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The Shenzhou 12’s outer suit, core compartment sanitary area subsystem, and aerospace medical laboratory cabinets, etc., were all designed by our school’s teachers. The project was carried out in our school from start to completion. Why did it happen that one person in the team jumped to Huda? The research results of the entire project team from 13 years to the present 8 years have become the personal results of Huda and a professor. ? In fact, it is not because Xiangtan University, the teacher of Xiangtan University is not well-known, is angry, a member of the project is about to end, and take away all the results, who can bear this? Maybe the school is not good at speaking out, but our students can. The whole team has worked hard for 8 years and participated in the whole process. How could he become Luo Jianping alone. When interviewing some teachers, Luo had no face, so what kind of research did he do? Hunan University contributed funds to support the team. After one of the team’s project leaders, Luo Mou, quit, he brought the whole team’s efforts to the new East Lake University. Not to mention, it is not our glory to name the new owner and complete the whole process. Don’t want it at all, it belongs to our glory, and we won’t let it go! There are evidence contracts and other microblogs, so I won’t post them; in the end, as far as we have seen so far, the students from the two universities did not quarrel with each other, and the University of Hubei University was relatively fair and did not blindly maintain the University of Hubei. . We just hope that the school of Lake University will apologize, and the public account of Lake University will correct their mistakes and apologize.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

The eight years of hard work that the masters and students of Hunan have devoted to the aerospace industry of the motherland must not be ignored. The masters and students of Hunan have done what should be done for so many years. When it is time to speak, we will never be silent and wait for silence. , Let others take credit by ingenuity. As long as you spend a sum of money to dig out a teacher, you can take away the results of the labor of the other school many years ago—this kind of “effortless” method of doing scientific research should not be taken by any scientific research worker or scientific research unit. The full text will be sorted out from the timeline, documentary evidence, news reports, informed teacher speeches, and patent law articles. First, the brief timeline is sorted out: In 2014, Xiangtan University won the bid for the National Manned Space Project “Space Station Outboard Service Industrial Design Project”. The China Astronaut Research and Training Center and Xiangtan University signed a contract for the “Space Station “Flying” Outer Space Service Industrial Design Project” from February 28, 2012 to December 31, 2019. In 2016, the “Space Station Outer Space Service Industrial Design Project” undertaken by Xiangtan University passed the acceptance and reached a cooperation intention with the Astronaut Training Center for the follow-up lunar exploration process. In September 2018, the China Astronaut Research and Training Center and Xiangtan University signed a strategic cooperation agreement, and the two sides carried out comprehensive cooperation in scientific research, personnel training and discipline construction. On December 25, 2020, Xiangtan University, as a participating unit of the manned space engineering project, was invited to attend the handover ceremony of the Shenshi Reentry Module settled in Shaoshan. Luo Jianping’s personal resume: August 2003-July 2007, Department of Industrial Design, School of Mechanical Engineering, Xiangtan University, Bachelor/Bachelor August 2009-June 2011, Department of Industrial Design, School of Fine Arts, Tsinghua University, Master of Design July 2011- July 2016, Department of Industrial Design, School of Mechanical Engineering, Xiangtan University, Lecturer August 2016-August 2020, Department of Industrial Design, School of Fine Arts, Tsinghua University, Ph.D. of Design. From the end of 2020 until now, School of Design and Art, Hunan University, assistant professor of the design of the outer cabin The project has been completed in 2016, and all research and development work has been completed in Xiangtan University, which has no relationship with Hunan University. Party B who signed the contract for this project is Xiangtan University, the person in charge Huang Yunqing, and the contact person Ma Qiucheng. Luo Jianping is just one of the digital teachers participating in the project.

