1. If family members are not well-educated and have never travelled far, then we can just listen to their so-called experience. 2. Money can solve 90% of the troubles, and the other 10% can be delayed with money. 3. Kindness can be there, but don’t make your kindness too cheap. For example, some time ago in India, ventilators were hard to find. Although they were very malicious to us, in the end we still supported batches of ventilators. , As a result, others do not appreciate it, and the scolding is even louder. 4. Abandon useless things as soon as possible, such as meaningless meals/look down on your relatives/people who don’t love you. 5. People can’t live too clearly, don’t think too thoroughly about many things, and live comfortably by being confused. 6. Skills accumulate little by little. For example, double-tap the screen twice to unlock new Zhihu skills. For example, read more and read good books. All kinds of books can be read more, but it is not effective for one day. It needs long-term accumulation to grow subtly. I have continued to read good books since college, and now I have accumulated a private library, and my cognition and thinking have undergone a qualitative change. If you want to improve yourself by reading and don’t know what to read, you can follow my official account [Healing Tavern]. I will share with you the 200 super good books I have accumulated over the past few years, saving you from finding good books. time. 7. “It’s the same for those who are able to go there.” Just listen to the saying, but the reality is that choice is much more important than effort. 8. The last way I can develop in the future is to eat soft rice. 9. A creature like a girlfriend, can coax it, or kneel if it can’t coax it. 10. Anything, as long as you can persist for more than 6 months, you will see a qualitative leap. 11. If someone praises you, maybe you are not very good, but he must be very good; if someone laughs at you, you may not have a problem, but it specifies something wrong. 12. The primary purpose of coming out of society is to make money. Don’t listen to what some people say. Just use enough money. Don’t take money too seriously. I can go to NM. The more money the better, I want to live in a luxury mansion and drive a luxury car. 13. Good-looking people get bonuses everywhere. In this society where the three views follow the five senses, as long as you are good-looking enough, you are not wrong at all. 14. If you meet a dog, don’t talk about ideals with the dog, because all he cares about is shit. 15. If you don’t find the next company, don’t have the idea of ​​resigning. Once this idea is born, it will only intensify. Later, you will find that you feel extremely annoying anywhere in this company. 16. People, in fact, you will regret no matter how you choose, just do it. 17. Don’t think that in high school, people who only know their heads to read/do not have fun in time are nerds. In fact, this kind of talent is sober in the world; you laugh at others for three years, and they laugh at you for 30 years. 18. The most stupid behavior in this world is to keep reasoning with others. Even if you are right, you don’t have to prove that others are wrong. 19. When I was young, I always thought that I was a unique person. After being out of society for a long time, you will find that there are at least 1 billion people in this society who are exactly the same as you. 20. It turns out that efforts are so small compared to relationships. I have worked hard for so many years to get into a better unit, but my friend’s father asked him to go to work next Monday with a few words. 21. It turned out that the feelings of a few years were nothing but the four words of firewood, rice, oil and salt. It turns out that the simple life of parents is not as simple as imagined. 22. Before falling in love, you must tentatively ask about the conditions of the bride price and marriage, and don’t talk about a fruitless relationship. 23. Be wary of sudden benefits. Everything comes at a price. 24. No matter where you go, your wallet must have three things: ID card/200 yuan/condom. 25. Like is the most useless thing. 26. You can’t be idle at any time. Once there is nothing to do, you will think about it, and all kinds of hypocrisy will follow. 27. Something that does not belong to you, even if you get it by luck, you will eventually be unstable. 28. Poverty not only limits our imagination and our lives, but also limits many people and things. 29. When you are not strong enough, your complaints, any tears and sweat you shed, are indifferent in the eyes of others. 30. Repetition is the best way to do one thing well. Except for geniuses, the gap between everyone in this world is really small. The only difference is how much time and energy you spend doing one thing. If you don’t do it once, then twice, five times or even ten times.

