Today’s top trending news: Iceland’s trial of a four-day work schedule has been a big success.
From 2015 to 2019, the Icelandic government implemented a four-day work test, covering more than 2500 workers in about 100 workplaces, accounting for about 1% of the Icelandic working population.
Many people have reduced their working hours from 40 hours to 35 or 36 hours per week, but efficiency has not really fallen, and productivity in most workplaces has remained the same or has improved.
Workers report that they feel less stress and burnout, their health condition has improved, and they feel more positive and happy at work. In workplaces where happiness has not improved significantly, happiness has not declined either.
The person in charge of this study concluded: “The study has achieved overwhelming success. The time is ripe for the four-day work system, and other governments can also learn from it.”
Now the Spanish government and the New Zealand government have also started a four-day working day trial for the company…

I searched the Internet and found that this matter should be true. BBC Forbes has news. Not only is it a four-day work day, but remote working is also reported in the news. The news may not be specific enough. The following is a comprehensive research result: the article is too long, so I will simply say a few points: the location of the implementation is explained in’Developing the trials’. In the experiment in Reykjavík (the capital of Iceland), the first batch included two locations, one for the service center and the other for child protection. More locations will be added later, and more types of jobs will be included. However, in general, government-related jobs account for a relatively high proportion. The red line was the first batch, and the black line was later entered. 2. In the experiment of the Icelandic government, the salary has not changed. But it seems that working hours have not been significantly shortened. There is nothing to say about the rest of the details. I looked at it roughly and it was basically positive. What less pressure, more time to exercise, and productivity increase. The evaluation of the news reports was quite positive, indicating that the experiment should have achieved overall success. This result is not surprising to me. The vast majority of people in this world are definitely willing to work less and take more rest. Coupled with the causes of the foreign epidemic, this kind of work system will inevitably have a positive effect. However, from the research point of view, this experiment should have a greater relationship with the government (see the comment on knowledgeable science), and most of the experimenters’ work is mostly social and service-oriented. This is also well understood. The government has great financial resources and is able to bear losses even if it fails. Private companies are not the same. In implementing this kind of work system, superiors must consider risks, and employees may not be happy if their salaries are affected. Moreover, once this scheme is implemented, it will be difficult to change it back. If there is no obvious effect, it will inevitably cause dissatisfaction among employees, which is detrimental to the company’s development and reputation. In short, the results of this trial are quite convincing. The four-day work system can effectively relieve stress and improve work efficiency. This can be said to be the most ideal result. However, it is still too early to conclude that this work system will be adopted by global companies soon. I hope there will be more similar research published in the future, after all, who doesn’t want to work one day less a week.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

It is worth learning and promoting. This kind of “efficiency-oriented” is definitely better than “time-oriented”. If the four-day work system, it will greatly stimulate the work efficiency of employees. I would like to ask, who is not willing to work hard for four days and three days off? It is recommended to start the trial immediately, haha, but, the capitalist “makes money without end”, and completed five days of work in four days, then how can 996 be lower than the value created by four days? Woke up from the dream, the robot got up and went to work. I have a dream, I can have two days off.

