According to a US media report on the 7th local time, former US President Donald Trump filed a class action lawsuit against Twitter, Facebook and Google over the banned account. Trump held a press conference on the 7th local time, demanding that the court impose punitive damages on these social media giants and stop censorship of the American people. According to reports, Twitter permanently blocked Trump’s account, while Facebook only temporarily suspended his account. When the account no longer poses a public safety risk, it may be restored in 2023. At the same time, Trump was also suspended indefinitely from using YouTube, Snapchat and other platform accounts. A Trump spokesperson did not immediately respond to a request for comment. (China News Network)

Although it is ridiculous, it is normal for Trump. A talk show actor cannot lose his stage. Its importance is like that of Biden being president without Harris. After Trump lost his Twitter account, he is currently mainly sending his views to supporters through mass emails, and there is still no progress in building his own social media as he claims. So I really need to get these accounts back! The main basis for Trump’s lawsuit is still freedom of speech. “Congress shall not enact laws on the following matters: establishing a religion or prohibiting freedom of religion, depriving freedom of speech or freedom of the press, or depriving the people of the right to peaceful assembly and petition to the government.” And Trump is seeking to expand the lawsuit. Class action status, which also means that he will represent the interests of other users of Twitter, Facebook and Google-these users claim that they have been unfairly silenced. In addition to initiating a lawsuit against the company, he also filed three individual lawsuits-against Facebook CEO Zuckerberg; against Twitter CEO Dorsey, against Google CEO Pichai. It can be seen that Trump has worked hard to get his social account back. Although Trump has a huge momentum this time, his probability of winning is still very small. Because despite Trump’s sacrifice of the First Amendment to the Constitution, his post-election remarks (“great patriots” will make a “great voice” and they will not “be disrespected or disrespectful in any form”. Fair treatment”), and the subsequent congressional riots, are really indifferent to the word “peace”, and it is difficult to make a strong argument. Moreover, the First Amendment protects people from government actions, and technology companies are not government actors. Twitter is not a government, but a private company. Its decision to allow or prohibit speech is not subject to any restrictions by the First Amendment. Instead, Twitter’s decision is protected by the First Amendment. The three major platforms have already issued statements stating that Trump is banned out of public safety considerations. After all, Trump repeatedly alleged that the results of the U.S. election were “distorted” without evidence. In their view, the matter has long been concluded, so they did not comment on the lawsuit initiated by Trump. But this does not prevent Trump from being confident. “We will achieve a historic victory for American freedom and freedom of speech,” Trump said at a press conference held at the Bedminster Golf Course in New Jersey. Although the probability of Trump winning is very small, I still hope that a miracle will happen. Not everyone has the ability to bring down the United States, and since he stepped down, I haven’t written a paragraph for a long time.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

You have to admit that, compared to Biden, whose autonomous control ability is questionable, Trump does know how to effectively grasp the focus. For example, do you think this passage made by him makes sense to China today? In terms of nature, the degree of intimacy between “capital” such as Didi and the “capital” owned by American technology giants may be beyond imagination. Therefore, Trump knows how to stimulate the “softness” of the people’s hearts and cause them to scream. Besides, Ah Chuan also said to punish these giants, is it similar in the same way? (Replace the United States with China) So I have always said that if Trump didn’t control his mouth in the too unexpected incident of the new crown, but instead played like the United Kingdom and other European countries, he might be re-elected. . At the same time, it is believed that Trump’s words can also resonate with everyone who often mixes with the major elite platforms (dog head). Of course, A Chuan’s move is more hype, attracting people’s attention. After all, even if the opportunity to hit Capitol Hill is so good, even Yeltsin is not as good as Yeltsin, and there is no way he can expect anything in the short term. But if he really wants to make a comeback in 2024, he can still take a look.

