Recently, the video of Qingdao Takeaway Brother helping crash programmers to write code became popular on the Internet. It is understood that a man and a friend came to the bar to watch the European Cup match, and left to answer the phone many times on the way. Finally, he had to sit in front of the bar with a computer and work overtime and was emotionally broken. The takeaway boy passing by the food delivery guy saw this and took the initiative to help him. Change the code.

This thing is basically hype or posing, how can the code be so easy to change? Do you think that changing the code for others is as simple as cutting vegetables with a kitchen knife? Even if an experienced programmer joins a new company, it is impossible to say that he can start to write the code of the company’s original project as soon as he gets started. There must be a familiar process. What’s more, everyone’s code writing habits and compilation environment, even software version, and plug-ins used are different. Other people’s home frames may not be what you are used to. Not to mention the system architecture of other people’s projects, the services used and the database structure you need to understand the process. So you can take someone else’s computer and start writing directly with your hands. If you have this level, what kind of takeaway… And the programming language that the takeaway boy is good at should be just in sync with this programmer… Change the code of someone else’s company in two or three clicks Okay, what about this movie genius hacker cracking the CIA server? Or is this programmer too stupid? I only saw it in the movie. I cracked the CIA’s login system and saw codes flashing on the computer screen. After flashing for a while, the hacker logged in. It took only a few minutes before and after. Every time I am ashamed, someone will think that programmers are awesome and omnipotent (black) because of this. In this martial arts novel, it is the level of punching a tiger to death… The takeaway boy changed the code for the programmer, and it became popular as early as N years ago. I wrote this kind of paragraph a long time ago. Of course, this thing I wrote just can’t get popular, and how difficult it is for a thing to get popular now… I don’t believe in this kind of thing that does not have a push hand behind to help, and inadvertently rushes to the list. But let’s turn to the peak of the pen, if you say that there is no probabilistic problem at all, it does not conform to objective laws. As a qualified programmer, even if there is a probability of 0.01%, there is no way to say it. Just like when I write a set of code, no matter how it is, I cannot say that my set of code is 100% safe and bug-free. Someone gave one of the possibilities. I think it’s very real for my brother to help change the code in this case. But what is the probability of such a coincidence? Going back to the original text, the original text said that someone had called the video surveillance of the bar, who asked for it? Is it the programmer who modified the code or his colleague? It doesn’t look like it. Since he asked for video surveillance, he didn’t stand up and talk about the cause and effect. Is it the takeaway boy? It’s not like that, if I do good deeds, I still need to leave a name to tune the video surveillance and post it online to promote it? Is that the bar owner? How did the bar owner know what happened, and the programmer talked to him? It was he who discovered it himself. It was the boss who he discovered by himself. This boss was really glaring. The monitoring was so high-definition that he could even see the little brother changing the code. Maybe the video on the Internet is not high-definition enough, I can’t see what is on the screen… the bar staff? Same as the bar owner, it’s too idle, so many customers every day, even for such a small matter, they even deliberately adjust the monitoring and inspection, and the sympathy has burst. And this takeaway boy happens to be the last order, so I won’t take any orders later. If you have spare time, you can change the code there very lovingly. This is how simple the code is, the incumbent programmer who watches the ball can’t handle it. , I have to take the takeaway boy to play. Is it really a css style that a netizen said? I am the boss and I have to cry. When watching a game in the middle of the night, I was asked to change the code. How big is this? In my opinion, only a very serious BUG will be required for emergency treatment during this time period. In the middle of the night, let you adjust a style or change a simple code… If you are a wage earner, then leave as soon as possible. You can’t adjust your working hours during the day, but you have to work overtime at night. No one can bear this torture. Like my previous company, even if someone fails to recharge the account, if it is only an individual user, it can basically be processed during the day. Only if there is a problem with the batch, it must be checked immediately. In other words, the function of recharge or the function of the purchase is suspended, similar to this level of security incident, that must be handled immediately. Everything else is trivial. Taking a step back, even if you are really asked to change the simple code, if you still can’t figure it out… Do you say that you were drinking in a bar or was the boss PUA a little blank in your mind? There is no way to change it… Then the business ability is worrying… It has been a long time since this programmer is stupid to join the company. For such a long time, the company’s code is uncertain and it needs a system that hasn’t been touched at all. Your takeaway guy is here to take it? Also, from the perspective of job ethics, this matter is not worthy of publicity. Your Meituan brother is being promoted and warm-hearted, so this programmer has no professional ethics… The company code can be shown to others casually. And change? You are the director and you might be pissed off. If someone has ulterior motives and records the server or database configuration in your code, what should you do if you black out… Some people say that ordinary programmers can’t access the core configuration or something. That was a big company, and small companies now use cloud servers, and most of them don’t even save operation and maintenance, letting programmers take care of it. As for large companies…for large companies of this level, the process will be more strict, and the company code is not allowed to be operated by outsiders. Then the person who posted this video wants to show the code change to the takeaway guy. Let’s sell the code to the programmer…As for the issue of code security, there have been many weird examples in the past. For example, some interns inadvertently uploaded the company’s entire code to GitHub for the majority of netizens to talk about…


