The family’s first car.
It is estimated that the model y long-life version will have an estimated price of about 372,000 after domestic production next year. It seems that from all aspects, model y will be an explosive model that is much more cost-effective than model 3. The shortcomings of model 3 seem obvious at a glance, that is, the space is too small. The space of y is just right, and the price is right. After all, the s and x 800,000 price points are difficult to become popular. The price of 370,000 has already formed a competitive relationship with the BMW 5 Series. Many 3 series buyers will also consider adding money to buy y.

The advantage of Y is that maintenance is basically unnecessary, electricity costs are cheap, and subsequent maintenance costs are greatly reduced. The sense of science and technology is bursting.
The advantage of the 5 series is the background, but the disadvantage is that the maintenance is too expensive, and the fuel cost is a little more than electricity.
In terms of late investment, y will be much less, and there is no need to worry about oil leakage and other problems.
How to choose?

In terms of price, the domestic version of the Y price-performance ratio is the best of the 5 series. The 530i, which is priced at US$54,200 in the United States, needs 477,900 for the domestic imported version, and the price is 478,900 after domestically produced. In the United States, the long-life Y is priced at $47,190. The domestic imported version was 478 thousand at that time, and the domestically produced version was priced at 347,900. And in the United States, Y’s sales are much higher than that of the 5 series. Regardless of the quality of the car, the various taxes and fees of 130,000 generated by Y import will all choose to give to consumers after it is made in China. On the other hand, for BMW, why is it not deducted after the domestically produced taxes and fees of over 100,000 yuan? Increased instead? ? This is very interesting. Is the domestic BMW better than the imported quality by tens of thousands of distances? It is the dealer who made all the taxes and fees of 100,000 yuan. So which is the leek cart, it’s obvious. I have always believed that Tesla’s global unified pricing method has exposed the face of domestic joint ventures. The high-price and high-profit system that domestic manufacturers have operated for many years has been ruthlessly destroyed by Tesla. This is an important reason for Tesla’s domestic cyber violence.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

I have a treasure five at home, a Land Rover, and a Civic. I just tested the model 3 for long battery life in just two weeks. I think I have some say to give you some suggestions. The subject of the question actually feels that you already have some basic understanding. Now I am missing a weekend to book two test drives. I can’t decide which one is better for you. The test drive experience is the most important. The logic of the tram is completely different. Everyone has various ideas. . The interior or something, to be honest, I think I like the Tesla interior very much, but I don’t like the interior of Baowu. I drove Tesla for two weeks. The overall experience is really good. The details of the problem are within my tolerance, and the brand effect is also okay. The biggest problem is that I drove a long distance of 600 kilometers back and forth two days on weekends, although the AP is really good. It’s very fragrant. I’m not tired at all when I drove to the local area for the past four hours. It’s a seamless connection to eating, drinking, and having fun, but the Tesla seat is really uncomfortable. The moan came out, and I didn’t feel it at first, but I felt it deeply after driving a long distance. I won’t talk about the advantages and disadvantages of other details. If you are interested, we can communicate by private message. If you are not in a hurry, I feel that it is best to buy Tesla the next year. It will be produced nationwide and iteratively run for one year. However, you can buy trams early and enjoy them early, and you will get discounts when you buy the iterative price. Now, it is already worth buying. It depends on you demand. The price cuts for petrol cars this year are also very fragrant. The battle between gasoline and electricity, Tesla and domestic autonomy, just look at it. Those who really spend hundreds of thousands on buying a car are all considered to be able to shop around on their own. Recently, the Internet has become too rhythmic due to commercial interests. That’s too much. A certain brand has been working for four years and has not released a car, but the Internet is blowing every second, a certain brand has a new car and now all kinds of blowing, the problem is that his new round of financing has only raised billions of dollars, most of them It’s the brand’s boss who paid for the money personally, and the big capital was cautious on the sidelines. I don’t know what those people who didn’t buy a car and didn’t test drive on the Internet thought they were self-righteous after being brought into the rhythm by the business. Driving experience, product quality, and so on. To be honest, most of the answers above are keyboard man. Look at the online data and think that you know everything. Some may be old drivers who have not touched the inherent concept of trams. They have tried driving at least once or twice. Advise others again.

