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In the famous 93-year Lion City tongue war, the topic “human nature is good, human nature is evil”. Jiang Changjian, the host of “The Most Powerful Brain”, was still a little fresh meat at the time. As the fourth debater of Fudan University, he made a classic summary statement and won the best debater! The summary statement is as follows: Thank you, everyone, a serious debate needs a serious concept. The other party asked us many times about our human nature? How is humanity? Never ask us how human nature is? I would like to ask the other person, what is human nature and what is human nature is the same concept? If you don’t even have a foundation for this concept, where does your argument come from? We asked the other side many times how the good flowers produced evil results, and the other side said that they need to water and fertilize. Then I don’t understand. If everyone is acquainted with the sunshine and rain, why are there so many crimes all over the world? Does this water and that fat still have a soft spot? Why do you want to make a cool “kiss goodbye” with the evil person? (Laughter, applause) Today, in the pursuit of truth, we will discuss this topic that has been endless for thousands of years with each other. Whether it is Mencius who is based on the theory of good human nature or Xunzi who is based on the theory of evil nature, which school does not want us to suppress evil and promote good? Suppressing evil and promoting good is our fundamental starting point for establishing our position today. Let me summarize our views once again. First, only by knowing that human nature is evil can we face up to history and reality. When I look back on history, I always feel pain and trembling in my heart. From the Hippocratic War to the Crusades, from Hitler’s Auschwitz concentration camp to the Japanese bacterial test site in North China, it can be said that “pornography and greed fly together, and ambition is violent.” The past human history can be. It is said to be the wolf smoke and iron blood that are intertwined to satisfy the infinite greed of mankind! It can be seen that if the evil human nature is not controlled, what will it bring to the world? Second, only by knowing the evil nature of human nature can we attach importance to the role of morality and legal education, the results of human civilization guidance, and the cultivation of a sound and upward personality. In the ups and downs of history, mankind did not perish on its own. Especially in the face of polite, kind and friendly Singaporean friends, we have more reason to believe that mankind will be better tomorrow. Among them, we want to thank Singapore for tirelessly establishing their excellent social education system. Human civilization continues to thrive under the light of human wisdom. Drinking water and thinking about the source, we would like to thank those Chinese and Western philosophers who sprinkled their hard work and sweat on the journey of human education. It is precisely because of their theoretical wisdom and their physical practice that it is possible for people to embark on a rational self-regulation from external coercion, self-regulation of the evil of human nature, and thus cultivate a sound and good personality. It can be seen that human nature is inherently evil, which does not mean that people will become evil for life. As long as through the social education system, they can abandon evil and promote good, and transform their nature into hypocrisy! Third, only by understanding the evil nature of human nature can we mobilize all means of social enlightenment to promote good and avoid evil. Time flies, the dead are like this, while material and science and technology are advancing by leaps and bounds, and the spiritual home of mankind can be said to have been wandering. At this time, we must be alert to the basic proposition that human nature is evil. Fortunately, in the land of the East, we say that the development of traditional culture has started from the resurrection of the sun to a new spring. We also believe that through the essence of traditional culture, human beings will be restrained and guided reasonably from uncontrolled desires, from heteronomy to self-discipline, and from law enforcement to legislation. It is possible for human beings to turn the tide and help the mansions to fall. “The night gave me black eyes, but I want to use them to find light” Thank you!


By zhiwo

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9 months ago

The topic of the debate was “Is it advisable to sell the naming rights of university teaching buildings?” After a fierce debate, I saw that the other party’s third debate took out a piece of paper that said public university, and then another piece of paper that said Utilitarian University. “Everyone, the greatness of the university is not in the teaching building but in thinking, and the master can be regarded as the concrete expression of this thought. It is reasonable for universities to call the teaching building by the name of the master, and it is also to learn to name it with words such as fraternity and devotion. It’s commonplace for more schools to call bishops, 1st teachers, and 2nd teachers.” “Nowadays, the name of the company is forcibly linked to the teaching building with money. Is this a public university or a utilitarian university?”

