“There was a hijacked students five China jurisdiction” on January 22, 2021, 18, take wuhua district government, the municipal public security bureau 110 command center: 17 when 13 xu today, wuhua district huashan neighborhood offices jurisdiction build way normal university experimental middle school gate, a middle-aged man with a knife injury after seven people, hijacked 1 students hostage standoff with police.
So far, a total of 1 dead, 6 people injured (1 major 5 minor), the injured have been sent to hospital.
Subsequent information is to be reported.
[General Duty Room of Municipal Government]

Kunming, southwest China’s Yunnan Province, Jan. 22, 2019.
Outside the Jianshe Road campus of Yunnan Normal University Experimental Middle School, a man with a knife stabbed people and took hostages.
Witnesses at the scene told reporters that they saw two injured people being loaded into ambulances, and the road has been closed.
According to the police, the hostages were rescued, the gunman was killed, and the injured have been sent to hospital.



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10 months ago

Casualties, according to the exchange meetings last night about 7 injury is dead, the dead are not gangsters, the rest of the wounded were in the hospital, the current operation situation has not been notified of the criminal suspect, 56, was taking drugs, according to its described in a stalemate, the terrorist crimes committed to society is the direct cause of the dissatisfaction to revenge society blue woman in the video as a reporter, stalemate suspects had volunteered to talking to people, a female reporter to conversation with the criminal suspect to stabilize the mood of the criminal suspects played a big role, stabilize the suspect to the idea of crime for many times, for the female reporter thumb up,Hope subsequent her good mental health can be stable in the video captured, criminals were killed after the little boy ran away quickly, according to his mother, no matter now, everything is normal, no psychological problems (according to acquaintances, brag in yunnan dialect is the meaning of chat, is not the kind of meaning, we want to trouble you don’t get captured boy) subsequent must do a good job in the children’s psychological counselling work!I hope the injured child is safe!Prayer!

10 months ago

Yang Yue read it on her micro blog.
Hearing that, we won.
Hope to do a good psychological counseling for the children, a speedy recovery.
In the Internet era, information transparency has become higher. Time after time, exposure, lesson after lesson, experience after experience…

I was wrong, not that we won.
It’s Yunnan dialect. It’s great.
Thanks to everyone in the comments.

10 months ago

This answer is purely for some net friends do not understand pretend to understand, keyboard rescue speech.As a police officer, I condemn such violence.The bullet that killed him was the perfect punishment for him.Finally, I hope the injured children can stand strong and come through. The New Year is coming soon. Like all children, I hope you can welcome the first ray of sunshine in the Year of the Ox.

10 months ago

fter want to turn back the moment, was a large number of police uncle hug, he saw the police uniforms to build the fortress.Sincerely hope he does not have a psychological shadow, and these police uncle grow up as a man of steel (T ^ T).I was shaking when I watched the video. If it was me, I would have felt like I was going to die. After all, I had hacked so many children before..According to the micro blog, this abnormal person is a local, and local people recorded the video of his Shouting. The drug users want to revenge the society, saying that if they kill a policeman, they can only kill one, so they want to attack the baby. He has stabbed 7 people, one of whom is dead, and another one is in CPR, all of which are through the wounds!How daredevil it is to try to kill a policeman!So drugs are terrible, drug stars should be banned, more evil than what surrogacy too much!Every time such a vicious incident breaks out, it will deepen the paranoia of the victims, especially the sense of security, especially for women, who are afraid to take an elevator alone, take a taxi, stay late at work, or even become a lawyer after watching the news. I am afraid of extreme retaliation from the other party.(PS, this sentence of female, I just want to say that I, as a woman, have been watching the news these years. I did not expect that in the comments, I even said that I was afraid of attracting women’s rights. I really did not mean that, how can I be so sensitive now?)May we never meet demons in our lives.

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