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First of all, tell the truth that is buried by lies. The Taliban implemented an anti-drug policy during their ruling period. Even the anti-drug effect is quite effective. Of course, for a country like Afghanistan that has regarded the opium trade as its main economic pillar since the 1980s, the cliff-style drug control will cause economic chaos. Even so, during the four years from 1996 to 2000, the Afghan area controlled by the Taliban has gradually got rid of its heavy dependence on the opium trade. A ban on opium poppy cultivation was even promulgated in 1999. Do you think there is something wrong with history? In the northeastern part of Afghanistan not controlled by the Taliban, under the rule of the Northern Alliance, poppy production has tripled or quadrupled. The effectiveness of the Taliban’s anti-drug efforts in other regions has been completely offset by the Northern Alliance. Even to outsiders, Afghanistan’s opium poppy exports have intensified. After that, everyone knows it. In 2001, under the personal defeat of the US military, the Taliban regime was defeated and the Northern Alliance officially ruled the entire Afghanistan. Encouraged by the Northern Alliance, Afghanistan has completely become a country of poppies. So what I didn’t say, after the Taliban came to power, they would definitely get rid of the drug trade nationwide. Of course, it is basically impossible to expect a cliff-like anti-drug in Afghanistan, where poppy production has increased 40 times in the past 20 years. Take your time, let’s talk about the restoration of agriculture first. To add a more unbelievable truth: when the Afghan Taliban-controlled area was exhausted at the beginning of this century, poppy cultivation was indeed restarted as a source of arms, but at least after the active clearance of the US military was changed to a tortoise defense, the Taliban-controlled area was banning poppies. Planting, replanting food. The reason is simple, there is no need to buy guns for the time being, the puppet army will give them. However, the food embargo has a large population in the Taliban-controlled area, and everyone has to fill their stomachs.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Let’s talk about the conclusion first, and continue the civil war. The rise of the Taliban is largely due to the fact that the future described by the organization conforms to the vision of the Afghan civilians for the future of the country, such as “eradicating warlords and rebuilding the country”, “opposing corruption and restoring commerce”, coupled with strict discipline, brave combat, and The Taliban quickly gained a lot of popular support. However, after the Taliban came to power, they did not fulfill their political commitments. Not only did the disease prevail and the economy was deteriorating, but they also forcibly adopted a policy of dictatorship and integration of politics and church. Not only did the domestic support rate decrease, but also only Saudi Arabia, the international community, Recognized by Pakistan and the UAE. The Taliban people gradually lost their hearts, coupled with sheltering Osama bin Laden, they were soon driven into the mountains by NATO and the Northern Alliance. However, the Taliban were not discouraged. Instead, they adopted the road of encircling the cities from the countryside and operated in a bleak way for more than ten years. With religious mobilization, they gradually counterattacked by taking advantage of the terrain and turned the Northern Alliance into a defensive side. When the U.S. military decided to retreat, the current Afghan government felt the pressure because they knew that they could not defeat the Taliban without the support of the U.S. military. They could only release goodwill and hope to live in harmony with the Taliban, such as willing to recognize the legal status of the Taliban. Release Taliban prisoners, take the initiative to cease fire, etc. However, the Taliban does not buy it. You should never be softened. Now that the Taliban has announced that it controls more than 80% of the country’s territory, it seems that it is only a matter of time before the country is reunified. But the day the Taliban unified the country was when the civil war began again. First of all, the Taliban advocated strict Islamic law to rule Afghanistan. This means that many things have to go backwards in history. For example, women will no longer be allowed to go to school, and movies, television, and dancing will also be banned. In order to implement the above prohibition, the Taliban imitated Saudi Arabia’s “Punishment and Promotion Bureau” to establish religious police and severely punished those who violated the prohibition. Saudi Arabia’s religious police resisted whenever they oppressed, and Afghan civilians who have become accustomed to a more open environment are bound to resist. Second, although the Taliban are determined to establish a national government, they are unwilling to share power with others. This means that those in power can only be the Pashtuns who make up the majority of the Taliban, even though the Pashtuns only account for 42% of the country. The Pashtuns are the source of the Taliban’s strength. In addition, the Taliban opposes “tribal and feudal structures” and advocates the elimination of the leadership role of traditional tribal leaders. These two policies will inevitably cause dissatisfaction among the major political forces, factions, and tribes across the country, and these organizations generally have their own armed forces. Instead of letting the Taliban kick their noses, it is better to fight. Oh, by the way, the Taliban, like the Wahhabi and Deoband Schools, are extremely disgusted with Shiites, so they declared that the Hazara, which accounts for 10% of the country’s population, is not a Muslim. Finally, the Taliban are not monolithic. Although they are all Pashtuns, they split into the “Freedom League” (Jamaat-ul-Ahrar), “Guardians” (Hizb ul-Ahrar) and Mahmoud (Jamaat-ul-Ahrar) in 2014. Hakeemullah Mehsud) three factions. Now they have the Northern Alliance and the US military as common enemies, so they can stand together, but when these enemies do not exist, the distribution of power will naturally cause internal fights. In addition, don’t the Pakistani Taliban want to get a share of the pie? Therefore, if the US military ceases to intervene, the future Afghanistan will experience a brief reunification, and then once again become a place for all parties to fight for power. Afghanistan is not only an imperial cemetery, but also its own cemetery.

