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I recommend you to go to Qingdao 1. Qingdao is definitely a poetic first-tier city by the sea. In Qingdao, you can experience the vibe of Jieshi on the east, view the momentum of the sea, and enjoy the scenery of the sea and the sky, red tiles and green trees, which is an absolute satisfaction. All the cities you can imagine 2. Graduation trip, you must go to a place where you can talk about your life after graduation and sigh the story of the end of your studies. Standing on the top of the great peak of Laoshan, the first fairy mountain on the sea, overlooking the sea and surroundings Xianshan, it seems that you can see your future. It is vast and turbulent. You can also sit by the beach and talk about interesting things about your study career. When the sun sets, you can walk on the soft beach of the Stone Old Man Bath. Is it the most beautiful picture? 3. The overall budget, three days and three nights, should be around 2,000 yuan per person on non-holidays. The following dismantles the food, drink, housing and transportation. 3.1 If you eat, Qingdao has Pichai Courtyard and Taitung Pedestrian Street, all of which are specialty snacks. The price is so affordable that it is not like the consumption level of first-tier cities. Qingdao Puree can be seen everywhere on the street. At night, three or five friends are sitting together, eating crayfish and drinking Qingdao Puree. If you live in the city, it is recommended to live in the city. North District, because most of the scenic spots are in the old city of Shibei District, if it is not a holiday, the price of a chain hotel is around 200, not to mention if you are traveling in a group, it will be cheaper. 3.3 If you have traffic, you must blow it up in Qingdao. One thing is that taxis in Qingdao are really cheap. Compared with other first-tier cities, it is really good. In addition, the main means of transportation is elected as the subway. Line 3 can basically cover most of the attractions. The bus is also fast and there are no people. Many, it is recommended to download the Qingdao Metro APP, which contains specific Qingdao travel guides. You can search for the ID of’Ning’ on the Mafengwo APP, and there are specific guides and notes for you


