On the evening of July 6, Yonghui Supermarket announced that Zhang Jingyi, the secretary of the board, had resigned, and he posted a speech in his circle of friends online. as follows:

   Sorry, I went home to honor my parents.
   has worked in Yonghui for 12 years, one day is not more than one day. I followed the people of Yonghui, realized the common dream in ten years, and reached the top of the mountain with thousands of stores and hundreds of billions. We may have seen a higher mountain in the distance through the floating clouds, because we are going down the mountain, recovering our fitness, updating our equipment, and reorganizing our logistics. But I can’t continue climbing that distant mountain with the Yonghui people. I need to go home to honor my parents and be with my family!

   There is always parting when meeting. I will always bless Yonghui people and those who cared about Yonghui in the past, present and future.
   According to public information, Zhang Jingyi, male, born in 1959, Chinese nationality, has served as the secretary of the board of directors of Yonghui Supermarket since August 24, 2009, and is regarded as Yonghui’s old secretary. Yonghui Supermarket was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in December 2010, that is, Zhang Jingyi has been listed with Yonghui all the way to the present.

A reporter from the 21st Century Business Herald telephoned the relevant staff of Yonghui Supermarket. The other party said that Zhang Jingyi had submitted an application for resignation to the company when he reached the retirement age, and did not express any other reasons for retirement.

This is one of the best resignation reports published so far, with a few sentences, rigorous and meticulous. I have gone through 12 springs and autumns with the team and have been faithful. I returned home at the age of 62 to honor my parents, accompany my family, and enjoy life. Knowledge advances and retreats, understanding of virtue and loss, great wisdom. Two days ago, I saw the question “Have you seen any high IQ performance in life” in the Zhihu recommendation question. I think this is a high-level IQ performance I have seen. For the problem of the stock price of Yonghui Supermarket plummeting, it is unstoppable. There is a high probability that someone will become a car with no help. It is a great man’s thing to turn the tide, and the capital market is more inclined to follow the trend. I personally congratulate Zhang Lao for his success, and I wish good health and family happiness!


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Auchan around my home has been acquired by RT-Mart, and in the current market, RT-Mart estimates that it will be difficult to operate. The rent of the mall and the salary of its employees are very costly. Nowadays, the grocery shopping service of a certain treasure or a community is really convenient. The fresh fruit can be delivered to the home, and it can be easily operated on the mobile phone. For the 996 community animal, it is simply to put it down. What’s more important is the low cost of a Xianda, no need to rent a storefront. Some of the more remote warehouses + takeaway staff are equivalent to direct sales from the factory to the user. Go to the supermarket: You have to take a detour. Everyone knows how expensive gas is. Besides, it is a waste of time to go to the supermarket to pick items and line up. Young people need a convenient lifestyle. They need their own time to work too long. . The rapid advancement of the Internet will make humans evolve more and more. E-commerce has already accounted for most of the products in supermarkets, and now even the people’s food baskets are also eyeing up. How can supermarkets transform in this competition? Wait and see.

6 months ago

On July 7, Yonghui Supermarket issued an announcement stating that Mr. Zhang Jingyi had reached the legal retirement age and had applied for resignation from the position of secretary of the board of directors, and that he would no longer hold any position in the company. According to media reports, Zhang Jingyi resigned as Secretary of the Board of Directors and said in the Moments of Friends: “I have worked in Yonghui for 12 years, and there is always parting when we meet. I’m sorry, I went home to honor my parents.” At the same time as Secretary Dong resigned, Yonghui The supermarket also issued an announcement saying that it will adjust the use of share repurchase and cancel equity incentives. According to the announcement, Yonghui Supermarket used the original plan for equity incentives or employee stocks, but now it is directly cancelled. The reason is that the company’s performance has failed to meet expectations, so the board of directors decided to terminate the third phase of the incentive plan. On the whole, Yonghui Supermarket’s 2020 revenue increased by 9.8% year-on-year, and its net profit increased by 14.76% year-on-year. It seems that there is no problem, but compared to the average annual performance growth rate of about 20% in previous years, the growth rate in 2020 Obviously it’s not ideal, but this pot is not easy to throw at the head of the epidemic. Broken down into quarters, the revenue of Yonghui Supermarket in the four quarters of 2020 was 29.257 billion yuan, 21.259 billion yuan, 22.154 billion yuan, and 20.529 billion yuan, while net profits for the same period were 1.568 billion yuan and 286 million yuan respectively. , 175 million yuan, 234 million yuan. It can be seen from the quarterly performance that Yonghui Supermarket’s revenue in 2020 is fairly stable, but its net profit has fallen all the way, and even turned from profit to loss in the fourth quarter. This is the first time that Yonghui Supermarket’s public quarterly performance has been publicized since its listing. Loss. Compared with the quarterly revenue in 2019, the epidemic did not cause a substantial impact. By the first quarter of 2021, Yonghui Supermarket has not yet come out of the trough. The financial report shows that in the first quarter of this year, Yonghui Supermarket’s revenue was 26.334 billion yuan, down 11% year-on-year, and its net profit was 23.32 million yuan, down about 98% year-on-year. Faced with the unsatisfactory stock price and performance, Yonghui Supermarket chose to transform. On the one hand, it took back Yonghui Yunchuang, Yonghui Supermarket began to slim down Yonghui Yunchuang, closed many super-species stores, and began to build warehousing member stores, on the other hand, Yonghui Supermarket asked Chen Ying, general manager of Fujian Province, to carry out Supply chain reform. According to industry insiders, Yonghui Supermarket plans to adopt the naked price model and is still screening core suppliers. The so-called naked price model refers to the concept of lowest price, where manufacturers provide products to distributors at the lowest supply price. Yonghui Supermarket’s choice of naked price model is nothing more than to grasp the profit margin in its own hands. It is a good choice whether it is to benefit consumers or to make money in their own pockets. After all, Yonghui Warehouse does not charge membership fees. Compared with the profit of marketers, nearly 60% comes from membership fees. Yonghui Supermarket, which is betting on the warehouse store model, must first make plans in all aspects, otherwise it will only let Yonghui The waste of resources invested by supermarkets is getting farther and farther away from fresh food giants such as Hema. In general, under the influence of performance, word of mouth and other factors, the “left behind” Yonghui Supermarket can only choose to transform, but it is still unknown whether the warehouse store model can realize the transformation of Yonghui Supermarket. . But in any case, as a fresh food sales company, Yonghui Supermarket is not only facing the problem of transformation, but also consumers’ doubts about product quality. Whether it can justify its name will be the seriousness that Yonghui Supermarket will face next. test.