6 months ago

The American Foreign Policy (the magazine was founded by Huntington) once recorded a short story: When the Taliban arrived in Chalk, Logar Province in 2007, the teenager Jamal, who lived in the area, ran away. He was elsewhere. Unable to find a job, his family told him that since the Taliban arrived here, the security situation has improved a lot, and Jamal returned after receiving assurances from his family. His old principal recommended him to the Taliban. After review, the Taliban determined that the person was not a government spy. Taliban officials agreed to serve as a teacher. Then the elders in the village notified the officials of the education department in Kabul, and the officials appointed him as a teacher. Jamal works in a public school and is paid by the Kabul Ministry of Education, but the Taliban appointed supervisors to supervise his work. The elders or mullahs in the village will instruct school officials to pay teachers’ salaries, and sometimes do some censorship—for example, delete some pictures of women in textbooks. The hospital has a similar situation. The supervisor appointed by the Taliban needs to ensure that the hospital has sufficient doctors, medicines and medical equipment. For example, when Taliban officials think the place lacks medicines or equipment, they will ask the local health officials to call Kabul. Report application. Then the officials in Kabul will really approve. Spending American money to direct officials in Kabul to manage Afghanistan. So the Taliban has been the shadow government of Afghanistan for a long time! The people of Kabul will not govern the country, but the Taliban will. People in Kabul have no faith, but the Taliban do. So how does the US government manage Afghanistan? In fact, there is no governance. The U.S. military in Afghanistan is almost in a state of staying at home. No matter where the U.S. military goes, there are people who inform the Taliban. Then the Taliban will use the simplest weapon: a roadside bomb to serve the US military. Not only that. There is also a serious corruption problem here. Some time ago, a US plane crashed in Afghanistan, killing two people. At that time, many people guessed whether it was shot down by the Taliban. Later, the US military claimed that it was a “mechanical failure.” The official statement of the US military. After careful consideration, there was a gossip saying that the two deceased were auditors. …So as soon as the United States left, the Taliban made a comeback and quickly occupied most of Afghanistan. The Afghan government forces cultivated by the Americans are vulnerable to a single blow and are on the verge of collapse. Seeing that victory is on the horizon, the Taliban have learned from the experience of more than 20 years ago and have disclosed their strategy of governing the country. They will no longer be enemies of the world, especially China and the United States. The Taliban have long learned to keep pace with the times. As a prince of one party, they are also tied to the food and clothing of millions of water workers. Now that Russia is united with the United States, and the Belt and Road Initiative is actively connected, the future of Afghanistan is promising. In short, it is: Connecting Europe and Asia, traversing things, going from side to side, waiting for the price! From the perspective of the Chinese: when the People’s Liberation Army came, Stuart left, Stuart left, and the white paper came. These are all good things.

