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Both parks are great and they are both top in the world. They can promote the development of the domestic theme park industry and gradually educate the market that a lot of content in front of the market is talking about IP and location. Let me talk about the park itself. 1. Both projects are joint ventures, but Disney is more “original” Shanghai is “Shendi”, Beijing is “Shouhuan”, a holding company established by a local state-owned platform, and a joint venture with the US headquarters to operate the project. The difference is that Shangdi has established three joint ventures. Among them, the construction company is controlled by the Chinese side, and the operating company is controlled by the US side, including parks, hotels and supporting facilities. Beihuan only established a joint venture company, which is controlled by the Chinese side and the U.S. side only holds 30% of the shares. Therefore, it is foreseeable that in terms of company management and decision-making, the US and China have a greater say in the Shangdi project. This is why, there can be self-operated hotels like NUO in Universal Resort, which has nothing to do with Universal itself. 2. There are a large number of exclusive or first launch projects in the opening project of Sundi, the North Ring is less, and lack of sincerity. In the heavyweight project of Sundi, Tron is the first launch + 5-year exclusive, and Feiyue Horizon is the first launch of Feiyue’s global film (the California Disney version is Feiyue California), the Battle of the Pirates of the Caribbean Sunken Treasure is the first release + exclusive (Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean projects are different around the world, and Shanghai first releases new reprint technology, captain robots, and completely different stories), Peter Pan’s Adventure The spacecraft carrier system and landscaping also have a lot of technical updates (currently the highest-priced version in Disney in the world), and a new face of Mickey Minnie. The night show at the opening of the park was also the world’s best technology (projection clarity) and arrangement (storytelling rather than just being cool) at the time. Let’s take a look at Beijing Universal. The King Bomb project Harry Potter copied two projects in Japan and the United States (Taboo Journey and Eagle Horse Flight), and the Decepticon roller coaster is a remake of the invincible Hulk roller coaster (Universal Islands of Adventure 1999 The roller coaster opened in 2015) and the future water world are also re-enacted. The current public information of several other rides is not easy to judge. 3. Disney’s standard rate is higher than that of Universal ①Shangdi has carried out a soil replacement project because Disney believes that the land does not meet the requirements. ②Shangdi’s Chinese font design is richer than that of Beihuan, I doubt the boldface used directly by Beihuan? ③Disney’s pursuit of the senses of tourists is very high. Disney does not want tourists to see the show building, but will try to hide it. For example, Leaping the Horizon, the project actually has three halls operating at the same time. It is conceivable that this is a show building of the same size as three IMAX theaters, but this show building is completely invisible from the perspective of tourists. (Gondi is actually better than Shangdi.) The castle can be seen anywhere in Disney. The castle is the center of the paradise, but Treasure Bay cannot see the buildings of Tomorrowland, because it will “play”. Disney thinks these Mistakes are called “piercing” or “destroying magic.” Universal’s requirements in these areas are not as high as Disney’s. 4. There is still a gap between the purchased IP and the IP produced by itself. ① In some projects of the world, the character set collapsed, that is, the character set in the park is not exactly the same as the movie itself. As some IPs only purchased the right to use, the original work team did not participate in the project design deeply, so such problems are prone to occur. ②Keep up to date, or make advance notice. For example, Shangdi’s Finding Nemo floats, this float had a new role in the third work (7-legged octopus) before the release of Finding Nemo 3, and the costumes of the loki actor from the US Disney headquarters follow the weekly update of the TV series. Finally, let’s take a look at the performance of two major theme parks around the world. The picture below is the 2019 annual report; in the Top 10, Disney occupies 8 seats, taking the top 4, and the fifth is the large version of Universal (suppressed by the two Disney in Tokyo), and Zhuhai Chimelong. To be proud of. In Orlando, USA, Disney’s 4 parks also suppressed 2 Universal’s parks; in California, USA, Disney also won Universal.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

I feel that Disney should be stronger, although from my personal interest, I prefer Universal because I particularly like Harry Potter, but Disney has more IPs, and it can attract many children. A child needs to be equipped at least. An adult, from this point of view, it feels that the Disney market is bigger, but I really don’t know the kids now. I don’t know if they like Harry Potter anyway. If I can get a ticket, I must go. I want to watch the Hogwarts light show so much

