The heart of excavators for road repair is known to passers-by; krypton powder hardly lifts incompetent idols, China’s shame; The road repaired by the excavator is not solid without the foundation, and it will only end up empty in the end. Without a foundation, it will collapse sooner or later. The idol who forcibly climbed to the top, that ranking, after all, is just a castle in the air, with hundreds of banquets upstairs, and annoying people downstairs. When the people disperse, the floor is full of feathers. The road in front of the three Mabaos is not the flower road, the flower road is beautiful, it is grand, and their road, no one cheers for them. In front of the three moms, maybe it was just a small path built by an excavator, winding like a pig’s large intestine. At the end, all you could see were Helicobacter bacteria. Being held so high, is the excavator really not afraid that the hopper will be too heavy and eventually tip over? Isn’t the excavator afraid of excessive construction? In order to keep up with the progress, will it be a piece of krypton gold that will be crushed by the collapse in the end? Remember how fans shed tears when R1SE collapsed? Do you remember how many fans of Zhou Zhennan were crying while she was white? Could it be that this year is another cycle of cutting leeks? An American who blatantly smoked in the dormitory, and three amabos who ranked quite high inexplicably. Can’t it be self-integrated? E-cigarettes and excavators, such a matching object, is it not good to debut alone? Smoking while driving the excavator is a perfect combination. Isn’t this artistic conception perfect? Proper new wave of realism. After debuting, I asked Singaporean singer Adu to be a vocal teacher and teach you to sing that sentence: I should be in the car, not in the car. Isn’t it very high? Why come here to grab the workers’ jobs. I know that everything is the fault of capital, but when you are put on the stage, you are destined to be commented on.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago
It's outrageous. Who read this ranking does not say that Liu Yu is miserable, Liu Yu fans are even more miserable, and the data that is done day and night is really not worthy of small companies. I don’t understand the operation of the goose anymore. I choked Liu Yu fans and foreigners couldn’t be C. Domestic Zhou Keyu collapsed. Liu Yusuo C apologized, right? It’s really this year’s international men’s team that foreigners can C? ? ? Did the goose take away other people's old days, without worrying about political stances at all? Are there any Aihui five sons out of all or out of 4, with such a high proportion? I feel that my logic has been lost... To be honest, this situation is really incomprehensible now ╯▂╰

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7 months ago

Gan Wangxing from 19 to 14 is great! Zanduo is second, and he deserves to be called Brother Ren. Although he is not annoying, he still wonders why he is still fifth? Didn’t fall out?? (because I think someone is better than him) Liluxiu was voted on, and he still went to work and laughed me to death. Hahahaha Hu Yetao’s ranking is still a bit low, at least 20. Zhou Keyu Why are you still so forward? I liked him quite a bit, but knowing that there is a camera and smoking indoors and Chinese Americans is really bad for the goodwill, fans should be more rational, good guys and brothers Ma San are in the top 11. Brother Jixiang feels that his popularity is okay. Why is Wu Hai at 29 really okay? The strength is there, and the long one is pretty good. Why didn’t he come up a little bit? It would be a pity if he does a round of tour, although he doesn’t like Liu Yu. , But I have to say that the popularity of this brother is very high, the sixth is a bit low, on the contrary, there is still a bit of a puzzle how Mika is still the first (I didn’t say that Mika is not good, I still have a good impression on both of them) OK, just these feelings Up

7 months ago

I was originally a fan of Liu Yu, and occasionally supported Liu Yu when I remembered it. After reading this ranking, I was directly loyal, and I wanted to fight Tencent. Liu Yu’s list is basically at the first place, and some of the lists are also second. Some of the lists are the first in the gap, and finally came out, once the seventh and the sixth. It’s a level that even passersby find it incredible. Recently, there have been many people on Zhihu saying that Liu Yu’s fans sell beauty and are very miserable. It seems that his fans are not affectionate. It is true. Tencent has always put Liu Yu in the middle and lower circles. What if Liu Yu is next The data is constantly layered, and the most likely script is the finals card position. Finally, those who say that Liu Yu is the emperor will come out to help Tencent explain this ranking. I hope you can use your smart little heads to think of a more realistic and moving story.