9 months ago

Topic: Individual independence and collective consciousness. General point of view: Is it correct to sacrifice a few lives to save the majority? The square player is a “collective concept,” and many examples were cited, whether it was soldiers defending their homes, doctors ignoring the epidemic, or firefighters risking death to save lives in a fire. In fact, the opponent’s second argument in that game should have a fever, and his physical condition was not very good (because of knowing Kazakhstan). In addition, the front side of the game did a good job of controlling the court, so in the end, under the strong emotional exaggeration of “sacrificing a few people”, the moral commanding heights, the audience was so righteous and eager to give up on the spot. Just when the free debate was about to end, the three opposing parties stood up. A girl said this: (I try to restore) the opposing defense friend. We insist on an independent point of view. We are not selfish and disregarding the collective. Faced with the choices of “minority and majority”, “individual and collective”, a sane person is just doing arithmetic problems. But can human lives be exchanged for equal value? When danger comes, do you really think the lives of your parents and strangers are the same? Will you kill your friends to save 10 criminals? Will you abandon your own humanity to save the world? If you are willing, a person who is willing to abandon humanity at any time, do you really think other people will thank you? How can you ensure that others can still trust you? I can’t calmly equalize human lives. You may be able to, but I can’t. It was about 40 seconds. After using speech skills, the tears in the corners of her eyes were also real. Later, I learned that his father, an ordinary person, had sacrificed to save people, so she might have her own ideas. Yes, can human lives be equivalent? If so, can I return to the renewal of the dead. If not, why do you have to care about the minority and the majority? Is the majority really just?

9 months ago

I don’t know what I’m talking about in this answer, so you don’t necessarily need to revisit this time before wasting time. The bigger the wok, the happier. Hearing Zihua’s point is that people should be dull, which is related to dull “business”. “Q is the Q of IQEQ. People who don’t have it will always live a sensitive and mean life. In Huang Biyun’s description of him, they live in a panic. He gave an example, saying that a person is crazy about pursuing his favorite object. His object said, I will never like you. Even if the sun explodes, if you buy me a heater, I will not accept it. Those who do not have blunt q realize that the problem is serious and they really don’t like me. Some people will say that if the sun explodes, it will be very difficult to suddenly find a heater for you. Everyone on the field is very dull. It must be admitted that today when the skills and tactics have developed to a certain level, everyone on the field has been able to skillfully use various logical skills to play with words. In general competitions, except for occasions where the two sides have a tacit understanding, the judges can basically only hear it. The ever-increasing number of proofs and mutual verification logic and the confrontation of evidence, even the so-called value is called the “last value”, that is, there are stable steps and methods. And the usual value, even if it’s a four-six-six, is not very appealing. There are too many people who can speak beautiful things. The above replied that the father of this debater passed away because of saving people. I have encountered it in the competition. With tears, he said that he majored in forensic medicine, and had done hospice care. “Classmates, do you know that a person lives without dignity? I have touched it! I personally carried him in!” The judges are all very dull. people of q. The game has become a long-lasting memory, and then we chatted occasionally and said: “Do you know? After the opposing four argued the logic and arguments, he stood up and cried, saying that he was studying forensic medicine. How should the judges judge him to lose? “So even if Kitsch is as strong as Huang Zhizhong, he still needs to use an image to cut in, use a certain metaphor to stir the audience’s heartstrings, and then throw out the truth. That is not even an argument. Some are just assertions that lack preconditions, but you just believe him. Let me tell you, if it doesn’t work in the game, don’t you believe it. Go and watch Star Debate 4.0 semi-finals. The old zombie fights Pangmen Wangdao. After you watch it, do you still think that is pretty? No matter how beautiful the text is, it will appear to be vulgar when it is pulled out and repeatedly whip the corpse, and the world will be blurred even if it is clear. This is why we can only expect to conclude the argument. In the last friends match, the match between Wuhan University and another team caused a heated debate in the Zhihu debate version. Everyone said that Chen Ming is awesome, Zhou Shuai is awesome, eight people are awesome, but if you want to say something beautiful, I will only I remembered a sentence called “A cave that has been illuminated by light, don’t say that darkness is my destiny.” I saw Huang Sihan’s triumphant smile, which was a joy from the heart after completing a satisfying work. The other side said: You are asserting that the vague image triggers a sense of beauty, but the clear world needs to be tidy. The more vague, the easier it is to be challenged. do you know? It’s really easy to write a defense, but it’s really difficult to write a paragraph, it’s really easy to add value, and it’s really difficult to tell the truth, just like in the news, the reporter interviewed the first one from the test center. Candidates who came out said that mathematics for the college entrance examination is really simple. If love is also like this, it would be fine to stand up and can’t win the game. The seventh season of the fifth issue of the strange flower said Huang Zhizhong concluded: “But these suns have a lot of negative externalities What is the negative externality of “the sun that will destroy others”? assertion! You have to demonstrate! Is there no idol in this world that does not destroy others? This is the idol’s own characteristics, or an inevitable tragedy under this system. If so, it is from the actor era or brought about by idols. Is the difference between idols and actors’ operating models large enough to cause such great harm? Where is the argument? I only see the people under Huang Zhizhong’s helpless negative externalities. I don’t know if I can understand it, but if you ask me to use other words, I can’t think of it. It’s better to just make do with it for the time being. It’s not very good. Many masters often pay attention to the unique beauty of the text arrangement. Some time ago, I read Mr. Yin Xuan’s translation. The preface was made by Mr. He Fan. Mr. He Fan mentioned that Mr. Yin Xuan hired two college students when translating “Federalism”, and he regularly read “A Dream of Red Mansions” in the office. The classic works seek the beauty in Chinese characters, which is the translator’s ladder to faithfulness and elegance. When commenting on Su Shi’s article, Jin Shengtan said that a good text can be read with the sound of gold and stone. Even if it’s a curse, someone would call it a whip to write it out, and someone would call it acrimonious. Cao Cao was cured of his migraine by Chen Lin, and Wu Zetian was shocked by Luo Binwang’s scolding. You said you couldn’t feel it. Have you ever read The historical drama Hai Rui Dismissed from Office? How does it feel after reading it? “If the world hadn’t gone crazy, why would the dog in the neighbor’s house suddenly glance at me” Bursted on his back, what is the surprise of the classmates? I tried to give a personal understanding. The so-called amazing words on the field are grand propositions + subtle image selection + just the right sense of absurdity + a certain truth. I will write a paragraph to demonstrate.

