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I was a baby born on June 21, 2020. It is the hottest month in confinement. People who come here must listen to their suggestions! ! First, with regard to the lateral incision wound, I have a constitution that is very afraid of pain and easy to swell. After the delivery, the lateral incision wound was very swollen. Because of this, I stayed in the hospital for a day longer than others, and it was still red and swollen when I was discharged. When I was discharged from the hospital, the doctor asked me to buy what medicine to reduce the swelling. I don’t remember what it was. After I was discharged from the hospital, the swelling subsided before it arrived. Later, I returned the product (not available in the nearby pharmacies). My side incision wound is probably treated like this. I don’t need to wash it with raw water. I always wash it with cold hot water and heated water. Exhaust lochia, change the aunt’s towel and wash once to ensure that the wound is not infected. Later, during my 42-day physical examination, the doctor said that I was taking good care of me. Anyway, just wash more, don’t use raw water, often change the aunt’s towel! Second, about sweating, prepare a few sets of confinement clothes. If it is summer, prepare thinner long-sleeved trousers, cotton ones. Even if you are a breastfeeding mother, it is more convenient to open the clothes than to open the confinement clothes. too much! If you sweat a lot, wipe it with a towel and change your clothes. At the beginning, I prepared two sets that were not enough, and then I bought two sets, which were just enough! You sweat when you move around during confinement, you sweat when you eat, and you sweat when you lie down! Confinement is a lot of sweat, breastfeeding underwear can be worn, but prepare a few small towels that can suck milk, leakage of milk is also a very troublesome thing. Thirdly, I don’t know how others do it. Anyway, I insist on two teeth in the morning and evening, and one bath a day. Toothbrush and toothpaste are all delivered in the delivery package! When I was in the hospital, I didn’t take a bath for three days. It was really painful. I think my whole person is going to waste, but fortunately, no one in my family will not give me a bath. After I was discharged from the hospital, I took a bath every day, but the bath time should not be too long, because it is still relatively empty, and the station master will feel dizzy after the time. You won’t get confinement sickness when you take a bath. Confinement sickness is taken with your child. Just take a bath and wipe it dry in time to keep the time. There is no need to talk about raw water and cold water in the bath, running water is better for the wound. Don’t take care of my wounds. It’s different. One takes a small basin and the water is dead, and the other is directly washed, and the water is alive. If I can use the running water every time, I don’t need to cool down to get the water. After all, it is more convenient to use the back when I am not taking a bath. Someone must ask if I want to use moxa water for the full moon. I don’t have emmm. I soaked my feet with moxa water on the full moon. My mother insisted. I didn’t use this water for bathing and didn’t wash my baby. At that time, my mother-in-law still talked about turning her head back. The child’s skin is not good. Don’t blame him for not taking a moxa bath. My child has been more than eleven months old, and he has had heat rash, has never had eczema or allergies. When I was discharged from the hospital, the doctor said that the wormwood did not know whether it was dried or not. If it is clean, it will have no effect on it, whether it is good or not. Children are prone to allergies if they are not clean. Fourthly, it depends on the individual to wash your hair. As long as you can dry it immediately, washing your hair once every two or three days is not a big deal. I wash my hair once every four or five days. Why, because my hair grows longer, I don’t have the strength to dry my hair for a long time, and I don’t want others to blow it on me. Because of my long hair, I often tie my hair to sleep, and finally fell asleep. It’s not because of having children that my hair has become bald. It is because of tying the hair and taking the child! It’s all grown up now. Fortunately. Therefore, I give a suggestion to people who are about to confinement. Don’t grow long hair, especially