I am expected to pick up the car in July, 100,000-150,000, and recommend a car; I am in a different city from my wife, because the shuttle bus is running out too late, so I want to go to see my wife after get off work on Friday. Jingkun Expressway is about 120 kilometers away. It is basically possible to drive at night; in addition, it is used to go home on holidays like National Day. There is a dirt road in my hometown. I want to spend as little as possible and recommend a car with a higher cost performance.

According to this question, first of all, I am quite sure that the subject of the question is a car novice, so I do not recommend second-hand cars with deep water, and only recommend new cars. Secondly, based on the condition of “120,000 yuan in hand”, I would recommend focusing on domestic brands, because the domestic brands that have landed prices are usually good and cheap. If you still have a prejudice against domestic brands, then I can only say: boy, you are out. Finally, the subject’s question is relatively broad, and there is no clear demand for the car. In fact, for most brands, this issue has been taken into account when planning their product sequence-as much as possible to use the universality of their own products to meet the needs of different consumers, such as Pentium. Then we classify according to the usage scenarios, starting from the four categories of singles playing, family with children, multi-family family, and home-business dual-use, we recommend several cars according to different types of usage needs. The subject can choose according to their own situation. . Note: The “family with a baby” here refers to a family of three, and it is not applicable to families with two or more children. There are two main requirements for the car with a baby family: 1. Large rear space: it is more convenient to install and disassemble the child seat, and it is also more convenient to eat and play with toys when bringing the baby in the back. 2. Lots of scattered storage space: When you bring a baby, you need to prepare a lot of things such as baby bottles, tissues, wet tissues, toys, etc., and these things must be kept in place. Based on the above two points, the SUV model can basically be locked, and I will give my recommendation first-the Pentium T77 PRO. Let’s first understand its body size: In terms of wheelbase, the Pentium T77 PRO is very advantageous, because it means that its rear longitudinal space performance will be better. The longitudinal space of the rear row, which is what we call the leg space, is directly related to the comfort of the rear row. Looking at the scattered storage space in the car, the Besturn T77 PRO has a very user-friendly storage design. Currently, most of the central armrest box structures on the market are front-opening, which is relatively troublesome for rear passengers. The side-by-side armrest box used by the Bestune T77 PRO not only has enough space, but also has a humanized opening method. The front passengers are comfortable to use, and the rear passengers are more convenient to pick and place items. For families with children, cars with better rear leg space and scattered storage space are obviously more practical. From this perspective, Pentium T77 PRO is undoubtedly the right choice. Single young people’s needs for vehicles are mainly to attract people’s attention. At the same time, the cost of use is low. I split it into three points: 1. Outstanding appearance: a high rate of turning heads on the road can show personality . 2. Cool intelligent system: It has a relatively high playability, whether it is going to a script with a good friend or asking a goddess to watch a movie, you can successfully get a wave of attention. 3. Lower fuel consumption: Young people who are on the rise in their careers still have to take care of their wallets when using a car. Starting from these needs, the Bestune T77 PRO is still one of the best choices in my mind. Let’s talk about the appearance. It is no exaggeration to say that the design of the Pentium T77 PRO is outstanding. The large-size grille and dotted decoration not only look cool, but also make the car full of futuristic. The headlight configuration with full LED light source is also a good talk for you in front of your friends. This is called having a face. The lines of the body are designed with sharp edges and corners, and the sense of strength is very strong. The black color of the B, C, and D pillars is also very characteristic, and the 