You can ascertain the following facts: Tencent is afraid of changes in the game market structure brought about by industry innovations—for example, mobile game products that emphasize capital and technology investment will change the mobile game ecosystem; online game units brought about by the expansion of single-player game players. The relative reduction of time (sales is actually secondary, the most important is the squeeze of time); the age iteration and aesthetic upgrade of traditional Tencent game players. This inference is actually very objective. You can understand that once the game market structure changes, Tencent is likely to fall from a giant Internet company to an Internet infrastructure company. Tencent is not afraid of industry regulation and media verbal criticism, because it can grasp the desires of a generation. As long as the desire of a generation is still in its hands, it will not fail. What it fears is that the desires of a generation have gradually changed. At present, short videos can only occupy the fragmented time of mobile games, but they cannot replace their social attributes; but what about the future? Will the social attributes of mobile games be changed by new forms? Will the huge stand-alone market composed of artistic independent games + heavy investment in 3A games be reborn? No one knows. But at least for now, once the game market structure changes. Tencent’s performance is extremely lack of competitiveness-at least so far, he can not come up with any case to prove that he has the ability to challenge the next era technically. Sometimes it is difficult to rely on acquisitions. Or we can say that Tencent is not afraid of Gujian 3, which sells 1 million, and Taiwu scrolls, which sells 2 million a year. Ghost Valley Bahuang, which sells 1.8 million in a single month, is not so scary. But it heralds a somewhat terrifying future for Tencent. ——In the future, there may be domestic single-player games with sales of 5 million or even tens of millions. ——The relatively high price of Ghost Valley Bahuang as a small-cost independent game means that such a market is being cultivated. You have to know that Tencent NetEase’s huge profits are built up by the huge number of game studios and game companies on the market. These studios/companies generally have extremely short life spans, uneven technical capabilities, and lack of planning. The artistic breath is full of copper stinks. But these fanatical, ignorant, burning ants are the proof of the prosperity of the online gaming empire. Just like the dream-seeking north drift, Hollywood’s massive trash movies every year…These are just the proof that the crown really exists. Once there are 5 million or even tens of millions of domestic single-player games in the future (Ghost Valley Bahuang has shown the possibility of 5 million sales), the game market will definitely change and new outlets will surely emerge. Many game studios will turn to the stand-alone market where the production team is relatively more powerful. Once such a turn occurs, the empires above the bubble will find that the bubble under its throne is bursting. What they are afraid of is the burning firewood under the throne, and they are unwilling to give them humble nourishment. Instead, I would rather burn for myself. It found that its foundation was returning to common sense. And the empires above the bubble are most afraid of people returning to common sense. Yes, the online game hegemony established by online game giants using channels, gambling psychology, and the generally low aesthetic level of players will face new challenges. The short video platform has become a new black hole of time. Once stand-alone games participate in such grabs, we can currently think that Tencent has no core competitiveness (game production capabilities) on this track (except for the purchase of money and channel hegemony). Stand-alone games are more crafted, lack of bubbles, and industries that require higher project management levels. And Tencents are greedy financial capital that seeks to make quick money, speculate expectations, create bubbles, perhaps understand part of human nature, but don’t essentially understand games—this is not a complaint or belittle, it’s just a statement or even a statement. Praise, after all, Wall Street elites-these so-called human elites-don’t understand games. What these so-called elites are afraid of is that people become smarter, have an aesthetic level, and begin to reject gambling. The stand-alone market that squeezed out the bubble will prosper. And the Internet company that squeezed out the bubble will die. So, we don’t even know how many of the self-media companies that succumbed to the domestic stand-alone market and advocated the death of domestic stand-alone machines are the work of Tencent and NetEase companies. However, the low price of 2.8 yuan of pirated Ghost Valley Bahuang is heralding the fear of Tencents. We hope that there will be more and more single-player games like this. It has nothing to do with young people challenging the dragon. I don’t care whether Tencent games are dead or alive. As a stand-alone player for more than 20 years, I hope that stand-alone games, a term that has been stigmatized since birth, can justify itself. I saw a lot of people in the comment area arguing with me, saying that a company as big as Tencent, you can’t put a department’s mistakes on Tencent and say that Tencent does too Tencent is also developing a stand-alone machine. It talks about the NEXT plan, and also takes Tencent’s equity investment in EPIC as an example-why don’t you say that Tencent has saved Ubisoft? Or maybe I’m a conspiracy theory. Then I will give a uniform and gentle response here: First, Tencent’s Gu breeding strategy determines the company’s resources, investment, support… everything needs internal teams to fight and grab. The current market environment, user needs, and the contribution of the stand-alone port itself to Tencent’s