My grandmother is over 80 years old. She sometimes wanders around in the village, and she sees a stick/a plank on the side of the road, and she also picks them home. The biggest difference between their generation and ours is that they can’t understand what industry is, and even the term “industry” has never been used. They have never seen the power of industry in their lives. In their world, the value of manual labor is the only measure of the value of objects. The same thing can be completely different in your eyes from your grandparents’ eyes. For example, a fried chicken wings, you see the white chicken on the conveyor belt, large-scale breeding farms and fully automated feed, from killing chickens to decomposition, after entering the cold chain, distributed to distributors. Together with thousands of other fried chickens, they are tossed and formed in a frying pan. In the eyes of your grandparents, fried chicken wings means raising local chickens for half a year. After you kill them, you have to boil water and pluck them. After cutting off the two only chicken wings, they are wrapped in flour and fried in a pot of precious cooking oil. . The cost of the latter can be ten times that of the former. Therefore, in the eyes of your grandparents, a one-dollar fried chicken has great labor value, and it is a heinous crime to throw it away at will. In the same way, clothes or fabrics, in your eyes, are a large-scale operation of sewing machines in a textile factory; in their eyes, they are a ball of yarn, which requires three days of manual knitting. You persuade them now that the conditions are good, they don’t need to take advantage of it. But in their eyes, these are not cheap at all, but things that contain huge labor value. You will never be able to explain to them what the low cost brought by industrialization is. In their eyes, a piece of cloth will be sewn for three days and a chicken will be raised for more than half a year. If things outside their worldview cause waste, for example, if you throw an old USB flash drive into the trash can, they probably won’t ask too much, because they don’t know the value of labor. The worldview cannot be compensated by money.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Not to mention it is in Shanghai, it is located in Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Chengdu, Wuhan and other big cities. It is also a word, grab! Don’t worry, I haven’t finished speaking. The middle-aged and elderly people are mentioned here. They are living in poverty, hardship and helpless, so they have deeply imprinted in my heart, even if they are in the 21st century. In the 21st century, there will be no more hunger, but the suffering of youth is indelible. This is not to defend the elderly in Shanghai, but to say that from a macro perspective, the elderly in all places are the same—— Going out without picking up something to go home is tantamount to losing. In other words, you put this food bank on the campuses of Fudan University, Tongji University, and China Normal University. Would you like to see if the students would rob it? You put it in the headquarters of a certain company in Lujiazui to see if white-collar workers will rob it? But if you put it in an urban vegetable market, in an old residential area, there can be thousands of middle-aged and elderly people hidden nearby! As long as one person issues an order, even the elderly who have been bedridden for many years can walk fast. Boy, are you looking for ugliness? They didn’t move your refrigerator out today because they think it’s too heavy!

7 months ago

I once saw a machine similar to a vending machine in Wanda Plaza on Chu River Han Street. A certain brand of cosmetics is distributed free of charge, and each person can receive one for scanning the code. It is precisely because each person is limited to one, so the line is long but very orderly. In the end, there are not many cosmetics, and people who are not in the queue will leave by themselves. Although some of the team also brought two mobile phones to scan the code multiple times, there were also male compatriots who received it for their girlfriends. This is all harmless, after all, cosmetics are originally distributed free of charge. This is a certain regulation. I personally think that public welfare projects are worth promoting. However, the person in charge of the project should still consider whether or not certain regulations should be set up in public welfare projects. It does not matter if the food is thrown out for grabs instead of opening a warehouse. Ask the propaganda department to take two photos and ignore the boasting project. As a legal person, the author looks at it from a legal point of view. Managers and organizers, at least for the stampede that may occur during the activities of looting, also have certain liability for compensation. Law is the bottom line of morality, and even for public welfare, it should be above this. Then both parties are obliged to maintain order as much as possible, or set up certain rigid rules to avoid problems. Rather than shirking responsibilities in the name of public welfare. (Otherwise, next time someone wants to cause harm and evade legal responsibility, they can use public welfare as an excuse to spread small gifts on the escalator to cause confusion and trampling. Public welfare itself should have certain rules.) Speaking of this KFC food bank, If everyone can open the door of the cabinet, it is normal to be robbed. This is the inevitable result of no regulations. If delusions rely solely on personal qualities, it seems that we have not yet reached such a standard of living where everyone does not lack material conditions. Therefore, I think this kind of looting doesn’t explain much. As for the so-called “human nature”, “quality of people in xx area”, “quality of the elderly”, etc., it is even unnecessary. This food bank is the same wherever it is placed. Whether it is the prosperous Beijing and Shenzhen or the barren mountainous area, there will be people with poor material conditions. Food that can be obtained without regulations is inevitable to be looted. Moreover, looting does not mean that they do not need food, and they are not wasting it. To a certain extent, the more you want to grab, the more you need food instead of going to waste. In the final analysis, the system has not been well established, and public welfare has left the required rigid rules. The solution is also very simple, just buy a similar machine from the street in Yangpu District, where the project is being led, or someone specializes in order to distribute it. Rather than some media clamoring that the elderly in the xx area have no quality, this is not a problem that can be solved by cursing a few words “the elderly in the xx area are not ashamed”. Doing public welfare is just doing public welfare well. The system and rules of the construction have to be established. If you can’t lead a project, you will leave it alone. We should promote and support public welfare activities. However, some people engaged in propaganda, and they always frustrated with problems.