7 months ago

I have always felt that Liu Yu’s fans say that his family is being sentimental to the heavens when he keeps on stage. Now, it turns out that I am too innocent. Goose, you are really bold, is the royal family a little convincing? It turns out that I’m really prepared to support it because I’m not taking a contrasting script. In addition, the official cp is even more outrageous. I don’t want to be able to smoke indoors so high. I don’t want to pass it… I basically think that everyone likes your list It’s just a joke. Ordinary people can’t beat the capital, and Riki is too low. Visually predict that the next issue will be up. Liu Yu, do you really want to use him to drain and keep it in the lower circle? ? ? I don’t want to watch it, bye

7 months ago

Say the conclusion: Goose, only the first few issues, don’t be so ugly, are you afraid that it will not end well next? Secondly, I pick: Riki, Zendo, Bo Yuan, Yu Gengyin, AK, Liu Yu, Zhang Xingte, my favorite Riki is said to have combined overseas voting and domestic voting. Let’s break it down, the domestic figures. Now, Riki and Liu Yu, one fourth, one first, then the overall ranking of foreign Riki is sixth, Liu Yu is eighth, and the people of your elders will see Zhou Keyu fifth, Oscar seventh, Wu Yu For Heng Tenth, don’t say that the major polls have already been voted on a large scale. You can see how pure Zhen’s sales are. Finally, don’t you tell me goose because there are more people voting overseas than in my Greater China region. Do you look down on the Chinese people so much? It is still said that your old man increases the coefficient of foreign countries and calculates it at a domestic discount. Because your old people now value foreign markets more, then you said earlier that the Chinese people would just give up. And no matter what the order is, your number is very strange, or you can announce the number of votes.

7 months ago

What is the goose doing? Why don’t you announce the number of votes? Are you happy to make a ticket? Let’s not talk about getting Liu Yu, who is the number one in comprehensive data, to sixth. What the hell is this 357? It really disgusts me. Especially 3, smoking in the dormitory last week made me disgusting. This kind of person is selfish and has poor self-control. Isn’t it because the company has a background, but the low goose also praised him, not only cut the smoking clip and returned it to his high position. I won’t talk about the other two. The first stage really impressed me. I just watched the final goose come to play, let a few outstanding foreign players make a collective debut, and the domestic royal family make a collective debut, hahaha, this is the international men’s team, when the domestic players are hanged by foreign players, it is really shameful. Up.