6 months ago

Understand that Wang’s freedom of speech is “not established” on American social platforms, so whether social platforms are “outside the law” in the United States, or the silent principle of “freedom of speech” can essentially be bargained to change prices. This matter is funny. When the concept of “freedom of speech” as a weapon of the U.S. government in official terms has become a bargaining concept, whether it is a win or a winner, it will essentially only prove that “freedom of speech” is in the United States. The social practice level of, is just a flexible vocabulary, rather than an exact and real truth. Because truth does not need to be bargained, the principle of silence in practice is the prerequisite and cornerstone of the way of action and social psychology in a society. If the premise can be evaluated to be bargaining, do you think that this concept is only a theoretical truth, a practical elasticity, and it can even be used as a means by the king and the opponents to attack each other to obtain greater political capital And the support of public opinion? So can the concepts, judgments, and theories that have emerged from the American “freedom of speech” as the cornerstone stand the test? If the US President’s freedom of speech cannot be guaranteed, then the freedom of speech of ordinary Americans will naturally be even more impossible to achieve. From a realistic perspective, this is the dissolution of American ideology. When the cornerstone of an ideological mansion built and decorated by European Confucian scholars is destroyed by American politics daily. Then the collapse has become the inevitable expected. As the antithesis of the “million-soldier” establishment in Washington, D.C.—Understanding Wang, every time he doubts, whether he wins or loses, he will further dispel the American ideological concept. Because his existence is the opposite of American ideology. The American ideology was originally a piece of inability to work after the pastoralist establishment. Now an old man who understands Wang insists that these concepts that are essentially nihilistic in form are accurate. This is what has never been on the scale, forcibly forced on the scale. If you understand that the king wins, and the latecomers seem to deny that the political and public opinion resources brought by the establishment have considerable benefits, then the number of followers will inevitably increase. If the understanding of the king loses, the substantive problems and contradictions have not been resolved. As long as the understanding of the king still exists, it is inevitable to further attack the notion shaped by the establishment. The public opinion of opposition is still brewing, and the problem of opposition still exists or even continues to expand, and the effect that will erupt in the end will only be beyond imagination. Even showing dramatic performances, emotions, and dramatic tensions, and finally, after the internal contradictions suddenly change qualitatively, they break through the shackles of form and become a new political entity.

6 months ago

The live broadcast of the press conference that I watched more than 11 o’clock last night is really Trump-like. The whole press conference revolves around two themes: 1. Trump thinks what he said on social media is correct, “You Look at me saying that the virus came from the Wuhan laboratory? Did the people who said that I spread the rumors at that time have been beaten by the facts?” You are “blocking the truth” if you continue to block. 2. There are many people who have published opinions that support Trump’s views or conservative conspiracy theories, and their accounts have also been blocked. This is wrong. It is a violation of freedom of speech by large technology companies. For example, he found a girl, and the girl questioned “Does the child have to wear a mask to prevent the new crown” and was banned, and then tearfully said that fortunately, there is also the help of the king and these “patriots”. . As for the direct reason for blocking Trump’s account: the incident that hit Capitol Hill on January 6th, he did not mention it, it was assumed that it had never happened. So, I really feel that the current liberal white-left media are really digging holes for themselves: 1. Desperately spreading the new crown virus is a conspiracy theory leaked by the Wuhan laboratory, led by the Washington Post, and even directly revised last year’s news report. , The result is counterproductive: Many Americans think, eh? Isn’t this what Trump said first? He is a prophet! In last year’s report, “theories that have been falsified” were changed to “still controversial.” 2. Not only Trump’s account was blocked, but Trump’s team, relatives, supporters, and even people with similar views were blocked. Accounts completely ignore the so-called “freedom of speech.” The result is to intensify, making conservativeness and freedom even more torn apart. It just so happens that Trump continues to lead in major polls, and I am very optimistic that three years later, he shouted: I, Te Hansan, is back again!

