A 17-year-old secondary school student from the Hanjiang Science and Technology School in Danjiangkou City, Shiyan, Hubei, committed suicide by jumping off a building during an internship in a Shenzhen factory. The reporter was informed that this matter has attracted great attention from the government, and the Vocational Education Department of the Ministry of Education has recently sent people to the school to participate in the investigation.

The Ministry of Education investigates “Shiyan’s 17-year-old secondary school student committed suicide in an internship”, and the vice principal “willing to apologize with death”

Yu Zewei, a migrant worker, couldn’t understand that his son, who had just passed his 17th birthday, obeyed the school’s arrangement and had only two weeks of internship in the factory from Shiyan, Hubei to Shenzhen. Why did he choose to commit suicide?

On June 10th, more than 90 students majoring in Computer Science at Hanjiang Science and Technology School (also known as “Danjiangkou Vocational and Technical School”) in Shiyan City took the bus to Shenzhen Huagao Wangshi Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. for internship. This was an internship that students felt a bit “sudden” and “strange”: the school cancelled the final exams and required all students to participate in the “syllabus” under the name of the “syllabus.” Ten thousand yuan.

The labor dispatch company, school, and factory workshops strictly emphasized discipline. On June 17, two students were repatriated, one student was expelled from school, and the whole class was notified. During the night shift on the 23rd, Yu Jun, who was highly nearsighted, broke his head, his glasses frame was also broken, and his head was bleeding, but he was asked to insist on finishing work. On the 24th, he took time off to go out with glasses and obtained permission.

On the morning of June 25, the teacher announced that he was “absent from work” for the fourth time, asked him to write an explanation, and called his parents. After Yu Jun had tried his best to explain that he had “taken a leave of absence”, the head teacher still notified Yu Jun twice in the class group of “absenteeism 4 times” and “threw a serious warning and will be resolutely expelled next time”.

15 minutes after the notification, Yu Jun jumped from the balcony on the 6th floor of the dormitory building and was declared dead by the Shenzhen hospital at noon that day.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Don’t just talk about it.
Or we don’t want to plead guilty to death. You are a vice-principal, and there is always a house. If you take out a set to compensate this student’s family, I believe you are guilty enough.
Since I don’t need my own life, it’s just a house.
Don’t make any more “I really have a house”

6 months ago

High myopia must wear glasses, otherwise even normal life will be difficult to take care of. Asking him to go to work without glasses is even more whimsical, and it is extremely easy to get injured. The face of about three meters above five hundred degrees can not be seen clearly, and you can’t see anything for about seven hundred degrees and half a meter. (This is just pure myopia. High myopia is usually invisible without astigmatism.) This factory and the school are embarrassed. It is simply unreasonable.

6 months ago

“Apologize with death”? Regardless of true or false, do you think your life can be worth his? Even if the death is apologized, it is a vain attempt to conceal the chain of interests by making the dead bigger! The labor dispatch company, the school, and the factory workshop are all responsible. The suicide of a 17-year-old secondary school student is just the “tip of the iceberg”. During this period, there are countless students who have not committed suicide but are on the verge of collapse! Involving multiple violations of laws and regulations, we know that there is a chain of interest here, which is not in the life of the student at all: 1. Students under the age of 18 participating in rotation learning and internship should obtain an informed notice signed by the student’s guardian Book, the school did not comply. 2. It is not allowed to organize and manage student internships through intermediaries and paid agencies, but the school has handed over the students to two labor dispatch companies. 3. It is not allowed to arrange students to work overtime or night shifts, a large number of students were arranged for night shifts during this internship. Is it a triad organization? So squeezing and exploiting students? Can the vice-principal solve the problem with death apologize? This is obviously lawless, and no one can let go of the lawbreaker! Give justice to the dead.

6 months ago

It is an internship in name, but it is actually a business where the school blends with the employer to squeeze students into the labor force at low prices. This kind of business can be searched on the Internet, and it has been repeated. It is true that the law can resolve disputes in individual cases, but similar to the passing of a young teenager, people can’t help but look forward to the need for administrative agencies, especially education authorities, to do something, and to formulate multi-pronged measures to prevent them from happening, otherwise similar problems will continue. Emerge in endlessly. Don’t wait until the students are violated and the news breaks out, and then give an explanation in full swing.

