa, kill me.” Although everyone was filled with indignation that if Ace said “Grandpa save me”, Karp and Baibeard turned around. Just leave, but it is more likely that Karp insists on his principle and does not save him, but the pain caused by Ace’s death is even greater. At least when the bandits hit him and asked him why he didn’t save Ace, Karp would remember that Ace finally asked him for help and blamed himself for the rest of his life. The current ending is a relief for Karp. The ending statement of Chu Liuxiang’s Peach Blossom Legend is that Ace has only spent a mere 20 years, but this man has been here, has lived, and loved.

6 months ago

If Ace is such a person. Maybe he would accept the invitation of the navy to become the Qiwuhai or the navy who listened to Karp, um, it’s time to be a lieutenant general. As the future naval candidate, Luffy will also be affected by Ace to become a navy. Well, maybe at this time, he will be able to serve as a navy. The name of the new comic has been decided, and he will be called the Navy King. It is estimated that Sauron in the new straw hat navy regiment will wear like Shiro Tokugawa. Then one piece became a funny daily fan

6 months ago

Ace and Karp are both sturdy people. Here, Ace is the pirate and Karp is the navy. Does Karp want to protect Ace? Of course I do. Otherwise he would not raise Ace. What he hopes most is that both Ace and Luffy will become navy and stand on the side of “justice” with him. Of course, Karp knew in his heart that neither Ace nor Luffy were the kind of pirates who burned, killed and looted, and would not do anything bad. Karp also knows in his heart that the world government and navy are not all true justice. But the public is not clear. In the hearts of the people, this is the war between the pirates and the navy, the war between evil and justice. Karp is the true navy of justice, and he knows how bad it will be if he saves Ace. He could only bear the pain and watch Ace step onto the execution stage. And Ace is a real man, with his own ideas, he will definitely not accept Karp to save him. One more thing, in fact, in Pirate, the antagonism between the pirate and the navy is often just because of their position. Hannibal, the deputy warden of Qiangcheng City, stood in front of Luffy, and he stood up tenaciously after being defeated countless times, saying, what beautiful things the scum of society said! As long as you group of pirates are still in the sea, the people of the world will not be at peace! So I won’t let you go one step further! Among the pirates, Luffy and the others, who only concentrate on taking risks and will not disturb the civilians, and sometimes even fight for them, are only a few of them. Most of the pirates are really pirates, burned, killed and looted. Baibeard protected N many islands with his own name, but Baibeard was also a pirate. Karp couldn’t help it, anyway, he and Ais Luffy were on opposite sides. So when Luffy was about to reach the execution platform, Karp would stand in front of Luffy. When Ace was killed by the red dog, he was about to lose his mind and wanted to step forward to kill the red dog, but when the Warring States period held him down, he said, “Just hold me down…”. It is his instinct to protect Ace, but unfortunately, the position he must choose rationally is the opposite of instinct. In fact, I think Karp is the most difficult. In pursuit of freedom, Ace and Luffy took the road of pirates, running counter to their expectations. He is a naval hero himself and has his own unshakable stand. His son has become the world’s number one criminal, leading the revolutionary army to overthrow the world government. Luffy’s brains would definitely not think about how much trouble he had caused Grandpa. Karp stayed in the navy, was forced to fight Luffy as an enemy, and had to endure the spit of the Warring States. The world government supported by one’s own position has such an annoying face. Karp feels tired too.

