Pangu’s great move “opens up the world” sounds like: Zhen Gu Shuo Jin, wait for you to come and die! Actually: Wait for you to come over and receive…a respect for me! 2. Li Xin’s big move “Light Wings Slash” sounds like: One thought will reach the sky, the gods and demons are fearless, I am the sun! Actually: Opposite Xiang Yu, out of Anti-A, my day! 3. Xiang Yu’s second skill “Breaking the Cauldron and Sinking the Boat” sounds like: Overlord of the Western Chu, he is so angry! Actually: good, very energetic! 4. Xiahou Dun’s second skill “Tornado Flash” sounds like: arrogant and dry cloud! One-eyed is a man’s romance! Actually: open a shield! Reduce the big move cd, one knife, one knife. 5. Miledy’s ultimatum “catastrophe magnetic field” sounds like: Doomsday Judgment, cyberpunk. In fact: stealing towers, stealing tower souls, stealing towers are all beaten. 6, Donghuang’s skill “Eclipse Ceremony” sounds like: Fallen God comes to the world! Actually: kick a ball! 7. Athena’s passive “True God Awakening” sounds like: Nirvana, the Phoenix! Actually: Sirius spectator. Lie down first and then lie down, the real super god awakens 8, and Yang Jianyi’s skill “reverse the universe” sounds like: a man will die like iron, try his hand, heal the sky! Actually: The puppy hook is not bad, don’t move, dog! 9. Dunshan’s skill “one husband is the gate” sounds like: Although there are thousands of people, I am not afraid of it! Actually: I was wrong on the other side Zhaojun, I won’t raise it! 10. Kai’s big move “Indestructible Demon Body” sounds like: combat power +10 Actually: IQ -100

Nezha’s big move-Qiankun·Heavenfall Imagination: chasing crispy skin for thousands of miles, looking at the whole picture. In the game: Thousands of miles to give people heads, courtesy is lighter than others. Lu Bu’s big move-the devil came to the world imagined: ultra-long distance displacement, seven or eight cannibals, easy to get four kills. In the game: The only displacement, whether to enter or escape, this is a problem. Lu Bu’s second skill-Grip of Greedy Wolf. Imagination: high shield, considerable recovery. In the game: The lowest damage skills for all heroes (except for the skills that do not cause damage). Sima Yi’s big move-death comes in imagination: like a ghost, death comes, you have nowhere to escape. In the game: Insufficient damage, getting hit, and not enough energy to escape.


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8 months ago

By the way, here is also popular science. The “Invincible” in Glory of Kings is itself a word game. This effect itself is in line with the title of “The name is very domineering and the effect is very general”. For example, the monkey is invincible for 0.2 seconds after the first skill takes effect, and the famous swordsman is invincible for 1 second/0.5 seconds after the trigger is triggered-it is said to be invincible, but in fact it can only be immune to damage but not immune to control. Some people cite a counterexample to Di Renjie. In fact, his second skill description is like this-“I will be temporarily invincible and relieve my own negative effects”, which is equivalent to triggering the famous sword and the fiery dominator at the same time. Diao Chan’s second skill is not an invincible effect on the way, but is described as “disappearing in an instant and immediately appearing at the designated location”. The logic of this effect is similar to “cannot be selected”.

8 months ago

The butterfly effect, ah, is that a butterfly in Brazil flaps its wings, which may cause a hurricane in the United States as a result? Is it that in a dynamic system, small changes in the initial conditions can drive the long-term huge chain reaction of the entire system? Ah no, it’s Zhuang Zhou’s butterfly effect. In Zhuang Zhou’s dream, the butterfly flaps its wings, causing spell damage to enemies around him, and increasing the movement speed of allies within the range by 3% for 5 seconds. The effect will be superimposed when the skill hits continuously.

