According to a spokesperson for the Hengshui Public Security Network, on July 6, Zhou (a pseudonym), a candidate for the college entrance examination in his jurisdiction, and his family reported to the town police station of the Public Security Bureau of Fucheng County, saying that it was discovered that his college entrance examination volunteers had been tampered with. After receiving the report, the police immediately launched investigations. After inquiring the victim and his family in detail about the incident, they carried out investigations on their social relations to investigate the misreporting of their volunteers, and determined that Zhou’s volunteers had indeed been tampered with. On July 7, the policeman who handled the case went to the Hebei Education Examination Institute to retrieve logbooks. After analysis and research, it was determined that Wu (a pseudonym) had a major suspicion. After returning to Fu, the police were further collecting relevant evidence materials and determined Wu’s personal information and home address. At noon on July 8th, the police summoned Wu to the local police station. Upon questioning, Wu admitted that he wanted to punish him because he felt Zhou had affected his studies. Their login accounts and passwords were similar, so he carried them. The parents secretly changed Zhou’s first choice and changed their first choice to a college located in the middle and lower reaches of the application for the exam. Afterwards, they were very frightened. According to Article 29 (3) of the “Public Security Management Punishment Law of the People’s Republic of China”, the Fucheng police imposed administrative detention on Wu in accordance with the law. The case is currently being processed further.

I hope that the judge can make a heavy sentence. He can “change the life of others” by changing his hand. The sentence must match the consequences. As a person from a rural background, the college entrance examination is my only opportunity to change my destiny. Very angry, because if he succeeds, so many years of hard work will be in vain! It is recommended that the behavior of tampering with other people’s college entrance examination volunteers should be penalized, and severe punishments should be used to deter such criminals who trample on other people’s lives at will. “Teach and educate people.” This child only learns knowledge, not even an individual, and can only harm others and society . He wants to trample on other people’s lives, so let the law punish his life so that he can “punish the past and the future, treat the sick and save people.”


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Currently it is administrative detention, and the possibility of upgrading to criminal measures is not ruled out. Simply searched and sorted out similar cases, and found that similar cases constituted crimes were generally found to constitute the crime of destroying computer information systems (only one was convicted of infringement of citizens’ personal information) , But that was done by a certain school for enrolling students.) The percentage (66%) of the victims’ forgiveness in this type of case is very high. After all, they are all classmates… The following is the case information I retrieved. It can be seen that the sentence is basically one year. about

6 months ago

To tamper with others’ college entrance examination volunteers is not only a joke about other people’s future, but also one’s own future! ! Many friends focused on Hengshui, but the boy who changed the volunteers of others is currently in administrative detention. As far as the handling of such incidents is concerned, in the criminal aspect, most are convicted and punished for the crime of damaging the computer information system; in the civil aspect, it is more appropriate to pursue civil tort liability for infringing the citizen’s right to education. But wait for the result of the next step. The students from Taizhou, Zhejiang, who had previously tampered with three students’ college entrance examination volunteers, were administratively detained by the police for 10 days in accordance with the “Public Security Administration Punishment Law.” Whether it is a heavier or a lighter punishment, isn’t it just shooting yourself in the foot? Affected one’s own future and future, and even maliciously tampering with other people’s voluntary behavior into the candidate’s integrity file, and a note on the file, there is really no need for this. Fortunately, the candidate regained his volunteerism. After the facts were ascertained, the police from the town police station contacted the Provincial Education Examination Institute in a timely manner and actively cooperated to restore the candidate’s volunteerism. Fortunately, it did not cause any serious consequences. Fortunately, the discovery is timely, otherwise it will be difficult to reverse everything until the admission notice is issued, and it will even cause lifelong regrets. Through this incident, it can also be seen that there are loopholes in the college entrance examination volunteer system, and individuals should strengthen prevention. You can no longer simply rely on passwords and account information to log in, because in the past, there were times when there was a user name and a password, and some students would guess your password, so this kind of security loophole must appear, then As a result, it is easy to be tampered with by others. For example, facial recognition, fingerprint recognition, information binding, password problem protection and other technical means can be used to enhance the “technical defense line” for voluntary reporting. At the same time, individuals must do a good job in information protection and strengthen prevention. Do not divulge your login name and password. If you apply for the college entrance examination, you must confirm yourself and do not pass the information to others to fill in. This is responsible for yourself, and you will not give others the opportunity to modify your volunteers, although this is the case Rarely, but we must also strengthen a certain sense of prevention. After all, the college entrance examination is very important to each of us. Sometimes a small detail can even affect our entire life. On the surface, the incident has tampered with other people’s college entrance examination volunteers, but from a deep level, there is still a problem with the students’ psychological level. Even if they encounter contradictions, they did not think of a reasonable way to solve them, but adopted such extremes. s method. It can be implemented in a way that directly affects the life of others. From the side, it can be seen that the school still lacks the mental health education of students, especially in the high school stage, during adolescence. If many students are not properly guided, they are likely to go astray. Detention is only a method and means. The most important thing is to help the student solve the psychological problem, so that he can deeply understand his problem and the seriousness of the problem. If it is only administrative detention for a few days, it will be a formality and open the Internet, but it will help. This kind of violations and crimes in the name of college entrance examination. Therefore, at the school level, education and guidance in this area are still very important, and some powerful measures and methods need to be taken to avoid such behavior. In general, in the face of the sacred moment of the college entrance examination, we must not only go through the intense college entrance examination stage, but also pay attention to the part of volunteering. We must take every step seriously to truly embark on our ideal university. On the one hand, it is necessary to strengthen the awareness of prevention, protect personal information, fill in the college entrance examination, follow personal opinions, operate by yourself, and do not let others do it on your behalf. At the same time, the relevant departments in charge of the college entrance examination filling system must also strictly control them. For example, the real-name system must be registered, and the face must be swiped before the information can be filled in to ensure the safety of personal information. Avoid such loopholes. At the same time, schools should also strengthen students’ mental health education and, when necessary, have some severe disciplinary measures.

