The geographical location of Minqin County in Gansu is sandwiched between the Badain Jaran Desert and the Tengger Desert, and has been swallowed by the desert year by year. Ma Junhe has entrusted his 15 years of youth to desert governance. Is this sense of accomplishment stronger than entering a major Internet company and doing business to earn money? If it were you, would you choose to hand over your best 15 years of youth to desert governance?

In addition to being moved and thank you! Because of his efforts, China’s environmental protection industry is flourishing, and because of his efforts, Minqin County in Northwest China is now like a shining pearl. When New China was first established, China was poor and white. The most serious problem was the desertification of northwestern China. Later, the country started the Three North Shelterbelt Project. My hometown in Xuzhou is not too far north, and I was disturbed by sandstorms when I was young. After growing up, I have also been to the deserts of northern China. Under the sunset, I looked at the vast desert. I still can’t forget the despair and fear in my heart. When I left the desert to see the green plants, my heart was full of gratitude to the tree planters. In 2019, NASA released a photo that made the world praise the Chinese people! In the past 20 years, the earth has seen a 5% increase in green area with the naked eye, and China has contributed a quarter of the increase in green area. Thank you for having too many people like Ma Junhe in China in these two decades. I first knew that Ma Junhe came from CCTV video news on April 29, 2018: “Anyone who has a dream is great. Ma Junhe: Keeping the oath in 12 years to make the sand an oasis”. Because of this video, I knew Ma Junhe and Minqin County. Looking at this place from the satellite map, the surrounding environment is not optimistic. But even so, people have persisted and struggled for 15 years. Ma Junhe, named “Fish in the Desert”, male, born in 1981, Han nationality, from Minqin, Gansu. The head and legal representative of Guodong Ecological Sand Industry Cooperative in Minqin County. The Director General of the Save Minqin Volunteers Association is responsible for the local work of Minqin, volunteer liaison tasks, and the operation of the Internet tree planting project in Minqin. In February 2016, it won the National Greening Medal. In May 2018, won the Green Guardian Award of the 8th “Mother River Award”. The post-80s, he gave up his job in the big city and accomplished an amazing thing under the scorching sun and in the wind and sand. Once, the news that “Minqin will disappear due to desertification” made Ma Junhe devote himself to planting saplings in the desert to stop the desertification process; The tree grows well. Fifteen years of hard work have yielded results and brought hope. (By the way, if you have a friend who wants to see the status of Ma Junhe planting trees, you can search for his Douyin. Douyin’s name is “Ma Ge of Suosuo”. After reading it, you will know the status of desertification in Minqin, Gansu. , And Ma Junhe has persisted for 15 years, how much hardship he has paid, this is indeed not what ordinary people can imagine.) “For the sake of sacrifice, how ambitious, dare to change the sky for the sun and the moon.” When the intrusion of sandstorms has become a story among the older generations in many cities, our generation should be more grateful to those people who are striving for the environmental cause of the Republic.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Now I am sitting in the company’s cubicle. The cubicle is about 1.5 square meters. On my left is the tablet and wireless charger, facing the host and display screen, and on the right is the company’s office phone with my neck. Wearing a cervical spine massage device. When the time comes to the summer of 2021 AD, mankind has been struggling towards the “dreamy 22nd century” in Doraemon for 21 years. I imagined that there are not many tools that can relieve all kinds of troubles, but there are more and more things that need to be charged. There are a lot of charging cables and adapters in the drawer. It’s very funny to say that the things I can do when I leave the store in my current life are almost zero. I stretched out my pocket and wanted to take a cigarette, but it didn’t happen. It turned out to be an e-cigarette. I watched the live broadcast a few days ago and said that there is no tar in the e-cigarette. It’s also charged with words…) Immediately sent electronic customer information for review… I can’t help but sigh that the 21st century is the century of biology, I don’t know, but the 21st century is definitely the century of charger cables and adapters. . Riding the last subway after get off work, recalling the past few years of work, I feel that I am getting closer and closer to the form of work, and farther and farther away from the longing life. If I give myself another chance, I will choose to live in such a dull life. Is it even a boring life as a worker? I began to recall the happy days of childhood. I remember the Arbor Day many years ago. It should be the time of elementary school. The school took us to plant a small sapling on a wasteland around the city river, against the setting sun, The shadow of the young sapling stretched very long. At