6 months ago

Recently, there was news that the four-day-a-week work system implemented by Iceland was a great success. Participants in this experiment not only improved their health and anxiety, but also improved their work efficiency. What is the rationale behind creating greater work value with less working time? First, more private space and a sense of ceremony can improve work efficiency and quality. Imagine how your work will change every day when you don’t have to spend hours on the way to and from work every day. You can go for a morning jog, walk the dog, take a bath, and then prepare yourself a hearty breakfast. Starting a day’s work in such a relaxed state, people will become more creative and passionate about work. Furthermore, the ownership of the remaining time has changed. Why did the so-called fish fishing culture appear in the traditional 5-day work system? To put it bluntly, it is because the workplace will unconditionally deprive you of your remaining time. Even if you can finish a day’s work in one hour, you still have to stay at the workstation for the rest of the time, waiting for endless new jobs, and even unconditionally share the work of those pig teammates. Over time, everyone learned to work under the rhythm, and there was no desire to speed up. The four-day work test in Iceland has transferred a lot of work content online. In other words, your remaining time no longer belongs to the boss. Since they can finish their work early and enjoy the holiday early, whoever still wants to fish, naturally scramble to speed up the work progress, and try to get as much time as possible for the entertainment life. Finally, meaningless work content has been banned in large numbers. Recall, is the work itself the most time-consuming content of the working day? It’s not right, it’s a meeting that can’t be finished every day. It was an invalid meeting that was originally planned to be finished in one hour, but the theme has not been entered after two hours. My friend in Dachang told me that he spends almost every day in the meeting rooms on different floors, and he can only start his work after dinner. Some people may ask, if these meetings are meaningless, why do they become the main theme of the company? In fact, these behaviors are paying for the anxiety and desire for power of the company boss. The bigger the company, the stronger the boss’s sense of anxiety and desire for power, and the less energy and channels to distinguish effective work from ineffective work. The bosses need the company to become a sleepless machine and hear the sound of the company’s gears running anytime, anywhere. The following supervisors naturally follow their own preferences, so that they can step on the remaining time of the employees to fight for the upper position, so that the boss can play golf and have sex with peace of mind. In fact, Iceland’s four-day work test is theoretically based. Carl Newport’s “Attention Restoration” theory mentioned in the book “Deep Work”, the theory believes that attention is a kind of “energy” similar to a battery, with limited capacity. After using a cycle, it is necessary to complete the recharge through rest and relaxation, and the cycle starts again and again. If you forcibly increase the working hours and leave employees in a “consumption” mode, the result can only be self-deception. It can be said that this is a resounding slap in the face of 996 and 007. 996 does not make the company stronger, it can only be a new outfit for the emperor.

6 months ago

It’s not worth learning at all. I still remember that in 2018, Iceland qualified for the World Cup finals for the first time. Why? Because the players not only play football, but everyone also has another job. You are the director, I am the pilot. He is the real estate owner. Only a life filled with work can work hard. If a miracle occurs, the goddess of luck will only be able to fail, three highs. The crowd cast a smile on Iceland’s test of working hours this time is extremely bad, rough interference in irregular, hooked beans, and the work system guidelines seriously violated the commitments made under the WTO framework and seriously damaged the basic principles of international relations, only 340,000 people. A small country, enjoying the high welfare of Northern Europe. The 18-year Global Happiness Index is only a mere fourth place. We have reason to believe that Iceland is only coveting the false name of No. 1 in the Global Happiness Index. It made this decision in exchange for the impact factor, wasting manpower and material resources, just to fight for a cloud. This is a blatant provocation to the strugglers all over the world. The puffin cried and cried, and the pansy withered! ! I am personally strongly dissatisfied with this, and crooked ways are firmly opposed to hope that Iceland will focus its energy on people’s livelihood and build the first railway for the people in a solid manner. I hope Iceland will focus its energy on protecting the people’s safety and build a solidly capable of offensive and defensive. The army should not go further and further down the wrong path