6 months ago

I admit that Hunan University is neither 985 nor 211. I have complained about this place, but at least it is working hard to build and get better. The learning atmosphere here is very strong. The seniors and seniors of Hunan University also know how to be grateful. We Not powerful enough, not shining enough, not located in the provincial capital of Hunan, not particularly developed, but there is really no need to deny our efforts and hard work, or in such an unfair and disgusting way. I want to say it again. The above answer was sent yesterday, some of which have been deleted. I thought about it today, and I can’t assess the specifics of this matter. But if I say it again, Huda’s publicity and Teacher Luo’s inappropriate remarks really make people angry. I don’t know if Huda knows exactly how the intellectual property rights of this project are handled. I don’t know if their official Weibo and official accounts have not been strictly reviewed. If the above question is affirmative, then there is something in the publicity. Part of it is the inaccurate mistakes of those classmates. But if this is the case, please also the official of Hunan University to come out and clarify after knowing the truth. We are trying to think of ways as rationally as possible. If you admit your mistakes in time, I think this is great. Of course, if there is any misunderstanding in the propaganda, I will treat it as if I didn’t say it. We don’t aim at the students of Hubei University in this matter. We believe that the students of Hubei University are also sensible and sensible, and some of my classmates also study at Hubei University. Regarding the teacher Luo, I want to say that there is a little bit of bad luck. Because he came from the same city as me and was able to go to Tsinghua to study for a master’s degree, I think he is at least working hard in his studies. But a person really needs to look at himself all the time, which allows you to make mistakes in small things, but we should stick to our position on the big things. Do you really dislike Hunan University at all? After four years of undergraduate study here, do you think it is backward and underdeveloped? But why should it seem to be obliterating those who have helped you in your alma mater? I am a student, I may not know a lot, but a person treats me well, a place bred me, this place carries my feelings, I will not abandon the people and things in this place, even if there may still be I don’t like things, but there will be more worthy people and things. I really said objectively that he was wrong!

6 months ago

As an alumnus of Hunan University, let me analyze the future of this teacher Luo. As a grade 03 undergraduate, Luo worked at Foxconn after graduating, plus a master’s degree and had a job, so he worked as a young teacher with a doctoral degree. The maximum age for young teachers to enter the industry is about 35 years old when they just entered the industry. No post-doctorate experience or overseas experience. The paper results are average. Before this happens, follow the normal development of college promotion, unless there is a great chance that Teacher Luo will be an associate professor. Shut down his teaching and research career. However, as a worker in the field of scientific research, he must be cautious and then cautious in the division of credit for a project. Although there is suspicion of hindsight, if Luo Luo and the official media of Hunan University modify individual words in interviews and copywriting, such as changing “Design of Lake University” to “Design of Lake University” and respecting the intellectual property achievements of Hunan University. At this point, even in media promotion, it can achieve better results than nakedly using “Lake Design”. But the matter has come to this point. Thanks to the iron proof of the Hunan University professor, Mr. Luo has caused the following consequences: 1. Thoroughly tore his face with Hunan University as a whole and cut off all available retreats; 2. Focus interview with the secretary of the Latin American party committee borrowing flowers to offer Buddha, self-defeatingly making people home The entire Hunan and even the national college education circle are ashamed (Hunan must be ashamed), and it can almost be concluded that the road of administrative development has been cut off; 3. Add more black material on the road of Huda’s efforts to eliminate the double-class b, and increase the negative social impact. 4. I am also most concerned about himself, and when he is not sure whether he will be promoted or left or a staffing teacher, he has just entered the work unit for less than a year, and there is no result, and the school will not give him a good face in the future. , There will be no resources for him to develop further. The democratic parties in the entire Hunan university education circle have almost closed the door to him due to various interests. It can be said that he will be lucky if he is promoted to associate professor in this life. Summary: Seek truth from facts to be a person. Supplement: According to the source of information, if Mr. Luo is promoted or left, it may be too much to stay.

6 months ago

I read the message posted by Hunan University’s official account, the editor should be a student, and there was a loose statement, and everyone knows what the review teacher intends. During the focus interview, it was very confusing, I didn’t go into it deeply, and I almost thought it was the result of the school. Right and wrong, have their own opinions, in the spirit of seeking truth from facts, waiting for the clarification of the facts by the parties concerned. Here are some words and deeds that despise local colleges and universities. Universities have no distinction between high and low. They talk badly and promote themselves to gain a sense of existence. There is no practical meaning. On the contrary, if you bring your alma mater, you will all laugh at it. Don’t make a contribution, at least don’t be embarrassed everywhere.