6 months ago

The future is already very clear. In accordance with the principle of “Afghanistan governing Afghan,” the formation of a coalition government and the establishment of a new constitutional convention will allow the Taliban to return to the political mainstream in a moderate manner. “Afghanis dominate and Afghans own,” and political negotiations are the only correct way to resolve the Afghan issue. On July 7, the Afghan government delegation and the Afghan Taliban delegation held a meeting in Tehran, the capital of Iran. The joint statement issued after the meeting pointed out that the two sides agreed that “war cannot solve the Afghan issue, and all attempts to resolve the conflict peacefully have been proven correct.” In fact, Afghanistan is more complicated, but it is most influenced by China, Russia and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. This meeting will be selected as allies of China and Russia. Iran, which is in power by the Shiites, can also be seen. The Northern Alliance is the current government of Afghanistan. A large part of it comes from the Tajik tribe. This is why it has been reported that government troops have fled to Tajikistan. It can be said that the Afghan government is an extension of Tajikistan’s influence in Afghanistan. The relationship between the Taliban and Pakistan and other countries is also very close. Foreign Minister Wang Yi just emphasized that the United States should not pat its buttocks and walk away. The United States quickly evacuated late at night, just to make Tajikistan, the Afghan government and the Taliban violent conflict. However, under China’s mediation, it is basically impossible. Instead, it exposed the embarrassing appearance of the United States in fleeing, which is very ridiculous. On July 8, Wang Wenbin presided over the press conference and said: As the initiator of the Afghan issue, the United States should ensure a smooth transition of the situation in Afghanistan in a responsible manner. Live war. As for the Taliban as a terrorist organization, China originally did not recognize it. After all, people take drug control seriously. China has good relations with the Taliban and the Afghan government, and China, Tajikistan, the Afghan government, and Pakistan are the four-nation anti-terrorist alliance. The opposition is not the Taliban, but the ISIS and East Turkistan elements. In the future, extremists and terrorists cultivated by the United States will be devastated. On July 7, the two sides issued a joint statement. In the statement, the two sides condemned the attacks and caused damage to public facilities such as residential houses, mosques and hospitals, and called for the punishment of the perpetrators. Refers to extremists and terrorist forces. From the beginning of the Syrian counterattack, we and Russia, Iran and other countries have officially started wars against the United States. Now Turkey and other countries have joined our camp. It can be said that on the road to Europe, we have already taken advantage of Central Asia and the Middle East. This time the United States was a complete failure. China doesn’t even plan to step down the United States, and has to take advantage of the momentum to point out that the United States is the source of disaster. Therefore, under the control of China, the two sides will definitely reduce military confrontation and negotiate friendly. Afghanistan will definitely establish a peaceful, safe and stable new government. Taliban spokesman Sohail Shaheen stated in an interview with the newspaper on the 7th that the Taliban welcomes China’s investment in Afghanistan’s reconstruction and promises to ensure the safety of Chinese personnel. “China is a friendly country, and we welcome them to participate in the reconstruction and development of Afghanistan.” He also emphasized that the Taliban has made a commitment not to allow anyone to use the land of Afghanistan to attack China and other countries, “whatever it is. Individuals and entities, regardless of which country they want to attack.” This is a promise to us. Obviously, the investment in Afghanistan by infrastructure madmen is a win-win situation. It will also be of great benefit to the development of the southern route of our Belt and Road Initiative, and we will wait and see. ps: Other countries will fill the vacancies left by the United States. On July 9, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin responded to the overnight withdrawal of US troops from Bagram Air Force Base and stated that China is willing to work with the international community and regional countries to continue to promote the peace and reconciliation process in Afghanistan and help Afghanistan achieve peace and stability at an early date. At the invitation of Turkmenistan’s Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Meledov, Tajikistan’s Foreign Minister Mukhridin, and Uzbekistan’s Foreign Minister Kamilov, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi will meet Turkmenistan and Tajikistan from July 12 to 16. , Uzbekistan visited and attended the meeting of the Council of Foreign Ministers of the Member States of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the “SCO-Afghanistan Liaison Group” foreign ministers meeting, and the “Central and South Asia: Challenges and Opportunities for Regional Connectivity” high-level international meetings.