8 months ago

Then you can’t recommend Master Li Bai who drank fake wine first? Qinglian Sword Song, Li Bai’s incarnation also has five sword auras, causing damage to the enemy, and cannot be selected during the period. Can it be practical? The big move is not scraping? It’s not as good as even a flat A…Go to cut the opposite c. If there is a bull demon on the opposite side, give a guard. Where c is standing and let Li Bai fight, it will not lose blood… But it has been strengthened in the later stage, which can defeat Liu Bang The shield is good, not bad, Yili Shabai is the eternal god! ! ! ! ! Then there is Zhong Kui, the big move swallowed by reincarnation, listen to how domineering this name is, reincarnation can be swallowed for you, in fact, the second skill ✓ If there are no people, the big move can’t attract people at all, stand still and open up. , Suck a bunch of soldiers, suck a lonely

8 months ago

Yao Er Skills: Feng Sa Mu Xiao comes from “Mountain Ghost” in Qu Yuan’s “Nine Songs”. “The wind is whistling and the wood is Xiaoxiao, the son of thinking is free from worry” describes a passionate mountain ghost who meets with his sweetheart in the mountains and again The emotion of waiting for the future of the sweetheart, depicting a magnificent and bizarre image of gods and ghosts (from baidu) Fengshaomuxiao, this name, skill effects should not be: ① Non-upper body form: using this skill, Yaomei wields a powerful pair Arm, summon a gust of wind, causing a huge amount of damage to the enemy unit on the full screen, and stun the enemy for 0.5 seconds; ②Behind the upper body, use this skill, the grass in front of the Yao girl will suddenly wither! We will suddenly see the enemy unit squatting in the grass, and when the enemy hero touches the withered grass, it will slow down by 50%. If this handsome name has such a skill effect, I will rank directly to help Yaoyao. Well, some small bugs that appear in the game are that Yaomei’s second skill Fengsamuxiao always has some probability to kill the red or blue buff or khead. I think this bug needs to be fixed urgently, and it does not match the name of the skill. Knowing the picture of my sister’s grievances, three skills were saved at that time: This skill is the main skill on the independent Xishan Mountain. Using the possession effect to let teammates gain a strong shield. I saw this name and it burned up. It feels good, but look. The name of the skill, I imagined that Girl Yao used her ultimate to summon a huge mountain demon. Girl Yao stood on it and got a melee basic attack. The third enhanced basic attack turned into a landslide, ground cracking and smashing the floor, with a small blow flying high. Hurt, what does T0 say directly, the planning is great, do you have an idea, think about it

8 months ago

Arthur-Holy Sword Judgment (Ultimate) Cooldown: 42/35/28 Cost: 0 Arthur raised the Holy Sword to leap towards the enemy hero, causing 12/16/20% of the enemy hero’s maximum life to spell damage and It knocks for 0.5 seconds; at the same time, it summons the seal to cover the range of the drop point for 5 seconds. The seal will cause 85/105/125 spell damage per second to enemies within the range. The holy sword ruling is very domineering, right? But it’s a tasteless trick. Let’s talk about it in detail below. First of all, Arthur is a physical attack warrior. This big move deals with spell damage. In the later stage, your big move can’t even break the shield of the opposite witch’s cloak. Secondly, shake back. The holy sword verdict hits the fly for 0.5 seconds. The back swing is 0.65 seconds, so if the opponent has boots of resistance, the knock-up time is negligible, and this back swing can allow Arthur to control himself. What’s even more frightening is that this season, the big moves (including the magic circle) have been unable to chase down the displaced enemies. That is to say, Arthur hits a lot, people can use the displacement to avoid, and you will not only be unable to catch up, but also The circle was left in place. Realize the wonderful operation of self-control. Finally, I give a suggestion for planning, either delete the big move or change the name of the big move to holy sword. Personal opinion, if there are any deficiencies, please correct me.

8 months ago

Liu Bang, the Liushen Wanxue, entered the arena, and there was a fierce charging animation, the screen began to shake, and the action could not help but remind people of Su Lie and Guangxin. When it was too late, Liu Bang raised his hand, and Lu Ban hurriedly handed it in. Opposite Zhang Fei rushed up like crazy and wanted to give Luban a shield, but the distance was too far, it was too late. On the other side, Zhang Liang flashed up and wanted to hold Liu Bang. But it was still a step too late. That enhanced general attack still smashed on Luban’s head. The air seemed to freeze. The witch’s shield dropped one square directly.

