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In the 1975 NBA Finals, the Golden State Warriors played against the Washington Bullets. In the 1974-75 season, the Capital Bullets changed their name to the Washington Bullets, probably because they wanted to keep a low profile. But their lineup is not low-key-it can even be described as a fantasy team. At the time, the star was named Irvin Hayes, and the number 11 jersey that the Wizards now hangs on the top of the arena belongs to him. This buddy averaged 23+12 per game, what level? At that time, the NBA All-Star voted forward and center separately. He was classified as a forward. The All-Star vote ranked second among forwards in the Eastern Conference, second only to Green Army No. 17 Havlicek. It is worth mentioning that the second center forward voted was his teammate, Wes Unseld, “Bone Crusher”. The father just passed away two years ago. His strength probably doesn’t need to be elaborated. Let’s talk about it again, their teammate of the year, shooting guard Fini Chenier, also made the Eastern Conference All-Star. The man who crushed him was Pete Maravich. In addition, their teammates have 15+3+4 defensive champion Mike Riordan, four-time assists leader (including that season) Kevin Porter. The starting five tigers are star-studded, even more popular than the Big Three in Miami. (It’s not too much to talk about the Big Four) In contrast, the Golden State Warriors at that time also just moved from San Francisco. The team’s legend (and the soul of the team) Nate Thurmond has just been traded out of the team, and their new leader is just returned from the ABA “repatriation”, 30-year-old Rick Barry. The veteran who is well-known by fans as a free throw posture returned to the NBA and played the peak of his career. He averaged 30+5+6 per game and led the team to the first place in the Western Conference. About this veteran, you can say more. Although the old Barry has excellent skills, his character is really bad, and he loves to check statistics. Few players who have played with him can bear his character. At that time, the league was divided into two types of people, one who didn’t like Barry, and the other who hated Barry. So Rick Barry missed the MVP when he had a record and data. At that time, the MVP was voted by the players, and his popularity among the players was really bad. It doesn’t matter, it doesn’t affect Barry’s greatness. It’s just that his teammates didn’t look enough…the second scorer turned out to be a first-year rookie, averaging only 14 points per game. Having said that, even so, Barry still led a team full of infighting (this is a guess) to a record of 48 wins and 34 losses in the Western Conference. However, at that time, the alliance pattern was proper. The East was strong and the West was weak. The Washington Bullets next door took the league’s first 60 wins. The traditional strong Green Army also scored 60 wins. Facing strong opponents in the conference finals that year, Washington Bullets were united and resolved the Green Army 4-2 in six games and advanced to the finals. Rick Barry defeated the Bulls in the former Jordan era in the tiebreaker and also reached the finals. At that time, Washington was different from what it is now, and the fans were low-key and afraid to speak. Back then, they were the champions of the real deal, and no one thought they would lose. It is said that before the start of the game, there were already fans in Washington preparing for the championship parade. HoweverG1: In the first game, the Bullets led by 17 points in the first half. However, the Warriors actively chased the points off the bench. Barry made two jumpers to kill the game at a critical time. Warriors 101-95 Bullets G2: Similarly, the Warriors fell behind by 13 points in the first half and once again fell into a contrarian trend. However, Barry scored 10 points at the end of the second quarter, successfully narrowing the gap. At the last moment, Riordan had a 2+1 lead over by one point, but Barry made an assault to the basket and finally relied on the “urinal” penalty shot to kill the opponent. Warriors 92-91 Bullets G3: In the first half, the Warriors scored a total of 50 points, of which Barry scored 23 points alone. The Warriors’ substitutes also crossed the sea, each showing their magical powers to kill the game. Warriors 109-101 Bullets G4: The defense of the Bullets who refused to be swept was very… “fierce”. Their actions were so big that they angered the Warriors’ coach. The coach personally went on the court to fight Riordan… Finally, of course After being expelled, only the assistant coach was left to direct the game. After that, the Warriors trailed by 12 points in the first quarter. It is worth mentioning that Riordan also received “retribution” in the end, and had to end with a leg strain in the third quarter. After that, Barry consecutively scored key chasing goals, and finally came back successfully. Warriors 96-95 Bullets have four games, with a total score difference of 16 points. The subsequent results are no secret. Barry single-core led the Golden State Warriors and swept the Washington Bullets 4-0, led by the Big Four. Became the third championship in NBA history to win a 4-0 sweep. (The first two were the Celtics’ victory over the Lakers in 1959 and the Bucks’ victory over the Baltimore Bullets in 1971) Of course, I have never experienced the NBA of that era, and I don’t know how sensational this championship was back then. I only know that the Warriors fans finally got the right to breathe after eight years, and they put out the famous slogan: “God is a Warriors fan.” I don’t know if this is the most golden champion in the history of the NBA, but it is probably the most forgotten down-and-up single-core performance in the NBA.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