6 months ago

It should be criminal detention. If I say, such people should not be allowed to go to college! What kind of people should we be in this matter? There is a category of people who look inward for reasons when you are not as good as you, learn from your strengths, and correct their own deficiencies. The result is a two-point increase in their own life; when they are not as good as you, they look for reasons outwards and are angry with their own lives. Insufficiency, get rid of your strengths and deceive yourself. As a result, not only did I not learn the advantages, but I also added a bigger disadvantage to myself. As a result, I deducted more than two points in my life! The purpose of our study is to help and protect such people. Before that, we must remember to help and protect ourselves. Don’t become such a person in the first place!

6 months ago

What qualifications do you have to change the fate of others? Things that affect your life are troublesome and severely sentenced. Bystanders don’t need to talk about forgiveness. You are not the party involved. How many people whose college entrance examination information has been tampered with live a life that does not belong to him. At the intersection of life, you push others into the muddy path. This act of revising volunteers belongs to the second paragraph of Article 286 of the Criminal Law, which violates national regulations and deletes, modifies, or adds data and applications stored, processed, or transmitted in computer information systems. If the consequences are serious, they shall be punished in accordance with the provisions of the preceding paragraph.” It is hoped that relevant laws will be issued to protect the college entrance examination volunteers from being modified, and the college entrance examination results are replaced, and they will be directly sentenced for “fraud”.

6 months ago

I want to ask if the boys who have been tampered with their volunteers still have the opportunity to make up the record? If there is no chance to make up the recording, then this boy who tampered with other people’s volunteers is really to blame. To put it bluntly, you are ruining the lives of others! This incident reminds the majority of college entrance examination candidates that such passwords must be properly kept and unique, otherwise it is impossible to ensure that any insidious villain will stumble you in secret. Then I looked at it and found that this kind of tampering with other people’s wishes is generally condemned to be the crime of damaging computer information systems.

6 months ago

I only care about one question. The candidate discovered that his volunteers had not been tampered with after the deadline for applying for volunteers. So how did he find out? This year, after the time for volunteering to fill in the college entrance examination in Gansu Province, the results of the volunteers cannot be found after logging in the system? It seems that there is no way to inquire after the application is completed.

