In the past few days, I have watched a web drama in which a car fascinated me at a glance. The web drama I watched, Soul Ferry 2, appeared in the fourth episode. I searched the Ford Raptor F150 20146.2L US version. Since I like to pay attention to cars, I have only seen a pickup truck in my life. It’s Jeep’s little Cherokee.

Ever since, I really don’t understand why there are pickup truck restrictions in the country, and it’s difficult to charge fees.

American people love pickup trucks the most, and they rank first in sales. Each will have equipment, such as their favorite Jeep Grand Cherokee, Toyota Tundra, Ford Raptor, Dodge Grand Ram, these big, beautiful and practical cars and so on. However, in the domestic market, there is only the rhythm of being suppressed.

You will see a lot of people in American movies driving pickup trucks to travel or drive in any area. Their performance in all complex terrains is breathtaking, such excellent performance and space. Why is the domestic market only limited shares?

First, North America and Australia are both large rural areas. We are used to living in buildings. You don’t know how much messy work a house has to do. Mowing the lawns in the front and back yards, planting flowers and other things, where the house is broken, and repairing things. You just open their garage, there are a bunch of various tools. Foreign labor costs are high, and the freight is expensive, so you have to repair it yourself and transport it yourself, so it is really convenient to have a pickup truck to transport materials and so on. In contrast, we have something to do, hire someone to repair, find a transportation company, but it is so convenient and cheap, there is really no need to get a pickup. Second, the main force for buying pickups abroad is still blue-collar workers, such as construction workers or factory employees. However, blue-collar workers earn no less than white-collar workers, and generally more. Pickup trucks are really very practical for them, so it is a natural choice. In contrast, our wages to manual workers are too low, so they can’t afford pickup trucks. Wuling may be a more sensible choice. The last thing I can think of is farmers. Pickup trucks are more convenient for them to pull goods or tools. But for the same reason, our farmers’ income is too low, and they can only choose a cheap alternative, Sanbengzi.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

When my wife and I first met, I happened to talk about cars once, and she said that her father had always wanted to change a pickup truck. I asked what car does your dad drive now? The wife whispered a little shyly, it seems to be Wuling Hongguang, which is used for sourcing goods. I went to Lao Zhangren’s house for the first time in my senior year, and Lao Zhangren also used his modified Wuling to pick me up at the station. Later, on the way to their house, my wife introduced me to Lao Zhangren’s past. Lao Zhangren’s family was very poor when he was a child, his mother was a disabled person, and his family had fled from famine, so he went out to work before he finished primary school. At that time, working in the countryside was really hard work, and the old man was considered to have grown up eating a hundred families. By the time he was 20 years old, with hard work and a little bit of cleverness, the old man’s life was a little better, and he got married smoothly.

7 months ago

First ask if it is, no. Working relations, I have seen that for teams involved in small or small construction projects, almost every team has one pickup truck. Pulling cables, optical cables, equipment, etc., Wuling can’t handle the work, it is the pickup. Maybe these pickups and you understand that those are not the same thing in your eyes. Not so exaggerated appearance, tall brand, luxurious interior…Because these only increase the cost, it is only superficial, very poor in practicality, fuel-consuming, and difficult to repair. What birds of prey, sequoia, RAM, can you run wild on the village road? That road is not as wide as your wheels. Can you cross country? Daobian is a farming vegetable field. If you dare to try it, you can only walk back to the project department tonight. Can you pull goods? One day out of work, straighten your carriage into a bumpy one. Are you looking good? The appearance will be damaged in a few days. Your interior is good? After a day of dirty work, do we have to clean up before getting into your car? Can’t smoke in the car and throw away the trash, can it be thrown on the road outside? So what are your advantages? Pull it out for a stroll?

