It was originally a kind of single dog and a very cockroach. Suddenly someone at the level of a goddess/male god confessed to you, the kind of person you feel you are not worthy of her/him.
Asked the reason, it was in the cloud, and the two people didn’t know that kind of thing very well.
Don’t be a spare tire. Don’t like to be a father. Don’t borrow money. It’s not a jack. It’s not a big risk to just want to be with you.
What kind of feeling is this…

The boy is a senior in my senior year, and he is known by the club. He is the vice president. He is 182. I am a non-existent 163 Xiaobai. He looks like a normal figure and has no special skills. Because there is not much contact in the community, there has been no contact information. In the next semester, because of an event in the club, he and I were in a group and won first place, but they should not be very familiar with each other, so they were treated as mere game partners. Anyway, I was like this, and there was nothing in my heart. The sparks collide hahaha. At the end of my freshman year, I retired from the club. Later, I often ran into it at school. The school is very large and there are many thieves. The bustling people can always meet their eyes when they turn their heads. I don’t think both of them are too predestined. In the second semester of the sophomore year, when I met by chance, the senior found me in the community group and added me. (Thinking about it now, I admire his memory) Then I kept chatting with me. I didn’t feel much about him, and even thought he was annoying in the early stage, so I kept replying perfunctorily. During the period, he gradually learned that he played very well in basketball, and he had a thousand fans on Hupu. And the writing is very good, and as an engineering student, the writing style is also very good. I often do some volunteer activities. It’s a big deal for me. The attitude towards him gradually changed. After talking for three or four months, it’s September. I was promoted to junior year, and he was promoted to senior year. Because I am a junior college, I am preparing for a college upgrade. He is an undergraduate and went to the army in his senior year. At this time, I clearly realized his favor for me. Recruits can’t always bring mobile phones, but as soon as they get a mobile phone, they will send me messages and tell me some trivial things in the army. He said that in the army, except for his parents, he only talked to me. In March of the following year, my family had an accident and my father passed away in a car accident. At this time, there is still more than a month before my college promotion exam. He is very anxious and sends a lot of news to me every day, but it is not just talking, but making me feel very warm and firm. It is also a matter of this time to have a good impression of him. I was very emotionally unstable during the first or two months of preparation for the exam. I still smiled and studied with my classmates during the day, but when I was endorsing by myself, I burst into tears when I saw something or thought of something. Also full of confusion about the undecided road ahead. I am an extremely pessimistic optimist, and I don’t want to let others expect me, because I am afraid that I will disappoint others. I told him not to have expectations of me preparing for the exam. I said I couldn’t pass the undergraduate exam. He said: Everything will be fine, not only will be fine. Will be great, explosive, invincible, I have always believed in you, and you have to believe what I say, I will say you can pass the exam. At the end of the exam day, I saw him sending me various blessings and expressions during the period, and I thought he was really cute. I have never had self-confidence, he gave me indirectly. After the exam, I thought that I couldn’t get to the shore, and I was very depressed. He has been encouraging me all the time. Later, the results were sent to him as soon as possible, and he happily sent a lot of emoticons to the screen. I said that everything can finally be on the right track according to my plan. He said he was so happy, the kind that exploded in place. When I kept suppressing my joy and making myself seem calm and sensible, there was a person who was happy about my business from the heart. The joy that he restrained, followed him a little bit, and finally exploded in my heart. The middle is omitted. I went to another school to study. He won many certificates in the army, including the first in physical performance. During the chat, there was no exception for one day. Say goodnight to each other every night, without a day break. He was discharged from the army in September last year, and the epidemic is not over yet. He said he wanted to come and play with me, but I refused to say that I could not go out of the school. Actually, I didn’t prepare to face him. After all, I haven’t seen him for two years. I am afraid that the relationship will develop into a relationship soon. On the one hand I envy the sweet love of others, on the other hand I am timid and afraid to face it. Own emotions. Maybe this is being single for a long time, and then facing love will bring fear. Then it’s now, and now I’m doing an internship. He has been in the army for two years and is now a senior at school. When I found a job and moved in, my luggage was heavy. He said he wanted to help, but I didn’t let it. As a result, I can’t move it, and I want to cry helplessly. Hahaha, is it a bit hypocritical and doesn’t want to bother my friends, but feels that I am very useless, and I can’t move my luggage. Finally, I borrowed a small cart from the guard and happily pushed it home haha. A sense of accomplishment is full.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