6 months ago

Shameless schools have many things to pull students to work as cheap labor to make money, not only the technical secondary school students, but also college students. In the previous discussion of the living expenses level of college students caused by a top2 student, 985 graduates said that it is not easy for college students to earn thousands of yuan a month from working. You feel that you have low living expenses and are not willing to work. It is not because you are lazy. In fact, 985 students only account for a very small number of college students. Many students lack good job opportunities from the perspective of information, not to mention that this kind of black-hearted school forces students to use summer vacation time to make money for the school. You want to work and make money yourself. Right. It’s 2021, and the thinking ability of many elites is not much better than that of Emperor Jin Hui.

6 months ago

A friend of mine who graduated from a technical secondary school and worked in a factory in a certain city in Guangdong said this sentence when recalling the darkness in his heart: the rights, youth and future of students are worthless in the face of assembly lines and money. Now that the industrial labor force is in short supply, it is necessary to admit the fact that outside the glamorous streets of the city, the shortage of industrial labor force is being filled in an almost brutal way, that is, batches of students. Three months ago, a vocational school in Bazhong forced students to enter the factory for internships, do assembly line work, and work 12 hours a day with intensive work. The average salary per hour was less than ten yuan, and it was completely incompatible with the students’ majors. This incident did not cause any waves on the Internet, and even the school’s reply was very confident: First of all, thank you for your concern about our school’s work. The reply to your concern is as follows: According to the requirements of the “Regulations on the Management of Student Internships in Vocational Schools” issued by the Ministry of Education, one is that our school strictly inspects and selects internship companies in accordance with laws and regulations, and submits them to the education authority for approval; second, this student Internship, the school held a mobilization meeting to convey and learn the relevant documents about the internship of vocational school students, and the head teacher informed the parents of the internship related matters through WeChat or phone; third, the school solicited the opinions of the students one by one, and volunteered to participate The school uniformly organizes intern students to go through the internship procedures in accordance with the relevant internship regulations; independent intern students are required to go through the independent internship procedures in accordance with Articles 7 and 8 of the “Provisions on the Management of Student Internships in Vocational Schools”. At present, in addition to the uniformly participating internship students in our school, there are more than 100 students who have chosen to take independent internships or stay in school to participate in the national college entrance examination. There is no such thing as compulsory students to intern in enterprises as you mentioned. At the same time, the intern company “Huabei” you mentioned is not among the internship companies of our school this time. One thing to be clear is that technical secondary schools and colleges are indeed different from full-time undergraduate education. They are more inclined to develop skills training and practical use of knowledge. Under this premise, the importance of graduation internship is indeed higher than that of full-time education. For undergraduate students. However, the problem also lies in this point. Like many other policies that are good in nature, they are used by some people and become a tool to squeeze another group of people. In 2016, the “Vocational School Student Internship Management” was formally implemented. In its general rules, the reasons for the implementation of the policy were put forward: to standardize and strengthen the internship work of vocational college students, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of students, schools and internship units, and improve technical skills The quality of talent training will enhance students’ sense of social responsibility, innovation spirit and practical ability, and better serve the needs of industrial transformation and upgrading. Throughout the article, you can find that this policy is actually very good. The detailed rules serve the purpose of “improving the quality of technical and technical personnel training, enhancing students’ sense of social responsibility, innovative spirit and practical ability, and better serving the needs of industrial transformation and upgrading.” . For example, the internship position should meet the requirements of professional training objectives and be equivalent to or similar to the students’ majors. For example, students can choose their own internship units after they apply for them and the vocational school agrees. For example, they cannot organize, arrange and manage students through intermediary agencies or paid agents. Internships, such as not even arranging students to work overtime during holidays. But what about the facts? Even in this collusion between schools and factories, the term “labor glorious” has been eliminated in the cognition of the student group. Technical talents have always been in an undersaturated state in our country, and it can even be said that there is a big gap. The dereliction of duty in vocational and technical schools is the main reason for this problem, but the blame is really to be implemented to the level of implementation of the regulations. Before the regulations are actually implemented, this kind of thing will not happen for the first time, and we all know that this kind of thing will not happen for the last time. As for industrial transformation and upgrading, when the rights and interests of those who should bear the blame cannot be protected, it is a cake painted on the cloud.

6 months ago

This incident reminded me of a Ma Yuan course in university. When talking about dialectics, the teacher cites a very similar example—technical schools use factory internships as graduation assessments, and technical school teachers draw money from students’ wages. Next, the teacher asked us to analyze the negative and positive significance of this matter dialectically. I raised my hand and said that this incident was a conspiracy between the factory and the technical school to exploit the students with unequal identities. There was no positive significance. Dialectics did not allow people to talk about the chariots one after the other. The teacher still insisted on his own ideas.