7 months ago

UV sells equally well in the United States, and sales of cars are not bad either. And pickup trucks are often more popular in the “countryside”. Let me talk about why Americans like pickup trucks: Compared with us, they have different cultures, different lifestyles, and different living conditions. The thesis written by college graduates is about Ford cars and American culture. Ever since European colonists set foot in North America, their exploratory spirit has been imprinted on these colonists. Of course, there are not so many people going to explore now, but driving tourism has become a common phenomenon, especially outdoor travel. Travel by car, either SUV, station wagon, RV, or pickup. What does pickup do? Pickup trucks have strong traction, and I usually like to pull a small boat or a small house behind, I believe you have also seen it. In addition, North America is sparsely populated, and off road is inevitable when traveling outdoors. At this time, SUVs and pickups are more suitable. This is one of them. Second, most people in the United States live in single-family houses, and most of these people tend to decorate their houses and mow lawns by themselves. What should I do if I move building materials? What to do when moving furniture? What should I do if I carry sod saplings and grass trimming tools? SUVs can’t be put down, and cars can’t be put down. At this time, the open truck of the pickup truck is very convenient to transport these things. Drive the pickup to the building materials supermarket and pull a bunch of things back. What did you say to invite someone to decorate? The United States is different from China, where labor costs are high, and you can do what you can do by yourself. Third, the truck body is still a pickup truck. Because of its large space and strong traction, the more types it can carry, the more it can meet work needs and its own hobbies. The maintenance worker can drive the Pikara to work with maintenance tools and equipment; the police can pull police equipment on duty; the food can ask friends to pull the barbecue grill to the outdoor BBQ; the prey caught in the hunting area can be placed behind the pickup truck. And so on. Fourth, American cars are not expensive, oil prices are cheap, and the land is sparsely populated. Of course, they prefer large models and large displacements. Pickup is affordable. Fifth, the American countryside. Why is it that pickup trucks are more popular in American rural areas? Rural areas are different from cities. In that environment, cars that can play a multi-functional role are definitely more acceptable. Pickup trucks can fly fast, can cross-country, can pull goods, sturdy and durable, suitable for all ages. . Similarly, the cowboys who call themselves pure men, pickup trucks, SUVs, muscle sports cars, and Harleys are their first choice. Especially in Greater Texas, where you can carry a gun when you go out to eat, you will only be ridiculed when you go out and nest in a mini cooper. Sixth, doomsday culture. What car would you drive if the end of the world or zombies came? Most people would choose a large SUV or F series car. Sturdy, durable and powerful, the tall body will give you a sense of security even at the end of the day. Want to find a way in a zombie group like The Walking Dead? You need an F150! With a 12.7 heavy machine on the frame, the road to survival is no longer difficult. Seventh, and most importantly, Ford has produced the classic F-series pickup truck.

7 months ago

Uninvited, pickup truck owners in the past must talk about their own feelings. First, let’s talk about the positioning of pickup trucks. It is reasonable that the Ford F series, Chevrolet Silverado and Dodge RAM dominate the top three sales in the United States all the year round. In the United States, Pinguan F150 is an out-and-out tool vehicle, and many low-profile models have become units purchased vehicles. The Raptor version and a small number of limited versions are introduced in China. They are all high-profile in the United States, and they are not sold much. Domestic F150 owners use pickups to cross-country and experience authentic American life. It is rich and idle. Humanoids are a minority after all, and it is not surprising that they do not sell well. In the United States, pickup trucks are indispensable for moving houses, transporting farm tools, and pulling boats for fun on weekends. School electricians also use F150 vehicles for work. It is convenient without him. American students have experienced the pain of moving at the end of July every year. If you have a pickup truck to help people drag the mattress at this time, then you are their “good dad”. In addition to the common F150, the F series also has F250, F350, super duty, F450, etc., and their tool vehicles have stronger attributes.

7 months ago

It’s not that it’s not tolerable. The grassroots level doesn’t affect the use, but it used to be impractical. Now that the road conditions are better, pickups are still a bit tasteless, especially for full-size pickups. It is still inconvenient whether it is parking in the city or on a country road. At the beginning, the urban area restrictions on pickup trucks were mainly caused by accidents and diesel. The destructive power of pickup trucks was too great. One was that the cargo box had poor visibility and was easy to scratch. The other was too much speeding and overloading, and pickup truck drivers were wild and destructive. Too strong, the power of pickup truck diesel was dominated in urban areas at the low and medium speeds. The third is pickup truck diesel, which is too polluting and diesel is a strategic material. In the past, the purchase of diesel was restricted in cities at every turn. Private purchases of diesel vehicles should be restricted. This led to the restrictions on pickup trucks in urban areas that year, and the country did not encourage the popularization of diesel pickup trucks. . Let’s talk about the lower grassroots. China is mountainous. Pickup trucks are too big and heavy. There are no bread trucks for practical use. Roads in many places are good. The quality of the roads is very poor. Piccara is indeed strong, but it will not be easy to drive once it rains. Moreover, pickup trucks have long been very cheap, not much more expensive than vans. The Foton pickup trucks and Great Wall pickup trucks still have classic cars running. Nowadays, domestic ordinary pickup trucks are not much more expensive than vans, but there are still not many people buying pickups. , It’s not that it can’t afford it, it’s that it is really inconvenient to use. Ordinary size pull goods are not much better than bread boxes. Full-size, it also costs oil, and it is not flexible to occupy space. The road conditions are much better now. If the diesel vehicle policy is relaxed, large-size pickups with diesel will naturally rise. The pickups of gasoline vehicles are soulless and a bit tasteless. For the general cargo needs of the grassroots, a transparent trunk of a mid-level SUV is enough, and the comfort is much stronger than that of a pickup. For high-strength use, a van is more cost-effective.