A college student, a national scholarship student, a student union boss, a red man in the eyes of a teacher, and a white and rich beauty in the eyes of classmates. The personality is good, the family is harmonious and happy, and the family conditions are also very good. Smart and smart, with high emotional intelligence and good temperament, he went to Tsinghua University later. I am one level older than her, and she is like her fellow countryman, and looks just like her. There is nothing particularly good about it, but it’s not bad. The family is not rich but it’s okay. Loves to play, love to exercise, love to eat and drink. Because the partners who work as students together are in the same place, they are more protective of her from the perspective of seniors. Gradually, they have feelings for each other. They didn’t confess, and their performance to me is also regarded as a clear indication. They have been taken by everyone. Lovers, what she later admitted, was a girl who dared to love and hate. Seeing her unexpectedly, but gradually falling in love with her own feeling, it should be more miraculous than the feeling of sudden confession, feel like how she can feel, she just entered school, and many people including me will secretly pay attention. People who have a good impression, even fall in love with themselves by accident. I like it in my heart, but I feel that it is not destined for a long time. I think that I will not be worthy of it and I will not continue. Later, I did something that saddened her, and I was really sorry for her. Fortunately, she is still a good friend. She has always been an extremely rational person. Emotionally, when she was in college, she also followed her age with her heart. Of course, such an attractive girl would like to be with her and have the opportunity to be together, but thought that she might not be in the future. At one level, you will meet better people. For her, there will be better choices in the future. For me, I am not just talking and playing, so it will be more sad to be replaced by someone else in the future. So reason is more than sensibility, it’s better to be harder friends with each other. Regarding regret, regret, 90% regret that we should not use the way of hurting her to tell her that it is better to be friends, 10% did not take the initiative to promote this relationship. She should be a good girlfriend. At least for now, she is a good friend. After all these things she knows well, she can trust me and become good friends with each other. This is already very rare.

7 months ago

I am a girl. When I first started working, the company prepared a small party for us. The host was a tall and handsome guy, the kind that was clean, fresh, masculine and bookish. It was entirely in my aesthetics. When he first saw him, Mr. Jin Yong’s words describing Wei Xiaobao’s first seeing Ah Ke in “The Deer and Ding Ji” suddenly appeared in his mind: When Wei Xiaobao saw this girl, he couldn’t help but jump in his heart, and his chest was like giving an invisible iron hammer. With a heavy blow, his lips were dry and tongue was dry, and his mouth was dumbfounded, and he said in his heart: “I’m dead, I’m dead! Where is such a beauty? If this beauty is given to me as a wife, the little emperor will change positions with me. I won’t do it either. Wei Xiaobao is dead and living, going up to the earth, spears, swords and pans, no matter what, I have to marry this girl and be a wife!” Even if he took the microphone, I couldn’t bear to move away. The line of sight is really beautiful, the fingers are long and the nails are neatly trimmed, how beautiful they are. No matter how good the dance is, I watched him politely and gentleman invite new employees to dance from a distance. The first thought was to hide away from him. With such a handsome face and beautiful eyes, I was afraid that he would see him close. When I took a look, I would tremble all over like Wu Lao Er. Later, I pretended to inquire a lot of information about him from my colleagues. He is a son of the company, and my brother-in-law is the head of the personnel department who recruited me. The family conditions are also good. Because of his good sound conditions, he is also the host guest of the local broadcasting station. The more important point is that currently singles have no girlfriends. This point was asked by my close friend. Before I had time to be happy, the cold water from my girlfriend was poured over. He was only temporarily in the window period. He had had several girlfriends before, and his mother was picky and picky. So it has not been fixed. It is said that several girls are chasing him. I just graduated and shared a dormitory with my girlfriend. Since childhood, my mother has been very strict at home. Now I can finally release myself. My girlfriend is also a playful. We call friends after get off work every day, drink, play cards, chat, and play. I was so happy, I didn’t even want to be at home, and my parents were all left behind, so this handsome male god was just a wave of ripples in my heart. It’s been about half a year. There are always some strange people visiting during work. People like me can also notice it. They seem to be chatting with my colleagues, but they look at me from time to time, and finally they will find an excuse. Talk to me. After all, my mother’s years of family education skills, she was slanderous, and she was still very ladylike, polite, and smileless. My girlfriend and I cooked a few dishes in the dormitory on the weekend. The two of them happily drank the wine and drank happily. Suddenly there was a power outage and had to leave early. I lighted candles to clean up the dishes and chopsticks. I made a cup of tea and just sat down and heard There was a knock on the door, and after my girlfriend opened the door, I felt strange. I walked over and took a look. A tall and handsome man stood at the door, who was looking at me with a smile. Isn’t this my male god? I was very fortunate that the power went out at the time. Under the dim candle light, my red face was not so obvious. In addition, I drank a little wine. As the saying goes, alcohol is strong and courageous. After the blessing of alcohol, I was very calm and decent. . The male god asked me to go for a walk. I restrained the beating deer in my heart and held it back for a while. The expression on my girlfriend’s face that the cabbage was finally attracted by the pig for many years winked at me desperately, and I went out with the male god. The moon is so good. The thin moonlight has applied a filter to the male god’s side face, making it look more handsome. I quietly checked his height visually, and it just reached his ears, which is most suitable for the height difference. Under the blessing of alcohol, I made my witty words together, and the two talked very happily. The male god looked at me with more and more gentle eyes. He started to talk about his impressions of me, and he noticed me the first time he met. Other girls were vying to find him to dance, but I was sitting quietly by the side (Is that shy, okay?); his mother and sister I have been to the company to see me, and I have a very good impression of me. I was very gentle and virtuous (that was pretended by me and trained by my mother); his sister is the kind of virtuous woman who takes care of his brother-in-law in every possible way. He doesn’t have to do anything; he also wants to find a virtuous woman, his mother also likes a gentle and virtuous daughter-in-law… I am silent, and the little deer who has been bumping in my heart also stops cooking. Isn’t it true that I am in the eyes of this big brother? I… he was still around and said in a nice voice: “I can ask my brother-in-law to arrange a logistical leisure job for you. You don’t need to go to work, you can be a good wife and mother at home.” What a pity, such a nice voice, I took a closer look at him again, and he looked okay… When I saw him for the first time, I couldn’t even imagine that one day he would confess to me. After all, I looked like an ordinary girl. I love to play, noisy, love freedom, read books and travel, like serious work and be recognized for the sense of accomplishment. My mother has always wanted to train me into the kind of girl he likes. It has been unsuccessful for more than 20 years, but it’s a pity. Later, I forgot to refuse. I only remember his face full of incredulity. I didn’t seem to expect that I would refuse. That face is still so handsome… Later I met my husband, who looks ordinary and has ordinary family background, just like me. I love to play, I love food, I love to travel, I go out together when I have time. He booked tickets and packed my bag when he didn’t have time. I traveled alone. My mother complained that I was not virtuous. My husband said that she would just be herself. She was happy. That’s it. So I have always wanted to say, there is no such thing as being unworthy, only being unsuitable, the first is the arsenic and the second is the honey. Be yourself, happy yourself, you are worthy of all the good things.