45° shape of the D pillar is very sporty, and the overall appearance of the model is very outstanding in this price range. The interior design is also trendy. The large central control screen and the instrument panel are connected as a whole, and they can be operated in linkage. The sense of technology is very strong, which is called “youlier”. The handlebar area is decorated with piano lacquer, and the buttons are also designed with a sense of design, which is very delicate. In this price model, such kind materials and careful design are very rare. Knock on the blackboard! Here comes the most interesting thing in the car! The central display screen will rise/lower when it is turned on/off, and the geometric shape can ensure the visual clarity of all seating positions in the car. Three images can be selected inside, and different actions can be made according to different situations (for example, the girl inside will dance when playing music, hee hee). This kind of interactive mode of virtual image is rare among models of this price, and can be played. The sex is pretty high. Besides the engine, the Pentium T77 PRO uses a 1.5T engine independently developed by Pentium, which is also equipped on the Pentium T55 and Pentium B70. The biggest highlight of this engine is the thermal efficiency of up to 39.06% (the highest thermal efficiency of the mass-produced engine is 41%). Ultra-high thermal efficiency means that Pentium T77 PRO has better fuel consumption performance under the same power performance. The advantage that can be reflected in actual use is that it is more fuel-efficient. In addition, if you are a young man with a longing for speed and full of personality. You can also accept a second-hand small steel cannon, or even modify it yourself (provided that it is carried out within the scope of traffic regulations…), which is relatively small, but the subsequent maintenance cost of the second-hand steel cannon will be higher. , It shouldn’t be the subject’s requirement, so I won’t start talking about it here. Multi-person family My definition of a multi-person family is a family with two children or more and a family with grandparents and grandchildren. Most of the car needs of this type of family revolve around one point: a large number of people. This demand, except for MPVs, can only be met by seven-seater cars. Maybe someone will stick with me: a five-seater car can also sit in a second-child family of “two adults + two children”, why is it a seven-seater car? Obviously, when two safety seats are placed in the rear row at the same time, the sitting position of the middle passenger is probably like this. You can’t even sit stretched, let alone take care of your children. It is obviously unqualified to choose such a car as the daily car for a family of many. I have classified the needs of a family of cars as follows: 1. Seven seats: to meet the most basic riding needs. 2. There is a central aisle: it is very important for the rear occupants not to “climb in and out”. 3. Flexible space: 3-4 people can get a more spacious and comfortable space when traveling. 4. Side sliding door (additional points): The ordinary door opening method has limited space for getting on and off the car. The side sliding door can bring better space for getting on and off the car, and it is more convenient to use. To tell the truth, in my opinion, the MPV with the sliding door is the real MPV. However, the MPVs that can be bought at this price are all compact MPVs. The ride comfort and space are not particularly outstanding. They are just enough to “cope” the travel of a multi-person family. If you want a truly comfortable and practical MPV, It is better to add a budget of 60,000 to 70,000 yuan to buy a medium-sized MPV. The home-business dual-use type is easier to understand. It is not only to meet the daily travel of the family, but also occasionally undertake business reception purposes. The specific requirements can be broken down as follows: 1. Long enough wheelbase: Buying a car is an indicator of space. It is the wheelbase, which determines the size of the longitudinal space in the car. Whether it is a home or a business reception, a sense of space in the rear is very important. 2. Atmospheric appearance: Since there are business uses, the appearance must be magnificent. 