In view of the complex and severe domestic security situation in Afghanistan, to ensure the safety of Chinese citizens in Afghanistan, the Chinese government has reminded Chinese citizens in Afghanistan to leave the country as soon as possible and provide necessary assistance. Recently, among the emergency returnees from Afghanistan, confirmed cases and asymptomatic infections were detected. Relevant places are strictly following the epidemic prevention regulations, isolating and observing relevant personnel, and treating patients. (Consul through train)
Hubei Health Commission: From 00:00 to 24:00 on July 6, 2021, 25 new cases of new coronary pneumonia were confirmed in Hubei Province (all imported from abroad, 2 cases came from Jakarta-Wuhan JT2619 flight on June 28, Indonesia, 22 cases came from 7 On August 2nd Afghanistan-Wuhan flight MF8008, 1 case came from Jakarta-Wuhan flight JT2619, Indonesia on July 5th, all have been transferred to designated medical institutions for treatment), 0 new suspected cases, 0 new discharged cases, and new deaths There are 0 cases.

From 0-24:00 on July 6, 2021, 31 new cases of asymptomatic infections were reported in Hubei Province (all imported from abroad, 30 cases came from Afghanistan-Wuhan flight MF8008 on July 2nd, and 1 case came from Jakarta, Indonesia on July 5th- Wuhan flight JT2619), 0 cases were transferred to be diagnosed and 0 cases were lifted from quarantine; 34 cases of asymptomatic infections were still under centralized quarantine and medical observation (all imported from abroad).

As of 24:00 on July 6, 2021, there are 27 confirmed cases in the province (all imported from abroad, 4 cases from Jakarta, Indonesia-Wuhan JT2619 flight on June 28, 22 cases from Afghanistan-Wuhan flight MF8008 on July 2 , 1 case came from Jakarta-Wuhan flight JT2619, Indonesia on July 5, and all have been transferred to designated medical institutions for treatment). There are currently 0 suspected cases. A total of 63648 cases were cured and discharged, and a total of 4,512 cases died. A total of 68,187 confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia have been reported in the province.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

This thing is done brightly. It is said to be the evacuation of overseas Chinese. 1. I have always said that we used to have more than 10 million people who worked for us in an organized manner abroad. There were crews, construction workers, and technicians. We couldn’t do without them for every bite of meat and a liter of oil. Labor. 2. However, in order to ensure that the domestic basic disk is less affected by the epidemic, we have adopted entry quarantine and isolation measures. At present, it seems that it is very necessary and the work is done in place. 3. After more than a year of tossing, all those who should have come back have come back, only a few are particularly necessary, and they are still staying overseas. 4. However, some people accidentally contracted the infection overseas, and they could not get the double-yin certificate and could not return to the country. They are actually very innocent. 5. The embassies in various countries have also tried their best to help them, some with medicines, some with masks, and some with vaccines (Spring Miao Operation). But as a citizen, it is still a bit unreasonable to not be able to return to one’s own country. 6. So, this time, even though they came from high-risk areas, they still accepted them back, which is worthy of recognition. Of course, it is even more important to praise the entry quarantine personnel, not only to ensure that the compatriots return to the country, but also to block the virus. 7. Of course, some of the elbows turned outwards are no longer nationals of our country and are not included in my discussion. 8. In any case, immigration isolation is still very necessary and cannot be relaxed. At present, it seems that the returnees are still cooperating. We don’t need to panic too much. It’s not easy.

6 months ago

First look at the flight number. There is no corresponding flight number for this commonly used route at all, so this flight is most likely a temporary flight. In other words, it is most likely the evacuation flight. That is to say, when the US military is dying, the motherland has stepped up to take back citizens who are on the border of chaos as much as possible, without looking at the negative certificate, regardless of the vaccine situation. It is enough to show the motherland’s strong confidence in this. If you are sick or not, you can come home and see, we can all handle it! In contrast, some capitalist practices show capitalism and look ugly. At the same time, airlines are also willing to withstand operational risks and public opinion risks to effectively implement the evacuation work, which is not easy. This is a good thing, but how to keep the good things good depends on the follow-up, the implementation of the public relations of public opinion and the post-landing quarantine policy and the epidemic prevention and control policy. However, both sides need to like the motherland, really NB.

6 months ago

Thank you Xiamen Airlines for providing technical and equipment support for this flight. The aircraft flying this flight is 787-9, with a maximum capacity of 420 passengers. It can be seen that the real-time infection rate in Afghanistan is already above 10%. Please leave the country as soon as possible for Chinese citizens in Afghanistan. (If there are any) And the world, like Afghanistan, does not have enough detection capabilities, no systematic flow adjustment capabilities, no complete medical treatment, and there are nearly 100 countries and regions without… I really don’t know what their real-time infection rate is. In addition, the news from the embassy in Afghanistan last month. At that time, the total number of Chinese citizens who were staying in Afghanistan holding Chinese passports and legally entering Afghanistan was about 1,000. This time more than 400 were directly withdrawn, plus those who had been evacuated before. It is estimated that the remaining legal Chinese citizens in Afghanistan are basically in the embassies and consulates.