7 months ago

I was confessed by Lin Yuheng that it was the day I graduated from the third year of high school. The sky was full that evening, and the orange sunlight hit her Xiu’s face both coldly and warmly. She said, “Are we together?” Lin Yuheng is an excellent girl with outstanding achievements and much better than me; her family is superior. , Moments of friends often see her photos of traveling abroad with her family. The most important thing is that she is very beautiful. Her delicate and porcelain skin appeared translucent in the sun, and the pale blue blood vessels were faintly visible in the cold, white, transparent skin. She smiled and looked forward to her beautiful eyes. This poem came to my mind and I completely forgot. Lin Yuheng blushed, staring at my dazed face, waiting for my response. “I’m very sorry, I don’t want to fall in love yet.” My words slipped to my lips, and the little man in his head was already regretting it, bastard, do you know what you are talking about? He even pretended to be so righteous and solemn! That’s Lin Yuheng! You like her yourself, don’t you? Although suppressing the emotions deep in my heart, I have to look at her quietly every day to feel relieved, right? You set up a wall for yourself, and a few big characters are written on that wall: I don’t deserve to like Lin Yuheng! You coward! Sucker! After hearing these words, Lin Yuheng’s blushing face faded away, and suddenly turned pale. “Dog stuff!”, I scolded myself secretly again, but on the surface it was still calm, looked at Lin Yuheng with a smile, and even bowed to apologize. “Oh~” Lin Yuheng was at a loss. He didn’t know what to say. He cried and dragged his tone of voice, then pointed at the school door with his finger, “I…I’m leaving now, my mother is still waiting for me…” I stood where I was, watching Lin Yuheng walk towards the school gate in three steps and two steps. Finally, I couldn’t help myself. I trot and threw myself into my mother’s arms. I thought, she should be crying, pear blossoms with tears, and no longer a classmate. You have a cold image in your eyes, right? Bastard! The villain in my head scolded himself secretly, why didn’t he dare to accept her? Fuck! The villain kept arguing, which caused me a terrible headache. “Okay, stop arguing! I don’t accept her. That is my reason: she is better than me in all aspects. As a mediocre and good-looking little man, my self-esteem has been greatly challenged. Secondly. She is still young, and she still doesn’t understand what love is, and she doesn’t know my fault! Do you think that five seats are separated, and one glance at it is love?” “How can you know if you don’t talk to her? Suitable?” The villain picked up the Clear Sky Hammer and smashed it on my brain! “Hey, it hurts, it hurts, you don’t go too far, I warn you! Besides, I won’t explain it to you sooner, people who are destined, don’t need to fight, it’s a matter of course, you have to tune Twists and turns! Are Lin Yuheng suitable for me, don’t you know? A woman who doesn’t know what suffering is innocent, an ordinary man without self-confidence, how can we be together! This family background, self-cultivation, and worldview are so bad. !” I stopped arguing with the villain, carrying my schoolbag and continuing to stroll around the campus that will be parting from now on…

