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Calculate, but the degree of explosion is very limited. Although it is also out of the circle, there is no such phenomenon-level explosion. The following are views on Shanhe Ling and the previous two big explosions/fire delays. Too lazy to type, just throw the ready-made x a pot of Qingming: Will the popularity of “Shanhe Ling” surpass the previous “Chen Qing Ling” and “Shen Soul”? According to the current momentum, the mountain and river Ling is already unexpected In the explosion, the two fans live together in harmony. Two days ago, they even called for no longer commenting, which is a precedent. The protagonist is not over-business, there is no binding of wheat bran, and there is no crazy marketing, so there are no other passers-by and people who are too disgusting, and the core force of the heat is still tap water, which is very nice. The appearance of “Mountain River Order” is undoubtedly a benchmark for all Danchang dramas. The previous Danjiao dramas were not presumptuous. If it is inferior to it, it is easy to be ridiculed. In any case, it is the first shot of the year for Dangai 101, and at the same time it also raises the quality and reputation. It can also be used as a standard to measure the same drama for such audiences. The Douban score of 8.1 has been rising. The domestic drama Douban scored 8 points or more. In fact, it is not much to say that it is less. “Shanhe Ling” does have its main audience dividends, but other plots, such as rivers and lakes disputes, Liulijia Fighting, factional grievances, and fighting between righteous and evil are all plot settings that are partial to martial arts. At the same time, they are also very suitable for those who love martial arts to watch, and the audience is relatively diversified. As the old saying goes, something you make with your heart will always be paid for. “The Order of Mountains and Rivers” is a well-qualified or even superior work. Boom is just an adjective to measure the popularity of a drama. It’s a good thing to be able to explode, but it doesn’t matter if it can’t be exploded, because for now, the show is worthy of their efforts. It is also very good to let it broadcast to the hearts of many drama chasers. But I am very happy that the two leading actors can take their resources to the next level and bring us more and better works.


By zhiwo

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9 months ago

Even the questioner hesitated and proved that it did not burst. If it is an explosion, you should ask, is it strange that a friend of mine has never seen XXX? Well, to judge whether a drama has exploded or not, let’s look at three points: 1. All men, women and children around the world are discussing the show; for example, they are all well achieved. 2. The protagonist’s supporting roles have risen collectively or most of them; the Langya list pretenders have reached. 3. After a long time, people still use the role in the play to refer to a certain kind of person. For example, as soon as someone mentions the balance, you will know who it is. Has the Sanhe Decree been reached?

9 months ago

There is an explosive basic disk, but it is deadly explosion-proof. Youku wants to stand out under these ambushes, I am afraid it is a bit difficult. Before the 3rd, everyone can see hot searches except for the three words Shanhe Ling, but they have disappeared in the past few days. Wen Zhou, who has tens of thousands of discussions and hundreds of millions of readings, can’t give you a head start. Another night, the Douban score from 8.3 to 8.6 was a hot topic for discussion. Youku will always have some marketing, tidbits, two-person business, and so on. Such a good drama can definitely double the benefits created by it.

9 months ago

I think it counts! Put on tonight’s hot search! In fact, there were two more at that night, so there were six hot searches in total! I have to say that Shanhe Ling is really more powerful than one episode. In the ninth episode, I quite like Renyifang’s place, and I feel that it is very good to portray different characters in the world! Even without Wen and Zhou in the same frame, I did not open the double speed, nor did I skip it! (Unexpectedly, I would find the feeling of martial arts from a dan-changing drama) Today’s 10th episode of the crazy criticism of Wen Kexing is really very interesting! I saw him being fierce Axiang and strangling Bai Wuchang to death, I have to sigh that Gong Jun’s acting skills have indeed improved a lot! The contrast between the characters is obvious! And as many barrages say, the more crazy old Wen is, the more I love it! I think that if Shanheling continues to follow this trend, it will really catch fire. At least my friends circle and the wives who follow it on Weibo are chasing it hahahaha. I hope that in the future, the fans will not be torn apart, and the two do not need to deliberately open business, as long as they are good friends, it is good! It’s me that I will always change the white moonlight!

