If you are a teacher, college student or parent of college students, congratulations you are eligible to enjoy the Apple education discount. You can buy the full range of MAC ipadPro and ipadAir at a lower price, which is Apple’s computers, notebooks and high-end tablets, and 7-9 per year This month, there will be an upgraded preferential service. At this time, if you purchase the above products in the Apple Education Store, you will receive a pair of 1,000 yuan earphones. Last year, you gave a pair of Airpods worth 1,246 yuan. This gift is not cheap. The secret behind this educational discount, I don’t know how many people have studied Apple’s educational discount service. Many people think that Apple’s best-selling is because of its ecological cattle, smooth system, and closed advantages of IOS and macOS. Install B, but if you study it carefully, you will find that Apple is the real marketing master, and it is the kind that is deeply cultivated and does not show off. This educational discount is a good example. Everyone knows that the same processor, larger memory, and larger The ipad with the screen is usually cheaper than the iphone, and it is much cheaper, so there is a high probability that the ipad will be the first Apple product in the family. The ipad with ios is actually a bug in the Apple market. It is cheap and easy to use. The iPad with Apple Pencil can be used as a productivity tool, so why is it sold so cheaply? With education discounts, it is already cheap and can be discounted. Why? Who has been targeted by Apple’s education discounts? Our teachers, college students and parents of college students, the teachers need not say more, whether you are a kindergarten aunt or a university professor, you are within the education discount, when a teacher chooses an Apple Mac or an ipad, is it possible that he is unintentional How about using it in his teaching process? After all, it is such a good educational tool, and it can also be said to be a productivity tool. In my opinion, Apple not only sold our teachers a product, but also let them endorse an advertisement, and the advertisement is still right. All the students in all grades can not only see it, but also feel it. Everyone can imagine what kind of promotion it is. Then there are college students and their parents. In my opinion, they are a kind of people, which are aimed at We college students, college students are a group of young people who have grown up, but most of them have no income. Buying Apple products still needs family members to pay. Therefore, the parents of college students are included in the education discount, purely to pay for the convenience of college students, when you enter work Once we have economic resources, we will also find that Apple’s ecology is more and more inseparable. With the development of AI, mobile phones will be more like our assistants, and they will be more like our family and colleagues in life and work. We changed from needing him to being unable to leave it, and when we chose it to be a mobile phone, I think most people would choose an old friend who had an impression when they were young and was very familiar with them in college. This is the meaning of Apple’s educational discounts. This is the ultimate reason why it sells so cheaply. The reason why iphones are not included in the educational discounts is only two points. One is that the iPhone is relatively small, which is actually not suitable for display as an advertisement. The second is because ipone is Apple’s most profitable product, and it is the harvest of this ios ecological cycle. Everything is actually for the ultimate profit. The most expensive and most inseparable product that makes you buy is now its iphone. The phone, in the future may be his Apple Watch smart watch, and then the cycle will end


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Let me talk about how I was kidnapped by Apple… It was the annual meeting of the website a few years ago, and I touched an iPad in the lottery. The iPad is there, but the Apple Pencil must be there? I bought an Apple Pencil on the same day. Then I thought about it, the AirPods experience is so good, it’s better to buy one, anyway, there just happens to be an iPad to use, the experience of watching the drama should be good. Okay, AirPods are available, so I wondered whether it would be better to replace the mobile phone with an iphone. Although it can be connected with Android, the latency is much higher, so I have an iphone. Then, I wondered whether the main phone was replaced by an iPhone, so the bracelet should also be replaced…there is an Apple Watch…After that, I thought that the mobile phones are all Apple’s, so I might as well experience the whole family bucket with an Apple computer. It’s convenient…Later the iPad Air4 was released, and I took a look at the old iPad…It was still comfortable with a large screen and a full screen, and it was convenient to go out. The iPad Air4 is available now. I must have a codeword when I go out. Does the Magic Keyboard have it? So up to now, the devices on the table are two iPads, one iphone, one MacBook Air, one Macmini, two Magic keyboards (one for Mac and one for iPad Air4)… At first I blamed the free one. iPad…If it hadn’t had the original iPad, it would save tens of thousands of dollars. It is seriously suspected that Apple is secretly colluding with various companies to send his equipment to the annual raffle and use more than two thousand low-profile iPads to stimulate consumption of tens of thousands of yuan. If you look at a single product, almost every product can easily be found in other brands that are better and cheaper. Individual competition and every function are stronger than Apple, but if combined, there is really no one that can beat Apple. …

