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I don’t want to say more, why do you think that the one-click receipt of YJ that is supposed to start a server can be dragged to today, and there are a lot of guards that blow YJ to the sky because of this? With these guards of such high purity, I am yj, and I have no fear. Regardless of whether the Ark of Tomorrow is a side tour or not, watching videos should be abandoning the funless stupid thing. It should have been cleaned up long ago, but after all, there are guards washing the ground? Knowing that the content of the game is so scarce that there are only 5 minutes left after the mopping up, I know that when I say this, I already acquiesce in watching the video and it is meaningless, but I can still find out a lot of reasons why I want to teach her to act, open Sweeping has become a cheap game of krypton gold, what can’t be realized is the fun of hard brushing materials. If you want to say that, I can only say, I want to mop up, okay, if you have the ability to mop up, don’t use it, I use it, you still watch your video, okay? At the beginning, there were all objections to the one-key touch, one-key replenishment and one-key receipt. Now it is not ashamed to use one more than one, and it is also backhanded to blow a wave of yjniub for the player’s sake, and the face is changed faster than one. I would like to know who is going to replenish the goods one by one, and take the tasks one by one after today? Didn’t it say that touching the head was the bondage of the doctor and the cadre, and that the leading task was a more realistic handover task to complete the work? Why do you still need to use it? It’s really just a year trip, playing a two-dimensional krypton gold drawing card development game can be played as xz, blowing up one more than one spare no effort, yelling daddy, the operation pretends to be dead can beautify into a cold lady, I really I wonder what else this group of people can’t say. I don’t need someone to give me science. Why don’t I make a mopping up from the standpoint of yj, I know very well in my heart. On the contrary, some people don’t want to cherish their time, but worry about whether the capitalists make less money. I also figured out whether Sweeping Ark is about to die, not to mention the yj monthly turnover of billions, the top three domestic two-dimensional games, can you die by opening a sweep? If you really die, it means that there is a big problem with the game’s foundation, and you can’t survive. And if the Ark really died, wouldn’t the group of wbs survive? This life loses its color after leaving the Ark? No one can enshrine a game like this. If you die, you will die. Don’t cherish your time. If you don’t care about a game, it’s really the reincarnation of the Virgin. Don’t talk about me, I’m a server player and I’ve watched hundreds of thousands of hours of video, and I’ve long been disgusted. In order to prevent the blade from coming to the door, I’ll code it. If you’re really curious, just chat privately, and I’ll send it to look. Oh, there is no need for a kind person to tell me that I can do other things while hanging up, I know. But don’t you think this further proves the need for mopping up? After all, you know you don’t even watch videos, right? Why can’t you just do one thing without distraction? And if you tap it in 2 minutes, don’t you remember this in your heart? Recall how you feel when you play games when you haven’t finished your homework or your work hasn’t been finished? Even if you don’t care about it at all, and look at it when you remember, wouldn’t the phone get hot? There are many people who hang up and burn the screen. Why should I overdraft the life of my phone for something meaningless and fun? There is no need for someone to tell me that you can use the simulator to use magic. First of all, the Ark’s official website does not have the option of downloading the simulator, and the simulator is an simulator, not an official platform. Do you think it is a full-platform game of Yuanshen? Why do I have to use an emulator for a mobile game? And magic is not provided by yj. If there is magic, you can’t use mopping up? It doesn’t make sense. Don’t come to me and confuse the yin and yang with me. I don’t need to listen to your six-character mantra, nor do you need to listen to your playing so painful. Hurry up, I have my own judgment, don’t bother you to worry about it, if you are true I’m so distressed. It’s recommended that every time you play a game, you should first krypton a single 648 as a tribute, and then touch your head one by one to replenish the goods, the levels are all double-speed manual, and the last one is the task, so that you have 1 game time per day. For more than an hour, you have a good time and you have a sense of accomplishment, and yj also has daily activities and is happier. You are just making a pair, I sincerely wish you one of you, the flow will get higher and higher and surpass the previous yys and ys as soon as possible, and the other will play happily every day, thank you.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

I have played many two-dimensional games. Ark is not the one with the highest running water, nor is it the one with the most people, but one thing is really well-deserved, the xz purity of Ark is really high. Other two-dimensional games have no content: no new activities for so long? The flow is high, right? It’s too easy to make money while lying down. Character skins are produced every day? If you don’t do activities, you will roll! This month, you won’t have a Krypton card. After the Ark, no content: I don’t know what everyone is complaining about. It was originally a positioning assistant tour. The grass is normal. Besides, yj is a small company and everyone asks not to be too high. When the music wins: it is indeed a sound angle, a fake game company, a real music company, our yj is really great. Music problems: outsourcing, don’t be the master, yj is also a victim of this matter. When other games are not mopping up: your company can’t hire programmers, right, we won’t be doing mopping up and thinking we have a lot of time, right? New content doesn’t come out and mopping up every day is interesting? Yj does not mop up: positioning assistant tour, if There is a mopping up, which takes a few minutes every day, which will have a great impact on the company’s monthly life. If there is a mopping up, the Krypton Gold boss can immediately improve the level of training, and it is also very interesting to study video every day