6 months ago

The benefits are really relevant. I had insomnia last night when I was studying for an undergraduate degree at Lake University. After slipping through Zhihu, I saw the homepage. After understanding the ins and outs of the matter, let me start with one of my conclusions. This matter was a unilateral mistake of Huda. The hard work of scientific research has become the result of other people’s propaganda, and it is difficult for me to accept it. Therefore, I can also understand the emotions of the friends of Hunan University. These grief and anger are not unreasonable. But I really can’t accept the comments made by some students attacking all the students of Lake University. The result of the discussion in our dormitory was that Hu University did indeed make a mistake this time, and should immediately apologize publicly and coordinate with Hunan University. (Our students at Lake University are also quite dumb, and no one can bear to be scolded as a thief.) I won’t talk about matching issues such as 985, double-fee, academic qualifications and moral level. Basically every time a university has a problem When it comes to this, there is less value, and more emotional catharsis languages ​​attack each other. All the quarrels are all tagging each other’s hats. Lake University doubles first-class, wanting to be promoted, and eager to go through crooked ways, failing to seek truth from facts, and dare to be the first. The school badge and motto were changed. I must have been angry when I changed it to the normal situation, but this time I didn’t. It’s true that we didn’t seek truth from facts. Some other students from Hu University who make up jokes on the Internet don’t have to be too sad. Ascending to have a low self-esteem and accepting criticisms may be the beginning of our progress. In the end, Hunan University and Hunan University are both very popular and very good schools in my impression. After all, they are all teachers’ disciples. I also hope that this storm will pass quickly, and everyone will work hard together. A small gap occurred on the way to travel to the universe, but it does not prevent our goal from being the stars and the sea. It’s the first time to write so much in Zhihu, everyone should be a joke

6 months ago

Interest-related, the arguments and other answers are very detailed, so let’s talk about it from another angle. First of all, refute the suspicion that we can’t do it. These things are against the enthusiasm. The contract is slapped on your face, can you open your eyes and have a look? There are also those who say they just made a design, yes, just such a design, just such a design Huda also rushed to do publicity. Don’t let it come and grab a kid’s snacks if you think everyone in the lake can’t look down on it. If you want to eat it, buy it yourself. What is the ability to grab someone else? And what happened to Shuangfei? Shuangfei pulled out the charging cable of your mobile phone or stole your home appliances. Is the prejudice so big? Does it matter to you? Regardless of whether or not, it is unbearable for this kind of thing to happen between any two schools. It’s also said that the official media are propagating that we are still fighting when the lake is big. The Gangneung Dragon Boat Festival was also registered as a legacy by South Korea. Is this an international confirmation? The Koreans say that the Dragon Boat Festival is theirs. They have applied for the legacy. What are we fighting for, right? Yes, we know that confrontation is not easy. Our topic is not hot, and our hot search has risen and dropped. It can be said that this matter is not paid attention to by many people, but no one pays attention to it, can we not defend our rights? Doesn’t it sound if the volume is low? Regardless of whether or not plagiarizing the results of others is a taboo in the academic circle, as long as you want to mix in the academic circle, you can’t step on this line. Similarly, if this situation is not picked up and clarified in time, I am afraid it will only evolve into a more terrifying academic monopoly. Some people may think that I am small, and that I can’t bear it, but I think that if I can’t bear it, I will be in a big way. But I feel that if I tolerate this kind of thing, I will only get deeper and deeper in silence. Some principle issues cannot be tolerated anyway. I am small, and I don’t understand what the current situation is. I’m only afraid that as someone who wants to make academic achievements in the future, if I don’t speak out for Hunan University, no one will take credit for my achievements if I change my name and surname. Speak for me, forming a silent spiral. We are a group of weak people, we are afraid of being crushed by the big and the small, so we fight when we are still capable. Will those who give up resisting the perpetrator conscientiously discover it? No, they will only think that we are bullied, and then get worse. For spectators who feel that this matter has nothing to do with you, please carefully think about whether this matter has anything to do with you. At present, it is really only a problem between the two schools, but what is exposed is academic chaos. “Your results are very good, but it will be mine in the next second.” Isn’t it witty? When it becomes reality, or even your reality, do you really smile? You can probably say that I have committed a slippery slope, but I am just afraid. I am afraid that such things will gradually increase because no one resists, and I am afraid that grabbing results will become a tacit rule. I am afraid that the flapping of the butterfly’s wings will really cause a wildfire. I am afraid that the misfortune of our school will gradually become closely related to everyone. I am afraid, so I dare not indulge any danger, so I want to speak up, I want to fight. We don’t need any special high-profile support and maintenance. We just want to bring back what belongs to us. All we want is respect, respect for the painstaking efforts of other researchers. Finally, Hunan University is very good and worthy of pride.