3. Driving texture: including the smoothness of the power and the comfort of the chassis, creating a good riding atmosphere for passengers. On the whole, cars are clearly more in line with demand. At this price point of the subject’s budget, there is exactly one model that can meet these needs at the same time, and that is the Pentium B70. First of all, the first point is that the wheelbase is long enough. The wheelbase of the Pentium B70 is 2800mm. Compared with some models of the same price, this wheelbase performance is obviously advantageous, because the wheelbase is one of the important criteria for considering the advantages of longitudinal space. The aesthetics of the Bestune B70 is very subjective, and people are different. I will just talk about my personal views on the appearance. The design of the Besturn B70 is more radical, especially the personalized car lights, which have a strong aura and a high degree of recognition. The B70 adopts straight and tough lines, and it has a slip-back shape. It is worth mentioning that the B70 trunk is hatchback opening, which is particularly convenient for taking large items. This kind of “banding” operation is rare at this price! In general, in terms of design style, Pentium B70 is more sporty and commercial. In terms of driving quality, the thermal efficiency of the Pentium B70’s 1.5T engine is 39.06%. The gearbox and chassis suspension are equipped with a DCT dual-clutch gearbox and a front McPherson + rear multi-link suspension structure. The hard power of the Pentium B70 is excellent in all aspects, and the Pentium B70 pays more attention to business use in terms of positioning. Another point is the cost of using a car. Everyone hopes to spend less money on owning a car. Here is another tip. If you compare all aspects of the subject, you still can’t make up your mind in the end, you might as well take a look at the car purchase welfare policies of each brand. As small as store celebrations, as large as the brand “birthday”, manufacturers generally take action. For example, Bestune is just the 15th anniversary of its founding this year, and proposed the “518 Service Rights”. The free services include: 30-day return and replacement of the car purchased, lifetime warranty of the entire vehicle, 5 years of engine oil, replacement of wearing parts, basic flow, accidents Trailers, tire warranty, etc., in addition to refueling, basically cover the cost of maintaining a car within a few years. The above are the conclusions I have drawn based on my own experience and real car experience, for the subject’s reference, but you must go for a test drive before buying a car to actually experience the feelings of different models. Finally, I hope the subject can find the most suitable car for him.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Depending on your needs, it is recommended to choose the top-selling cars. Sylphy or Sylphy Classic is the first to be promoted. The annual sales volume is almost the first. It can sell about 50,000 units a month. You can believe that people voted with money. The space is large, the comfort is the best in the same level, and the price is high. The exclusive version I bought for a little more than 130,000, with a 1.6 displacement, has not been repaired in more than four years. My model has now become the Sylphy Classic Deluxe Edition, and I bought it for 110,000 yuan. The latest generation of Sylphy is more beautiful, with a wheelbase of 2712, the longest in its class, and a higher configuration. 12-15 million in different configurations. Sylphy has only one disadvantage, it is only suitable for home use, not for drag racing. You can also compare Corolla and Civic, both of which have a wheelbase of 2700, which is sufficient. I don’t like the German system (including BBA). I ​​drove the Lavida for a year or so (wheelbase 2688). It’s okay in all aspects. I didn’t find any major problems. I just don’t like the smell in the car, especially in summer After going into the car, the smell was a bit big, and I didn’t like the material of the seat, which didn’t feel too high-end. It’s just a personal feeling, maybe you like it. These three models you buy on your budget are only suitable for home use, not for drag racing. The monthly sales of the three models are also good. In addition, if you consider the independent brand of the joint venture company, there are many options. You can learn about Dongfeng Nissan’s Qichenxing and FAW Jetta’s VS7. If you want to be cheaper, you can consider the Qichen D60 or Jetta VA3. You can judge the quality of the car by referring to Nissan, Volkswagen, exterior, interior, and interior odor. If in doubt, please feel free to communicate.