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6 months ago

Let go of life and go after poetry and the distance together! After listening to the clouds and rain in Huguang and clearing the lotus, I have counted the apricot blossoms and mists in the land of Wuyue; do you always feel more or less shortcomings? Come on then! Please follow my footsteps and make a hearty journey towards the northwest of the snow-capped mountains, grasslands, deserts, and holy lakes! In the 5,000-mile long journey, show your banner of youth! Deep in the northwest, dreams have thousands of knots. In this 2500-kilometer classic route, there are 1 national treasure-level super five-A scenic spot ____ Dunhuang tourist area; 4 5A-level scenic spots ___ Tibetan Buddhism holy land Taer Temple, Xiwangmu Yaochi Qinghai Lake, and the sky of the desert Sand Mountain Crescent Spring, Jiayuguan Pass, the world’s No. 1 Xiongguan; 3 4A sprint 5A scenic spots ___Skyland Chaka Salt Lake, Colorful Danxia, ​​Qilian Prairie, the most beautiful grassland in China; and 12 4A or famous scenic spots__ _Menyuan Baili Flower Sea, Dangeer Ancient City, Tangfan Ancient Road Riyue Mountain, Emerald Lake, Water Yadan, Dunhuang Guyangguan, Zhangye Sunan Ancient Ethnic Customs Park, Shandan Yanzhi Mountain, Jiayuguan Peacock Garden, etc. . How about, is it a carnival of travel? Ride on your white deer and pick up your dream in Qinghai! One: What you need to prepare before you start: 1. According to the climate rule that the temperature will drop by 6° for every kilometer in altitude, the average summer temperature in Xining, the capital of 2200 meters above sea level, is around 23°-28° (maximum 33°). Degree, lasts about 10 days), the temperature difference is large, morning and evening are cool; and some of the scenic spots are about three to four kilometers above sea level, so please prepare coats, long pants, plateau sun protection clothing, purple-proof sunglasses, and sunscreen And other warm sun protection equipment. 2. Of course, the indispensable thing to come to Qinghai is to take beautiful photos that are gorgeous and beautiful. Please learn the basics of photo composition in advance; as for the shawls and long skirts in bright colors that are essential for selfies, you can buy them everywhere in the city; it is recommended to bring your own, after all, the most beautiful ones are suitable for you. (Ps: How to take high-quality beautiful photos, the editor will show the selected pictures below.) 3. Young people and children of normal physique will basically not have high reflections, if they are weak or come here for the first time In the Northwest Plateau, it is best to take Rhodiola and take it with you a few days before departure. Of course, you can buy it everywhere in Xining. Don’t worry too much about altitude sickness. 4. Many young ladies are worried about safety issues. Now the law and order in Xining is very good, and it is not even worse than many big cities. The people here are simple and kind, and the public security management is quite perfect. Since there are many ethnic minorities in Qinghai, you must respect and pay attention to local customs and culture when you play. Especially when you enter the temple, don’t take pictures of the monks. Looking back, it was the young man dyed with red mud. Two: The joy of gluttonous food, eat in Xining! If you are a standard foodie, then the dazzling array of Qinghai delicacies will surely satisfy your wish for large pieces. Fat but not greasy but not mutated, the Qinghai Plateau beef and mutton is well-known throughout the country. I recommend here the affordable, pure taste and rich variety of halal restaurant “Xinqian International” Food City to taste the more than 1,000 kinds; hand-caught lamb, barbecue, mutton with pepper, all kinds of yogurt, clay hot pot, dog pee, Huangyuan pork loin, lamb intestine noodles, high-flavor soup and other authentic Qinghai delicacies. (A variety of Qinghai cuisines in one city, halal, clean, and formal.) Three: Turn mountains and rivers and turn to pagodas; in front of the temple, on the pilgrimage road___Taer Temple, a key cultural relics protection unit of the State Council, is located Located in Huangzhong County, 28 kilometers away from Xining. Taer Monastery is one of the six holy monasteries of Tibetan Buddhism, the birthplace of Gelug Sect, and the Taoist Temple of Master Tsongkhapa. For more than 600 years, the temple has been famous for its religion, and the temple has enhanced its glory. With the solemnity of the pure land of Buddha, it has attracted tens of millions of Buddhists from all over the world. The temple built on the hill is high, but there is a magnificent atmosphere of the flourishing Buddha country with magnificent magnificence, fierce prayer flags, and curly Sanskrit sounds. The pilgrims who walked between the temples of the Buddha worshiped around the temple with their long heads, knocking on the sun and the moon with their pious beliefs, and passing on to the Buddha the reincarnation of the next life. The butter flower, thangka, pile show in the temple, as well as the pagoda tree in the main hall, and the tree pagoda are worth seeing. In addition, you have to see with your own eyes what kind of piety the handcrafted craftsmen have used for thousands of years to connect ancient religious history with modern civilization. PS: There are very few travel companies that can take tourists to see a street of Buddhist ornaments, but we can! Tickets for Taer Temple: 70 yuan; play time: 2-2.5 hours; four: the lake and Haiti give me all the reasons to embrace you-Qinghai Lake West Queen Mother Yaochi Qinghai Lake, for this full of myths and legends in China, the most beautiful Lakes, the travel guides of major tourism websites in Qinghai can be described as overwhelming. Therefore, I won’t repeat it. As for the fairies who love to shoot themselves and love literature and art, when you wear white clothes full of fairy spirit, long skirt fluttering in the grass, green flowers and yellow, what is the beauty of the beautiful scenery of the water in the snow-capped mountains? “At that moment, I raised the horse, not to pray for blessings, just to wait for your arrival” “It’s better not to see, so you can disappear; it’s best not to know each other, so you can’t love each other…” Qinghai Lake Tickets for Erlangjian Scenic Area: 90 yuan, the lakeside trail may not be open in 2019 due to environmental protection issues; play time: 2 hours; five: Tuoling Silk Road, Dunhuang through the ages-Mogao Grottoes are for China that has stood for thousands of years in this standing desert Cultural treasures, too many people will produce mysterious, distant, magical, and legendary perception symbols. And the answer given by the State Council and the China Tourism