9 months ago

I am a person who basically doesn’t chase dramas, but this time I was attracted by mountains and rivers. I have to say that Shanheling is very appetizing. Although the production is not particularly sophisticated, the emotional drama between Wen Kexing and Zhou Zishu looks quite comfortable. There are also reasons to follow the current trend of Shanhe Ling’s popularity. After all, Shanhe Ling was not optimistic at first, but now that it has far exceeded expectations after it is broadcast, it is easier to make people feel good about the gap caused by the disappointment of the result. Secondly, the short video platform is powerful, and it is affected by many. Now almost everyone is using Douyin in their leisure time. Short videos such as Kuaishou, video clips and music text rendering have a great impact on Shanheling’s publicity. After all, I At that time, it was brought into the pit by Wen Kexing’s red-clothed and white fan’s video criticizing beauties. Shanhe Ling’s plot itself is not much different from the original, and there is not too much conflict between the original fans and the drama fans. This can also be said to stand out in the current situation of many novels and film and television works that were tragically defeated by Waterloo. This is also the Douban score of 8.3. one of the reasons. Although a lot of changes were made to the lines for the dubbing in the later stage of the trial, it did not affect the audience at all. After all, many watchers also invented Shanhe Ling’s lip language for this reason, which has become a bright spot of Shanhe Ling. The actors themselves are acting online, and the roles of Wen Kexing and Zhou Zishu are also very close to the roles I imagined from reading the novel. This is also a real surprise.

9 months ago

So far, Shanhe Ling has received a good response. After the initial heat wave climax, it has maintained an upward trend. With the trend of the plot, there should be another climax between Gu Xiang and Cao Weining. After all, the meaning is difficult to settle. It is even more memorable, and in many cases, the emotional stamina is very difficult to substitute. Therefore, the second half of Shanhe Ling should not collapse, but it will attract the audience even more. Finally, for Zhang Zhehan and Gong Jun’s popularity, I hope their popularity is more about their excellent acting skills. When people mention Zhang Zhehan and Gong Jun, they say “Wow, they played Wen Kexing and Zhou Zishu. It’s really amazing.” “Zhang Zhehan and Gong Jun will no longer have Wen Kexing and Zhou Zishu.” “The acting skills are great” and so on. I hope they will become more powerful actors when new works appear. At that time, before the audience knew the plot, they trusted the quality of the drama to watch because of their performance. I don’t want them to become the top leader because of the popularity of the mountains and rivers, and rely on the flow of fans to survive. At the same time, I also hope that they can continue to challenge themselves and come into contact with different roles, and be able to hear that they are liked, praised, and recognized because of a certain work or a certain role.