7 months ago

I have a student who would say this every time I get angry, “I have a bad background and a mediocre education. I am content with someone like him. After getting married, of course I will focus on the career of men.” I believe that many women I think so. What’s wrong with oneself, how perfect the other party is. Just like Bao Li, a girl from Peking University, is smart and beautiful. She thinks she is rubbish, while the other is shiny gold. Human beings are the most receptive animals. If you always provide negative information, at first, a man may think that you are very straightforward and cute. Gradually, he will accept your negative comments and think that you do have many shortcomings. We are too eager to expose ourselves, thinking that as long as the bad side is exposed and the other party can fully accept it, it is true love.

7 months ago

I am just such a dick, nothing, there is a trouble, bad temper, unreasonable neural circuits, but there are always goddess level people, like me, confess to me. If you let me fall in love, the starting point must not be love, because I don’t believe that love can accept me. If you are with unlove, then at least you know that you don’t love, the life you don’t love, and the life you don’t love. Everything, the face of humiliation, will not touch the deepest part of my soul. I can make myself like a performer, living against my own heart, but I am unwilling to love, because it can destroy my life. The only thing I can’t control is love. Love is a place that I have never touched on. Outside of reason, I am like a blind man. I lost my eyes, my hands, and my feet. The huge darkness and the huge fear enveloped me, and I was empty behind. Desolate, I protect myself with wishful thinking, but I can’t move. I had no choice but to return to the life of social performance studies, to grasp a little bit of confidence and a little bit of human dignity with calmness and reason, and to save some of the desolate time because of love. But I found that life was dumped in a world without love. The sense of fate was that a meteor fell, hitting the atmosphere that protected me, dragging a long tail in the thin oxygen, telling me to live without the support of love, one Every day is dry, and every day is not worth living. Especially in the sensible world, in the world of performance, there are already some things. When the sense of destiny entangles you, you understand the world of love. Every day away from you, you have never even entered, but you have to Lost the opportunity, farewell to it. If you don’t live this way, then forget it. Life and football, art, and photography. All second-class happiness becomes first-class happiness, but there is love, dying, it is supreme. Happiness, so splendid, so dazzling, but out of reach, declares that a world without me is not worth living. It is a second-rate world. You deny my existence because you are a loser. For the first time, Banhua likes me in the eighth class. This relationship lasts for four years. Girls are more calm than boys. The boundary between love and liking is not so clear. People like the type they like. In fact, She doesn’t like me. She would like any person who fits that type. She just likes boys of my type, playing downstairs, playing in the sun, playing in the dust, playing in the autumn wind, and playing in the twilight. Four years later, she said she liked me, but I never dared to think she would like me. Love words are like whispers, the ear sockets are itchy, and the warm heart is hot. I haven’t met you. The sufferings I have encountered in the past are just cocoons in my heart. I felt like this at that time. It has never been so simple and beautiful. Think that life is worth looking forward to. During the Chinese New Year, I took a long-distance bus to find her, opened the window, and admired the farmland, trees, sheep, villages, young people, old people, walkers, bikers, tractors, and smokers along the way. At that time I thought, I will definitely remember this day forever. When I got out of the car, my face was covered with a huge layer of dust, and I only smiled with teeth and eyes. I have been there for five days and only saw her. When I left, my feet were still cramped, full of strength, full of self-esteem, avoiding her, the gaze that might exist in my imagination, I warmed with my hands on the side of the road Ankles, cold air, there is no vague mist, life is too hard, hitting a wall is probably deadly. She said that she went to a temple on a mountain the next day and prayed for me. I think you wish me to go on alone. She said she called my name on the top of the mountain, she said she knew I couldn’t hear it, and I hope the world can remember it. I said I heard it, but the world never remembered it. Years later, my memory has probably become her, making fun of my imaginative jokes. We seldom talk, but that memory is always full of loopholes, showing my new discoveries, showing my futile self-love. Whenever I tell her about the new archaeological discoveries in memory, even if it takes two years to say In a word, she always seemed to be disturbed. She asked me why this is happening? I said that my memory will not let me go. She said you stop being hypocritical. I looked out the window, the colorful, radiant, warm and dry outside, I just wanted to compose a paragraph to give myself a reasonable explanation, but I cried out unconvincingly, but my feelings can only be I shed tears for 30 seconds. No matter how many and many more, I can’t cry a single drop. A long wind tunnel rotted out of my heart. It was chilly, and was poured into the cold wind, and people were also