6 months ago

First of all, let me explain: if you are in Beijing and you only have a green card, then just buy model Y, don’t read my next tirade. I haven’t driven Model Y, but it is a model based on Model 3. Then I will first guess the characteristics of Y based on the driving experience of 3 and the pictures uploaded on the Internet. In terms of interior texture, the BMW 5 Series will definitely be better than the Model Y. Although it is a prediction, according to Tesla’s consistent style, this conclusion basically did not run. After all, BMW is still a luxury brand, and it is in terms of creating a sense of luxury in the car. It must be much better. But as to whether you have high requirements for the interior, that is another matter. In terms of interior space, although the actual space of Y is not known, after all, the level is lower than that of the 5 series (I think Model 3 has a long wheelbase, but it is the size of an A-class car, and the interior space is still less than a huge Most A-class cars, while the 5 Series is a C-class car), and the wheelbase of the 5 Series is also longer. Therefore, the 5 Series has more advantages than the Y in terms of X-axis, Y-axis and Z-axis. obvious. In addition to space, Model 3’s rear seats are completely negative: the seat back angle is steep, the cushion length is too short, the floor height is too low, the seat material is hard, the wrapping is poor, the sitting posture is uncomfortable, etc. The A-class cars are the absolute bottom one; considering that Y adopts a crossover shape, the head space may be better than 3, but through the pictures circulating on the Internet, it is guessed that Y is in the rear seat comfort. There will be no good improvements. So if you need to take a family in the back of your car, then buy a 5 series. Needless to say about the workmanship, it depends on whether you care. In terms of absolute power, Y is definitely better than 5, especially the explosive power and response speed in the early stages. In terms of the smoothness of the power output, the previous model 3 and S Raven calibrations are very good, the power is very smooth, there will be no “fleeing” feeling of many electric vehicles, I believe it will not be difficult for Y to do this. , Tesla now uses permanent magnet synchronous and asynchronous induction motors to match together, and at the same time it can achieve many advantages such as smoothness and strong explosive power, which is definitely a leading level in the industry. The 5 Series does have a gap in this regard. However, the previous model 3 and S Raven had a shortcoming that there was no CRBS function. I don’t know if Y will be added, that is, the linkage of electric brakes and mechanical brakes. Mavericks electric cars have such functions. In fact, the technical content is not as expected. So high. Others say “single pedal logic”. In fact, even if the kinetic energy recovery is adjusted to the lowest level, the Model 3 still feels a lot of pulling during taxiing. The result is that it is difficult for the vehicle to slide and slow down in a smooth manner, which will be uncomfortable for passengers. Someone rebutted me before saying that “single-pedal logic” belongs to electric vehicles and cannot follow the logic of gasoline vehicles. This is simply nonsense. Whether it is an electric car or a gasoline car, it is essentially a “car”. Since it is a car, it is necessary to respect people’s wishes and make people more convenient and comfortable, rather than requiring people to go because of changes in energy forms. Adapt to the car. In fact, the current Accord Hybrid is very good in braking and deceleration. I suggest that you open model 3 and Accord Hybrid at the same time to understand what I’m talking about. Handling this is not easy to guess, wait for the real car to test drive. It also depends on whether you care about manipulability. In terms of chassis texture and vibration filtering, the 5 Series is not at the same level as the Y. Don’t try to challenge the high level with low-level models, including comfort and safety. In terms of the quietness of the car, although the working noise of the electric motor of a pure electric vehicle is much lower than that of the internal combustion engine, the noise of the vehicle is not only the engine, but also road noise and wind noise are also important sources. Before Model 3’s road noise and wind noise were very loud, the noise level in the front row was as bad as the fit, and the back row was even better: you would feel sitting in a chicken coop, and the noise would spread to your ears from all directions. The carriage is leaking air everywhere. Therefore, the quietness of Model Y can only be known by actual experience. Don’t believe the view that some people on the Internet say “the sound insulation of pure electric vehicles must be good”. Regarding the so-called “intelligence”, the most talked about should be AP. I still have the same view: AP and NB are only L2 level automatic driving assistance systems, and there is still a long, long, long way to go with L5 level, and the current AP is completely praised. I have used AP myself, and the experience is indeed OK, but it is definitely not as invincible as some