revenue, or what we need to say again—the contribution to Tencent’s word of mouth—are almost zero. In other words, Tencent’s current stand-alone team, the company resources that can be obtained, and the massive production teams attached to Tencent, can rely on a single machine to obtain the company’s resources-relative to the size of Tencent itself. -Almost zero. In the stand-alone market, stand-alone games can gain the support and reputation of players. As long as they can form a trend, Tencent’s massive stand-alone teams will have the power-once one of the teams can make an explosive stand-alone (note, here is the original Tencent The controlled team, rather than the team that Tencent will acquire to become the Golden Goose after the explosion, means that Tencent’s interactive entertainment business group will have a strategic shift. Does a company as big as Tencent have a conscience team under it? Of course there are. But the bad market and users will only give the Tongshi team that is accustomed to making money without technical skills and artistic aesthetics to obtain resources. Tencent won’t be crushed by 100 million players, but once the stand-alone market with 100 million stand-alone players rises, Tencent will inevitably start a strategic shift—then stand-alone teams that depend on Tencent can gain power. If the market is impetuous and full of bubbles, Tencents must be the companies that pile up the bubbles and grab the most money; if the market returns to production-oriented, everyone will start to work hard, more than artistic aesthetics, more than engineering, Tencents will not earn faster When it comes to money, there will definitely be a shift in its internals. Whether it is a team that steadily builds a single player, or a team that makes online games larger, it will gradually gain power. The size and channel capacity of Tencent determines that if the market is full of games that infringe on intellectual property rights to make big money, then Tencent must be the one that has the most infringed, most influential, and most profitable games among them. It is useless to pay attention to scolding. The copyright police can only hit the netizens, but not the big companies. Once the market returns to rationality, respect for originality, and conscientious production can make a lot of money, is it possible for Tencent to become the next Microsoft (although Microsoft does a lot of scolding on a stand-alone computer)? Second, I did not deny that Tencent is deploying stand-alone machines, but what does investment in overseas companies have to do with my domestic stand-alone machines? Ubisoft became an Assassin’s Creed Tang Dynasty, it became a national single? Tencent continues to spend money to acquire stand-alone companies and invest in stand-alone companies… However, domestic production teams are bought at a high price and then abandoned, while foreign production companies respect various production companies as white knights-why? Simply interpreted as kneeling and licking foreign adults? I’m afraid it’s not enough. The only explanation is that the bubble under their feet has raised their empire to a high enough position. As long as the bubble under their feet does not burst, they can always rely on low-quality, plagiarized, and essentially gambling games to make quick money. never change. They just have no perceptual thinking and no ideals and morals, KPI machines. Third, talk about my conspiracy theory. Last year, the original god was smashed into a sieve, and the domestic reputation was completely destroyed. Afterwards, it proved to be a good rhythm with the handwriting of a friend. I don’t play Yuanshen (because of the halo 3D). After taking the motion sickness medicine, the limited game time can only be dedicated to various stand-alone RPGs, which is pure fun. As soon as Yuanshen’s mobile terminal revenue came out of US$870 million, it was about to catch up with the glory of the king. Can you understand that Tencent and NetEase are sitting on pins and needles? Can you understand the previous crazy attacks by the media? 870 million is just the beginning. It has opened up channels in most countries around the world to allow them to build up their understanding of Mi Huyou, and Tencent is willing to exchange 1 billion US dollars for it. Now Guigu Bahuang has sales of more than one billion yuan. It can be said that it is not worthy of being “conspiracy theories” by Tencent, and it is only a consistent operation of a small department of Tencent. However, if the next single-player game has a sales volume of 500 million yuan, it indicates that the next single-player game may have a billion. What about the next one? Tencents realized that the original god is making money and started to be their own original god. When it started to turn, it was already slow. The best world is not to appear in the world of the original gods. Because the Tencent ship is too big, the steering is too tired. It would be too late to mention any conspiracy theories when even you were aware of the existence of a conspiracy. Why was it alarmist at the beginning, because I wanted to rely on my own modest strength to stir up a bit of anger on the Internet. Together, we would kill the “careful thinking” of certain “small departments” of Tencent in the cradle. It’s because it’s too late to have a hundred hot articles published on the Internet when the “big minds” of some “big departments” begin to appear. Don’t tell me how netizens can fight monopolistic companies. If you don’t fight, how can you know that there are so many comrades-in-arms in this world? If your comrades-in-arms are only netizens, it may not be of much use. But this world is interesting. Magic can defeat magic, technology can also defeat magic, and fairy magic can still defeat magic. The essence of boy manga is that as long as you keep fighting for love, you will always have unexpected comrades in arms.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