9 months ago

The explosion depends on the method of explosion. Just exploding in the circle is also an explosion, but if it is a national explosion, it is sad that he has not yet exploded. From my personal point of view, some people have the mentality of watching the excitement and want to make him angry… OK, it is also an expectation. But I sincerely hope that it is because of the goodness of the play itself, it has nothing to do with Tanmei, it has nothing to do with the rice circle, and it is purely from the perspective of the drama. I used to watch a drama that didn’t explode. It’s clearest to watch Moments of Friends. If it explodes, then all those who are not familiar with Moments will be brushing it. It’s really good-looking. I’m not going to talk about pure beauty here, I only talk about dramas, such as the soul Chen Qing makes Bai Ye chase the fierce and celebrate his son-in-law in a hidden corner for more than a year. Of course, this includes dramas such as Zhen Hun and Chen Qingling. On the other hand, Shanhe Ling… I am crazy about chatting with my friend Amway in my circle of friends, either I haven’t seen it and asked me how I’m, or I’m not interested, or I’ll say… I have to wait until I’m finished, and I won’t watch it until it’s finished. I know what version it is… You can gain original happiness by watching it a day earlier… Although one episode a day is really hurtful…) Even in the super chat, some mountain people say that Amway is unsuccessful. But he did explode, in the circle and in the tap water. Among them, station b is the most violent, but in fact the broadcast volume and barrage have not yet reached the point of calming souls…but the good thing is…he is now 14 episodes! There are still 22 episodes that have not been broadcast. I believe that he can explode according to this momentum, and I hope that he can explode, but the troubles that follow after the explosion may not be less, tangled. Such a conscience drama, but because of Tanmei subject matter, people from all walks of life wear colored glasses, ignoring his inner beauty…it is really chilling. And it’s always because of this, that and that thing that leads to being brainless, yueless, okay, it’s a personal matter not to look at it, presumably not with the mentality of watching good domestic dramas. Whether the drama is good or not with the announcement… I just want to say that it doesn’t matter. When the drama is cool, I can’t see any information when I turn off the software. Where are you upset about his announcement? ? ? I’m not in the circle, I can’t see his announcement at all, so it is disgusting to say that Shanhe Lingxuanfa… I am curious about what angle you are from, and you searched the official microblog specifically? Read the hot search specifically? Then it would be very hard to come back and scold it specially…so you see, those who really watch the drama don’t care about it at all. After all, this play was produced by the director, screenwriter, producer, and actor and the entire crew. They did not provoke any of them, and they were not responsible for the release of the show, but at best they cooperated. The pot was thrown on the show, and it was also funny…Don’t look at it, fortunately, fortunately.

9 months ago

Thanks to invite, when you ask this question, if it is almost unexploded, you don’t need to ask this question. Although the show fans say that the show has “no marketing”, it is pure tap water, but according to my observation, otherwise… Saying “no marketing”, this is exactly when the marketing first started, Douban cast the navy army and started to screen, but the first episode was indeed Xiang, the later the plot was tight and the rhythm followed, so the word of mouth was brushed up. Therefore, first the navy led by, and after the addition, the plot did not collapse, and then the running water followed. Then Weibo was intensively searched, and the two leading actors were open for business, and the discussion on Weibo was extremely high. Both Juchaohua and CP Chaohua topped the list. Don’t say that it’s not good at marketing anymore. I opened Douban and Weibo and got screened, but for people who don’t play BL (such as me), I’m a little tired of it, but I look back at the broadcast volume… Uh, 10 days at 3 o’clock. It is true that some people say that because Youku suppresses the number of broadcasts, this drama is all tap water and no one does the data. But the broadcast volume is indeed low, and the fire is limited to the fire in the Tanmei circle. It is still far from the explosion and the most important point is that the rotten girl can indeed dance, and 20,000 people can dance with an aura of 200 million. Because there are not many subjects on the market for delay change (although there are a bunch of them in the queue now), it is rare that the protagonist of “Shanhe Ling” is interactive, has online acting skills, and the plot does not collapse, so the rhythm of the world’s Amway began to passers Created the illusion of “explosion”. But once I checked the volume, it was nothing. This drama did not break the circle, and is currently in the rotten women circle. After putting on the BL filter, Fu Nu was more tolerant of the show, and even scored a high score of 8.6 on Douban. In fact, objectively speaking, the drama is at most Douban 7.5 when it is replaced by BG, but because it is BL , The topic and favorability soared, showing signs of false prosperity. At the same time, because the rotten girl is so capable of dancing, it does attract a lot of attention from outsiders, but the attention is limited to knowing the name of the play. It is good to remember the name of the protagonist and the leading actor, and it is almost impossible to contribute to the air volume. Therefore, it did not burst. However, Cool really made money. A small-cost drama that can win word of mouth is already very good, and I didn’t expect it to become a drama that all people can watch. According to conscience, the play can be regarded as an excellent martial arts drama, the plot is not procrastinated, and the actors’ acting skills are online. If it does not focus on delaying changes, it can also be regarded as a conscience martial arts drama. However, the play party really wanted to take advantage of the delayed reform, and the wheat bran bridge section did persuade some audiences. Therefore, the fire can be, but it is hard to explode.