waist-length hair. It is too troublesome to bring children. Confinement is also very troublesome. It is difficult to wash and dry! Fifth, about the air-conditioning confinement cap, I bought it and didn’t wear it. I spend it in the air-conditioner every day, and my children are hot too! In the first two months of the baby’s birth, the air conditioner was turned on all day and night, and the temperature was around 26 degrees. Do not blow directly, stay in the air-conditioned room and be fine, how can I live without turning on the air-conditioning in such a hot day. . Sixth, about the diet brown sugar water, drink as much as you want, and don’t drink if you don’t want to. It will not make up any blood. Don’t drink too oily soup when the milk is still not available in the first two weeks, it will be uncomfortable for the milk thief. Of course, don’t drink oily soup afterwards. If you don’t beat the milk, it will block the milk. Blocking the milk is more painful than increasing the milk. The diet should be light, with a combination of meat and vegetables, and eat small and frequent meals. One more thing here, in my confinement, fruits are always eaten hot. I personally feel that the hot fruits taste good, such as pink apples, bananas, grapes, papaya, and dragon fruit! How do I feel comfortable in confinement? The old rules must be explained. Under the premise of the old rules, I must make myself comfortable. Seventh, about the sheet, I wanted to sleep on the ice silk mat. I think it is similar to the sheet. Emmm’s two mothers disagreed, so I slept on sheets all summer until the end of my confinement. It was a nightmare to sleep on the sheets when I first went home two days ago. Even if the air conditioner is turned on, it is very painful, but I am used to it later! Eighth, I don’t know about socks and slippers myself. I didn’t even prepare confinement socks. Later, my mother said that she needed stockings to protect her ankles. Don’t ask me. I still don’t understand. Later, I took out the stockings I wore in the spring and autumn to protect my ankles. In fact, they sometimes leaked air and didn’t find much use. There is no impact on life, so I have been doing it all the time. There are also slippers. All I wore during my confinement period were cloth slippers. I made them at home and didn’t buy them. This is what my mother-in-law prepared for me. She said she wanted to protect her heels from wind and she said she couldn’t wear sandals. We don’t understand that we insist on sticking to it if it doesn’t affect normal life. Ninth, about touching cold water and carrying heavy objects, my two mothers told me not to touch cold water. This cold water is not only tap water, but also boiled water that has cooled down. Anyway, cold water is not allowed to be touched. Sometimes I forget when I go to the bathroom, and I still feel a difference when I touch cold water. You won’t feel the cold swish when you get warm water, and you will feel cold in the summer of late June and early July when you touch cold water. I seem to insist that I haven’t touched cold water or eaten unburned fruit for two months. I’m going to talk about carrying heavy objects. As soon as I give birth, I can’t even hold a hair dryer for a minute, and the large water bottle can’t be held at all. . Later, when I went for postpartum repairs, the doctor did not recommend taking heavy objects. The uterus was recovering, the pelvic floor muscles were recovering, and the rectus abdominis muscles were recovering. It would affect the recovery anyway. Many postpartum sequelae, a large part of the reason is because of holding the baby. The postpartum period was really vacant, and there was no way to recover from confinement. In addition, the child had to breastfeed at night, and the rest was secretly. I remember that after four or five months of giving birth, I walked for a long time and panted. The baby couldn’t hold it at all, and it took about half a year to recover. Finally, you must rest well with regards to sleeping and taking your children. It is also good if you can’t sleep with your eyes closed. It is possible to bring children without bringing children, and bringing children is the source of confinement sickness, and the loss of blood qi will not be able to be raised in a while. Just a few words, if you eat well, sleep well, and feel good, you can sit down this month! You can also ask me if you have other questions. I must know everything I know!