By zhiwo

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6 months ago

1. Speaking without conscience, society can continue to operate. I only figured out that after three years of graduation, society is essentially a collection of various contradictions. If everyone tells the truth, many relationships will explode immediately, such as the boss. Say: You have a lot of potential and have a promising future = wages are just a little bit now, don’t even think about going up. As long as everyone works hard, everyone can be financially free=As long as everyone works hard, I can be financially free. Our company’s flexible working system, as long as you can complete the tasks, you do not come to work = Haha, there are so many tasks that you can’t get off work. And the veteran workplace bastard will deal with the boss like this: the project is messed up = we have carried out active trial and error, accumulated valuable experience and data is rubbish = there is still a lot of room for growth and nothing is done = development is stable and I will continue Plan to do nothing = keep the previous results and develop steadily. If someday the data is slightly better = we have made a breakthrough. (This one deserves your praise) 2. Be wary of becoming a superficial and impatient person. Some people just pick it up at one point, and it’s destroyed as soon as it is poured. After squeezing the subway twice, I feel how hard my work is. After adding two days of class, I want to let people know how hard you have worked with your friends. A few times, I feel that I am financially independent. I started to dig my heart and lungs after knowing others for three days. For those who treat you better, let go of your ideals and yearn for the warmth of home. Once you go to Dali, you will immediately believe in true love, and when you come to Xinjiang, you will have a great enlightenment and soul sublimation. Such a person has a young heart, but is too simple and too easy to get hurt. If you are about to be disappointed or tempted by someone or something, at least wait a while and make a decision later. There may be hidden secrets, or there may be conspiracies, to be a wise and generous person. Don’t be superficial and impatient. Until now, I found out that it’s better to read more books. The biggest advantage of reading is to calm my heart. Reading Wang Xiaobo and Chun Shang Chunshu, they taught me how to treat life in a humorous and mature way. . Reading Eryuehe and Mingyue that year, they took me into the vast river of history. It turns out that the world is a kind of reincarnation. Reading Liu Cixin, let me marvel at what limits the human imagination can reach. Only by reading Mo Yan can we understand the cruel reality of that era. I am fortunate that I have read so many books that I can have a more calm mindset in my life. I have compiled the 50 most classic books I have read into a collection. You can directly search the public account [Durian Ouni] on WeChat, and reply to the [Book List] after you pay attention. Let’s accumulate precipitation together. Follow the public account [Durian Ouni] Reply to [Book List] Receive a list of the top 100 books that are rated by the whole network 3. There is no absolute fairness, only profit dictates. The reason why you think it is unfair for a capitalist to squeeze and beat the workers’ surplus value is because he is not the capitalist. The reason why you think it is unfair that all the beautiful girls are married away by the rich man who looks like a pig is because he is not the rich man. The reason why you think that all unfairness can be settled by the relationship, that is because he is not the person who has the relationship. When everyone agrees that this is the unspoken rule of society, only the teenagers who have the heart of a child don’t think so. The young man wants to be a swordsman, uphold justice, and maintain fairness. What he wants to do will be rewarded, what he pays will be recognized, and then the young man will be ruthlessly exploded by the society. When one day, young people are no longer obsessed with fairness, no longer obsessed with being a sword bearer, but learn to look at things from the perspective of interests and learn to use rules to act. When the teenager grows up, the teenager does not exist anymore. 4. Kill the bad parts of a person, and the good parts will disappear with it. Just like a three-year-old child, if you don’t give him candy, he will immediately say: I will kill you. Because in his consciousness, he killed the bad you, and the good you came back. Many people think about problems in this way in their emotions and life. After removing the bad parts, only the good parts remain. However, the fact is that the good and the bad coexist in many things. For example, scumbags are attractive because they are detached from you. Green tea will make you feel just because you dare to show and tease. You can’t let me output good content and hate me reminding you to like it. If you don’t like me, what is the motivation for me to write good things? I am not a volunteer. 5. Most families have very low resistance to risks. Wealthy families are only a minority. Most families are made up of farmers whose parents are farmers and their children are workers. When the son gets married, parents have to spend almost all of their savings to buy a house and dowry. I’m not kidding. There are only a handful of families that can spend 100,000 yuan at a time. It only takes a serious illness, and a family can directly fall into the bottom. My mother once said to me: “You work hard outside, we take care of your health and not burden you.” So, for the sake of parents, earn more money and take care of your health. 6. Don’t expect any encouragement and affirmation from people around you. “Depending on recognition” is a typical student thinking. When we go to school, as long as we do a little better in the exam, our parents and teachers will encourage you in time. Slowly, this kind of education has allowed us to develop a “thinking of appreciation as long as we work hard.” However, in real life, no one will bird your hard work, and no one will praise you for doing a little better than before. Many schoolmasters became mediocre people after graduation because they couldn’t pass this test. 7. Human energy is extremely limited. Don’t waste it on planning. Nowadays, there is a harmful thing on the Internet called a “plan list.” This kind of remarks emphasizes that people must make detailed plans, and must be meticulous to divide each day into several parts. For example, divide a day into morning, noon and afternoon, and then fix what to do at a certain period of time. In my opinion, it is simply a bullshit, because at the level of the will of most people, it is simply impossible to persist. Human energy is extremely limited. You have to worry about so many things a day, and your mentality must be very tired. There are many unexpected events in your life, and no one can repeat a predetermined and accurate table day after day. Mistakes, if for other reasons, you can’t stick to it, or if you do less, or fail to meet the standard, you will get a blow in your heart, and you will be even more unplanned in the future. The plan should never be too cumbersome. In a period of time, it is easier to succeed if you only focus on one goal and only care about one thing. 8. Facts have proved that only money can change your life. Many people didn’t understand this truth when they were young, and wasted a lot of time, playing games, falling in love, and now they can only experience the hardships of life, but I’m different when I was in college, I understood this truth early. I spend all the time that others use to enjoy, and all of it is used as a side business to make money. Later, I became a well-known little rich woman in our department. I always had some spare money. When I was fine, I went to Hainan to enjoy the sun and go to Chengdu to eat hot pot. How cool is the taste of spending my extra money, you can’t even imagine. Until hehehe.