8 months ago

Yixing’s skills are called Zhenshen, Yigai, and the ultimate move is Tianyuan, and Tianyuan itself has the meaning of four pillars of heaven, which is used for fortune telling. Relying on the majesty of the cover, the sky is overwhelmed, and even thousands of thousands can be destroyed. The magical method of Tianyuan, the sands of the Ganges River, the changes of the week and the sky, and the gate wall of the avenue However, no matter which skill Yixing throws out alone, it is inferior to normal attack.

8 months ago

I have something to say! Isn’t Lu Bu’s ultimate move of the King of Glory called the Demon God to come to the world! The name is domineering, but his skills are not. Because it depends on your own operation, whether you play well or not! When I first started playing, I thought his ultimate was very powerful, so I played it casually. Good guy, I ended up dying very casually. After pondering for a while, from the frequent mistakes at the beginning, to the later big moves slowly and accurately! It really is that his big move is like the name of his skill, it is the Demon God descending to the world. The killers didn’t keep the pieces, very domineering. It may not be particularly friendly for novices. Yes, there is another Sima Yi’s big move called Death. Dare to call death, presumably hurt Qi Gao. But after my own experience, I found that it is difficult to hit high damage without judging a good time. Like Lu Bu, as long as you put them accurately, then the other party will definitely fall one by one. But I think it’s a little harder than Lu Bu in terms of operation. Alas, the key still depends on personal skills!

8 months ago

Lian Po Lian Po, as a relatively unpopular hero now, is mainly caused by two reasons: his ugly appearance and the low damage of pure meat tanks. Although he has a control and his own hegemony, it is counted in team battle The last qualified front-row tank, but compared with Mengqi, Xiahou Dun, this kind of meaty and output super tank fighters is still far behind. Jiang Ziya Jiang Ziya is Lu Ban in the master position. Whenever his teammates take out Jiang Ziya, his teammates will stop and persuade him to change to a hero. Although in the KPL finals, the use of Xiange really made Jiang Ziya coquettish, but among ordinary players, Jiang Ziya is still the pit god of the mage position. Jiang Ziya is the least existential mage hero. If the big move is not hit, then What is the difference between four and five.

8 months ago

This season, I feel more and more that it’s not uncommon for demons and ghosts to be able to limit Luban on the first floor. Opposite Lanling King, Lian Po, Bai Qi, Yu Ji, Gan Jiang, we chose Lu Ban on the fifth floor, and that’s it. The current low star king’s game. We, Sagong, Han Xin, Zhuge Liang, choose Sun Bin on the fourth floor. Let’s talk about a hard assistant. On the opposite side, there are tigers and cows, and Miyue on the side road. He said I won’t, will and don’t want to play. We call the insider a dozen or twenty star games, jungle + shooter + assistance to grab the road and lead Guan Yu, and push the opposite to the middle. The line is at the position where the first tower was destroyed. We only have the high tower, and the middle Jiang Ziya is on the high ground. Under the tower, he was about to zoom in and clear the line. Lu Bu directly jumped over one wave and hit four, and he landed on the ground. He looked at the equipment, broke the army, resisted shoes, anti-armor, endless, and ranked fourth in the economic team. The wing team assisted Liu Chan to control three people. Lu Bu was two positions away from the opposite three, with 1 skill + flashing and tie A to get three kills. Lu Bu jumped directly, and the opponent counterattacked. Lu Bu and Liu Chan died. Then I opened Lu Bu’s record, the historical rank is the glory of the king, the peak is currently 1480+, is this a performance or a performance? I don’t understand how to play single row now. Maybe I’m too good at it. I can’t do anything when encountering monsters and monsters. I can’t learn from some great gods to comfort their wounded hearts. If you want to score more, please row more.

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