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Must take a bath! This sentence may be complained by many elderly people, but we ourselves love to sweat in summer, and then after giving birth, the body will discharge a large amount of excess water stored in the body during pregnancy. So I sweat more. For me, even if I turn on the air conditioner every day when I sweat a lot, I feel stinky. And it’s easier to breed bacteria without taking a bath. We can prepare a hair dryer cap, wipe off the moisture on the body every day after the shower, and blow dry the hair thoroughly to ensure that we do not catch cold. By the way, take a shower if you take a bath~ Keep plenty of rest and a happy mood. Although the work and rest of the baby will be chaotic when the baby is first born, the baby sleeps a lot in the confinement. We can pay attention to it when the baby is asleep, and then try not to think too much about making ourselves happy, otherwise it will be easy to get depressed. Drink more water and less soup? Drinking more soup will not give you milk. Instead, you will gain weight. Drinking more water will also serve the purpose of giving milk. Of course, if you are a sister who loves soup, when I didn’t say…the temperature is suitable and the air-conditioning temperature is recommended to be around 27 degrees. . This is also the most comfortable human body surface temperature. Pay attention to regular opening windows for ventilation to avoid air-conditioning diseases.

6 months ago

How to confinement on a hot day? The baby was born in July. This is the hottest period of the year. The older generations say they need to cover their confinement. In the sultry summer, staying in a room that can’t turn on the air-conditioning makes you feel tormented when you think about it… The older generations talk about sitting Confinement, this cannot be eaten, that cannot be done, there are many taboos. So, in this scorching summer, postpartum mothers really do not turn on the air conditioner, as the older generations of mothers-in-law said, do they have to cover their confinement? Pay attention to the collection of https://s.w.org/images/core/emoji/13.0.1/svg/37-20e3.svg suggestions below! ①. Confinement can’t cover the mother’s body. There will be some changes in the postpartum body, the excretion of the skin is increasingly vigorous, and the body is always damp. Wearing too much will prevent the heat in the body from dissipating, and it is easy to clog the pores. In summer, it is more serious. The weather is already hot. If the new mother wraps herself up from head to toe, there will be dangerous situations such as heat stroke. Add or remove clothes appropriately! Don’t cover your confinement! ② You can turn on the air conditioner properly. The temperature in summer is already 30℃+, and you must avoid excessive indoor temperature during confinement to prevent maternal heatstroke. The indoor temperature should be around 26℃. Do not set the temperature of the air conditioner too low to prevent mother from catching a cold. In addition, the air outlet of the air conditioner is better to be far away from the bed of mother and baby, and avoid direct blowing to avoid wind. If the air conditioner is too close to the bed, you can also turn on the air conditioner in the living room. Keep the bedroom door open to cool the whole air. The air conditioner should not blow directly to the baby and the parturient. When mother and baby are sleeping, the temperature of the air conditioner needs to be adjusted higher, or set to shut down regularly. ③. Open windows every day to ventilate. Before mother and baby go home, clean the home thoroughly, and remove dust from the air conditioner or electric fan. During the confinement period, also pay attention to keeping the room clean. Make sure to open the window for no less than 20 minutes every day. In summer, the window opening time can be selected before 10 o’clock in the morning or after the sun goes down to prevent heat from entering the room. It is best to let the mother and baby go to another room first to avoid being blown by the wind. ④. Brush your teeth on the second day after delivery. After childbirth, mothers will eat a lot of high-protein and high-sugar nutrients every day. If you don’t brush your teeth, it will cause great irritation to the teeth and oral mucosa. Cause periodontitis, gingivitis and multiple dental caries. The correct approach is to start brushing your teeth from the second day after delivery, preferably not more than the third day. When brushing your teeth, the water temperature should be kept at about 38°C, as long as you don’t feel cold. ⑤. Avoid eating raw and cold foods, eat small and frequent meals during confinement in summer, and want to eat some raw and cold foods, but eating these foods prematurely after childbirth will not only affect the teeth and digestive function, but also damage the spleen and stomach, which is not conducive to lochia discharge. It is best for mothers to eat food after heating it sufficiently. The gastrointestinal function of the parturient is weak, so it is best for mothers to eat small meals and eat 5-6 times a day. ⑥. Ensure 8 hours of sleep a day. Because mothers consume a lot of physical strength and energy during childbirth, you must pay close attention to rest during the confinement period, and ensure at least 8 hours of sleep every day. It can not only promote the resetting of the uterus, but also increase appetite, restore the worn-out body as soon as possible, and promote the secretion of milk. ⑦ Family care is essential. Many mothers are prone to crying, depression, depression and other emotional changes after childbirth. Most of them occur 3 days after childbirth and last for about 7 days. This is due to a stronger mental reaction caused by childbirth stimulation, and usually the symptoms will quickly reduce or disappear. However, a few people will develop depression. Therefore, during the confinement period, family members must do more understanding and care. The child’s father is best to accompany his mother to keep the mother in a happy mood, which will help the body recover.

