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The final exams, large and small, are basically over, and the summer vacation that the majority of students look forward to has finally arrived. Those who like to travel will surely not miss this opportunity. If you are a lover of the Three Kingdoms, you don’t mind to look at the outside world from time to time, open your mind, and try some small challenges. Lao Xi and Niu Niugong invite you to open this “Take the Three Kingdoms Characters to Travel” through the experience package, and you Together with the favorite characters of the Three Kingdoms, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and splendid civilization of the motherland!

The contents of this experience package are as follows:

  1. After the experience package is opened, you can choose any person from the Three Kingdoms between 12-45 years old (mainly due to health and safety considerations, please understand) (the gender and country are not limited, pure film and television and The original characters of the game are not available for selection at the moment, they are equipped with barrier-free communication devices provided by the system, and select any location in China (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) on the system’s smart map (similar to Google/Baidu map) as the starting point for the three-day tour.
  2. You and the characters you invited from the Three Kingdoms will be sent to your chosen location at 8:00 the next morning at the same time. At that time, you will receive a special smart card for consumption only and no cash withdrawal. The maximum limit is RMB 1500. The validity period is 72 hours. You can use this card to pay for accommodation (hotel/homestay/camping), meals (dining/packing/take-out), entrance fees (scenic area/museum/movies/various performances) and transportation (city/intercity) expenses. You and your traveling companion must be present at the time of consumption. Other consumption (such as snacks, clothing, skin care products, toiletries, souvenirs, etc.) must be taken care of by yourself. Three days later, at 8:00 a.m., the characters of the Three Kingdoms you invited will be sent back to the original time and space on time, and you can freely choose to go home or stay there.
  3. You and your invited people from the Three Kingdoms will travel together within 72 hours. The scope of activities is limited to the province where the initial location you choose (including autonomous regions/municipalities/special administrative regions, etc.). The specific travel routes and plans are mainly drawn up by you. However, the consent of the traveling companion is required.
  4. During the three-day tour, please be sure to abide by the national laws and regulations, public order and good customs. When entering public places such as scenic spots, museums, hotels, restaurants, etc., you should pay attention to etiquette and be civilized. Any behavior that alarms police and security personnel during the tour (including However, it is not limited to disrupting social order, destroying public property/cultural relics or other behaviors reported by the masses) or serious physical and mental injuries will directly trigger the alarm, the activity will be suspended immediately, and the characters of the Three Kingdoms you invited will be teleported back to the original time and space , You will be punished accordingly (see Clause 6 for details).
  5. Special reminder: In accordance with the management requirements of the time management bureau, you need to maintain a suitable social distance with your travel companions. In principle, physical contact is limited to holding/handling, hugging, and shoulder-to-shoulder contact. Any form of “closer contact” will be direct If the alarm is triggered, the event will be suspended immediately, and the characters of the Three Kingdoms you invited will be teleported back to the original time and space, and you will be punished accordingly (see Article 6 for details).
  6. If the mission is successful, you and the people from the three countries you invited can choose a tourist souvenir worth not more than 250 yuan, and sign each other on the souvenir; if the mission fails, you will be sent to a hotel randomly designated by the system Obligation to do cleaning for ten days.

The above is all the content of this issue, I wish you a smooth trip, see you next time!