6 months ago

The Yonghui Supermarket in a shopping mall in Shenzhen was crowded with people before, because the meat was cheap and fresh. Basically, what is the national guideline price. For example, according to news reports, the price of meat is 10 yuan, but it is 10 yuan, but other supermarkets or vegetable markets are general. It’s 25 yuan. Fish and seafood are also discounted. One or two are very cheap. Other vegetables are about twice as expensive as other supermarkets and vegetable markets. Not to mention other items, at least 25%-40%. , After all, they are mid-to-high-end supermarkets. What I want to say is here, the supermarket originally had 8-10 cashiers + 3/4 automatic cash registers (customers scan and pay by themselves), which is relatively new and does not need to queue. There are 10%-20% of people who experience it. , The last time I went, all the cashiers were cut off, 6 automatic cash registers + 1 answering assistant, but various failures of the cash registers caused the backlog of people in the queue to be particularly long, everyone was very impatient, and it was obvious that the customer ratio In the past, there were a lot less manual cashiers, and I had to scan and pay by myself manually. I was very impatient when there were more items, and the experience was very bad. From the time I was willing to experience novelties, I never wanted to come to Yonghui to buy things next time. It can be seen that there are obvious signs of decline. For example, it is not as clean as before, there are more people, and the lights are turned on as much as before, and the lights are very dim in places with little traffic.

6 months ago

Digress to tell a little story about Mr. Zhang. I have interviewed this wonderful person in due diligence. Customers connected by phone have been asking questions about the store’s effectiveness. The passage he interspersed in the answer is really classic. “Yangshan Port Phase IV in Shanghai, right? It’s fully automated and there is no one person. What do you say is the human effect? Divided by zero, the human effect is infinite!” After these words, the customer on the other side of the phone was speechless and speechless. Right. Although we witnessed the whole process on the spot, we couldn’t help but laugh, but after all, we have received professional training and generally don’t laugh unless…can’t help…

6 months ago

The resignation of the secretary of the board of directors of such a large listed company has his own reason, how can outsiders interpret it? It’s so great to just say “there is a retreat, and the way of heaven is too”! ******When I left my job, I left a letter: Any possession of a slightly high position and power must require corresponding knowledge, courage, courage, hard work, responsibility and pattern to match it. Without these related factors, even if there is a high position in front of you, you can only look around at a loss and get nothing. How can it be enforced and maintained with feelings or relationships as a bond? ! The cruel reality itself is laid there naked and bloody, there is no other way but to face it. Because of this, the distinction between heroes and ants suddenly emerges; success and ordinary have been separated; successes and failures are revealed… to realize this, I already feel that silence is better! …In the *mountains* and waters today, there are so many beautiful mountains and beautiful rivers, giving advice and encouragement, I hope you will be earth-shaking and generous! After more than ten years of teaching, he was eventually unbearable with ethics and lack of energy. Insulting teaching is not enough for outsiders! *(Family name) Family**(First name), poor people must have something hateful, and they will laugh generously in vain! It’s the only way to go with hatred… and everything else, goodbye to the rivers and lakes, smile and hate when you meet! …

6 months ago

Everyone has her, he ️Life turning point…In this era, everyone has her, he ️It’s not easy~ No matter what role you play, it’s just a different position choice… No matter what you have a clear conscience! Because sincerity is not a business…so eat melons ️There are always people who don’t know the truth… What this era lacks is awe and respect. If everyone has a heart that respects everything# and respect each other’s situation, there will be no right and wrong heart, and the world of right and wrong will be much more peaceful without right and wrong. ……All is well! Dear friends, happy work! Everything goes as you wish, and everything comes true.