6 months ago

The confinement of a girlfriend of mine is the cruelest I have ever seen! ! She is only 153cm tall. She is a small and thin baby. The prenatal assessment of the baby’s weight is about 8 kg. The doctors do not recommend having a childbirth. Her husband’s family feels that having a childbirth is good for the baby and insists on her… The wound was torn directly to the ass egg! She had confinement in the summer, and she encountered the “confinement”. She was not allowed to blow the air conditioner or bath. Later, the wound was infected and it rotted into a hole! We were not in the same city. Later, I went to see her, debridement and stuffing cotton. I was so distressed and angry that I was shaking all over. Alas, why should women suffer this avoidable sin! ! It’s 2021. For you and your baby, please confinement scientifically, okay? ! Obstetric experts will take you no longer to endure the crime of confinement! Pregnant and childbirth Dr. Li’s video 614 Many taboos in playing confinement are the experience of the ancestors who tried their best to sum up the experience of coping with postpartum complications under the human and material resources at the time. For example, you can’t wash your hair and bath, you can’t blow your hair, you have to rest in bed, etc… But that can only be regarded as a special product of ancient times. Why do you say that? At that time, the maternal mortality rate was extremely high, but the level of medical care was very limited. There is no other way but to pass on some seemingly effective methods as treasures. However, postpartum hemorrhage and puerperal infection have always been the leading causes of maternal death, even at the moment when medicine has advanced for hundreds of years. The onset of postpartum hemorrhage is dangerous. In ancient times when there were no rescue measures such as blood transfusion, vascular ligation, hysterectomy, etc., one can imagine how the ancients were helpless and the mothers were resigned. Puerperal infections are now the second leading cause of maternal death in strictly observing aseptic operations. After infection, they will naturally have fever and be afraid of cold. The ancients diagnosed this as wind chill, which was attributed to the weakness of the postpartum body and the cold. So the mother was asked not to get out of bed, not to see the wind, and not to touch the water. At the time, these restrictions were somewhat effective. After all, there is such a high base case fatality rate, catching up with a small step is a big step for human progress. From a scientific point of view, some measures are not unreasonable in ancient times. For example, in ancient times, only bathtubs were used and bathing was forbidden, which reduced the ascending infection rate. In ancient times, there was no hair dryer, and the hair may not be dry for a long time. There is indeed a risk that the parturient will catch a cold. But for us who are already living in the 21st century, most of the confinement rules are harmful to no benefit. For example, the custom of covering confinement has created a Chinese characteristic postpartum disease-puerperal heatstroke; closed doors and windows, without washing hair or bathing, rapidly cultivated generations of bacteria; resolutely persisting after childbirth greatly increases the risk of thrombosis, embolism It can reach the lungs with the bloodstream. All of the above will be fatal if it is serious. It is hoped that when facing modern medicine and backward customs, women will have the courage to choose the former. , You can and need to wash your hair and take a bath. In