6 months ago

Sooner or later you will understand that the future is more important than the feelings. There are too many dirty people, but clean people become a mistake. If you don’t talk about the feelings, you won’t have it. The secret to making yourself happy is not to have expectations of others. You can’t forget anyone you really like. Don’t just believe what you want to hear. How interesting I am depends on the relationship between us. Sharing what you like with someone who doesn’t understand is a kind of self-inflicted loneliness. When he loves you, you feel his love, when he doesn’t love you, you feel his character. Don’t be idle. It’s easy to get lost in trivial daily life and interpersonal relationships. Never try to use procrastination to expect things to change. You have to be strong enough for your principles and bottom line to be respected. Don’t be too dirty when looking for water in the smelly ditch. Learn to stop loss in time. All emotions will disappear at dawn, don’t stay up too late. Don’t look at what the other person says depends on what the other person does. In fact, it’s not someone who can’t forget, just sorrowing about the fruitless pay and wasted passion. Star chasing should be to use your light to see the world you haven’t seen before, rather than to prove yourself in the virtual online world in the name of loving you. Don’t wait. People who like you will try to chat with you. If you don’t like you, they won’t return to you even if they see you. Be careful not to be a poor ghost abandoned again. One thing has come, and you didn’t have the courage to solve it. Will definitely come again. Life is really like this, it will make you pain again and again, go to review this homework again and again, until you learn it. He doesn’t like you because you are not good enough. One day, it will never be. When the pain comes, don’t always ask: “Why is it me?” Because when happiness comes, you haven’t asked this question. I used to think that when lovers get bored, it should be over. I didn’t know until recently: when you feel that love begins to fade, true love begins to emerge. Of course, you can choose to give up and find a fresh love, but the price is that you will never escape the fresh cycle. When you dislike the people around you, the best way to express your dislike is not to argue with them, but to be diligent and leave them. That way, they will disappear from your life forever, almost dead. -A seashell.

6 months ago

1. Learning to control temper is the most direct manifestation of a person’s high EQ. The simpler the mind, the worse the temper, because they spend all their time on venting their emotions; they have the ability and personality to achieve great things. 2. The person who can make a person stronger is the person who hurt you the most, made you the most painful, and sorry you the most. 3. Making money is the most effective way to protect yourself and your loved ones. 4. “Measures” are very important in adult interactions. You and your loved ones can be silent, but those you don’t know must be polite. Many people suffer from interpersonal relationships, but they don’t realize this. 5. If you want to be independent of your thinking, you must first be financially independent. The prerequisite for getting rid of orders is to get rid of poverty. 6. Don’t make promises lightly. What you promised, please do it. When someone asks you for help, think carefully about whether you can do it and whether it will break your promise. 7. Praising others is a good social habit. People who like to like others are generally in a better mood and can also bring happiness to the respondent. 8. Don’t believe in love at first sight, it’s not reliable at all. The sloppy uncle may have several million in deposits; the big-name urban white-collar workers may have hundreds of thousands of debts. 9. Only by doing things steadily and steadily can we succeed step by step. Some people plan to lose 10 pounds in 15 days and speak fluent English in a month. As a result, the plan fails because of too much rushing. Life is a marathon, the competition is long-term planning and self-discipline. The faster you run in the early stage, the faster you will fall in the later stage. The winners are often those who continue to accumulate energy in the early stage, steadily speed up in the middle stage, and only explode in the later stage. 10. Before speaking, think through your head and don’t talk nonsense. For example, when I go to the cafeteria to eat, I ask my aunt if Caixin is not fresh; if a teacher in the school goes to work in a company, will he get less than 10,000 yuan a month. 11. Control your desire to pretend to be X. If you are good enough, others can definitely see it. Those who like to show off, all kinds of high-profile show off, have nothing to do, become a thorn in the eyes and a thorn in the flesh of others. The essence of being a low-key person is not to offend anyone easily. Various cases in life have proved that apart from making enemies, high-profile outfit X has nothing to do with eggs. 12. If you want to learn to chat, you have to understand the voice-over. I went to someone else’s house and found that one of his models was very beautiful, and the other person said, should I give it to you? “OK”. The unfamiliar colleague in the company treats guests. He didn’t intend to call you, so I asked politely. Would you like to come too? “OK”. Ouch, it’s getting late, why don’t you just eat at my house? “OK” O what K… 13. Human happiness comes from comparison. When the people around you can only rent together and you can rent as a whole, you will feel that your face is bright. When everyone around you has bought a house, and you are still renting a house, you can’t hold your head up in front of them. If you realize this, you can feel better. 14. Go with those good people and pay more attention to those good bloggers. When you encounter a good answer, don’t be arrogant, don’t be sour, like more, and encourage the respondent. 15. This article is not important, the most important is article 14.