The most awesome thing about Tencent is that he is not only doing the largest and strongest company on the Internet in China, but also doing the most dirty work in the world. Remember the reading incident? Reading Wenkeng’s own author, and now cheating others, what is in your penguin’s mouth? What’s in your penguin’s mouth besides boneless teeth? Penguin legally plagiarizes, legally freezes the assets of others, legally monopolizes, and legally pirates. What else should “legally” do next? I now ask those friends who used to say that piracy is a means to fight against capitalists. Now that capitalists want to hold all piracy and genuine copies in their own hands, what are you fighting against? Do you still think that piracy should exist? Most of Zhang San’s Ghost Valley Bahuang will not die, because the sales are already very high, what about other games? Not to mention games, what about other products? How many times will a TV series like Douluo Dalu appear on CCTV? I’m still arguing with people today because I always feel that Tencent is too big after all. In terms of technology, Tencent has also spent a lot of money to support many people. Penguin’s Law: When you try to find out the good things Tencent does to objectively prove it, it will immediately do a bad thing to refresh the lower limit. OK, no matter how much good you do and support, I will be invisible. If Tencent’s evaluation becomes better within a hundred years, everyone in this room is responsible.

7 months ago

I personally estimate that Tencent and Zhang San talked about it, but Zhang San didn’t want to sell the studio. Tencent did such a deal. A few dollars. Does Tencent care about the money? It’s disgusting to you. You have to sue me for whatever you want. Tell, your little studio, if you want to sue me, you will definitely delay the game update process. If you don’t sue me, you will continue to disgust you. If anyone buys this thing, it should be no problem to apply for a national second-level mental retardation subsidy. It doesn’t matter if you don’t play the genuine version and play the pirated version, you can still spend money to play the pirated version. Who can do such a thing within ten years of cerebral thrombosisIn addition, Guigu Bahuang does not have a domestic version number. I think this is the reason why Tencent dares to do this. Without a version number, the domestic law does not protect you, and it will disgust you and kill the domestic stand-alone machine in the cradle. , It is really disgusting

7 months ago

The light player’s savior in the Chinese game industry! You see, in order to help people increase sales, it has been humble enough to help him crack the code, sell it on its own platform, and increase game sales. Only sell for four and five dollars for a bottle of drink. This wave is a boon for Chinese console players. Tencent actually did so in order to allow Chinese players to play low-cost and high-quality games. I am grateful! It is recommended that tx put all high-quality games with global sales of over 100 million yuan on the Tencent accelerator in this way. For example, gta5 only sells for 10 yuan, so our majority of players can’t kneel down and call you dad?

