At the beginning of March, a kindergarten in Chengdu was exposed to “adopting a vegan diet” and caused heated discussions. On the evening of March 5, the Education Bureau of Xindu District of Chengdu issued the “Investigation on the Meal Supply of Deyin School Kindergarten”, stating that the kindergarten involved did not supply meat and animal food, and the investigation team has urged the school to improve the food supply in accordance with regulations.

There are many types of vegetarian food, such as vegan, lacto-vegetarian, egg-vegetable, semi-vegetarian, etc. Studies have shown that a vegan diet can significantly lower children’s cholesterol, high-density lipoprotein, and essential amino acids. However, some people choose to be vegetarian due to cultural factors. Then we need to match the diet reasonably and find alternative food solutions.

Studies have shown that eating more plant-based foods instead of meat can help you stay healthy. So, for children whose bodies and brains are still developing, is a meatless diet plan a safe choice? How do you make sure that the food you choose will provide the children with the nutrients they need? 1. What types of vegetarians are included? Vegetarians are divided into different types, including: Lacto-egg vegetarians: still eat dairy products and eggs. Flexible vegetarians: Try to avoid eating meat, chicken, and fish, but sometimes they do. Absolute vegetarians: Do not eat any animal products or by-products. Image source: Zhankuhailuo 2. Is vegetarianism healthy for children? Debra Nessel, a registered dietitian at Torrance Medical Center, said: “Research has shown that vegetarians tend to be healthier than meat eaters.” Because stopping eating meat will consume less unhealthy saturated fat, cholesterol, and Eat more fiber. But not eating animal foods may make it more difficult for your child to get some essential nutrients. For example: protein: children need protein to grow and develop, maintain muscles, organs and their immune systems. Lacto-egg vegetarians can obtain protein from eggs and dairy products. In addition, some protein can be obtained from plant sources, such as peas, lentils, green leafy vegetables, seeds and nuts, and whole grains. Vitamin B12: Healthy nerves and blood cells depend on this vitamin. Vegetarians can obtain it from meat substitutes such as fortified grains, tofu or tempeh, and nutritional yeast. Zinc: Too little zinc may slow the growth rate of children and damage their immune system. Fermented grain products are a simple, child-friendly source of zinc, such as bread. Iron: Red blood cells throughout the body need iron to carry and transport oxygen. Try iron-fortified breakfast cereals, spinach, kidney beans, and lentils. Calcium: This mineral is an important component for strong bones and teeth. Please look for foods rich in calcium for your child, such as cereals, orange juice, and soy milk. Because bones grow rapidly during adolescence and most children tend to consume too little calcium, doctors may also recommend calcium supplements. Image source: Zhankuhailuo III. What else should I know? “Vegetarian” does not mean “healthy”. Lori Zanini, a registered dietitian from Los Angeles, pointed out: “The quality of food in the diet is the most important factor.” In fact, growing children need calories. But many vegetarian foods are low in fat and high in fiber. Although this is helpful for adults who need to lose weight, it is not suitable for children whose bodies are still developing.


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7 months ago

Physical adverse effects, and more serious mental effects. The impact of the body is likely to cause extremely serious malnutrition. There is a high probability that calcium, iron, zinc and vitamins will be deficient, and protein and amino acid leaves will not be enough. In addition to the retardation of physical and intellectual development, it will also lead to reduced immunity and a series of diseases. The mental impact is even more terrifying. The kindergarten of Deyin Academy, with its name and admiration of vegetarianism, has a high probability of being related to a cult. It is the kind of native cult that makes money in the name of Buddhism. The charge is certainly not low. The teachers may have been taught by the master. It is inevitable that the parents who can send their children to such places are not good at using their brains. With the addition of the teaching content, the three-character Scripture of the Disciples Guidance, it can be foreseen that these children will be destroyed in the future.