9 months ago

It can only be said that most people didn’t expect high values ​​from it before, but now it is really fragrant, so let’s have a little fire. I don’t know how many people are like me who watched the drama after seeing sister shrimp jump. Before, I never looked at domestic production changes. I know that this drama is because there are Chen Qingling fans who are involved in the origin of everything, saying that Shanhe Ling is plagiarizing Chen Qingling, so I pay attention to this drama. Later I discovered that it was an adaptation of a novel I had read. (The second volume of Tianyake is called Shanhe Ling, which is earlier than the Master of the Demon Dao.) Although I like Shanhe Ling now, I don’t really want it to explode. Because the script was originally produced at a low cost, some shortcomings are still obvious. The special effects setting is not good, and slow motion play is not acceptable to everyone. Although the main actor is from a major, the acting skills are actually very mediocre. For audiences like me who don’t look at the ancient Chinese puppets very much, the first time they watched it, they really couldn’t exaggerate their acting skills. (Of course, they are at least actors. I evaluate them based on the standards of actors. Compared with a certain idol who has no acting skills, there is still a qualitative difference.) The feeling is mainly affected by the light of personality. Zhang Zhehan and Gong Jun are also actors’ faces, which makes me look more comfortable. I can get a high score entirely because the screenwriter is well adapted. Although there is no special restoration, I have great respect for the original work and the feelings between the protagonists in the original work. If the fire is out of the circle, there are many people who do not accept same-sex love, I don’t think this is a good thing for the show. Just feel like a small fire in the circle. However, Youku’s explosion-proof ranks first, and I am even more smiling about that. Last year, Tencent’s petition made viral marketing disgusting for a long time. Youku’s marketing efforts should not be so strong. As long as you don’t over-market, this drama should give passers-by a good impression.

9 months ago

At present, I feel that it is a fire within the circle. People around me basically don’t know if they don’t pay attention, whether it is corrupt or not. Although I didn’t want to say that a certain department was changed, it was really popular at that time, even if it wasn’t for the people around me to see it. The old cadre of my mother opened it and watched it a bit before. I was quite surprised, but I didn’t watch it later. Big data is not as excessive as a certain big fire-changing drama to buy and sell. I really don’t even pay attention to the protagonist of that drama. I didn’t even watch the novel. I blocked it several times and kept seeing it impatiently. I have a good impression of this drama, at least I haven’t caught up with you to pay attention to him. The acting is quite satisfactory, as is the setting service, but it is not as powerful as the emotional part. In fact, it is a bright spot to be able to shoot this score. Now the plot is not over, I don’t know if it will go high and low, so I look forward to the next plot getting better and better.

9 months ago

It’s hot, but I feel it’s still too late to start. First, I declare that I don’t watch Tanmei dramas (personal preference), but I often surf the Internet. I have seen all kinds of Amway on the Internet in the previous “Shenzhen” and “Chen Qingling”+ CP marketing is based on the perception of an ordinary passerby. It is a fact that “Shanhe Ling” has gained popularity, but it is still one step away from the big explosion. I don’t know what the difference is… I think it might be the two leading actors. Looks, there is no meaning to belittle, neither of them are ugly, but they are not the kind of idols that can become top-notch, look at the previous zyl, by, xz, wyb, although some people are ugly in the show, However, the star feeling outside the theater is good. The looks of Gong Jun and Zhang Zhehan are really not the kind that makes people eye-catching. If you add one more point, not too many, just one point, then it must be a big hit now. I asked the people around me. They don’t watch dramas, and their evaluations of the appearance of the two leading actors (in and out of the drama, pictures found on Weibo) are average. It’s very good that a drama looks like this now, and the starring role is more popular than before. If you have fans, isn’t it all right? Not every drama in the United States can be a big hit. As an actor, let more people know He is ok, so that he can have more choices in the future.

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