7 months ago

This behavior is very hooligan, but it is Xiangzhuang’s sword dance. As a comparison, you can look at the three big moms. The three big moms don’t send cracked patches to Ghost Valley Bahuang, and the Tencent accelerator’s mall is $8, which is simply not a way to survive. As a game player, I certainly hope that I can buy the game I want to play at a cheaper price, but I don’t want game developers to survive. This kind of low-cost routine is also the steam shared account. There are a lot of treasures, but everyone does not move to the bright side, and secretly play by themselves. But, it’s a coincidence that Tencent’s wave of play was smashed, and it was stabbed out. Offline sharing of accounts is also considered a design flaw of Steam. It was originally intended to give a family a game that can share an account, but it is used to do this kind of thing in China. . In recent years, the two major platforms of steam and tap, which most domestic players can access, are slowly bringing stand-alone games back to the public eye. Domestic stand-alone games have also recovered from an ecology that hardly existed 15 years ago to now that a group of players are willing to do it The paid state is a good thing, at least independent game developers have a way to survive. Speaking of the Tencent accelerator, I have to mention accelerator users. One of the major characteristics of accelerator users is that they lack research, have high requirements for accelerator networks, are price-sensitive, and are extremely sticky, and most users lack the ability to judge the quality of the accelerator. The machine friends around me generally use the accelerator for no more than 30 months, and everyone is using it. It can guarantee that the game will not be dropped for a long time. Once a certain accelerator is selected, the membership will start in three months. . I came into contact with Tencent Accelerator in February this year, because I bought a new tablet this year, and I can play with the guardian tales (domestic version number has passed, bilikan Gongqi Guanjian), but my network is not working, so I can’t log on. On the game. After a omnipotent group of friends, I found a Tencent accelerator to solve the problem. In fact, the acceleration quality is still good. Although the VIP is not opened, it is very stable, and the connection is not dropped. When the connection is unstable, the customer service can quickly solve the problem. But after upgrading the Internet at home, I haven’t used Tencent accelerator much. As far as the accelerator experience is concerned, the accelerator link is still ok, and the experience is quite good; but this kind of experience is good, I think it is the hope to attract more users. After all, when playing gta and eating chicken, fate, war and thunder, our group of machine friends basically use accelerators such as dolphins uu and Thor. There is nothing to do with Tencent, so I think the kpi of the Tencent accelerator group is definitely It was about to explode, and came up with this trick of selling hot single-player games at low prices to attract customers. The main purpose is to solicit customers, whether the compensation afterwards is badly sprayed, and the share increases, how old are these sprays? First of all, the low price of 2 yuan and 8 is a profit for Xiaobai, there is nothing to say, Xiaobai doesn’t care whether the developer can live. But for such rare boutique stand-alone games, it is best to buy genuine ones to support developers. Secondly, through this low-cost distribution behavior, if it can ignite the topic, it can also increase the exposure, and it will be a blood profit if it is sprayed on hot searches; and a large company like Tencent obviously does not care about an independent game two hundred a month. How much can you earn from 10,000 sales? Even a fraction of the profit of the king’s chickens is not enough. Don’t say that you will move your job in the future. Are you afraid of a joke? The final result can also be guessed. Either I should sue (delay or compensate) to the satisfaction of either party; or I have discussed in advance to use each other’s resources, and finally netizens discovered that the clown is actually myself… As for whether it will kill the domestic stand-alone file I think if Tencent really wants to do such a low-level operation, after all, the strength of the big factory lies in it. It requires technology and technology, and it requires money and money. This battle of prosperity has not been fought by independent game developers in a few lifetimes. Over. After all, to develop a dau million-level online game and its server back-end, and a monthly sales million-level boutique stand-alone game, the development cost and difficulty are not an order of magnitude, if Tencent really ends up making independent games on a large scale, Then domestic independent game developers really have no way to survive.