6 months ago

It is the sadness of the times. When Tmall Supermarket JD.com got home, anyway, at least the goods were picked up from the supermarket, and the price was not too outrageous. Now when I buy food, I have skipped the supermarket and contacted the producer and the buyer directly. The price of fresh food is basically only half or even less than that of supermarkets. Kirin watermelon costs a dollar per catty. If you don’t have anything to do, you will get a coupon. It is only a matter of time before the offline supermarket is completely destroyed. If the rent of the vegetable market does not drop significantly, even the vegetable market At present, it can be said that there is no one except fresh meat that can be beaten offline, and most people do not reject frozen red meat. After all, the price is too fragrant and there is no difference in taste. The advantage is only river fresh seafood; before Buy fruit, if you buy enough, at least 50 or more, now buy fruit, unless you buy it and you can’t finish eating it, otherwise 20 is over but it’s really too exaggerated. If you have a habit of eating fruit, you should be able to watch it. How outrageous the price is

6 months ago

How serious is the undervaluation of Yonghui Supermarket’s stock price? One: Yonghui Supermarket currently has a market value of about 40 billion yuan, and Meituan claims to burn 100 billion yuan for community group purchases. However, if Yonghui Supermarket is really only worth 40 billion, then Meituan can have a complete supply chain and stores with less than 50 billion, and there are ready-made teams. Such a cost-effective thing, Meituan calls 100 billion, Tuan is a fool, don’t know how much this market will cost? Looking at it this way, as a supermarket with a complete supply chain, Yonghui Supermarket has only 40 billion yuan. Is it reasonable? Second: How to build a Yonghui Supermarket that looks like it is going to close? Is it enough to spend 40 billion? The scale of urban investment in any fourth-tier city is more than 40 billion. So that means any fourth-tier city can build a Yonghui supermarket. Is it realistic? In this way, how serious is Yonghui Supermarket’s underestimation? Third: Sino-US competition is essentially the PK between the supply chain model and the capital scavenging model, while Yonghui Supermarket is the supply chain model, and Hema and Daily are capital scavenging models. If burning money can monopolize the market in China, unless you make me believe that people in suits can match those in military uniforms, is it realistic? Hema and the daily cash-burning model bankrupt Yonghui Supermarket, do you believe it? How serious is Yonghui Supermarket’s underestimation in this way? Fourth: In the future, every industry in China may have a company that far exceeds the current world’s first level. This is determined by volume. In the supermarket sector, Wal-Mart and Costco have already played with the traditional model to the end. The e-commerce platform’s entry into the community group buying is an opportunity for Yonghui Supermarket to transform into the world’s number one. Only when there is competition, there is a driving force for change. In the future, the world’s No. 1 supermarket will be much more technologically advanced than Wal-Mart and Costco. Competition is not a bad thing! Looking at it this way, is the current valuation of Yonghui Supermarket reasonable? Fifth: At present, the main force of Yonghui Supermarket is clumsy and blunt. If I had big money, I would just attack the main force and kick it out of the market. There is no sense of elegance and chicness that the main brokers have at all, but the main brokers generally look down on the retail industry. Therefore, the valuation level of Yonghui Supermarket now has certain human factors. Sixth: Private enterprises and state-owned enterprises are more optimistic about private enterprises. Because private enterprises have stronger motivation for change, state-owned enterprises lack motivation. The integration and competition of the supply chain, the state-owned enterprises will lose shape as soon as they do. Unless China is inevitably defeated in the Sino-US competition, it should be private enterprises that have completed the integration of the supply chain system. In summary, the stock price of Yonghui Supermarket is now a series of accidental miscalculations and underestimations.

6 months ago

I think his choice is quite good. The company’s market value plummeted, and he was beyond his control. Isn’t it good to retreat from the rapids and enjoy life?
A person in such a high position can make such a choice. It’s really not easy! Not everyone can look away and leave a platform where they have been deeply cultivated. How many hardship stories there are, only oneself knows.

6 months ago

A bit of local feelings in Fuzhou, Yonghui base camp
When I came to Fuzhou ten years ago, except for the roadside morning market that existed for a short period of time in the morning (usually from 6 to 8 in the morning, most of them can only go to the elderly), there was almost no vegetable market and farmer’s market in Fuzhou. The municipal government has engaged in a round of “agricultural reform super”, canceled the vegetable market, and all were replaced by Yonghui Supermarket. At this time, Yonghui was still a low-end, messy, messy supermarket, with cheap things and poor service (compared to other supermarkets), low-end quality, and the environment was not much better than the vegetable market, but there were many, everywhere.
After Yonghui went public, the stores began to transform and upgrade, and the environment became better. Some stores also started to be high-end. The price of fresh food still has an advantage, and the price of other items may be more expensive. However, e-commerce has developed rapidly in recent years. A local instant delivery online supermarket called Pupu has risen rapidly. It has outperformed Pupu in terms of product quality, delivery speed, and service quality. Although the products are slightly more expensive, my friends and I are basically I will still choose Park Park and abandon Yonghui. After all, most people who choose to deliver to their homes are not so price sensitive.

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