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Assuming this is true, there is only one possibility I can think of: this takeaway guy has just resigned from the collapsed programmer company, and he has a good personal relationship with the collapsed programmer. For the sake of his collapse, help him change his “self” stay. Under the code. Since this code was originally written by yourself, of course you can change it yourself. Of course, it is more likely to be the copywriter of Meituan. In order to show that the takeaway boy is less stressful at work, the programming that I gave up is willing to help out of work. But that is another topic.

6 months ago

I can accept white lies, but I will never accept the “malicious chicken soup”, the programmer’s collapse, the goodwill of the takeaway brother, the life is not easy to show to the fullest, and the sensational torture at the end: Have you also accepted the kindness from strangers? This video is clearly organized, logically progressive, and emotions gradually sublimated. It is really “a good show”. If it is not a proficient analysis, then the “melon-eating crowd” in front of the screen is still moved in a mess, but knows it is a face-to-face. When I was old, I felt like I had eaten flies. These malicious chicken soups are really annoying. The warmth in life does not need to be deliberately modified and performed, not to mention that the video is “powered for love”? It’s not that traffic is to blame for the king! Why are relationships all business in the end?

6 months ago

It’s definitely a pose. 1. The biggest suspicious point of the monitoring time, why these monitoring videos do not show the time at all? There is time for normal monitoring. If you are posing for a photo, you must erase the time, otherwise you will be seen every minute. 2. Another detail of the European Cup time. At the 5th second of the video, Lukaku of the Belgian team is shown on the TV. The Belgian team’s group match 1 game is 0 o’clock, 2 games are 3 o’clock, and the Belgian knockout matches are all 3. Yes, it’s really unlikely that someone in the company will work overtime at this time. To be honest, 996 is already very difficult. If you are still working overtime at 0 o’clock, the deadline must be coming soon, but the deadline is coming. This programmer, the little brother, left his colleagues. The probability of watching the ball is too low. Of course, it may be a collection of highlights on TV, which I can’t verify. The picture is too blurry. 3. How easy is it to change the code? Some respondents have already said that changing the code is so simple, let me add. In the bar, I was called to “write code” by a serial call. In addition to the problem in the production environment, there may be a problem with the code he submitted. Other people working overtime pulled his code and found that it could not be compiled, or the test failed. He changed. Regardless of the reason, it’s impossible for the takeaway guy to help solve it in a short time. The code is contextual and business-related. Anyone who is so good at using a computer will start working. 4. The programmer crashed too fast. There is one more detail. The programmer took out the computer when the takeaway brother went in. The programmer had collapsed when the takeaway brother came out. The takeaway brother took the takeaway in. , Is to deliver food to the bar, not to pick up the food, so the estimated time between entry and exit is only one or two minutes. The programmer will crash within two minutes after taking out the computer. If there is a problem to be solved, it is estimated that the problem will even occur in two minutes. Can’t touch the door. Isn’t it the code that made him crash, but the boss’s call? What problem did the takeaway guy help solve?

6 months ago

I watched the video, and the action was obviously posing. First point your finger to the screen, then press the button directly, brother, your IDE automatically knows which line to change? Secondly, press the keys. The first five keystrokes are all finger movements, and the wrist is not moved. This is not a keystroke, but a random typing. During the teaching process, I normally teach others to write codes, referring to the screen, you are wrong here, this little brother refers to the keyboard, who teaches others the code is: you press this key, press that key.

6 months ago

I hope everyone can be clear about one thing: 1. Even if the video is real, it is not the takeaway platform that has love, but this wonderful person. 2. Even if the video is real, it is not funny that some people have the ability and technology to deliver food. And everything is just a coincidence: the programmer happened to bring the computer to eat, the boss happened to call and was photographed, happened to change the code under the monitoring, happened to meet a takeaway brother, why the ability of the brother was strong by the company It happened to be delivered to the society to deliver food, and it happened that the little brother would write code, and the language he learned was the same. It happened that the food delivery brother was proficient in this language, and he happened to understand the customer’s needs, and he happened to understand other people’s projects at a second, exactly one second. Just see where other people’s bugs are. Don’t play the capitalist, it’s you, Meituan.