7 months ago

Studies have shown that long-term vegetarianism is harmful to dental health; and the arginine in some meat and dairy products can naturally decompose dental plaque, avoid tooth decay, and prevent gum disease. Moreover, children are at the critical moment for tooth growth and replacement. Reasonable eating habits are particularly important, and I hope to pay attention to this point. Children of this age will definitely be malnourished if they are vegan. It is not easy to be a vegetarian diet to ensure adequate intake of all the nutrients the human body needs. Kindergarten teachers are not dietitians, and they don’t necessarily know how to eat a vegetarian diet in order to be nutritious. Even adults who are vegetarians need to take nutritional supplements to ensure their nutritional balance! Children cannot take nutritional medicine, so it is difficult to maintain a nutritional balance. Such kindergartens are very worrying! Normal vegetarians eat eggs and drink milk. Nutrition should be no problem. Chinese vegetarians are pitifully few and have balanced nutrition. The cost of a vegetarian diet is very high. It is really unnecessary. As for this kindergarten, it’s just nonsense, the main purpose is to build a fake high-end, and ultimately to collect more money. ​

7 months ago

The method of treating both symptoms and root causes should continue to strengthen public opinion propaganda, break the traditional misconceptions of eating a good health, and promote the important impact of high-protein foods such as meat, eggs and milk on the growth and development of children. My parents have both received engineering education, and they are inevitably influenced by the traditional Chinese medicine concept of health preservation. They like a light diet, like eating porridge and vegetables. After my adulthood, my family status has improved, and I have continued to advise them, successfully allowing them to change the dietary basis from traditional Chinese medicine to modern nutrition, and to consider the balance of various nutrients, especially protein. There is a long way to go to change the concept of the group. Fortunately, science is on our side.

7 months ago

Most people suffer from picky eaters and partial eclipses, especially children, who are the most picky eaters. The vast majority of children don’t like to eat vegetables, and there are also some children who are special and only eat vegetables but not meat. So, what will children lack if they don’t eat meat? As the main source of nutrients in daily life, meat contains nutrients such as protein, vitamin A, iron and zinc that we need daily. If the child does not eat meat, it will easily affect the development and growth. Certainly some people will start to refute “Isn’t there these proteins and other elements in vegetables?” Indeed, there are also a lot of proteins in vegetarian food. For example, our common soybeans are high-protein vegetables. However, the protein needed for the growth and development of a child is not enough to be taken only from a vegetarian diet. Moreover, the protein in the vegetarian diet is not conducive to the digestion and absorption of the human body compared to the protein in the meat. In the process of children’s growth, once they lack protein, they are prone to weak resistance, and in serious cases, they may even have slow intellectual development, which is very detrimental to the child’s development. Similarly, a vegetarian diet contains trace elements such as iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium, etc., which are needed by the human body, but the content is less than that of meat. In the usual diet, only supplementation can be achieved, or the intake of meat should be the mainstay. If children do not eat meat for a long time, their bodies will lack various trace elements, which will affect their normal growth. Moreover, plants contain oxalic acid, which can inhibit the absorption of iron by the human body, which can easily lead to anemia in children. To sum up, a normal and reasonable diet for children every day is the key to growth and development. I hope that every child can grow up healthily.

7 months ago

[A kindergarten in Chengdu was accused of providing all-vegetarian meals, the Bureau of Education: There are eggs, milk, but no meat, and urge improvement] #教育局responsive kindergarten is accused of supplying all-vegetarian meals# In response to “the kindergarten was questioned about giving children all vegetarian meals”, Chengdu, Sichuan On the evening of March 5, the Education Bureau of Xindu District issued the “Investigation on Food Supply in Deyin School Kindergarten”, stating that the kindergarten involved did not supply meat and animal food, and the investigation team has urged the school to improve the food supply in accordance with regulations. The “Investigation Situation” shows that the Xindu District Education Bureau, together with the District Health Bureau and the District Market Supervision Bureau, formed a joint investigation team to investigate the food supply of Deyin Academy kindergarten. The kindergarten opened in October 2020 for enrollment, and now there are 49 children in the kindergarten. The breakfast served in the garden is eggs, milk, rice porridge, steamed buns, etc., lunch is eggs, beans and products, cereals and potatoes, seasonal vegetables, etc., and snacks are fruits, pastries, and white fungus soup. Go home for dinner.