modern society, it is more difficult to catch a cold from taking a bath. Everyone has a bathroom heater and a hair dryer. In the north, there is heating when it is cold. If you do not wash your hair or take a bath, germs can easily cause puerperal infection. Normally, you can start taking a bath within 2 to 5 days after delivery. Cesarean section depends on the recovery of the wound. Generally, you can start taking a bath after two weeks. But don’t take a bath, lest the unclean bath water introduce bacteria in the genital tract and cause infection. It is better to adjust the water temperature to about 38 degrees, and the time should not be too long, try to control it within 5 to 10 minutes. Of course you can wash your hair, because now we have hair dryers, it is better to use a constant temperature hair dryer. Some people will say don’t listen to what the doctor says. Some doctors are very minded. If you don’t believe it, try it, and you’ll know in the future. At this time, you can tell her that you can try without taking a bath or washing your hair. You don’t have to wait, you will know before the confinement. The incidence of puerperal infection can be as high as 7%. Second, it can and needs to be ventilated or even air-conditioned. Many elderly people think that mothers cannot see the wind, so they will cover their confinement. The advantage of air circulation is not only to cool down, but also to sterilize it! Studies have shown that when there is no ventilation, the number of indoor bacteria is more than 6 times that of natural ventilation. It is the consensus of hospitals and other institutions to use ventilation as the basic disinfection method of indoor air. Of course, if your area is severely haze in certain seasons, you can also use a fresh air system to ventilate. During the puerperium, mothers have strong sweat gland secretion and are prone to sweating. I believe that many mothers have the experience of breastfeeding and sweating, or getting out of bed for two steps and sweating. If the air conditioner is not turned on in the high temperature environment, and the ventilation is not timely, the internal heat of the human body cannot be discharged. Mom and baby will easily get rash, and even cause heat stroke during the puerperium, breeding of bacteria and so on. Therefore, whether it is a ventilation fan or an air conditioner, as long as it is not hanging straight to the parturient, it is enough not to adjust the temperature too low. Third, you can and need to brush your teeth. During pregnancy and delivery, changes in estrogen and progesterone are more likely to increase oral inflammation. If you do not pay attention to supplementing calcium at the same time, it will also cause teeth to deteriorate. Eat more fruits and drinks in summer and have higher sugar content. At this time, not paying attention to oral health care, a large amount of bacteria accumulation and calcification are formed in the congested and swollen gums. Bacteria secrete toxins and metabolites to corrode the gums, and teeth will gradually lose the protection of gums and periodontal tissues. In addition, pregnant women are prone to calcium deficiency and insufficient calcium supplementation, bleeding gums, loose teeth or even falling off, which is not a joke. The less you brush your teeth, the more bleeding you are, and the easier it is to suffer from so-called confinement disease. There are many special toothbrushes for pregnant women, and many issues such as material comfort have been considered for pregnant women. You can rest assured to choose reliable brands to protect your teeth!

