On the 5th, Cheng, a student from the People’s Public Security University of China, took a bus home and encountered someone whose wallet was stolen. Seeing a suspicious person trying to get out of the car, classmate Cheng stepped forward to block and control him. Facing the threat of the criminal suspect and threatening to retaliate, classmate Cheng shot back, “My police are not afraid of you!” Finally, the police waited until the police came to bring the suspect back.

The ugly and shameless thief looked increasingly dirty under the brilliance of the academic police, but on the other hand, we must also see that when the thief was caught, his attitude was still extremely arrogant and fearless. This shows that he may not have entered the palace for the first time, and the law or even the prison has no deterrent effect on him. For him, it means going in and staying for a few days anyway, what is he afraid of? Nowadays, social chaos is frequent, and in the final analysis it is because the cost of illegality is too low. At a lower level, the corruption of touching porcelain and helping the elderly is about to become an industrial chain. Everyone knows what’s going on, but the perpetrators won’t get any punishment at all. Being caught is just an apology and it’s a shameless apology. To get bigger, the entertainment industry evades taxes, and capitalists from all walks of life have violated the rules and blatantly challenged the bottom line. If the trouble is too big, it is only self-punishing three cups. Discipline and law-abiding honest people suffer everywhere, and troublesome villains take advantage. Society, she shouldn’t be like this. I hope that the practitioners, makers, and enforcers of the law can consider more effective and scientific methods to curb this evil trend. China has never lacked people who are like the heroes of the academic police. But if the policeman sees the thief he caught with his own hands, after a few weeks, he is still returning to his old business and provoking him with a smile, this is undoubtedly the greatest blasphemy against the hero.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

This is positive energy! This is someone worthy of admiration! This is a model for contemporary youth to learn! “Police, don’t move!” “I am a reserve police officer of the People’s Republic of China!” “It’s okay, you remember me, I (yes) the police are not afraid of you remember!” Sonny and powerful, justice is awe-inspiring. How can such a (preparatory) policeman make people not give a thumbs up? And this is when the thief is not sure whether he has a murder weapon, or whether he will become angry with a murder weapon and hurt others, he will step forward without hesitation! The letter of commendation came out in a timely manner during the struggle, and he was loyal to the party and served the people. Law enforcement is fair and disciplined. The sixteen-character requirements of the New Era Public Security Iron Army have long been deeply engraved in his figure of righteousness and bravery! In addition, we support the timely sentencing of illegal and criminal acts! Especially the last act of threatening the police. In the face of the law, how can you allow the little ones to be presumptuous! According to Article 264 of the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China: Theft refers to the theft of a large amount of public and private property for the purpose of illegal possession or multiple thefts, theft in the house, theft with a murder weapon, or pickpocketing of public and private property . Whoever steals public or private property in a relatively large amount, or who steals, enters the house, theft with a weapon, or pickpocketing is to be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than 3 years, criminal detention or surveillance, and a fine or a fine. If the circumstances are serious, they shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than 3 years but not more than 10 years, and a fine shall be imposed. If the circumstances are particularly serious, they shall be sentenced to more than 10 years of fixed-term imprisonment or life imprisonment, with a fine or confiscation of property. Article 269 of the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China stipulates: “Those who commit crimes of theft, fraud, or snatch, use violence on the spot or threaten with violence in order to conceal stolen goods, resist arrest, or destroy criminal evidence, shall be subject to the 200th Article 63 (ie, robbery) provides conviction and punishment.” Let’s look at the provisions of Article 263 [Robbery]: Those who rob public or private property by violence, coercion or other methods shall be punished for not less than three years but not more than ten years. Fixed-term imprisonment and a fine; in any of the following circumstances, a fixed-term imprisonment of more than ten years, life imprisonment, or death sentence, with a fine or confiscation of property: (1) House robbery; (2) Robbery on public transportation (3) Robbery of banks or other financial institutions; (4) Repeated robberies or a huge amount of robbery; (5) Robbery causing serious injury or death; (6) Robbery posing as a military or police officer; (7) Holding Robbery by gun; (8) Robbery of military materials or rescue, disaster relief, or relief materials.