7 months ago

Speaking of full-size pickup trucks, it is really a specialty of the lighthouse country. It is said that the lighthouse is no better than the Kangaroo country. To be reasonable, everyone knows the extent of the sparsely populated kangaroo country. Anyway, when I was in Western Australia, I was panicked when I went to the central region. I couldn’t see a car for a long time, but there were really too few full-size pickups. (There are more normal pickups.) Hynix, also known as Hilux (I like the name Hynix), is all over the street. There is a toyota body on the buttocks and a machine gun in the Middle East. This thing is the size If you don’t stew the Great Wall artillery, it’s not tolerable in China, but you can, but it’s not necessary. What does Hynix use to install? Work clothes, helmets, incubators, radios, various shovel, pickaxes, insecticides, wood planks, toolboxes. I can’t afford Hynix either. Those who need tool carts have to buy Wuling Hongguang. Foreign blue-collar workers are different. The manual labor is so hard. The salary of sitting in the office is not necessarily higher than theirs. If the temperature is higher than that of the work, how many hours must be rested every day. I dig a pit in the morning and lie in the pit with the radio on at noon. Eat the food in the incubator and sleep for a while, and then dig a hole in the afternoon. Okay, the day is over. The hourly wage is scary. So one of the jobs I most wanted to do was the “Lollipop Man”. There were traffic lights in the construction area, and it was very happy to stand there and hold the sign. In order to prevent things from being lost, they put a lid on the pickup truck. I wondered if Wuling Hongguang didn’t enter the Australian market, or Toyota would have to cry. If it’s the kind of blue-collar workers who don’t have to go offroad in the field, such as electrician foreman courier delivery, van is not fragrant, is it uncomfortable to use it in the big golden cup of v6 (Toyota Hiace), so blue-collar in cities are all this kind of van , It seems to be a B photo in China, right? So not everyone needs a pickup truck. Second-hand Toyota Hynix Ford Ranger and Nissan pickup trucks are not expensive, the size is okay, and the normal parking lot can be entered. I still wanted to make a fun, but I really can’t think of the use scene, even if I go fishing my 3.5 It’s enough for the v6 Accord. So it’s not that the content of the country is not enough, but only the lighthouse country likes the full-size F150 and the like. Look at the three barrels of oil and what kind of vehicle is used for field work on the grid? I have met Unimog anyway. There are too many pickups to count. Urban and rural roads are well paved. Even in Tibet, Wuling Hongguang has conquered the world’s third pole by virtue of its simple structure and cheap maintenance. The main reason is that the infrastructure is well built, the villages are connected, and the roads are hardened. It is difficult to imagine going to Tuao. The xx National Park doesn’t feel like a hardened road. I don’t feel relieved when I drove the Highlander. I only hoped that there would be a pickup at that time. Because the four-wheel drive chassis of the pickup truck and the hard-core off-road are the same, they have beams, high suspension, and optional differential locks. Rather than asking why a pickup truck can’t be accommodated, it’s better to ask why there are hardened roads in remote areas.

7 months ago

Let me talk about the most important reason first. Most of the reasons why China cannot promote pickup trucks are due to policy restrictions. China’s policy restrictions can be said to be quite unfriendly to pickup trucks. It is not the big house mentioned upstairs and the high labor cost. The reason for boring, you really think that China’s labor costs are very cheap, don’t you? Compared to Europe, America and Japan, of course it is cheap, but it is not cheap at all in the world. This year is 2021. You are wearing the 90s, right? You said pickup trucks serve blue-collar workers? I’m afraid you haven’t taken the LTD version of F150, Dodge Ram, Silverado, each interior is not inferior to the same price 56e Crown ES, a large range of leather wrapping and wood veneer, full of luxury, you say this is for blue collar Playing fear is not living in a dream, do you know how much 540 sells in the United States? The current car offers 60,000 dollars and there are discounts. The LTD version of the F150 is more expensive than most current cars 540. Avlong is 4w7 dollars in the United States, es 55,000 dollars, e350 57,000 dollars, 530 56,000 dollars, C300 Forty-three thousand dollars, 330-forty-four thousand dollars, the average price of F150 is above 50,000. You told me that he is very cheap hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha I can tell you very responsibly, Pickup trucks in China are priced at the same price as in the United States. You convert the U.S. dollars and add the miscellaneous costs plus the difference between the two landing prices, which is definitely less than 100,000 yuan. You say that the displacement vehicle tax? The Xingxing pickup is imported through agricultural vehicle channels, and the displacement tax is still aside. Don’t say that buying a F150crew cab is more expensive than a 530. You said this is for blue-collar workers? Blue-collar driving a 530-priced car, do you think this is forcing a special zone? Raptor is also the main price increase for many years in the United States, and some versions are more expensive than LS500H and S500.