6 months ago

To be reasonable, if both parties are familiar with the same framework and write programs in accordance with common architecture and specifications, it is really easy to get started. For example, there are spring + ddd + jetbrains all over the street, such as the Vue + Element all over the street, you can almost catch the same kind on the street, although you can’t say that you can type on it as soon as you get it, but you can solve it quickly while groping. The problem is still very easy. An impatient programmer who was urged by business, and someone who didn’t do the program ran to deliver food. The high probability is that there are some additions, deletions, changes, checks, and back-end UI services. It’s not difficult. No matter how you think they can’t be in Research on how to make their self-developed operating system compatible with exe, emptied Windows overnight, right? If the programmer who crashed was in his twenties and the food delivery person was in his thirty-five years old, then this is more credible. Everyone should also have the experience of “the library or software at hand seems to have a bug, so go to GitHub to pull down the source code, find the problem and give them a pr” experience, this kind of thing is more than half a day at most and I don’t want to Let’s do it, no one will spend several days to get familiar with the code. The above is a reflection and theoretically different point of view on the issue of “a programmer can’t quickly get started with another programmer’s code” in many answers. As for real life, given that the deliveryman and the programmer did not fight because of no line change, Hungarian nomenclature or small hump nomenclature for variables, Java or node.js, and writing or not writing tests. I think it is more likely to be deliberate hype.

6 months ago

The habitual hype tactics of takeaway companies are no exaggeration. Judging from my experience in writing code, to change the code, you must first read other people’s code and figure out what to write. The takeaway brother takes time? This is still to make sure that he understands the code. If he has this ability, how can he deliver food? Isn’t it clear that the deputy director of the Beijing Human Resources and Social Affairs Bureau experienced food delivery? The takeaway brother and the express delivery brother don’t have the time to do this. The bottom layer has to pay a lot of labor to get a decent income. The takeaway industry just likes to hype the takeaway brother omnipotent, implying that you see such powerful people are going to deliver food, I can also try. This is not outrageous. In the past two years, there were negative things and some indecent videos of takeaway brothers that appeared in time. Of course, it may also be a coincidence.

6 months ago

This story represents the boss’s greatest expectation for programmer positions: fungibility. The high salary of programmers is a thorn in the eyes of the boss. They understand technology and programming, and they are irreplaceable, so they have relatively strong bargaining power in the workplace. The boss’s greatest wish is that the programmer can be like the takeaway brother, and can be kicked out and replaced at any time. Many companies now use this idea. Precipitating technology, precipitating architecture, precipitating logic. To put it bluntly, I hope that you programmers will leave everything behind, modularize the complex project framework, make it into parts, and make it a task that can be operated and maintained by secondary school students. It is best to write extremely detailed operation manuals, and find someone to get started in a few days. Once this is done, it is tantamount to helping the boss rebuild the means of production. You help the boss to complete the machine assembly line of the factory, one-click automatic production, and the boss can kick you away. In addition, selling small brothers is seamlessly connected with operation and maintenance, and development. The company only recruits girls under the age of 20 with good looks and outstanding figures. The boss has since embarked on the pinnacle of his life.

