An 8-year-old girl in Hefei, Anhui Province, loves cutting clothes. She has been making bags since she was 3 years old, and changed her clothes when she was 6 years old. Her mother is very supportive of her children’s hobbies. She often provides her children with unworn old clothes for tailoring. She is also very happy to go out wearing her children’s remodeled clothes, which has been praised by many people.

In utilitarian terms, a child’s talent is an investment point, and reading is also an investment point. The process of cultivating a child is the same as doing a business. If you do not have a general direction to determine the scope of investment, you will lose so much that your mother will not recognize it. Since children have shown a talent for making bags and clothes, parents should be happy because you have just discovered an investment point. If the child is also able to study hard, it is equivalent to two investment points. These two points are complementary and do not conflict with each other. Many parents always take the lowest point of realizing their children’s talents as the ceiling of their children’s talents. For example, if you are good at making bags, you think of street stalls helping others to repack and repair shoes. The more you think about it, the more miserable you feel, and you feel ruined for a lifetime. In fact, this is not only an expression of despising one’s own children, but also a lack of self-confidence in oneself. Why do you think that the child must not do anything that hasn’t happened yet? If this is the case, it is normal for children to read poorly, because parents do not think that their children can become excellent at the beginning. The correct idea is that no matter how bad you are, you can make up for your livelihood. You must have your own skills in your life. With such skills, no matter how you guide them, you can develop in this direction if you like to be a tailor or design. After reading a good book, you must have a major in design. There is enough You can’t imagine the upper limit of the theoretical knowledge to make better works. This is the investment on both sides. Once it takes shape, the return will be more powerful. Don’t be short-sighted and treat these as not doing proper jobs. Now part-time jobs often don’t make enough side jobs. Not doing proper jobs is the right way to save mankind.

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6 months ago

First of all, because the current “positioning” technology is too advanced, I will “doubt” all the videos I see now! After all, what is reported is only the splicing of “fragments”. So, is there any problem in the middle, as a bystander, I still have to “make a question mark”… However, if there is a reaction in the video The thing is “completely real”! Then I have to say: “The little girl’s craftsmanship is really good!” Moreover, this thing reminds me of a TV series that was relatively popular some time ago-Su Taner and Lou Shulan in the drama “Zui Son” were also quite good at sewing when they were young. Talents, in the end, they all achieved their own careers as their daughters…I believe that if the girl in the question really has such a “talent”, then it must be “bright future.” “! However, the age of the child is still young after all, and the guidance of parents and society is still very important! In particular, “Don’t let your child become a star too early!” I’m not sure whether the little girl’s parents are currently making use of the child’s “talent” what articles they are doing. If so, I suggest they stop. The future of the child is not good! If not, I hope they can bring the child back to the previous life, and don’t disrupt her normal growth path because of this small “hot spot”…Of course, everyone has their own life. In this way, others have no right to interfere. Here, I can only wish the little girl grow up healthily! The above are personal opinions, for reference only!

6 months ago

I think this is very good. I can master so many stitches at only 8 years old. I am really talented! But I guess it has something to do with my mother’s love to sew. After all, when I was raising a child on a whim, I also bought a brotherTM27PK, which is much more expensive than the 100-plus Xinlong 505a in her family. But I don’t know how to sew or use it myself, and I don’t know how to teach children how to use it. So this mother must be a good sewing teacher. Those who worry about children who will give up their hobbies and lose their talents, don’t think about it! There is a professional teacher (my own mother) who accompanies the practice every day at home, so why give up? Can’t give up at all! When the child is very young, due to the incomplete growth and development, the flexibility of the fingers can not do particularly complicated tasks at all, so as long as the operation is a little difficult, you must rely on the help of parents. If mom and dad don’t know anything, and don’t know how to help, just let the child grow with talent, the child will never succeed in several operations, and the talent will be ruined early. So, don’t be envious of how other people’s children are, think about how their parents do it! Give full play to the advantages of mom and dad, let the children develop the hobbies that you can point to, and continue to encourage them to protect and develop the children’s talents.

6 months ago

Believe me, without a solid theory of clothing, painting, and design, her “talent” will not last for a few years. Mathematics must be learned well. Although many people don’t know mathematics, painting and design, it is simply a relationship between sisters. But this is true. So the best way is to make one or two pieces with her regularly every week, and on the basis of learning mathematics, guide her to learn a little bit of composition knowledge such as the golden curve. Then let her appreciate the classic masterpieces of outstanding painters. When she can learn by herself, don’t interfere with her too much. It’s okay.

6 months ago

Wow! As soon as I saw the news, I first felt that if a 3-year-old is a bag hand, won’t it be sifted by a needle? Really “smart”. To paraphrase “What we lack is not genius, but the eyes to discover genius and the soil for cultivating genius”. Two issues are involved here: discovering talent and developing talent. (First of all, parents can look at Gardner’s multiple intelligences. I have written a lot of this topic, so I won’t go into details here. Everyone has relative talents. The important thing is how parents discover and support development.) First, discover children’s “talents”, The only way is to “observe.” But many parents, including me, lack the cultivation of scientific and systematic observation methods. Although I bought a classic book on how to observe young children, I still lack the perseverance to implement it. Really knowing is one thing, execution is another. 2. Develop talents 1. First, you need to “identify” talents, as above. 2. The second is to spend a lot of time and energy dedicated to development. For ordinary parents, it is difficult to fully recognize talents and to be convinced and develop their children’s expertise (what if the judgment is wrong?). Therefore, creating a relaxed atmosphere, encouraging experimentation, tolerance of trial and error, and provision of resources are It’s a good idea. 3. Protecting the real talent is often the child’s interest. For true interest, parents should protect their children’s internal motivations, and don’t use excessive material rewards or premature competitions to stifle them, because the latter can easily transform internal motivations into external motivations. In a word, just provide resources and a relaxed atmosphere so that children can really enjoy it.