6 months ago

1. Please insist on watching the film from the perspective of God every day. I have seen a friend like this who watched a Gongdou Opera (Zhen Huan) from the perspective of God over and over again. If you don’t understand, step back and look at it frame by frame, carefully considering a person’s attitude, psychology, and all the choices she made, and then from the entire timeline and her final ending to reverse the person’s decision to make these choices Reasons, and then observe the world and your own life through these thoughts. I think people who watch the film from the perspective of God will gain more than those who watch it as entertainment. 2. To judge whether a person can get along for a long time, look at what she (he) really brings to you, not what she said or did. If this person makes you feel uncomfortable intuitively, then you can stay away from her (him) appropriately. Because many people are actually doing bad things with good intentions. (This one is worth a thumbs up~) 3. The people who like you and hate you are the same people in the world. The limit between likes and hates is how much you are worth. 4. Usually men will not count your contribution to the family and housework into your contribution to him, so smart women may not do housework but care about men. You complain to the man: Look at how much I have paid for our family, how can you bear to hurt me? As a result, the man feels no sense: I don’t feel that you care about taking care of me either? …5. It doesn’t matter if you don’t get married, but you have to have money, otherwise you will be at a loss after 50 years of age than you are now. After the age of 50, loss of beauty, loss of charm, loss of energy, loss of labor, and possibly even the loss of parents… Please consider clearly what is the most important thing for yourself (careful and cherished). 6. Depression is terrible. What’s more terrifying is that you have no strength to struggle with this pain. Please remember to remind yourself. 7. The hardest thing in the world is to put your thoughts in other people’s heads. A person who can understand what you are saying actually has such awareness, but you help him to speak it in a clearer and more systematic language. 8. Life is like playing cards. Your strengths are the cards in your hand, education, family background, background, resources, mind, beauty, etc…. At the poker table, you have a few tickets in your hand. In order to make your own life well, you need the right time. , Play your own cards to maximize the benefits, so that you can live a better life. Many girls get the point wrong. Fighting for the beautiful looks hoarse, and in the end it flies badly…beauty is just one of the cards or a means, and a good life is the ultimate goal. (The person who likes must be able to play a beautiful hand~)

6 months ago

1. There are so many social resources, you have to learn to compete. In “Thirty-eight Letters from Rockefeller to His Son”, as a father, he wrote: In a world of opportunities, there are not too many opportunities to win. If you really want to succeed, try to seize other people’s opportunities. “Snatching” here does not mean using shady means to be clever, but a more proactive attitude. Taking the stable work within the system that people are all pursuing nowadays, a large number of people apply for civil servant and teacher positions every year. The recruitment ratio is very exaggerated and the competition is fierce. Yes, the value of a good job in the system that people are eager for lies in “scarcity.” There are so many good jobs, and there are countless people coveting it. Coupled with the employment difficulties caused by the epidemic this year, it is even more difficult for us to find a satisfactory job in this special period. However, what we can do is not just be frightened by this superficial difficulty. Instead, be proactive: take the initiative to collect information and obtain comprehensive information; make a reasonable plan, divide large tasks into small tasks, and focus on the process; take the initiative to ask questions if you have any questions, and be not afraid of losing face… .. More importantly, to try actively, even if you fail, is a valuable lesson. I always believe that people who are proactive will not live badly in the end. Being proactive is a manifestation of a sense of competition. You believe in yourself, value yourself, race against time, and strive for what belongs to you. Passive life is destined to be tasteless. They confess their fate in their bones, and are unwilling to work hard and indulge themselves. When they were very young, they did not know all the gifts given by fate, and they had already secretly marked the price. When Judgment Day came, when faced with the torture of decapitation, he was helpless and finally died. Therefore, no matter how difficult the future is for you at the moment, do it first and take the initiative to get a chance in this cruel competition without gunpowder. 2. Eight hours later, the gap between people has widened. It takes a long time to commute to and from work; I have to do the work I have to do because of my livelihood, that is, I earn money by selling cheap labor; I am tired after work every day, I don’t want to do anything when I go home, I just want to lie in bed and play with my mobile phone. ….. Today I lay on the bed, thinking if my future is such a mechanical repetition, the fighting spirit of exhausting my life in exhaustion is terrible! Of course, what is even more terrifying is the thought: “When I come back, I don’t want to do anything, I just want to be entertained.” Many people, on the one hand, are not satisfied with their current situation, on the other hand, they are unwilling to work hard to change, paralyzing themselves with superficial and vulgar entertainment. As a result, he has been in a state of eating and waiting to die for his entire life, with no goals, no action, and constant complaints. What is the correct way? If you want to improve your quality of life and have more choices, you should hurry up outside of your daily work time, focus on your goals as much as possible, and improve yourself little by little. If you are not satisfied with your current academic qualifications, you should prepare for exams and review after work to get a better academic qualification; if your salary is too low, hurry up to learn a skill, develop a side job, increase your income, and at the same time increase your resistance Unknown risk ability… People who go off work every day to entertain and play, and people who can spare an hour or two every night or morning to improve themselves may not see any difference in a short time, but they will be aware after five years. Ten years later, there will be great differences. After twenty or thirty years, when you look back, these are two completely different lives. Sometimes we don’t have time, but we spend time where we shouldn’t. For example, I study by myself at home, and I have free time, but I do not spend more than an hour reading a book in a day. At other times, I will read Weibo and be in a daze. When I went out to study with my teacher, I realized that I didn’t have much time to read, so I read a lot of books invisibly while waiting for the car, walking, etc. Therefore, learn to force yourself appropriately and time will be available. Nowadays, the Internet is everywhere talking about the problems of class solidification and difficulty in breaking through. First of all, it is admitted that the mobility of classes is indeed getting slower and slower. The leaping of a class may require the efforts of several generations. But we can be pioneers across classes, and the opportunity for breakthrough lies outside the eight hours a day. 3. Learn to be greedy. In traditional moral concepts, the word “greed” seems to always be a derogatory term, which has always been criticized by gentlemen. Since childhood, the education given to us by the school is also: to be good at restraining one’s desires, greed does not end well. After reading this, I believe everyone thinks so too. But today I want to risk my death and tell the truth: greed is nothing bad, and proper greed will allow us to grow faster. I often think about those who have firm execution, what are the secret weapons behind them? In fact, it is very simple, that is, they have a strong desire to do this-a real greed for what they want. Old Rockefeller directly admitted that his success came from greed. The freedom and good greed brought by wealth drove him to never be satisfied with the status quo and always want to do better. All difficulties can’t stop him. Therefore, when you want to procrastinate being lazy, it is important to think about your ultimate goal in doing this. I always want to give up learning English for a while, after all, it’s too boring, and it seems that I won’t need it in the future. But I also think about my greed for language-I want to learn one more language and see the information that a few people see, so as to earn the wealth brought by poor cognition. There is the motivation to continue. So stop calling yourself “Young Buddhism” and pretend not to care about everything. Society is not a benevolent place, but a world where the strong are king and the fittest survive. Sometimes when we are not greedy, we will be eaten by others. After all, there are not so many delicious desserts.