cold. The second time, it was a one-night stand. Maybe it was only me who regarded her love as love. People just wanted to make an appointment, but I fell in love with her hardly. Because that night, she described too much about the world of love and what a beautiful future. At that time, she was investigating activities. I was just a person drinking milk tea in a shop. It was cold. Because I was wearing too thick clothes, I ordered I had a cup of iced milk tea. She was playing with the creamy light bulb in the milk tea shop. The creamy white light reflected half of her cheek. She said I was the boy who walked out of her fairy tale, can you like her? I said it was colder outside, let’s go for a walk. After going out, I asked her if she was cold, was she awake a lot? She said: You are the boy who walked out in my fairy tale, can you kiss me? I looked around, my eyes were erratic, surrounded by the ruthless sea of ​​people in Beijing, and the deep blue lake in front of me, her lips pressed enthusiastically, we were in the bustling city, in Beijing at minus fifteen degrees, and we could no longer feel it. It’s cold. In a lively city, the house lights are just like Eason Chan’s “Promise”. The city on that day is as briskly. Walk along the street for half a mile. Remember that the street lights show a yellow face and your silhouette is too beautiful, so hold back. Only with tears did I dare to look closely. In the days that followed, I would always hold back my tears before I dared to look at her silhouette. Whenever I hear this song, I can’t help but sigh. At that time, I thought that the days and years were still very long. We could love far, and we could also love very old very old. When we loved it, we couldn’t make the way, and we couldn’t make the words. She told me, if we see the camera, we will kiss, OK? So I was looking forward to the camera along the way, and when I met the camera, I hugged and kissed deeply. Years later, I lost something and went to the monitoring hall. When I retrieved the video, I saw countless screens flashing on a few meters high wall, overlooking the entire world from a high level, and being unfolded by multiple tracks that happened synchronously in the world. The story was shocked. I thought that there were countless kisses between me and her hidden in the surveillance video in Beijing. At that time, my kiss was still very naive. Now that I think about it, I still feel unbearable, but she said that I would kiss very well. At that time, if I suddenly found a small alley on the road, I would get into the kiss wantonly, groping for love clumsily We hug each other in a small alley that can accommodate one person. The entrance of the Hutong is a street. The traffic on the street is endless, it seems to be a very distant world, and we are in the Hutong, like a fetus in the mother’s body, together with the old old house, close contact , The heartbeat can be heard. I was very clumsy that day. I was tired from walking and slept in my arms. When I ate at noon, I was afraid that I was too ugly, so I blocked the sun. But she still said that I was very beautiful, even if I ate dinner embarrassedly, with sleepy eyes and messy hair, she still said that I was very beautiful, and I have been unable to understand why on earth? Later, I learned that you are walking and saying goodbye. You are standing in the future and telling me how beautiful everything is in the present. Even if I keep getting embarrassed, you will feel good because you are saying goodbye. Everything at the moment has been given a beautiful color, so how I am cute and worth cherishing, but you are saying goodbye, my worry is futile, from the eyes of farewell, I am a tragic color , Just like later, when I face those who like me, I often praise how beautiful everything is now, because I am destined to say goodbye and cannot be with you. Then everything at the moment can only be beautiful. Worthy of nostalgia. Later, I often say goodbye, even from the first moment the girl liked me, I have been saying goodbye, because we are not destined to be together, every word of mine is sad, standing in the future, affirming the current Good, accept my destined unachievable destiny. Later, we were not together. I was like a bereavement dog, looking for comfort with a canine, and bit my finger by it. My hand bleeds, and he took food as his own hungry and left me far away. Leaving me far away. Someone will love me in the future, and I will be like this dog, taking love as my own, hurting people and throwing them aside, I will still be hungry in the future, and I will die of hunger and cold in the winter of a certain year. I wanted to be bitten by a canine like this and contracted some kind of rabies. If you don’t love me, I would just die. But seeing rabies will make you die of diabetes insipidus. I don’t want to die undecently. Going to get a rabies vaccine and waiting for the near-death experience before the vaccine helped me realize the reason for living is to live, write down the past, and let the words live for me. For the third time, I saw a girl who was memorizing English. A very beautiful and beautiful girl would not like me. I did not work hard or earnestly. On the contrary, like a vacation maggot, humble to the extreme. Also give up self-saving, so that I can enjoy the dirty and chaotic life in my spare time. I often look into her eyes, thinking that with such beautiful eyes, such a beautiful girl, it is enough to look at. I don’t have any extravagant expectations for her. A boy like me has long since given up the possibility of communicating with the world and understanding, and allowing people to slander