6 months ago

This prosecution is not important, it is just a political show on which Trump reiterated his claims. However, if the United States succeeds in antitrust, the first credit goes to Trump. You must know that since the antitrust case against Microsoft at the end of the last century, the United States has struggled with antitrust against high-tech companies. The important reason is that Republicans who are superstitious about small governments and free markets continue to obstruct the advancement of antitrust. It wasn’t until the debut of the king that there was a fundamental change in the situation. As a populist leader, Trump’s opposition to globalization puts him in a natural opposition to multinational giants. More importantly, Wang Wang’s four years in power has given him unprecedented prestige in the Republican Party. After he was targeted by high-tech companies at the end of his administration, he began to fight back against the technology giants. He used his prestige among Republican voters and their dissatisfaction with globalization and the rich to begin calling for antitrust. This proposition did not disappear with his step down. In fact, in the 2020 general election, many Republican lawmakers have begun to accept antitrust Trumpism in order to be elected. For example, in April of this year, Senator Josh Hawley promoted a new legislation. Essentially, Hawley’s legislation will pass amendments to the Sherman Act, which makes monopoly illegal, and to expand the scope of illegal anti-competitive behavior. Leiden Act to cut some red tape related to anti-monopoly enforcement. This leads to a very interesting situation. At present, the two parties that are cooperating in the drafting of the new antitrust bill in the House of Representatives are actually the two parties that do not share the same ideas-the radical Democrats and the Trumpist Republicans. The two factions of political views are irrelevant, but they have reached an amazing agreement on this matter. This is also Trump’s only contribution to bridge the political division.

6 months ago

Normally, Trump’s basic board is white red necks (low-level whites who lost their jobs with the rust belt), traditional Anza Protestants, and their current population still accounts for a large proportion. The leaders of Twitter, Facebook and Google are basically all international Jews (a group of the most exquisite egoists) who believe in the “Talmud” and advocate wolfishness. Although the number is relatively small, they are more united and controlled. Finance and media. Trump’s white red neck is relatively right-wing, and he has plenty of military virtues (many heads who buy guns). The basic Democratic Party is urban white-collar workers, LBGTQ, of course, the black card has been played badly, and they are ready to support Latin Americans. The white red neck pursues white supremacy, and other minorities follow in the footsteps of whites. But what the Khazarian Turkic International Jews pursue is money and security, and they pursue diversification. The more pluralistic the society is, the more the bottom line cannot work together to make a revolution, the safer the Jewish capital will be. The so-called biggest enemy of a big country is always within the big country. On the surface, it is diversified, but it actually planted the seeds of division. Trump’s basic card is called a patriot. Of course, he will not let go of the International Jews who betray the national interests of the United States (International Jews are a group of people who put their capital interests in the national interests). There is such a group of people in China.

6 months ago

Trump is welcome to open accounts on Sina Weibo, Station B, Zhihu, Douyin, Xiaohongshu, Kuaishou, etc. Trump said in June that he would return to the White House in August. At present, July is about halfway through and there is not much time left for Biden. I personally look forward to Trump driving Biden out of the White House and sitting on the presidency again. If it is impossible to drive Biden away, it is recommended that Trump summon Cangzhou to form a new government and divide and rule with Biden. If Trump is determined to do so, and live broadcast the process of returning to the White House on Chinese social media. I believe that Trump’s fans will soon surpass the first-line internet celebrities, and even people from all over the world will sign up for Weibo, Station B, Zhihu, Douyin, Kuaishou… Therefore, I also suggest that Zhihu can seize this opportunity. Send someone to contact Trump and invite him to register Zhihu and open a column. Every day I update an article about my experience of returning to the White House, and I can also gain guidance from professionals in various fields, and Wolongfengyou can make suggestions in the message. I believe that even no matter how hard his fate is, Biden will not be able to withstand the curious plans of the vast number of Chinese netizens. Some toss may really send Trump back to the White House. I do not leave you here, I have already left you. I hope that the omnipotent netizens can pass my answer to Trump and tell him that there is a group of justices in the far east to support his return to the White House!

6 months ago

You don’t have to think about it, knowing that Wang can’t win. Those big companies are the real ruling class in the United States, and their will is the will of the United States. The United States’ administrative, legislative, and judicial systems have been completely castrated and domesticated by large companies in the long-term game. Those who cannot resist the rule of large companies cannot even collect individual taxes. Do you know the cyberpunk world, why are the ultimate villains a group of companies that cover the sky with only one hand? Because everyone in Europe and the United States with a little knowledge knows that the actual ruler of the Western world is not a weak and incompetent Western government at all, but a large capital group.