Administration is also a treasure of the country and is not rated. So far, no religion, grotto, or palace in the world can match Dunhuang. (In the future, I will analyze the historical background, development and formation process and social, economic, scientific, and cultural values ​​of the 16 dynasties from the pre-Qin period to the Song, Xixia, and Yuan dynasties from the styles of superb architecture, sculpture, and murals. Mogao Cave ticket: the latest ticket policy of Mogao Grottoes in 2019, peak season time 4.1-11.30. Ticket price: 238 yuan/person 180 (ticket) + 48 (digital theater) + 10 (shuttle bus), off-season time 12.1-3.31. Tickets Price: 140 yuan/person 90 (ticket) + 40 (digital cinema) + 10 (shuttle bus), foreign guests need to charge an additional 20 yuan/person for explanation (remember to book 30 days in advance, it is difficult to obtain a ticket in peak season, and the daily limit is 6000) ;Playing time: 3-4 hours; Six: Love is like spring sand, stunned forever-Mingsha Mountain Crescent Spring Mingsha Mountain Crescent Spring is a 5-star brand attraction under the Dunhuang Tourist Area, and it is also one of the five most beautiful deserts in China Crescent Spring is surrounded by Mingsha Mountain. Weizhongquan is like a crescent, lying ashamed and as clear as a virgin, quiet like a starry sky. Mingsha Mountain is also called Five Color Ming for its red, yellow, green, white and black quicksand. Sand hills. Here, the sun sets over the long river, the peaks of sand stand tall, and you can travel for thousands of miles; looking back at the ancient silk road for thousands of years, business travelers shuttled through the dust, and the sound of the iron cavalry broke through time and space. The breeze can hardly dissipate the old things, how can the yellow sand cover the ages. It is said that thousands of years ago, There are still tiles, yellow walls and white walls, and ancient corridors, where men are farming and women are weaving. Later, because of the large population, the water source dries up. The village chief sent all the young and middle-aged people to find water. There is a couple of lovers, leaving one for the beloved girl when he partes. A bowl of clear water. A few months later, when I returned from searching for water, I found that the village had already been raged by sand and dust, the ground was dry and cracked, and all the old and young in the village had died. The guy went to the house and saw that his beloved girl had died. The bowl that I put away before leaving. The clear water was still clear. It turned out that the girl was afraid that her sweetheart would come back and there would be no water to drink. She would rather die of thirst but not willing to touch the bowl of clear water. The boy sobbed beside the girl and moved God to death, so she moved the woman to death. Turning into a spring, a man becomes a sandy mountain and never separates. Tickets for Mingsha Mountain Crescent Spring are 110 yuan/person, and a camel ride is 100 yuan/person. Play time is 3-4 hours. Seven: Who is white for a pool of crystal snow—— Chaka Salt Lake, the realm of the sky, mentioned this dream lake and the lake of internet celebrity, which was named “one of the 55 must-visit attractions in a person’s life” by the National Travel Magazine. You can know how much it is just by looking at the photogenic rate of Douyin, etc. The fire is so beautiful. Chaka comes from the Tibetan language, meaning salt pond. Mongolian called Dabsundall, which means salt lake. Its geological structure is mainly due to the collision of the Eurasian plate and the Indian Ocean plate, and the low-lying sea water after the sea retreats The remnants formed into a bed of mineral salt. Come here, if you don’t take photos of the red and plain clothes fluttering on the net celebrity, you will lose most of the meaning of this tour. Tea in the Sky Tickets for Kayan Lake are 70 yuan/person, and the small train is 50 yuan/person [one way] The correct posture of the fairies to take photos, remember to save them. Eight: Tianhan Qinghai Road, Chengtou Moon Thousands Miles-Jiayuguan, the world’s No. 1 Xiongguan-Jiayuguan, As the first military fortress that once straddled the Western Regions and the Mainland, it was built in Hongwu 15 In the year (1372), it was composed of the inner city, the outer city and the north-south Great Wall. A powerful defensive system is formed by using five miles and one tunnel, ten miles and one pier, thirty miles and one fort, and one hundred miles and one city. Affiliated to the world cultural heritage, the national key cultural relics protection unit. The entire scenic spot is mainly composed of Jiayuguan Great Wall, Cantilever Great Wall, Heishan Rock Carvings, and Wei-Jin Tombs. Tonight, if you climb the Great Wall again, the turbulent feelings will still rise in your heart. The wind is tens of thousands of li, and the Yumen Pass is blowing; the snow in the world is deepening, and the geese have been seen frequently at the peak; the Xiongguan is long, the army goes west, the golden and iron horses swing into the sky; the generals died in a hundred battles, and the heroes returned for ten years; …Zhuangzai…Tickets for Jiayuguan Pass: 110 yuan/person; play time: 2 hours; 9: the horse must be Qilian Mountain ___Qilian Prairie Qilian Grassland is one of the main scenic spots in Qilian . It is an ecological scenic spot integrating forests, grasslands and glaciers. Especially after entering June, it is just a prime time to travel. At that time, the entire prairie will be dyed with green layers, and the fragrance of grass will refresh the spleen; cattle and sheep will roam, and wild flowers will show up. Even the most fragile life is willing to turn all the blooming splendid into a season of scenery, to be grateful for the gift of nature. Standing on the Qilian prairie, live yourself as the sun in your heart. The horse gallops, as if to see the Huns forced to come out of “Lose my Yanzhi Mountain, make my women colorless.” “Lose my Qilian Mountains, make my six animals restless” style and heroic hero. Today, the scenery of Qilian Mountain has expanded to many scenic spots and related amusement projects such as Zhuoer Mountain, Arou Temple, Binggou Forest and Sea. It has also become a paradise for photography, sketching, and leisure. Qinggan Circle, it is a necessary arc in your reincarnation. The Qinggan ring line that is not to be missed in this life is a necessary arc in your reincarnation, and the one you miss in this life must be missed in the afterlife; pick up your dream in Qinghai and ride your white deer! Use a snow lotus to discuss our itinerary. Brand Qinghai-Tibet with a beautiful encounter; listening to a ray of Sanskrit singing, telling the death of a few lives, never mentioning heaven! Posted on 06-14

