Let’s talk about young people who study law. Every time they legal aid and defend their rights, they are quietly promoting the construction of the rule of law in China. As a law school, the Faculty of Law has a distinctive phenomenon: when entering and leaving the school gate, you will always encounter some farmers and workers. They looked miserable, holding a piece of white paper in their hands, trembling, and when you passed by, they would always stop you cautiously, and asked softly, “Child, can you help us?” They encountered many times. Now, I have a general understanding of these middle-aged people. Most of them work in Beijing and have worked hard for a year. As a result, the leader ran away when it was time to check out, or the factory was so stubborn that they would not give money. They don’t know the law, and they don’t have the money to hire a lawyer. What they encounter is of great significance to them, so they rush to the door of the law to ask for help. According to observations, in addition to really urgent matters, most of the students will stop and answer, patiently listening to the injustice they have suffered, and straightforwardly point out several directions for them to defend their rights. But the students’ legal background is relatively immature and they have no practical experience. Generally, at this time, they will tell them that they can find our school’s legal aid center. The school’s legal aid center is a community organization that is organized and participated by students themselves, and provides free help to those in need through the use of legal knowledge they have learned. My classmates in the legal aid club told me that they often use their lunch breaks to go to school on duty, carefully record the information of the help-seekers, bring back the division of labor and write the indictment to the help-seekers, and provide help within their power. A few years ago, according to media reports, 26 employees of a musical instrument factory in Beijing Changping applied for labor arbitration to the Labor and Personnel Dispute Arbitration Committee of Changping District, Beijing, and required the musical instrument factory to pay the pension insurance for everyone. However, the application was not accepted because all 26 persons had exceeded the statutory retirement age. They decided to sue the court, but they don’t know how to write the indictment. So the first scene appeared. They came to the school gate and found classmates from the Legal Aid Department to ask them for help. With only 15 days left and the case was complicated, the students in the school’s legal aid department sacrificed the “May Day Holiday” time, stayed up late and worked overtime, communicated patiently with each employee, and helped these 26 employees draft the indictment, and finally let them Each person successfully received a one-off compensation of 80,000-100,000. My undergraduate major is economics, and it was this incident that touched me and made me choose law at the graduate level. We always say that “the law is a weapon for the weak”, but the premise is that there is a person who wields a weapon, and this person is willing to “bow down and be a ruin.” Perhaps once a person enters the society, he will become much smarter and more utilitarian, and he is unwilling to spend time and effort to do foolish things that are not rewarded. But these young people of similar ages that I have seen still have the light of idealism in them, and they want to do their best to make some contributions to society. In fact, they are not alone. Legal aid societies are established in many colleges and universities across the country, and many law scholars will come forward when they encounter unfair social phenomena. For example, in 2019, a junior student of East China University of Political Science and Law in Shanghai was dissatisfied with the inspection behavior of Shanghai Disneyland Shiyuan staff and took him to court. I have also been to Shanghai Disneyland, and my backpack was “turned over and over” by the staff and felt very angry. And the reason why Shanghai Disney did this is to force you to buy high-priced food in the park in disguise. The so-called “keep clean” is just a high-sounding statement. For another example, in 2018, a law student of Soochow University sued CNKI: “You download a 7-yuan document on CNKI, but you need to recharge 50 yuan. After downloading, the remaining money will not be refunded. Isn’t this the overlord clause?” He has set a good example of protecting personal rights and interests for Guangda University students. As a contemporary young man, I increasingly find that when my classmates do things, they always mention a key word “meaning”. There is a large group of them full of creativity, family and national sentiments and dedication. They do not want to wait and die, but are more aware of their rights. They are willing and daring to challenge injustices within their own capacity. In fact, it’s not just a student of law science. A classmate I know who is doing environmental engineering talked to her about her original intention when choosing a major. She said that she wanted to make China’s environment better. With the support of this original intention, Therefore, I can endure the high-intensity and boring life in the laboratory. The idealistic color on them is like a little firefighter, quietly converging into a ball of light, bringing some more benevolent changes to this society. There is a line in the movie “Wuwenxidong”: “Love what you love and do what you do. Listen to your heart, without asking the west.” I believe that more and more young people are embracing this attitude to life. While integrating into society, it will make society more beautiful and worthwhile.