7 months ago

The fault is not that the old people come to the food bank to take the food, but that the order in which the food is taken is chaotic. As long as it can be eaten, anyone can come and take the food here. Some of the answers seem to have misunderstood the purpose of this food bank. The purpose of setting up this bank is to save food and prevent the unsold surplus from being wasted. The words “Strictly Save”, “Treasure Food”, “Use Everything” and “Take Reasonably” on the freezer all indicate that this is a self-collection station for food, not a social relief station. KFC has its own food production standards. Food that has passed the best taste period cannot be sold again, but the remaining food is usually still within the shelf life. Therefore, in order to reduce food waste, a food bank has been set up to provide free to citizens in need. , Practice diligence and frugality. Who needs food? Hungry people. Who will not waste food? People who can eat these foods into their stomachs as food. So these foods can be eaten as food instead of discarded as kitchen waste, and this food bank has realized its value.

7 months ago

Regarding the issue of disorder, the organizers of the event, Yinxing Street in Yangpu District and KFC Restaurant in Nenjiang need to take responsibility. Such a freezer that everyone can open can only handle the needs of one person at a time. If there is no restriction on the flow of food, then looting is an inevitable result. This is only the first KFC food bank in Shanghai, but it is not the first attempt of KFC food bank in China. Previously, it was in Guangzhou, Nanjing, and Fuzhou in 2020. Both have launched similar public welfare pilots. There are currently 21 KFC food banks nationwide. And the news copy is exactly the same.

7 months ago

KFC’s WeChat applet for ordering food is very good. Users scan the QR code to receive, and each ID can only be claimed once a day. There is a guide staff next to them. Some elderly people who don’t know how to use mobile phones are responsible for the church (KFC’s UI design is very simple and easy to learn). Doesn’t the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology require software vendors to find a way to solve the problem of elderly people using APP? KFC, together with WeChat, Alipay, Meituan and other apps, will quickly popularize education for the elderly, and get a subsidy. Win more.

7 months ago

How do you think about it? Isn’t the food bank just for looting? Isn’t this stuff circulated in the United States just to give food to people in need? Otherwise, the interest is kept? Food doesn’t produce interest, only flies. As long as the scene is chaotic, KFC is solely responsible. It is not innocent at all to step on KFC. So many charities in Shanghai, so many volunteers, have to build such a freezer for self-collection. KFC’s food bank in his hometown in New York did not throw a freezer for self-collection. It was organized by the community or volunteer associations, and some helped. There is still some salary. So this time KFC had a problem and he deserved it. As for grandfathers and aunts, as long as they don’t take it to play and eat it in their stomachs, it is reasonable. The food bank originally did not say that it is only for people who are about to starve to death. It is reasonable not to waste eating. If you expect that the opening of the food bank is a dazzling array of food that no one cares about, and only skinny people eat gratefully, then I suggest you give up your fantasy. Bai Zuo’s play was played by the rich, and the food-suppliers were spiritually satisfied, and the food-eaters were materially satisfied. If you only want spiritual satisfaction and don’t want other people’s material satisfaction, just want to learn for nothing but can’t bear to spend money, that would be shabby and embarrassing.

7 months ago

The two restaurants do not have any management control over the use, of course it will be messy. The best way to distribute this kind of food is to deliver charcoal in the snow. If it were me, I would make full use of our superior system, go directly to the street or a caring organization, first go to the public security for an event for the record, and station two auxiliary police officers on the spot. Equipped with an advanced food picking machine and equipped with video surveillance on the side, this work is done as a discovery gold. In terms of poverty alleviation, each street has an account, which will be visited regularly to update information, and it is stipulated that there must be assistance activities, especially those who are poor due to illness, old and difficult to move are groups of special concern. These people can bring the certificate issued by the street and pick it up at the counter. Afraid of others watching, cards can be issued on the street. After swiping the card, everyone can automatically take out a portion of food in the cabinet, not more, so as to give care to the people who need help most. Even the people who can’t walk on the scene are really difficult people, and they can be delivered to the door by street staff and volunteers. For those who need to eat for emergency, they are required to provide an ID card and be connected to the rescue station. In addition to eating, if there are difficulties in accommodation, the rescue station will solve it. This food machine needs to be made into a self-service vending machine. There are cameras in all directions, and those who are in difficulty swipe their cards to get them. People who eat temporarily have staff to help them. Big data is formed in the background and can be observed and analyzed every day. Are there any abnormalities? Don’t worry, the street workers have sharp eyes and strong mouths. As long as the rules are clear, those who are greedy can’t do anything. Even if someone from the Volunteer Association comes over, it is much better than direct distribution in the store, and it can also avoid some risks. Then it issued a rule that people who don’t queue up to snatch them will be canceled one month’s eligibility for access to the police, which disturbs public order. Finally, in fact, there have been caring supermarkets everywhere, and people who need care have cards in their hands. The materials are donated by all walks of life in the society. KFC sending things there is a win-win behavior once and for all. KFC is underestimating the greedy psychology of the greedy people and the fluke psychology of the law not blaming the public. This is a disadvantage. To do good things well, find professional people to do it.