that time, I also had a dream, pointing to a map, hoping to turn the desert in northwest China into an endless forest. When did you forget this little dream later? It was probably from the high school entrance exam… With my many thoughts, I couldn’t help but sigh that the grand propositions of environmental protection and nature are indeed far away from me. But I believe that out of ten thousand dreams, one thousand will never be forgotten, one hundred out of one thousand dreams will be put into action, and ten out of one hundred dreams will overcome difficulties and persevere. And the one that succeeds in the end is the flower of hope for dreams. This is Ma Ge, an entrepreneur who persists in environmental protection in the Tengger Desert, and has used his 15 years of youthful sweat to water 40,000 acres of Haloxylon groves. In his video, we can see fierce sandstorms, covering the sky over the villages. Sandstorms are serious disasters caused by the desert, and they are also stubborn diseases that can be curbed after years of treatment. After planting the sweet watermelon in the desert, we can also see the happy scene of everyone eating the watermelon and singing in joy. Minqin County is located between the Tengger Desert and another desert. He is like a nail, preventing the mixing of the two deserts. The achievements of sand control over the years and today’s extraordinary achievements are inseparable from every volunteer and entrepreneur who has struggled in the Northwest Desert. Fighting against the sky is endless joy, and fighting against the earth is endless joy. This is what the great man once told us, but in practice, he makes more sense. Sand prevention and control is not an easy task. In the vast desert, the sun may be shining at the first moment, but the next moment it will be covered with clouds, and then there will be heavy rain. In addition, there are also the problems of strong wind and drought. It is the people of Minqin County who have persisted for decades and have made the beautiful scenery of Minqin County today. Sand control and poverty control are twin brothers. If we do not fundamentally curb land desertification, the “poor roots” in the deserted areas will not be eradicated; if the production and living problems of the people in the deserted areas cannot be improved, the prevention and control of desertification will not last long. Land desertification is not only an ecological issue, but also a livelihood issue. Sand pressing in autumn and afforestation in spring have become a habit of Minqin people. The initial model of sand control was only considered from the environmental point of view, but with the accumulation of experience in sand control and the improvement of the level of science and technology, scientific and smart sand control is the consensus reached by everyone, which has brought obvious economic benefits. Minqin County has now become a very famous production base for Internet celebrity fruits. Now it is also an e-commerce big V with hundreds of thousands of fans. Every day, it is live broadcasting and selling Minqin’s unique desert fruits. A Minqin young man named Zhuang Yuan, rooted in his hometown, sold 10,000 singles of sweet ginseng fruit in a month. It turns out that the Internet has not only those tall terms, those page after page of PPT, those small grids and complex office documents, Internet e-commerce brings us, but also can have sweet fruits and endless blue sky and white clouds. , And simple and happy young man. Hard work to get rich is the eternal truth, insisting that there is always hope, the pale yellow ginseng fruit can be sweet. It turns out that there are people in this world who are realizing their childhood dreams bit by bit. 1.3 billion Chinese are 1.3 billion different miracles. Green water and green mountains are Jinshan Yinshan. It sounds like a beautiful fairy tale, but now it has become a happy reality. Hundreds of thousands of acres of shuttle trees, tens of thousands of acres of melon and fruit forests, and tens of thousands of working people who sweat for the protection of trade and fruit production, together wrote a new era, which belongs to us Chinese. My own fairy tale is also my own dream when I was a child-to turn deserts into forests, sand storms into breeze, yellow sands into emerald green fruit trees, and bitter rubble and gravel into sweet fruits and vegetables. The Minqin County that you see now is actually just a microcosm of the many achievements of the Chinese people in transforming nature and creating a better life. On the vast land of China, from the cold Mohe in the north, to the hot Nansha in the south, to the magnificent Xinjiang in the west, and to the vast Yellow Sea in the east, such a miracle is performed every day in the distant world. In fact, every profession has the value of every profession. In the high-rise buildings, you are also serving your own customers, just like a fruit grower in the desert, taking care of sweet fruits. In the harvest season, the fruit growers sell one after another from domestic and even foreign sales orders, and their efforts in the grid will definitely be affirmed by the boss, and the result of a promotion and salary increase. Come on, yourself! Come on, every struggling worker! (I feel more energized when I think about it here, haha.)