people say. In addition, according to the latest (2020) survey report of the well-known organization Navigant Research: Tesla’s autonomous driving technology ranks bottom in the industry. So I really admire Tesla for being able to package the technology at the bottom of the industry to a level that many people think it is the number one, and there are so many people who believe and praise it. (When I came up with the results of NR before, some people insisted on saying that the results of NR were unscientific and unreliable. Well, please come up with a so-called scientific and credible survey result. NR’s report is in the industry. The influence is great, but it can’t affect you, right!) In terms of maintenance, Model Y has the advantage, with long maintenance intervals, fewer items, and low cost (much cheaper than BMW). However, in terms of reliability, according to CR’s data, Tesla as a whole is much worse than BMW. Although BMW has problems such as oil leakage, Tesla has many other messy problems, so Tesla may make you more troublesome in terms of later maintenance. There is another point that cannot be overlooked: Tesla currently has a small number of business outlets and insufficient supply of accessories. If your car encounters a problem or is scratched, the maintenance cycle time will be very long. In terms of supplementing energy, there is no doubt that the BMW 5 Series wins. If you have a charging station at home, you can still consider a pure electric car, otherwise don’t buy it. I drove the Audi e-tron for half a month before, and I was so tired… By the way, some people will say: “Petrol cars must be refueled at the gas station every time. If there is a charging station at home, charging at home is fine, which is more convenient than refueling.” In fact, the person who said this should have never driven gasoline. Cars, because the gas stations are very densely distributed, you can just add gas when you go to work or go to work. It won’t take long. You can just leave the house 15 minutes earlier. You can add more times in another month. What about oil? And if you have long-distance or self-driving travel needs, don’t consider pure electric vehicles. Although there are basically charging stations in the service area at present, the time to replenish energy is really too long. It cannot be done in the time of “eat a meal by the way, rest by the way, and go to WC by the way”, and it needs to be done before departure Precise route planning. If you encounter too many people charging and need to line up, the waiting time will be longer, which will seriously slow down your progress. It is very easy for me to drive a gasoline car by myself for 1,000+ kilometers a day. I can leave Beijing in the early morning and get to Shanghai in the evening, and I can take a comfortable nap at noon. Considering that there will be more and more pure electric vehicles in the future, the phenomenon of charging in the service area will only become more and more serious (in the recent 11th long holiday, some people posted pictures on the Internet to complain about this phenomenon). Electric vehicles are more suitable for driving in urban areas, and the route is relatively fixed, which is an ideal use scenario. Finally, let’s talk about costs. In fact, many people say that electric vehicles are cheaper than gasoline vehicles. The reason is that the daily use costs of electric vehicles are indeed much lower. For example, charging is cheaper than refueling (even if parking fees are added), maintenance is much cheaper, etc., these are indeed Is the truth. However, if you consider the cost, you can’t just calculate a part of it, but take into account the total cost of the full life cycle of the electric vehicle: for example, the extra money spent on buying a car: Although the price of Model Y can be on par with that of the BMW 5 Series, it is actually two. The positioning of the person is completely different. Relatively speaking, it is more appropriate to compare X1 and Model Y, and the two levels are closer. And X1 can be done for less than 300,000 yuan, which is equivalent to spending hundreds of thousands more when buying a car (the price of an electric car is higher than a gasoline car with the same structure and similar configuration, such as a logo 2008 is tens of thousands cheaper than e2008, Toyota C-HR is tens of thousands cheaper than EV version, etc.); and when selling a car, you will face the problem of preservation rate. At present, the overall value retention rate of pure electric vehicles for more than 3 years is relatively low (one is because of the degradation of battery performance, and the other is because of the rapid development of electric vehicle technology. After the release of new technologies or electric vehicles with longer battery life, the previous old models No one buys it. Will you still buy a second-hand electric car with a battery life of less than 300 kilometers a few years ago?), so if you consider these costs, then a pure electric car will not be more than a gasoline car in the entire life cycle. save money. The final summary: If you have a fuel license plate and consider the practicality of the family, then give priority to the BMW 5 Series.