6 months ago

What Ace should call is not “Grandpa save me”, because he doesn’t need to be rescued. The entire team of White Beard and the protagonist Lu Fei have come to rescue him and they have succeeded. He also has the ability to protect himself. He doesn’t have to die if he doesn’t shout this sentence. What he should call is “Grandpa, save Luffy!” At that time, Ace had broken free of the shackles, because he was killed by the red dog because he sacrificed his life to save the hero Luffy. He couldn’t stop the red dog, but Karp definitely did. He saved himself because of Ace’s fatal weakness, that is, his personality was too rigid. He always puts all the responsibilities on himself, chasing Blackbeard, and saving Luffy, he doesn’t know what he can, and he’s not sleek, plus he’s not the protagonist, and he loves to sacrifice himself, so he can only use this life for the protagonist. paving. Karp can’t save Ace, but will he save the actor Luffy? My opinion is that it certainly will. When Marco wanted to save Ace, he was punched and flew by Karp. The actor Luffy wanted to save Ace and said a lot of righteousness. Finally, he pretended to be beaten and flew by Luffy. Saving Luffy is a simple task for him, and the pressure is relatively small.

6 months ago

Baibeard gambled on everything. In order to save Ace, even if he knew that it would be difficult for him to survive after this battle, and Bai Tuan suffered heavy casualties, he resolutely rescued it, because Baibeard knew that Ace was capable and qualified to lead Bai Tuan. Go down, towards the path of One Piece. However, Ace didn’t want to be the One Piece, he just wanted White Beard to be the king. . . Assuming that Ace was rescued, ran away with the disabled group, and Whitebeard died with the navy headquarters, then Ace must be distraught, like Luffy when Ace died, and then fell silent for two years and practiced earnestly. Domineering, head-to-head with Blackbeard two years later… Ace is not dead, and the plot can never go around the main line of Luffy. If Ace has just won Blackbeard, then Ace must be the four emperors, and can even claim the One Piece, then This story was written around Ace, and Luffy was marginalized. If Ace didn’t just win Blackbeard and was killed by Blackbeard’s plot, and then Luffy had just died and Blackbeard had a revenge, he would be able to claim the title of One Piece. Therefore, in Luffy’s story, Ace must die. . After all, Ace is not like a red-haired person who is so idle. . Alas, no one has died in life since ancient times, and everyone has to die sooner or later. . I hope that a great god will continue to write a fellow Ace who did not die to make up for our regrets about Ace’s death.

6 months ago

To be honest, I don’t know if Ace will be rescued if he says “Grandpa save me”, but I can be sure of one thing, that is, if he yells, the character Ace is already “dead” even if he is saved and lives. The one who lives is nothing but a person called “Ace”. The character’s soul was dead as soon as he shouted out, and the rest was just a walking dead

6 months ago

If Ace asks for help, he will still die, because this is the minimum requirement of the world government. The combination of the three generals will collapse if the target runs away. The only thing that has become is that Karp will also die, and Karp’s method of death is the method of death of the original Lies. Karp would use his chest to block the red dog’s attack on Luffy and Ace, and then Ace was killed desperately, and Luffy was taken away when Luffy collapsed. I want to emphasize this. Everyone underestimated Karp’s justice, and also underestimated Karp’s manhood. Let me put it this way. If Luffy was executed, Karp would sit back and watch. And Luffy smiled at each other. On the day when One Piece Lu Fei was executed, Lu Fei smiled and looked at Karp: Grandpa, let me go. Karp: Damn kid, this is the free and easy manly qualities of the Karp family. But Ace is different from Karp, and this difference is because of the execution. Ace is the pirate, the second captain of the white beard. Karp will not be touched by the execution of such a crime, because he is a navy, he is a pirate, and he faces execution objectively. But his crime is the son of sin. This is why Karp can’t control himself. I still remember the sentence, the pirate does not need to sympathize, but the family is different because the moment Karp promised to take Ace, he was not objective. From that moment he had completed a trial of Ace’s identity, and the result of the trial was that Ace was not the son of sin, but his grandson. Now being executed on the charge of the son of sin is an unnecessary charge for Karp, and Karp cannot accept it in his heart. It only takes an opportunity for Karp to act. And Ace’s cry for help was this opportunity. But Karp is unlikely to do anything to the Navy. Will only keep off the attack on Ace. Then he was pierced through the body in front of the attack of the three generals. Do one’s grandfather’s duty with death.

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