6 months ago

Up to now, the design of # spacesuit is Xiangtan University’s # has approached 79 million views, and discussions reached 17,000, but there is still no shadow of Hunan University on the hot search list. This is Sina’s evil and Sina’s great evil. As the school at the foot of Yuelu Academy, can it be worthy of the millennium instruction of “Only the talents of Chu, be prosperous” or the so-called school motto of “Seek truth from facts, dare to be the first”, it is necessary to rely on such means at the important gate of college entrance examination It is your sorrow that attracts the attention of college entrance examination students, and it is something that all teachers and students of your school should feel ashamed! The students of Hunan University, this is a battle that belongs to us. We have never wanted to fight for anything, just to get back what belongs to us and fight! From “Youth Hunan”, “Focus Interview”, “Hunan University”, to the final battlefield “Sina Weibo”, I opened the official tweets and found that the text has no power, and every word that is crooked is written. With the words “produced by Lake Big”. I couldn’t sleep anyway. I looked at it carefully in the middle of the night, and then I saw the words from the cracks. The two words “cannibalism” were written all over the book. I rubbed my eyes and looked again. It turned out to be “capital”, not because the enemy is too powerful. , There are bad guys among the people! In the Internet age, all kinds of information are sent to us through various channels. When we are about to start a public opinion war, our channels are blocked and covered up. This is the evil done by him, Wang Gaofei, and this is the evil done by Sina Weibo. If Sina Weibo, as a carrier with huge user traffic, makes the hot search list the capital list, some things are not something you can say, and they become accustomed. Let “voicing” become one-dimensional, we will be passive Shut up forever! Unbearable and unbearable. I don’t know when the reorganization of the colleges and universities will come. I don’t know when the “Anti-Monopoly Law” will knock on Sina’s door. When will the reform of the propaganda portal come. I don’t know what belongs to us. When will the public media come, but the revolutionary martyr and former president of Hunan University Li Da once said: China’s way out is to eradicate feudal relics to achieve freedom and equality. Our way out is to get rid of the bad guys and ill-intentioned people on the way, and reject one-dimensionality, in order to achieve true freedom and equality. It is not shabby to fabricate the truth for “enrollment”. Shabby, it’s fucking shabby! Distorting the facts for the “future” is not shabby. Shabby, it’s fucking shabby! It is not shabby to cover up the truth for “interests.” Shabby, it’s fucking shabby! You Luo, don’t remember “Shengde Rixin”, deceiving the public, deceiving yourself, I can’t help you, but you are all shrunk in your shells after being scolded, it’s damn shame! President Sima Jia, today we must stand and earn our own honor! Xiang University, why should we not be angry!

6 months ago

It’s been a long time since I found out, I still want to talk about this. The cooperation between Hunan University and the aerospace department is still relatively close. I remember when I was in my junior year, the school also invited Yang Liwei to give lectures. Objectively speaking, it is not easy for a local dual-non-commercial school to obtain such a sophisticated industrial design project. The effort behind it is beyond the imagination of ordinary people. Of course, the output of results is by no means the credit and results that one person can stop. It is the result of a group of people, a team, a college or even a school. It is not the assignment of an assistant professor to transfer the results. In general, exquisite egoists are really inundated in all walks of life and all ages. He is knowledgeable, vigorous and virtuous, and hopes to respect the facts, respect Hunan University, and seek truth from facts.