9 months ago

Human beings have been fighting against ignorance since history, and we have been constantly walking out of ignorance. Therefore, the biggest difference between “human” and “not human” lies in this-that he has got rid of ignorance, that he knows how to grow and how to reflect. As our Fang Sanbian went to tell everyone, if you live your whole life by yourself, when you grow up, you don’t know what you are working hard in this life, you don’t know what you are pursuing, you may be full of Dreams and passion squander your time and years, to use your courage to pursue everything you can see, but you can’t see what you really want. Therefore, the establishment of human civilization is not based on courage, because courage has such things as animals! They can all face difficulties for what they want, but what humans have is wisdom. We know how to overcome what you and I want with wisdom. We may all want China to go in a good direction. We may all want to prevent the Nazis from going to such a fall. But there is no way, the wise group of people saw something, and they prevented the demise of mankind. Conversely speaking, the saddest thing is that when a person grows to the end, maybe the courageous person thinks he has told the truth; the courageous person thinks he has done good things; he thinks He pursued certain dreams, certain values. But when he is dead, when everything is over, when everything returns to peace, he will find that this life is in vain and futile. Because he never knew what he had, he never knew what he could own and what he wanted to own, he didn’t know what it means to be born as a human being! Our aim is to feel that this is the true emptiness of the heart. ——The first round of Group B of the 2015 New Country Debate Preliminary Contest, it is only courageous/wisdom is more pathetic, Taiwan University vs. Wuhan University, Ding Guanyu, senior student, concludes the debate