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7 months ago

The young people in China are the best young people in the world! Change society? They are making history. When the epidemic raged last year, more than 42,000 medical staff from all over the country rushed to help Hubei. The post-80s were the “main force” and he estimated that he accounted for about half of the total. This means that young people born after the 1980s account for about 70%. This is the backbone of the fight against the epidemic and the storm of youth. Most of the people rushing to the front line are young people. “These 30-year-old medical staff are the backbone of their respective hospitals. They have good medical education and rich experience in diagnosis, treatment and nursing. “. These young people gave up their families to go to the most dangerous places for Hubei and Wuhan. They overcame many difficulties and changed society. They were simply heroes who turned the tide. In addition to the young people on the front lines, other young people were doing what they should do during the epidemic. Youth service volunteers are an indispensable young force in community epidemic prevention. They run and serve silently to protect the majority of people. Human life. Wang Yong, a 35-year-old courier in Wuhan, guarded the medical staff of the war and wrote a legend with the power of mortals. On New Year’s Eve 2020, Wuhan courier Wang Yong persuaded his family to rush to Jinyintan Hospital to take the nurse home. From January 25th to April 8th, he only slept for 4 hours a day: if a person has limited ability, he would launch a circle of friends to solve the medical staff’s travel; in order to let the medical staff eat free hot meals at any time, he contacted various ways to solve the needs…

7 months ago

Most of the company’s young people, whether it is sales or R&D, are young people’s world. China’s foreign trade and manufacturing are very strong. This is not something that fell from the sky. It is brought about by the hard work of young people in various enterprises. Not only young people from large enterprises, but also young people from small and medium-sized enterprises. Young people are full of vigor, professionalism and responsibility, dreams and reality. Young people are the future of the motherland and the future of the world. Young people change the world imperceptibly. I am in Southeast Asia. The biggest wish of a local girl is to marry a young Chinese. Everyone knows the sense of responsibility, wisdom and hardship of Chinese young people, and the impression is very good. It’s good to be young. I hope everyone will always be young and always be young.

7 months ago

Let me talk about something that has something to do with my profession-I am a salesman, the kind of legend, a job that runs trains with a mouthful of mouthfuls, and sells. Before graduating, I listened to various descriptions of sales, what are the hidden rules, drinking, this and that, so there are actually some so-called prejudices about the sales industry. As a result, after graduation, I did it by mistake. Became a sales. What makes me feel the most different is that it is actually drinking. I have been in the sales industry for 77 or 8 years. Until now, I have never drunk because of the need to sign an order. Is this a misunderstanding of the sales profession by others? I don’t think it is. At least from my seniors, I can still hear about drinking on the list before, and there are even the kind of things that can be signed after this cup. But when I started to do sales, all the Party A I came into contact with had become people about my age, and everyone’s communication methods were different from before. Even outside work, I didn’t have that kind of drink. The big wine situation is gone. I think this should be a phenomenon of young people changing the world. Later, I always joked with them that some customers are now girls, so they don’t drink with you.

7 months ago

This question reminds me of a post-95 girl in our company. It may not have much to do with the topic of “changing society”, but it can be seen that young people are really different. Our company has a very disgusting team leader who kneels and licks the owner infinitely, and squeezes his subordinates to the utmost extent. He praises unpaid overtime. Overtime is basically spent on meaningless details, such as the thickness of the tangled lines, the transparency of the filled color blocks, etc. Our job content is to provide the owners with traffic engineering solutions. What we pay attention to is clear logic and clean layout. Excessive pursuit of beauty is a bit of abandoning the original. And this person loves to divide the people under him into three, six or nine classes. If you are defined as a person who can only do end-of-line retouching, you are completely out of touch with the plan. (Defense, not to say that the work of retouching is meaningless work at the end, but that this link is not necessary in our industry, and the status is at the end) And this post-95 girl unfortunately became the person doing end work. The work is of little significance, and I often work overtime. At first, the girl was very distressed. The colleagues chatted three sentences and complained. The advice we gave was to leave the job, don’t be angry, it’s unnecessary. In view of the fact that the salary of fresh graduates is still considerable among the peers, the girl has been vacillating, and the days have passed day by day. Later, the girl figured it out and started various magical operations: our company stipulates that taking a taxi home after working overtime until 9 o’clock can be reimbursed, and there is no stipulation on the type of taxi. Therefore, the girl started to work overtime every day, every overtime must stay until 9 o’clock, take a taxi directly to pick the most expensive car, and reimbursement after the ride. After a month of tossing, her team leader couldn’t carry it anymore. He told her to go back early after get off work. It’s not good to work too much overtime. . Then, in response to the line width and color block transparency, she added or decreased the line width by 0.25/10% transparency to create a picture. The screenshot was sent to her team leader on WeChat. One swipe was seven or eight maps, and her team leader made a decision. Do this for every graph. After doing this for a while, her team leader succumbed: “It’s okay, you like it, you decide, don’t always ask me…” Although these operations did not change her problem at the end of the “production line”, she was still so staying. It wasn’t a long-term solution, but as far as the situation was concerned, she was really sick of her team leader. These young people really know how to play. .

7 months ago

In the past two years, there have been more and more leaders. Not only did they lead, they also talked to the section chief. This was almost impossible before, because everyone knows that many times the direct leadership makes things difficult for you, in fact, it comes from the pressure of the section chief, so if you go to talk to the section chief, it is tantamount to trying to find the tiger’s skin and waste your energy. But the young people in the past two years just want to talk, and the section chief is numb after talking too much, and wearing small shoes behind the back is useless. Gradually, many harsh regulations are loosened.