6 months ago

As my country’s manned spaceflight engineering missions increase step by step, products are gradually increasing. The research and design team not only comes from aerospace professional departments, but more scientific research institutes, universities and colleges are also gradually participating. During the astronaut’s exit activity, the studio of the School of Design and Art of Hunan University was crowded with teachers and students watching the live broadcast. In addition to paying attention to the astronaut’s every move, they also paid special attention to the astronaut’s exit suit. Luo Jianping, an assistant professor at the School of Design and Art of Hunan University, said in an interview: “Our team is very concerned about this outing. Because we have designed the work for 8 years, it will finally be worn by the astronauts for an inspection in space. “This time the two astronauts wore the flying gowns developed by our country. Compared with the gowns 13 years ago, they have carried out a number of improvements in structural layout design, clothing life and performance capabilities. In addition, the appearance of the cabin exit suit has also been specially designed. After several rounds of competition, the intelligent equipment research team led by Mr. Luo Jianping from the School of Design and Art of Hunan University successfully participated in the design of the cabin outfit. The thin stripes on the arms of the astronauts are their creativity. Luo Jianping, an assistant professor at the School of Design and Art of Hunan University, said in an interview: “It is an element derived from the flying sky in the Dunhuang murals. The nine-color deer streamers, including the auspicious clouds and the phoenix, are integrated. Why use fine floating tapes to display them? There is a need for thermal radiation, and too much heat will accumulate when the sun is shining…. One version of the streamer is blue, and another version is red. Ground personnel can distinguish by the color of the clothing they wear.” However, the cabin. Foreign service is not only clothing, but also a concentrated miniature spacecraft. The pursuit of beauty can only be part of the design. It is also necessary to consider the safety and convenience of the astronauts from the function. This brought the team to the beginning. There is a big problem. Luo Jianping, an assistant professor at the School of Design and Art of Hunan University, said in an interview: Because the spacesuit is too far away from our lives. We actually thought it simple at the beginning. Later, we applied for an opportunity to meet the astronaut and asked him some related questions, and they gave us answers, which inspired us a lot. The space suit product must have a systematic thinking, even if it is an appearance, we also consider it from the system. It’s not that I made a decoration for this costume independently, no, our decorations are all considering this issue from a systematic point of view. “In addition to designing the overall shape of the outgoing suit, the team also put forward industrial design suggestions from a functional point of view. This time the new camera module on the top of the outgoing suit was designed by them. Design Art of Hunan University Luo Jianping, assistant professor of the college, said in an interview: “The requirement for us at the time was that the camera should be able to be maintained on-orbit, that it should be disassembled and assembled very quickly and conveniently, and the requirement was that no tools were used. It can be removed in one step while wearing gloves. Then it can be buckled very tightly when buckling. In fact, this really stumped us at the time. After thinking about it for a long time, when we buckled the seat belt while driving, the sound of “click” inspired me. Isn’t the seat belt buckle a very reliable and simple mechanism? After studying its mechanism, we redesigned such a locking mechanism according to our existing needs, and now this mechanism has been adopted. “In order to better complete the task, the team also communicated with the industrial design teams of Xiangtan University, Tsinghua University and other institutions. In addition to the camera module, they also improved the design of the two consoles on the chest of the spacesuit and were adopted to the final In the plan, all the teachers and students participating in the project have a new understanding of the application of industrial design in the aerospace field. He Renke, a professor at the School of Design and Art of Hunan University and the chairman of the Industrial Design Teaching Guidance Subcommittee of Higher Education Ministry of Education, said in an interview: “Our applied disciplines and design disciplines are driven by national needs to lead our development. In this, whether it is our teachers or our students, the ability of interdisciplinary and interdisciplinary design and research has been greatly improved. More importantly, it is to cultivate a group of students who are very passionate about aerospace, so that we can continue. Someone. “Astronaut exit is the jewel in the crown of manned space missions, which means that high technical difficulty requires high coordination and cooperation. Behind it is the efforts and efforts of all manned space engineering participants. The first astronaut exit in the space station stage of China’s manned space project. The cabin flag opened successfully. It tested the function and performance of my country’s new generation of extravehicular spacesuits for the first time, and tested the coordination and exit activities between the robotic arm and the astronauts, and the reliability and safety of related support equipment. The smooth implementation of cabin activities has laid an important foundation.

