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Look at the issue of beauty from a normal perspective: if you are beautiful and have strong abilities, a beautiful appearance can add points to you. If you are not capable, but just look beautiful, you may become the object of others to play with, after all, beautiful The girls are everywhere, there is no kind of beauty that cannot be replaced. If you are very capable, your ability is not so easy to be replaced by others. Being beautiful is a bonus for you, because you have enough strength to bless you , Being beautiful can also make you comfortable in the workplace. If you only have a beautiful appearance but fail, then you can be easily replaced by others. So what really makes you extra points in the workplace must be your personal ability. This is it. To look at the issue of beauty from another perspective of the fundamental: If you are smart enough, you know that beauty is also your weight, because your beauty can also attract the attention of many outstanding men and attract all outstanding men. Choose the best one from them, become your boyfriend, find ways to fall in love with him, marry him, maybe in a short time, you can live the life of a young grandma, bystanders don’t think this method is strange, In fact, it’s not uncommon in society, so a truly smart girl should turn her beauty into her own productivity and a resource in her own hands, not just use your beauty as a beautiful vase to fight for There is nothing embarrassing about what you want. After all, the essence of this society is value exchange. Try to use your beautiful value to exchange everything you want, and hold it firmly, then you will have Great harvest. After all, the young grandmother’s life is not so easy, and to prevent her husband from getting in trouble outside, take care of her husband’s diet and daily life, and also deal with family relations. Don’t think that the rich daughter-in-law should do everything possible. The most fundamental way to improve your comprehensive ability is to be beautiful. Being beautiful is your stepping stone. After all, there are many beauties in big cities. Their goal is to find a good husband to marry, and then live a good life at home. Instead of hoping that you will be promoted and raise in the workplace, what you provide is just an idea. If you agree, please like and support it. I wish you more and more powerful.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Divided situation: For people with strength, looking good is the “icing on the cake”, not only in the workplace, but everywhere is an advantage, if there is no strength, then this “vase” has no advantage in the workplace, it is just “Attract the bees and the butterflies”. The workplace is not a love scene. If you say that you look good and you have no ability, then the “outside of gold and jade” will sooner or later be seen through the “failure”. If you can’t work, it won’t work. No matter how good you look, you won’t be attracted to delaying work. After all, , Work ability is a survival skill in the workplace. How many leaders would like a vase with poor abilities in all aspects? Therefore, this problem is a typical “appearance discrimination”. In the workplace, we talk about work, talking about whether it is good or not, and it is not an actor’s profession. If you do not do a good job, there is no way out except for evil ways!

6 months ago

The answer cannot be generalized. Beautiful girls have an advantage in the workplace, but they are not absolute. Image is the first impression. Everyone likes beautiful things, so under the same conditions, beautiful girls will have more opportunities in interviews. But after entering the company, in addition to good looks, you also need to be capable. After all, the company does not support idlers. To really work hard in the workplace, it still depends on strength. Whether it is work ability or other abilities, such as communication skills, interpersonal skills, and dealing with people, no one can rely solely on a good one. The looks will get all the resources on a steady pace.

6 months ago

There are definitely advantages. Being beautiful has advantages in all aspects! If it is a social career: high-end product sales, it has a significant advantage of being beautiful, plus qualified professional knowledge, the transaction volume will definitely be high. If it is a professional occupation: Under the same conditions, there is still an advantage. As long as the person who is pleasing to the eye is not particularly strange, the work is basically more satisfactory. For example, it is also a dinner, with a few beautiful Guliang and young men, the atmosphere is different. In the past, I was deeply impressed by our company’s meals. I would rather sit at a table with a few neatly dressed female colleagues than with an old man who smokes, drinks, and talks about bad things. Even if a person does not look pretty, dress appropriately and tidy up, the workplace will go smoother.

6 months ago

For girls, professional (knowledge), beauty, and family background have two of them, that is, Wang Jian, and there is only one, that is, ordinary people in the workplace, if there is no one, then it is the bottom of the workplace. Appearance is the biggest advantage of girls in the workplace, but if you have a glimpse and no dry goods, it is difficult to continue to export, and will only be treated as a vase. The same is true for boys, who are good-looking and have an advantage. We often see cases of counterattack from the bottom in the workplace because of their looks, but what you don’t see is that a large number of men and women who only have beautiful looks have not kept up with and improved their skills and connections, and continue to stay at the bottom without success. . So beauty can’t be a bomb alone, but it’s a strong assist.

