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This problem is something that everyone will experience. We must know how to stop losses in time and refuse to consume ourselves. How to forget a person? How to put down someone? How to make him regret it? Why is he so cruel not to contact? After each relationship is over, I will think about these issues again and again, and will repeatedly struggle with relief and not letting go. Cry for a while and laugh for a while. Can’t think about it for a while, think about it for a while. Suspicious. In fact, these are self-consumption. When a person resists not contacting you for about 20% of your time together, you can conclude that he doesn’t like you or doesn’t like you enough, no matter how enthusiastic you and him are at the time. The other party doesn’t contact you just because you don’t like it or love it enough. If you are willing to abandon you, you are of little importance to him. (It sounds sad, this is the truth.) After we break up, we must immediately stop investing in this relationship, and don’t try to move each other. You have to stop immediately, be calm, learn to comfort yourself, and understand that the other person will have a bad attitude next. After being broken up, we must maintain the calmest attitude to respond to him (no matter how wronged or doubted in his heart), don’t catch him and ask him questions about what’s wrong with him, and so on. You have to remember that you are fine. Worthy of being loved. He is just tired of you. I don’t love it, I don’t like it anymore. (This period will be difficult and will feel dark.) Don’t go to any social events and say discouraged words. Stay positive. Keep the sun. To remain youthful! ! When you’re bored, find something to do, buy groceries to cook for your family, learn cooking videos to bake small cakes yourself, and take vlogs. After success, you will feel a sense of accomplishment! Enjoy the sense of accomplishment and send them to social platforms. With positive words. Show your happiest side! Because life is worth it! Life is his own, and whoever loses is alive. The rest is left to time to dilute. Let it go, understand that this is the reality, and love is just as cruel. People who have no blood relationship with you have no obligation to be nice to you all the time. We will encounter various things along the way, which we regard as growth. make change. Move forward. How do I know which one is suitable for me?


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

How fast is it? Is 2 months considered fast? In terms of my own experience, I divorced at the end of April this year and gave up a 17-year relationship. The first month is to think in retreat, why did I give up? What did I do right in this relationship? What did i do wrong? What is the most important thing in future life? I am unemployed and divorced, how will I live in the future? This is the stage where I have been thinking very intensively for more than ten years. After thinking about it, I realized that I just failed emotionally, not me as a person. I reflected on my own problems, I also saw the other side’s problems clearly, and tried to communicate, so I don’t regret making this decision! In the second month, I started to contact close friends of the same sex, including friends, friends, and girlfriends. Tell them about my situation and exchange ideas. Listen to their suggestions. Use chat to sort out your thoughts and express your emotions. In the past two months, I have experienced a lot of dog-blooded plots. I also put myself in a very low position to communicate with each other, and I also feel that I regret and want to look back… These are all normal, I accept and surrender. A person’s life is experience. Having experienced good and bad experience can only one not be happy with things and not be sad with oneself. Think about the specific operation from the beginning, thinking of what is what. From the second month, start fitness, exercise is the medicine to dispel depression

6 months ago

In fact, the best way is to replace it with another person, which is a better ending. If you can’t, you can only get through it slowly. 1. Attitude is very important, you must look forward, the more you remember, the sadder you will be. 2. Get together with friends and remember to stay alone. 3. Find more things to do and don’t let yourself be too idle. 4. Don’t repeatedly delete contact information and add again, remember to entangle the other party, otherwise it will only be painfully busy and stretched. 5. Think more about beautiful things, be positive, optimistic, and open-minded. 6. If you have a hobby, go ahead and develop one if you don’t have a hobby.