6 months ago

There are not many people who know Minqin. If you say Wuwei, you know more. In the second year of Emperor Wuwei of the Han Dynasty, Huo Qubing killed the Xiutu Royal Department of the Xiongnu, and established counties in the original address, named Wuwei, and expanded with Wuwei as the core. The region is Liangzhou. The Chinese have lived in Minqin for two thousand years. This is the important town of Huo Qubing’s garrison, this is the fortress of the Tang Dynasty communicating with the Western Regions, this is the base where the returnees return home, and this is the place where Zuo Zongtang carried the coffin. Minqin is with the history of the Chinese nation and with the heroes and martyrs of this land. Minqin also has mutton, cantaloupe, coal, wheat and Wuwei’s famous ginseng fruit. Such history should not be buried by yellow sand. If Huo Qubing guards the borders of the regime, then what Ma Junhe guards is the frontier of civilization. Ma Junhe planted the Cistanche cistanche tree, which is the host of the medicinal plant Cistanche cistanche. I always think that Cistanche is a very interesting name. The top of the head is green and the leaves are calm. This is not only the relationship between Cistanche and Cistanche, but also human. Relationship with extreme environments. No matter how big the wind and sand are, as long as you can see a touch of greenery, you will have the confidence to survive here. Forty thousand Haloxylon trees are the Great Wall of the Desert. Unlike the east, the towns in Gansu are dotted. Starting from Lanzhou, the major cities of Wuwei, Zhangye, Jiuquan, Guazhou, and Gansu are connected into a straight line. To the south of this line is the oasis market, and to the north is the desert yellow sand. Minqin is the only stronghold between the two deserts of Badain Jaran and Tengger to the north of this line. According to calculations made 16 years ago, this year is the day when Minqin was swallowed by yellow sand. But the people on this land do not agree, the history of this land does not agree, the mountains, rivers and trees that this land carries do not agree, and in this way, under a group of passionate dreams, mankind exercised the right to veto the desert. Why should Qiang Di blame the willow? The spring breeze can pass Yumen Pass.

6 months ago

Why our world is interesting is because we can choose many ways of living. For 15 years, I played the card four times a day from 9 to 5 every day, just like a wife and a child. I bury myself in the laboratory, literature, experiments, data, and papers every day. Face the computer every day, solve all kinds of weird needs, write programs, fix bugs, it’s too much. Every day I drove the car, running around, all kinds of smiling faces greeted people, just to sign the contract, yes. For fifteen years, digging pits, planting trees, and watering every day, too. The way of living is not high or low, but the value and meaning are different. I admire those who live their lives meaningfully! In fact, there are very few people who can think well and are willing to do something meaningful in their lives for decades. So a hundred years later, no one remembers who paid much, who posted a few articles in the first district, a few articles in the second district, and who made millions, but many people will remember who planted a certain forest. It was sensational for a while. In fact, planting trees is not unprofitable if the selection is appropriate. Even if it is a protection forest, it can be replaced. In the future, carbon trading can also obtain some long-term and stable returns.

6 months ago

Can understand his approach! Facing the place where I grew up, the fond memories of my childhood! The starting point in life, there are too many feelings and dissatisfaction, for him is a former ivory tower, the place where dreams began! Can’t bear to be overwhelmed by the wind and sand like this, I can only say that what he does is not only what he needs, but everyone has an obligation to do it. Soil erosion is a situation every year. If it becomes more and more serious, it is likely to lead to continued poor living conditions. We still have to take good care of our land and living resources.

6 months ago

For such a person, I admire, respect, and feel cordial. This is a person of flesh and blood, a person who has a lot of affection for his hometown. Ma Junhe’s hometown is between two deserts, and the conditions are hard to imagine. However, he chose to quit his job and go home and exchange his fifteen years of youth for the 40,000 mu of wind-proof and sand-fixing Haloxylon forest. This determination and courage And perseverance, it can be seen how deeply he loves his hometown, ordinary people have achieved extraordinary things. Think about myself, once hesitated, and once confused, how I should go in this life. My hometown is Jinzhai County, the second general county in the country. I just picked up the title of a poor county last year. I resigned from Guangzhou and chose to take a public examination. On the one hand, it is convenient to take care of the parents, on the other hand, I also want to make my life a bit worthwhile, seeing what I can do for my hometown, I have little strength, but I am willing to go all out. The pleasant scenery of my hometown is also the base of red culture and education. The Dabie Mountains sent 100,000 children to join the Red Army and 59 founding generals. My grandfather was the director of a garment factory. He thought about others and left him with any difficulties. After dividing the house, he chose a place where no one wanted him. You must have never seen a muddy stove burning wood for cooking. Last year this dilapidated house was demolished and the government repaired the new house. My grandfather is expected to live in the new house before the age of ninety. He also got the medal on July 1. I didn’t understand it before. I watched a lot and learned a lot before I gradually realized that the people of that era were very different from what we are today. Idealists are real and there are many! Now that we are living in an era of peace, we don’t need to throw our heads and blood like old Communists in the revolutionary war, but we still have our own mission. A generation has the responsibility of a generation, and there is always someone to do things. As a member of the Communist Party, I don’t build in my hometown, so who can I expect to build? Rural rejuvenation still needs people to do it, and it takes generations to work hard to solve the problem of unbalanced and inadequate development. I don’t have that much energy, I just hope that my meager efforts can slowly bring about some good changes in my hometown. For every ordinary person, the energy is large or small, regardless of whether it is noble or not, but only in personal choice. As long as you can love your job and do your job well, you are contributing to yourself and the country. Good luck for the interview tomorrow!