The gold content is of course very high, and its great value lies in telling us the fact that the process can be used for everything, as long as they can win, blow up and whitewash it to the media, they can accomplish quite beautifully. Regardless of Green’s suspension, his action is okay. It can only be said that James is a real villain to report after the game, but there is no problem with the league’s suspension decision. Green deserves it. The problem is that in G5, especially G6, the scale of whistleblowing is too biased. For example, Curry made two offenses in the first quarter, and the Warriors almost averaged three offenses per capita in the first half. A light touch is a foul. This is the G5G6 Warriors defense. I don’t dare to guard against it. Guo Ailun is estimated to be able to cut 20+ when he comes, and he can only watch James Owen’s so-called “God of Gods”. Then it’s the Cavaliers’ turn to defend. It’s not to put people down without whistling, oh no, sometimes Curry won’t blow when he’s on the ground. The game is much simpler in an instant. Your Warriors don’t like playing Pass cut to play the pick and roll, then I will put you on the body, you see if I push you and trip you, will the referee care?

8 months ago

I understand the gold content is the kind of destructive victory, the strength has surpassed the victory of other teams in the same era. Nominate two teams. In the 2000-2001 season, the Lakers had their heads shaved when they encountered them in the Western Conference playoffs. In the finals, they defeated the 76ers 4:1. Among the 76ers, Allen Iverson was elected as the regular season MVP. , Larry Brown was elected the coach of the year, Mutombo was elected the defensive player of the year, and Aaron McGee was elected the sixth man of the year. In the end, the Lakers won the second consecutive championship with an impressive record of 15 wins and 1 loss in the playoffs. In the 2016-17 season, the Warriors advanced to the Finals with 12 consecutive victories. It became the first team in NBA history to achieve 12 consecutive victories in a single season playoffs. Defeated the defending champion Cavaliers 4-1 in the finals and won the 2016-17 NBA championship. With a record of 16 wins and 1 loss, the Warriors surpassed the Lakers in the 2000-2001 season (15 wins and 1 loss) and became the winning team with the highest winning rate in NBA history.

8 months ago

The gold content has 2 cut-in angles. One is to crush everyone, making people unable to make excuses. For example, referee factors and injury factors. Take the Lakers who have won the playoffs by one game. There is also the underdog all the way, that is, every round of the series everyone feels that the weaker person on paper wins. Other teams don’t understand, but one of the Rockets’ dreams of one year should be, and so is the 11-year-old Lone Ranger (the factor of Roy’s injury to Pioneer should be considered evenly matched, not underdog, but the latter is obviously a challenger posture all the way). It’s a pity that the Cavaliers didn’t account for any of them that year. The Finals actually left the Warriors with a lot of excuses. In addition, in terms of strength, the Cavaliers and the Warriors are the strongest teams in the East and West to meet. Everyone wins and there is no underdog bonus.