6 months ago

After being broken up for more than half a month, my heart gradually calmed down. My memory still hurts a little bit. When I broke up, I always wanted to communicate with him, but he stopped answering my phone, refused to communicate with me anymore, and even said something very hurtful, saying that I was sick and no longer needed me. such a man. Contacting him at that time was like a drowning person looking for a driftwood, but the driftwood didn’t pull me up, but instead gave me a stick. In the few days when I was broken up, I shed tears and lost four pounds in a week. I kept wondering if I did not do well enough, and even worried that there was something unspeakable about him doing this to me. Constantly entangled whether he loved me or not, how could he be so unfeeling about these questions. Until I added him to WeChat after a week, he failed and sent him a text message but didn’t reply. When I saw his king go online normally, I gave up and let it go. Blacked him out, yeah. Others are living happily, and I have to work hard to move forward. After being broken up, many girls suddenly feel uncomfortable, think of a lot of each other’s goodness, and even fall into excessive self-blame, wondering if I understood him a little more at the beginning, was it because I was too clingy to let him down , Have you been together for too long, no freshness? I always feel that I didn’t manage well and let him go. Sisters, they didn’t even give us the opportunity to communicate and make efforts, using the most cruel way. Knife in our hearts. Even if you did it again before, and then made trouble unreasonably, he was wrong at this moment. Don’t doubt yourself, everything you feel at that time is true, and it won’t change because of how you do it. Maybe he loved it, but if he doesn’t love it, he doesn’t love it anymore. There is no reason. After being broken up, I have time to go for a run. Exercise really helps a lot. The feeling of sweating made me finally fall asleep. I don’t want to dream of him anymore. Because I still feel confused when I get up in the morning, does this person leave my life like this? All the pain in this world is due to unwillingness to accept reality. The reason why you are suffering is because your heart does not accept the fact that you have broken up, and the first step for you to get rid of the pain is to learn to accept this fact. I accepted. I have been with him for nearly two years, and I have understood each other’s situation. I have always been determined to be this person, and rely on him as if he were a relative. I haven’t thought about the house or car. I don’t think it will be a problem as long as it is him. I have always wanted to have a good result with him, and have been working hard in this direction. After breaking up, I looked at these things rationally. In fact, many things have no results. It may not be good to go, but now is the best result. Now I can control my emotions, eat well, and do my own things normally. This disappointment let me know that I must love myself and my family. Only your family will stay with you. During this period of time, I had to hug my mother every day, she might know it, but she didn’t ask. Leave everything to time. Time will heal everything. Why do you want to write this? I just want more friends who are struggling in pain to gain more courage to come out. I tell you from personal experience that although a broken relationship is painful and fatal, you must firmly believe that it is not terrible, because it will pass and you will really get better, just like you have a bad cold that will be good. Have you ever tried to catch a cold? Although you still have a little cough in the later stage, you know that your cold is going to heal soon. I feel this way now. It will all get better, love is to make people gentle and brave, not to make people feel wronged or compromised from time to time. Look forward! Come on!

6 months ago

The best way is… there is no way, just leave it to time. If you really like someone, you can’t quickly let go of him in the short term, because not getting it is a great sense of lack for you. You always worry about the feeling that you can’t afford to love, and the more you understand If you don’t get it, the easier it is to imagine what it will be like and how happy you will be. You will always be immersed in vain happiness and loss and lose motivation. And time will dilute all of this, because real life changes dynamically, he will have many unexpected surprises to fill your boring life, so that you have the confidence to continue living. When you want to forget this person, you might as well socialize more, communicate more, do more of what you have always wanted to do to distract your attention. When you have improved your own abilities in a certain field, you will gain tremendous The satisfaction of love, this is the happiness that love cannot do without. You will forget this person briefly but completely. In the first semester of my freshman year, I liked a boy. I confessed twice abruptly and was rejected twice. I slowly accepted the fact that I would never get his heart. I started to want to be cheerful. I actively participated in many social activities and learned from the words and behaviors of other people, gradually diminishing the scars of rejection in my confession. . Of course, I still think of the boy, I started to lose weight and become beautiful day by day-I sometimes get lost, think I am working so hard for that boy? After careful thinking, I can say with certainty that I have had this idea of ​​wanting to be outstanding and let him notice, but it is not my original intention. My original intention is to gain an unprecedented self out of the dark and safe zone and become A girl who can be worthy of a better boy, rather than regaining my old love. The past is the past. Not all your heartbeats go both ways. Some things are doomed to regret. So I want to say that forgetting a person is actually very difficult, because no one will fully let go of what you can’t get. What we can do is avoid the law, and slowly dilute this while we don’t touch and don’t want to listen. It’s hard to remember, in fact, when we really face the fact that we don’t get something, we will still be unnatural and shaken. But my dear, as time goes by, when you come into contact with and experience more things, you will find that what you haven’t had is not worth mentioning. This kind of unnaturalness will be ignored with the confidence you have. . We can’t let go, but we can completely accept the fact that we can’t let go. Time + action. It’s the best way to forget a person. So if you want to forget him (her), don’t let yourself be idle and do more useful things. For yourself, every brave attempt is progress. I hope that what we get is the favorite, and what we don’t get is relieved.