6 months ago

I have been paying attention to Tesla since 16 years. Later, I graduated and bought abb. But there was nothing wrong with Tesla at that time. It’s expensive. I can not afford it. Only bought those in their early 30s. Later, because I couldn’t stand the one-day limit. transfer. I always think that the car is an industrial product. He needs time to accumulate. Why choose 5 series is nothing more than. I enjoy better driving quality under the same green license. Including but not limited to tranquility, luxury and social recognition. To put it bluntly, Tesla’s quietness cannot satisfy me. Driving at high speed and buzzing… Double-layer glass treats the symptoms but not the cause. Secondly, I have long battery life needs. Intermixing can satisfy me. After all, Tesla’s charging is not widespread. Next, when I visited Tesla in 19 years, I said that the seam was quite big. Sales are awesome. Our car is like this. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. I drive anyway. Life is in the car. There is no one in the car. It’s worth all the money. Tesla’s autonomous driving can make people inert. I think cruise control is enough. In summary, Tesla will not be considered. Not for at least 5 years. It is not unaffordable. Pure distrust and dislike this kind of brainwashing marketing. I worship no one. Marcos is also a businessman in my eyes.

6 months ago

First of all, it is clear that we need to refer to more needs to determine which car is more suitable. Secondly, I personally think that as far as the two cars are concerned, Model Y should be suitable for benchmarking X1, although the price is more expensive than X1. Just as the Model 3 was priced at 56E, in fact, its interior and workmanship are far from 56E. Now the price has fallen all the way to the 34C range. Therefore, if the price level is the same, without discussing the use of electricity, oil, or intermixing, I think the product strength of the 5 series is better. But the subject needs to combine his appearance, interior, power, indicators and other factors to make an arrangement and score, and see which car scores higher in your mind.

6 months ago

After reading so many answers, I really want to laugh, it’s really totally embarrassing. It made me think that Zhihu is really only a gathering place for high-income groups in Kochi. It also said that other people don’t go online, let alone Tesla can’t stop. MODEL Y didn’t have the problem of being unable to stop. It was MODEL 3. MODEL Y has another problem. Please know the high-income people from Kochi who bought MODEL Y to take a look at the recent evaluation of the battery safety of MODEL Y. The battery heat resistance of MODEL Y has not reached the new level of the country. Battery safety is a mandatory standard, and the test difficulty of this mandatory standard is one level lower than the original recommended standard. If this is the case, I still have to say that the high-income people cultivated by the country still have to cherish their lives, really. The video is reproduced from Douyin, Understand Chedi Original, if there is any infringement, it will be deleted immediately.

6 months ago

I see a lot of people answer all kinds of steps on Tesla, I talk about my feelings: I used to like gas cars very much, but my wife likes Tesla very much, she likes the feeling of sitting in Tesla, she I think the interior of the E300 or 530 is too exaggerated, especially the ambient light, which gives people the feeling of a lady in the shampoo room. However, after repeated communication, I still had to respect my wife’s opinion and went to test drive the Model 3 Performance. The power… how do you say em, it feels different from the gas truck, or it may be because of my limited knowledge. I haven’t driven those supercars or so-called “performance cars”. In short, the cars I have come into contact with are up to the S-class 7 series and down to the A4 Juliet. The acceleration ability and driving lightness are not comparable to the Edamame 3. . Although I haven’t decided whether to stick to the petrol car or the electric car, I have to admit that my understanding of Tesla has changed a lot, and it is indeed easy to drive. Long-distance experience and charging experience are definitely not available through test driving, but my colleague has a Model S, which has been driving for four years, and now the battery has decayed within 5%.

6 months ago

First of all, model Y and 5 series are not at the same price. Don’t look at the high pre-sale price of model Y, because of concerns about affecting model 3 sales. When Tesla released Model Y, it said that the price is 10% more expensive than 3. Referring to the current price, the price of model Y with long battery life will not exceed 400,000. In fact, the comparison between the two cars depends on whether you are willing to give up many other things for the driving experience and assisted driving. Tesla’s strengths are driving experience, performance, and assisted driving. These aspects are much better than the 5 Series (as a dual car owner, it can be said that model3 is better than A7). In addition, if you care about ride comfort, luxurious interiors, shock absorption and sound insulation, workmanship, and convenience of refueling, you will undoubtedly choose the 5 Series. It depends on your choice. As for space, the riding space and storage space of Model Y will definitely be much larger than that of the 5 Series.

6 months ago

My husband has a model x, and I marry a glc260 coupe suv. Mercedes-Benz is currently being left in the garage at home to eat ashes. I would rather recharge and drive the tram for a long distance, because Tesla is really good-looking and really fragrant. The co-pilot has a feeling of “the car of the future”. There are no physical buttons. The control basically relies on the touch screen. Compared with the gasoline car, the technological experience is like the difference between a smart touch screen machine and a Nokia brick machine. Of course, there are some shortcomings. The wind noise is loud, the sound effect is not good, the front windshield extends to the top of the head, the field of view is wide, giving you the experience of a helicopter, the AP is average, I hate being robbed of the steering wheel when changing lanes (if Without turning on the turn signal to change lanes, Tesla will automatically correct the direction to prevent you from changing lanes). I also hate that the AP behaves like a rod when overtaking, but it can be used to follow the car in a traffic jam, and the feet will be more comfortable. Although it is true that the first car supports you to buy a petrol car, Tesla is really fragrant, really fragrant. Buy it, buy it, buy it.