6 months ago

1. When falling in love, the most painful thing is not that your boyfriend cheated, but that you are a true love, but you can’t overcome the issues of bride price, car and house, and parental support. In the end, you can only shoot and break. 2. Don’t fall in love according to love idol dramas. In real life, there are not so many encounters and love at first sight. Casting the net is the most efficient and effective way to speed up the removal of orders. 3. Like a girl, not to let her stay up late to chat with you, but to persuade her to rest early and stay up late to hurt her body. 4. Whether you are in love with Xiaobai or in the stage of being urged to marry, this is all applicable. Don’t look for boyfriend and girlfriend friends in the gym! ! Men are too handsome, eight-pack abs give you a sense of security, attract too many eyes from the opposite sex, you will be blinded by the group sending of sweet love words; women are too beautiful, sexy buttocks are very seductive, Ma Bao, Phoenix, Hai Wang One after another rushed to pursue, you were green, and you were still smiling and laughing, and made a promise for a lifetime with her. I have a girlfriend who sells in the gym. She told me that there is a man who is fucking tall and handsome. She wants to touch his abs when she sees his abs. However, she learned that the boy papapa the gym girls. You see, “handsome” can really do whatever he wants. This article is based on the experience and lessons of the past, telling you that the gym is shady, don’t be fascinated by the handsome boys, this article is worthy of your praise. 5. If a boy asks you to walk on the inside of the road and has physical contact with you to hold your hand, the default is to have a good impression of you. 6. Don’t have a “love brain”. If she doesn’t marry, she asks for a reply within 24 hours, and it is easy to be issued a “good person card”. You are nice, but we are not suitable. 7. Don’t have a glass heart when you fall in love, and ask the opposite sex to pay the same. We must first be prepared to give only without giving back. I invited her to have a coconut chicken hot pot today, and asked her to have a late night beer barbecue next time. 8. If a girl tells you that she doesn’t want to fall in love too early, she just wants to be a “Shenzhen girl” back. It’s not that she really doesn’t want to fall in love, but that you are not on the list of hers. 9. The reason why girls are prone to encounter “scumbags” around them is not that she is stupid, but that she cares more about what the other party does for her. “Eat on time”-cook a hearty meal for her. “Recent movies are good”-buy movie tickets in advance to watch with her “Drink more hot water”-stay with her to take care (when the aunt comes) 10. University confession must be as early as possible, don’t wait for your time to come. She is not your mother and will not wait for you where she is. 11. When you meet a girl who is spending money, give up as soon as possible. Don’t try to change her living habits, it will only “cause war” more conflicts. 12. Don’t be intimidated by the “spouse requirement”. People are all sensory animals. When they feel right, she will be willing to spend more time getting to know you. 13. The sense of love ritual is to make fun of meaningless things. A good love is like roasted yam, the more it tastes later, the water flows. 14. To filter the toxic doctrines of the society and the parents, what do we do, what do you do now, don’t just find someone to make a living just because you are urged to marry. It’s nothing more than men who want to be honest and women who want to take care of their families. Why is it so difficult for you to pick someone? 15. Regardless of men and women, don’t be a licking dog. If you don’t like you, even if you live opposite him and starve you to death, he will not give you a single meal to take out. 16. When you are in love, remember to set aside sufficient funds from your monthly salary to give the opposite sex a surprise. Love that doesn’t talk about money is a hooligan! The feelings between men and women need to be cultivated. Through continuous getting along, to judge whether this person is suitable or not? Is it the person you want to find? If your own salary is not enough to live by yourself at this time. At this time, falling in love is really a burden! I suggest you make money first. Let’s fall in love again. 17. Sometimes people who are familiar with you are hard to tell the truth because they have interests linked to you; and strangers are more daring to tell the truth because they don’t have too many interests involved. -If the answers above resonate with you, please encourage the creator by giving a thumbs up. 18, confession must be in person, face-to-face success rate is higher, sincere expression, looking forward to the eyes, it is easier to win the favor of girls. 19. Support your girlfriend’s career. When she is disappointed, give her a hug and say a few words of encouragement to make her believe that she can do it. On the day she was unemployed, she gave her a affectionate hug, and said to her: You are already excellent, and the boss fired you. She did not hesitate to talents, and he will regret it in the future.