7 months ago

Never test human nature, it is impossible to count on quality to prevent looting! Can you not grab the free fragrance? It is recommended to “targeted delivery” to groups in need, and it is recommended that relevant departments assist in providing a list of the elderly and families who have lost their families and groups that really need these foods. The occurrence of looting is definitely not a reasonable and orderly management. Even if the follow-up appointment system is adopted, there is still no guarantee that the truly needed distinctions can be booked. Relying on “consciousness” and “quality” can not achieve the goal, even if necessary. People who don’t get it will lose the meaning of setting up a “food bank” and become a shortcut to “take advantage”. Those elderly living alone and families who lost their families are also disadvantaged groups in terms of online appointments. KFC’s move is to do charity. If the food bank is to really help people in need, the relevant department will step in and provide KFC with some people in need in the city. List, and then let these people come to pick up the goods, not only can avoid the occurrence of looting, but also can really help those in need.

7 months ago

Formalism is not desirable. If you want to help others, you must first figure out what your helper needs and how to help them effectively. For example, if you look at Tainan’s pineapple farmers, you are pitiful. You are worried that they are too poor to eat fruit, so you donated a cart of pineapples to them. Is there something wrong with you? The charity model of the food bank is reasonable in the United States, because Great America does have its own national conditions. The official social organizations of the United States cannot cover individuals. In addition, the overall cultural atmosphere of the United States never lives within its means and has no reserves of ideas. Therefore, there are a lot of people in the United States who cannot afford to eat. Some of them are still able to work and have the willingness to work. The middle-class brother who was still in the clubhouse had a sudden change today, and he really couldn’t afford to eat. You set up a food bank for everyone to catch up. This is very important and effective, and it even has emergency properties in a sense. The problem is that China’s national conditions are different from those of the United States. On the one hand, China’s poverty alleviation system itself has already covered individuals. Basically, it is unlikely that there will be real hungry families with a bowl of rice and a bag of noodles lost at home. If there is such a family, the government will take care of it and will not let you. starve. So the charity significance of food banks is not great. On the other hand, China’s overall level of development is still quite low. KFC food, whether it is advent or not, is a good thing for most Chinese who are older, even Shanghainese. Coupled with the fact that the Chinese originally possessed a strong reserve attribute, even if they don’t eat it now, they can take it back and save it, and it is inevitable to cause looting. KFC’s impending food is a Giffen product for ordinary Americans, and a normal product for ordinary Chinese. The Americans will eat only when they have nothing to eat, and the Chinese will eat if they have a choice. You can complain about the poor quality of the citizens of Shanghai. Now, the quality of citizens is objectively like this. Can you change it overnight? You can’t change it. If you have to do charity, then you still have to change your charity model. Or you can contact the Poverty Alleviation Office and send these things to your home in the form of poverty alleviation materials. Otherwise, just deal with it and turn it into a Giffen product (but I don’t know if there is such a thing as Giffen in Chinese people).

7 months ago

I don’t know what you are complaining about. I think these poor people are just a little anxious and haven’t violated the rules at all. 1. Three meals a day are the basic needs of people. Looking at the way these people grab them, it is obvious that they are from the bottom of society and meet the requirements of people in need. 2. These low-level residents left without wasting time and quickly settled the KFC inventory, meeting the requirements of making the best use of everything. 3. They don’t take too much. Everyone takes a few. I believe they can finish the meal, which meets the requirements of diligence and thrift. Since advertised is for people in need, why do people in need take it away and complain about it? Just want to humiliate the poor? Disgusting. Some people may be unconvinced, and will say that it is wrong not to take it or not to grab it. Just think about it, why do you want to grab it? The reason is simple, there are few things. I checked and found that there are about 200,000 people in Yinhang Street, Shanghai, where KFC is located. Even at the poorest 1%, there are 2,000 low-level residents. As shown in the picture, a refrigerator contains only 25 burritos, which is probably enough for 10 people, but the demand is at least 2,000 people. Is it not normal for a spike? What is the essential difference between those who grab a spike on the live broadcast and them?

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