6 months ago

My request is similar to yours. For short- and medium-distance high-speeds, you need to go through a slightly poorer section to avoid running high-speed at night. But the high speed at night has nothing to do with the car, and now it is basically LED headlights. I only tell you my choice. After seeing a lot of cars, I just booked the Star Way LX Versailles. If you can accept the unique appearance of the Star Way series, I think it is worth considering and experiencing. TXL and Lanyue are also good. Of course, you can also consider Lynk & Co 02 and 03, if you can accept 3-cylinder engines. As for those joint ventures or leading independent brands, either cannot afford it or they have been excluded for various reasons. Japanese economy models generally have weak power and average configuration. I considered Weilang 2020 for a long time, which was economical, but gave up at the last moment.

6 months ago

Buy a car as early as possible, because the later this year, the price of the car may be higher, and the longer the waiting time for picking up the car, the higher the probability that the fare increase will occur. In June 2021, passenger vehicle production and sales were 1.555 million and 1.569 million, down 3.8% and 4.7% month-on-month, and down 13.7% and 11.1% year-on-year. Sales>Production. Affected by the supply of chips, the production capacity of the automobile industry is restricted, and major OEMs began to restrict their production capacity in June and have holidays. Just like our company, there are orders, but no chips can be used for production. Therefore, when the supply and demand relationship changes, there is a high probability that car prices will increase, and hot-selling models will increase prices and increase the waiting time. So, it’s early to buy a car this year! Generally, if you buy a car, if you don’t have a special preference, you can buy a car according to the ranking list. They are all models that everyone voted with their feet. The rankings and prices of cars and SUVs in June are as follows: : Nissan Sylphy, Toyota, Corolla, Volkswagen, LaVida, Toyota Ralink SUVs that meet the requirements are: Haval H6, Honda, XR-V, Honda Binzhi. Among the cars I have driven more are Sylphy and Binzhi (the configuration is basically the same as the XRV, and the chassis is also the same) , The overall feeling is to recommend Binzhi, Amway uncle and several friends to buy. I am a 1.5CVT, which has the advantages of fuel-saving and worry-free: I usually drive a lot on elevated vehicles, so the fuel consumption is around 5.0, and the CVT models are really infinitely variable without any shifting frustration. The vision is better than Sylphy. I don’t like the sitting posture of a car. I won’t talk about controlling other things. I don’t think many people can open it. Of course, there are also shortcomings. The shock absorption is relatively hard, and the CVT starts to accelerate slowly. But my experience tells me that no matter how many models, parameters, and configurations you study, they are not as good as your wife’s words: I looked at this car and bought it. So, you should pick a few cars to show her the beauty.

6 months ago

According to the actual situation analysis of the subject: 1. It is necessary to run high speed frequently, and driving at night, safety is very important. 2. Go to see your wife, two to three hundred kilometers back and forth, a lot of mileage, you need to consider fuel consumption. 3. There are dirt roads in my hometown, it is better to buy an SUV. 4. The budget of 150,000 yuan for the subject should be the landing price, and the domestic brand SUV is the main focus. Based on the above considerations, priority is given to recommend the premium version of BYD Song Plus DMi, which has been sold for 152,900. Although it is an entry-level model, it basically has all the necessary configurations. It can be regarded as a medium-sized joint venture car, and the fuel consumption is really low. The pressure of keeping a car is small, and this hybrid is more efficient than Honda and Toyota. In addition, the safety is also good. The official website of China Insurance Research Institute released the results of the collision test of the fuel version. Except for the maintenance economy, everything is excellent. The hybrid version can refer to this completely, and it is basically not bad. Of course, there are disadvantages, that is, you have to wait to mention the car. After all, it is sold well. If the host is not in a hurry to mention the car, you can really consider it. It is recommended to go for a test drive first.

6 months ago

The owner of 10w kilometers will answer. Depending on your situation, you have to run at high speed once a week for more than an hour. The quietness of this car must be better at the same price. Otherwise, you will get off work on Friday and you will be tired. You just want to listen to a song while driving. When you run 120, the wind is noisy and faint. Sleepy is not good either. As far as the cars I have drove, ridden, and watched the dismantling video, the Buick Hideo and Nissan Sylphy are around 100,000 cars that I know are quieter cars. Yinglang uses better materials than Sylphy. Within 15w, it is highly recommended to see Geely’s Xingrui. Of course, in this price range, Geely’s brand coverage is relatively complete. There are SUVs and cars. Look at it, it doesn’t cost money. But I don’t know what the dirt road you are talking about. I have also ran a few, but the safety point is that the potholes will become bigger after the rain. If there is no repair, the car is still inconvenient to walk. It still has to be an MPV or SUV with a higher chassis. Other respondents mentioned Wuling Capgemini. This car’s public account “Big Racing” has been disassembled and evaluated, and the evaluation is quite high. You can pay attention to it. I am his fan. According to Wuling’s consistent tonality, the price/performance ratio is absolutely leveraged. The Haval H6 and Changan cs75 and Chery Tiggo series mentioned by other respondents in this price range also have reputation and sales. Everyone is not stupid, there is a reason why there are so many people who buy it. But I haven’t experienced SUV running at high speed. It is best to experience it during a test drive and compare it. You run once a week, although not much, but I only run twice a year, and each time I run only one day, I can have enough experience of noise. I believe you will also have experience in this area after buying a car. Another respondent mentioned Fit. When I was reading the article before, someone mentioned that his friend sold Yinglang for Fit, and the result was that Fit was completely defeated in terms of noise. for reference only. There are still some control issues and value retention issues. These are not what economical men like us need to consider. After all, we can’t afford to play in a car. Waiting to change the car, it’s basically a residual value. What should we do to preserve the value? , Will those who buy Daniel consider the hedging rate? People don’t need money. Similarly, when buying domestically-made products at this price, they will not consider the preservation rate, because there are still few people who change cars after driving for two or three years. You can see from the questions of the landlord that he is not a person who can often change large items. Finally, I would like to ask, if you have the opportunity, let’s make a city with your wife. It is not very suitable to have a different place when you are married. It’s not that you don’t believe in feelings, but feelings can’t be tested. Finally, good luck. At the very end, you can trust privately and do whatever you can.