7 months ago

The first picture really looks big to me… (The second one is at a normal level…) Don’t push the kid who wow, kid is suitable to make music, let them go back to make music, okay…/ In addition, if it weren’t for they were not suitable for me, I might have to fight for their debut. Everyone is mad at their popularity and afraid of their debut. I am mad at their fans’ hard work. I am afraid that they will be unhappy when they debut and they will go on carrying the title of royal family. I know that the fans really want to give their children the best, but be sober, we are not suitable, they are so silly and silly, join the group for an interview or something, be cut or something, reputation The pull smells, and you will cry at that time. In addition, the pot people shouted all day long before disbanding. In the past few days, how many people were crying and calling for the disbandment of their rights. This group soon went in to find crimes, and the Milky Way would not be there? The other two people made their own “two people” band. ? And dancing in the group is tired and panic, the fire is full, the notice is full, and there is no such person, is it not good to engage in the galaxy, sisters! Next, I will talk about other players, I have seen these names, why put them It’s so disharmonious together. Mika, his Weibo 57w, Super Talk 7w, this score can not be ranked 1 on Weibo, not to mention Liu Yu’s 251w/14w multiples, even Zhou Keyu 125w/6w are all comparable . From the perspective of the popularity of the road and the editing, Zando is a little better than him. This ranking is, very strange. Zanduo, Zanduo, this position is almost the same. I think if foreigners can’t c, but I think no one in the entertainment can hold him down…the personality is also very enthusiastic, / but I don’t want him to debut, I want him He Riki and their team will come to China to develop, or like the Korean circle, I feel that the team who entered the goose factory wronged them. (Yes, yes, I don’t want to watch the goose factory group since the hard candy) Zhou Keyu, it hasn’t been a few days since the smoking door, I think the goose originally wanted him to enter c slowly, but it ended up like this. In the end It’s almost enough to make a debut in the middle and the next. Goose didn’t have the guts to let him out, so dare… Hema, the third foreigner, I don’t know where I heard 3+7, so the current ranking Definitely not… and Ma Qinglian and Zandoli pills are all trending CPs. Adding a mika is all five…but I think it’s pretty good. If it’s these five foreigners, I would still be happy to watch this. Group. Ren Yinpeng, the child is not worthy, let the child go. Anyway, I’m saying nothing is right now, so I won’t say it (ball fans, really “Royal” debut children will have no passersby, okay, okay?) / clarify the love affairs… Silian station sister I don’t say whether it’s right or not (I’m too lazy to tell if he’s a privately-linked sister). When he is beaten, he must stand upright. If he is wrong, he must be scolded. If he is in love, it’s a bit too much. Then I will become a scumbag of a boyfriend in one day with n boats. Well, I see it now. A sister told me that this is how she came every year. Even the real emperor Zhang Yifan made her debut instead of sitting at home and picking her feet. Debut is the most important thing. /I think I can accept Wow’s debut, please let Liu Zhang fans let Liu Zhang go back to be a rap label, okay (my friend said that the translation position is reserved for Liu Zhang hahahahahahaha) Liu Yu, Liu Yu fans are very good at playing, From Figure 1, it is really obvious that the votes are pressed. I personally hope that he c, his debut is actually not very suspenseful. Let’s take a look at the pot man Xia Zhiguang, who also dances Chinese dance. But if you want to get c, you need to look at the attitude behind the goose factory, and second, whether the fans have the courage to change their lives against the sky. Zhang Jiayuan, the most stubborn of the three excavators, if there are three of them, I would like him the most, so I feel outrageous if Ren Yinpeng is in front of him. After all, the number of shots, stage performance, and variety stories Line or anything, Zhang Jiayuan is better than Pengpeng, and he won’t be scolded so badly…/This is a good location, Wannian Zhang 7 Riki, he has been voted down, no matter in terms of cp or his own ability to attract fans. In terms of it, it’s not going to be arranged here. The position of ch is not far behind… Lin Mo, my friend and I bet him 2 before the broadcast… But now I think he is the best choice for his next debut. I called “the emperor”. Although I didn’t engage in original painting, there was still a feeling of sympathy for the same disease. They were pitiful Oscar, unexpectedly. The goose cut the story line for him, which is probably the case of the middle and lower stage debut. Qing Lian, I think his ranking is still slightly normal. I think the second pick is the normal pick. Especially Wu Yuheng, I think he should be in the top eleven. But the next position is unstable. The group of people from 8-15 in the second picture should be the most fiercely competing for the next position, right? I don’t understand it very well. Just follow my own thoughts. If there is something wrong, don’t scold me. You say, I will change it, thank you.

7 months ago

I think the attitude of the goose is very obvious: just wait for the sacrifice to the sky. Therefore, we are now incapable of retreating, and we are fighting back! ! ! This ranking is definitely a low vote, and it is also very confusing to say that it is a fan, because there is no script for Liu Yu, and he hasn’t said anything at all. It was our fans who went to pick up his past videos and found that he was injured all over…So Yu is not a goose pick, he is an unexpected situation that the goose did not expect, who knows that his fans can play so well. I think Goose is staying on the sidelines to see if fans can break the data. Many people say that Liu Yu is already number one, yes, but the gap is not too big. The real fault is that the second place can’t be caught up, at least twice. Therefore, every next time we list is a tough battle that leaves no room for it! ! ! The shredded script is not just talking! ! !