6 months ago

丨Graduation trip丨Go crazy, love, waste the graduation season, how can we live up to the time after graduation? Why don’t you have a graduation trip that says you just leave! This is a farewell ceremony and youthful farewell. Early morning urges the early alarm clock to bid farewell to the hot-blooded playground. Farewell to the days spent studying hard in the classroom and rushing to the distant mountains, rivers and lakes with friends! ! This summer, let’s go to the deserts, grasslands, basins, mountains, rivers and lakes, Gobi, oasis, glaciers, snow-capped mountains, forests… to feel the mystery, vastness, remoteness, desolation, richness, majesty, beauty and warmth of this land in Xinjiang. … Don’t leave any regrets on this one-time graduation trip in your life; the first stop: Hemu Village to explore God’s own place. Hemu Village is known as the “First Village in China”. The Tuva people who are indisputable in the world, the clear and agile river, the smoke in the early morning, the birch forest swaying with the wind in the distance…It seems to have crossed into a paradise outside the world isolated from the world. The village is scattered with wooden houses made of logs. The most direct way to integrate into Hemu is to calm down and stay here for one night! In the early morning, I sat at the observation deck with my friends and waited for the smoke after sunrise to see the gentle light covering the whole village. Then take the camera and feel every corner of Hemu Village, the sunshine, wooden houses, cattle and sheep, wild flowers… Let this moving beauty become an unforgettable memory that will always stay in your mind. Second stop: Sailimu Lake captures 360° unparalleled beauty. In summer, Sailimu Lake has a charming scenery, with deep blue sky, azure lake water, quiet snow-capped mountains, photographed against the sun, and the lake reflects the sky. Wild flowers of various colors are dotted on the green meadows, hanging out with friends, walking, walking around the lake… In such an isolated environment, the mood will change very well! Or drive around the lake for a week and enjoy 360º view of the most beautiful Sailimu Lake. Along the way, you will meet the blossoming grandeur, the purity of the mountain lakes, the coldness of the snow-capped mountains… The third stop: Huocheng Lavender, easily install Provence into your circle of friends, June to July, the world’s largest lavender , Is waiting for us. The large and rich purple is an irresistible temptation for girls! Wandering among the purple ocean, shrouded in the fragrant fragrance of lavender, I hope that time will stand still, leaving only the sound of the wind and you and me in the flowers. The fourth stop: Kazanqi lost in the blue fairy tale town. Walking in Kazanqi, as if you are in a dreamy castle, it is full of colorful and exotic styles. Blue doors and windows, colorful ethnic minority residences, local Uyghur compatriots singing and dancing, simple and innovative tour carriage…

6 months ago

Go to Haixi, Qinghai, Qaidam Basin! In the most deserted place, tears filled my eyes! Take the road with a lonely heart, and be with the magnificent and tranquil nature. There are some places where you can’t help but tears. The beloved Northwest meets this temperament, and meets the poetry and distance of graduation trip! Starting from Xining, the verdant mountains and vast grasslands along the way to the west were gradually replaced by a warm color. Surrounded by the mountains, Qaidam, the highest inland basin in China, appeared, although in the public In my impression, this place is deserted and desolate. It is no better than the wind, flowers, snow, and moon of Yunnan, nor the misty and rainy waters of the south of the Yangtze River, but it is full of wildness and vastness. The sense of freedom to fly in the wilderness is the strongest cry in our youth. Only in the Great Gobi of the Qaidam Basin. No man’s land, desert Gobi cars galloping on the Gobi highway is youth, stray, unruly and free. There are many beautiful views of the salt lake, the magical Yadan, and the straight kilometers, and the deserted city. The sense of mystery is mixed with legend, which makes the Gobi full of imagination, as if it is full of infinite possibilities. Here, lonely After swallowing everything, the vast expanse of the Gobi is full of intricate Yadan, which makes people feel as if stepping into the “surface of Mars” is a shock in the mind and a shock in the eyes.