7 months ago

Our company deducts money in various names as long as employees do not work for the expiration of the contract period, ranging from 2000 to 20000. Many people born in the 1980s and before 1994 will forget it. However, after entering the company after 1995, money will be deducted for resignation and an arbitration agreement must be signed. Post-95s, no, no sign, no matter which district the company belongs to, labor arbitration is required. There is mediation before the arbitration. If the mediation is not successful, go to the legal company for inquiries and then apply for legal aid. Be able to contact colleagues and cooperate with each other. Being able to use legal weapons to protect one’s own rights, not afraid of HR threats, and resolutely defending rights is really great.

7 months ago

In a few years, when the population is experiencing negative growth, I am afraid that the 35-year-old crisis will turn into a 40-year-old crisis, or a 45-year-old crisis. There are not enough people, the dividends are gone, there are not so many young people to choose for you, and the older ones have to use it. Moreover, because the instability of young people is getting stronger and stronger, in order to keep the company running in an orderly manner, it is best for company bosses to standardize the company’s business processes, so that frequent changes will not cause any problems. In the 1990s, it was normal for a person to do a job for a lifetime. In the 21st century, it has become a foregone conclusion that a person will not do a job for a lifetime. It is estimated that in the 1930s, one job will be at most two or three years old, and even at the age of fifty, it is estimated It is popular, and it is not impossible in the era of high matching three and great gods. Oh, by the way, there is another situation. If the new technological revolution catches up, it may be more difficult to recruit people, because it may give birth to more people who do not need to be employed by a company and can run their business independently. Work mode, pay social security by yourself, control working hours by yourself… I feel irritating to think about it.

7 months ago

Ah, I was invited by Zhihu Daily to create it. I was born at the end of 1999, absolutely young. The biggest feeling is that young people nowadays do not emphasize tolerance like their elders, and young people are not accustomed to assigning according to trouble. For example, various universities are now constantly appearing to send students to schools for hot search operations. I remember telling my mother about the hot search in our school for two consecutive weeks. My mother’s first reaction was that it’s not a big deal, so just bear it. But now, on the one hand, college students like to run schools on the hot list, and on the other hand they are particular about strategy. What is the purpose of sending hot search to school? How to fight against the “school nurse maggots” mixed with students? Those who have been reading the heat are reading the heat, and it is also reflected in the principal’s mailbox. For some people, the generations of young people starting after 00 will be far more troublesome in the future than those born after 90

7 months ago

When more and more young people are keen to discuss reading, fitness, financial management, these positive content. Liang Qichao wrote in “Chinese Youth Theory”: Youth is wise, the country is wise, the youth is rich, the country is rich, the youth is strong, the country is strong, the youth is independent, the country is independent, the youth is free, the country is free, and the youth is better than Europe. The country is better than Europe, and the youth is better than the earth, and the country is better than the earth. The appearance of young people is the appearance of this society. Young people love to read and study more and more, and their knowledge is enriched, no matter how hard it is to confuse them. Young people love to exercise more and more, their bodies are no longer as weak as they used to be, and no one dares to say “the sick man of East Asia” anymore. Young people are becoming more and more good at financial management. They have more and more money in their hands, and their spending power is getting stronger and stronger. They need young people to stimulate domestic demand. Young people are working hard to change this society, good places are better, bad places bravely criticize it and transform it. With such young people, it is difficult to say that this society will not change for the better.

7 months ago

First clarify the theme, not that young people change society, but outstanding young people change society! The most obvious is that there are more and more young faces in the classroom. In the past few years, most of the student groups started from scratch, with a relatively low starting point. Many of them did not experience a systematic and complete academic education, and their entrepreneurship was more limited to traditional industries or resource industries. These entrepreneurs have a very clear willingness to learn. They are three things: find relationships, learn things, and get diplomas. Therefore, these entrepreneurs are very active during and after class, and there are many reunions and activities after class. The title on the business card is a string of titles of the president’s class. These entrepreneurs have sufficient experience and ability, but the growth environment is not superior. What now. There are more young faces in the classroom. Ten billion-level companies have post-80s team members, and companies with a scale of more than two billion are actually made by post-80s. Many entrepreneurs in innovative industries are born in the 90s. There was an exchange after class. Most of these young people have experience studying abroad, or they are domestic double first-class universities. The proper academic bully completely broke the cognition of nerds. Because the parents born in the 1970s have caught up with the dividends of reform and opening up, most families are in good condition, and their parents have a sense of foresight and financial strength, which has helped these children achieve the improvement of their abilities. Thanks to the social dividend of open development and the innovation policy of new technology and new industries, these post-90s entrepreneurs are good at using what they have learned to create outstanding enterprises. Internet celebrities live broadcast e-commerce, these new things that are incomprehensible to traditional industries are actually made by young people. They have a better knowledge base for new ideas and new ideas, and a more tolerant entrepreneurial environment. Therefore, it is truly realized that young people are quietly changing society.

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