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

As a big wicked householder, he is also a super foodie. I thought of a brilliant idea. I want to take Lu Xun to Chengdu! ! That’s right! ! Not Zhuge Liang! ! It’s Lu Xun! ! Since we are traveling, of course we have to choose places that Boyan has never been to. And this place in Chengdu is super suitable for honeymoon trips! ! It’s as if the sky is full of pink bubbles! ! And there are so many delicious ones. And: Is it okay to take Lu Xun to visit Wuhou Temple (x) Day 1: I opened my eyes and found that it was almost seven o’clock. The appointment time with Lao Xi was eight o’clock, so I quickly got dressed, and went downstairs to spread two sets of pancakes and fruits, ready to meet my male god. Just, sending pancakes from thousands of miles, courtesy is light and affectionate. Actually, I still want to bring Liangpi, but there is garlic in that stuff. Wait till eight o’clock. I was teleported to Chengdu in an instant. In front of me, a man with peach-eyed eyes and a small mouth nodded to me. This is Lu Xun who I invited. (I don’t know why, no matter which version of Boyan’s portrait is peach-eyed cherry nipples) I gave him a set of pancakes, and the two of them found a corner step and sat on the ground to eat. It can be seen that Lu Xun is very embarrassed. Maybe their aristocratic families have too strict requirements on etiquette. But his good education finally allowed him to sit next to me and ate the pancakes and fruits together. I spoke proudly: you know what, these pancakes have two eggs with Li Xier, and put more noodle sauce. Now that we have arrived in Chengdu, Wuhou Temple must go. To travel to Chengdu, not going to Wuhou Temple is a bit too much. So…As a figure of the same period, he has been judged by posterity for thousands of years, a Wuhou, a Zhaohou, Lu Xun is really an old acquaintance to Zhuge Liang. At least one thing that can be confirmed is that Lu Xun should be very, very envious of Zhuge Liang being able to be trusted by the two generations of monarchs in this way, and able to trust the two generations of monarchs in this way. (Whisper bb: Actually, whoever is a courtier doesn’t envy Zhuge Liang…but this incident is particularly torturous when it is placed on our body.) I don’t know how this enshrined monarch and minister would make him feel emotional. (Continue to whisper bb: And Lu Xun doesn’t have so many people to worship him now) Then we came out of Wuhou Temple and we went to eat it. Eat Sichuan food this day. You know, Ayane Miao likes Sichuan food the most! ! I believe that a person who is so sensitive (x) should not eat much. Ben Miao eats one person get ✓ The next day: We can go to Dujiangyan together. I’ve all gone to Chengdu, Dujiangyan must go. Moreover, in fact, it is very rare to choose this kind of scenic spot that Boyan has read in the book. See how hard I am. Before eating at the scenic spot, I would ask, “Bo Yan is the first time I have come to Dujiangyan. I never know that I have to do this. I have to read thousands of books and travel thousands of miles. It’s a pity that I didn’t come here before. “I hope I can eat it by myself the next day… It doesn’t matter if I don’t eat it alone, we just have hot pot on this day. Ayane Meow herself is quite spicy. But how many years have been the introduction of chili to China? In those days of Boyan and theirs, although they had a pungent taste, they were not necessarily spicy. Just, even if the mouth is good, the hook may not go…In order to avoid harm to others and cause the mission to fail, I will ask him to eat something to stop him in advance. Day 3: It is estimated that the funds are almost spent. Let’s watch Miss Sister on the streets of Chengdu. By the way, I can ask a few more words: these young ladies are not as good-looking as your wife. That’s right, your husband is so good-looking. Does your wife look like your husband? Then if you don’t wake up in the middle of the night, don’t you think your old man is lying next to you… No wonder you only have two sons, and you have died early. You see that your son gave birth to a bunch of children. Oh yes, your grandson killed a lot of people later, you know about it. It is estimated that we can eat one person on the third day… On the third day, we should go to Chia Leng Guo skewers. The reason is the same as the next day. If the task is successfully completed, I will choose a souvenir from Wuhou Temple for him, such as Zhuge Liang’s small ornaments. The signature on it says: Zhuge Kongming is watching you. It doesn’t matter what he gave me. Believe that Yibeyan’s upbringing will not give me a big neck. (Tianjin dialect is about giving you a big slap.) What, do you say I am wicked? They obviously don’t lack morality at all. The reason for this is that the funding for this 1k5 is too small, and both of us need to eat and live, and neither of us must be able to spend it. I can’t live in a room with someone else (although I really want to be QAQ), this will cost more than half of the expenses. We still have to buy tickets. You have to eat it (the most important thing is to eat) when you arrive in Chengdu, you don’t eat hot pot, bobo chicken, cold pot skewers, duck intestines and so on… It’s a shame. Every day you have to have one cold cake for one person. The weather in Chengdu has been hot recently, so I have to drink ice every day. It will cost a lot of money! He is also a tycoon who is about to come and go, I can’t let him do an art…I don’t have an art to sell. So I tried every means to save food. Just, it’s so easy to be in love with each other over time. Isn’t this bad? Right, father-in-law Xi is the fault of this matter, not me (righteous)