6 months ago

1. If there are too many Douyin brushes, it will be abandoned. 2. A rented Lamborghini is also easier to pick up girls than a BMW. 3. Few people want to care about you because everyone only cares about themselves, so I think everyone cares about themselves. (Don’t go around it) Think carefully about who your eyes are looking for when you look at a group photo of a class, an association, or a department. 4. Don’t make decisions while lying in bed. Most of the decisions made in bed are like this: “Hey? This dress is 200 yuan? The postage is 15? No more.” “Hey? This dress is 250 yuan? Free shipping? Buy it. The next day: “Hey? Why did 25 express delivery arrive at the rookie station? What the hell did I buy?” 5. There is no lazy person in the world. In fact, the concept of “lazy” did not exist in the beginning. Everyone feels lazy. Think about why I feel lazy. I just don’t want to do it in plain terms. I don’t like it if I don’t like it. I don’t like what I don’t do. However, I was charged with an unreasonable crime. However, the crime of “laziness” even makes you reluctant to do what you like to do. The comment section let me see how many people think they are “lazy”, I believe it accounts for 80%. 6. There is no standard answer in life. There is no standard answer in life. There are only reference answers. The answers given by others are only your reference, not the standard of your life. Only you know what your own standard answer is, and only you know how to live this life well. 7. Getting up early is because of going to bed early last night. Waking up early is because you have something to look forward to. Think about it when you went out for a spring outing when you were young. You usually have to ask your parents for a long time to get up to school. You can get up on time that morning without an alarm clock. Laying in bed just because I don’t want to face the current life, staying up late and sleeping to escape reality. 8. Not doing it is more regrettable than doing it. If you fail to do one thing, there is no result. The pain is far greater than what you did, but there is no result. 9. Be a man, don’t be too humble. Respect yourself is the only way to respect others. To be humble in front of others means to say: “Hey, I’m good to bully.” Respecting yourself means that I believe I deserve to be respected, and I have the ability to respect you. Especially when facing a big boss, even if the other person is a big boss, don’t be too humble. 10. Love is first established on sexual attraction. Always talk about the importance of internal construction, but most people forget that external attraction is the first thing. When you appear sloppy and have not washed your hair for a few days, no one wants to understand your inner self. Even if you do, only a small number of people will choose to enter into an intimate relationship with you. 11. Most people’s dreams cannot be realized. There is a cruel reality that most people’s dreams are still not realized when they are old, and most people’s dreams will not be realized in the future. But most people will find a better life than they used to dream when they are old. Because there is only one kind of true heroism in the world, that is, after knowing the truth of life, still love life-Romain Roland; 12. The road of life is a marathon, not a sprint. You can’t judge a hero based on a momentary success or failure. Sometimes at your college entrance examination, or at a very important turning point in life, look ahead, the next few decades will not be determined by this small exam, and you will no longer feel nervous and afraid. 13. Keep yourself awake. Maintain a sense of security of self-sufficiency, and don’t try to find a sense of security from the crowd. Your sense of security is given by yourself, and most opinions and behaviors are not worth emulating. Everyone actually lives under “you should”. Most people want you to become the majority. Only the truly sober people live the most special. 14. People always hurt those close to them. Remember not to use bad language to treat your loved ones, even if you do, remember to apologize, because they will definitely forgive you. 15. Rumors can always reach the person concerned. Now you know what to say behind others, right? You are all smiles on your face. 16. Only the real Yanzu Reba will not stingy with his approval, because they are so pretty. 17. People who are emotionally out of control cannot communicate. When sensibility is greater than rationality, the person cannot communicate. Only by appeasing the emotion of the other person can communication. Otherwise, it will only spread emotions to you. 18. You can’t exchange anything for flattering, you can only exchange it for being touched by me. Low-value pleasing will only make people feel sick, and will not remember your pleasing. Your contribution will only be moved by me. Regardless of whether it is the workplace or the love scene, only high-value attraction can be exchanged for the favor of the other party.