7 months ago

Vegetarianism is not bad, but it is not good for children to eat vegan food. In terms of subjective wishes, children generally do not like to be vegetarian. The main reason for this is that the body is not fully developed, the body fat is not accumulated enough, and the harmful substances in plant foods cannot be handled well. Of course, this special case of fat children can be said otherwise. What do children like to eat? Ordinary children like to eat sweets. The reason is that sugar is most easily digested by the human body and can complete the fat accumulation stage most quickly, so children like to eat this stuff the most. The dietary requirements of adults and children are not the same. It is better not to force uniformity in this regard, if it is really for the sake of the next generation. However, our side has never paid much attention to this aspect. The great and outstanding 5,000-year civilization has always been subjective and domineering. To what extent is it subjective? Everything is born for me to eat, because it is so good, there are many examples of eating minerals and killing people in great civilizations. Still have to read more books and see how the predecessors ate to death, and don’t make the same mistakes.

7 months ago

I read the Weibo of Deyin Academy and I feel that as a historical web literary lover, I know that the Enlightenment of Confucianism is three hundred thousand three-character classics, 1145 and 568 thousand-character essays of 100 families. These three books are Confucian classics, although for the present There is dross. However, this kindergarten says to recite 2,152 words for university, 3568 words for me, and 5162 words for Laozi. Isn’t the kindergarten pure play now? My niece now reads Taipan but doesn’t know a few of them, so she still asks to recite these three books? The principal is really unscrupulous in order to make money. If you send a child in because of this gimmick, I really recommend that you go to the hospital and have a look at your brain. I personally suggest changing the name of Deyin Academy to Shangzhongyong Vocational and Technical School’s kindergarten induction training, elementary school prodigy debut, junior high school using waste heat to make money, high school returning to school to rebuild technology, and in-depth cooperation with New Oriental is recommended.

7 months ago

Suddenly it feels good. They are all vegetarian. Because the child still eats at home at night. They only eat meat. and so. I have to be vegetarian at school. It feels good. . . but. I just want to ask. Are the people who sent it very rich? Go home for a meal at night. I am so poor and can’t afford to eat meat. I am very envious. to be honest. The school is really cost-saving. Because most of the meals in the canteens are awful. why. It’s not that the chef has bad skills. Yes. It’s all Chen Mi. They are all Chen Mi. I was full at that time and started to be hungry for an hour. understand? and so. We can catch visible dishes. This Chen Mi. Leaders have a taste. . People are light-hearted.

7 months ago

“Kindergarten”, “Child”, “Vegetarian”… These words stimulate the public’s “retina” to the limit. The Chinese people’s current diet has changed from eating well in the past to eating well, and this The definition of “eat well” should be specific to people and circumstances. The news report that “kindergarten kids eat all vegetarian food” subverts the traditional dietary concept of the general public. It was originally thought that eating well is to eat big fish and meat. Is it a bitter child to be a vegetarian? I don’t know if this is the exquisiteness of life. Or is it the ultimate spirituality? When is it wrong to eat a vegetarian diet? At home, don’t you call every day to eat more vegetables and more fruits? Would it be wrong to have a whole meat meal someday? It does not matter what you eat. Healthy eating, happy eating, and safe eating are the criteria for judging.

7 months ago

I rarely eat meat. It’s not because I’m vegetarian, but because I don’t think the meat I cook at home is good. I can still eat some meat when I go to restaurants. I also buy some canned fish myself, but it’s fresh. Fish is never eaten, it may not be able to eat anything with fishy smell. Since I have children, I have to put meat in cooking because the children don’t have meat and don’t eat. Later, I really couldn’t, so I made some egg drop soup alone. But with such a light diet, last year I had a cerebral infarction, and I was diagnosed with high blood pressure (very high risk indicated on the discharge certificate), and fatty liver. I don’t drink, smoke, or eat meat, and I don’t have any bad habits. The result is like this. So my conclusion is: I want to be vegetarian, I want to eat meat and meat, don’t listen to experts, how many experts are not dead? As for children, as long as the nutrition keeps up, there is enough tofu, egg and milk, and there is no problem if you don’t eat meat. If the Education Bureau wants to manage it, it can only advise or supervise. It really can’t control whether the child is eating well or not. The taste is mainly in the chef, not in the ingredients. I can make the soup slices very fragrant, but I don’t even eat the braised pork dog that I made. When I was staying at school, I only ate half of the vegetable soup for a meal, and almost never had any meat, but to save money. I often throw away the hairy fat from my classmates in the dormitory, which shows that there is no decent handling and cooking, and no matter how good the ingredients are, they are nothing but cheap.

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