7 months ago

The educational discount version of the iPad is the same product as the non-education discount version. Whether it’s an iPad 2020 or iPad Pro, you can treat educational discounts as promotional discounts, which are no different from merchants’ promotional discounts. The difference is that educational discounts are limited to a certain extent. In addition to user groups, such as only students and teachers can enjoy, while restricting and extending the discount time particularly long, they can participate throughout the year. Regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter, it is almost effective for a long time. An additional headset worth 800 yuan is given to you for free, and the review is not so strict. Even if you are no longer a student, you can use the student information of your relatives and friends, and there is no problem.

7 months ago

Some people think that the cheaper version of a few hundred yuan is not equipped with water and so on. In fact, Apple is willing to make profits. On the one hand, it is to seize the market. On the other hand, it is to cultivate your habit of using the cheap iPad as a starting point to make Apple Products gradually occupy all of your life, earphones, mobile phones, computers, and stereos. When you are used to the Apple Family Bucket, and then change the Android and the window next door, you will have a strong sense of fragmentation, so you can continue to stay in the complete ecosystem of Apple, continue to create profits for Apple, and have to admire Apple The powerful product ecology controls user habits. At this time, you have changed from a [small leek] to a [old leek] that has been cut several times. Hahaha

7 months ago

Cheap is cheap, but don’t think that Apple will lose money. It’s not so much cheap, it’s an act of concession. Not to mention it as the benevolence of the capitalist lords. This is also an alternative, a more arrogant way to gain a firm foothold in the market and combat opponents. In 2020, Apple announced its second-quarter financial report. The financial report shows that Apple has a cash reserve of US$192.8 billion. The cash reserve is the private money of the enterprise. You can spend it as you want. There is also a profit margin. In everyone’s impression, the mobile phone with the highest market share is either Samsung or Huawei, returning to the number one market share. Even if the iPhone is the third place in the world all year round, its family also grabs more than 60% of the profits of smartphones! Having said so much nonsense, I just want to tell everyone: Apple is not bad for money! Second, even the educational version of the pad is cheaper than the public version of the pad, and the profit is quite high! So I said, not so much cheaper, it is better to say: profit-making behavior. And won a good reputation for supporting education.

7 months ago

Not only the educational version of the iPad, the educational version of the Mac is also cheaper. I think that the two types of Apple products are out of educational versions (low-priced versions), mainly because they want to use low prices to expand into a larger market. Why do you say that? I think there are mainly the following key points (taking the iPad as an example): The student population is large and does not require much publicity costs. In the student group, daily life is closely connected, and there will be some psychological effects such as conformity and comparison (not for everyone, but definitely exist). If a person in the same bedroom buys an iPad, then they often use it for learning, games or dramas , And often mention how easy the iPad is, so after a while, there is a high probability that there will be an iPad in this bedroom. Apple does not need to do too much publicity to sell its products to students, and the saved advertising fees are used as subsidies for the educational version, which is a completely mutually beneficial plan.

7 months ago

First of all, there is no free lunch in the world. Even if you have one, you still have to pay back if you eat too much. In 2020, because of the epidemic, everyone will not be able to go to school. Therefore, online classes have become a daily routine, compared to bulky laptops. /Desktop computers, iPad’s lightweight body and flexible use methods are more favored by the student party. At present, the top 20 “tablet computers” on JD.com are all iPad products. Only one Lenovo (Lenovo) tablet Xiaoxin Pad 11 is within the top 20 Huawei This year’s pad is very out of stock, so the market share has not been raised. Honor’s tablet is also very cost-effective. As an important part of Apple’s ecology, Icloud allows you to communicate with three terminals. Unfinished work can be done on mobile phones/tablets/ The seamless docking of the App Store on Apple Computers was launched in 2008. It is one of the most secure and dynamic app markets in the world. It provides about 2 million apps, with more than 500 million visits per week and 175 visitors. Countries and regions.