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1. I had a fight with a very respectful senior and understood many truths: 1. Don’t be afraid of conflict. Conflict is not as good as harmony, but conflict is everywhere. In other words, it is: where there are people, there are rivers and lakes, and where there are rivers and lakes, there are conflicts. 2. Conflict is not necessarily your fault. Regardless of whether it is out of interest or not, conflicts often arise not because of who did something wrong. 3. There are many people who treat me well, and I am very grateful. I am very grateful to everyone who has taken care of me, no matter what the purpose is. But this does not mean that you can bully and squeeze me if you treat me well. 4. When the leader is playing the emotional card, you will lose if you are serious. If you don’t believe it, when he doesn’t use you, you will find that this person has the opposite face. 5. There are not many people in the big situation. When there are too many people who surpass your direct leader/supervisor, be careful not to defend yourself. To add: For conflicts, it’s not about arguing and fighting! It’s that you see through the other party and yourself on the basis of your strength, and use appropriate means to fight for your own legitimate rights and interests. If there is no corresponding strength, to make a living, pretending to be grandson is not ashamed, Han Xin has also suffered from the humiliation of the crotch. It’s just that I understand in my heart that I am to bear the humiliation, rather than willingly become a slave to others. (For the consequences of fighting with the predecessors, please see the updated content at the end.) 2. When I want to understand why I was excluded and isolated, I understood a lot of truths: 6. I was isolated and excluded, often because I isolated them first. Everyone eats, drinks and has fun in their spare time. I pick up books, write articles, and take exams… Just when they care about trivial matters, I passed the most difficult exam and wrote pieces of articles. Everyone’s gossip is short, and I insist on “sitting and thinking about yourself and talking about others.” Everyone is flexible, and I treat them equally. Everyone is joking, lively and noisy, I am quiet, gentle and virtuous… Don’t you isolate who I isolate? 7. I didn’t hurt anyone, and I didn’t even say anything to hurt others. I was modest and prudent, dedicated to my work, but everyone didn’t like me. This is not necessarily a problem with my way of dealing with things. If you change the environment, maybe it will be fine, provided that I have done nothing wrong. 8. The people around me oppose me to break through myself. It may be jealous, or it may be because of the aura that I exude in the process of breaking through myself. It is full of anxiety and tension, and it also brings a sense of oppression to the people around me. Up. 3. The importance of academic qualifications 9. The average academic qualifications are getting higher and higher, which is an irreversible trend. 10. Bachelor degree is the most embarrassing, saying high is not high and low is not low. 11. Majors such as Chinese, law, journalism, etc., have corresponding positions in every national, provincial, and municipal large-scale civil servants, selection and recruitment examination, but there are many people studying. 12. Academic qualifications are my ceiling. Higher vocational colleges are nothing like universities. I watched undergraduates fighting for opportunities for countless times while being restricted by academic qualifications. I don’t understand why birth is so important. Is the seventeen-year-old college entrance examination the fate of my life? Is it that no matter how I catch up, I can only stay below the average level of my bachelor’s degree? Later I came to understand: (1) The birth theory is actually a one-sided lazy thinking. Using academic qualifications to discuss heroes can save a lot of time and energy costs for investigating comprehensive qualities. It cannot be denied that the higher the academic qualifications, the greater the chance that elites will appear in the field of knowledge. You said that people with low academic qualifications can also become elites in the field of knowledge, yes, yes! The probability is very small! (2) Birth theory is the obsession of some people, and this obsession is just as stubborn as patriarchy. (3) The birth theory is a negation of personal growth. A person not only grows up in childhood, but also grows up around his parents. The Three Views will also be affected by middle school, university, and even the working environment. 13. People with low academic qualifications must be inferior to those with high academic qualifications? NO! NO! NO! Do you go to the restaurant to eat to see your education? Your car broke down halfway, does it depend on your academic qualifications to find someone to repair it? Does your haircut depend on your academic qualifications? …When I was in college, I bought an assembly toy for my brother’s child. The brother and sister couldn’t install it for a long time, stupid! He sent it in and installed it in a few minutes. He went to work before finishing junior high school. 14. For the kids who are still on campus, Article 13 is written for people in society. It’s not the reason why you don’t study hard! People with the same conditions and low academic qualifications have fewer choices and are beaten by society more often. 15. This article is written to children on campus. You think that going to school is very hard, but you will understand that going to school is the easiest and most beautiful thing in society. Most people in the society have a deep understanding of this. 4. About love and marriage 16. Many girls leave the boy not because he is poor, but because she has no strength to continue to wait for him to become rich. What she wants to be rich is the work and income that can support her family, the state of being motivated and hardworking, and the care that can give her enough sense of security… He understands that wealth is money, house, car, cosmetics, clothes, bags… …As long as you have money, it doesn’t matter if you play games and pick up girls every day. 17. It is wrong for a man to beat a woman, and there is no excuse for it! He treats you well, and your way of rewarding him can be to treat him well, not to be beaten! He supports you, and your way of repaying him can be to give him a warm home, not to be beaten! He has been hurt, and your way of rewarding him can be to help him get out of the past, or to care for him instead of being beaten! He married you, he became your husband, and your way of paying back could be to marry him and become his wife, not to be beaten! If relatives and neighbors are sincerely good, please stop violence instead of persuading others to be beaten! Not to persuade people to forgive and be beaten! If you only stand on the moral high ground and ask women to forgive and accept domestic violence, please stay cool and wherever you are! Someone asked me if I had experienced anything before writing this article. In fact, I got this idea after reading many cases in the news.

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Had a fight with a very respectful senior. I was too silly, thinking that if I found a legal basis and analyzed the pros and cons thoroughly, the leader would agree to my proposition, but the result was: the senior said a lot of bad things about me behind his back, and I was slapped and scolded by my supervisor. Pause, my claim was rejected. I cried for a long time, but still persuaded, doing a duty that didn’t belong to me. If I weren’t a civil servant, I couldn’t be fired casually, I would have been slapped up and fucked a long time ago. It is precisely because it is a civil servant, so I dare not pick up. It’s also difficult to resign, just like a bird in a cage, being poor, sharing with a lover… If I were in a private enterprise, I would probably leave. But conflict is not an absolute bad thing, because the leaders knew my workload and returned part of the responsibilities to other departments. A gentleman is magnanimous, and a villain is afflicted. Being a gentleman always suffers a bit. However, if conflict is unavoidable, please be fully prepared. Try to avoid conflicts.