6 months ago

Everyone’s poems have their own temperament. Some people like the graceful style. He is more willing to go to the water village of Xiaoqiaoliu Shui to find his own distance. Those who like thrills will definitely go to the steep and strange peaks everywhere. Far away, and I prefer the grassland. Maybe I was born in the plain area. Compared with the mountain peaks and streams, I prefer the vastness of Yimapingchuan and the fullness of galloping. Next, let’s introduce the Hulunbuir Prairie! This is the most well-preserved grassland in our country. It is known as the “grass kingdom”. When you are in the endless grassland, the pride in your chest spontaneously makes people naturally think of the wild and unruly scenes of galloping horses; here seems to be able to It makes people very close to the truth about freedom. When people who have been “in the cage for a long time” suddenly return to nature, they can feel the shock of the grassland. 1. Hailar National Forest Park Hailar National Forest Park is the only Pinus sylvestris tree in China. A national forest park with natural landscape as the main body. It was once listed as one of the eight scenic spots in Hulunbuir in the Qing Dynasty. The forest park can be divided into three gardens and one area. The north garden has the largest area. The Pinus sylvestris still maintain its natural state. The garden is famous for its white sandy beaches. The west garden is mainly wetlands, and the south garden has cultural sites of the grassland fine stone age. The back resource area is composed of scientific research areas, shelterbelt construction areas and other areas; 2. Mozhegler River is known as the No. With a twist of water, you can see the nomadic tribes, and you can see the beauty of the Mozhgler River as you climb.

6 months ago

hi~ I am Muniao B&B! Life is more than just the present, there are poems and distant places~ Generally speaking, there are several characteristics that can satisfy your poems and distant places. 1. Few people, no crowded crowds, no hustle and bustle 2. Beautiful scenery, natural The scenery is the real Psalm 3. Graduation trip, you must take into account the issues of safety, economy, transportation and so on. Then you can count them. These are some good places to recommend to you~ When I really started my journey to the Northwest, I I really wanted to slap myself twice. At that time, how resistant I was to go to the Northwest to take a look, I am so lucky now that I went to the Northwest to take a look! This time I went to the northwest and let me know that the world is big and the scenery is beautiful. You can go to the northwest to find out: the desert scenery is really vast, and the sense of independence between heaven and earth is fascinating. It turns out that not only is it not hot in the shade of the desert, but it is also a little bit cool. I know that there are many lakes in the northwest. The water is beautiful. The more you go to Xinjiang, the greener the color is, and the water in the north is really different. There are so many landscapes, there are Gobi, there are lakes, there are grasslands, there are snow mountains, there are forests and seas, there are canyons, there are waterfalls, there are hills, and a simple road. It is also refreshing and happy to know that the folk customs in the northwest are so simple. When you’re tired on the road, you can stop the car at will. It takes a while to make a friend to realize that the belief in the Northwest is so strong. You can see many people. Only after prayerful prayers can you realize that there are so many delicacies in the Northwest. Amway mutton is not mutton, beef is not firewood, horse meat is really fragrant, all kinds of melons and fruits are fragrant, Guazhou melons are really delicious, only cheap and big bowls know that the northwest is so stable, camping on the road at will, no one will be disturbed, no one will Strange, I can meet many RV enthusiasts. I just know that I know too little about the world~ I will simply expose to Ningxia, Gansu, Qinghai, Xinjiang~ First of all, Ningxia: Zhenbeibao (the desolation of the northwest is shown here, a very good film and television base) Those who have seen Longmen Inn and Journey to the West should be no strangers. There are also some scenes from the Republic of China.

