Guo Degang: What the layman says, the expert looks at it squarely, and the expert loses. The woman said that one more virtue would not promote Chinese culture. On the contrary, it is precisely because of one more virtue that Chinese culture can be displayed. I want to say this sentence for a long time. The characteristic of Chinese dialect is that it has no fixed pronunciation. Various dialects have different pronunciations for each character, so that it seems to be clear how to pronounce; and the characteristic of Chinese characters is that the characters are amorphous. It seems that you can write it whatever you want. The school teaches everyone to write standardized characters and speak Putonghua, which means to facilitate communication. It does not mean that everyone has to set up an ever-changing “standard” for all characters, nor does it mean to eliminate dialects. Now I was pointed out when I said something wrong, and I was scolded when I wrote a word of virtue, and I couldn’t communicate. The most important feature of Chinese culture is its flexibility. We are descendants of the dragon. The dragon is called the dragon if it changes and never forgets its roots. The dragon is the one who never sees the end. The writing of Chinese characters is fine as long as there are no principled errors. The only requirement for writing Chinese characters is “good”, not “right”, because no one knows what is right, and no one is qualified to say what is right. Even dictionaries are not eligible. So like before, some parents argued whether or not the “every” in the word “繁” was ticked off. I was amused when I saw it. It’s really laughable. And it proves another truth: in the Internet age, people who don’t understand have the loudest voice

“Is the German character written right? This person didn’t pay attention to us. I kindly told you that the family moral character was wrong, and they were all lacking in virtue. It says Feng Gaotang’s filial piety to your parents, your ancestors are all wrong, and the German character is all wrong. It’s been wrong by you, you are embarrassed…” The woman pointed at the signboard of Deyun Society and bluntly said that the German word on the signboard of Deyun Society was wrong, because in her cognition, the German word The one horizontal line of “de” should be written below, and the word “Germany” on the signboard of Deyun Society is actually written on it. This scene was photographed and posted on the Internet by passing netizens. Could it be that it was Lao Guo’s words: Eat a bite of Tang monk meat and live forever, curse Guo Degang’s popularity? It turned out that the staff of Deyun Club ignored the woman’s doubts. The woman thought she kindly reminded you that the plaque was wrong, but the other party ignored her, so she stood at the door of Deyun Club and made a lot of noise. It is claimed that this typo in Deyun Society will mislead many children who are still in the learning stage and insult the traditional culture left by their ancestors…
I feel that this woman’s behavior is quite misleading to the children who are still in the learning stage, and making a big noise is obviously not the solution to the problem, and we can’t set this kind of unreasonable bad example to the child. At least we should first figure out why the word “德” on the plaque should be written like this before we can draw conclusions. It is said that the three characters of Deyun Society were written by Lao Guo’s late mentor Hou Yaowen. Lao Guo’s move is more of a kind of respect and respect for his mentor, and there is no need to rise to the height of academic morality. Moreover, the authorities have given public explanations a long time ago. The first is to remind the disciples of Yunhe Jiuxiao to take the Master’s teachings; second, to warn the disciples of Deyun Society that morality is the first; and finally, Lao Guo recalls Master’s kindness. Taking a step back, Nanjing Deyun Society was established in 2013. It is located on the south side of Gutong Alley, Confucius Temple, Nanjing. It has a strong cultural atmosphere. Why has no one raised this issue until today?


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7 months ago

The “Law of the People’s Republic of China on the National Common Language and Characters” clearly stipulates that the characters used in signs and advertisements should be based on the national standard language and characters. The handwritten characters of inscriptions and signboards can be reserved or used in traditional characters and variants. Where the facilities, signboards, and advertisements of the places violate the relevant provisions of the law, the relevant administrative departments shall order them to make corrections. This matter is regulated by relevant laws. The plaque of Deyun Society should be handwritten, and variants can be used.