9 months ago

When we were in the army, there were a lot of female soldiers in our unit. It was nothing at all, but the male soldiers in our unit were straight men. From an early age, they received all the rough and tiring tasks that could not be done by girls, and the wicked male chauvinism. Even in an environment where the troops are all combatants, we still pay attention to the female soldiers. The female soldiers in our unit are all true feminist. They are very uncomfortable with what we do. No matter how hard or tired they are, we will never take the initiative to help. They are all capable of doing things, washing clothes for half a day on weekends, and after 10 kilometers running, they will be able to compete for an afternoon, go to the cooking class to help the kitchen, and they can continue to stand guard at night. The most memorable one was when the water supplier came downstairs, and each class sent someone to collect the water. I told a female soldier: This is heavy, let me help you. She said: Thank you, monitor, but your little arms and legs, I’m afraid you flashed your waist. Then I ignored her, carried a bucket and went upstairs. Don’t say that the water is really heavy, at least heavier than dumbbells. When I got to the fourth floor, I was very tired and I put it on the ground to catch my breath. Then the female soldier, with a bucket in one hand, walked in front of me and said: Squad leader, would you like to help? I remember her eyes were full of “Who do you look down on?” This situation of disobeying no one is not in line with the atmosphere of unity, forge ahead, seriousness and liveliness. In order to invigorate the atmosphere and improve morale, our instructors organized a debate contest. The topic was “Who is harder for male or female soldiers?” Under the instructor’s black-box operation, we were all male soldiers, but we got “female soldiers.” “It’s harder”; the opponent is all female soldiers, and “male soldiers are harder.” Things gradually became more interesting, and the supposedly verbal debates turned into business talks. When the male soldiers are sweeping the snow, the female soldiers are making ginger soup for us, and the female soldiers are standing guard when the male soldiers are resting. While debating, we also understood the good intentions of the instructors. Everyone is working hard and they are all great, there is no need to fight over who is better. The herringbone strokes and flicks, and they have to support each other to stand up. Soldiers are also human, and of course the same. Female soldiers are women. Women are more emotional after all. They were moved and gave up. But they are the ones who won!

9 months ago

What is important to me? Don’t be late for work tomorrow, the teacher’s report must be submitted on time, and the performance this month must meet the target. Whether there is Longguan in this world or not, and whether there is Phoenix or not, it is nothing for me. Examinations are not taken. You say, this is called maturity. I said, this is called death. -Many people in Huang Zhizhong’s commentary expressed dissatisfaction with this sentence. I have no intention to say that most people’s ordinary and precious is dead, but this may be the arrogance and arrogance unique to young people. I just believe that dragons believe in phoenix It’s just that when I saw this sentence, my heart moved inexplicably, nothing more.

9 months ago

Victim guilt theory: In English law, there is a term called eggshell skull rule. A direct translation is the eggshell skull rule, also known as the thin skull rule. It means that someone has a “thin head like an eggshell”, which usually does not cause harm to a normal person but can cause fatal damage to that person. For example, if you lightly slap a person and happen to have his head as soft as an eggshell, his head was bled and eventually killed, then you must be responsible for his death. The law requires that we must accept the characteristics of each individual. Even if the victim’s physique is abnormal or too fragile, or even the skull is as thin as an eggshell, the suspect is still responsible for his actions. The case of Vosburg v. Putney in 1891 in the United States. An 11-year-old kid kicked a 14-year-old child in the thigh. The 14-year-old boy happened to have an old problem on his foot and was vulnerable. A lame. The 11-year-old argued that he had no intention of hurting him seriously. Who expected that two or two kicks could be crippling? But the judge disagreed. He felt that this was not a mitigation reason. You shouldn’t have hit people. Since you hit someone, you must be responsible for all the consequences. Any act that hurts people may cause the most serious injury, and may also provoke the most serious punishment. Any old suffering of the victim, the original internal injury, can not be used as a justification for the crime. I remember that two years ago, there was a group presentation in the class. The topic they talked about was about cyberbullying. After speaking, it came to the questioning session. A classmate stood up and asked: “How do you determine whether something is cyberbullying? What if it’s just a joke, what if one of the listeners is too vulnerable?” The girl replied: “To judge how much damage a thing is, you can only look at the victim. We do not punish the perpetrator, but blame the victim for not being strong enough. Is it right? He shouldn’t have made any attacks. Sexual remarks.” At that moment, she sparkled. Right is right. What is wrong is wrong. You cannot use the damage caused by your fault to justify the opponent’s “deficiency”. It is true that this society has a lot of pressure, and there are also a lot of bad people. We cannot give up our lives because of some setbacks or attacks from others. We should also work hard to make our heads stronger and not break like an eggshell. But no matter whether it is strong or weak, it cannot be a reasonable reason for attack. Rather than defend yourself: I didn’t know you would be so vulnerable, I didn’t expect it. It is more important to reflect on: why you should lift your slap in the first place. It was copied a long time ago, and the original video is at station b. Should be the debate field?