6 months ago

The police are not afraid of sacrificing their lives for the benefit of the people, afraid that you are a wretched thief? Before justice, all criminals are “paper tigers”! Oath of the Chinese People’s Police: I volunteer to become the People’s Police of the People’s Republic of China, devote myself to the lofty cause of people’s public security, resolutely be loyal to the party, serve the people, enforce justice, and be disciplined. I am determined to be a builder of the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics. , Defenders, work hard to maintain the overall stability of the society, promote social fairness and justice, and ensure that the people live and work in peace and contentment! According to statistics, in 2020, there will be 315 policemen and 165 auxiliary policemen who died on duty; 4941 policemen and 3886 auxiliary policemen were injured on duty. Since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, more than 16,000 police officers from public security organs across the country have died on duty. Fortunately, we have such “academic police”, these people will be the reserve force of the people’s police, and the light of justice will be continued by them. All for the people! You can always trust the Chinese People’s Police!

6 months ago

In my feelings and memories, those who have entered the military academy (police academy) and have practiced, no matter whether they are active or retired, there will always be a sense of justice in their bones, that is, in their hearts, they are always ready. . After I said this sentence, it is estimated that there will be a handful of discordant voices in the comments, and I will use a few examples to verify my point of view. As far as the thief is concerned, I will focus on two things. Because I have been besieged by thieves, they are so rampant in their place, because many thieves are committed by teams, the organization is well-organized, the area is clearly delineated, and the various groups will not cross the region, but the teams in the region are indeed extremely cooperative and cooperative. Unity. I was under siege in 2002. At that time, I was a student. I went to the Sunshine Commercial Building in Changping to buy things. After I came out, my backpack was on the back, and the wallet, student ID and bus cards were all on the outer layer of the bag. In this posture, on the way to Pine Garden, something happened. I felt something was wrong in the back, so I quickly slid and held my weight. Looking back, a man was pulling the chain of my schoolbag. I asked him, what are you doing? , He said what you said, I turned around and pushed him up. A terrible thing happened in an instant. A group of people who didn’t know where it came from suddenly surrounded me, cursing and hammering me at the same time. I didn’t understand when I was cursed. (People who have stayed in Changping should know them. Of that nation). At this time, I was really a discouraged ball, and my courage immediately became weak, so I quickly said soft things. Because it was daylight and there were many people nearby, they didn’t do anything to me. If I and them insisted on guessing people would hang up. When they walked away, my legs and hands were trembling, and then I settled down and found a public phone to call my mother, and then I cried instantly when I was wronged. I didn’t call the police either, but from then on, I kept my backpack in front of crowded places, and I always went around when I saw people from those ethnic groups. Therefore, as far as the thief is concerned, why arrogant, or the above, first, there is a team, second, the punishment will not be too serious, and third, there is a team.

6 months ago

Brave academic police! I remembered my childhood. When I was a child, a classmate came late in the morning and brought the whole class a big news in our small place. A certain criminal ran away from the police station early in the morning, and he happened to be passing by when he left. It was discovered that he immediately went to the police station to call the police, and the police later caught the criminal back. The caller turned out to be my dad. After returning home from school, I heard my parents talk about it, because my dad went to work very early every day, and that day happened to see that man escaped from the police station. At that time, my dad seemed to be the only witness. He hurried to the police station to call the police. Fortunately, in time, the criminal did not run far and was caught back. It’s too long. I don’t remember many details. I don’t know how the criminal could escape. At that time, my mother complained that my dad was too stupid. I heard that the criminal knew that it was my dad who called the police (I don’t know how the criminal knew it), what should I do in case of revenge. At that time, I thought my dad was so brave. Fortunately, our family was not retaliated afterwards. After I grew up, I became a people’s policeman for a few years. When a peacekeeping police team was formed in the bureau, I signed up immediately. Even if you are an adult, it is necessary to discuss this matter with your parents. After all, there is a great risk. But I know that my dad will definitely support me. Families need role models, and society needs the power of role models! What is gratifying is that there were many passengers on the scene to help. The policeman said, “A young man in a blue T-shirt helped me control the suspect’s left hand, and an aunt in white helped call 110 to the police. Another passenger said loudly, “There is a policeman here. Here, don’t panic.” If more people can stand up in the future, would criminals still dare to be so rampant? So many people, who can he remember?