6 months ago

It depends on the Taliban’s attitude towards China. So far, among foreigners in Afghanistan, Chinese are treated the best. This kind of goodness does not mean that local officials and police dare not ask for bribes from the Chinese, but that the local residents are friendly to the Chinese. At least the Chinese can get a corresponding return after paying the money. And can get the protection of local residents. I have friends who grow medicinal materials in Afghanistan. They are mountainous and the natural environment is conducive to medicinal plants. According to him, this business is easy to do. If a big imam is found in the local area, it means that the big imam will introduce a few village heads. Everyone negotiate the contract. Local people are responsible for everything in Afghanistan. And what he paid the locals was flour and cooking oil. They were purchased in Xinjiang and transported to local cities by car. The locals used donkey carts to pull out the medicinal materials and then transported the grains back. It’s as simple as it is. All you need to do is to honor the leaders, and it’s basically unimpeded. Whether it is the Taliban or the current government. They all turned a blind eye to his existence. His truck only needs a Chinese license plate. Even those who robbed the road will not rob, but become a checkpoint. You just give the money. When the car goes wrong, these people will help repair the car. This kind of favor is not to please the Chinese, but to trust the Chinese. The Afghans feel that the Chinese are like their distant relatives, and the Chinese can bring food and daily necessities. It can also teach them to grow agricultural and sideline products that the Chinese need. To be friendly to China will get the wealth returned by the Chinese. This is the foundation of Afghans’ friendship with China. And this understanding is deeply ingrained over the years. My friend is a decent working people. He was the first worker from China to assist Afghanistan. He spent three years in Afghanistan and more than ten years in Xinjiang. Lease the land of the Corps. In this business, he has no company, no factory, and even the car is leased. So I hired an agricultural technician to do the guidance. Only 200,000 a year. Not so profitable. But stable. I want to give this example. Many Chinese believe that foreigners are biased towards China, and of course they also hold biases towards foreigners. But the Afghan people are friendly to the Chinese. This stems from tradition. This is not the kind of courageous recognition that watched the king for another year. That’s the bad habit of poor relatives eating big households. The Afghans treat the Chinese as a kind of friendship between the neighbors in the village. Regarding how he went to Afghanistan, it is actually easy to walk within a short distance. It’s better to walk than walking along the Wakhan Corridor. People in Xinjiang know it, and I don’t need to popularize what I don’t know. But don’t think about one thing. As you know, Afghanistan is not northern Myanmar. Not Taiwan. He is a traditional Chinese vassal country, but they are only Dayuan vassal, Daming vassal, and their historical status is equal to that of the eighteen provinces of the Han family, and no one can be higher than anyone else. In addition, Xinjiang has a high status in the traditional Islamic world. So there is no such thing as Afghanistan’s coveting of China’s Xinjiang. Afghanistan needs China, and China needs Afghanistan. Afghanistan needs Chinese economic support and hopes to join the Chinese economic circle. This is culturally and geographically non-existent, and the important thing is that no other big countries cause trouble. China needs Afghanistan to guard Xinjiang and cut off the passage of Middle Eastern extremists into Xinjiang. Relying on trade with China and China’s armed asylum (he has five Central Asian countries to the north and Pakistan to the south, how would he behave if he does not join the SCO), Afghanistan can naturally enjoy peace and security. In the same way, China has Afghanistan guarding the east, which can naturally guarantee the security of the central line of the Belt and Road Initiative. This is basically a win-win situation. This is why no matter how unrest in Afghanistan, China will not intervene, because Afghanistan cannot be controlled by major powers. If it is controlled, such as the Soviet Union, China will inevitably intervene. The Afghan War China has 30 million military supplies a year (Americans pay the bills, Chinese treats) and the United States finally made the best summary of his attempt to control Afghanistan. Second, no matter who ultimately ruled Afghanistan, he can only get along with China in peace. So it depends on what the Taliban did. China doesn’t matter, but Afghanistan will be turbulent for another hundred years.