9 months ago

In high school, I participated in a very concise debate. Our debate is whether IQ or eq is important. It was ten years ago. At the time of free debate. The question raised by the EQ side is, if you think IQ is more important, why do so many famous geniuses choose to commit suicide? If a person only has a high IQ but can’t even survive, why do you say that IQ is more important? Because it was basically unprepared, it was an entertainment game, and we didn’t actually have any training here. No preparation for this issue. Someone on our side procrastinated for a while and used a general rhetoric. After a while, the other side asked again. The answer of one of our teammates really shocked me. One of the most important aspects of IQ is the ability to judge things, that is, people with high IQ have to be more accurate in their ability to judge things. So for suicide, if a person’s IQ is high enough, then we can conclude that suicide is a better choice for him than living. And if the choice of suicide is wrong, can we conclude that his IQ is not high enough for him to make a correct judgment? This debate is not particularly brilliant, and even now it has a somewhat sophistic effect, but what? This is a completely unprepared one, completely free to play, people who don’t know the inside story, won’t understand. Even the referee applauded. Then we lost the debate very happily.

9 months ago

Xiong Hao, “Do not hide the collapse of adults” in the seventh season of “Wonderful Flowers”. He said that the other party said that they wanted to hide their emotions and cited many examples. They were policemen and pilots. In front of them, someone in front of them collapsed, and various kinds of violence emerged in the crowd, so they can stay away from chaos. But how much training they have received and how much hardship they have suffered, professionals will be trained to hide emotions. This shows that hiding emotions is so difficult for ordinary people. Are you pilots? Do you fly planes every day? If not, why do you have to use pilot standards to require you not to express and hide your emotions? He said that when you were a child, you could cry at will, but when you grow up, this society begins to teach you to be happy and angry, to be indifferent, to teach you to behave inwardly, and to hide your emotions. This is what society treats you. Important discipline. Because of the external environment, it doesn’t care about you, a lively person. They want you to be a screw, embedded in a huge machine, and then follow this machine for eternity. He keeps asking you to work overtime. Try hard to get 996, how could he allow you to cry? A screw that can cry will rust. He said that we happened to pass the scene of the ruins of other people’s lives. We are all passing people. When we know that everyone’s emotions are in an extreme state, we can actually be understood and understood. There is nothing in the world that can’t be done. When you are forgiven, you look at the stranger’s eyes with warm light. He said, never pass indifferently over the ruins of other people’s lives.

9 months ago

Let’s talk about two sorrows in the debate that I have personally experienced: a freshman match with the Department of Mathematical Statistics (the free debate session, the atmosphere was already relatively stalemate at the time): our side’s four debates: the opponent’s debate friend, you Don’t you think that the topic of this debate is neither verifiable nor falsifiable? (My first defense and my heart: Fuck! The words are not written like that, what is this guy doing?) The other party’s third defense: Look at the second defense, the other side’s second defense: Look at the old players off the court. The other party’s three debates: Friends of the other party’s debate, our debate itself cannot be unified, and each has its own reasons. Both parties use existing arguments to express their opinions. Our four arguments: Since we can’t convince each other, why should we fall into this logical circle? Do you simply like the feeling that you bite me and I bite you and show them to them? (Laughing, booing in the audience) Our side argued with me one to two: The ball is over! Come back, wash and sleep! Later, our school was eliminated in the first round of the Freshman Cup. The Four Debates won the “New Debate”, but he refused to accept the award and passed it as a good talk. Later, he became obsessed with programming and wrote code all night without sleeping. From a liberal arts rookie to a code expert, he went after graduation. I stopped contacting the pig factory a long time ago. It is also a freshman year. The topic of the “Economy Cup” debate organized by the college seems to be “Is true love vigorous or plain.” The other side argued: If I can’t talk about a vigorous relationship, then I would rather stay single. Me: Friend of the other party, as far as I know, you already have an object, so is it vigorous? The other side’s second argument: Of course yes, I have said before, the other side’s argument friend! We argued: Ha ha! (The meaning of huh was just misunderstood at the time, and it was still popular) The other side argued, our school (basketball) team knows that your partner has a famous saying, “The so-called love is just to live with a partner”, how do you explain this? (A fire in the backyard, how can you stand this?) The other side argued: I was so wronged and speechless, and then the tears fell. (All kinds of uproar in the audience, the chairman finally stopped and maintained order) In the junior year, the girl who argued with her and her partner broke up. But those two good friends I still often see them playing basketball together in the circle of friends, and I really love it. Later I realized that at that time, I wanted to remind the other side to argue: pay attention to your feet and don’t get in. I never went to the debate team after a semester, because after meeting this group of teammates, I became a buddha, and I also had a catch phrase: “It’s okay, it doesn’t matter.”

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