6 months ago

I have received several invitations for this issue recently. I really don’t know what to say. This is a three-and-a-half-year-old girl in my family, who will go out into the wild when she opens her eyes. For her, there are only three things that are most beautiful in the world: come out to play, eat ice cream, and mother takes it out to play. It can only be said that this is a different child. This kind of difference will surprise people at first, but there is indeed a lot of uncertainty afterwards. Therefore, there is such a question: how to protect and cultivate children’s talents. I have a thought that is not very positive: the child who is expected to become a talent is too hard. The more talented the child is, the higher the expectation is given. This expectation itself is a double-edged sword. In this Internet age, the age of blogging to make quick money, I wonder if children will become another kind of Internet celebrity. I have no similar experience to share. I can only wish this child, grow up happily, and become the person she wants to be.

6 months ago

With different plans, a child’s life is very different. In the end, while caring for interest all the way, the main focus is on reading, aiming at Yangmei, and then further studying, and finally becoming a senior brand designer, or is it to use the children’s talents for publicity, and put the main energy and time on doing In clothes, short-term fame is gaining popularity. Ten years later, he will grow up to be an ordinary person with no culture and know how to tailor. His design level is not up to the table, so I found a tailor’s shop for a lifetime. See what kind of parents the child can meet.

6 months ago

I want to say an example around me, that is myself. When I was young, because of my love for painting, my mother would encourage me in various ways. The most memorable thing is that I would paint with me every night. I wouldn’t comment on how well I paint or say how you would do if I accompany you like this. How, I don’t say that I don’t have any rest time for you. I just sit beside me silently, knitting sweaters and sock soles. Mom said that if grandma let her go to school at that time, she could read, read newspapers, and write. In addition to the energy and money spent on painting, it also costs more than average children. Buying paints, drawing paper, and enrolling in training classes. At that time, the family conditions were not good, and my mother would also find a solution. Until later, I went to high school and university. In fact, I almost dropped out of high school because there was no tuition. Our small place has an outdated concept. Many girls dropped out of high school without attending high school to work. If it wasn’t for my mother’s gentleness and persistence, I would like my own. What will life be like? I definitely can’t do what I want to do and what I like and work. I am really grateful to my mother, who has been working hard to support me, and I have to continue to cheer, not to let her down.

6 months ago

Ask her to make a copper-headed leather belt. If she can’t do it, you smile and say that it doesn’t matter if the baby can’t do it. I have a belt here to teach you! Then you take off the belt around your waist and draw it. If she does it, you have to take the belt from the kid’s hand, look carefully and admire it, a good belt, just don’t know whether it will work smoothly, and then look at the kid. When the child reacts and the proud smile gradually solidifies, you can stun her with a loud shout, jump up, and twist her custom-made copper-headed belt to spin her like a top!

6 months ago

If you like it, then let her do it, but at the same time, you can’t delay your homework. No, this cultural tradition is actually worth learning and passing on. Perhaps most people will think, hey, how much money can this thing make? But is the meaning of life in making money? You can’t have other things, right? Oh, there might be another counter-argument, not saying that there can be no, just don’t spend too much time on these things? However, what is important and what is secondary are different for everyone, and the child’s ability to judge is immature, so she can’t interfere with what she likes to tailor, but she must also not be able to fall behind. The education and knowledge that allows her to stand up better in this society.

6 months ago

First of all, the talent of this child is still quite good. I liked simplicity when I was a child. Well, when I was 16 I wanted to go to the design school in Wuhan to learn design, because the age was not so good at that time, and my parents were not at ease. The dream that prevented me from moving forward was also cut off. Now I will make some changes to the clothes of other children when they are young, including down jackets, quilts, sheets, etc. I will do it by accident, but. Maybe he has become an ordinary person, and he has no special skills. First of all, if he likes it, he can encourage him. As a kind of um, let’s make a life skill. Don’t expect too much in the future. Well said, the higher the expectation, the greater the disappointment. In the end, it will make you feel disappointed. Let everything go with the flow, follow the heart, and it is good to go wherever you go without leaving regrets. These parts and accessories have been dismantled by my little nephew in a mess. I don’t know where to go. There is also this repair. The owner of this machine has moved and no one can be found. He is the owner of Zhejiang because of this kind of thing. They are usually produced in Wenzhou, Zhejiang. So the parts have been dismantled, and it is almost scrapped. I have been idle here for a long time, because now the children are older, and I don’t need to do it. After all, what I do is not branded. The children will dislike it, adults. I would also dislike it. In the past, this was made of quilt down jackets, but now it has a history. It’s all in this and my memory.

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