1. Shanghai Telecom IPTV stated that advertising within 30 seconds of startup is to enhance the user experience. If there is no advertisement, the screen will be black.
    If the 30-second boot time cannot be shortened, then consumer knowledge, news, weather forecasts, landscape pictures, etc. can not be played? Does it have to be a black screen to turn off ads?
  2. Shanghai Telecom IPTV said that because customers have signed an agreement, customers are obliged to watch advertisements.
    Can customers choose when signing an agreement? After signing the agreement, you have to force to watch the advertisement, the overlord clause?
  3. Shanghai Telecom IPTV believes that it is their right to push advertisements. If consumers are deceived due to advertisements, consumers should bear their own responsibility.
    This…what is the logic?
  4. Shanghai Telecom IPTV said, “They can’t do the one-click shutdown function of the advertisement proposed by the Consumer Protection Committee.”
    The one-click shutdown of Internet advertisements was not proposed by the Shanghai Municipal Consumer Protection Committee. This is a legal requirement.
  5. “It’s good for consumers to not turn off the boot ads,” the logical moving commentator of Guangming.com: On July 5, the Shanghai Municipal Consumer Protection Commission stated on its official Weibo that in order to solve the problem of “not turning off the boot ads”, Shanghai The Municipal Consumer Protection Committee contacted the Smart Home Operation Center of China Telecom Shanghai Company for communication, and the response was that the ad could not be turned off for the benefit of consumers. The cause of the incident was that after a user used Shanghai Telecom’s IPTV box, he found that the startup advertisement could not be turned off. The user had to wait for half a minute to watch the TV, so he complained to the Shanghai Consumer Rights Protection Commission. The Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee communicated with the Smart Home Operation Center of China Telecom Shanghai, and Shanghai Telecom IPTV gave a 4 point response. These 4 responses can be summed up as follows: 1. Authentication must take 30 seconds. If no advertisement is displayed, the screen will be black. The advertisement is “to improve the user’s boot experience”; 2. When the user signs the agreement, it includes the advertising service, and the agreement is signed. Obligation to watch the advertisement, and if the user is deceived by the advertisement, the user shall bear the responsibility; the requirements of 3 and 4 can be combined into one point, that is, the start-up advertisement is being optimized and will “improve the aesthetic level of the relevant personnel”. Of course, it is impossible to close The… the publication of the public number article caused a great uproar in public opinion. “The Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee is like this, let alone ordinary consumers?” Many netizens left messages in the comment area. And a whole set of “this is for the good of the user” and “the user is responsible for themselves” is quite reminiscent of the famous Zhuge Liang emoticon pack. Of course, the intensive attention of public opinion has also produced effects. China Telecom Shanghai said that after paying attention to the relevant content released by the Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee, it attached great importance to it and established a special working group overnight to study the technical solutions for the one-click shutdown of IPTV startup advertisements. Will be implemented as soon as possible. There is no reason why the TV ad can not be turned off. Article 44 of the “Advertising Law of the People’s Republic of China” stipulates that the use of the Internet to publish and send advertisements shall not affect the normal use of the Internet by users. Advertisements published in the form of pop-ups on Internet pages should be marked with a close sign to ensure one-click close. In September 2020, the China Electronics Chamber of Commerce and the China Electronics Video Industry Association respectively issued group standards for smart TV boot ads, requiring that the boot ads should not exceed 30 seconds and must have a “one-click shutdown” prompt and function. It’s just that these provisions are not in the eyes of some manufacturers. In this 30-second period, whether it’s a black screen or a blurred screen, it’s okay to flash snowflakes, as long as consumers can choose. In any case, manufacturers cannot take the place of consumers and deprive consumers of their rights with self-righteous “aesthetic” reasons, and forcibly push advertisements in front of consumers. This is typical domineering and arrogant, this attitude boils down to a single sentence-“This is your TV, but you have to listen to me”. The inability to close the startup advertisement has been criticized for a long time, and the most offensive part of this incident is that the manufacturer uses a moral superiority to whitewash the profit-seeking motive. Users do not need manufacturers to “be good for themselves”, and manufacturers do not need to expect users to be “zero gratitude” to themselves. In the context of market economy, Party A and Party B can have less moral expressions and more contract spirits. Emotional rights and obligations. A small startup advertisement that consumers have to deal with for a long time has not yet been completely cured. This is worthy of reflection. In the information age, the technical capabilities of consumers and manufacturers are not equal. Whether it is the “backdoor” of rights hidden in the user agreement or the technical shortcomings of users in actual use, the “ability” of manufacturers to infringe user rights has been greatly improved. Up. How to protect the rights of users and how consumers can maintain their “sovereignty” of information life can only rely on legal rigidity to maintain the same level of technological upgrading, and to effectively strengthen the binding force on related manufacturers. (For reprints, please indicate the source “Guangming.com” and the author “Guangming.com commentator”)