7 months ago

Tencent’s game strategy has always been very clear. “Light”, “Buy”, “Copy” 1. “Light” is the characteristic starting from the establishment of the project. The general idea is to light assets and focus on operations. What is light assets, first of all, is development without R&D, and IP without preaching. All kinds of xx mobile game versions, pubg, call of duty, dungeons, etc. are nothing more than this. Compared with the old NetEase still working hard on the rendering engine, the younger generations such as Mihayou and Lilith even have a different intention to change the game. The goose is real and can’t bear to study it for a penny. Re-operation is nothing more than the same old pua players, and the firepower of the black counterparts is also not a problem. More importantly, the transfer of the team operating this asset is really simple. For the goose who is pursuing the odor of copper, it can be said to be extremely profitable. 2. “Buy”. Tencent’s gaming industry empire. I won’t say more, right? There are only a handful of powerful gaming companies at home and abroad that have not been invested or acquired by Tencent. There is such a paragraph in my previous answer to Tencent’s attempt to pursue mihoyo. Tencent capital investment-or capital investment, often notices 10-100, and then hopes to find a bunch of 10-50 samples. As a result, stage blindness 10-100 was also felt from 0-10. A niche segmented mobile game mode “Tower Defense”Boutique Two-Dimensional has hit the most beautiful stream in 2019. The domestic and international bestseller lists have reached the top several times. As long as Tencent’s decision-making level has a person who really understands the two dimensions, the first month of Tomorrow’s Ark in 1919 should be looking for or setting up 10-100 projects on a large scale from the beginning of the first month of income of 600 million. And their previous contact with mihoyo really felt that they were just filling in their gaps in the two-dimensional game track. After all, they themselves certainly don’t believe that other small and medium-sized factories can make king-level mobile games (after all, the two king-level games in the world were all from Tencent at that time), so will Tencent really support small workshops with dreams? Will it really take a serious look at your plans and become a “Bole” in the gaming industry? No, it has to wait for you to be self-reliant after you are 18 years old, and then come to accept you as a righteous son. From then on, although he has the surname of a wealthy family. But there are also more offerings in the future. Therefore, in the game world, the Chollima that does not starve to death will not starve to death because of Tencent (such as Freedom Battle, Ghost Valley Bahuang, Duoduo Auto Chess, and even starve to death), and Chollima that will really starve to death will also starve to death. Still can’t escape halfway doom. 3. “Copy”, the battle of freedom mentioned in the previous article, xx auto chess is no longer said. CF is to CS, qq speed is to running karts. Although there is no such saying in the game industry, “It can be done, I can’t do it”. But a guy with a big business and a big business still relies on this kind of arrogant way to make money after his fortune… It can’t help saying that Tencent is really a cancer of the industry. There are always people who say that xx rules and version numbers are restricted. But did Tencent lose? Okay, then the question is, if these three axe strikes can’t die, and others are not afraid to strike (bytes, Ali), then what will my goose do? Look at the ghost valley of today, look at the original god of yesterday. I believe that everyone knows it.

7 months ago

Right, this is what Tencent I am familiar with is doing, the unscrupulous thing that can be done by being scolded by “Tencent of the dog day”, the wild goose plucks its hair, the animal walks and leaves its skin, and the mosquito has to remove both legs. With a mouth full of bones and meat, anyone in the past will have to gnaw twice. I’m almost unable to recognize you for those who have had oily noodles in the past two years, but this mouth is a familiar taste, which is too right. However, I have seen a survey conducted by UP that his mall page was outsourced to a small company. Maybe it will be a “temporary worker” when the time comes.

7 months ago

At other times, I said that I was afraid of being sprayed by the Tencent navy to kill domestic stand-alone games. I hope that it should be possible now. I suggest you compare the ghost talks of Tencent’s NEXT studio with the Yulin tales of Tencent’s NEXT studio, and Japan’s Vanillaware’s Ozura Masa. Then think about the following question: Why did the story of the Warring States Period of China show enemies wearing Japanese samurai armor? Then think about this question again: As a studio under Tencent, NEXT Studio is more likely to be a good thing, or it is more likely to be a tiger. A stand-alone game studio owned by Tencent is good or bad for the development of China’s stand-alone game industry. I think everyone must understand the answers to these questions.