6 months ago

“Life is not only about the present, but also the poetry and the distance.” I don’t know when this sentence became popular, and everyone began to look for their own poems and the distance. So for everyone, where are the poetry and the distance? If you want to satisfy your imagination of “poetry and the distance,” then I think it cannot be a familiar place. If you are too familiar, you will easily lose your imagination. The distance is always full of imagination and stories. Know that dreams are far away. If you travel, go farther, go to places you don’t know at all! If you have been living in the eastern coastal areas, then travel inland, Sichuan-Tibet, Xinjiang, and the Northwest are all good choices; living in the west, then come to the eastern seaside for a walk, such as Sanya, Qingdao, Xiamen… In places with relatively heavy history and culture, then come to the south of the Yangtze River. Water towns and gardens will definitely give you a different experience; living in the south of the Yangtze River is used to seeing small bridges and flowing water, then come to Guizhou, Guangxi and Yunnan to experience the wonders of nature And the customs of ethnic minorities. The following hopes to be helpful to you: graduation trip is coming soon, what are some creative routes? Where is the best place to travel during the summer vacation after the college entrance examination? Is there a recommended place for six or seven people to travel together during summer vacation graduation? Maybe after this graduation trip, you may not have found your poems and distant places, but in our short life, in our only one life, go to the mountains and wading to see more wonderful things and do what you want. To become the person you want to be, one day, we will see our own stars, sea, poetry and far away.

6 months ago

Recommend the Great Northwest, here are the poems you need and the distance. The specific route can choose Qinggan Dahuan Line, which is the abbreviation of Qinghai-Gansu Self-driving Ring Line. Since Qinghai Province and Gansu Province are separated by the Qilian Mountains, this road can only be played in a circle. The rape blossoms by the Qinghai Lake have already bloomed. There is no public transportation on the Qinggan Dahuan Line, and the distance between cities is relatively long. Basically, the shortest driving time per day is also more than 2 hours. It even takes 7 hours to drive from Dunhuang to Dachaidan and Dongtai Jinel Lake to Chaka Salt Lake, so if you plan to drive by yourself, you must have two or more drivers to change. If you don’t want to drive by yourself, chartering and reporting a group are also good choices. Under normal circumstances, the recommended playing time for the Circle Line is 9-12 days. If your travel time is shorter than nine days, all the way will be very rushed. As for the route, there are not many options. As mentioned before, because there is a Qilian Mountain in the middle of Qinghai and Gansu, the route can only be a loop line. Two starting points are recommended, one is Xining City, and the other is Lanzhou City. As for where you personally want to start, it mainly depends on where you fly, and whether you want to focus on playing in Xining or Lanzhou. There are relatively few things to play in Xining, so I personally recommend Lanzhou as the starting point of the loop. The Gansu Provincial Museum in Lanzhou is worth a stroll. After choosing the starting point, the loop is divided into clockwise loop and counterclockwise loop. Under normal circumstances, everyone will choose clockwise, that is, the first stop is Qinghai Lake and Chaka Salt Lake. But in order to avoid the flow of people, you can choose the opposite direction and loop the big loop counterclockwise. In fact, there is not much difference between clockwise and counterclockwise play, so please feel free to play. About the line: The Internet is overwhelming, and if I can get to it, I must already understand it. It’s inconvenient! Notes: 1. The scenery along the Qinggan Dahuan Road is super beautiful, but don’t stop and take pictures at will! There are no probes along the way, so basically the cars on the road drive super fast. If you stop to take pictures and run into a truck that can’t stop the car, you’re done. 2. The highest altitude of No. 1 Dahuan Road is 3700m. Qinghai Lake, Chaka Salt Lake, Dongtai Xitai Jinel Lake and other places have an altitude of more than 3,000. Most people don’t have anything to do, but some people still have high rebellion. It is recommended that people who are in poor health or in very good health prepare oxygen in advance. 3. Be sure to bring a thick dress. The climate on the plateau is changeable, and everyone has seen the painful lessons of the cross-country marathon a few days ago. Even if there is no cloud during the day on the Great Ring Road, the sky may suddenly change at night. A piece of clothing that is warm enough is a must. 4. You must also bring sunscreen, sunglasses, etc. In order to fly a drone in Chaka, I didn’t wear sunglasses for half an hour. 5. In addition, there are many ethnic minorities along the Qinggan Great Ring. Everyone must pay attention to respect the religious beliefs of the locals. Don’t ask the waiter to order pork in a halal restaurant.