6 months ago

It is still a dispute between oil and electricity, and it is not difficult to make a decision. Is it the only car in the family? If so, choose a fuel car. If you already have a petrol car at home, you can choose a tram to try it out. Is it convenient to install charging piles at home? Don’t buy a tram just because it’s not far from a public charging station. Must have its own charging pile. Don’t panic when there is electricity at home. From the perspective of the product itself, one can be regarded as a more luxurious car, and the other can be regarded as an electronic product that accelerates quite fast and can run. There is still a big gap between BMW and Tesla in terms of technology. Of course, Tesla is also hard to say in terms of material design and workmanship. It mainly depends on your car needs.

6 months ago

Let me introduce my own driving experience first. I got my driver’s license in Canada when I was 17 years old. I drove n-handed PONTIAC Vans in order. I drove them for more than a year. The second-hand ones are 10 years old or 11 years old. RAV4, it was eliminated from my uncle’s house. I drove it for more than a year. The new 13-year x3 28i, when I return home, is 120,000 kilometers away. I bought them in Canada. I returned to China in January last year. I built a Model Y in January this year. I mentioned the car in late February. It has been 18,000 kilometers in more than 4 months. Before picking up the car, I took turns rubbing my parents’ A6 and Mini, so I have drove a lot more, and I have a bit of a say. The first is the price, which is also a problem that many car owners mentioned before, that is, the high price of bba in China. This is the reason why I did not buy bba after returning to China. I see that many people in the comment area are there. Actually, there is really nothing to say. My X3 landed at 60,000 Canadian dollars, which is a little more than 300,000 RMB. If it is sold at this price in China, I will probably not buy model y. After all, I drove this car very well. For the 5 series, the domestic price is too high. The latest 550i I checked is only 100,000 Canadian dollars, which is 520,000 RMB. I don’t know what sky-high prices can be sold in China. If you don’t have long-distance demand, you can consider waiting for the standard battery life, which is likely to be less than 280,000. This price is still very, very attractive. Second is the life cycle cost. The maintenance and use cost of the tram is low. Needless to say, I ran 18,000 and used 2700 kWh, which is about 1,500 yuan. My X3 tank is usually around 70 dollars, 350-400 RMB, This account is pretty good. I do it myself. Even if I spend 200,000 kilometers to change a battery, I feel that it is cheaper than a gas car, but I should sell the car by then. I haven’t been to the maintenance yet, but I think that the maintenance of others in the car-friend group is almost like changing the air conditioner filter, changing the tires, etc. You can find a shop yourself. For the third point, I think you may have a misunderstanding about the subject. Established car companies like bba have their background, but their background lies more in the engine and gearbox. There are not too many minor problems with bba cars. At this point, the advantage of trams is greater, because the structure is simple and many things are integrated. The fourth point is to run long distances. If you have this need, Model Y is actually a good choice because of AP or EAP. This function can liberate 99% of your workload at high speed, and it is extremely reliable. However, this function also has capabilities, so if you use it, it is recommended that you must look ahead, pay attention to observation, and pay attention when you first use it to understand under what circumstances it will cause problems. In fact, you don’t need to worry too much about long-distance battery life. I have drove three or four times to 800 kilometers away. I usually only stop twice in the middle, and the total charge is 40 minutes. You can only drive a gas car. The fifth point, which may not be understood by many people, is that this car has a lot of space in the rear. After you sit in it, it feels very spacious and not crowded at all, at least larger than my x3. This is also the feedback from people who ride in my car. I have never been in the back of these two cars. Talk about the problem of y. 1) The noise is loud, and it will improve with the increase in mileage, but it is still not as good as my father’s a6, and not as good as my friend’s 3 series. 2) The shock absorber is hard, this car is really not a normal bump. 3) Extremely rely on vision, and then reduce other sensors. For example, the light sensor of the anti-glare rearview mirror is subtracted, which is the black dot in the middle of the BMW central rearview mirror. As a result, the anti-glare is always turned on at night. 4) Now many places do not allow Tesla to enter, saying it is a leak. Let me talk about this first, and then remember to update it at any time.

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