6 months ago

Let’s take an empathy first. At this moment, you are the boss, your business is developing rapidly, and you need to recruit office employees. Two female interviewers came: first: average appearance, high education, elegant conversation, high emotional intelligence, strong affinity, ability and courage. The second place: very beautiful, low emotional intelligence, low education, can not communicate, emotional. Which one would you choose? Your question is too broad. If a woman is highly educated, capable, and talkative, beauty is an advantage. If there is nothing but beauty, beauty is ignored. Therefore, strengthening inner cultivation is more important than focusing on external beauty.

6 months ago

My team is always stuffed with a pretty sister. At first, I was patient because I looked seductive, but later I should scold the decision. In my industry, general departmental secretaries and administrative front desks are pretty beautiful. Everyone is in touch with them every day for sending and receiving courier and office supplies, but everyone seems to be unable to remember their names. There are two beautiful girls, one has two beautiful children, and the other is single. The former works hard, the latter catches up with the annual party solo dance. The former often finds reasons to invite everyone to dinner, and the latter invites handsome guys in the department for dinner every day. The former was almost unsuccessful, and the latter was never successful. My sister and the female leaders of the department I just joined the department also introduced the new big beauties and asked me how I got in. No one dared to say hello two weeks later. I couldn’t even come to the treats I couldn’t make appointments with the first two. Of course, my female friends who entered the bank’s head office this year are basically all online for their height, body, appearance, and education. There may still be benefits. For example, if you don’t want to be forced to drink by your customers, the men on the team will protect you, and protect the young and old. When faced with difficulties, I helped myself a lot. I am also a little confused as to whether it is the merit of the beauty or the dedication of the work. However, the cost of time, energy and opportunities to deal with gossip and harassment, as well as the missed promotion in the middle and late stages, far outweigh this benefit.

6 months ago

Good looks definitely have certain advantages in the workplace, not to mention who belongs to the Appearance Association, and communicate with people with good images to be friends. The first impression will give others the possibility of whether they are willing to communicate with you in depth. Therefore, under the same conditions, a person with a good image will definitely have a greater advantage in the workplace. The subject only asked whether a good image has an advantage in the workplace, and did not say that a good image is at the same time in other aspects. Therefore, from the question, the answer is yes.

6 months ago

Yes, but not absolute, enough is enough, more is not a good thing. Throughout history, confidantes often have troubles, but good internal help is rare. What we have to do is not to envy people with good looks. From the perspective of dialectics From a point of view, morality is not worthy. Therefore, it is the last word to polish the level of business. If you find someone who depends on their appearance for their career, I advise you to stay away as soon as possible.

6 months ago

Generally speaking, it is advantageous to be long and beautiful. But you still need to combine your own environment and the company’s work requirements. And his own way of being in the world, etc. As long as you grasp it properly, you can attract more support and help from men. But it is also a double-edged sword. In places where there are many girls, or the boss is also female, or under the management of the pervert boss, you need to be more careful.

6 months ago

The benefits of looking good are too many. Long-term optimistic girls have absolute advantages whether they are in love or job interviews. Many people pay attention to the fate of one side, the first impression or something. Good-looking can make people remember you at once. People are all visual animals. One girl is better, but looks mediocre. The other girl is not as good as her but looks very beautiful. They both go for interviews or blind dates at the same time. Who would you like to see more? I believe most people would like to see beautiful girls A little bit more, everyone likes eye-catching things. From ancient times to the present, appearance is better than Pan An, and the four beauties are based on the recognition of beauty. First of all, a good face gives people a kind of visual enjoyment. A woman is a woman who is a pleasing one, which means she wants to be oneself. The most beautiful aspect is shown to others. People are all visual animals, which is a kind of nature. However, I think that good looks should not flow into mediocrity and superficiality. Beauty is a privilege. Its bit is not born overnight. We have to cultivate our temperament and build true beauty that is both internal and external. This is rare. , Because beauty can be born, temperament needs to be acquired, and time can take away our appearance, but not our self-cultivation.

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