6 months ago

The evacuation of overseas Chinese from Afghanistan has been very good, even if they have been infected with the new crown, I think the vast majority of Chinese people are willing to take them home. As long as the epidemic prevention process is in place, the risk of imported infection can be reduced to nearly zero. I’m thinking, besides Afghanistan, there should be many Chinese nationals facing the dilemma of having a home and not being able to return. Should we establish a mechanism applicable to all countries in the world that can retrieve all infected or unable to get nucleic acid? The citizen of the test report goes home? After all, as a basic principle, as long as we have the ability, we should not give up any citizen of the People’s Republic of China anywhere in the world. This mechanism should have the following characteristics: 1. It is suitable for people who cannot obtain nucleic acid test results in time or who have been infected. 2. Try to dedicate a dedicated plane to reduce the risk of infection. The cab is strongly isolated from the passenger compartment, and the flight attendants choose volunteers who are not susceptible and can be isolated from the society for a long time. All passengers and flight attendants wear first-class protective equipment. As a large country, it is acceptable to set up one or more aircrafts during special periods. A certain amount of fees can be charged to returnees in an appropriate proportion. 3. Establish a dedicated isolation location in a certain city in China, and all high-risk flights connect here. Implement hierarchical isolation. Isolate with high protection for several days first, and isolate it with first-level protection for several days. The principle is to ensure that there are no omissions. 4. With the appointment system, large countries like India can set up boarding places, and small countries can set up boarding places in neighboring large countries. Try to ensure that the trip can be made within one or two months after the application is submitted. 5. If an effective mechanism is formed, foreigners who have a strong need to come to China can also be included. Of course, they need to bear the cost completely. 6. Having a system that can ensure returning to China is actually very important during the epidemic. Knowing that you can definitely return to your country in an emergency, it will be much easier for many companies that have foreign business to dispatch personnel. This is a good way to ensure normal economic and trade relations during the epidemic.

6 months ago

The evacuation of overseas Chinese is currently a major issue that China needs to prepare for. Due to political and epidemic reasons in certain areas, serious social disorder may occur, threatening the safety of overseas Chinese citizens. At this time, it is necessary to consider special planes to evacuate overseas Chinese. After the epidemic, due to changes in the global economic situation and increasingly complex political situations in some regions, this risk has increased. However, after the virus mutated, it became more difficult to deal with, and the cost of prevention and control measures increased. In order to maintain the existing epidemic prevention situation, it is still necessary to strictly implement quarantine measures. For this reason, in order to meet the needs of normalization of epidemic prevention and control, it is necessary to build some centralized isolation points, increase the anti-risk ability, and increase the overall capacity of the isolation points in order to prepare for the sudden and temporary increase in the evacuation demand in individual areas. . Of course, areas with chaotic conditions and poor medical and health conditions tend to have more severe epidemics, but the amount of testing is low, there are not many reports, and the infection rate may be higher. In an emergency, it is impossible for the institution responsible for evacuation of overseas Chinese to wait for all passengers to complete the inspection or recover before boarding the plane. This has also increased the demand for isolation points and medical institutions. This issue should be fully considered. Of course, if there is a new isolation point, it can also be used to increase the overall flight volume in a non-emergency state, ensure basic travel requirements, share the work pressure of each isolation point, or use it for other purposes.

6 months ago

Check out Douyin and Toutiao. Some of the self-media on these platforms have begun to stigmatize Wuhan again. A big brother sitting in front of me just saw it. He turned around and told the person in the car that Wuhan had new crown pneumonia again. I fought him directly, and pulled out a few official notices to dispel the fact that he believed Wuhan had a new crown again. I can persuade a big brother, but what about the others in the car that I haven’t seen? What about the other cars? For the traffic of these self-media, there are millions and tens of millions of people in a picture and a piece of BGM, but I just didn’t see the “rumor refuting”.

6 months ago

Afghanistan is only one of many pre-modern countries in the world, but because of the war, the news has a relatively high rate of appearance. The infection rate of returned overseas Chinese in Afghanistan is so high, what about Afghanistan itself? What about other Asian, African and Latin American countries? The mutation rate of the new crown is high. With so many potentially infected people, the risk of malignant mutations is too high (in the absence of sanitary protection and social isolation, highly pathogenic mutations have an advantage. Patients who keep coughing and wheezing are more transmissible than asymptomatic patients. Much stronger) Once this risk is realized, the consequences will be serious if the mentality after vaccination in Europe and the United States is superimposed. Counting on the vaccine to hang from a tree, to make an analogy, it is similar to a protection forest for the greening of North China, which cannot stand the dust storm. It comes from Mongolia. Therefore, my country insists on both social control and vaccines, and emphasizes normalization.