me. It has nothing to do with me. I see beautiful things. People will admire and then leave, good things will be moved, and then leave. Her delicate eyebrows, red lips and white teeth, are exquisite like a porcelain doll. At that time, I thought she was really good-looking, and now I feel that way, I can always find her in the crowd at a glance. I bought two cups of tea for my friend. When I saw her on the road, I would give it to her very happy, and then leave quickly. I often saw her back on campus, and followed her until she returned to the dormitory without being noticed by her or disturbing her, let alone saying a word with her. It is also pleasing to watch beautiful girls walking. At that time, I always took a shower, just drank tea on the roadside, and everyone went to study at ten o’clock. I looked at her on the roadside and went back to my house to sleep. Sometimes when I miss her in the crowd, I just wait until the night is quiet and go back to my apartment. A few days ago, I drank a cup of tea, and thought of the taste of this cup of tea, which hides my secret life. A cup of tea and a song have hidden stories about me. She has a long ponytail, but she is beautiful like a handsome boy, sometimes like Mickey Mouse, her eyes are shining with innocence and romance. I like her. She doesn’t know it, just like all the beautiful things I like, lifeless, pure beauty, and you don’t expect to respond to me. I was lonely at that time. I went up to the mountain and asked for a charm. It cost 24 yuan. The Taoist told me that you must use this charm with caution. After using it, you will lose your love, and no one will like you anymore. You Nor can I like anyone, let alone fall in love with anyone. When they know that you are cursed, they will despise you. You will lose many opportunities and possibilities. Only the deep-sea giant whale’s gains are enough to treat you. subversion. I told the old Taoist priest, I only need a giant deep-sea whale to break through this curse, and I want this curse to help me shield me from the clutter, so as not to make my heart upset. After that, I burned the curse and the curse was fulfilled. I didn’t have the slightest pain of cramping, and I was called the curse of the greatest pain in the world, but that’s all. From then on I lived in the world without love. When others heard that I was cursed, they gave up the possibility of becoming a giant whale in the deep sea. That beautiful girl was the same. A long time later, she sent me away. I remembered the peach forest behind the high-speed rail station. In spring, it was a crimson. Every time I took the high-speed rail there, all I thought of was her. s face. The fourth time, it was our village flower, which is said to be the village flower. Actually, we live in a city and live very close to each other. She is 185 in height and I am 179.7 in height, which is my maximum height. In my memory of high school, she stretched her waist like a fairy. She was tall and graceful. She became a model as expected, learned the secret of not gaining weight or eating, and she learned to take pictures as expected. Shooting, how to have a sense of lens, learned flower arranging, and learned English. I proudly said in front of my colleagues that there is a supermodel who likes me, which will attract boos, but as a boy, who doesn’t like a supermodel likes herself, even if it’s just vanity, I hope she likes me, for vanity , Is it to sacrifice love? Undeniably, I know that I have encountered a giant whale in the deep sea. My fishing line and boat can be subverted with a single stroke of her. I was in Shenzhen at the time, and she said she wanted to express herself. Later when I was in Beijing, she said she wanted to express herself. Later, when I was in many places, she said that if we can be together in the future, I will bring you out of your world. I don’t doubt that she has such power. She said that if she could be in a city in the future, she would chase me, preferably in a university. She said she wanted to read a lot of books and make good progress. I said that you have long legs and make progress faster. She satisfies all my childhood fantasies, just like a girl stepping out of my fairy tale. I also want to have a beautiful girlfriend, take pictures of her every day, retouch her pictures every day, indulge in beauty, drunk dreams, and don’t want to move at all. She said she wanted to take care of me, and I said she would wait to die. She said that she wanted to eat candied haws from Beijing Wangfujing. I talked about it in early spring. Because I like it very much, I feel that the biggest danger in life is you except myself. Because I like it so much, I talk less. The long-term sense of destiny makes people lose the aura of love. Using hypocrisy to shape a mask to avoid the judgment of the soul, and gradually the soul has become a part of the mask. The sense of fate that has come out of childhood makes people firm and mature, and makes people afraid to love. Being confessed by someone I never thought of, I would feel that if three years earlier, we would be together, but three years later, only the deep-sea giant whale can break through my sense of fate, but even if the deep-sea giant whale breaks through me very hard The old sense of destiny will also produce a new and greater sense of destiny, and the heart is already dead in a moment. What’s more, I am still evading the giant whale in the deep sea, and I am still evading the judgment of love. I hope that for the rest of my life, I can get rid of the long-term sense of fate, before I die, be judged by love, and finally become ordinary with a clear conscience.