6 months ago

1. What is the Taliban? The Taliban originated in Afghanistan, which is not particularly well-known in the “Kandahar region”. Its transliteration is “Student of Islam.” Yes, you read that right. At first, most of the members were students. The future of Afghanistan described by it arouses the hope of many civilians and has gained a lot of support. Its birthplace: The Taliban was first formed in 1994. At the beginning of its establishment, the Taliban had only 800 people, which did not attract people’s attention. They held high the banner of eradicating warlords and rebuilding the country, and put forward proposals for opposing corruption and restoring commerce. They are disciplined and brave in combat. Therefore, they have won the support of Afghan civilians, which has greatly expanded the strength of the Taliban. A team of people, hundreds of tanks and dozens of jet fighters. 2. The Taliban makes a comeback. Although the United States has waged countless wars since its founding, and has fought against many countries, the war with Afghanistan can be regarded as the longest war in the history of the United States. Like the results of many previous wars, the United States has still not won the final victory in the war in Afghanistan after years of war. The Taliban, which the U.S. had previously vowed to defeat, are now making a comeback and aggressively “conquering cities” in Afghanistan. In the capital of Afghanistan, the Taliban’s front has only been more than 20 kilometers away from its western suburbs. Based on this, some foreign media predicted that perhaps a new round of “Saigon falls” will be staged in Afghanistan. As early as the 1970s, not long after the United States withdrew its troops from Vietnam, the Viet Cong successfully liberated Saigon at lightning speed and overthrew the South Vietnamese regime. At that time, the United States was busy engaging in a “cold war” struggle with the Soviet Union for hegemony, which was undoubtedly a very embarrassing situation for them. In short, Afghanistan will continue to be in a state of unrest and civil war in the future.

6 months ago

Let me start with the conclusion that the large-scale withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan is tantamount to declaring that the war in Afghanistan for many years ended in failure. The Taliban, who has been violently beaten by the US military for a long time, but resembles the unbeatable Xiaoqiang, is very likely to regain power in Afghanistan in the future. The chaos in Afghanistan will last at least ten years, which is tantamount to burying a thunder for us. In addition to the political turmoil, the economy of Afghanistan is also very collapsed. Afghanistan has been swallowed up and kidnapped by the drug economy. The drug economy now accounts for more than 30% of its GDP. Of the 250,000 to 300,000 civil servants, 100,000 of them benefit from the drug economy. In addition, 10% of the country’s total population takes drugs. In arid areas like Afghanistan, drug production is high, it can grow well without fertilization, and the economic benefits far exceed those of ordinary crops, so it is difficult for the government to find alternative crops for a while. These drug-controlled Afghan farmers resist the central government’s anti-drug policy, but are connected with the Taliban who encourage and help them grow opium. The weak government established by the Americans’ “freedom and democracy” is simply unable to resolve the deep crisis in Afghanistan. This is why the Americans can win the war in Afghanistan, but they will never be able to end this war. In the final analysis, the struggle against the Taliban is actually a struggle that Afghans have been engaged in for 170 years: the name of this struggle is “Out of Tradition and Entering Modernization.” Simply and rudely exporting “free democracy” to democracy will not succeed! Only by establishing a strong government, satisfying the interests of the largest number of peasants, and pulling them out of their backwardness, poverty, isolation, and ignorance, can they not resist the intimidation and temptation of the Taliban to return to ancient times and violent organizations. This is a more complicated and long battle. What’s interesting is that, unlike the serious and nervous faces of American soldiers, in Afghanistan, especially on the streets of cities like Kabul, almost everyone has a mobile phone, one or more, and many people have cars and motorcycles. In rural areas, there are also cheap small generators and televisions made in China, and sometimes pirated HBO TV series can be seen. Railways and highways extending to remote areas are also under construction. In fact, no nation is born to be warlike, and no one is born to like to kill, but all people must bow to the most mundane and trivial material life, build roads, build hospitals and schools for farmers, so that they can afford mobile phones, TVs and Motorcycles are the transformation that Afghanistan needs most and the most powerful weapon against all extreme religiousism. I wrote an article to introduce the history of Afghanistan. If you want to know more, you can read my article.