6 months ago

When the last U.S. troops left, China watched Afghanistan closely. After 20 years of frustrating war, the last U.S. army left Afghanistan, and China was considering investing and intervening in the country. As the US military redeploys its last troops from Afghanistan after 20 years of frustrating war, the communist superpower China is marching into this troubled country. Like Xinjiang Province in western China, neighboring Afghanistan is an important strategic fork of the Communist superpower’s “One Belt, One Road” initiative. Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, is located on the main line of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor consisting of cables, pipelines, roads and railways. It has become the latest target of Chinese investment. Beijing has proposed to invest US$62 billion in Kabul and met with representatives of Pakistan and Afghanistan via video conference last week to discuss the project and the “security situation.” Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi recently met with representatives of Pakistan and Afghanistan and reached an “eight-point consensus” on cooperation between the three countries. image. According to reports from the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi presided over the meeting and reached an “eight-point consensus” at the meeting. The fourth “point” unequivocally pointed out that the three countries should deepen high-quality “Belt and Road” cooperation, support the substantial expansion of cooperation in Afghanistan, and strengthen connectivity between the three countries and the entire region. Other important contents include expanding cooperation between the three countries in the fight against the COVID pandemic and reaching an agreement on fighting terrorism. Anti-terrorism pledges can be seen as an extension of China’s repressive actions in Xinjiang, which China characterizes as a fight against Islamic extremists. Therefore, the eight-point plan promised to strengthen the “attack against the Islamic movement in East Turkistan and other terrorist forces.” Worryingly, the first point includes a call to “welcome the Taliban back to the political mainstream”, which also reveals China’s well-known pragmatic attitude when dealing with unwelcome actors. An anonymous Afghan government source told The Daily Beast that discussions have begun to put BRI into practice through the construction of the Peshawar-Kabul highway. US Army soldiers returned home after completing a nine-month deployment to Afghanistan on December 10, 2020 in Drenburg, New York. The remaining U.S. forces will leave Afghanistan by September 11, 2021. image. Getty Images. On December 10, 2020, in Drenburg, New York, US Army soldiers returned home after completing their nine-month deployment in Afghanistan. The remaining U.S. forces will leave Afghanistan by September 11, 2021. “Connecting Kabul and Peshawar by road means that Afghanistan has officially joined Sinopec.” According to a source. Such investment can help support the government of Afghan President Ashraf Ghani under pressure, and it will also bring in an army of Chinese supervisors, consultants and labor. According to sources, this investment and participation (which may include military support)-as mentioned in the first point-is likely to extend to the Taliban, especially since this will make the peacebuilding BLI initiative possible. Whether China can take such a balanced action remains to be seen, but in history, many countries and empires have tried to conquer Afghanistan, but they have all failed. Of course, recently, the United States has invested 100,000 troops in Afghanistan in the past 20 years, spending $100 billion in wars each year. As far as Australia is concerned, it invested 1,550 special forces at its peak: the last 80 trainers and consultants flew out of Afghanistan last week. Washington said that once its last remaining force leaves, it will continue to support the Afghan government and people. But if China’s interests continue to expand, “the sky over Afghanistan may soon be crowded with Chinese drones, helicopters and combat aircraft.” As an appropriate nod to history, the final withdrawal of American troops is expected to be completed on September 11.

6 months ago

1. Wuhan does not have regular flights to and from Afghanistan. Combined with the recent announcements made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the citizens of Afghanistan, if you can run quickly, this should be a chartered flight for evacuation of overseas Chinese. 2. Landing isolation testing, although there are a large number of confirmed cases, it should not affect Wuhan. Wuhan, which has been tested for a long time, should be able to deal with it calmly. I am in Wuhan and wish the infected compatriots who have returned to China a speedy recovery. Other compatriots will return to their normal lives as soon as possible after abiding by strict epidemic prevention measures. 3. The airline is Xiamen Airlines. In combination with its own charter flight from Kota Kinabalu back to Wuhan in February 2020 when the epidemic was the worst, I would like to thank Xiamen Airlines for being able to stand up when the Chinese people need it. In addition, it may be that Xiamen Airlines and the relevant personnel of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are more familiar. In any case, I am grateful for this airline to stand up every time of crisis. 4. Combining the experience of taking a chartered flight, the compatriots who return should be paid at their own expense, and the price will not be cheap. Therefore, everyone should not waste the resources of the country with the compatriots who have been sent back. Under the dual dangers of the epidemic and social security, they are also struggling to survive. I also thank the motherland again and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for coordinating resources and providing hope to our compatriots abroad in times of difficulty.

6 months ago

The Hubei Provincial Health Commission notified on July 7: 0-24 on the 6th, 25 new confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in the province, all imported from abroad. Among them, 22 cases came from Afghanistan-Wuhan flight MF8008 on July 2. In response, the official Weibo “Consular Express” of the Consular Protection Center of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued an emergency statement.
Due to the irresponsible withdrawal of US troops, the internal security situation in Afghanistan has taken a turn for the worse. The conflict between the government and the Taliban has escalated. Daily casualties on both sides exceed hundreds, and civilians have also suffered a large number of casualties. Many countries have closed their consulates in Afghanistan. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China has issued notices several times before calling for Chinese citizens in Afghanistan to leave the country as soon as possible.

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