6 months ago

I don’t understand some people. They also find it boring to watch videos, so avoid watching videos as much as possible. From split screens on mobile phones, do other things without using mobile phones when watching videos, to use scripts to watch videos, and use simulator scripts in computers. Watching the video, or even directly looking for the Liver, they used various methods to escape the pain of watching the video. It was more worry-free and more leisure to blow Tomorrow’s Ark. Then when the player asked Eagle Horn not to let them watch the video, the group of people suddenly jumped. Came out and said why don’t you think of a way not to watch the video, just like them. But the question is, why do players have to find a way to solve a rigid mechanical defect in the game instead of letting Eagle Horn solve it in the game? The group of people solved the problem of watching the video by themselves, and asked others not to call Eagle Horn to solve it. Is this a bit of a backache when standing up?

6 months ago

It doesn’t matter what you say about mopping up. There are also several types of raids. For example, like re0 has a sweeping function, but it is auto-playing, playing over and over again (this is the same as a screen-recording and auto-playing program in our Ark). There is also a sweeping scroll like the princess link. But the origin of such sweeping rolls has also become a problem. Do you receive daily tasks or spend resources to buy? Moreover, Ark is a development game, the basic development games are slow-heating so that you spend time and money to cultivate slowly. As far as I feel, the period with the sweep function may be longer than the period without the sweep function, and it will take more time.

6 months ago

I’ve been playing for the past two months, and I don’t even know what has come out of this game. After the anniversary, this game is a card drawing simulator. Want a plot? A group of riddlers. Want gameplay? Just play and play, the game mechanics are too lazy to watch. Every day is the gold coin book and the experience book. I haven’t experienced the lock-boat activity yet. It ends in 1 hour, and the rest of the time is to watch the video. The blades and guards kept saying: This is because Miss Eagle doesn’t want everyone to be too irritable, and the Ark is the assistant swimmer. Also, after all, some people are playing corporate simulators, not mobile games.

6 months ago

Those of you who want to clean up can go to the Eagle Point customer service and official website feedback to make noise, from station b to tapap to Bifang, now even Zhihu has started? Are you annoying? What’s the use of being noisy here? Let’s go to the customer service. Noisy and mopping up every day, who is the old player who can play today because of mopping up? Which old player will retreat because of not mopping up? In the future, please be sure to attach a screenshot of customer service feedback. Thank you, otherwise it will be handled by the navy. I don’t care about mopping up or not, I only care that you don’t disturb my eyes. I don’t want the forum to be all about mopping up and Not mopped up posts

6 months ago

I don’t think it’s okay if there is no mopping up. As soon as the new model of the 7.2 update comes out, there will be a long period of time for me. I spend dozens of minutes every day watching videos and brushing resources and materials. I’m fine. But the 7.2 new activity, it feels like working in the Ark, really makes me feel so tired, why did it become so livery? Where did everyone talk about the inability at the beginning? It took me a few minutes to give me 7 coins, I need 240 to get a good-looking skin, and then the others are some materials that I basically don’t lack,,, how come it’s like the ones I played before because I’m too tired. The game I got out of the pit? Ark, you want me to get out of the pit too, don’t you? Sweeping can be done or not, but I think I have invested a lot of time, money, and physical strength to give me such a resource. You want me to work in Tomorrow’s Ark. I refuse. I think. Give me those activity coins for the whole day of video recording, I might as well brush the daily brushes that are actually real