6 months ago

In the hottest summer, sitting for more than 40 days of confinement, let me use my personal experience to tell you the truth. Since it is summer confinement, the first thing you face is heat. I woke up in the middle of the night to take a bath, and there was a hot eczema on my chest. I’m like this, the baby is naturally not much better. The eczema on his face and body is much more serious than mine. So I turned on the air conditioner, wiped the medicine, and put it on. I really feel sorry that she just gave birth and followed us in the confinement. So don’t hesitate to turn on the air conditioner. As long as you don’t blow directly, you can choose to turn on the living room air conditioner and open the bedroom door, so that the temperature in the bedroom will also decrease and you will feel the coolness. If it is still hot, turn on the bedroom air conditioner and cover it with an air conditioner baffle to avoid direct blowing. In addition, for women and babies after all, the temperature is not recommended to be too low. The air conditioner with good cooling effect is only 28°C, and the temperature can be appropriately lowered if the cooling effect is poor. In addition, the mothers must have experience, and every time the baby finishes milk, he sweats profusely! It’s true that it’s not fake at all that it’s hard to eat milk, and you can see it from the sweat of the baby. When breastfeeding, mothers can choose this kind of mat on the arm so that the baby will be slightly cooler. You can also use it when you hug her. Experienced mothers must know that when holding the baby, the arm was pressed against the baby’s neck, and she was sweating, and she could even cover up the prickly heat for the baby. In these cases, this kind of summer mat will play a very important role. If there is no such kind of summer mat, a cotton gauze towel, or the sleeves of the clothes separate the baby’s skin relatively better. In addition, the most important thing is to pay attention to hygiene in summer. Take a shower frequently and dry your hair in time. Brush your teeth regularly and pay attention to oral hygiene. Change clothes in time, pay attention to food hygiene and maintain environmental hygiene. A good living environment will be more conducive to the growth of the baby. When it comes to hygiene, I believe that many mothers have encountered a situation similar to mine, which is embarrassing and helpless. There are a lot of postpartum lochia. At the beginning, I also used maternity napkins and prepared some disposable underwear, but I never expected that the lochia lasted for a month… This has already drained my inventory. But who should wash it? As a confinement woman, I don’t want to wash myself, and everyone does not agree with me to wash. I am embarrassed to let the mother-in-law wash it; I am willing to let the husband wash it, but the mother-in-law can’t bear her son to work… Throw the washing machine, right? It seems too little. So a small wall-mounted washing machine is quite convenient. In addition, there are a lot of clothes to be washed at any time during confinement. After sitting for about half a month of confinement, my body has recovered to a certain extent, and the milk volume has started to rise, and the milk can often seep through the double breastfeeding suit. I have to change my clothes two or three times every day. On the baby side, although there are diapers, there will still be omissions. And when she was born, she would have high jaundice. We would expose her to the sun, eat the abominable Yinzhihuang diarrhea, red ass, and often cool her ass, accidentally creating a piece of cake or pee. In addition, sometimes spit up milk after taking a hiccup, or after eating a hiccup, or sleeping while eating, occasionally vomiting up milk, all kinds of gauze, changing pads, diapers, and daily changes of clothes that need to be cleaned. Think about the workload. So during confinement, my mother-in-law basically washes clothes and cooks. This is already very tiring. Later, after I went to work, my mother-in-law took the children alone and had to wash and cook. It was really exhausting. In addition, there are large washing machines at home, and ordinary children’s washing machines take up space, so this wall-mounted washing machine was started. At first, my mother-in-law thought it was too expensive to buy, but after using it a few times, she boasted that it was good, and it was cleaner than her hand-washed. I suggest to arrange it as soon as possible. In the confinement period, there will be no embarrassment to make people wash their underwear, and there will be more and more items to be cleaned during the baby’s growth process. Arrange it as soon as possible to make it easier for yourself as soon as possible. A good confinement can help you easily confinement, and a washing machine can help you solve many problems of who washes clothes and heavy laundry workload. Haier wall-mounted washing machine is recommended here. Haier is a big brand with trustworthy quality. Talk about the overall experience of use. 1. The washing capacity is 3kg, which can hold 8-9 pieces of baby clothes, or 4-5 pieces of adult single clothes, or a double bed sheet. 2. His capacity is small, which is very suitable for washing small pieces of clothing, and the water consumption is relatively small, which is very in line with the elderly’s careful and economical characteristics. Because of the small capacity, you don’t need to pack up and wash your clothes, and throw them into the washing machine when they are dirty. 3. Its working sound is very small, and only slightly vibrates during the final spin-drying, which will not disturb our normal work and life. 4. Before buying, you need to confirm whether a wall-mounted washing machine can be installed in your home. Because she requires it to be installed on a solid wall. The reserved space should be slightly larger than the size of the washing machine. 5. The anti-falling device of this washing machine is very good. I heard that there is a patent application. Even a few millimeters of looseness can be recognized immediately and an early warning will be issued to the mobile phone. Ensure safety in time. 6. The washing machine is also equipped with a high-temperature washing function. It has been verified that the clothes that have been boiled and washed are basically tasteless, which can effectively remove the residue of laundry detergent. Although the laundry detergents are now labeled with various safe formulas, they are plant extracts, and there are no fluorescent agents, but I feel that the best thing is to clean them as little as possible. The previous eczema experience tells me that for a baby, the skin is too tender. Any chemical substance may irritate the baby’s delicate skin.