By zhiwo

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6 months ago

“In order to enhance the user experience”, this rogue logic is extremely shameless. All money-oriented capital not only does not care about the user experience, but also despise the intervention of the Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee, “can’t do it”? So arrogant! After the Consumer Protection Committee released the relevant content, Shanghai Telecom’s IPTV was no longer arrogant, saying: “A special working group was set up overnight to study the technology of turning off IPTV startup ads with one click, and step up to implement technology development, and strive to be online within three months.” “Set up a special working group overnight.” I thought it was “knowing when you get lost.” If you know your mistakes, you can correct it. Who knows that “striving for three months” is a lie ahead of the circle? So long? However, it can be seen from the logic of “being good for the users” that this is as long as you can earn, and you should deal with public opinion first. Article 44 of the “Advertising Law of the People’s Republic of China” uses the Internet to engage in advertising activities, the provisions of this law apply. Using the Internet to publish and send advertisements must not affect the normal use of the Internet by users. Advertisements published in the form of pop-ups on Internet pages should be marked with a close sign to ensure one-click close. Violations must be punished!

6 months ago

Advertisements are not enough to enhance the experience, and there are more ways to enhance the experience. The TV’s smart system and various Android apps can also reverse the operation logic or even artificially disrupt the operation logic, causing users to often “accidentally” click on the advertisements. After all, the display revenue of the advertisements is still Far less than click revenue. For example, do you think that the highlighted exit button is the focus of the current operation? No, the ad box next to it is! (Yes, there is an image ad in the exit dialog box) Do you think that goodbye is what we understand bye bye? No, goodbye is really to see you again! (It appears in front of your eyes again) Do you want to enter your favorite functions faster? Think beautifully. For example, the third function under the second column. Many people will quickly press the right button, press it twice, and then press OK directly, without waiting for the system to respond, but it will reorder those function buttons every time. Do not? Now if the TV is not connected to the Internet without loading their ads first, the apps installed by itself cannot be opened, can you serve it? Improve user experience, optimize performance, fix bugs, which update is not these few sentences? You believe?

6 months ago

1. Now the deep standby wake-up of the Android TV box or smart TV does not need 30 seconds, 3 seconds is enough, it seems that Shanghai Telecom should change the supplier. 2. Indeed, the cost of the operator’s IPTV is often a bit cheaper than the broadcasting system set-top box. 3. You can choose a TV with a boot advertisement, so you can’t see the boot advertisement of IPTV, and you can fight poison with poison. 3. But it’s too much to change the channel and there are pop-up advertisements, and you can’t wash it, so leave.

6 months ago

In the past, we used antennas to watch TV, and there were no advertisements. You only need to press the switch of the TV to watch TV immediately. They said that the antenna experience is not good and we have closed-circuit television. Later, we used closed-circuit television. There are no commercials on CCTV. Although I started to spend money, I can still accept it. The cost of twenty yuan a month is not high. Later, they said that the CCTV experience was not good, so you should watch digital TV. Digital TV is just digital TV. It’s nothing more than a different name. So we used digital TV. The cost is a lot more expensive. Later, they said that the digital TV experience was not good and they had to watch Internet TV. The membership experience is the best because there are no advertisements. Online TV needs to watch the advertisement first, so that the experience is good. Come on, I don’t want to watch TV anymore! Now think about it, watching TV is the best experience. Although there are snowflakes, at least there are no ads to save money.

6 months ago

Who uses Shanghai Telecom’s box s905+Android 4.4 high security platform. The so-called 30 seconds of authentication is completely nonsense about the interests: Shanghai Telecom’s “three gigabit” Shanghai Telecom generally does poorly, the sdn gateway is bad, and it restarts frequently, and then replace it by itself. Huawei HN cat does not use the Shanghai Telecom box now, through udpxy+Kodi on CoreELEC (X96Max), it can turn on iptv in ten seconds after booting.