7 months ago

The inscription is a very knowledgeable thing. When Kangxi inscribed the West Lake “Flower Harbor Viewing Fish”, there were four points of water under the word fish, but Kangxi deliberately wrote three points, because four points of water represent fire, so the fish would not be grilled to death, but changed to three points of water. , On behalf of water, meaning like a fish in water. In the ancient writing system, there is nothing wrong with writing the German character in this way. Lord Hou crossed the German character, and the cross became a scholar, meaning that he hoped that the people of Deyun Society would prosper. There is also a “dim sum” in the middle of the word deliberately written a little less, because the heart is less, because you are hungry, you will eat snacks when you are hungry, which means that you look forward to the prosperity of the snack shop. The couplet at the gate of the Confucius Mansion, the upper Lianfu character Baogai has no dots, and the lower Lianzhang characters stand up, which means that there is no head of wealth. The article is all over the sky. Who dares to say that this kind of inscription has no culture. In my opinion, yelling at that person. It’s really uncultured.

7 months ago

A few days have passed since the matter, and everything that should be said was said. In the best goodwill, I guessed the thoughts of the parties: 1: I looked up and saw the “typo”, in the intention of caring, I resolutely went to the point, but I didn’t expect to be ignored. 2: After the righteous indignation, you are furious, but you don’t see it. Nanjing is also the capital. Although there is no imperial step stone, it can be a harmonious society. 3: The matter is over. The eldest sister probably knows the truth. She must be happy if she has a plan. On the contrary, she can’t figure it out, or as a lesson, or smile, or. . . . . Look at the staff again: 1: Open the door to welcome the guests, listen to his words, think it is a joke, see his sincerity, and fear to break his heart. Good words to persuade, close the door and feel at ease. 2: Hearing his interrogation, there is a dilemma. I didn’t expect Zhu Zhanji, the author of Xuande, the treasure of the country, to add another evil. What a good grandson! In the end, talking about the woman, she was talented and talented and dare not say, she was really brave, and she didn’t frustrate, she wandered around, all in one go. As for further development, it is meaningless, and it might be better to stop here.

7 months ago

On Quanjude’s plaque, there is also a horizontal line.
Because I heard that the founder meant, don’t let that money block the heart of cooking
Avoid blindness
This time Deyun Club met a female cultural person
It can also be said that the German character of Deyun Society hopes that those who say cross talk must remember to respect the teacher and respect the Tao. This is the true practice of culture.
And Cao, Li and so on have clicked

7 months ago

At these times, I can agree with the smile, the shopkeeper will never blame. Moreover, when the shopkeeper saw Kong Yiji, he often asked him that way, which made people laugh. Kong Yiji knew that he couldn’t talk to them, so he had to talk to the children. Once said to me, “Have you read a book?” I nodded slightly. He said, “I have read a book,…I will take you a test. How is the word fennel of fennel bean written?” I thought, would people who beggars be worthy of me? He turned around and ignored it. Kong Yiji waited for a long time, and said earnestly, “Can’t write it?…I teach you, remember! These words should be remembered. When I become a shopkeeper in the future, I will use it for writing accounts.” I thought to myself and the shopkeeper. The level of is still far away, and our shopkeeper never bills fennel beans; funny and impatient, lazily replied, “Who wants you to teach, isn’t it a back and forth reply under the grass head? “Kong Yiji looked extremely happy, knocked the long nails of two fingers on the counter, nodded and said, “Yeah, yes! … There are four ways to write the answer, do you know?” I became more impatient. Struggling to walk away. Kong Yiji just dipped his nails in wine and wanted to write on the cabinet. Seeing that I was not enthusiastic, he sighed again, showing great regret.

7 months ago

Originally, I wanted to say that this woman was too emotional, but when I saw the cynicism of the literati, I had to sing a counterpoint. It turns out that if you don’t understand the writing of the word “德” in calligraphy, it means you are illiterate. You can really do it. Here, you write the “Germany” on the plaque and ask the people around you if it is wrong. It is estimated that you are a cultural person within a radius of you. Speaking of “de” slowly, it means that there are four ways to write “fennel” in “fennel bean”. I wonder if it is normal? National standard characters have been promoted for so many years, and if you insist on saying “Chinese-style fast evil”, it is not wrong. This is boring. The text itself is a tool. In the process of development and evolution, most people don’t know the past writing. What’s the problem? How come you have become uneducated, what pretend to be? Kong Yiji in the new era, what is he still proud of. In this matter, the key point is that during the communication between the woman and the staff of the Deyun Club, what are the problems between the two sides, okay, when you get so close, the woman offends your spiritual master and begins to ridicule and sneer.