6 months ago

This student, I suggest that you don’t have to deliberately pursue [Poetry and the distance] now, because you may have a deeper understanding of it in the future. Haha, especially after you set foot on social work, you are used to the so-called “social animal life” and will think about your own career plan. (Even the meaning of life!) At this time, if you go to a distance, take a look, stop, and think about it, you may have deeper gains and insights! Of course, just graduated also have the confusion and pressure of just graduated. Here I will suggest that you don’t have to travel long distances to a sparsely populated place to feel anything. You can also consider going to the market and have a look around and meet and communicate with pedestrians from all walks of life. At once, this occasional insight may also inspire your views on the next job, and realize what you love more and what you are willing to do.

6 months ago

Xinjiang 1. Xinjiang is divided into southern Xinjiang and northern Xinjiang. Northern Xinjiang is dominated by natural scenery, and southern Xinjiang is dominated by humanities. 2. Northern Xinjiang is suitable for visiting from June to September, and southern Xinjiang is suitable for visiting from August to October. 3. In March, the main thing is to see apricot blossoms, the snow in other places has not melted yet. 4. The Keketuo Sea has mountains and water, and it is the most beautiful in winter, especially suitable for hiking partners. 5. The last tear of the Atlantic Ocean at Sailimu Lake, Nam Co, Xinjiang, a lake pure as first love. 6. The largest desert in China is in southern Xinjiang, the Taklimakan Desert. The Uyghur language means “a place where you can’t get in or out.” 7. Turks is the largest and most complete gossip city in the world and the only county without traffic lights. 8. Hemu Village is a paradise, especially in the morning mist with golden leaves, it is simply beautiful. 9. Kanas is the most beautiful in the autumn, and it has contracted 90% of Xinjiang’s beauty. 10. The opening time of Duku Highway is only from June to October, and the opening time is also determined according to the weather and conditions.