6 months ago

Let’s take a look at your car purchase needs and conditions first, and then recommend a car. “1” Your core need for using a car is to pick up your wife and go back to your hometown. Your family should be a newly married couple who will soon have children. It is recommended to choose a domestic car with a large and comfortable space. “2” The family is happy. There is no need to consider the premium face of the family car, so there is a car purchase of 120,000, and don’t spend all of the 120,000. It is recommended that your total car purchase budget is set at a little bit about 150,000. The upper limit of money spent is set at 10, don’t go higher, you can choose to borrow a small part of the loan according to your income. “3” You pick up your wife for a commute of 240 kilometers. If you pick up your wife once a week, new energy electric vehicles can also be considered, which can save you about 10,000 yuan in gas bills every year. Therefore, to choose a car that suits you, the factors that need to be considered are: brand reliability + cost-effectiveness + comfort + economical application + post-maintenance and repair of electric new energy recommended choice: Euler black cat BYD e2 BYD Qin PLUS domestic fuel car recommended Choice: Geely Xingrui Japanese fuel vehicle. Suggested choice: Nissan Sylphy, Toyota, Corolla, Honda Civic, German fuel. Suggested choice: LaVida Octavia Sagitar

6 months ago

Isn’t this a marketing problem? The Jingkun Expressway is about 120 kilometers away. It is basically possible to drive at night; in addition, it is used to go home on holidays like National Day. There is a dirt road in my hometown. I want to spend as little as possible and cost-effective cars. Please recommend buying one. Cars with better lighting, greater power, and better sound insulation. Fuel consumption is not the focus of consideration. High-speed internal combustion engines are all high-efficiency ranges. As for the ranking of cars, it is a mindless choice. With a little bit of effort, you should get a general understanding of the sound insulation, power, and advantages of cars, and then try them one by one. Drive and feel

6 months ago

More than 100,000 don’t need to be entangled, domestically produced cars, Changan Haval are good. I bought a car with Mr. Zhang. It has been four years, my Honda 15w, and Mr. Zhang’s Geely 10w. He often laughs at not turning on the lights automatically at night, and the most excessive thing is to check whether the car windows are closed every time before turning off the fire, because this detail has been scolded by his wife many times. At that time, self-comfort, what is the use of high configuration, long driving time will know, until now, the two cars have not had any problems. Instead, my fuel consumption rose from 7 to 8.6. Some time ago, the old man sold the car and replaced it with a seven-seater Geely Jiaji, because he was about to retire and was about to drive the country by himself. The seven-seater is more convenient.

6 months ago

Buy a new car. First of all, look at what requirements you have for the brand of the car. At this price, the domestic car is more dominant, the price is cheap, and the configuration is high. If the joint venture car is relatively simple, the configuration is relatively simple. For domestically produced SUVs, I recommend the Haval H6. The price, shape, configuration, and space are all pretty good. Overall, the price/performance ratio is relatively high. For the car, Geely Emgrand, my colleague has driven this car for more than three years and there has been no problem. For joint venture cars, Nissan Sylphy is okay. Generally speaking, the top ten on the sales list will see if the overall problem is not big. However, I personally think that if you only use it for commuting and you don’t run at high speeds, you can consider a tram. At least you can save a lot of gas. BYD is the first choice for trams.

6 months ago

Other brands at the same price can only buy petrol trucks. This car has a much greater advantage than petrol trucks.
Other plug-in hybrid cars of similar products cost tens of thousands of dollars. The technology is a little bit behind.
At the same price, that is simply an era. Just like the Android phone hoisting Nokia back then.
The only problem is that the output has not kept up, and it is slow to pick up the car.

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