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“I’ll tell you something, I seem to be in love.” “Really, isn’t he handsome?” “He is 185 and looks like Edison Chen.” “Wow, you got lucky.” “Fuck you.” , You don’t know, our hobbies are exactly the same, and he knows girls very well, he is gentle and he is a treasure boy.” “How long have you known each other?” “Five days, but I feel that he is my soulmate “Have you heard of dimensionality reduction strikes?” “What do you mean, can you not make it so complicated?” “What do you think of me?” “Very good. He has good looks, high emotional intelligence, and the vice president of the company, which is quite perfect.” “Oh, actually I want to tell you something, I’m with the company king.” “What, you are crazy, he The conditions are unconditional, and there is no position for the position. What else is there except a little handsome?” “He is innocent!” “Just play around, don’t take it seriously.”

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There are 100,000 white ducks in the family… It is said that this duck is a tribute duck of the Qing Dynasty. When I was in college, the four people in our dormitory liked to eat duck, but every time we ordered duck takeout together, a roommate never joined our dry meal team. When we feasted on duck meat, she just Watch us eat. Looking at her simple dress on weekdays, the three of us tacitly felt that she might be in a bad family condition and reluctant to eat meat, so we ordered a large portion of takeaway several times, and then everyone shared some duck meat She, looking at her red eyes while eating meat, we can’t help feeling more distressed for her. It wasn’t until that time that I took her to show my online dating partner, I didn’t realize that for so many years, the clown was myself. It’s also a coincidence that my online dating partner and my roommate who doesn’t eat duck meat are in the same place, so when the other party asks me to meet, my first reaction is to bring that roommate with me. After all, the villager meets the villager. I don’t panic when I’m online dating. I didn’t know that my roommate was called to the office by the counselor on the day of the meeting, so I had to go to the meeting alone, and I didn’t forget to tell her to come and accompany me as soon as I finished my work. I saw a tall and thin boy standing in front of the coffee shop from a long distance. Before I could see it clearly, the other party called out my net name first. I looked at him with a dazed expression and thought. Where did it reveal my identity? He looked at me in a daze and laughed out, and pointed to the duck pattern on my sweater. “You are probably the only girl who likes ducks so much, as cute as my “female” duck.” He laughed. “Nonsense! There are three more in our dormitory!” I retorted unwillingly, but he laughed louder. As soon as I came up, I praised me as a “female lady”. The beauty of this city looks brilliant! He saw that I like to eat ducks, and introduced me to the kind he likes to eat: “There is a kind of duck in our hometown called the White Knock Duck. The meat is very thin and the cholesterol is very low. It is a burden for you girls to eat. No, my family has 100,000 white ducks. “Qiaodou sacks? Ten… one hundred thousand? ? ? It may be that the light I wanted in my eyes was too shining, he laughed again as he looked at me, took out his phone and showed me some photos. “Here, this agricultural and sideline product display and direct sales center in my house specializes in selling white duck ducks. It is named “Lady” duck. It is a barbecue restaurant next door. Grab it and start roasting directly.” The sales center on the picture displays delicious ducks. [Don’t ask, ask is what I smell through the screen], I held his hand excitedly. “You, you were saying that the duck is a celebrity, wc…, I thought you praised me!” “Hahahaha, it’s the bright light, the source of the source, what are you thinking about in your little head.” I think it is necessary to go home with you for the New Year this year. Let’s see our parents and…cough…and our ducks.” As soon as my voice fell, the voice of my roommate rang at the door. “Sorry, I’m sorry I’m late…I…” “Brother?!” “Sister?!” Before I could give an introduction, the two of them pointed at each other in unison and yelled. exm? ? ? Did I reach my roommate’s brother in online dating? ? ? ! ! ! I always thought that roommates with poor family conditions are big duck raisers? ? ? The reason why she doesn’t eat ducks is… “My sister likes to eat ducks very much, because our ducks are also delicious, but she can’t hold her to eat them every day. When she grows up, she doesn’t eat a bite of ducks anymore.” Then we share each time. The duck meat for her…”I’m sorry…I can’t bear to refuse your kindness. I endure eating it every time. To be honest, our school duck is getting old…” No wonder you have tears in your eyes. Ah hello! ! ! ……My whole person is instantly in place. It wasn’t until my roommate decided to give me her brother and 50,000 ducks in order to soothe my wounded heart, I came back slightly, tears of joy couldn’t help streaming from my mouth.