6 months ago

Now know that the trend of persuading computers has become like this? Or the hype of Meituan? The bottom line is a bit low! A few words from a group of respondents in the comment area advocating food delivery: regardless of occupation, the pressure of delivering food is less than that of programmers, and programmers are easily unemployed at the age of 35. I beg you, suffocation, okay? Long dim sum, even if this little brother really knows how to write code, he can directly take over someone else’s computer and get the bug fixed by dividing by two and three times? How can this world hacker level be reduced to food delivery? This kind of ridicule that programmers are not as good as delivering takeaways at 35 years old, knows that there are too many in it: I don’t know if it is programmers who laugh at themselves or Meituan is engaged in marketing, please don’t expect to step on the top position of the universe machine, take delivery Compare with programmers, when everyone is stupid? In addition, the computer is definitely the best profession for the children of the working people at the bottom to attack the class! Although finance makes a lot of money, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have a background! The career development prospects of programmers are by no means comparable to food delivery… Computers, YYDS! I graduated and got offers from Tencent and Baidu, and finally chose to go to Tencent. After that, job-hopping/promotion was all the green light. Now it is A director of NetEase, the above point of view is really very sincere. Simply post a 2021 school recruitment salary list: this is only the salary information for undergraduates, the highest is 400,000! Not only do programmers have a high starting salary, they can even achieve financial freedom before the age of 40! There are several ways for programmers to counterattack to achieve wealth freedom: 1. Join a unicorn company, get a large number of options, and stick to the listing to cash out. 2. Find reliable startup companies and honest founders, get about a percentage of the shares, and stick to them until they are sold or listed. 3. Through technological entrepreneurship, the company is sold or listed. 4. Establish influence and realize the freedom of wealth through technical consultation, self-media, and technology shareholding. 5. After a long period of competition in the workplace, he eventually grows into a company executive and realizes the freedom of wealth through shares. 6. Accumulate a certain amount of original capital and get rich through investment and financial management (stock trading, btc, investing in friend companies). For my own example, I started trying 1-6 after graduating and working for Tencent for a while. At present, except for 2, 3, two attempts have ended in failure. 1, 4, 5, and 6 are all good. Achievement. In addition, for those who want to develop in the computer industry for a long time, it is actually very important to consolidate the basic knowledge of the computer system. The foundation often determines the superstructure, and no matter how high the building is, the unstable foundation will ultimately be useless. These basic knowledge include: algorithms, computer networks, computer composition principles, computer compilation principles, operating systems, databases, and so on. If you want to enter a big factory, it is a good way to start with the algorithm. It is very easy for people with strong algorithms to enter the big factory. Here is a copy of the algorithm brushing notes written by Ali P8. Many friends around you join the big factory through it: Next: Combining my own experience, I will continue to talk about this topic: I joined Tencent as an engineer after graduation in 2008. I remember that my monthly salary was 7000. At that time, I saw BMW and Audi on the road. I would sincerely sigh that it is good to have money. A decision was made in 2009: Bei Diao. Because I think there are more Internet companies and more opportunities after all. I remember when I first came to Beijing, my deposit was only 5,000, because I was not sure whether I could stay in this prosperous city, and because I was ashamed of my pocket, I found Mr. Cheng, a good friend from high school, and lay three in his rented house. month. It was a community in Huilongguan, where 6 young people lived in a 4-bedroom house. Everyone occasionally drinks and eats in the living room after get off work. When they are drunk, a group of young people start to talk nonsense, such as earning 1 million in 3 years, and I want to change the world after being admitted to CCIE. In our downstairs, an Audi Q7 is parked every weekend. Sometimes Cheng always sighs: Oh, when will I get rich, I must get one. In 2010, I joined the unicorn company at that time: 360. At that time, 360 was valued at only 300 million U.S. dollars and had only 400 employees. This is my first step to change my destiny. In 2014, I was exactly 30 years old and cashed close to 10 million in 360. With my salary income, I bought three houses in Beijing and saved several million. In 2015, I left 360 and got 5 million angel investment to start my business. After a year, I failed to start my business and I had no choice but to sell the company to a financial company. In the four years from 2016 to 2020, I joined three companies as partner CTOs and participated in entrepreneurship, but failed one by one. In 2020, I will return to the big factory to do management. The annual salary + self-media + consulting income totals several million. After starting stock trading this year, I will earn more than 2 million yuan in about a year. The total income in one year is about 5 million, and the total of deposits + real estate + stocks is about 30 million. Although it is not a freedom of wealth, it is indeed a counterattack. The above is my experience. This is the experience of a programmer. Delivering food? How many years can I give it away, and how much money can I make? The key to being a programmer is an advanced factory, and I will focus on how to enter a large factory: first do the following: algorithms and data structures: arrays, linked lists, binary trees, stacks, sorting algorithms, B+/B-trees, DP (dynamic Planning) etc.; Crazy brushing questions, Sabi algorithm questions, Leetcode, etc., are all pretty good, brushing up the computer network: HTTP, DNS, ARP, TCP, IP, ICMP, UDP, etc.; Operating system: IO, memory, multithreading /Multi-process, synchronization mechanism, processor scheduling and deadlock, equipment management, channels, etc.; computer composition principles: von Neumann computer composition, computer hierarchical structure, computer performance indicators, etc.; choose a main language direction, such as Python, C++, Java, etc., and really overcome them; practice more and use the computer, and the computer room should often seize all opportunities for internships. Whether there is an internship experience is often a watershed for big companies to give or not to offer.

6 months ago

Alas, it seems that the programmer in the video will soon have to go to deliver the food. This level of business writes the code and can’t find the problem. A stranger finds the problem at a glance and starts writing and shooting videos immediately. Many people look down on the programmer. There’s no obvious problem in this industry, takeaway boy. Although the new car, the new incubator, the new clothes, the new helmet, and the ice sleeves, he may have just joined the job, and the site just happened to equip him with a full set of brand new equipment. It can only be said that the stationmaster is his Brother. But this is also possible. It’s not so much that the younger brother helps the programmers to change the code as it is to say that the younger brother helps the college students to change the paper or that the younger brother helps the young people with the card to apply for online loans.

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