8 months ago

I think that to evaluate the gold content of a championship, the quality of the opponents in the finals is certainly important, but the ownership of the championship is the accumulation of a season, and every step should be a reference object. Even if the regular season is not counted, at least all opponents in the playoffs should be used as a reference. At the same time, the definition of gold content should not be simply winning multiple times in similar strength confrontations, but should comprehensively evaluate the overall performance of the team during the season, the actual comprehensive strength of the team and its opponents, and the overall performance over the years. The difficulty of the reversal of the 2016 Finals is indeed very gold-rich, but the previous three-round series in the Eastern Conference, except for the Raptors’ slight resistance, the rest were sweeping, and the opponents had less than 50 wins in the regular season. And the strength of the Eastern Conference opponents’ lineup is completely inferior to that of the Cavaliers. From the overall history, the best gold content may not be mentioned. In my mind, the gold content of the championship is higher than 16. In addition to the two recognized single-core wins of the 95 Rockets, the 03 Spurs and the 11 Mavericks, the gold content of three times is often overlooked. Because from the playoff score, they seem to be too strong compared to their opponents. 83 Philadelphia. The first team to win the championship. Their lineup is indeed luxurious, but their opponents are by no means good. The Bucks, who gave them one defeat in the Eastern Conference Finals, have always been the Eastern Powers in the 1980s. What’s even more exaggerated is that they swept the birds and devil leader Hu Kai in the Eastern Conference semifinals and finals, from 80-82 and 84-88 to monopolize the two NBA championship teams, and they are also officially certified dynasty teams of the NBA. . Defeating (sweeping) two dynasty teams at once to win the championship, the gold content cannot be underestimated. With the 96 Bulls, the team has shown absolute dominance since creating the best record in history in the regular season, but this brilliance also conceals the true strength of their opponents in the playoffs. Starting from the Eastern Conference semifinals, the Bulls’ opponents are extremely powerful opponents. The Knicks have been a strong team in the East for many years, but they basically maintained the lineup of the Eastern Conference champion New York gang two years ago. The Magic in the Eastern Conference Finals was the Eastern Conference champion last year, and it still won 60 in the regular season even though the Sharks missed nearly 30 games. The SuperSonics in the finals was 64 wins in the regular season, a strong team in the league for many years, and got rid of the curse of the playoffs. This makes the Bulls look full of gold in an overwhelming victory. The 01 Lakers. That’s right, the 01 Lakers. The Lakers’ first year of winning the ok has already demonstrated its power, but at least before the start of the 01 playoffs, people did not realize that the Lakers would build the usual. The weakest opponent the Lakers encountered in the 01 playoffs was the Trail Blazers who played 7 games with themselves in the Western Conference Finals last year. In the semifinals, the Kings met with 57 wins in the regular season. The team has a complete lineup. Compared with the Kings who forced the Lakers into desperation in 2002, only Bibby replaced Bai Qiao. The Western Conference finals met the Spurs, the number one in the regular season, and the final opponents were mvp+dpoy+best sixth man+best coach and other 76ers who almost won the regular season awards. On paper, the Lakers may not be stronger than their opponents except for the ok players, but the competitive state of the team has allowed them to crush these strong opponents.

8 months ago

In the 2002 World Cup, South Korea created the best record in Asian team history. Is it the light of Asia? The South Korean team is not optimistic. The first game of the knockout matches against Italy. The outside world agrees that South Korea will be swept away. As a result, South Korea unexpectedly won (heidiao) Italy and Spain. The encounter of the two strong teams: the main center was injured and retired; the forward was banned in the second half after being crossed over his head; the core of the team was brutally pulled and could not get the whistle, but was sent off. In the end, the reversal drama directed by FIFA won huge attention and made the Football Federation a lot of money. The biggest sponsor of FIFA became the biggest winner. Under capital, all beings suffer.

8 months ago

As far as a series is concerned, referring to the difficulty and level of the opponent, the Cavaliers can be said to be well-deserved. It is speechless to just say something like a hurdle injury. Wasn’t the Cavaliers injured in 15 years? Did the Celtics have no injuries in 10 years? In the sixth game, Green lifted the ban in the seventh game. Even in the fifth game, the Warriors were almost overwhelmingly optimistic. It wasn’t James Irving who scored 40 points with two, and he was cold. In fact, even in the seventh game, it is optimistic that the Warriors will win more. But if you look at the road to promotion, I think the 11-year Mavericks are more gold-rich. Win the Thunder and the Lakers Heat. Except for the first round, every other round is not favored. After all, the Cavaliers were also looked down upon in the finals, and there was not much hindrance in the way to advancement.