6 months ago

I will invite Cao Cao before the Battle of Chibi to go to Chibi. First give Boss Cao a mask and give him a vaccine. Then the first stop was to the Chibi Museum and let Boss Cao see the broken sands of the Chibi. Boss Cao’s IQ and EQ are very high, and he can quickly accept the things after he comes to the millennium after explaining to him. In the face of those relics and exhibits, he knew his failure and became more sober. It takes time, 2 hours. The second stop was to the library and let Boss Cao read the Three Kingdoms. Let him know the progress of the Three Kingdoms, the battle of Chibi, the flooding of the Seven Armies, the surrender of the Great Wei Wu, the counterattack of the Shu Han, the ambition of Sima Yi, and the waste wood of his descendants, all can make him understand. Five wild Chinese, Han people like sheep will also make him alert, by the way remind him to visit Taiwan. Then read him the theory of protracted warfare, and let him see modern war theory. Then look at the excavation of Cao Cao’s tomb, Cao Cao’s tomb and the tomb of Cao Cao when he was a child. It takes time, one day, one night. Of course, I still eat hot dry noodles together and cook wine with green plums to read the Three Kingdoms in the evening. I can brag even after drinking, and give him some advice, such as drinking hot water in the Chibi garrison to avoid the plague. Then in the North Shore, Zhuge Liang used rockets when borrowing arrows from the straw boat. When Jiang Gan stole books, he gave Jiang Gan ten sticks. When Huang Gai came, he overturned his boat. The wind direction of Chibi is uncertain, the fire attack is difficult to prevent, and the coalition forces of Sun and Liu are also very united. It is better to retain strength and win diplomacy. He made Sun Quan the king, and waited for Sun Quan to stab Guan Yu on his back, and Liu Guan and Zhang Shou vowed to go to Huangquan together. During the conflict between Sun and Liu, he swept the north and eliminated the Huns by the way, and cut off the possibility of the five chaos in China. Get rid of the Sima family, and then educate several of your children and grandchildren. Establish a constitutional monarchy, let the Liu family be the emperor, his own prime minister, and then rule the world in the name of the emperor. What Cao Cao would do, that was his business. On the third stop, I went to the Yellow Crane Tower and introduced him to Tang poems, Li Bai, Cui Hao, Meng Haoran…These younger generations’ poems and songs will surely interest him, and then I will ask Boss Cao to write some poems for me personally. Souvenir. At the fourth stop, the playground took Mr. Cao to play roller coasters and bungee jumping. Then take a hot air balloon and helicopter to experience the joy of modern technology. Then find a snack street to go shopping and eat. At the fifth stop, the big screen theater in the screening hall, show boss Cao a few blockbusters of the Three Kingdoms. What about Chibi, Guan Yunchang and the like, let Boss Cao personally comment on whether the Three Kingdoms Opera is good or not. In the sixth game, Boss Cao in the bathing city just came to ask where there is a bathing place, but he still explained to him that illegal behavior is not allowed here, and he reluctantly accepts simple bathing. But it’s good to be able to accept one-stop service. In the seventh hospital, boss Cao had a headache. He had to check to see if he had to use a scoop to cure it. By the way, you can also cut a foreskin or something. Anyway, I didn’t spend much money all the way, and I didn’t live in the hotel. I went to the Internet cafe to play Three Kingdoms Warriors at night and watch the novels of Three Kingdoms. It’s okay to save money and see a doctor. The eighth station of the engraving shop has always lost the jade seal of the country. It is necessary to explain the shape of the jade seal to Boss Cao clearly. You can reproduce a fake one when you go back. Anyway, it is lost, and the fake one is also true. At the ninth station, he drank and drank until the early hours of the morning, and discussed with Boss Cao, asking him to bury himself some antiques in the designated place after he returned, and then send Boss Cao back to his original time and space.