6 months ago

Most of the young people on Zhihu’s cognition of state-owned enterprises is limited to the remote areas to deliver a courier, the extent to which they can pull the wires, and lack of awareness of the mechanism and impact of state-owned enterprises. Do you think state-owned enterprises do welfare work? The fundamental operating logic of state-owned enterprises is political correctness, but this political correctness may not be consistent with what you think is political correctness. For building a complete social security function, this is the political correctness of state-owned enterprises. Therefore, the postal service will ensure remote areas, and the power grid will also ensure remote areas. No one will say no to this matter. There is nothing wrong with doing these things. On the other hand, maintaining and increasing the value of state-owned assets is also a natural political correctness within state-owned enterprises, and, in many cases, it is even more important than complying with the law. For Shanghai Telecom IPTV, the simple logic is that he has made money, the value of state-owned assets has been preserved, and the value has increased. In his system, there is no problem. Whether it comes to audit every year or reports it by himself, the financial data is clear. Take it out in vain and beautifully, no one has anything to say. From your point of view, people don’t care about whether this is inappropriate, that is illegal, or the user experience has been impaired. Even if one day in the future, the regulatory agency imposes penalties or moves toward judicial procedures, it will be aimed at the state-owned enterprises themselves, and the board will not be able to hit any individual inside. And if one day Telecom IPTV starts to care about your user experience, it is not because he wants to abide by the law, but because it affects his income and profits. Banks charge various fees in violation of regulations, and operators have secretly deducted and spam messages in violation of regulations. For so many years, it is forbidden to move it once and then move it again. No, this is the reason. As long as the state-owned enterprise operates according to its own internal logic, and then makes money and maintains and increases the value of state-owned assets, within its system, it is correct, not faulty, and even to a certain extent, it is tacitly approved. For example, if a state-owned enterprise strictly abides by laws and regulations, it loses 30 million yuan a year, and if it steps on or crosses the line to a certain extent, it achieves a profit of 10 million yuan. The leaders above will criticize the management of the company in public and publicly, and then in private, give the management a thumbs up. Everyone has a full understanding. This law is applicable to any state-owned enterprise.

6 months ago

Seeing such news, I find it very incredible. First, the law clearly stipulates that related advertisements must be explicitly closed. Article 44 of the “Advertising Law of the People’s Republic of China” uses the Internet to engage in advertising activities, the provisions of this law apply. Using the Internet to publish and send advertisements must not affect the normal use of the Internet by users. Advertisements published in the form of pop-ups on Internet pages should be marked with a close sign to ensure one-click close. IPTV refers to Internet Protocol Television, the full English name is Internet Protocol Television. Therefore, it is in line with the Internet transmission of advertisements. Shanghai Telecom IPTV, do you know if you violated the law? If you violate the law, you still feel confident. I really don’t know where your confidence comes from. Second, Shanghai Telecom’s IPTV response is very arrogant and does not respect users. As a user who hates advertisements extremely, I feel that this reply is more disgusting than eating flies. I like to look at the pure color screen of the boot, but you still have to deprive you of this power, and you still say it is good for me? This reply, from drafting to publication, has to be written by at least one person and approved by one leader, so it will certainly not be done by one person. Both people think this statement is okay. They can only say that this arrogance goes deep into the bones and feel that users can bully at will. Third, the logic is touching. If you really want to think that advertising is good for users, then you Shanghai Telecom IPTV, can you set an example and watch the advertisements with your heart? It doesn’t take too long. Every time the computer is turned on and every time you log in again, you can watch the ad for one minute. I don’t think you scold your mother. Don’t you know that this is the act of feeding shi? Finally, make a personal opinion. If you want to put advertisements, you can, don’t put commercial advertisements. Put public service ads if you want! Love the country, the party, love the people, be polite, respect the old and love the young, respect the military, police, teachers, doctors, fight the epidemic, harmonious society, fire and other emergency rescue, family medical treatment, safe driving, Anti-fraud tips, etc. If you don’t put so many public service advertisements, just put commercial advertisements, not for advertising revenue. Are we really fools? Flick as you want?

6 months ago

Shanghai Telecom said: You just find my fault, can I cancel the open-screen advertising? Yes, I can cancel. Can the BesTV box be canceled? Can the startup advertisement of Mi TV be cancelled? If I cancel them, they won’t cancel. Who will make up for the huge income I lost? Now you want to legislate but not to legislate, and if you want to enforce it or not, what can I say? I can only make up some excuses for being ridiculed by the entire network. In addition, we canceled the opening of the screen on our TV. Can the opening advertisement of the APP be cancelled? What is the basis for cancellation? Should this kind of thing be managed by the invisible market or by the tangible supervision?

6 months ago

I have been thinking about why some companies in the society completely treat users as sons, so that they can live and moisturize. Users infringe on the rights of enterprises, and enterprises who hide in the end of the world must sue for accountability. When a company infringes the rights of users, what do our consumers do to pursue the company? Many people say that it’s useless to do it, and it’s in vain. I only know that doing it is not necessarily useful, not doing it is 100% useless. Only when users bravely take up legal weapons to defend their rights in the face of every injustice, the status between the enterprise and the users can be more balanced, instead of the enterprise side is always the user’s father!

6 months ago

APP on-screen advertising is also disgusting, and I hope the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology can manage it. Obviously now the mobile phone running speed supports APP seconds, and it still plays open-screen advertisements for you repeatedly. What’s more, if you switch in the background and then switch back, it is an advertisement again, and it seems to be a 2 second countdown, and the somatosensory time is much longer than 2 seconds. It’s a waste of time.

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