6 months ago

Why is it so painful for people to be broken in love, and even many people can’t get out of the broken love, or get away from it. Don’t they know that the relationship is actually not so suitable or has ended? But the reality is that sometimes it is difficult and unwilling to face the real cruelty. As long as the thought, starting from you, you and I must completely turn from the closest people to familiar strangers, it will inevitably make people feel heartache. It’s just that some people have the courage to start with themselves, and some are used to being timid, so they procrastinate and slowly become tasteless. Regarding getting out of a broken relationship, I have some private suggestions that I want to share with you. It probably consists of the following six steps. Basically, this is the necessary stage for most people to gradually go from a broken relationship to a dull to forgetfulness after breaking up. The first stage: self-deception, self-deception, telling myself to leave him, I can actually live better. Usually this is a habitual idea of ​​many men and women after breaking up, and it is also a human instinctive protection mechanism. But in my opinion, instead of pretending to be a strong repression, it is better to explode openly, which may be more effective. This is why it is often more difficult for men to get out after a broken relationship than for girls. That’s because many men habitually suppress their negative emotions when facing a broken relationship, and even deceive themselves. Including immediately find a new love to divert attention, thinking that you can completely forget the ex, in fact, this method is tantamount to drinking poison to quench thirst. What I want to say about this is: honestly and generously admit that you are sad, you just care about that person, and you can’t let go of your past. Just accept it, let yourself accept it is actually the first step out of a broken relationship. What is better for a person or I have never cared about him, this kind of self-deception will only make you more depressed and ridiculous later on. The second stage: the awake and painful stage to find that a person is not so good in life, I can’t help but want to find him. This stage is your initial acceptance stage from the state of two people to the state of one person. Maybe you walk on the road or pass through a certain street, and there are still memories that you have walked together. Perhaps a restaurant you just passed by is the place where you ate together last time, and even the owner of the restaurant will ask: “Why didn’t your partner come with you.” Yes, you have broken up and cannot go back again. Now you are a person, and you slowly accept the reality of a person’s life. Life without him is really painful, but life tells you: “Let’s work on this bitter bar together.” The third stage: the numb and sensitive period slowly get used to and accept the objective facts that you can’t go back. At this stage, you will consciously avoid the past between you and everything related to this person. Even if your friends around you want to mention him, you don’t want to continue talking about everything related to that person. Because at the moment you are planning to start again. Although you will think about the bits and pieces of the relationship from time to time, the places you didn’t do well, and the places where the other party hurt you, but you are very clear: it is not your own problem. Just like the song “It’s not that simple” sings: “I don’t want to have too much emotion with a glass of red wine to match the movie.” After a broken relationship, in fact, no emotion is also a good emotion. At least for this moment, you can face every bit of it calmly. No longer blindly accuse, complain, regret or pain, but more of acceptance and surrender. The fourth stage: the retry period. Get used to the early days of a person’s life and want to try things that have not been tried before. You will also come into contact with the new opposite sex. At this time, you will still unconsciously compare the new opposite sex with your predecessor. At this moment, your eyes are beginning to be willing to notice other opposite sexes around you. Although you are getting along with other people of the opposite sex, you may unconsciously recall your last tenure in your mind, or even the things you did with the last one. But you know very well that it is time to step out and accept the fact that “you are not suitable”. You also try to travel alone instead of waiting until he has time to accompany you. You begin to exercise, you begin to pay attention to the rules of life, and you begin to focus more on your work and life. Slowly, you actually find that a person’s condition is also very good. The fifth stage: Forgive the past, more and more accept the current state of life, and slowly learn to forgive the past. This stage is when you increasingly find the fun of a person’s life. Or some people are lucky enough to have new objects of their own at this stage. But no matter what, thank the person who once brought you this mental journey. Even if at this moment you are just strangers who have been familiar with each other, at least each other has participated in each other’s life, even if the time is short enough. It is precisely because of pain, regret, and melancholy that you will have the motivation to change. Adults’ feelings should actually be more chic. Since they can’t be together, it’s enough for each to be well. This is probably what I mean when we break up and meet my character. The sixth stage: Get out of your broken love, get out of your broken love, and enter a new stage of your life. At this moment, you have completely walked out of the shadow of broken love, and you are more aware of what kind of person you need in love and what is really suitable for you. “I will pick you up as far as you come. If you go, I won’t see you off.” Goodbye, ex!