7 months ago

First of all, let’s determine the main iPad users. I have personally answered many iPad questions and referred to the answers of most of my friends. I found that the mainstream users are students who just need to take notes, and proficient use of iPad+pencil+ keyboard = high-quality interactive experience. Of course, you can take good notes to post on the Moments, and the level will increase. Maybe the notes you make can be used by the next generation. The biggest problem encountered by students is comparison. Most students have not yet entered the society (“Mental is not yet mature”, young is capital), it is easy to fall into the pit of “comparison”. Like when we were young, children in other families have kite flying, I don’t have to. It’s a reason to stick to my parents to buy it, and then let it go for a few days. Of course, the iPad is much more fun than a kite. Not only are there many young ladies interacting and chatting with you (the local tyrant waved, only saw a rocket rise into space╮” Wealthy and self-willed are always so caught off guard”), of course, you can also know many netizens from all over the world. You and your classmates are talking about today’s schoolwork, classmates take out the iPad to operate “indulgence silky smooth”, don’t you greedy him? Of course you are greedy (you are the body of the iPad. Generally speaking, the student group uses it more frequently, because everyone is using it, so you use it more frequently. If you are around you with a mobile phone to slide around all day, trust me you Will also use mobile phones to become more (the environment affects each of us) Just like the surge in iPad sales this year, there is always an excuse to buy an iPad. For example: I want to go online but I need an iPad (and then: you will succeed) Lure the enemy in-depth╮ There are many usage scenarios, so it is the highest in terms of stickiness~ When it comes to usage scenarios, it is really convenient to take notes and take online lessons (with keyboard)

7 months ago

iPad crowd positioning iPad mini 5 positioning is the student group, the strongest kings, chickens and war gods, the standard iPad 2020 for MOBA operation games has begun to have a certain productivity this year (provided that iPad+pencil+ keyboard) = high-quality interactive experience (ma Ma Zai doesn’t have to worry about me poking a hole in the screen) Take notes, watch courseware, watch online lessons, iPad 2020 is completely enough, don’t worry if it’s not enough, just worry about whether you will, involuntarily move towards “iqiyi, Tencent video , Station B, games, no return.” iPad Air 4 experiences the complete Apple ecosystem and is cost-effective (why do you think that most people use iPad Ari / Pro because of excess performance)? Fragrant? (I personally use the iPad Air 4 64G user experience to summarize the four words “enjoy silky smoothness”) If entertainment is the focus, then you can consider the AirPods Pro iPad Pro. The complete Apple ecology, there are no shortcomings, if there is really one word The “really expensive” iPad Pro 11 128G, which is currently the most cost-effective, is also around 5600 (during the promotion period)

7 months ago

Grabbing the student population, this group of people is the buying power of the future, allowing them to get in touch with their products as soon as possible. The student group has plenty of time to learn, and they are extremely curious. They can get in touch with new things quickly and let them use it. If you use your own products, students are the core of the family in China. When the students use it, parents will naturally follow up. The core of the family revolves around the children. As long as the students use it, it will not be difficult for a family to use it. The student group came into contact with their own products earlier. They have plenty of time to learn software development and software ecology. This is undoubtedly the largest software ecology reserve force. Once the students are familiar with the software development model, plus their sufficient time , Endless creativity, it is difficult not to produce a lot of high-quality software in the student group. The student group is relatively concentrated and it is easier to sell. As long as one student uses it, other students will naturally follow up more, thus spreading out a class. A grade or even a school. This is also very understandable. It is nothing more than making a little profit in front of the student group. In terms of the profit of Apple products, it is nothing more than small profits but quick turnover. Due to the reduction in prices, it has harvested a large number of students in the future. If Apple does not fight, then there will be Microsoft. Microsoft has already occupied the school group. If Apple wants to fight, it will naturally give up part of the profit and open up sales. Otherwise, how can the student group use it? How to compete with Microsoft?

7 months ago

I was the only one who read the question and found that the subject was asking about the difference between iPad2020 and iPad pro? What does it have to do with education discounts? But why is the answer about education discounts like so high? The answer text between 2020 and PRO is not just the camera 1. The unlocking method is different, which causes the cost to be different; 2. The processor is different; 3. The screen is different, which causes the mold to be different; Excluding the above iPad, there is nothing left. So the price can be doubled. Then answer, why did Apple make the tablet of 2020, mainly Apple’s monopoly in the tablet, simultaneously penetrate the low-end market; and clear inventory. I think the price/performance ratio in 2020 is average;

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