7 months ago

There is no problem with thinking that the word “De” is wrong. This is a variant. Before that, I didn’t know that there were so many variants of the German character. Most people in the country didn’t know it. Run over and talk to the staff. This is also kind, at best, it can be regarded as some lack of rigor in doing things without careful verification. This is not a mistake. Everyone is not a research expert, and it would be too embarrassing to ask for something to be done without leaking. The staff ignored it, a little bit of a loss, and answered “this is an archaic character” without difficulty. But not responding is not a big problem. ——Maybe the staff don’t know, maybe the staff is just bad, maybe the staff is busy, maybe the woman has a bad attitude and the staff is too lazy to deal with. There is no video in this part, I can only guess. The staff ignored her, and the woman was making loud noises at the door of the house, which was too bad. This is because she thinks she is standing on the moral high ground and fires wantonly. As a result, others think that she is actually standing in a pit. This person is very likely to be a fan on the Internet.

7 months ago

The female tourist was wrong, and the voice was too loud, which somewhat affected the experience of surrounding tourists. The Deyun Club was wrong and did not explain it in time. It is unrealistic to require every Chinese to have a complete understanding of Chinese writing. From oracle bone inscriptions to modern characters, only knowing er can be fully proficient, but it is difficult for ordinary people to reach the level of knowing er, so understand. The employees of Deyun Society are not obliged to explain the font problem on the plaque to everyone. Normally, a company facing the public should be obliged to explain it. However, Deyun Society is not an ordinary company after all. It is above the temple, and there is no need to talk about it. The inferior explained.

7 months ago

Normally, it is just ordinary people, not calligraphers, writers, or lawyers. It is normal to have no knowledge of these exquisite writing methods in ancient times and all kinds of weird laws and regulations. The education he received from childhood is “ethics”. There is a horizontal line in the middle. From elementary school to the present, writing right and wrong can be seen at a glance. There is no need to search on the Internet or look through the book to study. It would be abnormal if he hesitated. It’s like a person’s grammar has not been inverted since elementary school. When he grew up, he saw a slogan with inverted sentences. He went up and accused the slogan of being wrong and ill-formed. Then a group of people came out and told him with historical documents. This is called inversion. A group of people came out with red-head documents and said that the slogan could use inversion, but the problem was that he did not have the concept of inversion in the beginning, and few ordinary people would go through historical documents and read red-head documents. He just saw something that violated what he believed to be the truth, because he had no such concept at all. Who’s to blame? Education, if you teach all the writing methods in elementary school, it won’t be like that anymore..

7 months ago

The respondent criticized the female tourist. Well, he also said that because she asked and the staff ignored the staff, she was noisy and was filmed and sent to the Internet. I feel that this woman’s behavior is quite misleading to the children who are still in the learning stage. The yin and yang strangeness is obviously not the solution to the problem, and this kind of unreasonable bad example cannot be given to the child. At least the essence of the matter should be figured out first. It is said that this woman saw that the word “德” was different from the word “德” that he recognized, and we have no right to require everyone to understand traditional characters. Simplified characters exist for literacy, so we can’t put the cart before the horse and let people learn by force. Traditional characters. There is no need to rise to the height of academic morality. Moreover, the authorities have given public explanations a long time ago. The first is to remind the disciples of Yunhe Jiuxiao to take the Master’s teachings; second, to warn the disciples of Deyun Society that morality is the first; and finally, Lao Guo recalls Master’s kindness. Taking a step back, Nanjing Deyun Society was established in 2013. It is located on the south side of Gutong Alley in the Confucian Temple of Nanjing. It has a strong cultural atmosphere. Why is it that the staff still ignore the questions until today?

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