6 months ago

It’s all the dwarf who pulls the generals out, and Shanghai Disneyland is better. I should be regarded as the earliest Harry fan in the country, and started chasing after the end of the nineties. My home is not far from Tongzhou, so I will drive to Tongzhou to watch the progress under the “supervisor”. From my observations and a series of recent news, after the opening of the park, the overall feeling is not much better than Happy Valley. I didn’t have much hope, I just hoped that Harry Potter Castle would not cut corners, and the quality of the peripherals sold could be about the same as those abroad. I’ve been to Universal Osaka and Tokyo Disney, and I’ve also been to Shanghai Disney. The intuitive feeling is that the overall atmosphere of Shanghai is not as good as that of Tokyo, and the fireworks at night cut corners.

6 months ago

Setting aside factors such as the environment, meetings, etc., I will use my personal preference to choose Hogwarts for me! Although I’m not so secondary now, I am still willing to indulge in the magical world and say a sentence that I have heard 800 times, “I would rather believe that I am a Muggle than that the world has no magic.” In fact, the temperature problem should also be Fortunately, doesn’t it feel more like a magical world in winter? Wouldn’t it be more pleasant to have a glass of butter beer? It’s really a problem that it’s cold when queuing. In this respect, it should not be able to beat Disney. So I think Universal’s momentum will surpass Disney for a period of time at the beginning, but after that, whether it’s flat or weaker depends on the reputation of the park. 、Whether it can solve the obvious problem, but even in winter, it is estimated that there will be a lot of people going to play. Whether it can give people a super immersive experience like Universal Japan depends on how the park is going to be done [I really pray for a good job , Don’t spoil a good IP, please.] Personally, I am looking forward to the Hogwarts light show. There is a feeling that the invisible veil is exposed from the magical world. Who would not love Hogwarts? Those who don’t love Hogwarts will be treated as Muggles, otherwise they will be directly assigned to Azkaban to say a digression. I really want to enter Hufflepuff, but I’m all Granny on the official website. Fendor, I’m convinced, I really want to enter Hufflepuff! ! Okay, in addition to asking for a thumbs-up, I also have to say “Mischeif Managed” very well.

6 months ago

All Disney projects can be played beyond 1.22m, while Universal has several projects that require 1.32m to play. Disney is more suitable for playing with younger friends. In terms of personal experience, it is difficult to pick up interest and find opportunities to brush after Disney’s projects have been brushed a few times. As for the global, I think “Flying Pterodactyl”, Harry Potter, “Pirates of the Caribbean, and Minions” leap over the horizon. I still want to have another chance to play with these projects. There is another factor. The traditional Disney IPs, such as Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Snow White, etc., actually no longer exist among the new generation of children in China. When I went to Disney, I wanted to find Marvel stuff, but I ended up getting a few models in a small hall, which was too perfunctory. In contrast, Universal Studios’ IP (Mario, Transformed Steel, Harry Potter, Minions, Conan…) may be more able to resonate among the new generation of children. The above is purely personal subjective.

6 months ago

The “Building a Better Life Together and Sharing Happy Tourism-Shanghai Disney Resort Happy Tourism Trend Report” released in 2021 is very clear. Tourists who come to Shanghai to play Disney will spend 2-3 days in Shanghai, followed by 3-5 days. From a regional perspective, the first-tier urban agglomerations represented by the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta, and Beijing contributed nearly half of the search volume. The central and western regions, especially the provincial capital city clusters, show obvious cluster effects. In terms of the number of cities on the list, the province with the most cities on the list is Shanghai, which is close to Jiangsu, occupying 14 and 19 of the two lists. Zhejiang is closely followed, with 7 national cities and 18 county-level cities on the list. Guangdong ranked third. Compared with the eastern coastal areas, Disney’s popularity in the Midwest is significantly lower, with only 17 cities making it into the national hot list of cities; while in the top 50 county-level cities list, only 6 Midwest county-level cities are shortlisted, and Sichuan Province, which ranks the highest Shuangliu County is also only 20th. According to these surveys, the current situation can be explained. Under the conditions of holidays and traffic restrictions, Shanghai Disney’s passenger flow is mainly the Yangtze River Delta urban agglomeration and its extended parts, which is the development degree of the economic hinterland and the size of the population. Then it can be inferred that Universal Studios Beijing is inferior to Shanghai Disneyland. First, the population size of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region is not as large as that of the Yangtze River Delta, but the Yangtze River Delta is about the same as the population of Jiangxi, Fujian and Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Shandong and Liaoning. Second, the key point is that the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region is not as well developed as the Yangtze River Delta, and its per capita GDP is a bit worse. In the early days, Universal Studios could form an advantage over Shanghai Disney through relatively low fares, which in turn forced Shanghai Disney to adjust fares. China cannot and cannot have only one world-class amusement park, which is not good for the amusement park itself, and it is not good for tourists. At present, the world-class amusement park can still be engaged in Chengyu, but I don’t know how long it will take.