6 months ago

As a stakeholder, the students of Hunan University have experienced shock, anger, and sadness at this point in time. And now the truth of the matter is almost revealed. As of now, Hu Dafang still hasn’t responded. Perhaps this is the attitude that the old 985 should have? Disdain to respond to our “four non-universities”. Indeed, I also stated in a post that if you can go to Lake University, you don’t need to consider Hunan University. But this is the first time that I, as a Hunan University, feel so grateful. As a lonely university, I think there is absolutely no shortage of talents being dug up no matter which discipline. Including my French major, in the past few years, I even faced a serious shortage of teachers in the entire French department. 7 teachers (I don’t remember the specific numbers) were responsible for the entire four-year French course. But even so, we survived until last year was rated as a first-class subject. The reason I am fortunate is that the teachers who taught me are those who have chosen to stay at Hunan University after decades. I think it is precisely because of this that I felt so warm when I was studying at Hunan University. Although the teacher always suppressed us and said that you are too good this year, but I really appreciate the concern of the teachers around me. When preparing for the French Level 4 exam, I always felt that I was not alone in the fight. While we were fighting for our own business, we were also fighting for our alma mater. And my teacher has never been ashamed of being a Hunan University. In fact, I once came to such a school because I failed the college entrance examination and felt “lost face” and “not self-confident”. But it is also due to the background of Hunan University and the current efforts, because I realized that my teacher also graduated from the world’s top universities, because the major was rated as a double first-class national ranking 26 and even surpassed Central South University, because of the hard work of my classmates, because The achievements of the brothers and sisters, I gradually regarded myself as a student of a “first-class university”. Even though I am poor, I have been working hard. Besides, what I want to say is that our school is really poor. The funds held by the school are incomparable with a certain lake university. During my studies, the foreign language building I was in was extremely dilapidated under the baptism of wind and rain. 2/3 of the classrooms in the entire building were useless with air-conditioning, because the school could not afford the decoration costs of the air-conditioned foreign language building if the circuits were aging. I have been thinking about our school is so poor that the infrastructure of students can not be guaranteed? I didn’t know until today that the original alma mater invested funds in research projects such as the aerospace industry. I suddenly felt a feeling of “my house was broken and frozen to death”, and it would be okay to let me go to school on a few hot days without air-conditioning. In this case, the behavior of a certain lake and a certain teacher is really chilling. Why should the wealthy businessmen compete with the civilians for food? I think one of the results of this fermentation is to return the truth to the facts, and to attribute the honor to those who deserve it and who have worked endlessly for it. Second, as a Hunan University, we are naturally proud of the achievements of our alma mater in the field of aerospace. I have been thinking, if we are not the “Four Fei”, then Huda would dare to do this behavior in an upright manner? If we are also 985 colleges and universities, then this event may have been on the hot search just last night. It is undeniable that our region is very biased and our strength is very weak. What I think is what we should learn after this incident. For example, the dedication and sacrifice of aerospace and aviation, the innovative spirit of China in the aerospace industry, and the cohesion of the entire school in the face of reputation infringement. Rather than blame, I now want to say thank you to the initiator of this incident. Thank you for letting me feel once again that Hunan University is a big family and made me realize that the school’s achievements in the aviation field are so proud. Let me see the gaps and deficiencies. I think what we need to do as Hunan University is to continuously enrich ourselves with actions and prove to the world that “heroes can be made in hidden world”. The clouds and morning glow on the Yanggutang side are not lost to the full forest of the maple leaves of Yuelu Mountain. Hunan University yyds!

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