6 months ago

During the summer confinement period, you should avoid drinking a lot of soup too early. It is okay to drink some soup appropriately. However, if the child has just landed, let the mother drink a lot of soup, which will easily cause the mother to secrete a lot of milk. Newborn babies have relatively small stomach capacity, poor sucking power, and eat less. Too much milk will stagnate in the mammary ducts, causing breast tenderness, which will not only cause pain to the parturient, but also affect normalcy. Breastfeeding. In addition, avoid drinking brown sugar water for too long. Drinking too much brown sugar water will not only damage the teeth of the parturient woman. If the parturient consumes too much during confinement in the summer, it will also lead to excessive sweating, and the body will become weaker. , And even cause heat stroke. In addition, drinking too much brown sugar water will increase the blood volume in the lochia, causing the mother to continue to lose blood and cause anemia. In addition, during the summer confinement period, avoid eating hard, salty, and cold foods. Postpartum mothers are generally weaker and less active. If you eat some food that is not easy to digest, it will cause stomach discomfort, which will not only affect the recovery of spleen and stomach function, but also is not conducive to the discharge of lochia. Also, don’t rush to take ginseng. Ginseng is hot. Taking it in summer may cause new mothers to get angry.

6 months ago

I have just been sitting for a month, and I have two weeks to leave the customs. The confinement catches up with the hottest month. Don’t embarrass yourself when the weather is hot. Mothers and pregnant women are afraid of heat. Newborns should also be protected from overheating. Therefore, keep the room temperature below 25 degrees Celsius as much as possible. Or avoid it and just don’t blow straight. Bathe more in hot weather, wash your hair and blow dry in time. When I’m hot, I drink less hot soup to avoid discomfort. I can drink ice water if my stomach can stand it. If I don’t feel comfortable drinking cold water, I can at least drink water at room temperature, not necessarily hot water on a hot day. Avoid dehydration and heatstroke. Don’t wait until you are thirsty to drink water. It is important to add more water and breastfeeding at night. Breastfeeding is particularly uncomfortable when it is hot, and the baby will also be irritable. If the air conditioner is still too hot, you can streamline the clothes. The baby should also wear less breastfeeding, shorts and short sleeves. If it is too hot, only wear nursing underwear. Comfort is the most important.

6 months ago

Turn on the air conditioner! With the right temperature and proper ventilation, we must keep a good mood!
Eat well, sleep well, rest well!
In the future, the baby will have the opportunity to hug, and some will have the opportunity to change diapers!
What do you want to eat! As long as it is not excessive such as ice cream! Coke, Sprite! It’s all OK!

6 months ago

PS: It is not the mother who needs advice most, but the mother’s husband and other family members who help take care of the mother. For those who have just become fathers, they must have the consciousness of being a “husband” and “father” when facing their wives and children, both physically and psychologically. There will be no impact if you look at your phone for a few moments. If you hug your child more, you won’t get a broken bone, and give your wife a quilt and you won’t get tired and get sick… Increase the sense of participation, and there will be a lot of benefits. For the elderly or other relatives who come to help bring children, try to focus on the normal needs of the mother of the child. There are really not so many “can’t eat, can’t move”, “…will get confinement sickness”, and there is no need to use a threatening tone. Warn the mother of the child, “If you don’t listen to me, what will happen to your arms and legs when you reach my age”… You are in your 50s or 60s, and your legs and feet are unfavorable because you have not done well in confinement or simply because you are old. No points? In the face of all kinds of people who come to give advice (especially afraid of the family), the husband must work hard, the mother can take a bath, there are not too many taboos, there is no need to drink all kinds of soups, adults and children do not need to cover their hands, and the air conditioner can be turned on in the house. The child can wear diapers, use a pacifier, and wash clothes in a machine…If there are side cuts, the nursing methods follow the doctor’s instructions. (Children can be beaten without pain, mothers are willing, the doctor agrees, don’t use all kinds of excuses) Finally, even if the family thinks they have done 99% of their efforts, the mother may still lose control of emotions and the child may still be in various difficulties. Coax is not just confinement, it is a long process of recovery and mutual growth.