6 months ago

I would like to ask who is your father, who is invited to visit, I don’t know what arrangements are there~~ This time we will visit the ancient battlefield of Chibi. The whole journey will be three days and two nights, eating, drinking and having fun. Ah~~ Xiao Xiao, what is your intention, Why come to humiliate me~~~ Cao Gong, calm your anger, you are the overlord, I brought you here to play, planning this route is not to humiliate you, but my admiration for you is like a surging river. I am not qualified to humiliate you. This game is to share modern achievements and technology with you. Haha~~ Little friends don’t panic, I’m joking with you, don’t take it seriously, Father Xi of the Time Administration has already explained it to me, hahaha~~~ That’s good, that’s good, Cao’s journey is exhausted, we Eat first, and then go to your former army station to have a look. You see how little friends, then you will arrange to take the trolley to the hot spring resort, arrange the special snacks Cao Gong slow use, all are local characteristics, after eating, we have a hot spring, rest for the night, and see tomorrow Look at the Yangtze River moat, and there are surprises for you. The next day Cao Cao looked at the bridge on the edge of the Yangtze River. It was three hours long. The past is more than a thousand years old. As the main tourist, this trip can only be done by Cao Cao. When acting on the job, Cao Gong sighed thousands of times, and finally caught the passing shuttle bus here. After crossing the bridge twice, watching the rushing river water, his thoughts could not stop. Finally, Duke Cao expressed a headache and found a place to live. He rested at ease until the third day. The Time and Space Administration sent away the sleeping boss Cao to see the 800 yuan left in his hand. I decided to have a big meal. The food I served made me rejoice. Fortunately, Mr. Cao didn’t eat it, or I would be chopped off by him again. In the end, there were hundreds of them. I decided to go on a cruise and take the car back to Wuhan. Thanks to the tour fee provided by the program group, I laughed at it if it was too much. Hehehe~~~ I was sitting in the car, looking at a big bag of gold leaves and laughing, this boss Cao is really generous, hahaha~~·This wave is not a loss.

6 months ago

This question is so interesting! Selected person: Zhuge Liang; reason: First of all, he is a celebrity, he is always interested in celebrities! His name is well-known, he became the incarnation of wisdom and loyalty, and assisted Liu Bei to pursue a great cause, and finally made the Shuhan regime a pole of the three kingdoms. Who hasn’t memorized “List of Teachers” yet? Who hasn’t heard of Kong Mingdeng yet? Really famous! Secondly, the character is good, and money should not be squandered. The prime minister Zhuge of Shi Zai had a poor family background, was born humble, lost his father since childhood, and lived a life of exile in his youth, suffered from warlord melee, and was deeply oppressed by powerful clan. At the age of 17, his uncle died. Since then, he has no support and settled in Longzhong. Finally, I love learning and I have a lot to ask him for advice. He is an outstanding politician, military strategist, essayist, calligrapher, and inventor, but he has too much to learn. Itinerary: Day1. Xiangyang Gulongzhong Scenic Area, Mr. Zhuge once settled here for 10 years. This time I revisited the old place, I must have a lot of emotion. Liu Bei’s three visits to the thatched cottage and Longzhong’s pairing took place here. I want to listen to his explanations while visiting, so I have a better understanding of this period of history. Of course, I can also tell him the stories that happened later and the use of modern facilities. Day2. Chibi ancient battle scene area; for Mr. Zhuge, it is the old place again. The battle of Chibi used fire attack to break 800,000 Cao army, thus establishing the situation of the three kingdoms of Wei, Shu and Wu. Let Mr. Zhuge talk more about the situation at the time, and I also read a few related verses to him. Day3. Wuhan East Lake Scenic Area; Liu Beijiao Temple of Heaven is an important scenic spot in Wuhan East Lake Scenic Area (5A level). It is located on the East Peak of Moshan Scenic Area. It is surrounded by water on three sides and has beautiful scenery. Liu Bei also has an appreciation for Mr. Zhuge. I want to know what Liu Bei is in his eyes. To get to know Liu Bei from a different perspective, and to get to know Guan Yu and Zhang Fei by the way, I am too witty. Haha, is there really such a tour? But even without Mr. Zhuge’s company, a trip in the past was worthwhile.

6 months ago

Haha, this is a good question! If there is such a chance. Then the person I must take is the one he! It’s definitely not because of his rights, but because he is a very good person. Traveling with someone who loves to eat is a kind of enjoyment! He is the Cao Cao who is known as “the powerful minister of the world and the traitor of the troubled times”. He wrote “Four Seasons Food System”, which specifically introduced how to eat and what should not be eaten, and even creatively made Cao Cao’s new cooking methods of chicken. . Cooking with a variety of medicinal materials, this is probably the earliest medicinal diet. As for the green plum boiled wine, it is also a masterpiece of food. It can be seen that Cao Cao is a person who knows life. So with Cao Mengde’s company, you must go to the paradise of food-Guangdong Province. In Guangdong, there are delicious Cantonese cuisine, spicy Sichuan hot pot, and spicy and delicious Hunan cuisine series. In Guangzhou, there are countless kinds of snacks and various tea restaurants. Haha, come on! Let go and eat together!