6 months ago

After so many years, I have understood Trump’s routines. In short, the way this buddy does things is 1. dare to brag about anything! Smooth out the fiscal deficit, fix China, fix Iran, fix North Korea, create good and cheap medical insurance, fix illegal immigration, fix the new crown virus… 2. How to fix the fiscal deficit by stealing the concept? How do tax cuts fix China? How to fix Iran with tariffs? How can North Korea be dealt with when the Iran nuclear agreement is launched? How did Kim Jong-un get medical insurance? How to abolish Obamacare and get an illegal immigrant to me? How to fix the new crown virus when repairing the wall? The big flu dances. Therefore, there is a legend that Trump is the president who has fulfilled the most promises, but when you look closely, the promises that have been fulfilled are secretly exchanged concepts. 3. To shirk responsibility for the fiscal deficit? It’s all Obama, the Democrats have a trade deficit? New museum virus? China, China, China, Iran, North Korea? They have medical insurance problems in their minds? The Democratic Party does not cooperate with the immigration issue? The Democratic Party, the deep-seated government is doing tricks this way, basically this is the routine! Recently, the cowhide of Trump’s return in August has been blown out again, regardless of whether he said it or not, the news spread anyway. Next is the time to steal the concept, litigation is only the first step, and there will definitely be sorrows in the future. After secretly changing the concept, it’s time to scold others. At this time, we are suing Twitter, Facebook, and Google. Actually, they are all ready to dump the pot. Anyway, my old special can’t return in August, it’s all the fault of the court and the Internet company! I have worked hard! You continue to support me and continue to make money! A similar routine was used when it hit Capitol Hill, boasting: I won the election! Swap the concept: Put pressure on Pence to prevent him from declaring Biden as president. Gathered to hit Capitol Hill. To shirk responsibility: the thugs will be wrong about my intentions, I didn’t say they would attack Capitol Hill! Pence is disobedient, the Democratic Party is persecuted… It is bad luck to be sold once, and to be sold twice is a bad brain.

6 months ago

Regardless of political stance, I think Lao Te’s prosecution is actually very positive. The freedom of speech in the United States actually has very important and far-reaching significance for this country of the United States. Needless to say, newspapers, radio, and television have or gradually lost their communication power and control. The role of social apps is very important. Deleting Old Te’s account obviously violated his freedom of speech, especially as a former president, he received this treatment for his huge wealth and political resources. Then don’t ordinary Americans want to delete them, how can freedom of speech be guaranteed? Is it possible that the CEOs or major shareholders of these social apps can be above the law? The focus of the debate is obviously that social apps need to prove that the deletion of Laote’s account is justified. At present, there is no obvious evidence to prove that Lao Te is inciting the people to conduct behaviors that seriously endanger public order. It is estimated that Lao Te will win the case. It is hoped that this case will finally enter the Supreme Court of the United States.

6 months ago

It should be viewed from two aspects, meaning to Trump personally and meaning to the world. Judging from the significance of Trump’s personal compensation, it is actually not very meaningful. Almost everyone knows that the US judicial system favors the rich. The more money, the more powerful it is, the less likely it is to be punished. Do several big companies seem to be short of money? In the end, there is a high probability that it will be ignored, and at most a point of painless punishment. For Lao Chuan, the greater significance is actually advertising, which is equivalent to telling his red-necked supporters that he is dissatisfied and that he will come to elect the president four years later, asking his supporters to continue waiting for him. Chaos, nothing more. But this lawsuit is actually a free publicity for other countries in the world, especially developing countries or vulnerable countries (especially countries where the three views are inconsistent with the US allies). This actually tells the world in disguise that the American media is controlled. Western media insists on not really freedom and democracy, but the interests of their chaebol families and other controlling groups. As long as they contradict their interests, they will be controlled. It was judged as “three wrong views”, “violation of human rights”, etc. From another perspective, it can weaken the authority and objectivity of the American media (you have become a group that speaks for capitalists, how can you care about the fairness and justice of other people’s homes? It is nothing more than disputes over interests), which points out the right of the American media to speak. The truth will further accelerate the collapse of the three views of the American people and cause more chaos.

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