6 months ago

Severe punishment, I hope that the victims can be cruel, and stop defending the perpetrators like the two victims in the previous two years; in the two months after the college entrance examination and the beginning of the university, this time every year there will be news like this: a student who originally studied High-achieving college entrance examination candidates, after waiting hard to wait for the admission notice, found that their college entrance examination volunteers had long been revised, and the people who changed their volunteers were often people close to them, including friends, relatives, and teachers. This year, such incidents were exploded again. As early as 2018, a similar thing happened; Xiaolan, a female student in Hangzhou, inquired about admission information on July 12, 2018, and found that she had not been admitted to the school she liked, but her test scores were behind her. Candidates were admitted and full of doubts. She and her family called to consult a certain media university where she applied for, and went to the examination center to find out that her application for the college entrance examination had actually been tampered with? ! After the police investigation, it was discovered that the person who tampered with her college entrance examination volunteers was actually a male friend of Xiaolan’s classmates-Xiaoke has this kind of news every year, and you can find a lot of similar news with just a search. 2017 In August 2008, Xiao Jing, a third-year graduate of Haikou Junior High School, could have been accepted by Shanghai Nanhuaqiao High School, but was tampered with. The other party said that he “just wanted to get closer to her.” In July 2017, the candidate of Huoshan No. 1 in Anhui Province got 700 points in the high school entrance examination. , But because of “the teacher’s arbitrarily modified application for the exam”, he can only go to vocational high school. In August 2016, Mr. Chen in Shanxian County, Shandong logged into the registration system at home, tampered with 4 classmates, causing all of them to fail the list, and was eventually sentenced to 7 months in prison. In July 2016, Xiaoji, a junior in Daye, Hubei, was not admitted but was not admitted. , My friend Chen did not perform well in the high school entrance examination, and did not want to study with Xiaoji branch school. In July 2016, a candidate in Guizhou heard the phone number of a vocational school and was secretly tampered with the college entrance examination volunteers. July 2015, Shanxi The 5 colleges and universities reported by Wan Rong Jia were altered to only apply for the exam. Classmate Zheng was arrested, but the volunteers could no longer be modified. In August 2014, a class teacher in Dong’a, Shandong, tampered with the students’ wishes, saying that he was out of Good intentions, but the difference in this news is that the motive given by Xiao Ke is jaw-dropping. Xiao Ke said, “I am doing it for her. It’s really a shame to go to this university with her ability. I hope she will be admitted this time. After another year, you can go to a better university.” With such naked jealousy and malice, can you still call yourself “good for her”? Even if you are really “good for her”, your original intention is to be kind, but once you conceal and deceive the other party, your kindness will become malicious and impose your own ideas on others, according to your own wishes. Wanting to modify the lives of others, this kind of person is either a god or a devil. Netizens can’t stand it anymore. They all condemned this kind of pretext of “being good for her”; there is also a possibility that the boy is beating a girl’s idea, he may think The score gap between the two of them is too large. If he really succeeds in entering the university, then he will never be able to control the other party, so he will secretly mess up and keep her by his side in the name of “being good for her”. This kind of deliberate intention to control their friends of the opposite sex, girls should stay far away after a loss. But after watching the news, I was half-hearted. Xiaolan accepted a sincere apology and expressed her willingness to forgive me. This kind of person who almost ruined your life still needs to forgive me? Are you okay? ! This reminds me of almost exactly the same news four years ago. In August 2016, Chang Sheng, a college entrance examination candidate from Qingdao, Shandong, posted an online request for help, saying that he had applied for Shaanxi Normal University, but his results were clearly passed but he did not receive admission. In the notice, I went to the examination institute and found out that his volunteer was tampered with to Ludong University. Later, he worked hard to find out the reason: his classmate Guo Yize changed his volunteer, which is the same as the above. Good for you” for different reasons. Guo Yize tampered with his volunteers because Chang Sheng was a competitor who applied for the exam. It turned out that Chang Sheng and Guo Yize filled in the volunteers on the computer in the school teacher’s office together on the day when they filled in the volunteers. Chang Sheng filled in first, and Guo Yize watched by the side. Because Guo Yize’s score did not increase often, but they both had to apply for a university, so Guo Yize secretly remembered Chang Sheng’s account password and tampered with Chang Sheng’s volunteers as a sports score requirement of Ludong University. What’s even more annoying is that Guo Yize changed Chang Sheng’s volunteers on the spot, and later used other computers to log in and make continuous changes to ensure that all the modification opportunities were used up, so that Chang Sheng could not change back even if he found out. , Such a person actually wants to apply to the Normal University to become a teacher in the future? In the end, Chang Sheng was not admitted to Ludong University, but Guo Yize got his wish and got the acceptance letter from Shaanxi Normal University. With the attention of relevant departments, media, and netizens, this matter quickly became a hot news during that time. Netizens also have one after another. I left a message at Shaanxi Normal University and pleaded for Chang Sheng, hoping that Chang Sheng could be re-enrolled and things were going in a good direction. Shaanxi Normal University sent him a late admission notice. Guo Yize was also rejected but justified. When the news came to a happy ending, a piece of news made everyone very angry. Chang Sheng was dealt with by special affairs and received a notice from Shaanxi Normal University. In the end Chang Sheng was not admitted to Ludong University, but Guo Yize got his wish. When the admission notice from Shaanxi Normal University was paid attention to by relevant departments, the media, and netizens, this matter quickly became a hot news at that time. Netizens also left messages under Shaanxi Normal University, pleading for Chang Sheng, hoping to make up the record. After Chang Sheng and things were going in a good direction, Shaanxi Normal University sent him a late admission notice. Guo Yize was also rejected. But just as the news was immediately happy and ended, a piece of news made everyone unusual. The anger was dealt with by special affairs in Chang Sheng. After receiving the notice from Shaanxi Normal University, he actually wrote a “Letter of Understanding” for tampering with his volunteer roommate Guo. “I hope I can forgive my classmate Guo and don’t hurt him anymore. “As a victim, it doesn’t matter how you forgive the perpetrator. Others have no right to interfere, and regardless of whether the party forgives or forgives, this kind of thing has its own law to speak of it. What really makes others feel disgusting is the word “harm”. Speaking for you, calling for you to help you solve this matter, this matter cannot be solved so perfectly, and now that the matter is solved and personal interests are satisfied, you start to blame others for “harming” your classmates? After the publication of this open letter, many netizens have turned their guns and turned Chang Sheng into a “white-eyed wolf” under the official Weibo of Shaanxi Normal University. Before that, they still gave Chang Sheng a praise. But fortunately, the law is sensible. Guo Yize, who did not intend to “understand” tampering with other people’s volunteers, published an article in the Procuratorate on August 10: tampering with students’ voluntary forgiveness in the college entrance examination should not shake the severe punishment of the law. On August 12, the Jiaozhou City Procuratorate made a decision to approve the arrest of Guo Moumou on suspicion of damaging the computer information system. Just as Chang Sheng and Xiaolan decided to forgive the people who almost changed the trajectory of their lives, I don’t know if they remembered that a girl named Wang Nana had her admission letter stolen. What’s worse, she was directly caught. After the impostor replaced Wang Nana in the 2003 college entrance examination, because she did not receive the university admission notice, she thought she had failed and went out to work. After that, she got married and had children. In 2015, she found out that she did not fail the rankings, but was admitted to Zhoukou Vocational and Technical College, but was replaced by someone. How many 12 years in her life? In 12 years, no amount of compensation and apology can change the trajectory of life that has changed. No matter how to punish the offender, Wang Nana’s life cannot be changed. It took Wang Nana a whole year from the beginning of the discussion to the final punishment result. But it’s not a perfect ending. Chang Sheng and Xiaolan probably took less than a month to get justice. It can be said that they are walking on the express road paved by Wang Nana through struggles. But what these people call ” Tolerance”, slapped Wang Nana’s face fiercely. If Chang Sheng and Xiaolan, who had been tampered with volunteers, did not investigate carefully, but like Wang Nana, they thought that she had not passed the exam, so she decided to go back and even decide. After dropping out of school and working in society, his life trajectory has really changed since then. The person who secretly tampered with your wishes and changed his life is still playing the role of a friend by his side, but he has no knowledge of such a plot, really Both magical and terrifying. Connivance and benevolence to bad guys is the biggest injustice to good people. Guo Mo, Ke Mo, Wu Mo, there will be more Wang Nana