6 months ago

The layout of the Capitol Hill restaurant is different from other places. The table with the name tag is a seat exclusively for members of parliament, and members of the two houses are brought into the restaurant by waiters in formal dresses. Congress staff in short suits ended up working overtime and paid four dollars for a sandwich-this happened more than 20 years ago-now it has risen to ten dollars, and the waiter uses a microwave oven to turn it around at the congressman’s dining room. On the fast food bar, I had a hot meal and rested. The chairman of the Joint Council, Markely, was the only person in a formal dress to dine at the fast-food bar. After the Afghan war hearings were over, as soon as Marklely arrived at the dinner bar, everyone looked at him and smiled. Some shouted, “Your army is still serving as free bodyguards for the Chinese in Afghanistan!” He did not speak, but gave fifteen dollars. Knife, said to the waiter: “A sandwich, a glass of beer.” They deliberately shouted again: “You must have been urged by the president to withdraw troops again!” Markely opened his eyes and said, “Why are you talking like this… “What nonsense? I saw you being called by the congress masters the day before yesterday and scolded.” Makeleli blushed, and the blue veins on his forehead appeared, arguing, “You can’t be regarded as a bodyguard in a law and order war!” …Will soldiers be considered bodyguards when they are in war?” It is difficult to understand the words “country, honor, responsibility”, “quick response” and so on, which caused everyone to laugh: the inside and outside of the store were full of joy. air.

6 months ago

The Taliban (English: Taliban, meaning “Student of Islam”, also translated as the Bachelor of Theology) is an Islamic fundamentalist movement that originated in the Kandahar region of Afghanistan. The Taliban means student in Persian. Most of its members are students of Islamic schools in refugee camps in Afghanistan, so it is also called the Islamic Student Army. After its leader, Murvi Omar, was killed, the Taliban stated in early May 2011 that Pakistan would become the number one target of retaliation. The Taliban in Afghanistan issued a statement on May 25, 2016, confirming the death of its supreme leader Mullah Akhtar Mohammed Mansour and electing Haibatullah Akhundzada (Haibatullah Akhundzada) As the new supreme leader. From the night of November 12 to the early morning of November 13, 2001, with the support of powerful air fire from the US and British forces, the Afghan tribes attacked Kabul and held a ceremony to enter the city on the 13th. The Taliban regime was overthrown, and Afghanistan entered the era of war. Afghanistan has always been a war-torn country in history. At the same time, it has always been known as the cemetery of the empire. First the former Soviet Union and then the United States. The two major military powers both smashed and settled on the land of Afghanistan. The withdrawal of the United States can only leave Afghanistan with a turbulent society. The future Afghanistan will experience a process of civil unrest and then move towards stability. According to a series of speeches made by the Taliban after the Doha talks, the Taliban is also changing its politics. The strategy, if the new Afghanistan is established with an open attitude as claimed by the Taliban, then Afghanistan’s future will be prosperous. The root cause is that the internal conflicts of a country can only be resolved by itself, and any social ideology imposed on it by the country will fail.

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6 months ago

Before the Liberation War, the Communist Party had always been called a “communist bandit” to understand the government, so we must not look at what it said. Don’t look at how its enemies propagate it. You should look at what it has done. Its people’s assessment of terrorist organizations in the Middle East is like a fish in water, and it grows bigger and bigger. At least it proves that compared with the ruling government in the Middle East, terrorists are more popular. Perhaps terrorists will lose popular support in the future, but there will always be a new regime leading the future of the people in the Middle East. Afghanistan may be hell or heaven. . But at least they have hope after the United States is gone

6 months ago

I don’t know why China has countless political key analyses that are justified and well-founded, but they are basically always dismissed by everyone. Politics can be said to include business and money. But we don’t use money to make jokes but use politics to make jokes. This shows that we don’t take politics as a joke. It’s not that politicians are fools who don’t listen to other people’s opinions. According to my observations, many people are quite identifiable. This identity shows that experience and knowledge are serious and supposedly valuable wealth, but the government basically doesn’t listen. It is not only China’s foreign governments that are also ignored. Many people in private think tanks think that governments are too stupid to solve problems casually. It is true that some of the things that governments do are stupid and scary. It is better to do whatever they want. Contradictory. Everyone knows that the government is not a fool. The stupid things of such smart people are all because of the power government’s actions are based on power, and the government has no power. Naturally, it lacks value.

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