6 months ago

Thank you, father-in-law, for inviting us to travel before the holiday, and with a celebrity from the Three Kingdoms as an escort, it was a pleasure! I plan to invite Master Zhuge, who is exhausted by daily management, to take a three-day tour of Dujiangyan, Leshan, Emei. This trip is not far away, but you can also enjoy the natural beauty and cultural wonders along the way, especially the wonders of the Leshan Giant Buddha, which is enough to surprise the Prime Minister. The visit of the Prime Minister Zhuge to Dujiangyan can also be regarded as an inspection work. Drawing on the experience of later generations will help the Prime Minister to better manage Dujiangyan. In these three days, I can also ask the prime minister a lot and try my best to understand the mysteries of “Eight Formations”, “Zhuge Liannu” and “Wooden Niu Liuma”. Even if I can’t learn anything, I can satisfy my curiosity. I believe Prime Minister Zhuge and I will feel this trip is worthwhile.

6 months ago

Invite Cao Zhi to visit Bailang Mountain, which is the place where Zhang Liao was greatly broken. This place is in Jianchang County, Huludao City, Liaoning Province. The point is that this place is free for him. There are a total of two days. On the first day, the two of us can climb the mountain and watch the scenery together, recalling the prosperous years of Cao Mengde and Zhang Liao here. On the second day, I begged Cao Zhi to write me a White Wolf Mountain Fu. When traveling, three meals a day can be handled with just one bite. If you live in a small hotel near the scenic spot, the cost should not be much. When I come back, I will ask Cao Zijian to go to Jinzhou for a trip, and I will treat him with a drink. perfect.

6 months ago

This kind of weather is the most comfortable to stay at home and lie down. If you really want to ask, please ask Yang Xiu. He is knowledgeable, smart, humorous, and has a good personality (people who can tolerate Cao Zhi are generally not bad tempered…), as the son of a famous family, he should have a good image and temperament. , It also saves face when you take it out. There is not much funding to travel nearby. Dongqian Lake and the Aquarium will play around in summer. When you go back, you can ask him to bring Cao Pi a cup of succulent grape nectar by the way.

6 months ago

Although every answer won’t come true, I can’t even dream of dreams, but it still doesn’t affect my joy of daydreaming. As a steadfast fan of Prime Minister Zhuge, I never hesitate to choose him this time. (_ _ヘ) Let’s have a buffet for breakfast (that’s so extravagant), the most advanced one! I wanted to take the ancients to try Western food, but I was afraid that he would not be used to it. After he tasted what he wanted to eat, I would take him to eat hhh a few days later. How can Prime Minister Zhuge save eating? Then go to the amusement park and take him to play high-tech! What’s the point of crossing without playing with modern facilities! If the prime minister is afraid of heights, visit the aquarium? For dinner, eat the many dishes he likes to eat in the morning and then go to the movies! It depends on the 3D and above to show the power of our technology, good guy! Then watch a firework and have a dessert (ice cream? Milk tea?) and let him go to sleep. The next day, let the prime minister wake up naturally and eat KFC? (McDonald’s also works) Let him taste the fried chicken and go to the planetarium! I believe the prime minister must really like astronomy! Then I will prepare the strategy in advance and tell him to have hot pot at noon! There seems to be no hot pot in the Three Kingdoms, right? Then take him to the sauna? The kind of one who eats, drinks and has fun, the most advanced one, take him to have a good time to see what is the relaxation of a well-off society! It’s probably the third day since the sauna came out. Finally, I took him to the park, and by the way, I took him to interview people on the side of the road and asked them to praise us, Prime Minister Zhuge, and praise him for striding with confidence and swelling the pace that his parents did not recognize. Home (worthy of me)

6 months ago

“Due to the management requirements of the Time Administration, you need to maintain a suitable social distance with your travel companions. In principle, physical contact is limited to holding/handling, hugging, and shouldering, and any form of “closer contact” will directly trigger the alarm. The event will be suspended immediately, and the characters from the Three Kingdoms you invited will be teleported back to the original time and space, and you will be punished accordingly. I invite Mrs. Zou, Zhang Xiu’s aunt. Don’t get me wrong, I am a pure music lover. I just want to listen to her playing Hu Jia for three days in Wancheng. Just give me a bomb if you conceal it for Cao A. The main reason is to see how beautiful the sound of the piano is. Why did you let Cao Aya give away all the sons of the general?

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