6 months ago

To subdue a thief with bare hands and send it to the official police is a matter of righteousness. Of course, we hope that such heroes who see righteousness and courage will appear in our lives from time to time and shock lawbreakers. Faced with threats of revenge, the heroic student responded with a “sneer” expression, and then drifted away. People only remember one warrior, which might be fine. In that case, the other party (thief) is not clear, and the thief has a guilty conscience. It is estimated that when he is consecrating the law, he will only be in panic, and will not really have any memory. Leaving this narrative is of course a rigorous word, but it seems that it may have left a “failure”. After all, “the thief is not afraid of stealing, but the thief is worried about it.” Of course, the golden shield, forged by passion, shows one’s skills in distressed places, and the young people’s ambitions don’t express their sorrow… Evil can’t win the righteousness!

6 months ago

After reading a few rhythmic answers, it simply means that my junior is not qualified to claim to be a policeman and almost laughed me to death. Some people even say that procedural justice in European and American law systems is the first, and that the procedures are not right and nothing is right. Europe and the United States are the beacon of human civilization… Have you received your father’s funding? The first question is, does impersonating a policeman in this situation constitute a scam? nonsense! of course not. Swagger is to seek illegal gains. In this case, even if he is not a student of the police school, there is no problem saying that he is a policeman. When a little girl was surrounded by gangsters, the little girl said, “I am a police officer who has just graduated, and the director of the police station under the jurisdiction is my uncle!” Is this sentence illegal? What is illegal? What legal interests have been violated? Not to mention the setting of emergency avoidance, can we analyze basic good and evil only from the values ​​of normal people? The second question is how to evaluate his behavior? I can only say that I am a role model and show me my face. I have never caught a thief on a bus, but I have assisted. In 2017, I received an alarm that a thief on a bus was caught by plainclothes police. The bus sub-bureau has special plain clothes and catches thieves in the bus. At that time, my master and I went together. We went there in less than ten minutes (the morning rush hour was jammed). It was a relatively crowded bus. Many people rushed to go to work, but the plainclothes police caught a bus. The thief asked the driver to stop the car and call the police, and the door was locked and the car was not allowed to get off. The driver naturally listened to the police, and it didn’t matter if he stopped at this time, but the people in the car had a different attitude. Some are really anxious, some support the police. The plainclothes policeman held the thief by himself, and it was useless for the thief to struggle, but there was no one in the car to help him. In fact, if everyone didn’t help, he was very happy. After we arrived, he twisted the people out and threw them into our hands: “You can hold them for me first.” After saying that, he turned around and glanced at the crowd, and then slipped out again, “I’ve been staring at you for a long time.” , Do you think I don’t know that you are an accomplice?” Both of these are under the jurisdiction of the Public Transport Sub-bureau, but the plainclothes police only had one person and it was impossible to hold two. At that time, he could only press one to death, and the other pretended not to see . When the person from our police station arrived, he helped him control this, and he freed up his hand to take down the other one. Later, we waited on the spot for more than ten minutes, when someone from the bus sub-bureau came and picked up the two thieves. In fact, I personally admire this plainclothes police officer very much. He clearly knows that he will not be supported by the passengers when he stops the vehicle in the morning rush hour. He clearly knows that he is one-to-two. He clearly knows that there is a thief holding this one. It was dangerous to play himself, but he didn’t think about it. When he pressed the thief to us, and he directly picked up the second thief, the car applauded. I swear to God that it was definitely the whole car who applauded. No one who often rides the bus doesn’t hate thieves! Therefore, I can particularly understand the danger of my junior fellow at the time, especially when the thief made a blatant threat. At this time, it is not illegal to just say “I am a leader of the Public Security Bureau, I am afraid of you?” He is not pretending to be a leader to cheat money and sex, but he knows that it is out of public safety and personal safety. There must be an accomplice of the thief on this bus. When there is no other person to help him, he is already worthy of the title of a son of a public university. Of course, if I was in the car, I would definitely help him, and I would definitely find a way to sway the second person. Of course this sentence is nonsense, we are not here. This behavior is definitely worthy of encouragement and is the pride of our school. “If there is no torch from now on, you will be the only light”