7 months ago

Pickup trucks are not practical in China. In rural areas, there are electric tricycles, which are equivalent to scooters in the old age. Going to the market, pulling goods, pulling food, and sending children to school are all such electric tricycles. Except for a slower speed, it is no different from a pickup truck. The key is to save money, thousands of dollars, negligible electricity bills, and all the streets can be drilled. In cities, Picara goods are not affordable. In some cities, trucks are forbidden. They are all modified vans, which can shelter from wind and rain. They can also be mixed with people and goods. They can run all over the country, and they can also be used for sleeping, which saves money and benefits. . The key is that during the Spring Festival, the high-speed is free. You can open a pickup to try, and it is guaranteed not to be free. If you buy a pickup truck, you won’t be able to enjoy this benefit. The fuel consumption is still large, not affordable, and the van costs 50 cents a kilometer. If the small noodles cannot be installed, you can use boxes or Iveco. We install furniture, all of which are Iveco. That is, the one-size van, which burns diesel. There is plenty of space, and it’s packed more than boxes. It’s sheltered from the wind and rain. It’s a RV after modification. The traffic police usually fines 100 if they say good things. During the New Year’s and holidays, the highway is still free. Pickup trucks are in rural or urban areas, and there is no corresponding crowd. I have seen a few of them bought for my own use. The fuel costs are high and the price is not cheap, more than 400,000 yuan. Generally, at this price, others buy bba. Buying a pickup truck will be considered a bad brain. For Chinese men, the car is still a private space. With this car, it is convenient to take a girlfriend and family to travel. You drive a pickup, which is a bit nondescript. At the same price, you drive a pickup truck to go on a blind date, and someone drives a Mercedes-Benz, and it is estimated that you will be swiped off.

7 months ago

The labor cost in the United States is very high. The wages of workers who repair sewers are not much lower than those of university professors. Ordinary people can’t afford to hire a moving company, nor can they afford to hire people to put sofas, TVs, refrigerators, dishwashers, and washing machines from home depot, Wal-Mart, bestbuy and other places are transported home, and they have to pick up their own pickup trucks to repair their roofs, toilets, and sewers. Many people in the United States can’t live without pickups; China is completely different: labor costs are too cheap. , Just hire people and even trucks with N labors to help you solve the problem. The complete set of end-to-end labor + transportation + logistics services is less than half a day’s wages for programmers-why do Chinese people need pickups in this case? Why let the Chinese reflect on “China cannot accommodate pickup trucks”? I feel that what I should reflect on is the United States. Why can’t the United States learn from China to create cheap and convenient human services, so that Americans willingly spend money to hire cheap labor to help residents perform heavy physical labor? Pickup trucks are best to be completely extinct in China and never popularized. With the advantage of cheap and heavy labor, which the United States has not learned for hundreds of years, why do Chinese people still want to buy pickup trucks for themselves?

7 months ago

The description of the problem is really interesting, I suggest the treasure of the town station. Unlimited monthly reading. Why can’t such a big China tolerate pistols? The American people love guns the most, and they rank first in sales. Each one will have equipment, such as their favorite Glock, which are small, beautiful and practical guns and so on. However, in the domestic market, there is only the rhythm of being suppressed. You will see a lot of people in American movies shooting to solve problems. Their performance on all complex problems is breathtaking, such excellent performance. Why is the domestic market only limited shares? Question: Why can’t pick up trucks be accommodated in such a big China? Problem description: In the past few days, I have watched a web drama. A car in it fascinated me at a glance. The web drama I watched, Soul Ferry 2, appeared in the fourth episode. I searched the Ford Raptor F150 20146.2L US version. Since I like to pay attention to cars, I have only seen a pickup truck in my life. It’s Jeep’s little Cherokee. Ever since, I really don’t understand why there are pickup truck restrictions in the country, and it’s difficult to charge fees. American people love pickup trucks the most, and they rank first in sales. Each will have equipment, such as their favorite Jeep Grand Cherokee, Toyota Tundra, Ford Raptor, Dodge Grand Ram, these big, beautiful and practical cars and so on. However, in the domestic market, there is only the rhythm of being suppressed. You will see a lot of people in American movies driving pickup trucks to travel or drive in any area. Their performance in all complex terrains is breathtaking, such excellent performance and space. Why is the domestic market only limited shares?

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