6 months ago

Ah, this… I seem to be able to answer this question at once… I am a Sagittarius girl, I can honestly say that I have never been in a relationship for more than three months, and I It can be said with certainty that I take every relationship seriously. I can get out of a relationship very quickly. Maybe it’s because the relationship foundation is not stable enough, maybe it’s because of my personality. To be honest, every time I break up, I feel very uncomfortable at the beginning. Then I start to think, why did we break up? So I began to analyze various reasons, mine, and the other party’s. Yep! ! ! After the breakup, the resumption began. In the end, you will find that there are many problems that cannot be solved when you break up. The person who used to shine in your eyes has long been nothing. People who are nothing naturally let go. If you still can’t let it go, think about the other side’s fault. If I convince myself, how can I still miss this kind of person? Life, there are too many forks on this road. Most of the people you meet will only stay by your side and walk with you for a short period of time. So don’t stay or rush, look forward.

6 months ago

To recognize the other party, first do not rush to deny the other party and belittle the other half, because the person is yours. This is equivalent to denying yourself. This will not be very unconfident. Recognize the other party, recognize the other party’s strengths, and see your own shortcomings Clear reality, what is the essence of the reason for not persisting (most of them are inappropriate). Recognize this relationship, recognize your own feelings for each other, and face the current feelings calmly. Breaking up will make people very uncomfortable. The dopamine secretion brought about by dating will make the body very happy. Breaking up will make the brain disturbed and dopamine secretion. Decline is unacceptable, which is why some people are going to die after breaking up. Simply put, they are addicted. At this time, you have to divert your attention and understand that a lot of things have happened and you can’t go back. Control yourself and digest your emotions slowly. You have to understand that all people in this world do not come for no reason. They will always bring you something. When too many people come and go, meeting and separation will bring you something and teach you something. We can only do ourselves well. Everything for the past is the prologue. You can add two settings in your brain. ① The ending must be good. If it is not good now, then there is no ending yet. You have your own destiny and mission, and God will give you Help, let you accomplish the ultimate goal. ②Everything you meet and see in the world brings you something, and everything you happen now is to pave the way for certain things in the future. Then all you have to do is to discover your mission, stick to it, and constantly look for the signs that God has given you, seize these opportunities, become a better version of yourself, and realize your own value. Then the pain of your current relationship is to make you welcome the next better person. This relationship allows you to grow and transform. This is to pave the way for the future. Once you accept this setting, you will have infinite motivation in life. If you are serious at the end, it is difficult to let go of a relationship quickly, but if you really want to give up, don’t care whether you have regrets (no matter what you choose, you will have regrets), then you must never look back and don’t be softhearted. Don’t think about it (if you can’t help but don’t think about it, restraint will be more uncomfortable), don’t look back, don’t be soft, don’t go to her. Find something to do, keep yourself busy, the kind of busy to death, it is best to fall asleep in bed at night. Because before going to bed is the most uncomfortable verse

6 months ago

Play games, eat two good meals, stop looking for those friends, work harder, get a small cup of milk every day before going to bed, get up the next morning and go for exercise, memorize a dictionary next to me, and memorize words when I’m fine. In short, don’t let yourself stop, it will pass.

6 months ago

You have to think, if a person is right, she will still come back after going around. But if it was wrong at the beginning, then there will be no results in the end. A person will always meet the right person in his entire life. You like her very much now, but after you touched her for a long time, you fell in love with other people, so what you didn’t let go of at the beginning was to use yourself to find sin. Why is there a scumbag in the world? Isn’t it that you don’t like me. If I find someone else, you just say that I have never liked you, so how can you like me? Right, since she doesn’t like me, why don’t I leave the best for those who like me. So, rest assured. Yuelao is destined to lead the red line.

6 months ago

For this question, there are many answers to find the next one to play down everything before, but I feel that this is not right. If we do everything, but whoever pays for the pain of the next one, we are all different individuals, no We should treat others as substitutes in this way. Everyone is unique. They are the treasures of their parents, and they are friends and bosom friends (except for some people with uncorrected views). They are the light in the eyes of the suitor. Why should we treat him/her as such? It is the shadow of the person you love. If the person in your heart is not cleaned up, you will not find the next one. This is not the reason you use it to downplay your feelings.

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