6 months ago

Been to Disney in Hong Kong and Shanghai and Universal Studios in Orlando. As far as I am concerned, Disney’s attraction to me is much lower than Universal Studios, and it is not an order of magnitude at all. But the question is about top flow, that is, flow, which is really hard to say. Disney is more suitable for parents and children than Universal, and IP is closer to women and children than Universal, with a larger audience and more suitable for a family to play. That’s too much traffic. But let me say, when can we build a theme park in the United States factory or a theme park in Japan?

6 months ago

I have been to Hong Kong Disneyland twice and Singapore’s Universal Studios once, and my wife went to Japan Universal. Disney gave me the impression of “the grandfather’s return”. If there are children in the future, I will go there at least once. The impression that Universal Studios gave me was that I was in it. Even if there is no Diagon Alley, the boat that came over will come to me in its entirety. I choose Universal Studios for the top class. The reason is the same. Another reason is that I can only choose one of the two topics. I wanted to talk about Hengdian Water World, but I didn’t say the topic.

6 months ago

Let me start with the conclusion: Disney and Universal Studios are both top amusement parks in the world. Although the positioning of the two is different, they are definitely worth experiencing. I have been to Universal Studios and Disney in Los Angeles and Orlando. The two cities here have one thing in common, that is, Disney and Universal Studios are neighbors, and they are opposite each other. Out-of-town tourists are basically connected to the two parks, which is easy to compare. At that time, we played the ring shadow first and then Disney. As the big masters, it is obvious that Disney has no ring shadow stimulation; but the children of friends playing in the ring shadow haunted house, Jurassic Park and many other projects are scared enough, and the first I went to Disney the next day and I was so happy. Again: Both cities are top amusement parks, but their positioning is different, but they are definitely worth experiencing. Just like in a game console, one is SWITH, which is more suitable for family fun; the other is PS4, which is more suitable for playing cars, guns, and balls. Disney is looking for memories and original intentions. It is especially suitable for children, girlfriends and couples to travel. Universal Studios is more intense and exciting, especially suitable for adults, friends and movie lovers.

6 months ago

Been to Singapore uss, Hong Kong Disneyland, Shanghai Disneyland. In contrast, experience SG> HK> SH. If I were a little girl, maybe I like Disney a little more, but I am over 25 years old, and the Disney princess fairy tale is too naive for me. I like Transformers and the like better. So the best experience is uss. Then the Beijing uss theme also likes it better. Hong Kong’s Disney was visited before the epidemic. In 13-14 years, there were relatively few people, and the queue was not long, and all the attractions were visited in one day. The experience is not bad, but it feels more suitable for children. I went to Disney in 2018.10. There were not so many people at that time. The overall feeling is suitable for little girls or girlfriends with childlike innocence. I don’t think there are many boys who want to go by themselves. After all, I like Harry Potter and Transformers better than Princess Mickey Mouse. There are too many Disney people at present, and the pictures are from Douyin. I started to line up so early in the morning, and a project was queued for 1-2 hours. It was too scary. It felt that too many people would seriously affect the play experience.

6 months ago

Definitely Universal said that Disney children are home, have you really been to Disney? The passenger flow on weekdays is basically 60% of young friends + 20% of Shanghai locals + 10% of a family of three. Only on weekends, there are more children than children. Children may cry and want to go to Disneyland, but the decision on whether to go or not is still with the parents. This is it. But the Universal has Harry Potter Minions Jurassic, isn’t it the post-8090 parents with the strongest spending power (or single dogs)?

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