7 months ago

real or fake? Why does Tencent want to ruin his few passersby for this benefit? Let’s wait and see! The province’s curse was wrong and embarrassing. It is worthy of admiration for the industry paraquat. Seems to be a real hammer? This kind of operation is too gentle compared to Tencent’s opponents. Players in the stand-alone game circle still don’t understand Tencent’s horror. Tencent generally uses these three tricks to deal with some threatening games-channel, piracy, and micro-optimization. Tencent is a capital giant not only has two channels, QQ and WeChat, but also has certain shares in various platforms. His piracy is not ordinary piracy, he can rely on channels to drain the original. There used to be a mobile game that was about the same size as Ghost Valley Bahuang. This mobile game created a technology to allow moba games to be played on mobile phones. Now he is dead and killed by Tencent. Never underestimate the dangers of Tencent.

7 months ago

At this time, is there any “pirate man” who jumped out to give orders? I checked the answer and didn’t see that for the majority of people, they don’t care about this kind of “pirated edition”, and they even feel that they have given money! And it was Tencent who let it play! Can that not be genuine? It’s just that it’s more special. It may be more open-minded than playing the three moms’ games. For this guy, tx did indeed sell a 68 game to them at a price of 2.8. In exchange, there was no money before. Of you, naked interests are in front of you. Can you think that this is a piracy, and it is a rejection of the original author’s rights? It’s difficult! Perhaps for these people, Tencent is a conscientious company, 68 changed to 2.8. This is the real benefit of users, so I don’t want to involve too much in this position, because the position is different, if you say too much, you will become a “genuine man.” I just want to know 1. Can the author profit from this 2.8 yuan 2. Can he sue

7 months ago

Essentially, Tencent is an intermediary, providing traffic for some 3dm-like pirated platforms in exchange for leftovers. Even though I didn’t expect it to work to this level, I was accustomed to it based on the company’s perennial despicability. Bitch, it doesn’t actually have much newness. My evaluation is just one sentence—seeking a dead end. Let’s talk about something else. I suggest that you can understand cdpr’s attitude towards piracy. cdpr allows pirates to play their games. Even encourage playing. This is a rare animal among the rare animals among the regular stand-alone manufacturers. Why can this be done? That is to trade resources for the market. In fact, everyone has seen it. This is what the takeaway platform burns money to play. The logic is that users with completely different economic conditions implement different pricing strategies and price discrimination for profit. The essence is to make purchasing power symmetrical. The stand-alone software is different from physical and online games in that it is almost cost-free to sell stand-alone virtual copies. In other words, every time a copy is sold, even if it is sold at a discount, it is profitable. It’s just a matter of earning more and earning less. So we can see various discounts on steam. This is also the cost advantage of online shopping platforms that are closely related to online games and the Internet—no need to burn money continuously. This means that for a stand-alone game company, as long as there are players who are willing to play your game, even if it is free to play your game, they are already your users. And the game content is attractive enough, he is a repeat customer. Let’s use an analogy to deepen our understanding: Recently, there have been many Hayara gods. If you let the white prostitution players pay, their financial strength can’t do it. But if you let him play, he becomes a Mi Guard, in short, he becomes a person who plays your game for a long time. He doesn’t like playing Tencent’s low-quality games and being sandbags. You can think of this person as a pirated player (you don’t make money at low cost). Don’t expect them to turn into paying users without improving their economic strength. This is a boring fantasizing (but from a strategic perspective of economic development). , The post-80s cannot play games when they are young, but they can play the same when they grow up. This is to cultivate user habits) But from another perspective, this player is a free product tester for you! We must know that the monthly salary of the company’s recruitment of a product is also a cost! In the current era of the Internet, the piracy of the closed domestic market based on the early development of the Internet no longer exists! Because it is not a single market, with the globalization of steam, foreign trade can transform the piracy market from a closed stock market into a global incremental market. As long as you master the overseas market, you will not be trapped by piracy in the domestic market. Therefore, the essence of this matter is a delaying tactic by Tencent + the original god free account is used to sell 5 yuan to make a flow of money, and for small companies, use the non-existent current realizable user share to free Tencent’s flow to yourself Do backwards. However, Tencent seems to use piracy to strangle the stand-alone market in foreign markets, but it is accelerating the digging of graves for its online game department. This does not mean that Tencent is doing good deeds, just shooting itself in the foot. Seeing small profit and forgetting one’s life.

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