6 months ago

Even if the world is running coldly, we all hope that everyone can be loving and friendly ~ Hengshui’s current model is difficult to teach this. This is not where there are a few strange things that can conceal this sentence, because the thinking of the people sent by Hengshui to speak has been distorted, which means that the thinking of the leadership is no longer healthy.

6 months ago

Article 100 of the “Criminal Law” [Private Conviction Reporting System] Persons who have received criminal penalties in accordance with the law shall truthfully report to the relevant units that they have received criminal penalties when enlisted in the army or when they are employed, and shall not conceal the facts.
A person who is under the age of eighteen at the time of the crime and sentenced to a sentence of up to five years imprisonment shall be exempted from the reporting obligation stipulated in the preceding paragraph. The so-called criminal record usually refers to criminal record. “A person who has been criminally punished in accordance with the law” means that in accordance with my country’s criminal law, the behavior of the perpetrator constitutes a crime and is sentenced by the people’s court. Penalties imposed by the people’s court include various principal and additional penalties imposed by the people’s court in accordance with the criminal law. For example, a criminal was sentenced to one year’s imprisonment by the people’s court and a one-year probation was announced. During the probation period, he abide by the relevant provisions of the criminal law. After the probation period expires, the original sentence will no longer be executed. This situation also belongs to the law. Criminal penalties. If an actor has been prosecuted by judicial organs, but his behavior complies with the provisions of the Criminal Law and does not require punishment or exemption from punishment, and the people’s court decides to exempt from punishment, it is not a “person who has received criminal punishment.” Similarly, if the procuratorial organ decides not to prosecute in accordance with the provisions of the Criminal Procedure Law in response to the above-mentioned circumstances, it will not be included in the “criminal punishment” category. In addition, whether it constitutes a crime is also different. The specific situation depends on the facts of the case, but there is a probability that it constitutes a crime.

6 months ago

I just saw an article in the Vision Magazine a few days ago that the author’s volunteer Peking University was changed by the head teacher. As a result, his score exceeded the Peking University line by a lot, but because the head teacher changed his volunteers and forgot to change the electronic file, the result was two All schools withdrew his files and had to repeat. . At that time, I thought that the teacher in charge could ruin the whole life of others, and he was not responsible for it?

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