6 months ago

I just discussed this news about reducing working hours with a friend, and finally got some definite answers. As I said before, Iceland’s proposal to reduce working hours was first put forward by these unions in Iceland, and then the union that reduced working hours by 4 hours per week is Efling. This union is mainly what we call the “working class”, such as Iceland’s Factory workers, fishery workers, etc. Only 36 hours of work per week has been started since January 2021. The 36 hours reduction mentioned here is indeed 36 hours. It will not be adjusted or added back in disguise. There are no factories within the system, and outside the system, as long as it is a factory, it is the same. It shows that Iceland is really good for the working class, but our white-collar office workers generally work with the VR union, which did not strive to reduce 4 hours a week. We just reduced it to 39 hours, and we can go home 1 hour earlier on Friday. Then the number of hours reduced by different unions is different. The specific number of hours to be reduced depends on your trade union, and these powers are often won by the trade union for everyone. Then this was reduced from 40 hours to 39 hours. Originally, it was reduced by about 10 minutes a day, but everyone felt that it was not as good as leaving one hour earlier on Friday, and then the total number of working hours for the whole week became 39 hours. In the same way, the reduction of 40 hours a week to 36 hours is actually reduced to 36 hours. There is absolutely no mention of adding 9 hours a day (so Icelanders will really protest against it). This policy of reducing from 40 hours to 39 hours is national. The specific number of hours to be reduced depends on your union. There is no such thing as “inside the system” or “outside the system”. The company where I work in Iceland is not in the system. , Friends around me work in shops, waiters in restaurants, and cashiers in supermarkets. They all have reduced working hours to varying degrees. It is not a system or a system. Friends in Iceland all said that they hope that this reduction in working hours will eventually be equal for everyone. For example, all trade unions in the country can reduce their working hours by one day or four hours a week. They also said that they are confident that they will develop in this area in the future. However, it is common to bring children and dogs to work in our company. There are also children who cannot come to the office to work at home when they are sick, and it is all right. I just state the facts and do not comment on the good or bad. The national conditions of each place are different. I don’t know much about these systems. I just interrupted because many people were talking about this.

6 months ago

I used to work in a certain department, the leader especially likes to engage in “performance-based overtime”… During the first time at work, the computer was not equipped (the approval process was extremely lengthy), and there was nothing wrong with sitting there during the day. After I got off work, not long after I walked into the dormitory after eating, the department leader called me “Why don’t you come to work overtime?” “Director… I don’t seem to have much work to do~” “Then you can come Studying, don’t the newcomers know how to study more?” So after the awkward and long day, they finally started the awkward and long night. The director sat in the last row and listened to the music with melon seeds. I didn’t know. What to do, I can only hide in the corner and read Xiuxian’s novels…Occasionally, when our director goes downstairs, he sees the light in the room and comes over to take a look. This is the most exciting moment for our director! There is a feeling of looking forward to the stars and the moon, finally looking forward to the great director… Guazi quickly pushed aside, and Balabala introduced the progress of the project, and made a high-profile statement that he would go all out to complete the task! I just wanted to laugh, if it wasn’t for you to change the plan 18 times a day, the project would have ended early~ after a long time, I finally discovered the pattern: the director will not return, the director will not return! The director forces everyone to work overtime every day to ensure that as long as the director goes downstairs, our office is not ashamed to work overtime around the clock! It’s fine for him to act alone, why forcibly pull us? There is no overtime pay. Is it because the bowl of cooking oil is used to make overtime meals? This kind of behavior really reminded me of a sentence: This director likes those who take the initiative to work overtime most, not for anything else, just because of that attitude, and in my opinion, he wants to do what I have done in two hours. One week, who does he work overtime? Low IQ has actually become a reason to be praised~ ridiculously… I said that once in a meeting. As you can imagine, I was sent to another department… The new leader is very good to me. He is the kind of person who relies on craftsmanship. Shouldn’t science and technology units rely on technology to gain a foothold? Does it depend on performance? Why not go to Beiying if you like acting so much? Inadequate leaders are the culprit responsible for a lot of waste of time. Compulsory and ineffective overtime will make people extremely sleepy and anxious, waste energy, wasted enthusiasm, and waste the country’s electricity bills. Speaking of this topic, the four-day work system is for us. In other words, the only thing you can learn from is to take three days off, um, three days off a month… No matter what you set to work a few days a week, there will always be someone in the show and some in the volume. The final volume of the performance is not 996. Good fortune~

6 months ago

At this point in the national degeneration, Icelandic capitalists have no social responsibility. For the useless indicators such as the Gini coefficient and the happiness index, they will not make any efforts to promote the struggle of the people, do not fight with blood, do not talk about wolves, and do not engage in structural optimization. If you don’t engage in 996, you will acquiesce to the bottom of society to live in a muddle, eating, having fun, having sex, how is it different from raising pigs? What is the four-day work week? This is how foreign forces are playing the Marx and Marx card! It is the Icelandic imperialists who cross the entire planet to intervene in our wolf ambitions of great rejuvenation! We must not be corrupted by this, and indulge in the illusion of capitalist prosperity. To struggle! Want to buy a house! Be a master!