6 months ago

If a girl with long hair is unwilling to cut her hair, I advise you to cut it. It’s not a reason to be afraid of robbing nutrition. I was a child born in winter. I didn’t lose a single hair during my pregnancy. When I was about to give birth, my hair reached the peak of my life, so I didn’t want to cut it. I got through the trouble of washing my hair during pregnancy, I got through the trouble of having a child with a disheveled hair, I got through the confinement, which was hot and irritable, and then I cut my hair when the child was three months old. Why cut it? My idea is very simple. If you lose your hair, you will almost lose your baldness. If you don’t cut it, half of the length and half of the short will be broken. Can you see it? The child still tugged her hair so smoothly, and cut it without worry…So, I love my hair very much. I hereby solemnly suggest that pregnant girls cut their hair as soon as possible, especially girls who are due to give birth in summer. It doesn’t have to be tangled. Anyway, after half a year of giving birth, the hair is thin and there is no hairstyle at all. Anyway, the hair grows out after a year and it is layered and it is not good-looking. Why not enjoy the convenience of refreshing short hair? Cut it early and relax early. Sisters.

6 months ago

Let’s talk to everyone about the precautions for confinement in summer, so that mothers-to-be have a bottom line! 1. Pay attention to moisture removal on wet days. The climate is changeable in summer, especially in the south. Sometimes there will be wet days and the humidity in the room will be very high. At this time, the air conditioner can be used to dehumidify. Generally, the indoor humidity should be about 55%. 2. At the same time of ventilation, pay attention to avoiding wind. It is not advisable to close the doors and windows tightly during confinement in summer. Open the windows frequently to keep the indoor air fresh. But in order to prevent mothers from catching a cold when they breathe, they can do it without convection, or open all windows when going out. 3. Precautions for fan air-conditioning Mothers are prone to sweat during confinement. In addition, the degree of sweating is greatly increased due to the hot weather. Fans can be used, and the air-conditioning can be turned on if necessary, but not directly at the mother. blow. In the case of excessive sweating, be sure to wipe off the sweat with a dry towel first, because the pores will open after sweating and it is easy to invade the cold. 4. Bathing precautions If the childbirth is smooth and there is no laceration in the perineum, after cesarean section and lateral perineal incision, the wounds healed well can take a bath. Mainly take shower, the water temperature is slightly higher than body temperature, you can choose warm water to scrub your body if you don’t want to take a shower. Generally, take a bath 3-4 times a week, 10-20 minutes each time. New mothers should stop bathing within 1 month after giving birth. 5. Precautions for brushing and shampooing during confinement in summer. Special attention should be paid to protecting teeth during confinement, because during pregnancy and childbirth, the loss of calcium in the mother’s body is more serious, so rinse your mouth after meals and brush your teeth before going to bed. Dry your hair promptly after washing. 6. Precautions for haircutting and combing Haircutting a refreshing short hair can prevent the heat. When combing your hair, the comb should not be too sharp, and the long hair should not be pulled hard. The solution to itchy scalp is washing. Relying on the comb or nails to relieve the itching will damage the scalp. 7, rest precautions, you must ensure adequate sleep after childbirth. It is better to ensure 8-10 hours of sleep every day. If it is difficult to take good care of your baby at night, you can rest during the day when your baby sleeps. 8. Precautions for intercourse. Avoid intercourse during confinement in summer, and wait until the body is fully recovered before proceeding. Resuming sexual life prematurely, because the wound in the uterus has not recovered, it is easy to cause puerperium infection. 9. Precautions for visits During confinement in summer, you should pay attention to the indoor environment. Visits by relatives and friends should be reduced to avoid polluting the indoor air or bringing bacteria and viruses to affect the health of mothers and newborns. The above is from the Mawang Encyclopedia. I hope that moms should adjust the precautions for confinement according to the changes of the seasons in different seasons. Not all of them are suitable for you!

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