6 months ago

Tomorrow’s Ark was not going to be liver, and it was done with just a few of them when it was launched on the line to play a dragon gate or a video book. If there is still a mopping up, there will be more problems. Krypton can add a few second-level operators at full level in a day, and it’s done in 2 minutes after going online. Do you want this game to die faster? I have a social animal of nearly 30, and I don’t have much time to go to work, so I play a sane book, play a few handfuls of 100 synthetic jade, and come down. If you have time or activities, you can just brush up on the materials and focus on the operators you want. I don’t usually pay much attention to what fan circle, what wzb is only recently, I know what it means, and I don’t know much about snowman. For games, it’s good to be happy, but don’t play if you feel unhappy. Some people say that the production capacity of Eagle Horn is slow, and the activity is slow. But I think it is good for people like me. Let me save dozens more and then recruit new operators. After all, I have a slight compulsion. Symptom, I hope I can keep a full picture book. A few years ago, I played a certain game and charged nearly 10,000. At that time, I was really dizzy. I just started working, had the money at my disposal, and didn’t have the pressure of borrowing, so I just used all kinds of charging. Two or three full illustrations, the result is sp. . I haven’t gotten it yet. Later, the faster I went out, it was outrageous. I had to brush a certain soul. I didn’t talk about lack of arms and legs. I barely had a good one and all kinds of crookedness. What I said was yys! Really gauze is okay, there is no benefit from wasting a day, and this thing hasn’t been mopped up, cough cough, dragged away, and abandoned the pit for a few years. Later, I started playing Ark. I still played it after a period of time after the public beta. I haven’t heard of anything in the first test or the second test. Okay. I think Ark is very fun. Generally, the pictures are played by yourself. Unless you really can’t beat it, you can copy down your ideas. You can also change some operators according to your ideas and you can fight. I don’t know if the Ark players are with me. Similarly, I like the picture with a hole most, and I feel very safe. Let the grass grow. As long as Eagle Horn is doing this game later, the new pictures, new plots and new activities will be slow. It’s best to wait for me to save more synthetic jade to pump him. Finally, I want to say that we play games, not games. Don’t play this game if you are not happy. Let’s try another one. Don’t make the game the same as work. Friends in my group have also made a table for the operators to arrange the shifts, what is the best solution for three times a day. I’m just a salted fish. What’s the best solution? There’s no such thing. Just give me the top two or three on top. Also, my friends rarely go to the living room. The Buddhist department is pretty good at all.

6 months ago

Actually, I like Tomorrow’s Ark very much (although I am a 120-level old salted fish who still keeps Frost Star alive) but I really like the world setting and character setting of this game. This is a world with great potential. , I have seen someone try a board game running group with a Terra background before, which is very interesting…I am looking forward to seeing the RPG, Wushuang, RTS, and even love AVG under Terra World in my lifetime…think about it, and It’s not the 400 enemies in the game, but the source stone worms that are truly overwhelming. How shocking! And now, when I open this game, basically when I am eating or using a desktop computer, I open a level to let the video play automatically, and then I will open it again when I have time… I think, tomorrow’s Ark may only be from Eagle Point Only when the hands are liberated can there be better development, otherwise the pace is still not taken…

6 months ago

Since I entered the pit a year and a half ago, I have been thinking about the day of the raid. Now that I think about it, my dream will come true. For the production capacity of Eagle Horn, it takes two years to get a one-click collection. Players are urging every day, except for the basic activities. It only takes five minutes to go online every day, and it will be over in one minute. How is it possible? It takes your time to watch the video that has been repeated hundreds of times to increase the game time. Oh, by the way, the signature has not been repaired until now. The main line has not been changed for a year and a half. The plot of the event is getting more and more water riddles. The art setting set is not set. It is an art set and sells for 250. Anyway, there will be people who wash wreaths of. A lot of sharp edges. Yesterday, last station b, a group of people under the official news of the Ark “No one will watch the video every day, right? It won’t be possible to hang up in the background?” “The original online time was shorter than the sweep and only two minutes left to sign in. Is it interesting? ?” Don’t you know that Ark can’t hang up in the background except for the simulator? I didn’t even have a fight, and I couldn’t concentrate on doing my own thing. I would burn the cell phone as if it was scalded out of the pot, and the battery would be swiped down. It was a waste of time and life. I also knew that the Ark’s low production capacity would only be a waste of time. Relying on the videotape to extend the player’s online time. It was originally an attached tour. Old players think about the fact that I was attracted by the worldview and plot when I entered the pit. It was not for watching the videotape. Now I don’t even bother to kill it, just get it with one click. I haven’t ordered the daily rewards a year before I made it, and I haven’t been online for more than a month.

6 months ago

Because once the raid is opened, the fact that the content is low will be put on the surface. The content is indeed low, but at least most people can be online for ten minutes if there is no raid. If there is a raid, then only the online 1 2 minutes. Secondly, game makers are more concerned about the player’s playing time. At present, 10 minutes should be regarded as the lowest limit for a game. If it is lower, this will not even be a game. You must know that the farm harvested vegetables in that year. . In addition, there must be a prerequisite for the Ark’s raid, that is, a non-physical gameplay that can perfectly compensate for the extra time after the raid. The best one should be the meat pigeon, but the size of the meat pigeon cannot be permanent. Or for a long time to play (the content is not enough for the first time the size of the pigeon is dead for a month and it will be boring)

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