6 months ago

A true story happened to us: Time: In the early 1970s, the buses of the public transportation company were divided into suburban and urban buses. The long-distance bus belonged to the transportation company and several suburban farmers entered the city. It was about buying things. The senior thief in the suburban car caught attention. Fortunately, when the end of the car was approaching, the stolen farmer found out. There were only a few people in the car, and the search found it. There was no suspense. The thief was dragged out of the car when he arrived at the station. After a violent beating, there was no legal conception in those years. It was normal to hit the thief, and everyone was onlookers. Then these farmers didn’t feel the heart of sending the thief to the police station. See if the thief had been beaten. I got blood from my nose and mouth, I got my feet up and I was ready to go. However, the climax came! Just as these peasants had just walked away, the thief began to pretend to be AC. While getting up, he pointed to these peasants and said: I remember you, one day I will get revenge (to the effect, when I was young It’s very, I just went to school. Anyway, I heard the message that I don’t know how many hands have been transferred, but the meaning is not wrong.) These farmers were really scared when they heard it. Think about it, this kind of thief is fixed. He often travels along these suburban car routes. Maybe one day when he places an order, he really encounters this thief. Wouldn’t it be a loss? Therefore, in order to completely eliminate the troubles, these farmers kept doing nothing. They turned the thief to the ground and took off the eyes of the thief in a few strokes~~~~~ Then they never looked back. In that environment, others were unwilling to be nosy. The thief finally climbed to the police station with two blood holes to report the case. The police station also perfunctorily did not want to help a criminal to conduct a serious investigation. In the end, he couldn’t stop it. I dare say this is absolutely true, because although we were the provincial capital back then, we were really small. The urban registered population was only about 300,000. In the era of no TV and entertainment, a little bit of trouble could spread all over the city. And after that, this person has been begging in front of the park gate of an ancient temple in our city for a long time. Several of my friends have seen him, but this person really has no skills, even the most basic beggar pulls an erhu. , I don’t have the ability to sing a lotus flower, just because it is really famous, I can barely get some steel to make a living.

6 months ago

Article 263 [Robbery] Whoever robs public or private property by violence, coercion or other methods shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than three years but not more than 10 years, and shall be fined; in any of the following circumstances, sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than 10 years , Life imprisonment or death penalty, fines or confiscation of property: (1) robbery in the house; (2) robbery on public transportation; (3) robbery of a bank or other financial institution; (4) multiple robbery or The amount of robbery is huge; (5) the robbery causes serious injury or death; (6) the robbery posing as a military or police officer; (7) the robbery with a gun; (8) the robbery of military materials or rescue, disaster relief, or relief materials. Article 269 [Converted Robbery] Anyone who commits the crime of theft, fraud, or snatch, uses violence on the spot or threatens to use violence in order to conceal stolen goods, resist arrest, or destroy evidence, shall be in accordance with the 260th of this law The provisions of Article 3 are convicted and punished. I don’t know if this counts as a threat of violence.

6 months ago

I saw this from several gm official accounts. Although watching the video inside is pretty cool, the other content makes me feel like they are a gang of thieves. In those articles, the name of the police classmate, his age, which department, and a clear photo were all included. In general universities, you can find that person by relying on this information. In the video, the thief all said “I remember you”, either he said something cruel, or he really wanted revenge, and there are accomplices nearby. In this case, shouldn’t the information of the parties concerned be protected? Even if the incident is prevented, you must be careful not to let the information of the parties go out. What if the thief is really bold enough that the police dare to retaliate? Those few gm are good, they explode so many people’s information, if someone is really retaliated against, this kind of thing is not afraid of ten thousand just in case.

6 months ago

Many people have mentioned the power of law enforcement. Sorry, this is not called law enforcement. There is no question of not having the power of law enforcement. Otherwise, if a thief enters your house, would you be considered law enforcement? Do you count him as law enforcement by pressing him on the ground? Driving on the road is turned off by someone, and you say backhand that he would drive a car as law enforcement? You find that a girl is being harassed by a satyr. Is it law enforcement if you curse the satyr and force her to stop? As for fake police officers, doing bad things is called counterfeiting, doing good things is calling righteousness, some gangsters are angry? Hahahahaha. Finally, the police academy students have systematic grappling and fighting courses and physical exercise courses. The general public recommends that the door be closed and the police are just fine. Good health can help police uniforms and pay attention to safety protection

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