7 months ago

Don’t say anything else, whoever sniped Mika has no heart. The words are the first person in the front of the sound source fault, the first person in the single-player video broadcast of station b more than 3 million, the first person in the team more than 1 million, the pre-maintained The first is a very normal thing, not the first is not normal. I’m so annoyed that the hot search yesterday was that Mika was unworthy. Today I saw Zhihu and some people were saying… I wanted to ask who do you think is worthy? First do what I said before the first person out of the circle. Don’t tell me the first person in the fandom. The pink circle has always been a late-stage effort, and Mika will probably come down in the later stage. Don’t snipe the child, it’s too pitiful. I also said that Mika has powder or other professional fans. Isn’t it guilty to say that? I am so ridiculous. Everyone is saying that the Mika powder circle is useless. Lie, if we have this kind of powder, as for the fan circle construction so slowly Isn’t it? Our family doesn’t even have a big fan with thousands of fans. Everyone knows that the last number one will definitely not be Mika. Regardless of whether it is from oranges or geese, foreigners cannot be the first. Isn’t it just a fan abuser? Don’t scold it, it’s not because there is no data in the country. Does the big fault strength definitely belong to the goose pickers in all aspects? Some people say why the first Mika has a good voice, which leads to the high popularity of the video source, and the second issue actually has a stalk with the boiling sheep. , Is more out of the circle, isn’t it natural to cut his lens? It’s weird not to cut it? Doesn’t it mean the emperor, don’t you count it? Finally, talk. In the first eleven people were voted down and someone was charged. Firstly, ryp was absolutely lifted, and secondly, it was impossible to make a debut. You would know that it was a negative editing when you watched the camera editing. The emotional intelligence is not high, the passerby is not good, and it will be mad. He debuted, an ordinary fan abuser. Compared with him, zjy’s debut is proper, and the camera editing is also positive. Hahahahahaha, he must have one. Liu Yu must have been suppressed. It is reasonable for Liu Yu and Zhou Keyu to switch positions. Does Zhou Keyu really have many fans? In my heart, the top three are Mika Zando Liu Yu. From the perspective of passers-by, Mika is the first person, and the first person is far ahead, the first in the early stage, from the fan circle and oranges. Seeing Liu Yu as the first person, it is reasonable to be the first person in the later period. Zando is in the middle. So in the middle and late stages I shouldn’t be too surprised if the three of them are the first. The first six is ​​to bring Riki and Ma. There is one other person who can’t think of it, because I don’t know that Zhou Keyu has many fans, and every time he reads the control review, he is also in the front, but the discussion is not high. Zhou Keyu/Zhang Jiayuan/Lin Mo, I feel that the passersby are all original fans, and they have also attracted a little bit of powder, and other people can’t feel it. The first eleven From the perspective of the degree of discussion, it should be Qing Lian/Yin Haoyu/Oscar’s Jing Ji Daxiang who should be able to rush in next time. These two rankings are because the broadcast is late. Selfishly, Bo Yuan is too low. It should be a normal number of votes. There is no pressure, and my heart attack is even more serious. This brother is worth it. At the end is attached a mika, love you

7 months ago

Killing the intersection, especially Mika, aroused everyone’s rebellious sentiment towards foreign friends and abused Liu Yu’s fans. Personally, I think Liu Yu should be the last c position, not c should also be high, but c is more likely (at the beginning) It should be because of c Zhou Keyu, but after the smoking incident was affected to a certain extent, he should make a decision based on whether the matter subsided or not) Riki feels that his age is less likely to make his debut, and may be stuck in a difficult position or retired due to injury. The game will be here. Welcome everyone to see if you have predicted success and add one more sentence. I feel that this group Boyuan is very good to be the captain, but it is a pity that the goose is not praised, and the fans are not very powerful.

7 months ago

It’s outrageous. Who read this ranking does not say that Liu Yu is miserable, Liu Yu fans are even more miserable, and the data that is done day and night is really not worthy of small companies. I don’t understand the operation of the goose anymore. I choked Liu Yu fans and foreigners couldn’t be C. Domestic Zhou Keyu collapsed. Liu Yusuo C apologized, right? It’s really this year’s international men’s team that foreigners can C? ? ? Did the goose take away other people’s old days, without worrying about political stances at all? Are there any Aihui five sons out of all or out of 4, with such a high proportion? I feel that my logic has been lost… To be honest, this situation is really incomprehensible now ╯▂╰

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