At the Chunqiu Tangyuan Film and Television Base in Hengdian, Zhejiang, many costume drama crews are currently filming. A staff member told reporters that his crew started filming on June 25, and it would take more than two hundred actual filming days. As there are more special effects, and four months to six months later, it is expected that the show will be able to meet the audience in ten months.
Judging from the video subtitles, the interview was filming the film and television series “Zhong Zi”.

You are a reporter and received an ordinary interview task: Interview purpose: through an interview with the Hengdian crew, to show the excellent results of China’s epidemic prevention and control. The desired effect: ①It is best to have more exposure. ②It is best to have young people, and to show prosperity under good epidemic prevention and control. ③If there are celebrities, it is better to be safer. Don’t overturn the stars in the future, netizens laugh at us incidentally, and get scolded by the leader. ④ Even if the crew and actors don’t pay attention to Yang Chaoyue, they probably know that she has always given people the following impressions: ①No matter what news, it falls on her inexplicably The degree of local discussion is a bit higher. ②Young, good image ③I dare not say in the future, at least the previous things are impossible to overturn, and the effect is safe: ①The hot search on multiple platforms, Weibo directly tops the hot one, the reading volume is 600 million, and an ordinary interview task is completed. A small breaking news. ② CCTV’s TV stations have reprinted reports, such as cctv4, cgtv. If I were an ordinary reporter and received such an ordinary interview task, when I knew that there was Yang Chaoyue in the Hengdian crew, no matter how weakly sensitive I was, I would take Yang Chaoyue’s interview as one of the materials and wait for the leadership to check it. If I were an ordinary reporter and received such an ordinary interview task, the result was not too much effort but the interview effect was very good, I would also see Yang Chaoyue more pleasing to the eye.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

I don’t think it’s a random interview. It should be done cautiously, and the plan must be approved. There is no beauty or filter under CCTV’s lens, which makes many celebrities stumble. However, there are exceptions to everything. Yang Chaochao’s high-profile appearance under the CCTV lens has been on the hot search. Yang Chaoyue entered the group in June to shoot “Re-Purple”. It is estimated that this shot will not be completed until the end of the year. It is very fulfilling and busy. Hundreds of film crews stationed in Hengdian showed the prosperity of China’s film and television industry, and the revitalized film and television industry is also a microcosm of all walks of life in China! What do you think of CCTV Hengdian’s interview with the crew of “Re-purple”? CCTV’s interview with Yang Chaoyue expresses the daily efforts of the film and television industry and promotes internally and externally! It happened that Yang Chaoyue worked overtime in Hengdian to “move bricks” and was working hard to be busy filming on the spot. Although I haven’t seen Yang Chaoyue’s performance on the spot, I only saw the photos, but I really feel that she is pretty. She has the opportunity to be selected by CCTV, and she has also become a representative of the film and television industry to resume work and production. There is nothing strange about it!

6 months ago

Actually, I really want to write more and answer seriously. But every time I answer the question about “Beyond Sister”, there are too many answers. A group of netizens start to say that Yang Hu is ruled by the rice circle. Wait for no answer, and they say “Beyond Sister”. I’m confused, fans are all lost, I’m speechless, sucking flowers doesn’t mean losing, black fans don’t use boring routines to show existence, black fans and sourness are really hard to wait… It’s not the first time that I have been on CCTV. No fuss, the crew, sister and others are just cooperating with the national propaganda to resume work and production; by the way, let’s make an advertisement, come to see Sister Jingyu on 7.23, and the black fans are here too!

6 months ago

There is a high probability that CCTV has such a project and will go to Hengdian for an interview. And Yang Chaoyue’s crew happened to be there. At this time, the alternatives may be ABCED’s various crews, and Yang Chaoyue is the most famous among them. He can also choose other unknown supporting roles or old drama bones, or third and fourth line starlets who have been mixed for a long time. CCTV reporters also have performance appraisals, and he can rely on the platform to interview Yang Chaochao, and Yang has traffic. Why not interview. Feel that you have too much bonus? I have this feeling because I just talked to CCTV reporters recently, celebrating this in a hundred years, and almost all the traffic that has something to do with it has been interviewed or on the show. Their group happened to shoot a combination of three hundred points in the recent college entrance examination. It should be a line connected to a certain area. When it comes to the three-percent combination, they are very moved. Many of CCTV’s reporters, photographers, directors, etc. are all obtained by art exams, but their scores are very high. More than six hundred points, the first few days of the art exam, continuous reading of the undergraduate and master’s degree, all kinds of back lines, practice throat, carry on and off the equipment, go in and start from the bottom, and barely mix some shots with good looks. They looked very glamorous, basically relying on wages and bonuses for food, mortgages, appointments, and other pressures weighed on them a lot. As for a few children, there is no art test yet, and the tuition fee is 300,000 per person. Seven million funds. While feeling distressed, we still have to discuss the program as much as possible, and try to overtake the other groups so that we can set a good time period. If their fans give a little bit of effort and more traffic, the bonus will fall. The CCTV platform is very powerful, with many vested interests. But most of the employees at the bottom are ordinary people, who need to eat.