6 months ago

Qinghai has a kind of magic, and it is indeed a very charming city, a holy place where you will leave your heart there. Travel here and you will experience the human culture and beliefs of this city! In order to let friends who are going to Qinghai travel to avoid detours, I will share a Qinghai travel advice guide to everyone. If you want to go to Qinghai, Qinghai this season is the most beautiful and most suitable. Attached Qinghai Travel Tips: Xining City is 2200 kilometers above sea level and is called the Xia Capital. The temperature in the hottest summer is only about 33 degrees, which lasts less than 10 days, so don’t worry. 1. Clothes preparation: Qinghai is cool in summer and the temperature difference between day and night is large. Even in August, it is only about 25 degrees during the day and 10 degrees at night. Traveling to Qinghai from March to March and September to October, you must wear a plush jacket and long trousers. From June to August, normal summer clothes, with a slightly thicker jacket, the temperature is lower at night and after rain. A pair of comfortable sports shoes can be said to be a must-have item for liberating your legs and enjoying travel. In addition, you can also wear a hat, in addition to preventing sunburn, you can also match the concave shape of the clothes. 2. Skin care: Qinghai has stronger ultraviolet rays, so delicate children’s shoes need attention. Sunscreen spray can be sprayed at any time at the highest power; sunglasses are versatile and easy to use; moisturizing spray can keep you relaxed at any time; the last night repair mask is also a must-have for travel. 3. Life category: personal toiletries (the hotel provides very general), dirt bag, charger, power bank, student ID, officer ID and other certificates that can enjoy discounts (undergraduate student ID tickets are discounted, Lax), bring motion sickness medicine, gastrointestinal medicine, and cold medicine for emergency use. Note: 1. When you first arrive in Qinghai, you will feel different degrees of dyspnea, shortness of breath, chest tightness and other hypoxia symptoms. These are normal reactions. Keep a good attitude. These symptoms will heal by themselves in 1-2 days. 2. After arriving in Qinghai, you should pay attention to rest, drink plenty of water, and remember to act too fast, too vigorously, do not overeating, it is best not to drink, smoke, and bathe. For minor reactions, it is recommended not to inhale oxygen easily, and anti-hypoxic drugs can be taken by mouth. ease. Recommended scenic spots in Qinghai: 1. Qinghai Lake: Qinghai Lake is the largest inland plateau lake in China and the largest saltwater lake in China. It is known as the “Pearl of the Plateau”. 2. Chaka Salt Lake: Chaka Salt Lake was rated as one of the “55 Places to Go in One’s Life” by the National Tourism Geographic Magazine, and enjoys the reputation of “Mirror of the Sky” and “Most Beautiful Starry Sky” in China. 3. Ta’er Temple: Ta’er Temple is one of the six major monasteries of the Gelug Sect (Yellow Sect) of Tibetan Buddhism in China. It is the birthplace of Master Tsongkhapa, the second largest Buddha in the world (the largest Buddha in the world is Shakyamuni. Both of them have real people). 4. Jiayuguan Scenic Area: Jiayuguan was the first pass at the western end of the Great Wall in the Ming Dynasty, and it was also a traffic fortress on the ancient “Silk Road”. 5. Mingsha Mountain Crescent Spring: Mingsha Mountain Crescent Spring Scenic Area, the main attractions include Crescent Spring and Mingsha Mountain. The Crescent Spring is surrounded by the desert, and its shape resembles a crescent moon. 6. Mogao Grottoes: Mogao Grottoes, commonly known as Thousand Buddha Caves, is located in Dunhuang at the western end of the Hexi Corridor. It is the largest and most abundant Buddhist art site in the world. In 1987, Mogao Grottoes was listed as a world cultural heritage. 7. Mars base: In the Lenghu area on the west side of Qinghai Haixi, there are natural miracles and magnificences. In the wind, frost, snow and rain, a mysterious Yadan landform museum has been formed. 8. Devil’s Eye-Aiken Spring: In Moheerbrook Village, Huatugou Town, Mangya City, there is a magical landscape called “Eye of the Earth” called Aiken Spring. 9. Zhangye Colorful Danxia: Zhangye Colorful Danxia Geopark is located at the northern foot of Qilian Mountains. This is one of the regions with the largest and best developed Danxia landforms and the most abundant landforms in China. It is rated as one of the six most beautiful exotic landforms in China. One. This time we took the 7-day Qinghai classic route and checked in the Internet celebrity attractions: Qinghai Lake, Chaka Salt Lake, Colorful Danxia, ​​Ta’er Temple, Jiayuguan, etc. Day1: Arrival by plane/train to Xining-check in to a local hotel Day2: Xining-Daban Mountain Observation Deck-Menyuan Rape Flower-Qilian Mountain Grassland-Zhangye Day3: Zhangye Colorful Danxia-Yuanguan Jiayuguan-Mingsha Mountain Crescent Spring-Dunhuang Day4: Mogao Grottoes-Aksai Petroleum Town-Dachaidan Emerald Lake-Delingha Day5: Delingha-Crossing the Qaidam Basin-the most beautiful road-Chaka Salt Lake-Gonghe County Day6: Gonghe-Plateau Tibetan Village-Qinghai Lake Cuorilanga-Tiangke Ranch (Tibetan afternoon tea hot pot on horseback)-Doba Day7: Tibetan Culture Museum-Taer Monastery-Return to Xining and end the itinerary; Highlights of the itinerary: 1. Real pure play, no shopping, no own expense 2. Reasonable itinerary, easy and free travel 3. Check in Qinghai Lake and Chaka Salt Lake to realize your dream of Qinghai; Qinghai tourism precautions: 1. Qinghai region is located in the northwestern inland of China, and the climate is mainly temperate continental climate with longer sunshine , Ultraviolet rays are strong, you need to bring your own umbrellas, sun hats, sunscreen, water bottles, etc.; 2. The temperature difference is large. Even in summer, it is recommended that you bring two thick clothes, and add clothes in time to be prepared! 3. The climate is relatively dry, and water, salt and vitamins should be added in time to keep the body in good condition. 4. Travel Tips: Riding a camel to roam the desert is the best choice for people who have lived in the busy city for a long time to repair their minds and bodies, regulate their emotions, and exercise their will. Although desert tourism is novel and exciting, it belongs to the category of adventure tourism. 5. Due to the vast area of ​​the northwestern region, the distance between the scenic spots is long. Tourists should pay attention to rest and allocate time when traveling in Qinghai, and participate in tourism activities with sufficient physical strength. . In addition, wearing a pair of well-fitting, breathable shoes can save you unnecessary trouble on your journey. 6. Due to the natural conditions of tourist destinations, the conditions of restaurants along the scenic spots are compared with those in developed inland tourism areas. There is a certain gap in terms of software and hardware facilities or the quality of meals, and most of the northern regions have a heavier taste and prefer spicy food. 7. The northwestern region is affected by religion, and its customs are different from ours. Please remember to accompany you when you visit to announce the relevant travel notes, follow the customs in the countryside, and do not mention political issues related to ethnic minorities on any occasion, and cooperate well with your work.

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