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I have a foreboding that this will eventually be a story of “the domineering president falls in love with me”. Originally I didn’t want to answer this question, but this question is very good, because of the three words: unworthy. Many textbook love experts will simply set a prerequisite for love: everyone is equal before love. In this way, everyone can imagine that they have the right to fall in love with anyone, free and equal. The mass base was immediately obtained. A bad problem with this setting is that everyone thinks that they are qualified to get the rarest thing in the world-love. The nature of love has never been something ordinary people can consume. This kind of popularization of luxury goods will only cause many people to suffer because of not being able to obtain them. They will borrow micro-loan platforms to buy them, leading to more and more financial constraints. I don’t even think: I shouldn’t get this thing by myself. Back to the topic, if you have to ask what kind of experience it is, I think it should be flattered. However, this feeling will soon be replaced by low self-esteem. Because I want to match it from all aspects, it is obviously too difficult. Many things in this world are not just through hard work.

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I have never been in a relationship before, and I am usually a very humble person in the class, and his studies are also very general. Only mathematics is better. I have always secretly liked a girl who has been from high school to university for 4 years. She is very beautiful and chased by a lot of people. So I keep this feeling in my heart. I think it is enough to give her a little relationship every day, just the relationship between friends. Goddess has always been a dream of mine. Let this dream accompany my youth.
After going to university, I suddenly wanted to have more contact with girls. I started to find someone to learn to be ambiguous, and the goddess was one of them. We were just ordinary friends before. But I swear, I never expected to be with her, and our ambiguity did not exceed the bottom line of our friends, just the kind of caring about each other. . As a result, she was at the door of the classroom yesterday, came out with me, then confessed, hugged me, and forced me to kiss my lips. I really don’t know what to do. In front of so many people in the hallway, and still doing this, is she a slutty girl? It was messy at the time. I didn’t say anything, so I ran into the classroom. When she came out, she was no longer there, and her hands were still shaking now. Like Baidu Tieba’s sentence, many people were rejected, and they suddenly agreed, not knowing what to do.

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The spring breeze blows, everything is born, and it is the season of hormone secretion. Wangcai pounced on Xiao Huang, who was next door. Xiao Huang only felt shivering all over his body, like an electric shock. They pulled into the grove. Sitting in the wheelchair was the owner of Wangcai, A Dong, an ugly and ugly man with half-length disability. A Dong looked at Wangcai, then at Xiao Hua next door, and slowly closed his eyes. Xiaohua is the village flower in this village. His father is a famous village chief. Their village has 150,000 mu of fertile land, 420,000 mu of mountainous land, and a river area of ​​6,400 acres. The proper one is Bai Fumei. Xiaohua has a pair of big watery eyes, like a spring in a mountain with crystal clear water, and a bust of 36 is like sitting on a snowy mountain, attracting countless great young people in the village, as if the restlessness of this spring is about to melt this snowy mountain, the most sultry It was the pair of white and flawless, straight and slender thighs, paired with a pair of red high-heeled shoes. The fire was scorching, and A Dong’s emotions began to surging, and a stream of heat gushing out more than three meters high, like the eruption of Alona , Clouds and mist linger. In a blink of an eye, the other men in the village disappeared, and I vaguely saw the village chief walking over with Xiao Hua. Xiaohua’s blushing face was particularly charming. She pouted a small cherry-like mouth, and her mouth was fragrant, and she kissed Adong on the cheek, and gently said to Adong that I love you. Adong wanted to stand up, but he never did. The wheelchair was trembling by this sudden confession. The world can learn from the world, and the love will last forever. Xiao Hua sat on A Dong’s lap like a fat jade with a shoulder width, and A Dong could no longer help yelling: Xiao Hua, Xiao Hua, Xiao Hua I love you. . . The sun was warming, and Dong looked up, and suddenly many people appeared around him, looking at him with doubts. Xiaohua walked up surrounded by a group of men, and the two big mouths were thrown directly at A Dong’s face: I let you dream, I let you dream, and I let you daydream again.

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