8 months ago

Jamie is really funny. Said that the Cavaliers won the championship by outside moves. They said the Warriors also have a lot of black pictures, and the Warriors are not worthy to win the Western Conference Finals. OK, is that the tacit understanding that Oklahoma City should be the strongest team in the Western Conference that year? You won the championship of the second best team in the Western Conference Finals. Can you tell me the most gold content? It is said that the Cavaliers have the most gold content in winning the championship. They have begun to praise the Warriors with 73 wins that year. They are historical-level strong teams. Winning historical-level strong teams is awesome. Even came up with the violent theory of James single-core leadership. Since there are such golden champions, why are there so many foreign moves? Isn’t this logic contradictory?

8 months ago

But anyone who has watched the game will not say such a thing. If there were not for the champion of 16 years, Zhanhei would not have so many, and there would be more like James. At most, I would ridicule the peak newspaper team. It is ugly to play, but these are not black spots. There are many people in the peak newspaper team. There is nothing to say, just talk about it. Every star walks, it’s normal, and it’s ugly to play. That’s too much of a body, and there are always pros and cons. But the 16-year finals was really disgusting. I didn’t want to wash it. Those who watched the game were all impressed. Maybe after the Warriors retired and Cole was not coaching, then if the referees wrote their autobiography, The result will be clearly written. That year’s James duly hypocrite, stepping, elbowing, pushing, pulling, hurdles, walking, 18 martial arts show vividly, the key referee is standing by! No need to wash, let’s watch the video by yourself. 16 years is the biggest stain in his entire career, and it will also be the biggest reason why his ranking will be controversial after his retirement in the future. The league and Nike can’t be washed away, and the omnipotent Tiger and James can’t.

8 months ago

Indeed, after all, I just used the whistle given by Dad to beat OKC home. The Warriors’ daddy fan felt that it’s normal for the referee to favor the Cavaliers. After all, there was a consensus back then that the Warriors and the referee are relatives to each other except that Curry didn’t have a cylinder. This superposition state suddenly broke, and the referee sent the whistle normally, but the Warriors were blinded. Chasing the Egg Green is indeed a petty thing James did, but does he deserve it? Is it right? Being reported of a ban, even no matter how small-hearted it is, it proves one thing-that is that the Warriors have less technical fouls than this time. Wasn’t it reported to this point that any core player of the Warriors has been technically committed in an important game? How come I remember that both six offenses and technical offenses are part of an NBA game. Why are the Warriors’ important games missing this link forever except for this series? No way, everyone is slandering the great Bogut Pachulia Dream Chasing Green and the Six Foul Chef. It turns out that the Dynasty team can also have so many malicious blacks! No, no, no one really thinks that the Cavaliers go ahead and win the championship, the small ball market has more gold than the mobile Great Wall super dynasty, right? Xiao Hua turned out to be an economic paratrooper. It’s really easy to wash and wash. It is recommended not to use oxalic acid next time, but to use sulfuric acid directly.

8 months ago

The most gold-rich championship since the three-point line has been 16 years. The strength of the two sides is very different from the second team of the king of Binuo against the Heat. The Heat were James 1st + Wade 2nd vs. Norton 2nd. Curry’s first team + unanimous MVP in 2016, the strength is stronger than James in 11 years; Green’s second team + best defensive team, Wade is the second team without a defensive lineup; Thompson is the third team, Bosh is just an ordinary All-Star ; 11 Heat and 16 Warriors, who is strong and who is weak at a glance. The Cavaliers only have James, and apart from James, there are no All-Stars or All-NBA members. Many people take it for granted that James is a strong team when they see James. In fact, they are impressed. At the very least, the Cavaliers are much weaker than the Warriors.

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