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1. There are too many dirty people, but the clean people have become mistakes. 2. Power and sex transactions are more common than you think, but you don’t know it, and there are only a few people who don’t forget their original intentions. 3. Money may not be the most important, but at least it ranks second. 80% of things in the world can be solved with money, and the remaining 20% ​​can be eased with money. You say that money cannot buy health, but money can help you live a few more years; you say that money cannot buy love, but money can help you attract the opposite sex. 4. Therefore, you have to work hard to make money and quietly surprise everyone. If you are rich, you can feel that the weather is dying in the Antarctic. You can feel that life is unacceptable on a luxury cruise ship. You can feel that you are in front of the Mona Lisa painting. But without money, you can only tremble in the harsh winter, feel dizzy and nauseous on the seats in the passenger ferry, and feel unclear when looking at the pictures in front of the computer. 5. People like to comfort themselves by dividing time periods. We all like to divide time into different stages. For example, tomorrow, next month, next year, after the mid-term exam, after the holiday… Whenever we don’t want to work hard, or are unsatisfactory, we look forward to getting better in the next stage. I will do my homework tomorrow; I will be fine after the mid-term exam; I will learn programming during the holidays…..Unfortunately, time is not an intermittent concept, and it does not become different because of how you divide it. If you don’t take the initiative to change, it will only continue to worsen. 6. In fact, there is no one who can’t forget. What really can’t be forgotten is the loneliness and wasted love. 7. The real feelings are never talked about. If you don’t talk about the feelings, you will naturally disappear. 8. The social circle of contemporary people. 9. Don’t be too humble. People who stand up straight can win respect. Some people tremble when they meet big bosses. What are you afraid of? He is an alien? You spend his money? Have you done something sorry for him? A humble posture will only make others feel that you are weak, treat you equally, and dare to express yourself will win respect for yourself. 10. Learn to be numb appropriately. A small defeat can collapse for several days. If you say the wrong words for a month, you will feel that the other person looks down on you when you see the other person’s eyes. With this kind of mentality, over time, you will make yourself nervous. It is inevitable for anyone to encounter unhappy things and make mistakes. In fact, others have no malice towards you. You will be much happier if you are appropriately numb. 11. Learn some psychology knowledge, popularity will become better. You will understand human nature better, will not stimulate your inner sensitive classmates, will not publicize the merits of others, and will not embarrass your leader in public. If you are not popular, who is good? 12. People who see good articles promptly like, know how to be considerate of others, are kind-hearted, and worthy of respect. 13. You can’t change anyone except yourself. So you don’t need to waste a lot of energy to change others. 14. Work hard → progress → happy → self-confident laziness → confused → anxiety → low self-esteem 15. Don’t forget who you are because of temporary success. When you succeed, don’t forget the past you struggled for. When you fail, don’t forget that success is in the future. wait for you. 16. Every time a difficulty occurs, it is an opportunity for us to take the initiative to find our own shortcomings. Success can always be obtained by active people. 17. Learn to accept your own failures. Eat, wear, and life will not be messed up. 18. Thinking about what others think of you every day is the most boring brain activity, not only tired, but also useless. 19. Every time you learn one more technique, you will be able to say one less beg. 20. Love that is just enjoyable is not necessarily appropriate. A lot of love seems to be suitable because they always do fun things together, go shopping together, eat big meals, play games, and party. You will feel happy doing this kind of thing with most people, but you can learn and study together with you. Talents who make progress and work hard together for the future are the right people. 21. Life is full of unfairness. People who are not as strong as you are better than you. It doesn’t matter. Finding a way to surpass them is the best proof of your ability. 22. The fastest way to improve your abilities is to challenge yourself and do things you haven’t done before. The more you do, the faster you grow. 23. Life needs a “noble person”. When you meet a good teacher while studying, follow the right boss at work, and find the right partner when you are in a relationship, your life will go a long way. 24. People are always underestimated, and rarely are overestimated. So in the face of other people’s incomprehension and doubt, don’t doubt yourself, just be yourself. No one is more important than yourself. 25. Whether it is love or friendship, it is true love that can stand the test. Disappear as soon as you hear of an accident, and it is better to stay away from those who say you have something wrong. 26. Only the weak think every day how to squeeze those who are weaker than themselves. The strong always think about how to become stronger, so the strong will become stronger and stronger. 27. When your overall strength in your circle is already top 1, then you should consider changing to another circle. 28. Making a decision when emotionally unstable is more absurd than just looking for someone when you are lonely. When you are emotionally unstable, everything you say and everything you do is basically not sensible. At this time, you can pause for 3 minutes before making a decision. 29. Those who can see this and like it have a big picture, and know that the system will push more high-quality answers after they like it. Life is not easy, but it can be changed. I am a small five, a young man who strives to change his destiny. If you like my words, please give me a thumbs up. May our lives shine brightly.

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