6 months ago

It is not worth learning. We have to work hard to get rich. Iceland is already a bankrupt country. On the surface, it seems that the four-day work system can achieve short-term success. That’s because Iceland is small in size and completely unsuitable for our national conditions. Our country is going to become the most powerful country in the world. Everyone must strive for excellence in their posts for this. How can they be greedy for pleasure and destroy big plans? If you work one day less alone, 1.4 billion people will work 1.4 billion days less, and you will be behind by about 3.83 million years. What can you do to fight with Western countries? As long as we maintain 996, we can quickly level the distance with Western countries, and then surpass it. When we are sure that we will not be surpassed by Western countries in 1 billion years by 3021, then we can reduce by one per day. During the hours of work, I will take one extra day off during the Spring Festival to relax myself. Western countries are so despicable that they are about to subjugate their country and use such disgusting tricks to try to fool us. Everyone must keep their heads clear and don’t be used by these sugar-coated cannonballs! I work voluntarily!

6 months ago

I support and oppose it. What I support is: the four-day work system for the personnel in the system. After all, they have contributed too much to us. It is necessary to increase the day’s rest time. Only by combining work and rest can work efficiency be increased, and work efficiency can be improved. Good service to the people. Now there are more and more elderly people in the system. Four days of work and three days of rest can better reflect our superiority. What I am opposed to is: the four-day work system for employees in private enterprises, and the current employees voluntarily in order to earn more For some wages, instead of choosing 996, employees of private companies are more willing to add to the vitality of society. If employees of private companies also choose the four-day work system, the efficiency of the factory will be reduced, and capitalists may go to other countries if they earn less. In addition, too much rest time is not conducive to the struggle of employees, and it is not conducive to the development of property prices. So what I both support and oppose may be called the “dual work” system. So the conclusion is: the staff in the system is worth learning for four days. Working system private enterprise employees are not worth learning from the four-day working system

6 months ago

It is meaningless to only reduce working hours. It will only benefit a small number of people. The key is to reduce the burden of life so that people can really rest. Otherwise, under the current pressure of life, the 4-day work system will also give birth to one. Lots of part-time jobs for the sake of living. Just like Didi drivers and takeaway brothers, they can achieve a 4-day work system at any time, but in fact, 10 hours a day are everywhere. It is not how much they love work, but the pressure of life makes them have to work.

6 months ago

I found that under this problem, some people don’t even have faces. Are two different countries comparable? Iceland covers an area of ​​100,000 square kilometers and has a population of 300,000. Compared with China, it is only one third of the area of ​​a province. The population is not even as large as that of a small county in the central and western regions. Talking about theory away from reality is a castle in the sky! If you compare Iceland with China, why don’t you compare with Tanzania and India? You carried out this experiment in Iceland. Why didn’t you carry out this experiment in the Vatican? The Nordic countries have a small land area and a sparse population. The economic benefits are equivalent to that of a prefecture-level city in China. In Wenzhou and other places, one or several pillar industries are usually formed to feed all the local population. Isn’t Northern Europe different from this situation? The high-tech manufacturing industry and tourism service industry in the tertiary industry are the mainstay. The relatively developed tertiary industry can certainly feed a sparse population and even make it rich. This is the reason why the priests want to enrich northern Europe. Under this question, it is really unnecessary to criticize the sanghuai. If you come to discuss it, I support it very much. If you are in this yin and yang weirdness, then I can only live in Bengbu.

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