6 months ago

Check out the English report of China International Television Station CGTN (formerly CCTV Foreign Language Channel), Despite the scorching summer heat, more than one hundred film crew members are busily working on their productions at China’s biggest film base. Teen idol Yang Chaoyue is among the many actors and actresses filming on site. This report by CCTV reflects the current situation of China’s film and television industry in full swing, and it is also a microcosm of all walks of life in China after the new crown epidemic is controlled. This is the daily effort of the news media to tell the Chinese story well and deserves encouragement. Why interview Yang Chaoyue? Because Yang Chaoyue participated in the TV series Zhongzi as an actor, he happened to work overtime to “move bricks” in Hengdian. During the CCTV interview, Yang Chaoyue, like many actors, was busy filming the scene. Therefore, she has the opportunity to be selected by the media to be interviewed as a representative of the resumption of work and production in the film and television industry and participate in telling Chinese stories. CCTV Finance Channel (CCTV2), CCTV Chinese International Channel (CCTV4), China International Television Station (CGTN) English and French channels successively broadcast interviews with Yang Chaoyue. Related topics such as “Yang Chaoyue under the lens of CCTV” have attracted attention. Judging from the effect of public opinion, this is a very successful interview.

6 months ago

Why in 2022, some people will disss others from acting professional background. It is well known that most of the students majoring in acting in the world cannot get the experience of starring in film and television dramas in universities. Except for a few top-notch ones, it is good for most students to have the opportunity to play a few supporting roles in four years. Yang Chaoyue has participated in about 10 film and television dramas in 3 years. This is an acting student with more than 95% practical experience. If you are an HR of a major Internet company, you will receive two resumes. One is a third-year computer student at the university. In the summer, he went to an Internet company for an internship for a few months. Another non-computer background, but participated in about 10 projects in the goose factory within three years, good performance and continuous upgrade of resources obtained, began to become the main person in charge of several large projects in the third year. Who is more likely to be admitted if the same two people are applying for a job? The original question said that the central government doesn’t interview those who have professional academic qualifications in acting. The background does not mean everything. In society, performance is more important. The goose factory gives resources based on profits, and the media gives shots based on program effects. The essence is to look at kpi.

6 months ago

Actually, to be honest, Yang Chaoyue’s appearance on CCTV news is nothing new. It has been in my impressions many times, including Yang Chaoyue specifically mentioned in the 2018 annual review, including the World Basketball Federation Basketball World Cup. The lottery ceremony included several interviews with Chinese film reports, as well as speeches on poverty alleviation. In Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, he also won the 2018 Chinese Performing Artist of the Year Award, and was featured in People Magazine…! What can I say, at least among the new generation of entertainers, the official media’s impression of Yang Chaochao should be positive and positive, including several reports that are fair and positive! So if CCTV were to go to Hengdian to do this interview, and Yang Chaoyue happened to be there again to film the film, then they would go to interview Yang Chaoyue as a matter of course. This is a normal thing! And I also think it is a very common thing, no fuss! Normal operation!

6 months ago

The only thing I care about is that this drama will actually take so long to be filmed? More than 200 days, seven months. The average drama is about 10 episodes a month, and a drama is 3-4 months. Chongzi’s drama is said to be 40 episodes, 7 months of filming is quite a long time, I hope that under the slow work can produce fine products. Yang Chaochao accepted the interview even wearing a beggar’s clothes. This appearance can be regarded as quite sincere in the look of a beggar, it is really tattered. Fortunately, there is a beautiful base, and it looks good when dressed as a little beggar. I understand that this interview mainly uses specific details to explain that my country’s epidemic prevention work is doing well, and all walks of life have completed the resumption of work and production. Originally, no matter which crew you interviewed can explain the problem, but since there are so many crews to choose from, it is better to choose the most seductive one.

6 months ago

Not only CCTV, but CCTV2 CCTV Finance Channel, mainly interviewing the crew of Hengdian, after all, the flow of filming funds is still very large. Why did you interview the crew of “Zhong Zi” and Yang Chaoyue? Just to look good on TV, let me ask who doesn’t like to watch some beautiful things. I have to ask if there is any deeper reason, of course there is no, I can only say that the crew of “Zhong Zi” is lucky. It is said that he can still be beautiful under the lens of CCTV, which just shows that Yang Chaoyue’s true appearance is still resistant. Now, we will increase a lot of fans again. The drama “Re-purple” will also receive more attention. Whether it looks good or not, we have to wait for the show to be released. I hope the crew can do it for themselves and don’t let everyone down. After all, a good drama is rare.

6 months ago

Sister Chaoyue is a native artist who naturally grew out of young Chinese artists. She was seen through the creation of 101 and chosen by the public to make her debut. She is not an artist trained by the assembly line. The image is good, positive and upbeat. Since his debut, he has been playing steadily. Now he has a clear goal, which is to take the path of actors and make every drama well. The growth line of the past three years of surpassing sister reflects the process of constantly striving, overcoming difficulties, and constantly becoming stronger. These are the directions that mainstream media want to guide young people, and it is normal to be selected for interviews.

6 months ago

Generally speaking, the interviewee must be representative. Let’s take a look at the title. This topic is related to the resumption of work and production of the crew, and the reception crew increased by 90%. Then this “Re-Purple” crew is a very representative crew selected by the director among these 90%. And transcendence is a very representative actor. In addition, I don’t know what camera CCTV news uses. In this era, mobile phones have filters. Everyone says that the CCTV lens has no filter, it is a magic mirror, it is true, but it must be distinguished. The lens effect produced by the machine in the stage and studio is still much stronger than the news lens. Therefore, the director of this news will also consider finding some actors who are particularly resistant to the camera. Finally, someone asked if the news took a small portable machine without a filter and made people ugly, would anyone come to look for it. Of course someone will come looking for it, especially the female leader, and it’s annoying.

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