6 months ago

This kind of thing happened in a country transformed by SHZY, which is really shameful to the teachers. Now, this is just a normal thing. The technical school is linked to the factory, which is called an internship, which is really a profit! Use each other, the students are sad! If you refuse to accept it, you can’t graduate! This is the status quo, if you want to change it! Move the cake, it’s impossible! The last sentence is compensation! In the future, as usual, the interests are linked! School factory, cooperation and joy! To put it bluntly, the school sends the students to the labor dispatch company to earn a sum of money, and the labor dispatch company arranges the students to a factory that needs labor to earn a sum of money. The factory arranges all the students who come for internships to night shifts to reduce expenses. This is a real event of bloody ZB family squeezing the surplus value of students

6 months ago

One incident brought out two stubborn diseases of what we call a “society under the rule of law.” One is an enterprise that is not subject to labor laws and can unscrupulously oppress its employees; the other is a school that unscrupulously violates the rights of students in a place outside the law. It has been a long time since workers have worked hard in the labor law. Everyone who has worked knows that the labor law says “deflate” in black and white. In the absence of labor law supervision and enforcement, companies have unlimited advantages over workers, and companies can continue to oppress them even before the last laborer in the market is oppressed to the bottom line. Of course, companies can only ignore part of the labor law, and schools are outside the old law. The law on the protection of minors, the law on property rights, and the law on teachers are all “deflated.” Best at internal handling, the wind can enter, the rain can enter, and the police can’t enter. Except for the education system, which is the leading department, all others are “deflated”, including many laws. The teacher infringed on the rights of the students and was not supervised. It became normal. As small as the data fee, supplementary materials are recommended; for the larger ones, tuition fees are treated differently. Now it has directly progressed, and the students are packaged and sold directly to the sweatshop. The name is arranging internship opportunities, and direct 100% employment rate. This is a sweatshop in the news. This is the “workers (nu) and people (li)” that the company bought with money. It is for the school. The school is responsible for “management”. If you are not obedient, you will not abide by the “discipline”. Look at the news. Two students were repatriated and one student was expelled from school. Are these 3 students innocent? But if there is no such thing as the fourth person, they will not be innocent and get wronged. The first three students who were punished, including the hundreds of students who had an “internship” together, didn’t anyone make trouble? Did no one report the problem? There must be some, but it’s obviously useless, otherwise it won’t be enough to tear the shady back. After all, until the step of killing people, the students themselves cannot bear the hardship. The school arranges internships for you, but it can also harm you. Young people nowadays. After reporting the feedback, the education department called to ask the school what’s going on. The school said that I arranged an internship and several students could not bear the hardship. Thousands of students are working hard, just 4 thorns, whose fault do you say? Then the education department made an investigation. Holding the hostage’s graduation certificate in hand, the students have nowhere to go. In the end, a good man was forced to die for injustice. Where is our law? As long as there is a law that is useful, he doesn’t have to go where it is today. So I have always said, what kind of society we are under the rule of law, we just feel that the rule of law is good, so we use it for one use (pragmatism), and it seems that we are getting closer and closer to a comprehensive society under the rule of law.

6 months ago

Now our country’s demographic dividend period is coming to an end. Electronic factories are generally difficult to recruit workers, and it is difficult to recruit people with higher salaries than before. The younger generation is not as “hard-working and hard-working” like the older generation, and is willing to be exploited. The turnover rate is still high. Since it is impossible to recruit people, there are more people leaving than before. What should I do? So the smart capitalists remembered the idea of ​​cooperating with technical schools! Give the principals and vice principals money, let them arrange internships, and bring a lot of cheap labor. This labor is not only cheap, but also easy to manage. After all, they have not yet entered the society, and they have no experience in recruiting old fried dough sticks. Get used to it, and let the school threaten you with a graduation certificate. Basically, you will be obedient. For the school, the graduation internship was originally a necessary step. The teacher is well-known, and it is not easy to complain wherever you go. Moreover, you can arrange the complaint clearly afterwards. Basically, no student will be the first person. For electronics factories, student workers are not only low-paid, but also easy to manage. They have no experience in fishing and watering, and they are highly efficient. Moreover, even if you include the money allocated to the principal and vice-principal, it is much less expensive than normal recruitment. Win-win, win-win. This wave must not be just an investigation by the competent education department. The police must also intervene. They must not just judge a suicide and close the case in a hurry. The bribery and bribery must be digging deep. Basically, it is indispensable. “Apologizing with death” is obviously just a twitch of lips, but going in for a taste of prison food can get what you want.

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