6 months ago

I was in Minqin and just entered the hotel. I just came to Minqin for a business trip today, and there is this Zhihu Hot Search, which is amazing. Is the hot search now all LBS? I looked at the map before I came, and a road came in, surrounded by deserts. The environment was originally expected to be very harsh. As a result, I saw a patch of haloxylon, willow, and Populus euphratica forest along the road. In some sections of the road, the shade of trees on both sides of the road blocked the sun, which was very shady. On the road, the driver’s master was very talkative and proudly told me about the recent results of sand control. He said that in the past there were deserts on both sides of the road, and now trees are planted. I think there are even some crops. The master also showed me the Hongyashan Reservoir, which is the largest desert reservoir in Asia. On the dam of the reservoir, a row of characters “Ensure Minqin will not become the second Lop Nur”. In addition to the support of a certain objective geographical environment, I think it is this belief and responsibility, as well as the dedication of countless people like Ma Junwen, that have achieved today’s results. The map shows that there are still many ant forests in the surrounding desert. In this regard, I also want to thank the Ant Group for its contribution to public welfare and the support of everyone who works hard to harvest energy every day. I believe that with the development of economy and technology, under the efforts of scientific sand control, there will be more and more such greens.

6 months ago

This reminds me of an example. Yang, the secretary of the original site committee of Baoshan, Yunnan, returned home to Shidian County in his hometown after retirement to plant trees and afforestation for more than 20 years. He gradually built the Daliangshan Forest Farm covering an area of 56,000 mu and accumulated living trees before his death. The Daliangshan Forest Farm, with an economic value of more than 300 million yuan, was handed over to the country free of charge, writing a magnificent poem of loyalty to the party and lifelong struggle for the cause of the party and the people. The man’s resignation to plant trees is more bold and admirable. Hometown is a place full of memories. It is everyone’s dream to protect the hometown and keep the memories. Our country is also more beautiful because of countless such selfless and great talents!

6 months ago

After consulting Ma Junhe’s information, not long after he became an adult, like most young people in the village, he left this yellow sand homeland and went to a big city to make a living. The environment in the south, with the fragrance of birds and flowers, is in sharp contrast with the yellow sand of the homeland, drought and lack of water. It may be because of this that Ma Junhe is deeply concerned about his hometown. According to a news report in 2004, some experts said that at the rate of desertification at that time, the two deserts will be closed in 17 years and the groundwater will be exhausted. Minqin will no longer be suitable for human survival and will be completely submerged in quicksand. This news must be shocking, especially for the locals. Maybe he wanted to return home in good clothes, but he was facing homelessness. I believe that many people go to work in other places. Once the job is stable and the income is good, they will continue to develop, but Ma Junhe does not. He has a sense of anxiety and a sense of mission that keeps in his mind. He still decides to abandon his job in the city and return to the edge of the desert. Minqin, his hometown, devotes himself to windbreak and sand fixation. Although personal value is important, Ma Junhe’s personal value is to achieve greater social value. “It’s easy to escape, but I don’t want to do that. I want to go back to my village and do something useful for my hometown.” Everyone has his own mission. I think his sense of mission makes me admire.

6 months ago

Such people are willing to be regarded as comrades and admire them. I once drove with a truck driver all the way from the Mu Us Desert to the Qiandao Lake. When he was on the Huangshan section, he kept sighing that you are so good in the south. There are green mountains and rivers everywhere, and so many trees can grow on the rocks. This sentence is really unforgettable for a long time. Most of us actually have a hard time understanding what a tree means in a wasteland or even a grassland, let alone a forest, or even tens of thousands of trees. You can try to find a plateau instead of the harsh natural environment of Gansu. It can also be a grassland in Inner Mongolia. Then you can camp and set up a few tents. Stay there for about 20 days. A few kilometers around is the grassland and a tree. No, believe me if you are a southerner, you can’t stand it in three days, and you can collapse in a week. We camped like this at the time. We camped in Inner Mongolia for three weeks. There was no tree in the surrounding area. It was uncomfortable to stay in the tent. It was also uncomfortable outside. It was still summer, the most comfortable month of the year. Even such a short period of effort is suffering. So his obsession with planting trees and preventing wind and fixing sand is understandable. However, what is really awesome is that after so many years, I have persisted. Such will and spirit really have the legacy of the revolutionary era. I would like to call him a soldier and a real warrior.

6 months ago

40,000 acres of balls have been planted in 15 years. What is the concept? 40,000 trees are very difficult. I don’t know what courage it is to encourage the guy. It is difficult for me to plant four acres of land to harvest in the fall, let alone this kind of public welfare thing. The great contribution the young man made to his hometown is worthy of encouragement and worthy of everyone to learn. It is not about learning to quit his job and planting trees, but how to protect the environment. Doing yourself is the best return to hometown and nature.

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